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When you start your own business, you face many challenges when you first start out.  What are you going to sell? Who are you going to sell it to? Where and how are you going to sell it? And what are you going to charge?  These are all tough questions to answer when you are first starting out.  But the hardest one, I think, is what are you going to charge.

Setting your prices is no easy task.  The problem is you don't want to set your prices to low and undervalue yourself but you also don't want to overcharge and not get any clients because your prices are too high.  So the challenge is trying to find a price that is between the two.

So here's the thing...before you can determine your prices you have to figure out what your sales need to be in order to just break even.  But before you make a profit you have to know what it takes to simply just run your business.  Breaking even means you're not making a profit but you're not making a loss either.  You are net zero in the game.  All of your revenues equal all of your expenses.

Now once you figure that out, you need to determine how much you need to increase that number by in order to yield the profit that you desire to make.  Remember you got into business to make a profit not a loss.  So if you want to net a 10% profit, you need to increase your sales goal by 10%. Now the trick here is to be confident in whatever price or prices you come up with.  Be sure that the price you came up with is what you feel you are worth.  Ask yourself these questions - Do you have credentials to support these prices? Does the value of the work that you provide support those prices?  Do you have social proof to support these price and the fact that your services are good services?

The third thing you need to do is compare your new price to the prices others are charging in your industry.  Are they comparative, or way out of whack?  And by out of whack I mean way left field.  Completely outrageous.  If so you may need to re-group.  But beware - don't drop your prices to a much lower rate just because Chrissy down the street charges way less.  If your work supports your prices then stick to your guns.  Just make sure your not too far off the mark.  In some industries, a huge difference from the market could potentially kill you business success.

Did you struggle with setting your prices?  What mechanisms did you use to help you get clear on what your pricing should be?

Need help setting your prices?  Contact Sherrell for a business assessment session at

Sherrell Martin is the Founder and CEO of Empower 2 Thrive, LLC, a boutique practice offering financial management accounting and business success strategies.  She strives to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive financially in life and business by gaining financial control and creating wealth and legacy.  She helps business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with business and financial organization establish systems that will allow them to create, build and maintain a financially thriving business using accounting, finance and business strategy. To receive your free copy of her Start-Up Success Guide - The 10 Critical Steps to Building a Thriving Business from the Start and a FREE subscription to her Empowering You bi-weekly e-zine, send your request to

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Hello JMCC community,

Great day to you.

I am amazed sometimes how I can view the obvious and completely miss what is being shown.

I have been online for years and in the direct sales industry for decades. I know to succeed financially in this industry you must follow sales rules consistently!!  No need to reinvent the wheel.

Just follow the instruction of those who have come before you, and have done extremely well in this industry.

Too many time I have tried to reinvent the wheel, because I felt I could achieve success by taking short cuts.

Like most successes achieved, their is process that must be followed to the letter, before you can even have a new approach to the process.

Blogging frequently ( daily actually) is one of the highly recommended ways to get viewers to your message. Ok, this is area I can improve in. 

So I am going to blog more frequently and check my results 

Ok, this blogging exercise will be interesting, for I will be following the instructions of another who has done exceptionally well in the direct sales industry.

Rickey Johnnson, is a member of Juniques MultiCultural Connections, a community is reaching the $11.8 Trillion  Multi Cultural market, He is an active blogger on various socio/economic subjects. Read more of his writings at

Too many businesses, online and offline, make this profit destroying mistake!

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As many of us know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As someone who has lost loved ones to this disease, I am happy to introduce an entrepreneur that is looking to bring awareness to this disease, year round.  Lindsey Compton is the CEO and founder of Hair's A Cure, which is a breast cancer foundation that seeks to celebrate the love of healthy black hair & body while raising awareness and funds for breast cancer treatments. At 22 years of age, I am impressed to witness her tenacity and passion for such an important cause. After having some life challenges, Lindsey quickly realized that God's plan for her was different than what she planned. While researching statistics of breast cancer for African-American men and women, she came up with, Hair's A Cure. Here is some of the research she found: Of the estimated 34(%) percent of African-American women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, nearly 19(%) percent of them passed away – that’s over 6,000 lives taken due to this disease. 77(%) percent of African-American women who are diagnosed with breast cancer survive compared to 90(%) percent of Caucasian, non-Hispanic women.

