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Micore Intl is positioned to be a leader in the hair care business and help a lot of people earn and save money, on buying of hair extensions and hair growth products.   Our latest hair growth product is one that many people with hair growth problems will be using. We are providing the best hair growth product found in the cosmeceutical industry.

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Until know it was expensive to investigate starting your own hair extension business. Your options were extremely limited. There is no longer the case. Check this company out and then check it in!!

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Independent Micoré International Business owner and Hair Consultant Juniques http://www.jussuccess.com 623-455-6364

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Hello Team,
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Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Hello and good Friday to you Micoreans!

As you know today is payday for most people, and those of you who earned commission from Micore today have already been paid. Congratulations! But I am on a mission to make sure that ALL of you get paid in Micore!

So today we have sharpened our pencils and have lowered the price of the Caviar Collection hair! We have reduced Caviar Platinum by $20 a bundle, so now a bundle of Platinum Natural Straight to Wavy retails for $160, and at the current 30% member discount your costs is $112!


A more popular size 16 inch now retails for $220 a bundle and at the current member discount of 30% your cost is $154.

I don't know who thinks that our platinum hair is way too expensive unless they are shopping at the corner beauty supply store! Other premier brands like Indique, PerfectLocks, etc….cost more than that!


And their hair may have fancy (throw away) packaging but it has NO warranty and, although good hair, does not compare to our Caviar Platinum!

We reduced Caviar Gold by $10 per bundle, so a 10 inch bundle of Natural Straight Gold now retails for $120, and at the Member discount of 25%, your price is $90! And more popular size 16" now retails for $165, with the member price of $123.75!!

In other news, in an effort to streamline our inventory we have temporarily removed Caviar Gold Steam Curl, thereby reducing the Caviar Gold collection to Natural Straight and Natural Wavy.

In addition we have removed one of the five lines of IndiSylk, so we eliminated IndiSylk Natural Straight Wavy. This now gives us two lines of Platinum hair, two lines of Gold hair, and four lines of IndiSylk. (We eliminated the least purchased items)

As you know the current Member discount on products is 25%, and 30% on Platinum hair, however as of July 5th or sooner we will be launching our new and improved Micore back office system!

This means the New Compensation Plan will go live, which will certainly put more money in your pocket, but as a result the Member discount will be reduced to 20% on all hair extensions.

Take advantage of this discount now while you can! We have a good stock of Platinum hair so now is the time to buy! For IndiSylk or Gold orders, even if we are temporarily out of stock get your orders in now while the discount is deeper!

Remember the special promotion guys: any Active Consultant with four personally sponsored consultants below them on the day we go live in the new back office system will be auto qualified as a Silver Consultant! This is a big deal guys!

When the new system launches we will offer one hair product pack and two hair growth product packs. However we are looking into offering a special enrollment package that will include a few select products as well as the Zebra Sample Kit, which will help you make upfront commission when enrolling a new consultant. (Which you will also be earning from Product Pack sales as well for new enrollments)

So with that said I hope that you have a fantastic weekend, and also trust that if you are currently In-Active....but were ever a believer in Micore International, and became frustrated with us for any reason, then believe me when I say that now is the time to get excited about your future and the future of Micore International! RE-ACTIVATE NOW and get ready for Micore TWO!!!!!

Hope to see you on the Saturday morning CEO conference call tomorrow at 10:30 AM!

832 551 5558   101455#

To your success,

Derrick Alexander, CEO

P.S. The prices are being adjusted today but may not be live right NOW...but I have to leave the office and wanted to email you now!

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This will only offered Once From Micore Intl University!!! Special 2 hour Training


This $90.00 consultant session will be open to the public at no cost!!!

Place this date on your schedule now.

Achal Jain who has over 12 years of experience in the hair extension industry will
be conducted this indepth 2 hour training session.

Micore Intl has gained a following of thousands. People are joining from all over
the country!!! The more they learn, The more they want to be a part of this
historical happening.

The Hair Industry has never open to general public at this level.
Moving from consumer to business owner!!!

This is an  opportunity
to learn about the Hair business and create income too!!!

You will learn the real truth about this billion dollar industry.

