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Does Eating Rigt=Weight Loss?

Does Eating Right = Weight Loss?


Yes it does.  But the only catch is, knowing what eating right is.  And trust me it is not what we have been taught.  Such things, as soy, pork, nuts, sport drinks, diet sodas, low calories foods, and fat free foods, are not the foods and drinks for eating right.  Your body, as I have stated before, is not made of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings, these things should be avoided. I read the status of a young woman on facebook several weeks ago.  Saying that she eats right, but still can't lose weight.  And she mentioned how frustrating it was for her to try so hard and still not be able to lose weight.  Well I wanted to make a comment, but I opted to write an article instead.  Because I realized that it was more than just this young woman out there having this problem.  As the saying goes, it is not your fault, but it is your problem.  And unfortunately a lot of us fit in this category of problems, problems, problems.  When you are unable to fix a problem, it means that you have reached the limit of your knowledge in that area.  And it is up to you to seek and find the solution to your problem(s).  Running into this invisible wall on your weight loss journey, can really take the wind out of your sail.  Doubt, frustion, the loss of will-power are fast eroding the core of your desire.   It makes you question yourself...why is it not, working?  It's not working, because there are food items in your diet that does not allow you to lose weight.  And if you are extremely over weight you may be exercising, when you should be stretching.  Whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, plenty of good water, coconut water, fish, and chicken,


minus the sugars, breads, alcoholic drinks, smoking, potatoes, and hard to digest meats, is the only way that the weight will began to shed.  Despite popular belief, you can't lose weight eating what you want.  There has to be a letting go, a cutting lose, never to return again of certain items, and foods from your life.  You should never try to obtain weight loss by taking chemicals.  Once you stop taking the chemicals the weight will return with an attitude, meaning more of it and quickly.  You have to change those habits, and those foods.  So, the young woman's problem is still with what she is eating and her exercising program.

The difference between exercising and stretching, is that exercising is mostly for cardio, and stretching is for toning, improving circulation of blood through all organs of the body, strength building of your core, and rapid weight loss.



The next time that you are comfronted with a problem.  Just seek more information in the area, and keep reaching for success.  Remember, success is not on a earthly plane.  You have to reach up to touch the stars.

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Discovering your voice – part two/PQ


Have you been taking good care of your body, your mind, your heart, and your spirit lately? As promised, I would like to continue my study on The 8th Habit and the 4 Intelligences. Developing our Physical IntelligencePQ, Mental Intelligence – IQ, Emotional Intelligence – EQ, and Spiritual Intelligence – SQ will "instill in us a quiet confidence, internal strength and security, the ability to be simultaneously courageous and considerate and personal moral authority." (the principled use of our freedom and power to choose)


Although, developing and using our PQ seems pretty common, the CDC estimates that more than 1/3 of U.S. adults (35.7%) and approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2-19 years are obese. These numbers are staggering! Perhaps it has to do with an undeveloped or unused PQ birth-gift. There are three essential ways to develop your PQ: wise nutrition, consistent balanced exercise, and proper rest, relaxation, stress management, and prevention thinking.


Wise nutrition 

Eating healthy starts when we create menus and choose foods that contain mostly whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, leaner meats and fish as part of our diet. Vegetarians and other non-meat eaters will disagree with eating any meat as part of wise nutrition, and some non-meat eaters believe that anything with eyes or a face should not to be consumed by the body. Our purpose here is not to debate what  people eat, but to recognize that eating for nutrition is important.  Although, the body uses fat to store and provide energy and to carry vitamins throughout the body, a regular intake of fast and processed foods, high in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol, is asking for PQ trouble.  When we drink plenty of water and fast from time-to-time we give our digestive system a chance to recuperate from improper feeding. Mr. Covey believes “that when you properly control your appetites, your ability to control your passions and to purify your desires increases. It gives you a real feeling of humility and enables you to gain greater perspective about what is really important in life.”


Consistent balanced exercise

Our second way to develop PQ,  is physical activity. Finding the time to exercise can be a challenge for many.  I have found that setting S.M.A.R.T. exercise goals works wonders, especially, when it's an exercise of my choosing and on my own terms. My S.M.A.R.T goal for the coming month is to dance for 10-15 minutes every morning, take a 10-15 minute walk every afternoon (with ankle weights), and jump rope 5-10 minutes in the evening, 4 days a week. It’s specific, measurable, attainable/realistic and timely. What is your exercise routine? Regular exercise builds up your cardiovascular strength, flexibility and increases your quality of life and life expectancy. Being consistent and balancing exercise in strength training, cardio, and toning will impact your PQ significantly.