Lindsey's goal is to educate African-American men and women on the importance of healthy living, bring awareness of Breast Cancer and raise money to help diagnosed patients pay for treatments. She shared with me that, "Hair’s A Cure will help increase the survival rate, and teach women about the importance of our health from the soles of our feet to the ends of our hair strands". I hope you enjoy her story.

1. Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

Right before I started my business I was making plans to fly off to New York and attend graduate school. Unfortunately, things came up that made me depressed for a short period of time. I began to realize earlier this summer (2012) that my plans for my life were not the plans God had for my life.

I was so used to strategically planning the next steps in my path that I had lost my understanding for a moment that God directs us where he needs us in life. For me, that was Hair's A Cure.

As a 22-year-old, I was shocked and disheartened when seeing that African-American women have the highest mortality rate of  breast cancer related deaths compared to any other race (41% higher).  This has a lot to do with lack of funds, lack of early detection, and other preventable actions (please read the article here: )

Although it is taking a lot of work to reach my dream of saving lives, I'm pursuing my path one small step at a time!

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

I wanted to start Hair's A Cure because I was appalled by the statistics of African-American women and men who die each year due to factors related to either not being able to afford breast cancer treatments or late tumor detection.

One day I was just thinking about all of these staggering statistics and the thought of "Hair's A Cure" came to mind. Beyond that, as of eight months ago I have been extremely involved within the community of natural hair and healthier living. This combined with God's dream gave me the inspiration to start this business.

My mission is to "Promote Hair Just as Healthy as Breasts" and I want to do this by offering affordable cancer treatments to African-American women and men who cannot afford them, while educating our race on the importance of healthy eating. What we eat DOES make a difference in our health and helps to prevent diseases.

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

My motivation is imagining the day I will be able to drive to the homes of women and men whom I have helped to give funds for affordable cancer treatments. That is my motivation, and that is what helps to keep me going.

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

No, no mentor! I believe it's important to have one, but I have yet to find one of my own. For now I set my eyes on Christ and pray for the best.

5. What would you tell someone who wants to get involved in your line of business but doesn't know how to get started?

Realize that this is not about you or making your money. This industry has turned into money hungry people capitalizing off of individuals who are dying from this disease. It's sick, actually.

If you want to save lives then save lives. There's nothing wrong with creating a special breast cancer t-shirt or planning fundraising events. But when your ultimate motive is to make yourself money, then that's a problem. This is (and should be) a sacrificial move to help others because you have been blessed to be alive, healthy and well.

You have to have a passion for this. If you don't have passion for this field, then find out what your passion is and go from there. You will be 10 times more successful by doing what you were meant to do rather than forcing yourself into a place you don't fit.

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Simple, never stop dreaming, but don't keep dreaming to the point where you don't get up and take action in pursing your dreams. Success does not fall out of the sky. You have to climb the ladder to reach it.

It's a lonely road to the top, believe me. But it's a rewarding one in the end.

7. How can anyone get involved and help your foundation?

We are looking for donations of $10 or more to help with startup costs and to help get treatments for patients in need. Here is the donation link:

I want to thank Lindsey for taking the challenge to share her business with us. She has started a great cause and I hope you will find it in your heart to help her and others in any way. Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month anyway you can.


Be someone’s motivation and tell us your story! To be featured on email Put PEOPLEWHOPROSPER in the subject line and share a little about yourself.

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Because I am a business and marketing coach and I work with entrepreneurs, who are by nature extremely creative people, I find that many of them get caught in what I've affectionately called the "cute syndrome." You know, cute little names for programs and services, a pretty website with lots of color and no content or call to actions that produce results and create income, catch phrases and buzz words and sometimes even jargon. The big challenge when you're stuck in the "cute syndrome" is that it is seldom clear and effective in getting your ideal clients to see you as the only solution to their problem, which after all is the reason we are all in business, right?

