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Everyone is an expert at something - whether you know how to marketthat knowledge or not is the key to creating an expert personal brand.
Wikipedia describes an expert as "a person with extensive knowledge or
ability based on research, experience, or occupation and in a particular
area of study". I have invested in a number of programs, courses,
books, and live presentations over the last several years. All of this
because I believed the facilitator to be an "expert" who could share
information with me that I did not already know.
How is it that some people become recognized as the expert and others,
who may have more information and knowledge about the same topic, do
Three things in general distinguish people who get to wear the expert label:
They are clear on what they believe. Experts tend to rise to this title
because they have taken a stance or a position on something within an
area of study. For example, Dr. Wayne Dyer is a well-known expert in the
field of self development. Dyer has certain principles he believes. It
is clear that part of his message is that each of us is accountable to
our own success and growth. Carole Martin, the Interview Coach, is an
expert in her area. She has developed clear steps to preparing for an
They tell other people what they believe. People who are recognized as
experts do not keep their beliefs to themselves. Instead, they
communicate a message in some type of written, visual, or auditory form
so that others know their principles. It is one thing to have a thought -
it's another level when you share the thought with someone else. And
the wider your net, the higher and faster you rise to the top as an
expert brand. Dyer and Martin could simply have their beliefs about
steps to take and principles to apply, but until these were shared as
messages to others, no one would have recognized them as a possible
They are consistent in telling other people what they believe. Having
an expert brand means you are consistent with the beliefs you share with
others. If you say one thing today and have a completely opposite
message next week, it will take away from the credibility of your
personal brand. Consider this example - John Maxwell is seen as an
expert in applying leadership strategies based in Christian principles.
If next month, he came out with a book about loving life as an atheist,
Maxwell's credibility as an expert may drop considerably.
I would now like to invite you to enhance your expert brand and claim
FREE access to my upcoming Career Marketing Style teleclass. Learn 5
different ways you can successfully market your brand and get the
recognition you want YOUR way. Visit for more details & to grab your seat.
From Tanya Smith, The Expert Brand Coach and The CareerPreneur Success Circle.
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Hello Superwomen,

I'm sharing the free audio from my recent teleclass, Your Career Marketing style, at You can download the handout there too.


You are invited to listen in at no cost to get great tips on five ways to professionally market your brand & to find out more about the upcoming 6 week program for designing an attractive personal brand that will powerfully enhance & sustain your career and/or solo side business.

It's called The Promotable Brand: How to Get Clear, Get Known, and Get Paid in Your Career or Solo Side Business.

You will say, after participating, that the rewards of this 6 week program are to have:

  • A greater sense of security knowing you have confidence in your ability to promote yourself and your services;
  • Enhanced professional skills that carry over on-the-job and in your side business;
  • Greater recognition from your clients as well as your work colleagues - where it counts;
  • Higher level of trust in your purpose and faith in case the unexpected happens;
  • A more attractive professional brand when you compete for positions you choose
  • Success on your own personal terms and based on what's important to you

Early bird for the program - The Promotable Brand: How to Get Clear, Get Known, and Get Paid in Your Career or Solo Side Business ends tomorrow at midnight, so check it out soon and save big...seriously. I'm also throwing in my recent 12-CD telesummit as a gift for people who act quickly:

As always - to your success,

Tanya Smith, Your Career Strategy Partner

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How to Find a Mentor

iStock_000009172087XSmall-150x150.jpgI replied to a question this week on LinkedIn and thought I’d share my thoughts with you on the topic of mentoring. Here is a short excerpt from the comment and subsequent question submitted:

“I don’t know how to navigate the professional world. It is like I am an outsider looking in. As an African American woman, I don’t have any willing connections in my family. I am actively networking, taking classes to gain new skills, writing blogs, and interning; this way I can groom myself into the professional I want to be…”

My answer went like this:

Thank you for your note & for expressing your challenges so honestly. I will share that I have been mentored and I have mentored. In most cases where I was on the receiving end, I actively pursued the
relationship. There have been both good AND bad experiences on either
side – I chose to learn from both.

One of the conversations that came out of the recent Women of Color Career Success telesummit I hosted focused on the topic of mentoring and where to find them. There were 3 strategies highlighted from the panel:

  1. Pursue mentoring relationships with people who already at a level for which you are aspiring – seeking a combination of mentors with similar backgrounds as you AND those who can share a completely
    different perspective;
  2. Peer-to-peer mentoring – reach out to positive, motivated colleagues and others within your field for idea/resource sharing; and
  3. “remote” mentoring – seek out books, presentations, and media that may have messages you can apply to your own situation for growth. If something really appeals to you, consider contacting the author, etc to
    let them know how their ideas have helped you – social media really
    opens possibilities here. You never know until you try.