Proper rest, relaxation, stress management and prevention thinking

Maintaining the body for optimum performance is the third way to develop our PQ. As you know, when we do not get the proper amount of rest and relaxation, our bodies begin to take a toll. In order to relieve our body of this taxation, we must be aware of two types of stress: “distress that comes from hating your work, resenting the multiplied pressures of life, and feeling you are a victim, and eustress that comes from the positive tension between where we are now and where we want to go—some meaningful goal or project or cause that really turns us on and taps into our talents and passion; in short, our voice.” When we operate in a distressed state, we bring more suffering and/or anguish into our lives, however, when we operate from a “eustress management” state, our immune system, longevity and enjoyment increases, strengthens us and enlarges our capacity.


Many of the diseases that affect us today can be prevented by the choices we make. Remember, between stimulus and response there is a space, and in that space we make our choice. It is natural to get off track from time to time, however, as we listen to our body, it will guide and help us get back on track.


Stay tuned for part three - Developing your Mental Intelligence - IQ.


The recommended readings for this week are Old School New Body Click Here!  The Acid Alkaline Balanced Diet

Click Here! and Stress? Laugh At It! Click Here!


Until next time stay beamed up!


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Everywhere you go these days, the mental health of our community seems to be a primary subject and concern. We have finally come to grips with the fact that not all of our problems are financial and social. Some of our problems are borne of unspoken misery and unresolved pain.


That’s why I published a book earlier this year filled with healthy living tips for the mind, body and soul. “Broken In Plain Sight” provides a perfectly crafted fictional, highly imaginative platform that proves that love is the common denominator to vibrancy and healing. The novel-like feel works to illustrate the underlying reasons for unhealthy lifestyle habits and offers practical and innovative solutions for living healthier.  In its fictional, diet-guide like format, the book exposes the struggles, secrets, and corruption within an African American family and their journey to find love, truth, and healing.


Now, six months later, my new book, “Broken In Plain Sight”, has been nominated to receive The Henri at The 2012 Christian Literary Awards in November 2012. See for yourself why it was nominated and purchase your copy today. In order to take home this prestigious award, I need your vote! If you liked my book, I would greatly appreciate if you would take a minute and vote for it.


Just visit http://www.awards.joyandcompany.org/about. You’ll need to create an account, then after receiving your password, you’ll need to “Login” and follow the prompts which include clicking “2012 AWARDS” and selecting READER'S CHOICE to CAST YOUR VOTE for “Broken In Plain Sight” in the Fiction Category.  Voting will close on September 30th. Please tell your family and friends to vote!!!


Broken in Plain Sight is engaging, entertaining and enlightening. It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles as well as Kindle and Nook. Too many of us are broken in plain sight and don’t have to be!


Thank you in advance your support and vote!!!



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Are you a desk potato?





Working from home is great!

 I do not miss the hours spending in traffic but I notice I spend a lot of hours sitting in from of my computer. I have even gained a few pounds which surprised me because I was not snacking or eating more than usual. But I figured out I was a desk potato!




Sometimes I was in front of the computer from the time my husband left early in the morning until he showed back up in the evening only taking quick bathroom breaks or a short lunch.



So I took a few steps to make a change:

  1. I started a 30 minute exercise routine in the morning
  2.  I make sure that I get up a stretch  every 2 hours for about 10 minutes
  3. When on a call I walk around if I do not need the computer.


So if you think that you are becoming a spud just try these simple steps and get moving.

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Are you ready to lose some body fat?

Are you eating enough? Are you eating too much? These are two important questions if your goal is to lose body fat. To determine your daily caloric intake visit http://www.acaloriecalculator.com/ and input the required data. It’ll also tell you the number calories you need to consume if your goal is to lose body fat. The goal is to reduce your calories by 500 each day. You can do so by a combination of eating less than your target daily caloric intake and exercising.


If you’re unsure about the number of calories in your favorites, simply visit http://www.calorieking.com/foods/. You’ll discover that your favorites like a Chef Salad… or that blueberry bagel…or that raspberry tea may not be the low calorie food or beverage item you thought.


Have a healthy day!!!