Send me your email address and I will provide you  specially prepared
training material publication just for this class.

email juniques@jusmcc.org subject: I want to attend the special training from Micore Intl

Learn more about Micore Intl by viewing my Micore Hair business at http://www.jussuccess.com
call 623-455-6364

Micore will be making its public launch 17 Mar 2013. Be part of this success story now!!

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Hello Community, The Special 2 Hour Micore Training Call has been moved
to Thurs, 21 Feb 2013, 8PM, EST.
here are the details

The Micore’ University Class for tonight has been rescheduled till tomorrow night in order to introduce everyone to Toni Love

– Co-Director of Micore’ University! We want to bring her on the call to introduce herself as she will be educating on many

of the calls moving forward.

Tomorrow Night’s class will be a full 2 hour class teaching the Hair Extensions 101 Basic Training Class. This will be the

LAST time the full class is open to the public and taught through this webinar format by our COO – Achal Jain.  Make sure to bring all your friends and clients. This class will be all the information you would ever want to know about the hair extensions industry.

Thursday (2/21/13) at 8:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CST

Click here to be a part of the webinar: https://join.me/micoreinternational

(The webinar has online audio and a special conference call in# that will be listed on the webinar site)

This is great information for ALL Micore' Members!



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Part 3  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

The psycho-social ramification of wearing weaves tends not to weigh heavily on the minds of teen-agers who encompass the average age when extensions are first tried. Stacey Clark, a Washington DC professional falls in this category. She first crafted a new look using weave when she was in high school.

“Back then (in the late 80s) I believe everyone tried to pretend (the weave) was theirs,” Clark joked. “Now it’s more of a fashion statement.  Come to work one day with short curly hair, the next day it can be long with blonde streaks.  Changing hair is like changing clothes now.”

But what about when hair placement is more than just a fashion twist? For many African American women, the perception of them as having “Good Hair” is an embedded part of their self esteem. Some can’t and will not be seen without weave despite the cost and the time required to achieve it.

Nikki Walton, a license psychotherapist practicing in North Carolina, routinely counsels women on issues ranging from self-esteem and hair issues to depression and body image.

In fact, since 2000 the number of African American women now suffering from anorexia and bulimia has ballooned. Many say that the increase in these eating disorders among African American and Latino women stems from their buying into the mainstream media image of white beauty – that includes silky long hair and a overly slender silhouette that our fuller shapes cannot naturally accomplish

“We have so many deep rooted issues that we need to overcome in our community to finally make ourselves whole. It’s a shame where we chose to concentrate our efforts,” said Walton, who has chosen to go natural with her hair and councils women on how to do the same.

“In the natural hair community many of my clients tend to go natural because it is a healthier choice for them,” she said. “The vast majority are unfamiliar with their hair’s real texture, because they’ve had perms since they were five or eight.”

Some of the hair drama that she councils about stems from an internalized bias toward their natural hair, she said, so she believe they have to give themselves time to reconnect with their real beauty.

“Just go out and get comfortable with your hair,” she says. “Just embrace the anxiety and insecurity because sometimes you have to fake it until you can make it.”

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Hello Community, Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, is glad to announce,

Micore Intl, has added United Salon Associates to its product line.

This is major move for Micore Intl and will definitely attract new customers and reps!!!

Get your account open today.

http://www.jussuccess.com  ( start your business for $19.95)

Major Launch planned for March 2013

Anthony Battaglia President of United Salon Associates (USA) Partners With Micore' International


Anthony Battaglia President of United Salon Associates (USA)

Former owner of the Comare Corp. (1963 to 1988) The Royal Blue styling combs & Battalia 1988 to 2002) Styling combs and brushes Designed his new Apollo line of 100% Boar and ion non scratch poly pins made in the USA most professional styling products are made in Asia, I want to be the first to bring back professional Brushes and related styling tool manufacturing back to the USA .

The APOLLO BRUSH line is the first of a selection OF PROFESSIONAL STYLING PRODUCTS That will be made and assembled in the USA by Americans.

The brushes were designed with 4 rows of 100% reinforced Boar bristle,

and 2 rows, rounded non scratch  Tourmaline Ion infused poly pins. Making it easier to style by using the poly pins to penetrate the hair, stimulating the scalp and directing the hair over the Boar bristle
which helps to disperse natural oils from the scalp leaving the hair Healthy & Conditioned.