“Mentoring” was very loosely defined in each case but the ultimate message was that you can learn from just about anyone’s experiences.

Lastly I will add these tips:

* Don’t be intimidated to ask anyone you have identified as a possible mentor for you. The worst they can do is say no. * You should not expect
someone else to invest in you what you don’t invest in yourself and
others. Definitely look at ways you can mentor and give back. * And if
you happen to run into that not-so-great experience, you can learn
lessons from that too. It just may be “what not to do”.

I hope others will chime in and offer their advice and perspectives on your questions.

Best success to you, Tanya

What are your thoughts around mentoring and what advice would you offer someone for finding a mentor?

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable helps ambitious professional women of color develop a competitive personal brand strategy for the career of their dreams. To get instant access to
her free special report on Simple Steps High Performing Sistas Need to Know for Career Success stop by and visit

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Ahhmazing to Renew

My Business Sisters and I are embarking on a business retreat to discuss our business next weekend. What this time away from home will do for me will be simply ahhmazing. I will renew myself, recharge, and have a greater since of direction at the end of my overnight stay is a nice hotel.

Today, the Spirit within guided me on one of my latest blog post. As a contributing blogger on Women of Color in Business, my post are geared toward empowering women. I have offered some cool and easy tips for anyone to implement into their lives and by the end of that read, you will surely be empowered to take action and RENEW YOURSELF!! Feel free to read some of my post at I Am Social Butterfly

Jenise Bradshaw
Free Spirit Accessories

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Anatomy of a Personal Brand Strategy - Part I

Personal brand marketing is a solid career management technique. When you are doing the work to clearly identify your personal brand - or theoverall collection of perceptions that you want others to have aboutyou - it may not be as simple as jotting down a few notes on a memo pad.

Developing a personal brand strategy that describes the irresistible, brilliantyou can take some work, but once you have it, you can apply the piecesto everything you communicate - e.g. resume, interview remarks, onlinemedia, etc.

Below, I will share with you some of the components I used in developing my own brand marketing statement.

Here are the first five concepts to focus on with a brief definition ofeach, and an example taken from my own personal brand library:

  • Objective - what outcome are you trying to achieve for yourself or for your targetaudience (e.g. To develop highly successful, professional women of colorto be competitors for advanced leadership positions.)
  • Core message - the primary mindset that you want anyone who comes in contact withyou to adopt (e.g. You can successfully advance your career when youincrease your brand visibility in a smart, authentic, and consistentway.)
  • Target audience - who do you want to share the message with (e.g. Professional women of color, age 30-55,seeking career advancement, career change, or business start-up.)**Later, we can talk about who the ideal client is for you within thistarget - yes, there is a distinction.
  • Brand Statement - what do you do and who do you work with (e.g., I work with professionalwomen of color seeking career advancement or transitioning into solobusiness. I show them how to develop a brand strategy for their careerthat connects them with their target audience & key influencers.)
  • Unique position - what makes you different than anyone else who does this work (e.g.,My strategy is based on a 60/40 combination of proven career managementtechniques and online brand expertise. I also have a powerhouse networkof branding resources to help my clients implement the plan once the itis put on paper.)

That's all for part one. Think about your answers in each area. If you work on this over the next week, you will have agreat start to developing your brilliant personal brand strategy.

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable shows ambitious working professionals howto get the promotion of their dreams. To get instant access to her freespecial report on surefire steps to getting the ideal job promotion stopby and visit

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This was my response to a reporter today who asked about the top 5 tips to get promoted in a tough economy. Thought I'd share them with youin this quick bulleted list.

Top 5 activities I'm sharing with my clients for being promotable right now are:
  1. Tell yourself the truth about your performance and your talents - whatresults can you offer? What has been your track record over the pastyear or so? Take a good hard look at what makes you promotable andask yourself the tough questions before somebody else does.
  2. Get raw, honest-to-goodness feedback from others even if it hurts - onceyou have examined your personal results, find out what kind ofprofessional reputation you've created. Do key players respect yourwork? Will you get the support you need to advance to the next level?What kind of advice can you solicit on the steps required in yourcurrent professional environment?
  3. Be prepared for a "pat on the back" promotion - yes, you might have to recognize that a salaryincrease is just not possible right now in your company. Be open to apromotion with a "head nod" instead of an increase in pay.Ultimately, you can revisit salary once the economy begins to turnaround. Track your results over the coming year so that you canjustify and support an increase once this conversation is open againin your business.
  4. Figure out what your brand is, then market, market, market - this ties back to #1 and 2. What kind of core themesare you known for and what consistent message are you sending aboutyourself? If you have a dynamic brand as a reliable,solution-oriented leader continue to think of ways to enhance thisbrand. Contribute in meetings, be able to speak to how your work isimpacting the bottom line results.Become known for something positiveand relevant in your industry.
  5. Manage your online reputation - since so many employers these days are connected with their employees,prospective candidates, etc. online, it's important that you haveestablished a solid, congruent image. You will want to do thisresponsibly, and remember that it's almost better to have an invisibleonline brand (none at all) than to have a "two-faced' online brand -one where you're Dr. Jekyll at work and Mr. Hyde at play.

