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Micore Intl is positioned to be a leader in the hair care business and help a lot of people earn and save money, on buying of hair extensions and hair growth products.   Our latest hair growth product is one that many people with hair growth problems will be using. We are providing the best hair growth product found in the cosmeceutical industry.

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Until know it was expensive to investigate starting your own hair extension business. Your options were extremely limited. There is no longer the case. Check this company out and then check it in!!

Start your own Hair Business for only $19.95 month!

Independent Micoré International Business owner and Hair Consultant Juniques http://www.jussuccess.com 623-455-6364

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This will only offered Once From Micore Intl University!!! Special 2 hour Training


This $90.00 consultant session will be open to the public at no cost!!!

Place this date on your schedule now.

Achal Jain who has over 12 years of experience in the hair extension industry will
be conducted this indepth 2 hour training session.

Micore Intl has gained a following of thousands. People are joining from all over
the country!!! The more they learn, The more they want to be a part of this
historical happening.

The Hair Industry has never open to general public at this level.
Moving from consumer to business owner!!!

This is an  opportunity
to learn about the Hair business and create income too!!!

You will learn the real truth about this billion dollar industry.

Send me your email address and I will provide you  specially prepared
training material publication just for this class.

email juniques@jusmcc.org subject: I want to attend the special training from Micore Intl

Learn more about Micore Intl by viewing my Micore Hair business at http://www.jussuccess.com
call 623-455-6364

Micore will be making its public launch 17 Mar 2013. Be part of this success story now!!

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Part 2 What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Consider this: $46,326 was the median household income in the United States according to 2010 U.S. Census data and the average income for African American families was $32,584, well below a middle-class lifestyle. Yet we over-spend for the purpose of appearance. Why is this?

”It’s not that I think “natural hair” is now invisible but (weave) has become a way for more people to achieve that “good hair” status if only synthetically,” gleamed Davarian L. Baldwin, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies at Trinity College.

“The culture surrounding weaves; such as the links between more traditionally white hair textures and the pricing system of weaves, helps to exacerbate the notion of “good hair” as “non-Black.”

Baldwin continued, “Who really knows if “Indian Remi” (a popular human hair weft texture) is a reflection of actual Indian women’s hair or what “Hollywood Italian” (another texture classification) actually means, but in hair weave stores there is certainly a hierarchy of hairs that is also linked to a hierarchy of racial value.”

But it’s just fashion, right?

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Video Marketing: Does it work?


I have recently gotten more involved in my Video Marketing for my new extra-income driving business venture. In doing so, I have noticed how much more people I am connecting with across the country. Last week I had 3 sales conversions within 2 days all as a result of my videos. Although I knew YouTube.com was a great resource, honestly I didn't realize how beneficial it would be to my company. Here are some interesting statistics I found in regards to how much video marketing works.

According to comScore, the global leader in digital business analysis, so you understand the potential for marketing with video: http://www.incitecreativeinc.com/resources/articles/Does-Video-Marketing-Work?/

  • 89 million people will watch 1.2 billion videos today. Yes, today. Not for the week, or for the month, or for the year, but every day.
  • Businesses spent $1.4 billion in video marketing on 441 billion videos in 2010. This number continues to increase.
  • Video is popular across all age groups. Although 18 – 34 year olds spend the most time watching video, over 80% of the population across all age demographics watches video. So it isn’t just your teen that consumes content on the screen.
  • Probably the most important statistic of all, comScore reported that on average retail site visitors who view videos are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors.

These stats should give you a little hope when venturing out into Video Marketing. Although it can be scary because you are making yourself available for people to critique, it can still be great for business.

According to Edelman and Adobe, the stats below show how much audiences enjoy videos that tell stories. UNIQUE stories at that. I believe people are captivated by unique stories because of the authenticity. My husband sometimes gets on me about where I choose to shoot my videos but in my research I have found that when you are real with your audience they connect more. Of course that is to an extent. You should never go on camera with a messy house in the background or in your pj's, etc. However, is you have a nice office space or living area feel free to have in the background.

So far Video Marketing is going well for me as a tester campaign. The following are 5 tips on how to make video marketing work for you.

1. Know why you are doing this. Having a lot of viewers is great, but you want to make sure they are targeted viewers that want what you have. So make sure you present it well.

2. Have a script. As boring as that sounds, a script will at least guide your video in the direction it needs to go. Although you may be recording alone, millions could potentially view your video so it can be nerve-racking while recording. So you want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are saying to your audience and that there is minimum babble.