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CEO Blueprint to Optimum Work-life Balance

by Tangela M. Davis

B-Alert System by "The Power of Focus", Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Les Hewitt

“When you work, work, and when you play, play. Don’t get the two mixed up!”
You are going to walk away from this article a little more enriched in how to manage a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.” I, like some of you, may sometimes feel that you are Superman or Superwoman. “You rise early in the morning and work long hours, say you are going home to be with family and end up taking your work home with you and work even longer hours."
My topic for our April Newsletter is “Creating A Blueprint for Optimum Work-life Balance.” Do you relate to the following scenario... You rise early in the morning, no later than 6:00 am, drink 2-3 cups of coffee before you start your day, work hard all day including skipping lunch, maybe tell yourself you are going to spend time with family and will arrive home at a reasonable hour; however, you end up working later or taking work home with you and sometimes working into the wee hours.” This is becoming more and more common as people struggle to find a healthy balance in their lives. Often times greater pressures are on women, who work full time building a career or business, still expected to cook, clean and somehow cater to her family’s needs. In the mix, you lose site of taking care of yourself. Let me assure you, there is a better way and there are people who have achieved optimum balance in their daily lives. Let me share a story with you. Let’s take John and Jennifer who have been married for 15 years with two kids. Jennifer started her own business six years ago (a health spa center). This family takes annual vacations. At least six weeks off for fun every year. John and Jennifer had parents with strong values that influenced their habits growing up. An important value they learned was “If you are going to do a job, do it to the best of your ability.” Another strong value learned was saving and investing. By the time they were married, they both had a savings plan in place and they were able to maximize hetheir joint savings plan.  At work, Jennifer has a first-class personal assistant who allows her to focus on what she does best. She does not get caught up in unnecessary paperwork and rises early to kick-off her day. She rarely arrives home later than 6pm. At the beginning of the year Jennifer and John sit down and plan their personal and family goals. This includes scheduling time for vacation and mini-breaks. Twice a year Jennifer enjoys a long weekend away with her Mastermind Group to enjoy skiing.
Everyone, here is the million dollar question, “Do you enjoy a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, doing work that you love, and that gives you an excellent financial return and allows you to have significant time off to pursue your other interest?” The answer is either “Yes” or “No.”
If your answer is “No”, let me introduce you to the B-ALERT System. If you check the dictionary for the word alert it reads “At the ready, mindful, using intelligence, on guard, conscious, and prepared.” Being at the ready every day and using intelligence will keep you mindful of your priorities and your state of balance. When you are truly alert you are more conscious of what is going on. Now what is the opposite of alert? Mindless, unprepared, unconscious, off-guard and stupid! If you had choice which side of the scale would you like to sit on?
“Every well-built house started with a definite plan in the form of blueprints.” – Napoleon Hill
B is for Blueprint– This is how you prepare for your day. You do prepare don’t you? A blueprint is simply a map for the day. There are two options for preparing your blueprint for the day. Either do it the night before or early the next morning before your day has started. You only need an extra ten to fifteen minutes to do this. Set specific time limits for your appointments. Also give over what projects must be worked on, and determine if you have reserved enough time to deal with them. It’s important to have your own blueprint recording system. Create one that works for you. For best results, keep it simple.
“The one thing that separates winners from losers is, winners take action!” – Anthony Robbins

A is for Action– When it comes to reviewing your results, the amount of action you put into your day will directly determine your score. You probably have already noticed, there is a major difference between being busy and taking specific, well-planned action. You can have a busy day with nothing to show for it. You didn’t move closer to accomplishing you goals. The day passed you by. You allowed little emergencies or yourself to be interrupted to many times during the day. Concentrate on the activities that produce the greatest results for you. Set limits on what you will and will not do. Delegate effectively, and be alert to stepping outside your boundaries.  When you are on vacation or having a day off for fun, your action is to simply enjoy yourself.
There are essentially two things that will make you wiser – The books you read and the people you meet. – Charles “Tremendous” Jones
L is for Learning– Another well-balanced day includes taking time to expand your knowledge. Develop the habit of reading at least twenty to thirty minutes in the morning. It’s a great way to start your day. What should you read? Anything that is stimulating, challenging or that gives you an edge in your industry or profession. What ever you do, avoid digesting any negative portions of the newspaper or internet. Thousands of books reveal the lives of interesting and successful people, from sports, stars and celebrities to adventurers, entrepreneurs and great leaders. There is a wealth of ideas in these books waiting to be absorbed by anyone with a little curiosity and desire to do better. Turn your car into a learning center. AudioCDs are one the most productive ways to expand your awareness. Tuning in for twenty minutes a day will give you over 100 hours per year to learn more. Finally, you can learn a lot more by observing and studying other people. What do wealthy people do? How did they become rich? Another idea for learning is to invite a successful person out to lunch every month – someone you really respect and admire. Drag the lunch out, the more courses the better. Ask questions. You’ll uncover a wealth of information.
“Having all the money in the world isn’t much good if you can hardly get out of bed in the morning to enjoy it.” – Author Unknown
E is for Exercise– I hear the “Oh Nos”. Do you want to be rich in health? Creating an excellent balance in your life means you don’t treat your health lightly. A little daily exercise is part of the prescription. About twenty minutes is all you need. One of the easiest ways to exercise is to enjoy a brisk walk. If you take fifteen minutes and walk around the block a few times, your body will thank you. If you take a forty-five minute walk four days a week you can lose up to 18lbs over the course of a year, without dieting. 
  • Exercising improves your sleeping habits.
  • Exercising increases your energy levels.
  • Exercising relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Exercising protects you against injury.
  • Exercising promotes a health posture.
  • Exercising relieves digestive disorders.
  • Exercising enhances your self-image.
  • Exercising expands your longevity.