Now what do you think about this list & what else should be on it?

About the Author: Tanya Smith of Be Promotable helps ambitious workingprofessionals get the promotion of their dreams. To get instant accessto her free special report on how to surefire steps to get promoted stopby and visit

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ATTN: Women of Color AND People Who Know Women of Color

Beginning in the month of March, 2010 I will be launching a new contest promotion for which I will highlight and honor women of color who are beautiful. The reason that she is beautiful is not because of her outer appearance but because of the things she does.

I'm looking for women of color (black, latino, native american etc.) who do beautiful things. Beautiful things such as:
  • Volunteering
  • Teaching underprivileged youth
  • Caring for neighborhood kids at low to no cost
  • Giving of her time and talents
  • whatever else you can think of
Each month one woman of color will be chosen to receive:
  • A sample gift set of Blended Naturals products
  • Celebratory certificate
  • A t-shirt that identifies the beautiful woman of color with a slogan that reads "I am Beautiful Because of What I Do...IT Is Who I Am"
  • A one on one audio and/or print interview which will be posted on the Fresh Radiant Skin Blog for Women With Issues!
  • A featured spot on the blog which will include 2 links highlighting her favorite charitable organizations
The promotion begins on March 1st and runs through the end of 2010. Each month I will select one woman of color to receive:

Here's How I Need Your Help:

I need your help choosing a woman of color who does beautiful things for the months of March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December - 2010

You can submit yourself, your momma, your grandma, your friend, someone in your neighborhood, someone your work with who you truly believe is deserving of this honor. Submissions can be sent in the following ways:
  1. Via Form Submission here
  2. Via email here at Black Business Women Online
  3. Via snail mail to:
    1. Reviyve LLC
      Attn: Michelle Howard
      1 Shonnard Terrace
      Yonkers, NY 10701
At the beginning of each month, I will select a winner who is deemed to be the Beautiful Woman of Color for the Month.

THANK YOU in advance for your help.

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For every lady who has an interest growing and knowing.who want to progress, achieve, and share.You should definitely go to these dynamic women groups and join.You will grow on so many levelsThese ladies can without a doubt assist on your life journeyFrom Personal Development to Building a Financial EmpireThey have the know how, sources, and resources to benefit you, NOW!!!Go Right Now and Introduce yourself!!!MICHELLE ROBERTSclick here
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Breast Cancer Awareness

As my best friend continues her third bout with cancer, I always feel so helpless being several hundred miles away. I call her my hero as she continues to battle this disease for the past 8 years while raising 3 children. She is aware every month and not just October.If you don't already know someone with breast cancer unfortunately you will indirectly, directly or yourself.That is why I try to find a way to raise funds each year to find a cure, give support and education and early detection to those afflicted and their loved ones.With each purchase of my breast cancer awareness candle w/bracelet, $3.00 will be donated to the Sisters Network and the Susan G Komen Foundation.Each candle scent name represents the determination of my friend and thousands like her:SURVIVOR, STRENGTH, HOPE, FAITH, LOVE.Please take a look at the listing and support these efforts by a purchase, a tweet, a blog mention, tell or text a friend or a comment of support.Most importantly visit these organizations to know the risk factors for yourself and preach them to your friends & family.Breast Cancer Awareness Candle w/Bracelet
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Great day! BBWO...Today I'm going to share with you some awesome information on how to find the best lip color.The ideal neutral lip color is like the perfect pair of jeans; it is a basic that you can dress up or down, and it will always look great on you.Put it in neutral. The most versatile lipstick you can win is a shade that’s just a bit brighter than your natural lip color. It will even out and define your lips the way a subtle coat of mascara draws attention to your eyes. For some people, that color is a peachy brown or rosy pink; for African-American woman, it might be eggplant. Keep in mind that neutral lipstick shouldn’t be the color of concealer (a look that only works on the runway) and that a matte lipstick that is lighter than your natural lip color will wash out your face.Try it right. Use the middle of your lower lip as a guide when looking for the right color, and try lipstick on in the daylight for the most accurate assessment. If you’ve tested more than three or four shades, take a break—your lips will be strained. You may also need to find a new color if you’ve been out in the sun a lot, since your lips might be darker.Know yourself. As a makeup artist, I learned quickly that the color of your lips affects the way lipstick looks. If you see your friend wearing a great color, don’t assume it will be right for you. Her shade might look ashy or muddy on your lips.Mix it up. Every season has its lipstick trend, and just because your perfect color is pinky, beige or neutral, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear deep burgundy. Apply one coat of wine, burgundy, or any other color you want to try on top. Even the craziest lipstick shade can be adjusted to suit your coloring.Now! Go and experiment with difference lip colors by trying my online Virtual Makeover don’t forget to tell me what you think?Until next time!Corinne
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Are you going somewhere special and have a little time to get ready tonight? If so, I'm going to tell you how to transform your makeup in 5-10 minutes. As I can imagine, You've been wearing makeup since 8:00 this morning, so you don't have time to take it all off and start over. That's okay though; with a few touch-ups, you can transform your day makeup into a spectacular nighttime look.Mary Kay

