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Spring and Summer Mineral Eye Shadows


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Make them light up and stand out, with these beautiful spring and summer colors.

African Safari™

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Cool Carribean™

Code # : 163065


Best of Brazil ™

Code # : 163066


Spring Break™

Code # : 163062

All of these eye shadows can be sold seperately as well. You can view our entire collection of eye shadows!

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Are you going somewhere special and have a little time to get ready tonight? If so, I'm going to tell you how to transform your makeup in 5-10 minutes. As I can imagine, You've been wearing makeup since 8:00 this morning, so you don't have time to take it all off and start over. That's okay though; with a few touch-ups, you can transform your day makeup into a spectacular nighttime look.Mary Kay

Let'e get started first with FoundationUse a clean sponge to remove the foundation you're wearing, paying particular attention to the area under your eyes where more product normally accumulates. Next, use a damp sponge to apply a light layer of fresh foundation and blend. Now you have new foundation and a completely made-up face.ConcealUse concealer, but this time use very little product or dampen the brush before application so you don't apply too much. Conceal undereye circles, paying special attention to the inner corners of the eyes and underneath your lower eyelashes. Traces of mascara typically settle in these areas.PowderUse mineral powder to add light and life to your face; you'll need it after having spent the whole day made up. My favorite: Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation. Rather than leaving skin matte, it adds brilliance and freshness to your face. This is one of the products I can't live without.EyesHere is where you start to notice the transformation a little more. It's very fast and easy, and the result is spectacular.Wipe off the eyeshadow you were wearing before with a clean sponge and apply a matte, cream-colored shadow over your entire lid. Next, use a damp angled brush to apply black eyeshadow at the roots of your upper and lower eyelashes. The color will look super-intense.If your eyes aren't sensitive, carefully use the brush to make up the inner rims of your eyes as well, like you would if you were using a pencil. Don't make up the area around your tear ducts; it's best to leave that part clean. Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara, and your eyes will be stunning.CheeksI always use two kinds of blush: a brownish tone to sculpt and lift my cheekbones and a bronze tone to add color. Don't abuse the blush or it will weigh down your look.LipsMoisturize your lips and apply a touch of gloss. Leave lipstick for another day, because if you're tired, it will accentuate signs of fatigue. It's better to go natural.HighlightingUse an illuminating powder or cream on your T-zone, forehead, chin, and cheekbones. You'll brighten your face and hide signs of tiredness. When doing your makeup, especially in a situation such as this, focus on brightening your skin. Don't skip this step!Now go to my website www.marykay.com/cmitcham and click Virtual Makeover, to create this look. Until next time...Have a great day!Corinne's Fashion World making a mark that cannot be erased...Visit http://www.corinnesfashionworld.com/ TODAY to find your perfect outfit!
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It's All About the Brushes

It's All About the BrushesWhen it comes to applying makeup like a professional, using the right tools can make all the difference. High-quality brushes can help you achieve a smooth, even look. Here are a few makeup artist tips and techniques you can use every day to get a polished look. It’s all a matter of using the right brush to get beautiful results.A Powder Brush is a full, fluffy brush designed to evenly distribute powder to the face. Sweep brush across pressed powder or dip into loose powder; tap gently to remove excess and apply to the face from forehead to chin using long, light strokes.A Cheek Brush is used to accentuate bone structure or add a healthy blush to cheeks. Use the tip of this soft, angled brush to apply color to the apples of the cheeks and stroke upward along cheekbones, stopping just below the temples, then blend. This brush is also a great tool to use for applying bronzer. Apply across the bridge of your nose, temples, cheekbones and shoulders for a gorgeous, healthy looking glow.An Eye Definer Brush has bristles that are tapered and rounded at the end to shape and define eyes and blend color evenly. Sweep color softly across the eyelid and then lightly above the crease for a natural, yet polished look.An Eye Crease Brush has long, thin, pointed bristles and is used with midtone and darker shades of eye color to add depth to eyes. Begin by placing the brush at the outer corner of the eye and then sweep inward following the natural crease. This brush can also be used to create a smoky eye look. Using the brush tip, sweep softly along lower lashes from the outer corner inward.An Eyeliner Brush is used to line eyes and enhance sparse brows with eye color. This flat, angled, short-bristle brush makes it easy to apply a thin line of color along top and bottom lashes. It's also a great tool to use for blending your eyebrow pencil.Use an Eyebrow Brush to brush brows in the opposite direction from which they grow to remove any excess foundation. Gently brush back, following their natural shape and direction, as a finishing touch to your makeup application
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I thank God for Dudley products on nights like tonight. I have been so busy that I have missed 2 weeks of going to the salon. So I decided to do my own hair. I used my Dudley Deluxe Shampoo which has left my hair shiny and manageble and then I finished it off with my Dudley's Hair Mask which I just got this week. I had never used it before and to be honest I did not know what to expect. Well I am pleased with the results after covering my hair with a plastic shower cap and sitting under the dryer for a few minutes, I was able to actually rinse it out and use Dudley's setting lotion and total control shining gel to set my hair with rollers. I should get back under the dryer but I decided to write my blog instead.Now I have been a Dudley Beauty Advisor for a few months now and I figure the best way to learn all of the products and describe them is to actually experience them for myself. I have had fun using the skin care system and makeup reminding myself how great it is to be a Black woman and all of the options that we actually have in America.Where else can you make money by making your friends and family as fabulous as you are. :)It is currently summer time and I am having a ball with my new lip candyThey are very shimmery with nice summer shades while tasting sweet My Peach Pop taste like a Pop up Ice cream and my Frosted Chocolate tast like chocolate.I had to get the accent shades of eye shadow for the summer. The sun bronzes my skin while Dudley Cosmeticshighlights my skin.Loving them.to see some of the shades go to my sitehttp://www.vjones.dudleycosmetics.comOk well back 2 the dryer. Thanks for reading and I will try to take some photos!!Valerie
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My hair turned out nice. Thanks to Dudley's hair products. I am. however going to get it done by a professional stylist at the Dudley Salon here in Greensboro, NC.I spent time today for myself. I actually got my brows and toes done. I have got to use this Dudley's Brush on Brow to fill them in but other than that I got dressed up and went out with my 2 year old princess paying bills this morning.I deposited a check in my account and was shocked to see how much money I had saved up. I was so happy that I gave a homeless man some money and a bottle of cold water. You have to share your blessings.I took my daughter home and then went out shopping for myself and daughter. (My husband likes to shop for our son) So I had to get some sunglasses. The sales lady told me that the shades were on clearance. WOW blessings do come right back around.So now I am back home and about to relax. God is Great. . . all of the time.http://www.vjones.dudleycosmetics.com beauty advisor 5066http://www.spot-tv.com
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