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Take your business to Japan!!!

Hello JMCC community.
Do you want to do business in Japan?

Japan has the world's tenth-largest population, with over 126 million people.

Juniques Multi Cultural Connections encourage to explore the vast opportunities the multi cultural market offers. You need to network and stay connected!!

JMCC will help you do that!!! Join our online community at

You will need current information and resources to establish your business in Japan.

This organization can help you in this endeavor.


Promoting mutual trade & investment between Japan and the world

Sponsored by the Japanese Government, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) helps companies expand their business in Japan.

Find the experiences of some of our clients in North America who successfully expanded their business in Japan.

How to start doing business in Japan

JETRO helps U.S. companies set up office space in Japan quickly and cost effectively by providing expertise, resources, and industry connections. Because JETRO is an independent agency of the Japanese government, we are able to provide many of our services for free.

Some of our NO-COST Services Include:

Market Entry Information

Quickly & cost-effectively open your Japan office
Business Partner Matching

Meet potential Japanese partners through our free business matching events

Expert Business Consulting

Speak with business consultants who are bilingual and experts in various industries

Global Network

Access to our global network of company executives, advisors and more

Contact Us to see how JETRO can help your business in Japan.

JETRO can connect you with:

Potential business partners - JETRO can provide a list of potential partners and sometimes introductions to company representatives.

Recruiting companies - Circulate job descriptions among recruiting companies to fill a position or create a strong staff. Then use our IBSC to meet with recruiting company representatives and prospective employees.

Real estate agents - Technically, a company can work out of a residence, but if you wish to find an office,

JETRO can introduce you to our network of real estate agents who can give you price estimates for office

space around Japan.

Regional advisors - If you would like to establish an office outside of Tokyo, JETRO can work with regional governments to identify regional investment incentives and an ideal location for your business. You can

review preliminary information on Japan's regions here.


Japan could be your Land of Opportunity!!!

Japan Listeni/dʒəˈpæn/ (Japanese: 日本 Nippon or Nihon; formally 日本国 About this sound Nippon-koku or

Nihon-koku, literally "[the] State of Japan") is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific

Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan, China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia, stretching from

the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the south.

The characters that make up Japan's name mean "sun-origin", which is why Japan is sometimes referred to as the "Land of the Rising Sun".

Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands. The four largest islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku, which together comprise about ninety-seven percent of Japan's land area.

Japan has the world's tenth-largest population, with over 126 million people. Honshū's Greater Tokyo Area, which includes the de facto capital city of Tokyo and several surrounding prefectures, is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with over 30 million residents.

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Get your share of the $11.8 Trillion  multi cultural market in the US of A

The global marketplace is even greater!! Get position to prosper with this growing market!!!

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Do you have the skills to market to $11.8 Trillion MultiCultural Marketplace?

Juniques MultiCultural Connections ( is pleased to share information, that will help any business owner, that want to be part of trillion dollar business to business and business to consumer, multicultural marketplace.

JMCC offers multilingual/multicultural online radio and television. Come see and hear the global audience we are part of. ( )

Multicultural marketing (also known as ethnic marketing or cross-cultural marketing) is the practice of marketing to one or more audiences of a specific ethnicity, typically an ethnicity outside of a country's majority culture, which is sometimes called the "general market."


Typically, multicultural marketing takes advantage of the ethnic group's different cultural referents such as; language, traditions, celebrations, religion and any other concepts, to communicate to and persuade that audience.

The reasons for multicultural advertising People tend to live within their cultural boundaries; i.e., people have their own cultural values and norms, which influence the way

they think, feel and act.

People in a particular ethnic group tend to share the language, customs, values, and social views, and these influence people’s cognitive (beliefs and motives), affective (emotion and attitude) and behavioral (purchase and consumption) processes.

Based on this notion of “advertising as a mirror,” cultural values and standards are implanted in ads in such a way that consumers can “see themselves” and identify with the characters in the ads and feel affinity with the brands.

Multicultural marketing can have a positive influence on "mainstream" marketing in a variety of ways: Innovation:

Charting a multicultural marketing strategy goes beyond identifying communications programs and promotions tailored to these markets.  

Multicultural marketing is an engine for innovation.

Growth: If multicultural segments are growing at higher rates than the general population, it implies that they are also consuming most products at higher rates than the rest

Globalization: Once a corporation acknowledges the value of multicultural marketing and begins investing in research and development of products and new marketing capabilities, these can be leveraged in the global environment.

Skills required

It is suggested that the following skills are required in the field of multicultural marketing.