Let'e get started first with FoundationUse a clean sponge to remove the foundation you're wearing, paying particular attention to the area under your eyes where more product normally accumulates. Next, use a damp sponge to apply a light layer of fresh foundation and blend. Now you have new foundation and a completely made-up face.ConcealUse concealer, but this time use very little product or dampen the brush before application so you don't apply too much. Conceal undereye circles, paying special attention to the inner corners of the eyes and underneath your lower eyelashes. Traces of mascara typically settle in these areas.PowderUse mineral powder to add light and life to your face; you'll need it after having spent the whole day made up. My favorite: Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation. Rather than leaving skin matte, it adds brilliance and freshness to your face. This is one of the products I can't live without.EyesHere is where you start to notice the transformation a little more. It's very fast and easy, and the result is spectacular.Wipe off the eyeshadow you were wearing before with a clean sponge and apply a matte, cream-colored shadow over your entire lid. Next, use a damp angled brush to apply black eyeshadow at the roots of your upper and lower eyelashes. The color will look super-intense.If your eyes aren't sensitive, carefully use the brush to make up the inner rims of your eyes as well, like you would if you were using a pencil. Don't make up the area around your tear ducts; it's best to leave that part clean. Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara, and your eyes will be stunning.CheeksI always use two kinds of blush: a brownish tone to sculpt and lift my cheekbones and a bronze tone to add color. Don't abuse the blush or it will weigh down your look.LipsMoisturize your lips and apply a touch of gloss. Leave lipstick for another day, because if you're tired, it will accentuate signs of fatigue. It's better to go natural.HighlightingUse an illuminating powder or cream on your T-zone, forehead, chin, and cheekbones. You'll brighten your face and hide signs of tiredness. When doing your makeup, especially in a situation such as this, focus on brightening your skin. Don't skip this step!Now go to my website and click Virtual Makeover, to create this look. Until next time...Have a great day!Corinne's Fashion World making a mark that cannot be erased...Visit TODAY to find your perfect outfit!
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Etsy Store of the Week: Distinctive Moments

We all want to capture distinctive moments in our lives. There’s nothing more special than receiving a beautiful card on that special day from that special person. This week’s Etsy Store of the Week is Distinctive Moments created by Ceneetra Anderson. Anderson’s designs are the three C’s…creative, cute and colorful. My personal favorite is the green, yellow and gold thank you card, perfect for sending out thank yous my fellow Pink Locketeers. Check out Distinctive Moment’s collection of cards, scrapbook pages and layouts. Visit to view this beautiful collection of work.By: Kamilah C.The Pink Locket
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Etsy Store Feature of the Week

Many of us have heard of “The Lady in Red,” well meet the Lady in Pink. Now is the chance to decorate your life. Wraynes Den has a unique collection of ACEOs (Art Card Edition and Originals). My personal favorite is…well I’m sure you can guess. Created with a combination of stamps, colored pencils and pastels this beautiful piece of artwork would definitely look great in The Pink Locket showroom. Check out more of Wraynes Den work on Kamilah C.The Pink Locket
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Sistas Inc is a professional lifestyle community for Women of color, who epitomize & strive for professional and personal success. We are an organization for women of color with diverse talents, a place for women to share their time,financial,and moral support for the betterment of our communities worldwide, while providing inspiration and opportunities for personal growth and leadership. As you know Communication isn't always easy, so we here at Sistas Inc, want you to kick off your shoes, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and feel free to share your opinions,inspirational and motivational advice as well as your professional knowledge with Women of Color all around the world.
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