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3 Things Great Clients Know

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What Great Clients Know...

I did a lot of freelance consoling during May, mainly because some folk are doing my peeps dirty, but I'm going to try and fix that.  Here’s 3 things great clients know:

overglasses.jpgFreelancers do work for you, not work for you - they set their hours, rates, terms and methods. Employees do the job for you for the price you set, on your terms, how you want it done and when you want it done. Employees also come with salary and benefits expenses and it is illegal to pay them less than minimum wage. See the difference?
Message: Respect the freelancer’s mode of operation.
Real life: You gotta pay the cost to be the boss

Be aware of the verbal contracts you create. Stating that you will engage a freelancer’s services and pay deposit on a certain day/date is a verbal contract and can be held up in a court of law. Most freelancers don’t pursue it, but it is a viable option.  And sure, circumstances change, things come up, but without communication, you could be cited for breach of contract. Not to mention it can screw up a schedule and/or a budget. The freelancer with a lawyer on retainer that decides to sue for breach of contract could receive the amount of your project PLUS lost income if they could have someone in your spot.
Message: If your situation changes let the freelancer know.
Real life: it’s like the cancellation fee your doctor’s office charges if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance.

You get what you pay for. Let’s leave quality out of it for a minute and talk solely in terms of deliverables. I say this often, but when you change the scope of your project, you increase the cost and/or length of time.
Message: If your budget doesn’t allow for the high end package, either save up, make adjustments to your wants list OR invest the time into learning how to do it yourself.
Real life: dollar menu items aren’t on the value meal list


  • Failure to read and/or comprehend your service contract does not absolve you from your obligation to pay.

  • Your fee is for the product or service. Whether or not you use it is on you.

  • Treat your freelancer how you want to be treated in your own biz/on your job.

  • Your org may be non-profit, but most times the freelancer is not.

  • Freelancers work freely. For a fee. © 2009-2013 Auntee Rik


Hopefully this list gives you some insight or some confidence that you’re a great client. Happy June!

Until next time,


Disclaimer: These points only take into account those freelancers that handle their biz. If you’re dealing with anyone that does not, switch providers.

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You have a Facebook page. You have some fans. Nicely done. Now, like the smart beauty salon business you are, you're looking for some proven ways to engage your followers so you can acquire more of them and make the most of your presence on Facebook.

Engaging your fans is a critical piece to building and maintaining a long-lasting relationships on Facebook—and offline! Here are a few timeless strategies that local beauty salon businesses are using with great results.

♦ Spread the Love

Tell your fans how much you appreciate them. Tell ‘em often!

Thanking your fans for their questions, complimenting them on their comments, highlighting their success stories—these things go a looong, long way in social media. Many smart beauty salon businesses on Facebook run a ‘Fan of the Month’ promotion to encourage and reward engagement.

This is really savvy way to make people feel good about themselves and your business while also capitalizing on the power of social proof.

♦ Offer Coupons and Run Promotions

Discounts, coupons, special offers … your followers will NEVER get tired of opportunities to save money and get more value from their purchases. Pro tip: If you want to run a promotion for a specific geographic location, use the Custom menu when you’re posting to target your followers in a certain area

♦ Share Your Knowledge

You run a beauty salon business. You have special knowledge and insight. You can help people. So share! People are always grateful for information that makes their lives easier or more fulfilling. Sharing helpful tips is some of the best engagement around.

It also helps you take advantage of the reciprocity principle: do something nice for someone, they’ll feel bound to return the favor.

♦ Issue a Challenge

We humans are deeply competitive by nature and simply cannot resist a challenge, an opportunity to show the world that we’re pretty darn smart. Test your fans’ knowledge using fun quizzes and polls. Trivia, brain teasers, riddles … you’ll have your followers eating out of your hand by day’s end, trust me.

♦ Take Photos of Your Happy Clients & Customers

Don’t hire a professional photographer. Just start snapping photos with your cellphone and post them to Facebook. You will be amazed—truly—at how people respond. Data collected by social media expert Dan Zarrella shows that photos get more shares and likes than text, video and link updates. This also a great social-proof strategy: other folks will see people enjoying your products/services and they’ll want to join the party, so to speak.

♦ Ask for Advice

The highest compliment a business can pay to its customers is to ask for their input. If you own a beauty parlour, ask your fans to come up with a new beauty salon giveaway! Or let them name your new product. Make it a contest! Solicit ideas and then let your fans vote for their favorite.

