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It is very important that you understand your personal hits style. That is because you will be doing quite a bit of promoting of your, services, and courses. You will need to get comfortable with asking your audience to invest in your course. Here are some common pitch styles. See if you can pick out which one most accurately reflects your own personal style.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This style typically go between very orderly to very aggressive. It may take a few minutes go between aggressive and 40. There tends to be two extremes. Audiences typically either respond with rate adoration because of the appearance of transparency and willingness to cut product their weaknesses.


The Girl Next Door

This style comes across as super nice. They seemingly give endlessly. The pitch is typically given by first asking the audience if it is all rights to offer them something. The audience typically responds in a positive way. The downside is that once you start off with the girl next door style, it is difficult to go to a more aggressive style later.


Cloak and Dagger

The cloak and dagger style is one in which the promoter first starts in a very matter of fact way. They typically have a very rupture way of delivering content. After delivering the content, the promoter then offers a strong argument for stand regarding purchasing the course. The audience typically appreciate that direct of approach that this style exhibits.


Please Baby Baby Please

This style typically sells a bit whiny and typically employees a guilt trip tactic to get the audience to register for the course. This tactic will work on some, but is not a long term strategy for pitching a product or course.


It is important to know that each one of these strategies can have good outcomes but also unintended consequences. We will be exploring this further this week in 1% mentorship group mastermind.

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Your Business Commercial

30 Second Business CommercialHave a compelling response to the question "What do you do?" or "Tell me about you" Make it brief and interesting. If you only have 30 seconds, give them enough of an idea about what you do so that they seek you out to hear more lately. Even in a situation where you have more time, be brief but to the point and then allow them to ask questions. Their questions will give you an idea of their particular interest.Join Groups and NetworkJoin or create a leads exchange group. Find or create a group that has members with businesses aimed at a similar target market to yours. Job seekers find others looking in the same industries. If you join a group where everyone markets to consumers and you market to businesses, you probably won't be able to give or get many leads.Use every social occasion as a networking opportunity. Have your business cards ready if someone asks for one.Build Business RelationshipsForm strategic partnerships with others. If there are other businesses related to yours, seek them out and establish your own relationships. For example if you are a wedding planner you will want to form partnerships with florists, photographers, bands, DJs etc. Refer to your strategic partners and they in turn will refer to you. Job seekers find some partners who are at a higher level than you and who when they find jobs will help you find one in their new company. Of course you must plan to do the same for them.TestimonialsMake a list of testimonials from customers to use with potential customers or employers. Make these testimonials part of your brochure and/or website, and have as a separate document to put into proposals.Domain Name & LogoUse a domain name that tells what your business is i.e. When someone calls Bob they will probably ask him what he builds. The email address itself opens conversation.Create a unique style or logo that makes you memorable. Establish yourself or your logo as a brand so people remember you. Frank Purdue did it as a person. Coca Cola does it as a logo. You can do it too!How do you Market Your Business?
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Who are you? Do your clients, customers recognize who you are? Would prospects recognize who you are and become immediately attracted to you? Or would theyturn away because there's nothing for them to identify with.If you answered no or I don't know to the above it's time that you learnedmore about personal branding.Think about Johnson and Johnson, Pepsi,Joyce Meyer, Kelloggs they are all branded and all you have to do is say the word and people know exactly what you are talking about. Some more than others, however, there is branding involved.So you may be asking how do I begin building my personal brand?Personal branding is the process whereby people and their careers aremarked as brands. It has been noted that while previous self-helpmanagement techniques were about self-improvement, the personal brandingconcept suggests instead that success comes from self packaging. The termis thought to have been first used and discussed in an 1997 articleby Tom Peters,Your brand is how people think about you. Learning more about you,self discovery and assessment is key in beginning the process ofpersonal branding. This process also involves developing your vision,what makes you unique and how you can help others.Your vision is like a compass a guiding light. It helps us to stay focusedon our goals and plans in life.When taking on the endeavor to build your brand keep the following in mind....It's important to consider how you communicate visually, verbally andin writing. If you don't know you're actually branding yourself in yourblogging.You also make it easier to develop your marketing plan when you build yourpersonal brand.What makes you different or unique?How would you say people describe you or better yet how do you describe yourself?Do you know who your target market or audience is?Some may consider this your niche. So very important and no it doesn'tcut off your reach in essence it expands it because instead of grasping for strawsyou know where to put your focus.It's also key to discover your why. Why do you do what you do?What motivates you?What sets you apart?Do you have a creative angle to what you do?If you want to accelerate the process towards your empowering successit's important to start developing your personal brand.Who are you? Start taking notes and write down your values, what you'dlike to do in life, how you'd like to be seen, what sets you apart and thenuse some of this to develop your vision statement andyou'll be on your way to a definite brand of YOU inc.If you'd like more information on discovering your authentic self andgetting started on your personal branding contact me or get connectedwith my Inner Circle.

