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Lesson Learned, Let It Go

I was sitting in church one Sunday morning listening to a dynamic sermon by my pastor, a very captivating man of God.  As the sermon was coming to a close, you could see the tissue box being passed up and down the aisles as people were wiping away their tears.  The message really touched the spirit as many could identify with the word that was given.  The title of the sermon was Let It Go. Throughout this life, we inevitably will encounter people and situations that create resentment and bitterness in our hearts.  That hurt can carry on for days, weeks, months and oftentimes years, because we simply cannot Let Go of the painful situation we rather wish never happened at all.  But it did happen and the moment it does, there are two roads ahead to travel.  The road of forgiveness or the road of resentment.  If you unfortunately haven traveled the road of resentment, the weight of your hurt may have built up and caused you to have negative emotions that won't leave you.  But what we need to realize is that, you're not hurting the person that betrayed you, you are only bringing more harm, more hurt, more negativity into your life because you continue to dwell on it and not Let Go.  When you're at the point where you wish evil and harm onto the person that caused this pain, then you've become a prisoner to the situation.  You can never accomplish all that you were created to be until you forgive the one who hurt you and release the pain that is attached to it.  Forgiveness is a gift, but not a gift for them, the forgiveness is for you.  Once you forgive, you've altered your course and are now traveling the road of forgiveness, which leads to joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance and a life filled with blessings.How do you free yourself from resentment.  You have to Face It! You cannot fix what you do not face. Don't ignore it, face it! Don't run from it, face it!Face what is holding you hostage in your resentment.Once you've accomplished that, then Forgive It!We have to be able to truly forgive.  Just because you've chosen to forgive doesn't mean that you forget, you've simply been able to detach the negative and hurtful emotion that was attached to the pain.In order to forgive, we also must let go of pride. Forget your pride and protocol and finally Let Go of your past. Let the past go and never mind the "why it happened". If you've truly forgiven, the why doesn't matter anymore.If you need to Let It Go, start your journey by facing the problem and forgiving those involved.  Don't continue to be a prisoner to your past, but yet be the light in your future and make a choice that will bless your life today.The Lesson Learned Is: When you encounter a situation in your life that strips you on your joy, your peace of mind, your sanity, your happiness, make the choice to let it go and move forward with your life, taking with you the valuable life lesson this experience taught you.Love and Gratitude,The Black Woman's Rule Book
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It happened.

Your heart is pounding,

Your palms are sweating

You’re stuttering and fumbling over your words

Your stomach starts to turn flips and you secretly wish the sky would fall so you have a valid excuse to end this situation – IMMEDIATELY.

No matter the level of your business – whether you are new or seasoned, it’s inevitable, you will experience challenges. They may all appear different but they all have similar underlying emotions.

they create fearanxiety, frustration and even in some cases horrible procrastination (I’m looking at you Dream list that’s collecting dust).

I’ve had my own share of challenges since starting my journey in entrepreneurship over 5 years ago – even in the midst of tremendous success and recognition  I still struggled with work-life “balance”, learning the fine art form of attracting the RIGHT customers (I’ve never had issues in attracting but in attracting the right customers consistently, I learned a while ago is a fine art) The beauty of challenges however that many entrepreneurs often overlook is that they also create tremendous opportunities when you’ve learned to master the art of “CALL & RESPONSE” instead of “REACTION”



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Using EFT for Money, Abundance and Success

10744059875?profile=originalClick here for a great article on Using EFT for Money, Abundance and Success. This article encourages us to come out of our comfort zones, and eliminate limiting thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. 


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Here's to your success! 

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Motivational Quote of the Week- 1.10.11

Motivational quotes to inspire you!


"Let [abundance] flow through your thoughts, your actions, your words and your feelings. Let go of the doubts and fears that seem so real but which exist only because you keep them alive."

"Replace those doubts with beautiful, authentic dreams. Replace your fears with powerful, positive determination and the commitment to be your best."

 - Ralph Marston 

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Ok if you started this with me you should be progressing and moving foward in your progress in positive thinking, having a positive outlook, and changing your life for a better future. How are things going? Have you experienced a change in your attitude, personal life, business, your atmosphere? If not what is holding you back?

Let's take a moment to think about how we can demolish all of the henderances out of our lives so there is nothing holding us back from being able to move forward into a life full of joy, prosperity, and complete fulfillment. Since death and life is in the power of our tounge, meaning the words we speak over ourself, then we may need to change how we talk about our future. Instead of saying "I'm broke, I don't have the money, I'm not capable" demolish that way of talking and switch your words from "I don't, I can't, I'm not" to "I have, I can, I am!"