A final thought on good health. Make it a study. Find out more about your metabolism and how to optimize the magnificent vehicle you have been given.
“Oh, to be free from the stifling pressures of life – to rest, a peaceful slumber that will rejuvenate my soul. – Les Hewitt
R is for Relaxing– This is the time to recharge your batteries during the day. Take a TPM. Twenty-five Peaceful Minutes. You may understand it as taking a nap. In warmer climates, a siesta is a normal part of the day. When you were a young child, your mother probably put you down for nap after lunch. As an adult, why not do the same. It’s good for you. You’re probably thinking, you are crazy, I don’t have enough time as it is without snoozing the afternoon away. Let me assure you that the most progressive and profitable organizations realize that a highly productive workforce is not achieved by pushing people until they drop from exhaustion. This doesn’t mean you need to lower your performance standards. Consider a TPM when you arrive home from the office. If you can plan a TPM for yourself before you switch roles, it will give you a chance to catch your breath, relax and mentally ready to focus on the family. If you plan to take one day off per week, make sure it’s a full 24 hours. Call it fun-time. This means the entire 24 hours you do nothing business related. If you have worked long, hard hours all week, you deserve a break to re-energize.
“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” – Peace Pilgrim
T is for Thinking– If you want to have unusual clarity about what is working and what is not working in your life, schedule time for reflective thinking. At the end of your workday, or just before you go to bed, take a few minutes to take a mental snapshot of the day. Regard each day as a mini-movie with you as the star. How did you do? Rerun the CD and take another look. What did you do well? Focus daily on the progress you made. Be alert to any shortcomings, but don’t beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes. Make reflection a daily habit. It only takes a few minutes, and it will make you stronger and wiser in the weeks and months ahead.
In conclusion, would you enjoy a better balance in your life if you had a clear blueprint for the day, were able to stay focused on your most important activities, maximized your energy and clarity with a little exercise and reflective thinking, and had some time off for fun? The answer is obvious. Of course you would! Make the effort and leverage the B-Alert System. Remember excellent balance will greatly enrich your mind, body and spirit, not to mention your relationships and bank account!

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Why Weight?



It is time to make the first on the journey to losing weight.  Why Weight?  The failure to make the move is surely yours and ours not to do what is required of us when it comes to taking care of our bodies.  We are its care takers, we are the watchman, we are not to let anything enter or put anything into our bodies that is harmful. 


We are have our first Annual Calorie Drop that will be on facebook this coming March 19th.  Make sure to participate.  All you have to do is press the above picture and it will take you directly to the community page on face book.  Give us your information and we will send you and invitation to the event so that you can track what you have given up for that month and what you will not allow back into your bodies ever again.  We will Calorie Drop from the 19th of March until the 19th of April and we will share information and we shall move forward never to look back lest we turn into a pillar of salt (smile).


