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Business Credit America has done it again. This time, their taking on the credit industry to prove to Americans it is still possible to build business credit. Their offering a free business credit forum and BUSINESS training teaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, internet and online marketers how to properly structure themselves for the best asset protection.

As the banks and other financial institutions still refuse to help the American economy rebuild itself, Business Credit America has decided, they will not wait until after an election to help revive the economy. A spokesperson for the company, said “they feel the American Economy should not be struggling when you have so many multimillionaires that are able to help small business owners keep their business going and help start new businesses”.

Business Credit America is offering a Free Business Credit Forum and Business Training to the American public. Learn some of the Basic things most business owners miss in order to have a successful business

• Learn, How to properly structure your business for the strongest asset protection
• Learn how to properly order you EIN number
• Learn about current trade vendors that offer business credit on net terms, such as,,,,, these are just a few trade vendors.
• Learn the difference between a Paydex score and a Business Credit Score
• Learn how to properly file a Ucc-1 financial statement to help your business or personal credit
Business Credit America offer so much business information to help get the American Economy get back going. Check them out at and join their free business credit forum today, IT’S FREE

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From Funny to Insightful

Today as I watched Loony Tunes (yes from time-to-time I like to watch the cartoons I grew up watching) I was amazed at the subject. One of the cartoons that aired exactly discussed investing money!


In Heir Conditioned, Sylvester had inherited a large sum of money. His first thought was to spend the money on "stuff" (everything he WANTED in life).


Elmer Fudd, his financial advisor, kept telling Sylvester, "you don't want to spend your money on things you don't need, you must invest it." Elmer even brought some salespeople to the house, to pitch their products and services, so Sylvester would not have to go look for investment opportunities on his own.


Friz Freleng wrote Heir Conditioned and two more cartoons, "to educate viewers about consumerism and businesses. That was in 1954! Today we see history repeat itself. Haven't you gotten your tax or financial aid/loan refunds (or any other source that may bring you additional income) you go out and spend money on a lot of "stuff?" If you are like most people you do not look at investing in start up businesses or any other business for that matter.


As I write this blog, I wonder how different my life would be if I would have invested in any one of my favorite places I like to purchase "stuff" from. It amazes me how my life would have really been if I had invested in FB, Twitter and other companies that started up in the last 5 years.


This year when I got my tax refund, I invested my money in two companies. One caters to the health and wellness industry and one caters to making what you have, more efficient for you. I'm glad this year, instead of spending my refund on "stuff", I did what Elmer Fudd was advising Sylvester to do and that was INVEST! I did not have anywhere near the 3 million dollars Sylvester inherited, but I know the money and the time I'm investing in both companies today will leave me and my children with a brighter tomorrow.


This is my insight for you and get back to me and let me know some of the ways that went from funny to insightful for you.



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