1.To spot patterns that allow subcultures to be grouped together, so that a common marketing strategy may be extended to several subcultures in a group (“transcultural” marketing)

2.To develop a distinct marketing strategy for each subculture, if there is a significantly distinct cultural dimension that is

important to the specific culture (multicultural marketing)

3.To further segment audiences in a subculture, if needed, in terms of cultural affinity, cultural identity or acculturation level

(tactical adaptation within a subculture)

4.To develop parameters of culturally acceptable marketing stimuli; and

5.To establish a protocol for measuring cultural effectiveness of the stimuli.

Creating a multicultural marketing strategy

Multicultural marketing focuses on customizing messaging and marketing channels for each target group, as opposed to simply

translating a general message into different languages, or including token representation of different ethnic groups in imagery.

Multicultural marketing is also complicated by the degree of mainstream cultural assimilation within ethnic groups themselves.

Some segments, such as recent immigrants, may highly prefer use of their mother tongue, have limited proficiency in the local language, and be highly geographically concentrated.

Other groups, such as second-generation individuals born in the new homeland, may be bicultural but have less proficiency in their parent's mother tongue and be more geographically dispersed.

An ethnic marketing strategy is developed around the values and attitudes distinctive to a particular ethnic group, and generally includes the following aspects:

Identification and collaboration with community leaders

The promotion of culture, symbols and celebrations important to a precise target Enhancing and focusing on the cultural uniqueness of ethnic group

1) Understand cultural differences in communication patterns, values, and behavior in the target ethnicities.  


2) Assess cultural affinity among ethnic audiences.


3) Segment the ethnic audiences based on the level of cultural affinity.


4) Evaluate the need for adjustments in strategy and tactics.  


5) Explore culturally acceptable/unacceptable, sensitive/insensitive advertising messages among the identified segments.


6) Develop the most effective and efficient advertising tactics targeted to the identified segments.


7) Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns among different target segments. This process is also known as ethnic marketing.

Pioneers Pioneers in the field of multicultural marketing include Madam C. J. Walker, African-American businesswoman, hair care

entrepreneur,Procter and Gamble, Mc Donald's,Pepsi cola and Benetton, and the entrepreneur Francesco Costa with My Own Media and ISI

Holding in the foreigner services sector, Joseph Assaf with Ethnic Business Awards, Alan M. Powell CEO of AP & Associates


JMCC offers multilingual/multicultural online radio and television. Come see and hear the global audience we are part of. ( )


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Website Letters Under Construction

If you are a small business and have not yet established an online presence, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to generate more revenue and profit for your company. As of early 2012, reports have shown that there were 2.4 billion internet users worldwide. The internet has become a great tool for buying and selling products and services, sharing files, communicating with friends and family, entertainment, education and many other activities. Many small businesses that acknowledge this fact have taken steps to build an online presence. Let us look at five top reasons why a website is good for your business.

People Are Online

As a consultant assisting women in business in rural Southern Alabama, I regularly get asked, “Since my business is very small and I only sell my products or services locally, do I really need a website?” My answer is always the same… YES! If you are a business owner, you need to have an internet presence. Here’s why:

  • Statistics have shown that about 2.2 billion people used the internet in 2011 - nearly a third of the earth's population.
  • More than $256 billion were spent by internet shoppers in 2011.
  • Current buying trends show that people purchase everything from books, jewelry, vehicles to live stock and real estate.
  • The number of people that make use of the internet every day is on the increase. This means about 70% of the earth's population have access to it.
  • Online shopping has become a normal activity for many internet users. It has proved to be more convenient and cheaper for them.

As you can see, being a small company does not matter when it comes to potential benefits from having a web presence.

Enhance Your Credibility

Since majority of the earth's population make use of the internet, a website is the best way to tell the world about you and your company. This is also an opportunity to explain why you deserve their confidence and trust. In fact, internet users today expect serious business owners to have an online presence. They use the internet to research before buying products and services. Therefore, a website is a great tool to provide useful information about your business and convince your audience that you offer the best product or service. Here are 4 ways to increase credibility to your website:

  • Update your website with pertinent and relevant information on a regular basis
  • Offer visitors with quick and flexible answers to their needs
  • Post testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Provide visitors with a comment section and make sure you respond in a timely manner

A well designed, informative and updated website will add credibility to your business and strengthen your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Are your competitors outranking you in search results? Imagine a potential customer searching “Animal Clinic San Diego” and the results place your top 5 competitors on the first page while your website is ‘MIA’ (missing in action). Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Mozilla will return the results that are most relevant.

A website that is designed to be an effective Internet marketing tool will increase your website traffic. This internet marketing technique is referred to as Search Engine Optimization. By generating quality back links and creating optimized content, you become an authority before search engines and increase the number of visitors that come to your website.

Global Presence

Imagine serving customers around the world? Since information is always available, people from all over the world can visit your website anytime; and inquire about the products or services that you offer. A website gives you a global footprint exposing you to an international market.