♦ Use Insights to See What’s Working

Here’s the beauty of Facebook: you can see what’s working and what’s not. Just export your Facebook Insights data to an Excel spreadsheet to a get quick, clear look at which status updates performed best, what kind of media your audience responds to and what's driving engagement.

Could your beauty salon business be generating more clients and customers online?

Contact me today for your free marketing assessment!

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It happened.

Your heart is pounding,

Your palms are sweating

You’re stuttering and fumbling over your words

Your stomach starts to turn flips and you secretly wish the sky would fall so you have a valid excuse to end this situation – IMMEDIATELY.

No matter the level of your business – whether you are new or seasoned, it’s inevitable, you will experience challenges. They may all appear different but they all have similar underlying emotions.

they create fearanxiety, frustration and even in some cases horrible procrastination (I’m looking at you Dream list that’s collecting dust).

I’ve had my own share of challenges since starting my journey in entrepreneurship over 5 years ago – even in the midst of tremendous success and recognition  I still struggled with work-life “balance”, learning the fine art form of attracting the RIGHT customers (I’ve never had issues in attracting but in attracting the right customers consistently, I learned a while ago is a fine art) The beauty of challenges however that many entrepreneurs often overlook is that they also create tremendous opportunities when you’ve learned to master the art of “CALL & RESPONSE” instead of “REACTION”



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Fire Up Your Client Attraction now via Social Media - Surefire Keys to Get Clients, Visibility and Profit Using Social Media

Are you tired of worrying about attracting clients?
You're About To Discover Surefire Keys to Get Clients, Double Your Business, Gain World Wide Visibility and Profits via Social Media Faster and Easier than Ever Before.
In this exclusive, premium, powerful training series, Empowerment and Certified Social Media Marketing Campaign Specialist Robin Tramble aka "The Empowerment Diva" shares. . ...
  • Proven strategies to attract ideal clients without feeling salesy
  • Three things you must do daily to set yourself up for realized client attraction
  • The Power of a sales funnel+list building+Social Media for increased Revenue opportunities
  • One thing you must do to realize increased conversions
  • How to get found and become the go to person in your industry
  • The Power of being very clear on your target market
  • Effective strategies for increased visibility to the right audience
  • How you can leverage your time, realize empowering social media success, increase sales and profits without the overwhelm so you can have time for what matters most
And More!
PLUS… Robin will share one thing that totally turned her life and business around
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Got Clients? Quick and easy tips to help you attract clients.

Do you have a plan in place to attract your ideal clients? I know attraction is not the end all in your client getting strategy, however, you do need to attract them to sign them or ask them and better yet wow them so that they ask you where they pay or sign on the line?

As a woman entrepreneur it’s easy to get side tracked and major on
the minors. One of the things you may not spend enough time on is
marketing, but without marketing you won’t have clients/customers and
without clients/customers you’re not in business for long.

So how do you attract clients? Great question.

I’m going to share a few tips with you below. Some you may be aware of but
just aren’t doing them or you may be new and don’t know where to begin.

One simple way is your signature. You can add a small blurb at the end
of your outgoing emails. Most providers have it set up where it automatically attaches to the end of your email. You want the most prominent information at the top. If you most want them to visit your website to get your free report, audio etc. then you want to put that at the top and maybe your title beneath.

Another place is in forums and network blogs. A caution on network blogs make
sure that this is allowed. Depending on the mission of the network you may not be allowed to add your signature at the end of your posts. Don’t start off promoting immediately in the forums. Get to know the people there. Watch for conversations that you can lend your expertise to and post. Attach your signature to the end of your posts.

Provide an IFO on your blog or website
What? No opt in box on your blog or website? You bet. There are many sites I visit that don’t have any way to capture their leads or the information from prospects that show up to their site. Most individuals will never invest in you products upon their first visit, so you must have a value added IFO (irresistible free offer) ready for them to raise their hand to provide their information in exchange for your value added IFO. Notice I said value added.

There are many ways to attract clients, however, if you start here you will find that it makes a world of difference. I wasn’t adding my signature at one point not because I didn’t know but because I just didn’t take the time to do it. Once I did I started adding more people to my list.

There is a lot more that goes into attracting clients and one thing is to make sure you are attracting your ideal client. Your ideal client wants your solutions, is ready and willing to pay you for your results driven solutions.

