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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEINTERNATIONAL “GREEN” CORPORATION CHOOSES RIVERSIDE COUNTY TO LAUNCH MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SOLAR FARM PROJECTGreen Voltaic Announces Solar Projects That Brings New Communities and New Jobs!September 3, 2009Riverside, CaliforniaFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE~~~Green Voltaic, Inc. (GVI), an established authority on cutting edge solar technology will transform a former landfill to an environmental asset in Riverside County. Over 100 homes will be converted to solar-powered energy along with Adams Motorsports Park (a Go Kart Track established 50 years), located on the northeast side of the 60 freeway between Market St and Rubidoux Blvd off ramps.Over the past year, GVI has established strong collaborations with Mr. Li Yi, President of Trony, International (a global thin-film modules and other solar product manufacturer in China) and Congresswoman Grace F. Napolitano to not only bring solar products into the American marketplace but has also formed the GREENING AMERICA TASK FORCE. While Trony, Int. has manufactured solar products in China, the Riverside project will manufacture solar panels on site providing hundreds of new job opportunities.“The plan continues by building 2 or 5 megawatt solar farms throughout California in various phases and then across America with the goal to green today for tomorrows future!” states Stephen Wu, CEO of GVI. “…the solar panels that will be built onsite have Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy panels converts the radiation of the sun into electric energy, silently…”, continues Wu, “typical PV power module is a glass panel, which can then be arranged into array formations suitable to the location.”GVI has collaborated and created joint ventures with various entities such as Southern California Edison, Sempra Energy, the International Brotherhood of Electric Workers (IBEW), the The Landacq Group, Inc (LAG) in conjunction with the Community Action Partnership of Riverside County and others to bring new opportunities that will enrich the lives of millions.Mr. Tim Adams, owner of Adams Motorsports Park states, “We have been in this great community for over 50 years and welcome the opportunities to bring new innovations that will change the lives of people and the environment.”Investor opportunities are available. Those interested may call Mr. Erick Hall, Director of Investors Relations for GVI at 909-444-7771 ext. 2. All media inquiries, photo opportunities or actual diagrams and photos can be obtained by calling KimiRhochele of KRPR 909-543-2978 or email kimirhochelle@yahoo.com
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The Ultimate Jazz Festival - Fairmont Park Riverside CA



March 16 , 2009

CONTACT: Darrly Bundridge
(909) 466-4848

Jazz Goes Green Local Businessmen Collaborate To Preserve Jazz And Develop Green Opportunities

Riverside, CA - Two long-time local businessmen, Darryl Bundridge, proprietor of several business, and Sean Jones, CEO of SLJ Pro Audio Services, have joined together to create “Jazz to be Green”, a non-profit public benefit corporation, to help educate businesses and consumers about energy efficiency, green environment and green jobs opportunities while preserving the art form and legacy of jazz.

JAZZ TO BE GREEN presents its first inaugural Ultimate Jazz Festival in Riverside at Fairmount Park, August 22-23, 2009. The event will host a variety of jazz greats and emerging artists representing all genres of jazz from swing to classic, to be-bop to smooth jazz. The inaugural event includes a Go Green Fair with vendors, speakers, and activities that educate and bring awareness to the community about using energy wisely, environmental opportunities and responsibilities, and green jobs.

The City of Riverside was chosen as the best location for this event. Riverside’s rapidly growing community, cultural diversity, strategic and innovative commitment to high standards of “green” living, strong economic growth, and its Riverside Renaissance initiative makes the City of Riverside the perfect place for The Ultimate Jazz Festival.

Strategic partnerships with local businesses is a strategy JAZZ TO BE GREEN has employed to ensure a beneficial outcome for the City of Riverside. Local jazz enthusiast and CEO of eBiz Marketing, The Inland Empire’s emerging premier email marketing service provider, states, “Our media sponsorship of Jazz To Be Green Ultimate Jazz Festival was a no-brainer. Combining the overarching need for our world, and especially our state to be actively environmentally conscious and creating solutions with the need to preserve, share, and celebrate the precious art of jazz, is a win-win scenario for all.”

The Ultimate Jazz Festival missions to provide the Inland Empire with an Ultimate experience in Jazz entertainment by celebrating aspiring, new, and world-renowned artists while cultivating the region’s rapidly growing cultural diversity and educational and economical opportunities through the Art of Jazz. For more information or to get involved, please contact Darrly Bundridge (909) 466-4848, info@ultimatejazzfestival.com, or visit online at www.ultimatejazzfestival.com.

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