3. Be patient & Have time. These two go hand in hand. As I stated earlier, taping can be nerve-racking and lead to having to do a lot of takes. Don't get frustrated, impatient or stop taping because of this. Make sure you regroup in between each take and feel free to practice before taping.

4. Use the right keywords. This is the most crucial part of Video Marketing. You want to make sure you use the correct words in your title and in the tags. I would suggest researching  what videos in your content area are getting the most views and why. Look at the titles and the tags. Revamp the title to fit what you are doing and see if you will show up on the first page of YouTube for the keyword. That should be your goal. For example: If you are looking to target people who are looking for diet pills, then look up "diet pills" on YouTube. What videos are coming up and what are their titles? Research this and apply to your video. After posting your video, test the keyword to see if your video pops up on the first page. If not, keep editing your title and tags until you do (without full-on copying anyone, of course).

5. Camera equipment. Some people believe they need a high-tech video camera with bells and whistles, which (don't get me wrong) is not necessary but  will be great when you start to get those millions of viewers. But to start out, the video camera on your computer will suffice. Or on your phone like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. For the phones, just make sure whomever is camera man has a still hand while recording.  The convenient thing about using your video cam is that you do not need anyone to record for you and you can record alone.

These are just a few tips to consider when starting your Video Marketing venture. I hope they help. Let me know how Video Marketing works for you!



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Part 4  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee

By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

My Limitless shine and falseness style is divine

African Americans spent $507 billion (out of our total estimated buying power of $836 billion) in 2009 on hair care and personal grooming items, according to an annual report published by Target Market News. This figure is up 16.6% from the $435 billion spent the previous year.

Yet for those who are one with the weave – the price seems worth the sacrifice. And the psycho-social condemnation does not register.

“You should be willing to pay the money to have good hair put in,” Clark stressed. In fact, human hair is all she wears, because it easily fits into her lifestyle. “It has good body, takes heat well, can get wet and just lasts longer then synthetic hair,” she said.

This makes a difference since she visits her stylist twice a month or once a week when she sports a shorter cut – which is what she wears when she wants to convey sassy. Much like Johnny Wright, whose signature phrase: “I always tell people be vain or be forgotten,” channels the deep seeded quests for style.

Wright, stylist to the first lady Michelle Obama, Softsheen-Carson artistic style director and celebrity stylist doesn’t dabble in the controversy surrounding weave – he just creates. To him weave placement is just another avenue to crafting a clients’ look that best fits with her lifestyle.

When he works with weave what remains paramount in his mind is maintaining the overall quality and strength of the clients’ natural hair and scalp. Wright believes you should interview your beautician as if she were your doctor because improper weave placement can lead to baldness. Furthermore, he stressed that children should not be getting weave due to the pressure on the scalp.

“It’s not about how long a period of time (weave is worn). It’s more so if you are not taking care of your natural hair and scalp”, he said.

When the scalp is continuously irritated the hair follicles can break resulting in a form of baldness known as traction alopecia, a condition that causes the hair to break from repeated and severe braiding, weaving, extensions or tight ponytails.
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People are starting home based Hair Weave business due to this company

by Rickey Johnson - Juniques Multi Cultural Connections- 9 Jan 2013

The company; Micore International

Hello, I am an independent consultant with Micore International (http://www.jussuccess.com )

Hair Weave is a billion dollar industry. The demand for hair extensions and enhancements make
up a large part of consumer purchase from the ethnic consumer. It is projected that there will approximately 119.7 million ethnic consumers by 2014.

Ironically,African-American women
make up a large part of that consumption,yet, are not the providers of hair extension products.

( visit http://www.jussuccess.com to view company and product)

The hair extension industry is made up of manufacturer, Distributor, Retailer, and consumer.

For decades, it has been very difficult to enter the hair business as a distributor or retailer,
due to limited access to product and very high business start up cost. The hair extension industry
is not showing any signs of slowing down and actually creating product supply opportunities.

This growing Hair extension industry, has open the greatest opportunity for business expansion,for those who want to capture it.

One company answering that "opportunity call" is
Micore International. This company provides distributorships to anyone who want to offer
hair extensions to the retail public and save on their own personal purchase.

For $19.95 a person can open their distributorship and be in business, that same day.

( visit http://www.jussuccess.com to view company and product)

Micore International also offer online training for those who want to become skilled at this new and growing hair enhancement and replacement opportunity.

You are welcome to explore the opportunity Micore International is offering by
viewing the micore international independent distributor site at http://www.jussuccess.com

call 623-455-6364

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