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I'm Excited ... Again!

My company is approaching a mile stone and taking it the next level. I have been preparing for the Business Launch Social. It will be a great event and will support a local Cancer Survival Group - Sisters Supporting Sisters (an affiliate of Sisters Network, Inc.)Marketing and PR plays an important role in developing and growing a brand name for your endeavors. Thank to everyone who have supported my growth! Come and share in my excitement.The SharmoozAnn

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Emancipation from public education

As parents we must make tough decisions in regards to our kids. The decisions we make will impact their lives even after they are all grown up. Just imagine for one moment that a decision that you made ruined or deeply impacted your child’s life in a negative way. How will you deal with knowing that your decisions may have harmed your child.Well, believe it or not the decision to send children to public school has proven to have some major negative ramifications. Many children pick up some very bad habits and ways from being in public school. Many of our young people are exposed to drugs, alcohol, sex, homosexuality, violence and more just from going to public school. Some children face the pressures of bullying and not being able to keep up among other things. All of this is the result of being in an unstable and hostile environment.When a child is in a hostile environment they are unable to function properly. There is no such thing as telling your child to merely concentrate and ignore what‘s happening around them. A statement such as that , suggest that you don’t have an answer for your child and therefore can only put the situation on the back burner. Many parents find out the hard way that this decision may ultimately harm their child’s future. The instability in the public school environment has helped lead to the rapid decline in academic achievement in our schools. This is why there is such a huge increase in home education. The public school system has failed our children.Home education has such a rapid increase, especially amongst African Americans, which is primarily due to the insufficient educational process of the public school. It is estimated that more than 2,000,000 American children are home schooled. This number will continue to increase as parents awareness is sparked. More and more parents are taking the plunge into home schooling as they realize that they can better educate their children.Black home schoolers are especially motivated to take on the role as parent-teacher seeing that African American children have a higher dropout rate than any other race. The only way to protect your child from becoming a part of this dropout statistic is to become and early dropout through emancipating yourselves from the state institutional education. Please understand that I’m referring to having your child drop out of a failed institution and reviving their learning through home education. We here at The Black Home Schoolers Association would like to help in every way we can. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website at:
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October Fest Weekend Cruise 2008October Fest Cruise Details BahamasPricing Summary PassengerFare $229.00Taxes/Fees $38.16Fuel $21.00SurchargeTotal $19.95$308.11Grand Total:Discounts offered for four person occupancy cabins ( King and Queen Bed)The price includes cabin, food, virgin drinks, gym, golf deck, clubs, casino, pool, gamescruise entertainment, formal dinner gala and much moreWe leave October 9th Thursday and return October 12th Sunday. A weekend cruise to fit today's busy work schedule and in consideration to parents, no excuses.... Low cost, short drive to port or fly to Orlando roundtrip for $169. We may offer a charter pending confirmation June 6th. Charter quote is $148 per person round trip. Now that's $308.11 cruise with tax and fees plus + $169 max transport, total $477.00For those paying for the cruise only $308.11 and driving to Orlando may take advantage of our free night before cruise gathering, please book for the your special invitation. Contact Sonjia for more details. 404-246-3165 (8am - 8pm)Rates and ExcursionsCarnival Cruise LinesCarnival Sensation3 Night Bahamas CruiseDeparting on October 9, 2008Departure Port: Port Canaveral, Florida(Outside Orlando)Nassau, BahamasNassau City / Paradise Island Tour23.00 USD per person GROUP TOUR PLANNED IN THE BAHAMASTravel along historic Bay Street, through the heart of the shopping district. After a visit to Fort Charlotte and its underground network of dungeons, it is off to Fort Fincastle and the Queen's Staircase providing a beautiful panoramic view of the ship, Paradise Island and the downtown area. A short drive through Paradise Island will take us to the new and exciting resort of Atlantis.. For those wishing to venture into the casino and try their luck, the tour will end here and taxis are available at a minimal rate. For those who wish to return to the ship, the tour will stop for 15-20 minutes and then return to town.Number of people: (16 approx.)Pasted from SEE ………..WWW.EliteChoice.GlobalTravel.comGET READY!! GET READY!!GET READY!!
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International Business Card Group