The key is being visible to the right market, niche, sending the right message, showing yourself as an authority in your area, adding value and building relationships.

Want to learn more about attracting your ideal clients? Join me for my ULTIMATE “Marketing YOU” party! 21 JUICY ways to Confidently Get Your Message Out There, Get Leads, Clients and Profits “Authentically!”

This will be one of the most electrifying and empowering training events that I’ve done and I’ve facilitated a few.

Register, put this on your calendar, and commit to showing up. Success is 80% showing up. Get Your favorite glass, champagne glass and fill with your favorite nutritious drink and get ready for my BIZ Rockin’ Event because that’s what superstars do right? Talk to you soon “superstar! Click here to request your VIP access to my “Marketing YOU” TRAINING event!

As always I welcome your comments.

Robin aka The Empowerment Diva
EMPOWERMENT and Certified Social Media Marketing
Campaign Specialist

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Authentic Business and Marketing Strategy: The Power of Autoresponders and Articles

First let’s talk about what an autoresponder is. When I first was introduced to an autoresponder years ago it didn’t catch my attention long enough for me to go through the learning curve needed to set one up.

Well you can imagine that my community and list wasn’t large enough to experience the pain of manually managing my lists. That was then and about a year later I found myself with the need to learn how to set up an auto responder. it was my new welcomed friend. It’s well worth the time to learn the ins and outs of setting it up, although we now offer a Done for you (done for you) service if you prefer not to deal with it.

Most complimentary offers, teleseminars etc. send you a welcome email once you opt in and if it’s a double opt in you will receive the welcome once you confirm. Now imagine having manually sending out the welcome emails or manually sending a newsletter/Ezine to your list of even 100 subscribers. Now multiply that 10 times. Ha! That’s why you need an autoresponder. So that your new friend can auto respond to your contacts, subscribers etc.

Now that you have a basic intro to autoresponders let’s talk about using articles to market your business, product, product or service.

Writing articles to market a product or service is an excellent way to build business. The articles should be very informative, providing the reader with information that is relevant to a specific topic. The article usually includes a link to a webpage for more information. The webpage, of course, is designed to sell a product or service that relates to the topic of the article.

These articles are commonly submitted to article banks, websites, and ezine publishers. This is one of the most effective ways to market a service or product on the Internet, and it can become even more effective when it is combined with the use of an autoresponder.

Begin by setting each of your articles up in your autoresponder. It is important that each article have its very own autoresponder address, so you will need an autoresponder service that will allow you to do this. Next, make a master list of your articles, with the autoresponder address for each article listed beside the title. You can even add descriptions of the articles on your master list if you want to.

Advertising your articles one at a time can take a great deal of time…but advertising one autoresponder address – the one for the master list – won’t take very much time at all. Simply put it in your newsletter and on your website. You can even allow other ezine publishers to use this is as a free resource for their subscribers!

There you have it an Authentic Business Marketing Strategy using the power of the article and autoresponder.

Want to learn more about marketing your business online? Register here for my FREE training call “How to Market Like a Superstar on a Shoestring Budget!” It’s not about a scarcity mindset but rather a “smart marketing” mindset.

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Make Your Business Noticeable [FREE Training] Build your list  - Attract Clients in 30 days

It’s Robin here again.

How’s it going with you and your business?

I’m sure you might be working your ”blessed assurance” off right now trying to make more *money* with your business – but you’re struggling, right?

It doesn’t seem to matter how much you work, how many
clients you take on, how much you charge, you just
can’t seem to get out of the revenue rut you’re in.

I know that personally because I was there. My schedule
was booked, but I still wasn’t making the kind of *money* I should have been making with my own
service business.

It was frustrating.

But you know what I finally figured out?

I realized that no matter how much I worked, or how much I marketed my business, it was going to be
impossible to break through to what I truly wanted.

So I had two choices:

I could throw in the towel and just quit the business altogether.


I could reinvent the way I was running the business.

Well, I ended up creating a winning formula :)

My Preview Teleseries is designed to give you a glimpse of what I’ll share in my upcoming Training Boot Camp.

You don’t want to miss Teleseries. The treasure chest of many businesses is their list or some would call it their community. If you’re serious about your business you must be involved in actively and effectively building your list/community and this leads to a super-charged client attraction!