Once I explain to you what I explain to my private clients, they get it almost immediately. Cute doesn't attract clients, cute doesn't have money deposited into your checking account; cute seldom pays the bills. I assert don't be cute if clarity is the sacrifice.
To become a successful service based entrepreneur, you've got to move beyond cute and focus on clarity. People only take action when the next best step is crystal clear. To create an environment where your ideal clients can move easily and effortlessly through your prospect and sales funnel, you've got to get clear on the transformation you provide as well as the results and benefits they will experience in working with you and displaying it in a language that is compelling, engaging and action-oriented.
Here are a few quick questions/tips you should consider to ensure that your content, sales copy, programs, products and services are clear and not just cute:
1. When I visit your website, will I immediately be able to tell the transformation that I will experience if I opt to work with you?
Most first time visitors to your website will never look beyond the fold of your website so, your best stuff, the clarity of what you do must be laid out in a "power statement" making it obvious who you work with, how you solve their problem and the results they get from moment go. If you fail to do that, ideal client prospects will click away, never to return.
2. Is your marketing messaging and website content compelling, engaging and easy to read?
Again, don't be cute; be clear about your compelling marketing messages and case studies to illustrate what you do, how you do it and what others will gain when they hire you. To write compelling copy is essential if you want to allow your website to make you money while you sleep.
3. Do you have social proof to validate the transformation you claim to provide?
It's great that you say you can do something amazing for your clients. Really, it is. But who else is saying it? Are you previous clients singing your praises? are the signing up to work with you again after their program is complete? Do you have one page on your website designated to reflect success stories or testimonials?
4. Does your Incredible Factor (USP, HUG, secret sauce and signature move stand out)?
Your Incredible Factor is your unique selling proposition, value proposition, hot undeniable gift, secret sauce and signature move all rolled into one yummy client magnetic package. When a prospect lands on your website is it clear to them how you stand out in the marketplace or do they look at your pictures and whisper, "aaww, that's cute;" before they click away?
5. Are your call to actions clear, strategically placed so the prospect doesn't get lost of confused?
Do you clearly lay out a path for prospects to follow to get closer to working with you or do they need to poke around until they find that needle in your website's haystack?
6. Are your programs designed to make the results clear and are the next steps that should be taken clear and easy to follow?
Are you so focused on selling the contents of your programs that you never tell what participants have gained by being enrolled? Do you tell them what to do next if they'd like to enroll?
7. Do you have a way for them to sample your offerings that is irresistible?
An irresistible free offer is like the pink spoon at Baskin's just enough to entice them to buy the full you have one that they'd do anything to have?
As you can see, cute doesn't pay off in the world of entrepreneurship. So take my advice - stop being cute and get clear.
If you desire to gain clarity so that your cute creates cash, contact me for a Play Big Strategy Session - in 60 minutes I will replace your cute with clear so that you become an ideal client magnet.
©2011 by Darnyelle A. Jervey. All Rights Reserved. Darnyelle A. Jervey, The Incredible Factor Business Mentor and Coach, is the founder of Incredible One and the Leverage Your Incredible Factor System® a proven step by step program for turning your passion into profit. For more information and a FREE audio download "How to Use Your Incredible Factor to Attract MORE Ideal Clients" visit
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Your First 90 days in Business