What the Calorie Drop is all about is learning how to change our appetite for the wrong foods, because you can change yout taste buds.  Try eating healthy for a week and watch how your body will crave what is healthy.  Some of us may not know what healthy is.  Well lets say that if you learn how to start cooking for yourself this will be a start of healthy.  Healthy is simple foods, such as beans, fruits and vegetables with homemade cooked breads.  Drinking clean water is also a good start along with teas and good lemonade.  When it comes to sweeting your teas and lemonades use honey or brown sugar, please stay away from the killer of your body and that is white sugar.  If you are ready to start your weigth loss program please click on the Buy Now button and we will email your link and you can get started right a way.
Why Weight? FaceBook Community Page

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CONTACT: CAROL DUNLOP AT 678.498.4001 Ext. 1


Woodstock Personal Trainer Gets Exposed to 500,000 new Viewers

OptimumBodySculpting.com is happy to announce that owner Carol Dunlop is now a regular guest blogger for DietsInReview.com. Ms. Dunlop brings her knowledge and experience in weight loss techniques to a captive audience. Catch her blogs and nutrition tips starting mid July at www.DietsInReview.com.

Woodstock, GA – July 13, 2010 – Optimum Body Sculpting is proud to announce that owner and personal trainer, Carol Dunlop, is now a regular guest blogger for DietsInReview.com. Ms. Dunlop’s blogs will be listed in the diet blog section.

As a certified personal trainer, owner of Optimum Body Sculpting and weight loss expert, Ms. Dunlop will provide DietsInReview.com’s visitors with tips, practical advice and motivation needed to lose weight and keep it from coming back. Ms. Dunlop is dedicated to helping others create the body they’ve always yearned for and uses her passion for fitness to motivate others to accomplish their fitness goals and maintain a positive self image.

“I am excited to be a part of the blogging team at DietsInReview.com. I have a lot of valuable information to share with their readers and I know that they can learn a lot from the information that I will be providing to them for the betterment of their health,” said Carol Dunlop.

Carol is certified through FiTour as a Personal Trainer and through the American Red Cross as a CPR, AED and First Aid Instructor. She has competed and placed in several Fitness America and National Bodybuilding competitions. She hosts the Fit4Life Radio show which airs weekly on Tuesdays at 11:00am EST and also serves as a fitness mentor on www.totaleefitradio.com, which was created by 8-Time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney.

Carol is a content provider for www.nursetogether.com and www.shapefit.com and is also the creator of the “How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off, for Good!” Lunch-N-Learn webinar series.

To contact Carol, please go to www.optimumbodysculpting.com and learn how to receive your Free E-course “How to Burn Calories While you Sleep.”

About Diets In Review:
DietsInReview.com is a leading diet and healthy lifestyle site, featuring more than 435 diet, weight loss program, diet pill and supplement reviews. Additionally, the Diet Blog is updated daily with the most need-to-know news and tips about weight loss and the Diet Chat allows dieters to share their experiences. Find hundreds of free recipes that support your diet and an interactive BMI Calculator. DietsInReview.com is the source on the Web for all things diet.


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Ready to look beautiful with looking made up...well, Youngevity is for you. Wtih its' large array and selection you are sure to find your shade that matches your uniqueness. Youngevity is for those women who still want to make a statment without being over stated, being soft and natural for those special occasions. Visit http://thebaremineral.blogspot.com and see what we have to offer

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Those Painful Heavy Cycle Flows

That time of the month ewww:( is enough to make some women just want to pull the trigger on themselves. Did you know that in some countries women don't even
have cycles...they have a period, and in Hawaii women only stay on their
cycles for an hour. Let me pause for a moment to explain the
difference between a cycle and a period. A cycle is every 28 to 30 days
and you flow from 3 to 14 days sometimes with a heavy flow. A period
is just what it is a dot. I bet you say how in the world can that
happen and could it really be true...well it is. Over in other
countries the food is not destroyed with chemicals. So when they eat,
the food does what it is supposed to do and the body can eliminate
properly without being hindered from dangerous chemicals. Another
reason why women in other countries don't suffer is because they do not
eat all day long...no one needs to eat all day long (3 meals a day is
ridiculous if you do not work on the railroad or have a very physical
job one healthy balanced meal is enough). There is nothing wrong with
living a good life, having a car, running hot and cold water, and all
the other good things that we enjoy over here in US...the problem, I see
is that we do not have a balance
. Because we
have cars we don't want to walk anywhere or because we have grocery
stores we don't want to grow our own food. These things have really
spoiled us, it has made us lazy.

