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I was working today at my friend's Oriental Medicine wellness center and had an interesting conversation with one of his clients.

She is a very accomplished attorney in her mid 30's. She is a beautiful woman with a full life and a modern woman's ambition. The typical "All work and minimal play" syndrome that is destroying the health of this country, especially woman. There is a reason that heart disease not cancer is the #1 killer of woman in this country.

She is coming to the wellness center to receive treatment for fibroid tumors. An unhappy condition which affects 4 out 5 African American, but that is a topic for a different blog.

She is worried because, she has come to a crossroad in her life and is struggling with the realization that she cannot be superwoman and live a truly healthy and fulfilling life. She wants to have a baby and is worried that her time may have passed to enjoy the miracle of motherhood. She feels like her body has begun to betray her and the fibroids may destroy her chances of becoming a mother.

I reassured her that the fibroids can and will be a thing of the past if she continues to follow her treatment plan. A plan that thankfully is all natural and surgery free. I told her that the fibroids are her body's way of saying "slow down" and pay attention to me. And her chances of becoming a mom are not an impossibility. She felt better knowing that she was on the right path.

I started thinking, as women, we can get so caught up in life... i.e. work deadlines, family responsibilities, etc. That we forget to pay attention to our needs. I told her. Woman are trained almost from birth to give... then give some more... and then once you think you have nothing left. We are expected to dig even deeper. The phrase "Give Til It Hurts", is a phrase that describes most women's lives.

We keep overextending ourselves until our poor bodies just give out. Then, instead of slowing down to recharge or deal with the situation. We ignore what is going on until we wind up visiting a health care professional trying to figure out what is wrong. The problem is the traditional doctors and medication can only deal with the symptoms. They cannot treat the cause.

I shared with her a simple truth... It all starts with learning how to appreciate and love yourself. Our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health are our responsibility. People and situations may frustrate us, but it is how we choose to handle life that determines the outcome.

People will treat you the way you treat yourself. If you neglect your needs they will too. If you treat yourself with self-respect. Others will treat you with respect as well. I could go on forever with examples, but the point I am trying to make is. We have choices about how we live our life. We cannot be everything to everyone.

Plus, think about this... Before you can fill someone else's proverbial cup. You must be sure your "pitcher" is full. So, ask yourself... Is your "pitcher" empty or full? If you are sitting there empty. Take a moment to think about something special you can do just for you. Something that will cheer you up, make you feel special, and put a smile back on your face.

Be a little selfish every now and then. You deserve it. Plus, your peace of mind and health depend on it.
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Too busy to live?

Are you too busy to live?Every year Americans die from a lack of proper management andcare for our health . I know you don't have time to take a 20minute walk at least 2 times per week. It's too much to take time toplan my meals so that I don't consume too much food with empty calories,or overwork your heart with saturated fats.....sure we only live onceand must enjoy ourselves with over indulgence with desserts, fats,carbohydrates, sodas, fries, burgers, alcohol and...need I say more?Read the following study done by HHS' Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention (CDC)...........Mortality for several leading causes of death declined in 1999,according to preliminary figures from HHS' Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention (CDC), released today by HHS SecretaryTommy G. ThompsonAt the same time, there were increases for other leading causes ofdeath, including septicemia (6.6 percent); hypertension (5 percent); chroniclower respiratory diseases (4 percent),and diabetes (3.3 percent).http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/releases/01news/declindea.htmOne thing that I wanted to point out was where it was said that most of the other leading causesof deaths mentioned were preventable.Are we too busy to live?"Good health is literally a walk away," Secretary Thompsonsaid. "You don't have to work up a big sweat at the gym or becomea long-distance runner. Just 30 minutes of walking a day, five days a week, can significantlyimprove your health. Playing with your kids in thebackyard for an hour each day can help the whole family stayhealthy."http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/releases/02news/physical_activity.htmWell, I don't know about you, but I'm not to busy too live."Don't bother me....I'm living!" That is my desirefor you that you will get busy living a super-charged empowered life of success "Spirit, soul and body."So what are you doing at least three timesper week for 20 - 30 minutes a day...... walking to good health...(or whatever form of exercise you choose)....living!Now I invite you to gain access to two free resources for stressed-lessliving http://budurl.com/64vd and toboost in your self esteem and confidence to realized a new empowered youhttp://budurl.com/wrm9 .To your best empowered life!Beloved I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in healtheven as your soul prospereth. 3 John 2
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by Kimberly Dawn WellsMost people would agree that maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial to their health, but would you guess that just losing 5-10 pounds could cut your risk of many diseases by 25%, 35%, or even 50% or more? Extra body fat affects your body chemistry, posture, and even how other organs communicate with each other. The following conditions can be improved or even reversed through healthy weight loss.Heart diseaseA multitude of related illnesses are commonly seen in overweight individuals. Poor diet leads to high cholesterol levels, which leads to arteriosclerosis, which leads to high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. All five diseases can be greatly improved with just a 10-15 percent weight loss.Sleep apneaA disturbance caused by an upper airway blockage, sleep apnea is common in overweight individuals due to enlarged airway anatomy that can become closed during sleep. Losing weight can result in more restful sleep and more stable oxygen levels.DiabetesOverweight individuals are twice as likely to develop type 1 or 2 diabetes than people who maintain a healthy weight. Diabetes itself, besides being a bother to your diet and lifestyle, comes with many of its own serious health consequences that at their worst include blindness and loss of extremities due to amputation.Arthritis and goutA heavier frame means more weight to carry around, which can be a strain for aging muscles and joints. Weight loss that allows you to be more mobile can result in better blood flow, better flexibility, and a higher level of physical independence as you age.CancersWhile many cancers are not directly linked to being overweight, the chances of being diagnosed with cancer are higher for overweight individuals. This is due to both the extra weight and the lack of nutrients that may accompany a poor diet.Emotional benefitsWhen you look good, you feel good. Losing weight can be a powerful tool in restoring the self esteem that many people lose when they begin to gain weight. Besides feeling better about how you look, losing weight through exercise releases feel-good hormones into your blood stream, which further boosts your mood and confidence.Increased energyThe less weight you have to drag around, the more energy you will have. Just getting started with an exercise routine is often enough to kick-start your energy into an upward spiral of exercise, more energy, more exercise, further weight loss, more energy, etc.Weight loss in overweight individuals translates to a lot more than just a decrease in high blood pressure and risk of disease. Losing just a few extra pounds can create total-body benefits that are seen both immediately and in the future. If you are overweight and considering your need to lose weight, this list of moderate to serious health problems gives you several good reasons to take action and start making changes today.If you are ready to start living a healthier lifestyle, visit my page and send me a message or comment.
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