You’ll experience a Slide Presentation and energized sharing of value added content that you will be able to implement immediately following the calls, however, some of you are done with reinventing the wheel and dragging along you’re ready to connect to an accountability partner, have someone take you by the hand and lead you step by step via an easy learning, fresh approach and results driven training boot camp!

It’s supported by checklists, templates, assignments, email support and training calls with me your Empowerment and Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist. You might be saying “yummy” I’m ready to secure my place now. Great! Find out more and enroll in my Jump Start Social Media and Online Marketing Success Boot Camp here.

Join your other dynamic sistahs! Let’s get your message out there.

If you’d rather get a taste, then I invite you to request your VIP access to my FREE Training call here

You don’t have to be a slave to your business. You don’t have to work with clients you don’t like. You
don’t have to sacrifice your life just to pay the bills.

There’s a better way to market your business, and I want to give you my system so
you can copy it for your own business. Get a taste of the next components in my Boot Camp by being on the call with me.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Talk soon!

Empowering you,

Empowerment and Certified Social Media Marketing Campaign Specialist


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10744060467?profile=originalLet start with what networking is not.  Networking is not handing out a bunch of business cards, and hoping someone calls.


Business networking as described by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Business networking is a marketing method by which business opportunities are created through networks of like-minded business people. There are several prominent business networking organizations that create models of networking activity that, when followed, allow the business person to build new business relationship and generate business opportunities at the same time.

Technology makes it easy for us to expand our circle of influence.  However, the most powerful connections are made face to face.

Master these powerful networking skills and you will gain respect and credibility from your colleagues and clients. 

1.  Take a positive and deliberate approach to networking, you will find this extra level of attention makes it easier to establish relationships.

2.  Your business image should reflect your abilities, values, goals, and business mission.

3.  Build brand loyalty one fan group at a time.

4.  Exude energy and passion to command respect and grab attention.

5.  Be honest about what you can do and cannot do.  If something has gone wrong be honest and upfront immediately.

6.  Focus on following up and following through while you’re still at the meeting.

7.  Asking this one questions will increase your bottom line.  “Who is your ideal client/customer, and how can I help you.

8. Remember the name.  We all like to hear our name, but don’t use first names unless you are asked to.

9.  Always defer to the other person.  Don’t monopolize the conversation or talk about yourself too much. Allow the others to have the spotlight.

10.  Using the terms “ma’am and sir”, shows the utmost respect.

11.  Be well informed.

12.  Perfect your “30 second commercial.”

13.  Remain standing as much as possible-you will appear more approachable.

14.  Remain in control even under pressure.

These techniques and tactics will allow you to seize opportunities that otherwise would not be possible.

“Take the time to be exceptional, it will show in how you make others feel, and in your bottom line.” Walethia Aquil

I know how vital it is that you leverage your unique knowledge, experience and brilliance. I definitely want to help you expand your business development and growth experiences, enhance your professional profile, promote your business and create visibility to attract those who want more from you. 

Schedule your complimentary discovery session today.  Send request to:  Put Discovery Session in subject box.

Make sure you get your copy of the free report “How to Network Effectively: The Key to Power, Influence and Wealth.”

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How Not To Put Your Foot In Your Mouth

Conversation Etiquette 101

In today’s competitive business world it takes more than expensive clothes and a pleasant personality to be successful; it is also how you present yourself.

Make a wrong remark during a conversation and you could ruin your business and social position within certain social circles.

Ever wonder why you were not invited to an event?

Your conversation etiquette in meeting and social setting, especially those that include important business partners or high profile personalities, could determine if you are invited back or banned from future events.

8 Topics That Will Kill a Conversation: What not to say during a conversation.

One of the best rules in conversation is, never to say a thing which any of the company can reasonably wish had been left unsaid.”  Jonathan Swift

  1. Politics-Talking about politics is always a touch subject.  Some people are very passionate about their political views.  If you don’t agree with something that has been said, just acknowledge what has been shared by nodding .
  2. Health-People really do not what to hear about your latest surgery.  Sharing too much bad news can bring the conversation down.
  3. The cost of things-Ever been around someone and all the talked about was how much they paid for their car, house.  Don’t ask and don’t tell.
  4. Personal question-Don’t ask questions such as “How much money do you make?” Or “When do you plan to have children.”
  5. Don’t gossip-When you gossip you destroy your creditability and trust with the group.
  6. Your boss/or job-You never know who knows whom. 
  7. Off-color jokes-I tried to justify this by saying, “If you are with close friends and you all share the same views; however, I cannot.  It is never acceptable to joke about another’s weight, religion, racial heritage, physical limitations, or make any remark that will hurt another person.
  8. Doom and gloom-People hear enough bad news, all one has to do is turn on the TV.  If you want to draw people to you, be happy and optimistic.