Lack of exercise and our eating habits has a lot to do with rather a woman will have a period or a cycle flow. If you suffer from a painful cycle then your diet is very poor, and your exercise is not
often enough. Our body is really a temple and we should keep it as
clean as we can. We must stay away from fried foods, alcohol, shell
fish, smoking, and a whole host of unhealthy things that we do to our
bodies. A monthly flow is one way to help a woman who may not eat
healthy to keep her body clean, and if your body did not make this
adjustment to clean itself we would really be sick from all of the toxin
build up that would be in our blood. If you would take your diet all
the way down, back to the drawing board, leaving nothing but fruit, then
build it up from there, making sure to leave the meat out, your cramps
would subside. Taming your appetite is not an easy thing to do this is
why it is so hard to lose weight. But for those of you who will have a
hard time to do this you will need to purchase you some Saw Palmetto.
Saw Palmetto is an herb that you can sip as a tea or take in the pill
form. Saw Palmetto will ease those cramps and in some cases get rid of
them all together which is what it did for my daughters when they were
younger, and until this day they do not suffer with cramps.
The Bible really tells the truth when it says that my people
perish from the lack of knowledge, because what you don't know will harm
you. I hope that this article helps you and if you have any questions
please feel free to ask. Read. Learn. Grow. Leave a comment.

To make a purchase of the Saw Plametto visit http://myhspot.blogspot.com

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Youngeivity Weight Loss Management

Losing Weight With Youngevity

Hitting a brick wall while losing weight, is the most disappointing thing that can happen to anyone. The wall of disappointment leaves you with the thought
of...what's next? What do I do now? Just when you were feeling good
about yourself and had just a few pounds to go (they are the hardest
ones). One thing you don't do is give up, keep striving and for God
sake keep
stretching and exercising . For those stubborn pounds that won't leave Youngevity can
help you knock down that wall, and you will be able to see your way
again. Sometimes we women have it so hard just to lose a few
inches...we may need just a little help to get the job done. Youngevity
is a healthy alternative to using the synthetic chemicals put in the
diet pills and the other products that they claim help you to lose
Press the Youngevity link to view
all of the products available to you.

Youngevity Weight Loss Management

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My Glory Hair Care Products

My Glory Hair Care Products

product no. MGH01234

It's here finally...My Glory Hair Care!!!!

Some of you have been waiting for a long time for my featured products My Glory Hair Care Products. I will give a full description of each product below:

First down the run way is the Hair & Scalp Oil Moisturizer
This product is to be used first. You will part the hair and apply the oil to the scalp and massage through to the ends of the hair. Place a plastic cap over and let set for at least 24hrs only if time allows. But for better results to infuse hair 24hrs is the best or cover with plastic and set under the drier for 30 to 45 mins.

product no. MGH0001

This wonderful little oil is the hair maker. With its combination of olive oil, moisturizer, vitamins and natural fragrance, it literally breaths life back into the hair. This moisturizer should be used on a weekly basis just before hair wash time. If you wash on a more regular basis...set time accordingly.

Next down the runway is the My Glory Shampoo & My Glory Conditioner. These two together gives the hair the one, two punch of electricity that is need to revitalize the hair with out stripping your delicate hair of its needed oils. This is a combination of gentel cleaners, olive oil, vitamins, and moisturizer, makes your hair soft and easy to comb..it is low sudsing for a more gentel cleaning. After you have completed the washing process rinse and towel blot some of the water from your hair and apply the conditioner. This is a very gentel conditioners with a lite sent, it is ready to go the work on your hair by relaxing it just a little and putting more moisture into the hair shaft. The conditioner also has olive oil, vitamins, and moisturizer just what the hair needs to stay on track of being totally moisturized.

product no. MGH0012

Last but definately not least is the My Glory Hairdress. Remember what I told you about grease...well be not decieved for this is not grease, this is a lite and fluffy custard made for everyday use if you so desire. It also has olive oil, peanut oil, vitamins and natural fragrance. Apply this to your hair and stroke your hair daily for best results.

Now there you have it the best combination ever put together for your hair. And if used as instructed you will have hair worth a thousand words of praise.