.The process of starting a business involves key steps from choosing a business name to selecting a business structure. Once your doors are open, the first 90 days of being in business sets the foundation for successful survival. Learn what you need to know during the first 90 days of starting a business.Get the First Customer: You aren't in business until you have a customer. If you didn't have a customer at the beginning of startup, make this priority one. Reach out to your warm contacts. People who know you will want to see you succeed and will give you the necessary business or referrals.Master Selling: Selling is essential to business success. It's a business function often downplayed by new startups lacking sales experience. Set a regular time weekly to learn and apply new selling skills in your business. Forget the hype that marketing will do the selling. Marketing is a separate function from sales. Marketing will create the interest to contact your company. Once you have contact, use your selling skills to close the deal.Make a Profit: Sales revenue shows on the top line of financials. The profit is the bottom line. Without profits your business will fail. Understand the costs of your business and ensure you focus on making money. For certain businesses, profits will follow an investment in inventory or other start up costs. Run financials to determine when your company will be profitable.Evaluate Pricing: When starting a business it's common to make assumptions about what prices to charge customers and the profits made. During the first 90 days your assumptions will be challenged with the realities of the market place. Take a close look at your price strategy. Don't make the common error of trying to be the lowest price provider. Your competitors have established their businesses and can often undercut prices longer than you.Set Quarterly Goals: Running a new startup is time consuming and stressful. You have to learn multiple skills and have numerous systems to setup. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day. Successful entrepreneurs know seeing the horizon and having a 90 day plan with objectives and milestones can mean the difference between failure and survival.Find Your Entrepreneurial Type: Your business personality type is the traits and characteristics of your personality that blend with the needs of the business. If you better understand your business personality, then you can give your company the best part of you.Reward Yourself: Starting a business is like launching a rocket into space. The amount of energy to leave the earth's gravity force is tremendous but once beyond the pull of the earth the energy needed is reduced. Recognize the energy you have expended to start your business and take the time out to reward yourself. The time off will recharge your motivation and ensure success for the next 90 days.
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Employers invest valuable time and money in efforts to hire and train honest employees. However, many employers may eventually find that their supposed ‘cream of the crop’ new hire was not as honest as he/she appeared to be. Contrary to the company’s efforts, chances are many employees may not always have the company’s best interest in mind when they are hired. Over time, some employees may develop tendencies that negatively impact the company’s mission or goals. In these instances, the employee can quickly become a huge liability and cost the company hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in losses. Private Investigators are a valuable resource businesses utilize to prevent and deter many fraudulent activities in the workplace. There are many ways businesses can benefit from hiring a Private Investigator. The most common reasons for hiring Private Investigators are for background checks and investigating employee theft.When businesses grow, the excitement often leads to large hiring spurts. In the midst of all the hasty hiring, the need to conduct a thorough background check can sometimes fall through the cracks. Calling a few personal references is not the same as conducting a thorough background check. Hiring quality employees requires serious due diligence. Some businesses mistakenly utilize old internet databases offered by “internet detectives” whose reports do not accurately depict an individual’s background. For example, a company called “Consumer Advice” conducted research to determine the accuracy of such reports. Out of more than 100 internet sites they reviewed, 80% of them did not deliver correct information. ( A Private Investigator can benefit businesses when accuracy matters. Private Investigators can read deeper into the retrieved data by recognizing potential “red flags” that inexperienced researchers may overlook. A red flag can range from anything like an invalid Social Security Number to finding no record of an individual’s degree or certification. A red flag may even be an active warrant. As a matter of fact, one company had a high price to pay for neglecting to conduct a thorough background check. Case in point: Two employees of a cleaning company were cleaning a home in California. While working in the home, the two apparently roamed around, casing the alarm systems, doors and windows. The pair had previously spent hours in the home as carpet cleaners before they devised their scam. They left the home, only to return several months later to rob the place. The armed robbers were caught ransacking the home and wound up shooting the homeowner. As it turns out, both men had criminal records and felony convictions before they were hired. Needless to say, the company who hired them was charged with negligent hiring and was ordered to pay $11 million in damages. ( Having a Private Investigator discover and address those types of red flags and hidden issues before employment begins is much easier and less costly than attempting to correct a problem uncovered after employment begins.Employee theft may come in many forms. It’s not just about employees taking a few extra ink pens home but may include anything from stealing time, cash and property to employees filing fraudulent Worker’s Compensation claims. Over time, employers may become targets for theft because employees learn their internal systems too well and eventually learn their weaknesses. Time and opportunity may be all an employee needs to commit such crimes. Employee theft costs American businesses billions of dollars each year. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee theft costs American businesses in excess of $40 billion annually. The Chamber of Commerce also reports that an employee is fifteen times more likely to steal from an employer than a non-employee. Private Investigators work with businesses everyday to identify and prove fraudulent insurance claims. Some employees may even stage workplace injuries in order to file for Worker’s Compensation Benefits. Fortunately for businesses, Private Investigators frequently reveal the people who lie about the severity of their injuries. In fact, the majority of the Worker’s Compensation claims that I have personally investigated have proven to be false. Covert investigations of these false claims help businesses save thousands of dollars by reducing the number of insurance settlements that are awarded to undeserving employees.Employers must be vigilant in their efforts to conduct proper background checks and reduce employee theft. Experience has shown that Private Investigators help businesses increase their bottom line by helping them prevent, deter, and investigate various unfavorable workplace situations. A well planned and executed investigation by a licensed Private Investigator can be an effective way to identify those involved with theft and prevent it from recurring. An effective investigation allows employers to have a solid basis for taking corrective action to protect their assets and enables them to seek prosecution against the person(s) involved in the crime. Let’s face it. Businesses are in business to make profit. Regardless of the method in which the crime is committed, your business’ profitability is adversely affected by employee theft and mediocre background checks. Fortunately for business owners, utilizing a set of “private eyes” can help keep their money where it belongs – in their pockets instead of those of dishonest employees.
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U.S. Turns Profit on Bank Bailouts