All USA Apollo Brushes are manufactured using the highest quality components and are guaranteed against breakage in normal use.


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Part 2 What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Consider this: $46,326 was the median household income in the United States according to 2010 U.S. Census data and the average income for African American families was $32,584, well below a middle-class lifestyle. Yet we over-spend for the purpose of appearance. Why is this?

”It’s not that I think “natural hair” is now invisible but (weave) has become a way for more people to achieve that “good hair” status if only synthetically,” gleamed Davarian L. Baldwin, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies at Trinity College.

“The culture surrounding weaves; such as the links between more traditionally white hair textures and the pricing system of weaves, helps to exacerbate the notion of “good hair” as “non-Black.”

Baldwin continued, “Who really knows if “Indian Remi” (a popular human hair weft texture) is a reflection of actual Indian women’s hair or what “Hollywood Italian” (another texture classification) actually means, but in hair weave stores there is certainly a hierarchy of hairs that is also linked to a hierarchy of racial value.”

But it’s just fashion, right?

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Part 1
What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
May 11th, 2011 -
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Straight, wavy, curly, fine, curse – few things generate more passion or anger among African American women than their hair. Some critics note that the emphasis placed on hair is a double-edged sword aimed at ones’ self esteem. Or when quaffed well, i.e. “Good Hair” becomes a passage to acceptance within the dominate cultures’ ideal of beauty.

Then there are those who view hair – commercial or natural – as an accompaniment to an outfit; like a hat or that essential accessory that glams up the whole look. Despite what stance you view the landscape from – hair – African American hair and the cultivation of that “look” via the placement of weave is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Extensions can cost as low as $300 (depending on your geographical area) and go up to $10,000; based on the service – strand by strand extensions or weft (track) that are calculated per weft or a set price for the entire head, says Atlanta-based beautician Toni Love, who has more than 20 years experience styling hair with the addition of weave placement.

Factor in maintenance; better known as touch-ups, required every four to six weeks determined by how fast the recipients’’ natural hair grows – commercial hair placement can range between $4,000 to $80,000 a year – not including transportation, child care or lost productivity incurred by the three to eight hours required to complete the process.

Despite the cost reductions since weaves first gained popularity in the late 70s and early 80’s – when it was primarily used for theatrical purposes, movies, videos and on fashion runways – the expense is difficult to juggle with real incomes. Nevertheless, their hyper-visibility can be seen everywhere from corporate boardrooms to inner-city food desert bodegónes.

Quest for fashion fabulous hair speaks volumes about us.
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Part 5  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee

Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Why you got a problem with my do?

Imagine what could be accomplished in the African American community with even half of the $507 Billion Dollars annually spent on hair care products. Now stop, because such fancy is just a pipe dream and unfortunately the real economic figures do not bode well for the African American community as critiqued by social scholars. For no matter how you try to spin the debate – fashion fabulous hair is connected to our need to be accepted by the dominate culture – as beautiful, as equal – as worthy.

“The deep seated psychological and social conditioning to see white features and light skin as the most desirable, and signature of beauty and acceptance has not diminished,” commented Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author and social commentator.

“If anything as we move further from the black pride and consciousness of the 1960s with an entire new generation, the psychic reconditioning toward a natural style of beauty has gotten further removed.
Please note before Micore Intl, these observations and assessment had some "truth" to them.
Many African American, tried to estalish a place in the hair industry, only to be "shut down"
by a well established organization designed to not yet anyone, but the selected to "get in the game".
Well 2013 will have a different story to tell. Stay with me, get involved in being part of the change.

Start your own hair business for $19.95

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Part 4  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee

By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

My Limitless shine and falseness style is divine

African Americans spent $507 billion (out of our total estimated buying power of $836 billion) in 2009 on hair care and personal grooming items, according to an annual report published by Target Market News. This figure is up 16.6% from the $435 billion spent the previous year.

Yet for those who are one with the weave – the price seems worth the sacrifice. And the psycho-social condemnation does not register.

“You should be willing to pay the money to have good hair put in,” Clark stressed. In fact, human hair is all she wears, because it easily fits into her lifestyle. “It has good body, takes heat well, can get wet and just lasts longer then synthetic hair,” she said.