So, what can you do to avoid putting your foot in your mouth?

Learn the art of small talk.

   Definition of small talk:  n. polite conversation about matter of little Importance, especially between people who do not know each other well. Encarta World Dictionary.

Small talk is not profound or deep conversation.  Small talk is casual conversation.
Practice these tips to improve your small talk ability:

  • Be well informed-Read the news paper, Keep up with current events, locally, nationally, and internationally. Watch interesting documentaries on TV.
  • Don’t interrupt-Interrupting a person’s conversation is very rude.  People could see you as being argumentative.
  • Focus on the other person-Use the others persons name during the convection.  Pay attention to what they say, the other person will say something you can comment on.  They may share their love for a certain sport, or a movie or book they’ve read. 
  • Maintain eye contact-Eye contact shows you are interested in what the other person is saying.
  • Ask for their advice-Keep the topic light.  You may ask their advice or opinion on a new restaurant, or play.
  • Don’t give advice-Give advice only if the other person asks.  It is best to hold off giving advice on personal matters, even if asked.
  • Think before you speak-There have been more times than I care to admit, when I should have not said one word. 
  • Always apologize if you say the wrong thing, or even is what you have said is misinterpreted.  People will respect you more.

Grace and Charm Insight:  Always close a conversation before walking away form the other person.   You can say, “It was a pleasure speaking with you, and I hope we meet again.”

Are you ready to up level your career or business?  Now you can gain the insight, learn tips and strategies that will help you STAND UP AND STAND OUT!  Let me help you.  Click here

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The Empowerment Gathering live is a New Empowerment and Networking event that
will hit Sacramento, CA August 20.

Ladies are flying in from North and South Carolina, California, Washington and more.

We are seeking Major sponsors and Co-sponsors for the event.

There will be limited Major sponsors that make monetary contributions. You'll
receive prominent exposure.

Our co-sponsors can be monetary or in-kind.

For more information contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can learn more about the event here:

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You want customer loyalty in your business. You want repeat business, yes? How about making your customers into valued friends? Showing concern and empathy for their situation? The more your able to treat your customers as friends, the more business they will want to do with you.
You’ll watch your profits soar.

Let’s go through 10 ways you can keep your customers coming back to you, time and time again. And you will no doubt make close, lifelong “friends” in the process.

1. Send Birthday Cards – Do you like to be remembered on your birthday? How about doing something really easy and sending birthday cards to your customers. Could you send a little gift with it? What
about a “special offer” coupon? Free tickets to an event.

2. Make “How’s thing’s going” calls regularly – Section out 15 minutes a day to call your customers for no other reason then saying ” Hi ______, I just called to see how things are going?” Have you ever called your customers to do that? Watch your customers appreciate you thinking of them. It makes them feel that you do care. If you want to have more business, do this regularly.

3. Send out small bags of jelly beans or candies - Could you include a bag of jelly beans, with a handwritten note on your next sale, with the note saying, ” I thought you may like these, they are my favorites.” Or a note saying “Here’s something for you to enjoy” Watch their eyes light up.

4. Send unexpected gifts – If you find an article, audiotape, or anything specific customers might be interested in,send it with a note saying ” I thought you’d enjoy this. I just finished reading it and
there are some interesting ideas here. Also, if you educate your customers they will send you more business.

5. Send Holiday Cards – What about sending a Holiday Card that is different then all the “others” your customers are getting? Make it UNIQUE and PERSONAL and DO NOT promote or ask for business when sending holiday or birthday cards. These should remain sincere and be all about the person you are sending it to, not about you or your business!

6. Send Thank You notes – Send Thank you notes for everything. When they pay their bills on time, every time they order from you, if they send a referral your way. Be sure and thank them for referring
business, coming to see you. Whatever you want more of, reward. It works.

7. Make Thank You calls - You should started making Thank you calls, A variation from the letters. Saying, “Hi ________, Just wanted to say Thank you for referring Mr. Smith to ABC Co.”

8. Give your customers recognition - Take a photo of your customers while they are in your business and send them a card with their picture in it. How about a photo and a testimonial? They’ll be flattered and
your business will increase. People love recognition.