Report: U.S. turns profit on bank bailoutsDallas Business JournalThe U.S. government has made a profit of about $4 billion on the bank bailout program so far as some of the largest banks have already repaid their loans, according to a report by the New York Times.In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, locally-based Plains Capital Corp. was listed late last year as the recipient of $87.6 million in Troubled Asset Relief Program funds.To date, the Treasury says it has allocated $250 billion in TARP funds.The Associated Press is now reporting that lawmakers, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; and Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, are going to draft legislation that will force companies benefiting from the funds to report how the money is spent.The lawmakers' decision follows an Associated Press report in which the news agency said it had asked 21 banks how they’re spending the money — only to receive no answers or vague answers at best.The article said the profit so far amounts to about a 15 percent return annually, and that the news comes as a pleasant surprise given a lot of controversy around the Troubled Asset Relief Program when it was approved.The profit so far has included $1.4 billion from Goldman Sachs, $1.3 billion from Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and $414 million on American Express (NYSE: AXP), as well as between $100 million and $334 million in profit from the five other banks that have repaid the government, according to the Times report. It does not include $35 million from 14 smaller banks.The banks operating in the Dayton area that have paid back their TARP funds include U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB) and JPMorgan & Chase Co. (NYSE: JPM).The article cautions that the government has yet to be paid back by insurance giant American International Group (NYSE: AIG) or the automakers, General Motors and Chrysler.
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I've been working on my business and non profit for a minute. (so to speak) Like a lot of business owners I'm always looking for free money (grants) but I wanted to find a way to generate some while I'm waiting money. These are some of the things I came up with . Non profits depending on how you set it up can have a for profit side to help support it. If that is your case then you can get donations fo things from people things like housewares, electronics, virtually anything, and sell it to raise funds for your business. Why you ask would people give you things? Because if you are a non profit those that donate to you would be able to get a tax deduction.The donors get rid of things they aren't using plus get a tax deduction, and you get things for free that you can sell.Got questions tune in tonight to Market Yourself Mondays 7pm Blogtalk radio.Call-in Number: (646) 200-430712 Minutes UNTIL SHOWHost Name: Nefertari BarakaShow Name: Market Yourself Mondays and Job Info ShowLength: 1 hrDescription:Market Your self Mondays is back!!! and back with a vengance. Our first topic of the evening will be creative ways to generate money for your small business and or non profit. Next join us for our latest Job Info Show. Tune in for information for job seekers. you'll hear about job opennings and contacts for opennings. As always feel free to call in with
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If you discover during the inspection that the property needs major repairs that will cut into your chances of making a profit after renovations, then you should cross the property off your list and move on to the next. Remember you want to make a profit of at least $10,000 on each property.