This makes a difference since she visits her stylist twice a month or once a week when she sports a shorter cut – which is what she wears when she wants to convey sassy. Much like Johnny Wright, whose signature phrase: “I always tell people be vain or be forgotten,” channels the deep seeded quests for style.

Wright, stylist to the first lady Michelle Obama, Softsheen-Carson artistic style director and celebrity stylist doesn’t dabble in the controversy surrounding weave – he just creates. To him weave placement is just another avenue to crafting a clients’ look that best fits with her lifestyle.

When he works with weave what remains paramount in his mind is maintaining the overall quality and strength of the clients’ natural hair and scalp. Wright believes you should interview your beautician as if she were your doctor because improper weave placement can lead to baldness. Furthermore, he stressed that children should not be getting weave due to the pressure on the scalp.

“It’s not about how long a period of time (weave is worn). It’s more so if you are not taking care of your natural hair and scalp”, he said.

When the scalp is continuously irritated the hair follicles can break resulting in a form of baldness known as traction alopecia, a condition that causes the hair to break from repeated and severe braiding, weaving, extensions or tight ponytails.
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Hello Community, Yes this is EXCITING NEWS!!! It is an industry first and you can get in for $19.95!!!

I have a whole lot of fun sharing this info. Join with me  http://www.juniques.ws/weave1

At your service,

Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections

623 455 6364

WHEW! We have been waiting a LONG time to
LAUNCH Micore'….but the FACT IS you can ONLY Launch

an MLM company ONCE! We knew we had to do this

As a result SO MANY great things will be

Micore' is about to be promoted highly in
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released,group meetings to see some of the new things

before the launch, and a street team to PUMP ATLANTA


The Micore' Launch will have Hairlarious

Comedy, a Weftabulous Business Opportunity
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Weavealicious Caviar Hair!


An ARMY OF ONE, loaded with our new Zebra
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money in our AMERICAN pockets!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that owns its
own hair factory in India which makes the

THE INDUSTRY. Who else dares to Warranty

their hair for 1-Year!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is probably
the only company in the hair industry to
educate its customers and representatives with
information that is
untaught in the marketplace that is loaded
with misinformation.

You represent a Network Marketing Company
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a mascara that will help grow eyelashes and
work to eliminate
the need for false eyelashes!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is GOING to have 100,000 or more Consultants with their
own Hair Business
(costing only $19.95 a month), earning a
full-time or part-time
weekly income as well as a monthly residual
income for years...
which means paid-for hair!

Micore' is the END OF NO FAIR HAIR!

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that is about to offer Health Insurance and Dental Insurance

at a special Group Rate to our Independent Contractors, which

after January 2014 will be mandatory to have! (Leaked that one

for excitement)

You represent a Network Marketing Company

that cares about you
and wants to see each one of you succeed!

Visit the http://www.juniques.ws/weave1  for

more details,

We can't wait....to show you the New Micore'!

Committed to your success,

Derrick Alexander, CEO


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People are starting home based Hair Weave business due to this company

by Rickey Johnson - Juniques Multi Cultural Connections- 9 Jan 2013

The company; Micore International

Hello, I am an independent consultant with Micore International (http://www.jussuccess.com )

Hair Weave is a billion dollar industry. The demand for hair extensions and enhancements make
up a large part of consumer purchase from the ethnic consumer. It is projected that there will approximately 119.7 million ethnic consumers by 2014.

Ironically,African-American women
make up a large part of that consumption,yet, are not the providers of hair extension products.

( visit http://www.jussuccess.com to view company and product)

The hair extension industry is made up of manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, and consumer.

For decades, it has been very difficult to enter the hair business as a distributor or retailer,
due to limited access to product and very high business start up cost. The hair extension industry
is not showing any signs of slowing down and actually creating product supply opportunities.

This growing Hair extension industry, has open the greatest opportunity for business expansion,for those who want to capture it.

One company answering that "opportunity call" is
Micore International. This company provides distributorships to anyone who want to offer
hair extensions to the retail public and save on their own personal purchase.

For $19.95 a person can open their distributorship and be in business, that same day.