24/7 Exposure

Wouldn’t you like to wake up each morning and ‘ch-ching’ money has magically appeared in your business account? No magic… just a reality for many entrepreneurs. Having a website allows customers to purchase from you 24/7. Your website is sales machine, always open and making sales on your behalf.

I get daily requests for access to my blog. Here are excerpts of two emails that I received this week for access:

“We would like to send you high quality articles that fit your audience… 1 link going to our client's site to each post… pay you $20 per post… send articles in bulk.”

“We will pay you $30 for each article you post… basically our article is related with education”

In conclusion, as you can see, having a professional and optimized website is an important tool in your marketing strategy and a great way to position your company for global exposure.


About Author: Sylvia Browder is a small business consultant, trainer and author. She is founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. She has served as an online volunteer SCORE counselor since 2004. For FREE weekly articles go to Sylvia Browder’s Blog for Women Entrepreneurs, She can be contacted at

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JOBLESSNESS STRIKES U.S.A. MILLION LOSE JOBS, IS THERE A SOLUTION? YES!! READ ONThe news media screams these headlines. Yes, million upon million words written about the problem. This information just adds to anxiety.The problem , too well known! Let put forth this idea and actionStart your on business, employ yourself, use your talent,gifts, and skilll to start making your own income.Check out a service, that people are putting to use by the thousands, that you can benefit from info at www.juniques.wsAmazing what $10 a month can do!!!!These are real people have real financial problem, yet, they are stuck with one answer to a problem.Get another job!!!! Go through this again!!!Enough I say!!!!You can not rise from your problem with the same level of thinking, that got you there!!!!Make a change.Join thousands of others who are making a change for the better.Check out www.juniques.wsFears grow as millions lose U.S. jobless benefitsOn Wednesday July 14, 2010, 1:35 am EDTBy Nick CareyCINCINNATI (Reuters) - Deborah Coleman lost her unemployment benefits in April, and now fears for millions of others if the Senate does not extend aid for the jobless."It's too late for me now," she said, fighting back tears at the Freestore Foodbank in the low-income Over-the-Rhine district near downtown Cincinnati. "But it will be terrible for the people who'll lose their benefits if Congress does nothing."For nearly two years, Coleman says she has filed an average of 30 job applications a day, but remains jobless."People keep telling me there are jobs out there, but I haven't been able to find them."Coleman, 58, a former manager at a telecommunications firm, said the only jobs she found were over the Ohio state line in Kentucky, but she cannot reach them because her car has been repossessed and there is no bus service to those areas.After her $300 a week benefits ran out, Freestore Foodbank brokered emergency 90-day support in June for rent. Once that runs out, her future is uncertain."I've lost everything and I don't know what will happen to me," she comment:The Jobless Problem is not Destined, There is a $10 monthly option to change these stats. go to www.juniques.wsThe recession -- the worst U.S. downturn since the 1930s -- has left some 8 million people like Coleman out of work.Unemployment has remained stubbornly high at around 9.5 percent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June 6.8 million people or 45.5 percent of the total are long-term unemployed, or jobless for 27 weeks or more.Before the recession began in late 2007, the unemployed received benefits, usually a few hundred dollars a week, for 26 weeks or around six months after losing their jobs.Under the federal/state programs, which are administered by state governments and partly funded by taxes on business, only full-time workers are eligible for benefits. Within federal guidelines, benefits and eligibility vary from state to state.As the downturn left more Americans out of work for longer periods, Congress voted to provide funding to extend benefits to as long as 99 weeks in some areas.Some critics say this adds to the country's large fiscal deficit, and may even discourage comment:The Jobless Problem is not Destined, There is a $10 monthly option to change these stats. go to www.juniques.wsFOOD BANKS FEAR STRAINAn attempt to pass another extension has become bogged down in partisan political bickering in the Senate. Relief agencies fear that failure to extend benefits will strain their resources and may worsen the U.S. housing crisis."This will put a great deal of stress and strain on our organization, which has already been working hard," said Vicki Escarra, chief executive of Feeding America, which has a network of more than 200 food banks. In the year ended June 30, Feeding America distributed 3 billion pounds (1.36 billion kg) of food, a 50 percent increase over the past two comment:The Jobless Problem is not Destined, There is a $10 monthly option to change these stats. go to www.juniques.wsThe benefits debate has pitted the majority of Democrats against most Republicans and some conservative Democrats.When the House of Representatives passed a $34 billion benefit extension on July 1, 11 fiscally conservative Democrats voted against it.The Senate may take up the issue again in mid-July, but Republicans like Senator Tom Coburn have argued any extension must be paid for with cuts elsewhere."Even then he (Coburn) is not sure if that's a good idea," said John Hart, a spokesman for the Oklahoma senator. "The longer the unemployed have benefits, the less incentive there is to find a job."Most economists argue that cutting benefits could slow recovery, describing benefits as direct economic stimulus because almost every penny of it gets spent. In a June 28 client note, Goldman Sachs said if all additional U.S. stimulus spending expires, it could slow the economy up to 1.5 percentage points from the fourth quarter 2010 to the second quarter of 2011.The note added that extending unemployment benefits and a $400 tax credit would "substantially mitigate" that comment:The Jobless Problem is not Destined, There is a $10 monthly option to change these stats. go to www.juniques.ws3 MILLION CUT OFF IN TWO MONTHSDuring the Senate impasse, from the week ended June 5 to the week ended July 10, more than 2.1 million Americans lost their benefits. Another million will join them by July 31.In Ohio alone, where unemployment stood at 10.7 percent in May, more than 83,000 people lost their benefits in June.Sister Barbara Busch, executive director of non-profit housing group Working in Neighborhoods in Cincinnati, 65 percent of the people who come seeking help with their mortgages are unemployed or underemployed."I fear once the benefits run out, I suspect we'll see a new wave of foreclosures," she said. "I just hope I'm wrong."Ohio is a bellwether U.S. state in elections. The state's Democratic attorney general Richard Cordray said blocking extending jobless benefits was politically motivated ahead of the midterm elections in November."If people lose their benefits they will blame the congressional majority and the administration," he said. "As unappetizing as it is, that would appear to be the strategy."Senator Coburn's spokesman Hart said suggestions the Republicans were playing partisan politics were "ludicrous.""The Democrats say that because they want to avoid making the hard decisions," he said.Alonzo Allen, 55, a former aid agency worker in Cincinnati whose benefits will run out in September, spends two days a week volunteering at the food bank in Over-the-Rhine and the other three looking for work. He said he worries about the one-bedroom apartment he rents and how he will feed his dog Ginger, who is the "only family I have.""If the benefits stop, I'll be out on the street and I'll lose all my furniture," he said. "That's going to be tough."my comment:The Jobless Problem is not Destined, There is a $10 monthly option to change these stats. go to by Eric Walsh)
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The Schomburg Center's Summer Education Institute