9. Give your customer awards – Yes, you read that right. Have customers of the month. Send them a award certificate or even plaque. Dear _______, Just the other day I was going through my records and I
realized that you are one of the top (10,20,50,) customers. We really appreciate your business. That’s why I want to send you this “Top Customer Certificate” that is enclosed.ABC Company looks forward to
seeing you soon.

10. Hold seminars, breakfasts, lunches. If you want to give recognition to your customers and stay in touch, have monthly or quarterly functions for your customers. Have a speaker and an interesting topic. Dear _______, I would like to invite you to our “Special Customers” lunch. It will be held at ______ on ______. It’s FREE It’s our way of saying Thank you. etc…

Do not under-estimate the power of showing gratitude and appreciation for your customers. Treat them like GOLD and it will result in more GREEN for your business!

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to send out cards & gifts to your clients and customers, Send Out Cards is a cost effective way to do this. Contact me for more info on this awesome customer-appreciation system! Visit my website or drop me an email and I can tell you more.

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Do you struggle to get clients? And even beyond that does it seem like a mystery
to attract your ideal clients? I'm going to share a few tips that will help you
take the mystery out of attracting your ideal clients.

As a woman entrepreneur you face many challenges and one can be the activity of
keeping clients. Read on for some basic tips on this.

First and fore must you must make a commitment to make time for this activity.
You can’t continue to blame others for your lack of success if you continue to dwell
in the woulda, coulda shoulda zone. Robin Tramble

As Wendy Y Bailey puts it your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.
I know that we at times want to serve all whether they can pay or not but if you’re going
to realize the abundant life and raise your game you need money to advance the Kingdom.
Money is a necessity to build your Empire to manifest your dreams.
So unless you’re not at all serious about this
your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.

Now, some of you may be having a problem with this and it could be your mindset.
One mindset shift that you need to make is that I’m worth it. What I have to offer
will change their lives and manifest the results they desire and they will pay for results.

One thing that is critical is to know who it is that your message is to.
You might be saying oh that’s easy women. Well, that’s a little too broad.
That may be your target market but now you need to identify your niche.
Is it women in transition from a career to home? Women who have diabetes and
Want to up-level their life by realizing healthy eating habits and sticking to them?
Women who are stuck and don’t know where to go next in their business development
Etc. ? We’ll do an exercise in the live event in Sacramento, CA
and touch a little on this in the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Boost Camp.

Knowing this will help you attract your ideal client because your marketing language will
speakto them and they will recognize you as the solution to their problem.They will say hey! I need that, she knows what I’m talking about, whatI’m feeling.

How sure are you about your product, service or program? What are the benefits? I’m not
talking about the features. The benefits. Here’s the question they are asking, what does it
do for me? They don’t care about the fact that it’s a great washing machine double capacity etc.
They want to know the benefits “save time” “save money” “you’ll be the envy of your friends” etc.
Knowing who your ideal client is saves you time, saves you money. You won’t waste time advertising
in arenas that your ideal client doesn’t congregate in. Your messages are targeted and instead of
to the masses.

How do you view your self worth? As I was talking to my Women’s Empowerment Inner Circle
Gold Tier group one thing I shared is that your leadership will influence people to follow you.
People follow others when they see a clear sense of purpose.
People will only follow you if they see that you know where you are going. It also stands to
reason that people will follow you if you’re confident and know your self worth. It shows
believe it or not. Your prospect must come to know, know like and trust you
and all of the above plays a role in that.

All of the above and more plays a role in your attracting your ideal client.
Ready to get started on your own? I've given you some basic tips, however,
if you're tired of doing it alone and want support, you know you need
an accountability measure to help kick you into gear then I invite you to connect with me.

I have two opportunities. The Empowerment Gathering live is an electrifying, empowering and Transformational event happening in
Sacramento, CA in August. Seating is limited. Secure your seat here

Second there's the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Online Boost Camp.
Find out more and secure your seat here or check out the fre.e
preview call here.

As always I welcome your comments.
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Marketing a small business is not limited to print or online media. Using greeting cards in business is still a highly beneficial tool for marketing, promoting and most importantly to show appreciation to your clients.
REAL cards that come addressed, stamped and in the mail, not e-cards are proven effective in securing business relationships, creating referrals and can be used as a tool to generate sales. Unlike sales letters, greeting cards are appreciated and have less chance of ending up in the trash bins.