( visit http://www.jussuccess.com to view company and product)

Micore International also offer online training for those who want to become skilled at this new and growing hair enhancement and replacement opportunity.

You are welcome to explore the opportunity Micore International is offering by
viewing the micore international independent distributor site at http://www.jussuccess.com

call 623-455-6364

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Are you tired of sending your clients to the beauty supply?

If you answered "Yes", then SheWear Hair Care is for you. Being a SheWear Hair Consultant is a great opportunity. It will give you independence and financial freedom. We will provide you with a plan that will allow you to throw parties that pay. You will have a chance to earn and gain new clients. After your first party, you will have it in the bag—plan your own hours, make great friends and enjoy your independence.

SheWear Hair is proud to be the FIRST of its kind and the only one to offer AAA grade virgin hair weave, hair extensions, hair care products and Mink eyelashes to customers via the direct sales channel. JOIN THE MOVEMENT and become a part of one of the fastest growing businesses. We offer the highest quality line of hair directly to customers through direct orders and home parties facilitated by hair consultants. Find out how women and men are joining all over the country and earning extra income.

Become a Hair Consultant for only $79.95 Plus tax and shipping
Our Hair Consultants enjoy many benefits.
• Hostess Referrals: We'll send you leads for party hosts in your area and help you find your own.
• Consultant Rewards: You make 10-20% of everything purchased at a SheWear Hair party that you or your client hosts.
• Recruitment Bonuses: For every new recruit, you will earn $25 bonus. If you recruit 10 people in one month, you will earn an additional $100.
• Downline Incentive: In addition, you will earn rewards from the sales of everyone you sign up as a consultant.
• Easy Presentations: Avoid mistakes—let us show you how. Present a party with our DVD presentation. All you will need to do is play the DVD, then answer a few questions and take orders.
• Free Directory Listing: We will give you a free listing on our website so that others can find you.
No Requirements, Rules or Regulations.
• No Silly Requirements: Just host SheWear parties with integrity and have fun.
• No Sales Quotas: Make as much as you like at your own pace.
• No Inventory: You do not have to buy or supply your own inventory!
• No Minimums: There’s no minimum order. It's your choice.

Now is the time to start living the life you deserve! SheWear can help make your dreams a reality by offering you financial freedom, a flexible schedule, new friendships—and FUN!
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10744088056?profile=originalIt’s TIME to STOP buying hair extensions and get nothing in RETURN! It’s TIME to Join the Multi Billion Dollar hair business as a Micoré Hair Consultant!

In 2009 Derrick & Mercy Alexander started VirginHairSupply an e-commerce website for hair. It was soon realized by Derrick that there were hundreds of other hair website competitors and they would have to invest tens of thousands of dollars if they ever hoped to make a name for VHS. Derrick did some research and noticed that even though there were hundreds of hair competitors, there was virtually no competition in the Multi-Level Marketing arena.

Derrick strongly believed that women would gravitate toward a Network Marketing program for hair extensions. He spoke to some trusted friends for support and they formed Micoré International MLM.

 Women love social settings, and they treasure their hair! Women also like to make money that they can call their own so the Micoré owners decided to put the hair business and the revenue it generates, back into the hands of the women who purchase. Even men are finding great success in Micoré!

The hair business is a fractionalized market with no single major giant competitor except the Koreans, who dominate the industry with control of more than 80 percent of the distribution of African American hair care products, beauty supply stores and the wig and extension manufacturers.

The mission of Micoré International Inc is to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA. Soon thousands of Independent Micoré Consultants will be sharing the Micoré story and selling to women who appreciate quality hair, and money in their pocket!

This opportunity is about to revolutionize the hair industry as the first TRUE Network Marketing Company for HAIR! The mission of Micoré International MLM is to become the largest single seller of hair extensions and lace wigs in the USA. 

The reason I joined Micore is that I have purchased thousands dollars in
hair throughout the years for myself and my daughter and I never got a
discount nor made money anytime by referring people to my supplier.  Now I
can do both, because Micore offers 20% discount and I also get paid when I
help others start in the business and when my family, friends and customers
buys from my site.

This business is also ideal for hairstylist because now you can add a
profit center to your business. Where the styles can make money selling hair to her customers and have other team members sell hair and she will also get paid.