Visit for more Information!
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Annetta PowellQueen of Real Estateannetta_headshot_120x180.jpg
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The Ultimate Jazz Festival - Fairmont Park Riverside CA



March 16 , 2009

CONTACT: Darrly Bundridge
(909) 466-4848

Jazz Goes Green Local Businessmen Collaborate To Preserve Jazz And Develop Green Opportunities

Riverside, CA - Two long-time local businessmen, Darryl Bundridge, proprietor of several business, and Sean Jones, CEO of SLJ Pro Audio Services, have joined together to create “Jazz to be Green”, a non-profit public benefit corporation, to help educate businesses and consumers about energy efficiency, green environment and green jobs opportunities while preserving the art form and legacy of jazz.

JAZZ TO BE GREEN presents its first inaugural Ultimate Jazz Festival in Riverside at Fairmount Park, August 22-23, 2009. The event will host a variety of jazz greats and emerging artists representing all genres of jazz from swing to classic, to be-bop to smooth jazz. The inaugural event includes a Go Green Fair with vendors, speakers, and activities that educate and bring awareness to the community about using energy wisely, environmental opportunities and responsibilities, and green jobs.

The City of Riverside was chosen as the best location for this event. Riverside’s rapidly growing community, cultural diversity, strategic and innovative commitment to high standards of “green” living, strong economic growth, and its Riverside Renaissance initiative makes the City of Riverside the perfect place for The Ultimate Jazz Festival.

Strategic partnerships with local businesses is a strategy JAZZ TO BE GREEN has employed to ensure a beneficial outcome for the City of Riverside. Local jazz enthusiast and CEO of eBiz Marketing, The Inland Empire’s emerging premier email marketing service provider, states, “Our media sponsorship of Jazz To Be Green Ultimate Jazz Festival was a no-brainer. Combining the overarching need for our world, and especially our state to be actively environmentally conscious and creating solutions with the need to preserve, share, and celebrate the precious art of jazz, is a win-win scenario for all.”

The Ultimate Jazz Festival missions to provide the Inland Empire with an Ultimate experience in Jazz entertainment by celebrating aspiring, new, and world-renowned artists while cultivating the region’s rapidly growing cultural diversity and educational and economical opportunities through the Art of Jazz. For more information or to get involved, please contact Darrly Bundridge (909) 466-4848,, or visit online at

# # #

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Entrepreneurs today are struggling. A few are earning but the greater majority of people are not able to earn enough to sustain themselves in businessYes the economy is damp but business stimulates the economy. So the need for entrepreneurs is greatToday I see an incredible interest in business and more are taking the plunge headlong into entrepreneurship. Commendable & I applaud youHowever, the statistics of entrepreneurs making money is not on the rise. In fact, the numbers are staggeringNow, being in business and staying in business does call for some overhead dollars. Even the basics – maintaining a website, small advertisements etc. The struggle is, entrepreneurs without a foundation in business or no hands on real marketing plan are destined to go around in circles for yearsSo many get ensnared in all the gimmicks online and set themselves back many yearsWinning in business hinges on solid business principles, a decision to win, robust skill set and a kick butt marketing, tactical plan of action – add daily support to reduce the window of errorsThere’s a huge difference between spoon feeding and giving people the right tools, skill set and game plan to go win in businessMost do not have a business background nor do they understand the changing face of marketing online and offlineBut as entrepreneurs today, if you don’t snap out of it, and begin separating fact from fiction on the internet and take responsibility for your future and business you are in for a bitter dose of reality – a lot of effort, no progress, no money and not too much further from where you startedThe dawn of a new era is here, listen to the call and move with a sense of urgency and get the answers – it’s your time!(This is for you if you are a small business owner, mlm marketer, internet marketer, entrepreneur, work from home, earn from home, direct marketing entrepreneur)Nadira180DaysToGreatness Creator & Coachwww.180DaysToGreatness.comFollow me on Twitter
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What are you doing to make a difference?Just Us Books, premier publisher of Black-interest books for young people, has launched a new blog entitled “Good Books Make a Difference,” which discusses issues related to publishing, youth, and the Black community.The first blog post is dedicated to highlighting the many programs, organizations, and individual efforts people in our community are doing to make a positive impact on our youth.There is a lot of good in our community, and not enough forums that uplift the positive. So we’re taking this opportunity to share the good news.We invite and encourage you to read the blog and share with our community what you're doing to make a difference. Let's spread the good word!Read and comment on the blog here
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