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Today, people aren’t just looking for ways to improve their health; they want to create wealth, too.

Our friends and neighbors are looking for an honest opportunity; one that reflects their passion for life and achieving their wildest dreams.

SnackHealthy offers a refreshing, inspiring business opportunity with a products and a message we believe will ring true with many. We are committed to the well being of our customers, our associates and our communities.

SnackHealthy Associates recognize the value we offer as a company and as advocates for true health and true wealth.

We hope you will join us....Click here.

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eFoods Global is currency of the future. No matter what your time commitment, level of interest or income desire eFoods Global has created a compensation plan for everyone. CLICK HERE:

This exciting plan is designed to blend many rewarding elements of several earning structures to help you achieve your financial goals and more. We blend immediate rewards with a strong long-term residual plan. One of the unique aspects of this earning plan is the blending of weekly food rewards with financial rewards. Not long ago, terms like providing for the family, being the bread winner, and putting food on the table were the measure of a good day’s work. With the eFoods Global earning plan, you will be putting food on the table tonight while reserving weeks, months, and even years of food in your home, accompanied with some huge financial rewards.

This extraordinary earning opportunity has the ability to potentially generate a potentially endless stream of storable gourmet food as well as lifestyle-changing income. We at eFoods Global have a very simple philosophy: serve it, save it, and share it.

Joining us is as easy as 1, 2, and 3:

• Become an Independent Business Owner (IBO)
• Serve an enjoyable meal
• Share essential ideas

Don't wait... join the movement today. eFoods Global saving families one meal at a time.

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BBB Club and BBB Club Co-Op Opportunity

Greetings,There is an Advertising Co-operative underway in the Black Business Builders Club that is targetinga 1/4 page ad in the June edition of Black Enterprise Magazine.Black Enterprise has over 525,000 subscribers and a 4 million person total readership. This adwill bring instant credibility and validation to our Black Economic Movment that is growingdaily with professional conscious Black People from all over the world.I Strongly Encourage You to Join our Powerful Movement, and Join our New Ad Co-op TodayYou are in a very good position to benefit tremendously if you decide that you want to be a partof something as wonderful as what we have been building here in the BBB Club. Don't wait, hesitate,or sit on the fence any longer. Get signed up, and join the BBB Club ahead of the massive number of peoplethat we anticipate will be joining once the ad runs in June.We are very excited about our new Co-op as it is a demonstration a testimony of the power of our unity whichis what our club is all about. In fact.....Black Economic Empowerment is in Direct Proportion to Black Unity!Go to now and get signed up in the club. You can also see the powerful compensation plan video on this page which will illustrate how our club (along with this new ad campaign) can help you generate a serious monthly residual income.Everyone Should Have Multiple Streams of Residual IncomeYou can then go to to join in on the Ad Co-op.Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.Here My Personal Testimony on the BBB Club and BBB Club Co-Op; Your Success,Teresa Johnson
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Are You Going Places??? We Are!!! JOIN US

photos copyright 2008 Clarence Coggins

I was on the light rail in Newark earlier today. I decided to take a picture to share with you more elements of my life. It was soo good the feeling of freedom that comes from earning money from your own enterprise.I am so glad that we have the Black Business Builders Club where I'm building a residual income. But what's really awesome is I'm getting built in Paid Automatic Referrals. This means that everyone who pays me to be on my list, has to give me two paid referrals in order to be qualified for the instant pay, residual pay and automatic paid referrals. Cool or COOOL?Life is good. I'm just happy to be part of such an awesome program. Join Us.

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