Network Marketing means that not only do you make money off the products YOU SELL, but also earn commissions from the sales of potentially hundreds and even thousands of Micoré Consultants beneath you!

I am sure you can appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity, so if you are ready to grab your spot and start earning please sign up at http://hairweavemoney.com

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Visit Ego Extensions On-Line www.egoextensions.com Call (805)426-5227

Come and experience California's Hot Spot!

Ego Extensions L.A. offers a Luxury Line of Remy Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs. Imagine beautiful, soft, luxurious hair that you can color, wash, straighten and style to your hearts desire. Our Lace Wigs and Extensions are made of 100% Premium Remy Hair.Ego Extensions L.A. caters to an elite group of clientele.Hollywood's A -Listing Actors, Singers, Dancers and Models.Our hair comes imported from India, Brazil and Russia with only the most beautiful strands being hand chosen. Take this opportunity to shop on-line for what people are calling the most "ELITE HAIR ON THE MARKET ". Have questions? Contact us at info@egoextensions.com. We are always here to service our valued customers. We pride ourselves in selling high-end, premium hair that everyone can afford. So go ahead and indulge yourself....in Ego Extensions.


Ego Extensions Lace Wigs have become the most highly sought after Lace wigs in the entertainment industry and abroad.Our professional staff and superior wig quality has catapulted us to the top.We pride ourselves in having the combination of product and customer service that clients have been searching for.Many customers visit us from other states and countries to experience the relaxing atmosphere which we provide for their Lace wig fitting.Our boutique carries enough wigs to not overwhelm clients with choices,but give them the ability to find that special unit.Choose from Full Lace Wigs,Frontals,Closures,Lace Front Wigs and more.We carry Indian,Brazilian,Mongolian,Chinese,and European Hair Wigs as well as a variety of high quality affordable synthetic units.

Ego Extensions was founded in Los Angeles California,and now services Atlanta,Memphis,Chicago,Miami,Virginia,New York,North Carolina,South Carolina,Colorado,Houston,New Jersey,Nashville,Detroit, Boston,Canada,London,France,Sweden,Africa and many other areas nationwide.

Ego Extensions -Selling Full lace wigs,lace front wigs,indian remy human hair extensions,russian hair extensions,custom lace wigs,weaving hair,black beauty supply and salon,curly virgin indian hair,wavy virgin indian hair,wholesale and retail,full lace wigs wholesale and retail,hair shops nationwide selling virgin human hair.

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1 HOUR WEAVE creates extensions that are invisible
and non-damaging to the natural hair.
Our goal is to nurture your scalp and natural hair to become longer, stronger and healthier.
We also work with clients who have up to 60% hair loss.

A HEALTHY alternative!
The technique is founded on the same principles used to engineer suspension bridges.
Using just 2 pieces of thread, 1 hour will give you
a beautiful head of hair with no braids or glue.
Now, I must admit every thang ain't for everybody, but we have solved most of the problems of traditional weave.
We are reasonably priced, give you 1 HOUR SERVICE, with a 5 minute removal, on a head of hair that will last 6 - 8 weeks. Plus, it looks very natural and we can do your hair even if you have 60% hair loss. You will NOT see alot of hair on the floor with removals. The thread grows with your hair.

You are cordially invited to our Pre Grand Opening "Private Sale"! Just for our closest friends! Check it out...
ATLANTA 1 Hour Weave is celebrating our 7th anniversary &
a new salon and "My Secret" boutique featuring designer & vintage clothing, jewelry, furniture & art!
ALL merchandise is 20% off now til July 1st.
We ARE Open
Tues-Fri NOON am til 7 pm Sat 6 am til 7 pm
Prayer at 6 am every Saturday
217 Mitchell St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Hair services are by appt only THIS WEEK call ahead!

Want to bring your own hair?
$50 (8 OR 10 inch) $150 (12 inches and over)
Hair must be HUMAN AND NEW and in unopened packages
if you need to cover ALL of your hair or most of your hair add an extra $99
YOU MUST PRINT this page and bring to appt to get deal!
$99 incds 10 in indian remi hair
(first time customers only - must print this page and bring to appt to get deal!)
natural hair or if you need to cover ALL or most of your hair add extra $99

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