Hello and thank you for your interest in the International Business Card Group. This community is to generate a networking opportunity for business owners and people who want to promote themselves.How this works:1. Send me some business or contact cards. No more than 100.Send business cards to:Solutions Now! Radioc/o Solutions Now! Group, Inc.8005 Aber Road, Suite 1100Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 151472. I will then send 5 cards out until the cards are gone.3. Once you receive business cards, your job is to pass out four of the cards along to others (retain one for yourself).4. Send more cards to me to get back on the list and the cycle repeats.Participate now!
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Charter Bus leaving Atlanta for New Orleans on July 3rd and returns July 7th. Save on flight and ride along instead so sign-up for Charter America's luxury charter bus with a/c, dvd's and restroom. Ride in luxury and have some fun for only $148.00 this offer ends March 31st>, yes the last day of this month. Call your friends and sign-up for our Elite Travel Charter To The 2008 Essence Festival. REMEMBER: HOTEL IS NOT INCLUDED, PLEASE CONTACT JERROLDALAN@JUNO.COM FOR PERSONAL SERVICE OR VISIT WWW.ELITECHOICE.GLOBALTRAVEL.COM TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS (St. Pierce Hotel at $79 ngt)THE CHARTER COST OF $148.. PER PERSON (NO HIDDEN COST)IS FOR TRANSPORTATION ONLY TO THE ESSENCE FESTIVAL.This Article Posted On Essence WebsiteESSENCE MARKETPLACE is a highly competitive, juried, fine art and craft expo. Exhibits present a unique selection of fine art and fine crafts, and includes artwork that is collectible, wearable, functional and decorative. Artist demonstrations are featured daily. New Orleans artists are encouraged to apply.Daytime Festival activities at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center will feature the free and open-to-the-public Essence Empowerment Seminars, non-profit community organization exhibits, food booths showcasing world renowned New Orleans cuisine, the Festival’s book fair, author signings, celebrity meet-and-greets, sponsor exhibits, the Essence Boutique, as well as the popular ESSENCE MARKETPLACE.Essence Marketplace Director at by Friday, April 4th. VISIT SITE FOR TICKETS TO CONCERT2008 Essence Music FestivalLet's get the 2008 PARTY started!Make your plans NOW for the biggest festival of THE SUMMERNew Orleans, LouisianaFriday, July 4 • Saturday, July 5 • Sunday, July 6Tickets on Sale Now $67 ! Mary J, Maze, Morris Day, Jill Scott, Kanye West and more.......Elite Chioce Global Travelers has prepared a package for The Essence Festival July 4,5,6th 2008.Please feel free to compare rates, you won't find a better deal.Hotel: Hilton and Wyndam at $209 nightlySt. Pierce Hotel at $79 nightlyFlight: ATL to MSY(New Orleans) is $332 round trip, with tax(package total hotel and flight for 2 nights $535 total at the St. Pierce Hotel) visit and reserve today, prices subject to change. www.elitechoice.globaltravel.comorJoin our Elite Travel Group at
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