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What Is Your God Given Talent?

I had my hand in many of business opportunities , but this one is a keeper. You have to love what you do in order to do it well. Through the year's of giving advice and word's of inspiration that encouraged and helped family and friends to take their business to the next level I knew this was my God given talent .
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A Simple Way to Share Files – Let’s Crate


Have you found yourself at one point trying to share files that were just to large for your email service or for your recipient's email service? Occasionally I find myself at the point in some of my projects.

In the past I would use or File Dropper to share those large files. Several weeks back I learned about a new file sharing service called Let’s Crate that I’ll be using in the future and thought I would share with you..........


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Interact with fellow marketers and “like” The Connect4Change Marketer on Facebook.


Get Marketing Tips via Facebook with help from ..........marketer.jpg?width=315






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Necessary Steps in PPC SEO Management

By: Mohammad Aftab

Promotion through PPC has become really popular because it is one of the accepted and quickest ways to support website online. By using PPC search engine management correctly, you can support your website with minimum expenditures and maximum gains. PPC search engine management involves you paying another host website to place an ad on the website and charge you for every visitor that clicks on your advertisement. So PPC play and key role to attract the targeted visitors to make a profit. There are few steps for right PPC search engine management.

The really key thing that you must need to think when doing PPC search engine management deals with the actual website that is going to host your advertisement. The excellent kind of the website will host your ad and will be closely related to market targets. Making sure the host website is relevant to yours with ensure that involved and motivated prospects has entered into your website.

The extremely key thing is to opt keywords in PPC search engine management. The keyword collection is really key because they define the kind of customers that you will funnel into your website. You cant attract the traffic and cant earn the revenue if your keywords are not relevant to the theme of your website. The text ad in the PPC campaign must be strong, but not long. The text must be minimum if you want to make it successful.

You must place the advertisement at the apex. You can apply the Google Analytics to know about the sales funnel and will help you to know the place where the clients are merely dropping off. You must place your ad between positions 3 to 5 if you are selecting PPC promotion off of the Google search engine. This manner, you won't waste your income rapidly by going after the number 1 position and you'll still be able to get a bunch of targeted receptive traffic. Furthermore you will be able to analyze where you are missing on the sales.

The extremely key step for PPC search engine management is the constant updating and keeping of the ad. It is highly recommend that you must continuously split test new ads in order to improve on the original one. Every ad you create must be really catchy, creating curiosity in the readers.

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Teachers/Mentors Edition of Up in the Attic Hip Hop Movie

The Hip Hop Movie of the Year 2010! | MySpace Video
Teachers, Parents and Mentors use the Up in the Attic teen movie to open up dialogue with our youth on subjects such as sex, drugs, peer pressure, abuse and more!For more information or to contact Director Kamal Imani for group discussions and lectures go to http://www.upintheatticmovie.comcipherkam@gmail.comCall Mr. Kevin Barksdale 201-923-9213

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Build Your Mailing List for Free!

Ok, so you want to build your business online, but you need a base to advertise to. The best way to build your mailing list with "OPT-IN" subscribers. (People who agree to receive emails from you). Is by having a lead capture page. A lead capture page, also known as a SQUEEZE PAGE is a page that basically collects the visitor's name, email address, and whatever else you may request. Now don't think that people will just give you their info for nothing. People today wisely are careful about who they give their information to.So how do you get them to give you their contact info and agree to join your mailing list?????Having a great offer that your subscriber just must have is the final piece of the puzzle. You need it to be something of value that leaves them drooling. This can be a piece of software, an instructional video, an email series or an ebook. The key is that it must be something that your visitor will feel they must have. Now they have a reason to give you permission to email them. More importantly, you have given them something of value. This will help you start the relationship.Ok, so now you know how to get them to give you their info, but where's your page? Luckily there is FREE software available that will help you with that part too. It's called Instant Sqeeze Page Generator. This program has templates, Graphics and EASY instructions on what to do. Its basically a WHYSWYG (What you see is what you get) program. You just type in what you want the page to say, edit the appearance like you would in WORD, and the program spits it out in web page form. Best of all, Instant Squeeze Page Generator, ISPG, offers you a wide selection of gifts that you may offer to your subscribers. They host the gifts, they handle the download. You only need to add a link to one of their pages for your subscribers to be able to download the gift. ISPG handles everything for you. They give you the proven template, host your page, offer the gift and handle the download all from a simple point and click interface. They can even host the page for you if you need that!All you need to do is create your page with their point and click process and get visitor’s to it. They do every thing else. All for the absolute best price -$0-. Start getting your subscribers today and watch your income soar.Get Your copy of Instant Squeeze Page Generator HereHave a great day.Tsmart78P.S. There isn’t an easier or cheaper way to get subscribers than what ISPG offers. What are you waiting for?Get Your copy of Instant Squeeze Page Generator Here-------Get free Traffic to your site with HITS2U--
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Free Marketing Tool

I've recently been introduced to a free marketing tool called is a viral marketing tool.- They use the term viral because it is easy to circulate and the membership grows exponentially. Don't worry, it is guaranteed to be virus free and has no adware.I've been using it for several weeks now and I have no complaints. It is a great way to communicate with others and to build your marketing list.check out: My DesktopLightning Page for a full description.It is primarily designed for people who have something they want to promote or advertise.If you don't have something you want to promote or advertise yet, it still may be a good idea to sign up and build yourself a marketing network now, so that you can advertise to it later.Once you've brought some people into your network below you, they will start building their own networks. This process will continue 15 levels deep.Then, you'll be able to send broadcasts right to the desktops of everyone below you, promoting or advertising whatever it is that you want to promote or advertise.Don't worry, it's non obtrusive and free!
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