Some reasons to add greeting cards to your marketing plan-

Adding greeting cards create loyalty. A company that shows appreciation for their clientsis likely to have better business relationships in the long run. Show them that you do thank them for choosing you to provide the product or service they need by sending thank you cards.

Cards are easy to send any time of the year. Another advantage of usinggreeting cards is that you don’t even need special occasions to send them.

You can personalize them making the messages more sincere thus strengthening your relationship with them. You can also include a personal message about the recent product or service that you are promoting. Tell them that you want them to experience what you have to offer and any help that you can give them.

Using a online greeting card system like Send Out Cards can make it easy and affordable for you to send real, high quality cards on an ongoing basis to your customers to keep your business “top of mind” so that they will entrust their loyalty to you!

I extend an invitation to all of you to take a few minutes and send a thank you to your most recent customer or someone whose business you've been after.

Try Send Out Cards- online greeting card and gifting system. Visit my website at select option #2 OR for more information on how you can purchase this product contact me at

Thank you and stay blessed!

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Why Don’t People Send Out Cards?

Research shows that the average person only sends out about 10 cards per year. However the same average person has the need to send outabout 70 cards per year.

So why don’t they send them?

  • Its inconvenient to buy the card, write on it, post it.
  • Ít takes time, which people often don’t have.
  • It’s expensive
  • And people forget or don’t get around to it!

If there was a system that was

  • simple to use
  • cost effective
  • time efficient and
  • wouldn’t let you forget.

Would you be interested? Yes? This is it!!!
You can now send out cards for all occasions: personal, business, birthdays, holidaya, special occasions, staying in contact withclients, etc.

All at the click of a button.

It doesn’t matter if you are sending one card or 1000 cards, we can handle it. And these are real cards. Cards that arrive in the mail. The ones that people really appreciate. Acknowledging someone whether its a business or personal contact goes a long way.

Everyone loves getting cards in the mail, especially when it is personal and customized for them. You can even print in your ownhandwriting and sign it with you signature.

How do you Send Out Cards to your business customers, your family and friends.

  • You pick a card
  • You type in a personal message (maybe even add a photo)
  • We print the card
  • We stuff the envelope.
  • We stick the stamp.
  • We mail your card
  • The recipient receives a real card, personalized for them, in their mailbox, from you.

See how simple it is to send out cards. Try it today.... click option #2.

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One of the biggest frustrations in internet marketing is that you have to sell thousands of $10-$20 ebooks each year in order to make a full-time living online. The logistics can be pretty daunting.There are a few ways to get over this hurdle.1. Reach more people. (Get more customers.)2. Write more ebooks. (Offer more low end products.)3. Offer a higher-end product or service that your existing customers can pay more for. (Charge more for... something.)Many people flinch at the third option. The thought of putting together a huge course or a big DVD package that they can sell for $100 or more sounds like a ton of work.However, in Jimmy D. Brown's usual way, he's found a way to help marketers earn more with their EXISTING business. That's the part that I love about this. It doesn't even entail setting up a new website. You can just add this to your current business and multiply your income immediately.what is it?Coaching. Personal one-on-one e-coaching.Jimmy's been doing this for years. And, every time he offers coaching, it sells out.Unfortunately, he found that offering email coaching can have a few problems. The main one is, of couse, email deliverability. It's obviously a problem if you offer e-coaching and then don't receive emails from your customer.So, Jimmy hired a software engineer and had him design a simple online interface so that he could communicate privately with his coaching clients inside this software. He's been making improvements to that same script, and now he's making it available for purchase.The first thing you'll want to do is check out the software the site, you'll see all of the features and even be able to even read the user manual before buying.If you've been thinking of adding a high-ticket item to your sales process or offering e-coaching, it just got easy.Best wishes,Frantonia PollinsWealth & Success Coach
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One of my clients co wrote this movie in Memphis and they filmed here as well.For Immediate ReleasePRESS RELEASEAugust 28, 2008Memphis native self-finances first feature filmN-Secure Films Shoots in MemphisMemphis, TN - Memphis native and concert promoter Julius Lewis finances his first feature film, “N-Secure.” He co-wrote the film with Christie Taylor, motivational speaker and former afternoon drive personality of 95.7 – Hallelujah FM.“N-Secure” is set for production with a five-week shoot September 9, 2008 through October 7, 2008 under the direction of David Matthews. Mr. Matthews’ resume’ includes writing and producing TV shows such as “Mad About You”, “The Nanny”, “Cybil”, “Half and Half” and won an Enemy for “Young and the Restless”. N-Secure was cast by Kevin Scott whose credits include casting for “West Wing”, “ER” and “My Wife and Kids”. The film will be shot solely in Memphis at various locations.The movie centers around main character David Washington played by Cordell Moore, known for his work on-stage in both Tyler Perry’s plays “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Why Did I Get Married?” Washington’s controlling ways and insecurities cause him to spiral out of control with love gone wrong, unraveling events where envy, jealousy, and betrayal lead to murder. His destructive descent undoubtedly affects the lives of those around him.The all-star cast includes Essence Atkins, formerly Dee Dee Thorne on UPN’s “Half and Half”; Tempestt Bledsoe from “The Cosby Show” and VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club”; Lamman Rucker, known for his roles in Tyler Perry’s hit movies “Why Did I Get Married” as Sheriff Troy and “Meet the Browns.” Memphian Elise Neal, known for her critically acclaimed role in “Hustle and Flow” and as Comedian/actor D.L. Hughley’s wife in “The Hughleys” stars in the movie along with Denise Boutte from “Why Did I Get Married”; actress Toni Trucks, whose played a series of recurring roles in “Barbershop” and UPN’s “All of Us”; and “Lincoln Heights” Caryn Ward from the “Game” also star in this sexy and suspenseful movie. R&B superstar Tank will make his on screen debut.
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MiniMizz ::: You don't HAVE to take the Client