product no. MGH0004

The process by which you will make a prchase is with E-mail With Invoice thru PayPal. To make a purchase send an email to pictureperfecthealth@gmail.com with the requested items and quanity. Picture Perfect Health will then email you an invoice with the items and quanity you requested and you will make your payment, it is that easy...no hassels, no fuss, just what a person on the go needs
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You may think belly fat is limited to the stuff out front that you can grab with your hand — but it’s the fat you can’t see that’s really a cause for concern. Visceral fat lies deep inside the abdomen, surrounding the abdominal organs. Gaining this type of fat has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health problems.Subcutaneous fat, located between the skin and the abdominal wall, is more visible but also less likely to be a health risk.While a slowing metabolism and decreased physical activity contribute to overall weight gain as you age, those factors don’t influence visceral fat accumulation directly. Heredity may be the culprit — you may simply have inherited a tendency to gain weight in your midsection.Are you and Apple or Pear?Most people agree that excess weight is bad for your health. But now researchers have shown that “how” it’s stored on the body is the key link to the risk of future health problems.Apple-shaped people store body fat around the abdomen and chest, surrounding internal organs, such as the heart.Pear-shaped people store fat on the hips and thighs, just below the surface of the skin.The good news for Pears is that the excess fat they store in the lower body is not necessarily a risk to their health. Apples, however, have a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and gall bladder disease. Even when Apples and Pears have similar body weights, these diseases progress faster and more seriously in Apples than in Pears.Does your body shape change when you lose weight? It depends on whether you are an Apple or a Pear. When Apples lose weight, they do reduce the fat in the upper body, so they look different (and reduce their risk of disease). Pears also tend to lose fat in the upper body, so even when they lose weight, their overall shape does not change much. In short, a Pear will always be a Pear.The Midsection MattersGaining weight in your abdomen does more harm than simply making your waist wider. Too much belly fat increases your risk of:Heart diseaseBreast cancerDiabetesMetabolic syndromeGallbladder problemsHigh blood pressureColorectal cancerResearchers also have found that abdominal fat cells aren’t just dormant energy waiting to be burned up. The cells are active, producing hormones and other substances that can affect your health.Since visceral fat is buried deep in your abdomen, it may seem like a difficult place to reduce fat. As it turns out, visceral fat responds well to a regular exercise routine and a healthy diet. Ab exercises can help to firm the abdominal muscles and flatten the belly.Exercise, Diet and Whole Grains:* Add time to your workouts (duration) — If you’re a beginner, focus on the length of your workouts. Work at a comfortable pace and increase workout time every week by 5 to 10 minutes.* Increase intensity – (how hard you work out) Add short bursts of speed or resistance to your workouts or practice going faster than you normally do.* Increase your frequency (how much you workout) — Add a day of cardio after you’ve been exercising for about 2 to 3 weeks.* Don’t try to do everything in one day..splitting it up is fineChanging unhealthy eating habits can help fight belly fat. Read nutrition labels, and replace saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats. Increase portions of complex carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables, and reduce simple carbohydrates like white bread and refined pasta. If you need to lose weight, reduce your portion sizes and daily calorie intake.Whole grains are a great source of fiber and are proven to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. What makes them even better is they may actually help reduce fat around the belly.In one study, researchers followed a group of obese men and women. The men and women were randomly assigned to two groups: One told to get all of their grain servings from whole grains and the other to avoid whole grain foods. The whole-grain group lost more body fat around the abs than the other group. The USDA recommends men and women get a minimum of about 3 to 4 ounces of whole grains a day. If you don’t have your handy-dandy food scale available, below are some examples of whole grains that would satisfy the basic requirements:5 whole wheat crackers1 packet of instant oatmeal3 cups of popped popcorn1/2 cup of cooked whole grain rice1/2 cup of cooked whole grain pastaResearch:* Researchers followed a group of women who lifted weights three times a week for 16 weeks. At the end of that time, the women significantly decreased abdominal fat (along with overall body fat) and increased strength and muscle as well. It’s clear that strength training doesn’t just contribute to a leaner body, but a leaner midsection as well.