So with your list that you created of all the things you invision yourself having, being, and doing begin to speak about those things in present tense. Speak about those things as if you already have it and it already exists. Doing this will further affirm into your atmosphere that the things you have declared you will have will manifest.

Here are some words to begin to speak just as a sample list of affirmations:

I am successful

I have everything I want and need

I drive a (input the name of the car you invision yourself driving)

I am Joy

I am Peace

I am love and I am loved

I am respected by everyone and I respect others

I have and abundance of wealth

I have prosperity, I am prosperous, I am successful

I live an abundant and full life

Money comes easily and frequently to me

My business is successful (It's good to name your business on this one to be specific)

I am giving toward others

I have so much wealth and abundance that I am able to give without reservation or hesitation

I have all of the business connections I need

I am always in the right place at the right time meeting the right people that will help me grow my business, life, relationships.

These are just a few example affirmation phrases that you can speak over yourself daily to begin changing your outlook, life, and circumstance!

Live your best life today!

~Tamishia Clayborn~

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Hard times are ahead and for some its already upon us. Only a few will take strong measures NOW to change their course of devastation. All are looking to the Internet for a business as their "pot of gold" when in "reality" your "pot of gold" is in you!It worked before in the earlier 1900's especially during the worst depression recorded on record. Ordinary people just like you, changed their fate by implementing one simple act in their daily routine. By doing so, many were able to live in "prosperity" and a few were able to live as the most affluent individuals of all times. They truly understood "there are no experts, only varying degrees of ignorance."A few of the affluent like John D. Rockefeller, once probably the most reviled man of his era, left behind for the human race riches as great as any man who has been on earth. Rockefeller practiced a formula from an early age and he taught his family, and the principle is still working for them today. He also revealed that his family did not accumulate its vast wealth for purely money's sake--a negation of the principle--for "Money itself is lifeless, impotent, sterile...but man with his brain, brawn and imagination, using money as servant, may feed the hungry, cure the diseased, make the desert places bloom, and bring beauty into life." "I have been brought up to believe and the conviction only grows upon me, that giving ought to be entered into in just the same careful way as investing."He was thoroughly and all-absorbingly in love with the principle. John D. Rockefeller embraced the principle and gave, and in return it gave, flooding abundance and wealth and prosperity over him almost beyond human power to count!And another, Andrew Carnegie revealed that the truly great fortunes were not received through the worship of money for money's sake. He said that there is "no idol more debasing than the worship of money." Andrew Carnegie practiced this principle and received in his lifetime more than $350,000,000.And another, Julius Rosenwald revealed that the truly great fortunes were not received through hoarding, but through circulating money--giving and receiving freely. He said "I believe that under no circumstances should funds be held in perpetuity." Julius Rosenwald practiced the principle and received in his lifetime more than $60,000,000.And lastly noted, Andrew Mellon, was a public figure, served as US Secretary of the Treasury. He practiced the principle in secret. He knew that no thoughts of others could possibly get into his mind to interrupt his application of the principle if no one knew of his system of multiplying his wealth. Andrew Mellon burned the notes of small debtors at Christmas time and gave away his money in large bundles with the greatest of secrecy. It is said that while Andrew Mellon practiced the principle, he received in his lifetime in excess of ONE BILLION DOLLARS.As the Psalmist said, "A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation." Most of these generations have passed. A new generation unestablished to follow the path has lost their way. Great wealth is not for everyone. For with it -- is great responsibility. However, prosperity is a birth-right for everyone who chooses to claim it.Join the Crusade! Share Prosperity with Expectation! Make it your business today to enlighten a new generation that their true "pot of gold" lies within them and can be had by practicing a simple principle consciencely and daily everyday. We have an opportunity to truly help another find their way to prosperity from sharing knowledge of the principle. To lay claim to something you truly do not understand will not work. Thoroughly learn the principle and apply it to your daily life. Practice it for a minimum of 30 Days; but its most beneficial for a lifetime.Click the link!There's no time to waste!Get started learning and applying the principle today!Angela aka Superstaressadmin@seedstothebarns.comPS. Think on this. It is said "for money's sake". What does that mean? It means when you focus on money and money only, its a curse of void, suffering, and long struggles of debt and lack. But when you practice the principle, you focus on what the money is for, the good it can do not only for yourself but for others too.After you click the link, swiftly go down to the bottom of the web page and buy the ebooks to learn the difference to help you change your focus. You'll get three (3) eBooks with relevent subject matter; however, Seed Money In Action is written in layman's terms, easier to follow allowing you to implement immediately.
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