What??? What exactly are you talking about Mizz Rikki? Don't you see the gas prices? Hear the news? I'm trying to get every dollar I can!Is that right? How much stress are you willing to take with that? Here are some (real life) scenarios that may make you think seriously about that.1. From the initial contact, they really don't know what they want, change their mind 50leven times, and continuously ask you questions that you've answered time and time again. You can be sure that no matter what you do for them, they will ask for a do over.2. They want to barter with you, offering items that are not guaranteed to bring you income. I mean, it sounds good, but if you do the basic math...3. When presented with your rates, they tell you they can only afford x amount. Again, when you do the simple math, it works out to be less than the minimum wage. Not only is that disrespectful of a person's skills, IT'S ILLEGAL to pay someone less than the minimum wage.4. They want to pay you as an independent contractor, but treat you as an employee; call you at all hours of the day and night and weekends and holidays and expect you to drop everything you are doing to talk to them.5. You're told that the job entails certain tasks and/or hours, then once you agree it turns out to be way more - but don't want to adjust the pay rate. See #s 3 and 4.6. Don't want to sign the contract you give them; they give you a document that is not a binding agreement; or they give you a contract that totally protects them and asks way too much of you.Those six points are only the tip of the iceberg, and are indicators from the very beginning that scream RUN. I have personally experienced all of those, and most times the offenders were family or friends, but the occasional stranger has tried to get over like that too. The points are also a measure as to how much stress the client will cause you. Another hint? If you have to ask someone's opinion on the situation at hand, and your gut is trying to get your attention, it's probably not going to be a good working relationship.I like to provide solutions when I point out problems, so here's some things you can do to protect your mental and physical health from stress. Yes, you're in business to generate revenue but great customer service should be a goal as well. How can you provide excellent service to someone who grates your nerves?A. Know what goods and services you will provide, and the terms and conditions under which you will provide them. Do not waiver because you feel pressured to make a quick buck.B. Have your most basic terms of business displayed on your website. This should be the standard for all clients to know.C. Have an ideal customer in mind. I've even seen a website or two that spells out who their ideal client is.D. Save the frustration for after you hang up the phone. When their number shows up on your caller ID, take a deep breath and smile big when you pick up - or send the call to voice mail. Keep your cool when talking to that potential client. Save the vent for a trusted friend or colleague (who you don't do business with).E. Be tactful in turning down the potential client. Let them know what you find unreasonable or why you think that doing business with them won't work. Even if you're losing their money, they'll respect you more for being cordial while standing your ground, and eventually will see that you believe in your skills and have standards. If they can't, do you really want to do business with them anyway?I've seen too many instances where someone wants to hire someone else to do something, abuse them by underpaying/overworking and then leaving that provider for someone else who charges more and has clear cut policies and procedures.Don't sell yourself short. If the initial contact doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.Toodles!MizzRikki/
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