BLACK HISTORY 360°: Connecting Black American History to the Global Black Experience

July 26-28, 2010 – 9 am to 3 pm

The Schomburg Education Institute will convene for 3 days to unite educators (school teachers, college faculty, and community educators) and college students with premier historians and scholars to explore the history and cultures of African Americans and African peoples throughout the Diaspora. Participants will engage in dynamic learning experiences – lectures, interactive workshops, curator talks and community walks – that are connected to the Schomburg’s current exhibitions, permanent collections, and vast digital resources.

Day 1 – Monday, July 26: Africa and the Making of the African Diaspora
Day 2 – Tuesday, July 27: Africans in Colonial New York: From New Amsterdam to Harlem
Day 3 – Wednesday, July 28: 21st Century Black: African Americans and the Black World

Topics to be explored this year will include The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and its Abolition, Africans in Early New York, Stereotypes vs. Humantypes: Images of Blacks in the 19th and 20th Centuries, The Harlem Renaissance, African Americans in American Politics, Courage: The Black New York Struggle for Quality Education, The African-American Migration Experience, Haiti: Roots and Reconstruction, Neo-African- Americans and more. Educators will gain valuable content knowledge and learn inquiry-based approaches to teaching using the Schomburg’s rich resources both on-site and on-line.

Key texts and curriculum materials will be provided daily including primary and secondary resources, exhibition guides, bibliographies and sample activities.

Fees: $125 per day, or $300 for 3 days.
Registration Deadline: July 12.
Registration: Click here to download the flyer and registration form.
Additional Info: Email or call (212) 491-2234.

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eBiz Marketing is looking for contributing writers for articles and essays to be posted on eBiz Marketing and several of our network affiliate sites. These articles must be based on “Online Marketing Tactics/Techniques” and “How Your Business Can Survive the Recession”. We will provide a bio/bi-line and your contact information. Some articles may be posted in our “eBiz Marketing Newsletter" eBlast. Because our subscribers are typically African American Professionals , Companies interested in submitting articles must be 51% African American owned. eBiz Marketing has last say on what articles will be published. Once your article is approved we will contact you via email. You must have complete rights to publish your creative works. We at eBiz Marketing recognize the importance of featuring articles in blogs, blasts, and network sites. We are currently seeking your help in increasing our exposure. There are many excellent writers in this community. In exchange we hope to bring additional exposure to you and your business. We would additionally like to thank LaShonda for all the valuable information she provides on a daily basis.

Please Email the following information with your submissions to: NOTE All responses must come to email address provided. Thank you

Company Name
Company Website
Contact Number
Brief Bio or Bi-Line (95 words or less).
URL Links to any RSS Feeds, Blog Sites, etc..
URL link to where you may want articled to be linked to.
All articles must be submitted in word or notepad only.
Please do not submit any pictures, logos, or graphics.

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