* Another study in which obese participants were split into two groups. One group dieted to lose weight, while the other combined diet and exercise. At the end of the study, the group who both dieted and exercised reduced more belly fat than the other group.Alcoholic beveragesModerate wine consumption has some health benefits, including increasing good cholesterol. Another possible benefit is a lower waist circumference.In some studies, researchers found that moderate wine drinkers show the lowest accumulation of ab fat among drinkers. If you don’t drink, that doesn’t mean you should start. Alcohol adds extra calories to your diet, so cutting it out can help with weight loss. Moderate-to-high consumption of alcohol and of beer and spirits was associated with later high waist circumference, whereas moderate-to-high wine consumption may have the opposite effect.If you do drink, however, this is a good time to assess your habits and change them to be a bit healthier. Drinking one or two glasses of wine may serve you better than hard liquor, especially if you’re watching your weight. Remember to always drink responsibly.High Intensity Interval TrainingA HIIT session consists of a warm up period of exercise, followed by six to ten repetitions of high intensity exercise, separated by medium intensity exercise, and ending with a period of cool down exercise. The high intensity exercise should be done at near maximum intensity. The medium exercise should be about half-maximum intensity. The number of repetitions and length of each depends on the exercise. The goal is to do at least six cycles, and to have the entire HIIT session last at least fifteen minutes and not more than twenty.HIIT has been known to not only burn fat during the workout but even up to 24 hours after the workout. Another extra benefit is the entire HIIT workout last only 15-30 minutes. So this means no more long walks on the treadmill if it was beginning to bore you.It’s very important that warm up and warm down periods is added into every HIIT training program and because of the high level of intensity, 2 days a week is sufficient.How to measure abdominal fatThe simplest way to check for abdominal fat is to measure your waist. Run a tape measure around your torso at about the level of your right hipbone (where it intersects a line dropped vertically from the middle of the right armpit). Breathe minimally, and make sure not to pull the tape measure so tight that it depresses the skin. In women with a BMI of 25–34.9, a waist circumference greater than 35 inches is considered high risk, although research suggests there is some extra health risk at any size greater than 33 inches. A study in the September 2006 American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that in women, a large waist was correlated with diabetes risk — even when BMI was in the normal range (18.5–24.9). Since abdominal fat can be a problem despite a normal BMI, health assessments should include both BMI and waist circumference. The relationship between waist circumference and health risk varies by ethnic group.Body mass index (BMI): A ratio of weight in kilograms to the square of height in meters, BMI helps identify people whose weight increases their risk for several conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. People with BMIs of 25–29.9 are considered overweight, and those with BMIs of 30 or over, obese. However, some researchers think BMI isn’t always a valid indication of obesity, because it gives misleading results in people who are very muscular or very tall.To calculate your BMI, go to www.nhlbisupport.com/bmiWaist-to-hip ratio: divide your waist measurement at its narrowest point by your hip measurement at its widest point. As a marker of a person’s abdominal fat, this measure outperforms BMI. For women, the risk for heart disease and stroke begins to rise at a ratio of about 0.8.**heredity**hormonal changes** Aging-related weight gainReferences:The Effect of Combined Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Training on Abdominal Fat in Obese Middle-aged Women PARK S-K Journal of Physiological Anthropology vol: 22 issue: 3 page: 129-135 year: 2003Abdominal fat and what to do about it. Harvard Women’s Health Watch.Pischon, T. The New England Journal of Medicine, Nov. 12, 2008; vol 359: pp 2105-2120http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/nutrition/
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If you’re like most people, each year, you lay out your strategic plan for living healthier. Once the year starts, the plan starts to change. Despite the best intentions, you can't always anticipate how life’s challenges, demands, obligations and relationships will change what you’ve outlined for implementing healthier lifestyle habits. So, what’s the solution for staying on track in 2010? You have to lay out a general plan but also have a targeted lifestyle infrastructure in place. That’s what you’ll need to make sure you’re able to adapt as internal and external priorities and initiatives change.For those times when you become overwhelmed and frustrated with thoughts, feelings and activities that revolve around a busy schedule, a stressful job, a contract that ended unexpectedly or didn’t materialize, a ministry that is stalled, the rumors of job layoffs, an unfulfilled relationship, a pending divorce, the memories of an unresolved past, a medical condition, and/or a mountain of bills to contend with–you must have a strategic plan in place that addresses them without impacting your follow-through. If you don’t, the idea of eating healthier and exercising will inevitably and continuously be placed on the back burner. There will never be enough time in the day to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal, get a sufficient amount of sleep, drink the appropriate levels of water, or get that much needed annual physical examination.Now is the time for you to sit down at your kitchen table and focus your attention on how you’re going to maintain consistency with living healthier in 2010. The road to a healthier you begins with the following four tasks: (1) conducting a self-examination of those things that challenged you in 2009, (2) developing a strategic plan for how you’re going to align living healthier with new pursuits and challenges, (3) implementing your strategic plan that outlines specific goals, and (4) routinely conducting a self-evaluation to identify areas for improvement. You must proactively leverage your living healthier initiatives to protect your strategic plan from the threats presented by life’s uncertainties and distractions.One of the most important transactions you’ll make in 2010 will be to develop, and implement your strategic plan, and to evaluate it routinely to ensure you remain focused on achieving your healthy living goals all year long.This health and fitness message is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.
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