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Are You Flirting With Me?

I thought I would get your attention!

Whether you love it or hate it, marketing and sales are critical to the life blood of any business. You can make it more fun, if you take the approach that you want to seriously flirt with a growing list of prospects.

Marketing attraction. It sounds like flirting doesn’t it? And in a way, that’s exactly right.

You do want to flirt with your prospects, to allow them to get to know, like, and trust you. Since it takes upwards of 7 touches to make a sale today, you need to attract them to your product, service, or program in many different ways.

One critical element you must have in your basket of attraction tools today is a fully developed web presence.

People are most likely to Google for you or your service or the benefit/solution they seek first. They are less likely to open the telephone book and flip through the yellow pages. The future of your marketing reach is the internet.

Even with the internet, you need an arsenal of marketing strategies to reach your prospects and attract them to your product and services. You can’t flirt with them, if they can’t find you.

Here are a few ideas which you can do quickly and on a budget. They are culled from the likes of Mitch Meyerson, Jay Conrad Levinson, Seth Godin, and Bea Fields.

On your website:

  • Build a powerful direct response entity
  • Make sure your headlines are engaging with a problem/solution approach
  • Direct their eyes to the one thing you want them to do

On your email signature:

  • Include your business contact information, of course
  • Promote one thing – a new product, service, newsletter, auto-responder series, article, free conference call.

This is your best and first opportunity to ask everyone to engage with you and your company

Develop relationships for referral business – complementary services serving the same market niche and get listed on their websites

Include client testimonials – use them in all your printed and online collateral materials.

The hottest new thing is audio and video testimonials you put up on your site.

Use audio and video conferencing from your PC for sales, presentations, meetings. They work effectively for a prospects, clients and vendors.  It’s no longer novel. It’s cost effective, timely, direct, and can be very interactive.

Write articles and press releases about everything you do and get them published in print but more importantly across the web.

Yes, all of these are ideas you can do yourself, burning the midnight oil.

But what’s even better, is that these tools and systems can be delegated and automated – one more way for you to generate more profit in less time.

We have NEW Autoresponder Courses in which you can use for your subscribers to show them how to use quick tips to help grow their business online. 

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Inspired-Entrepreneurship2.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1309821189919&width=200I must admit, I'm only best at being the CEO of ME. That's why my company is named "KM Harrell Group" I'm best when I control and manage only the things I'm interested in and can control. Call me the classic control freak if you want, but I have no interest in control others or things around me, but myself...I excel! As an entrepreneur and a creative person by nature finding how this works for me has been an epic journey. One that I hope (and wish) other entrepreneurs embark on.


The journey in entrepreneurship is truly every evolving. I like to look at it like a sphere or a spectrum, it has many phases, and elements. It's certainly not linear and certainly not  a destination. One mistake I've found in both myself in the past and in business associates, clients, and the like is that there is this misconception that entrepreneurship is something that you DO or it's simply a matter of saying "I'm an entrepreneur" like it's a destination as if one’s arrived. Anyone who's ever created a business will tell you that entrepreneurship comes in spectrums and it's not a linear path. An accomplished Entrepreneur named Olalah Njenga  distinguishes this journey as going from being self-employedsmall business ownerTHEN entrepreneurMichael Gerber (author of E-myth) separates it as theTechnician, the Manager and the Visionary. I offer another perspective:


The Creator

The Founder



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You just gotta love a letter that starts off with the date and the words Dear Artist! I've been reading Cloth Paper Scissors for many years now, and to think, that my little studio is now a part of this publication ... really makes this girl more than giddy.




I checked it out from cover to cover and it is crammed full of new inspirations. There is even some artistic lowdown on the handy Ipad. I also noticed one of my fellow FlyN friends Jo Wholohan on the pages.


Order your copy now or find it ay your local bookstore, because Ty is sharing secretes in his artist to artist interview with Cate. And, you can find out more about me at

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Creative PR

I love coming up with ways to get the word out about my business. Back when my partner and I started the doll company we didn’t have any money so I had to be creative. To this day I still love to be creative and from being creative I was able to get over $25,000 in free publicity for our company. I almost went into the Public Relations field and sometimes I think I should have because I think I am kind of good at it. Anyway I know that most of you know that I recently released my film RISE: An Entrepreneurs Journey To The Top. Before I shot the film I started thinking of all of the ways that I could market the film. So what I want to do right now is share with what I did as part of my PR campaign and maybe you can use it or something similar in your business.I made a list of business and women magazines. I then ordered a case of popcorn and packaged the popcorn with the DVD and my press release in a big envelope and sent it out to the editors of the magazines. I will let you know how that went, because I just did this.When it comes to getting the word out about your company you have to come up with a strategic plan and be creative. PR is one of the best ways to get your name out there. I know a lot of people talk about advertising, which can also be good, but most people will believe in your product much faster if they see a story about you in their favorite publication or on the news. I remember when I was on the John Walsh show. That was amazing because the show was national, so family members all the way down in Georgia saw me. That boosted the company so much and our credibility. It was around that time I decided to write the books about starting your own business, because so many people started coming to me about learning how to start a business and I figured now was the best time for me to get the book out there to piggy back off of the momentum I had going.Until Next TimeMuch SuccessAudreyAudrey is a business coach and the author of The Sister Inc. Blueprint For Starting And Running A Successful Business. She is also the executive producer of the film RISE: An Entrepreneurs Journey To The Top. To reach Audrey write to her at
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