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Test Your Advertising

Is that great advertising idea really going to be the one to increase your sales? Test your concept before pursuing that ad campaign for your business.

If you want to turn your ad strategy into sales, evaluate your idea from every possible angle. Is your campaign a fresh angle or a tired approach?
Many campaigns fizzle because they try to play on old ideas. Grab a potential customer's attention from a new perspective. You'll be putting your heart and soul into starting this campaign so make sure the idea's one you'll want to live with in the long run.

How's the market for your campaign?
You wouldn't want to sell snow shovels in Florida, so make sure your concept is a good fit for the market you want to hit.

What's your advantage over some of your competitors?
AKA will customers have a reason to use you over the other guy? Don't just say you're charming and can get the job done. It's going to take a lot more than that if you're trying to lure customers away from other companies or gain new customers altogether.

What's your time frame for getting your ad campaign off the ground and your product/service into people's homes?
You don't want to invent the wheel if you have to sit on it for a long period of time. There's always someone out there that can beat you to the finish line. You have to move fast. And over time, your passion for the ad strategy will fade as well.

Will the money from this ad strategy burn a hole in your pocket or just burn you?
Evaluate your income potential. Is it worth it to start this campaign financially?

Advertising is key to making your business successful. Just watch out for the common pitfalls campaigns fall prey to and you'll see increased sales and happy customers in no time.
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The Empowerment Gathering live is a New Empowerment and Networking event that
will hit Sacramento, CA August 20.

Ladies are flying in from North and South Carolina, California, Washington and more.

We are seeking Major sponsors and Co-sponsors for the event.

There will be limited Major sponsors that make monetary contributions. You'll
receive prominent exposure.

Our co-sponsors can be monetary or in-kind.

For more information contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.

You can learn more about the event here:

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Hello Monarch Friends,Do you have a product or service you would like to promote? I have an easy and inexpensive option for you. Advertise as little as $10!! Who can pass that up?The Monarch Foundation host the “Power of 10 Workshop”. This life changing workshop is geared toward corporate executives, middle management, church leadership or those that need to evaluate life balance.We currently offer workshops quarterly and provide a wealth of gifts to our attendees. If you would like to take advantage of inexpensive advertisement this is the way to go. This particular workshop in October is being offered to all women. So sharing with one women is advertising to all 20 of her girlfriends!In addition to this all day workshop, we are offering a twist! To our past graduates there will be a Spa Day during the same time as the workshop and that evening a book release party. If you want to advertise at it all, this is the ultimate package and you can send as much as you want all for $100!Check out all the options that are available to you!! Including $10 option click the following option:
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Let's Create a New Black History Legacy!

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As the official Black History Month winds down today, February 28, 2009, what can each one of us do to keep it alive… everyday of the year? Black people continue to invent and create wonderful products and services that improve the lives of many. I applaud Tom Joyner for his “little known Black history facts” segment of his show, which highlights past and present creativity and innovations. Due to circumstances beyond our control many of our achievements are buried in archives or hidden within the pages of our children’s history books.Look at all of the major corporations who ran commercials that gave praise to the accomplishments of Black inventors for mechanical devices that improved the industrial age to help make shoes, the clock auto parts and the traffic light to name a few. Why do they only give these kinds of accolades during the month of February?Sometimes I am offended by the commercials of some of these major corporations which target Black consumers, because it is all about getting us to spend our money at their retail establishment. Especially when they are geared towards our youth. Does it have to be Hip Hop, Rap or a bad attempt at Street Slang to get our attention? They think just by getting Black people to do the voices or act in their commercials is a big honor to our people. Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that a Black actor is getting paid, but sometimes when the commercial content is somewhat derogatory, shouldn’t they just say NO?Well anyway, I constantly search for Black businesses to patronize, before I buy certain products or services. I truly believe that if we all as a people actually take a look at other so called minority groups, we can see what has worked for them to accomplish more as a race than as individuals. For example, look at the Jewish people, almost wiped out during World War II and the Holocaust. They came to the U.S. and banded together, doing business with each other, employing each other, buying from each other and within a few generations are still one of the smallest ethnic groups, but have a very large segment of the wealth in this country.Similar story for Asians, who set up shops in Black neighborhoods to fill a void after a lot of our businesses closed when the strip malls, and eventually the mega malls were built in the burbs. They opened corner stores, convenience stores, nail salons, beauty supply stores, take-out joints and restaurants in our neighborhoods. They take that money back to their neighborhoods; spend it with other Asians back in their community.Like I said in the beginning of this blog, Black people continue to invent and create products and services. Why aren’t we seeking them out to patronize them? I don’t like the excuse the customer service is bad or we are like “crabs in a barrel” anymore. These excuses are no longer valid when we have a Black man as President of these United States! So my question to you right now is…. Why are we making every other community “rich”, except our own?Much praise to Michael Baisden for having the weekly segment on his show so that entrepreneurs can call in and tell his audience about their businesses. But is this enough? It is a huge benefit but I don’t think it is enough. I can’t remember who these businesses are or where to find them after I hear the show, because I am usually driving. Try to make a mental note so I can write it down when I get to a place to stop.That is why I feel a national Black Business directory is so badly needed. One marketplace listing Black businesses from around the country. I told you a few weeks ago that TAG TEAM Marketing was launching their Black Business Network 4.0. Well it is up and running full steam right now. So what makes this directory so different than previous online directories that have popped up and then disappeared over the years in many cities like Orlando, Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles? Here are my top 10 reasons to check out TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network 4.0!1) This Black Business Network is backed by two Black self-made, millionaires who saw the need to have one unified marketplace to promote Black Businesses. Also supported by legendary entrepreneur George Fraser, the creator of FraserNet, the worlds #1 network for Black professionals. George has been named "Black America's #1 Networker" by Black Enterprise Magazine and Upscale magazine called him one of the "Top 50 Power Brokers in Black America". George is passionate about inspiring Black people to make change and reach for the stars and is a member of TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network.2) Members of TAG TEAM’s Black Business Network have many benefits that other online communities can’t offer like, training, seminars and over 22,000 Black members of the TAG TEAM online community who are already committed to buying the products/services of Black Businesses3) TAG TEAM also hosts live networking events where Black Business Network members meet, exchange and do business together. Members get to speak on stage and promote their products and/or services to the entire audience. .4) Vending is a fantastic way to generate instant sales and revenues for Black business owners at the live events where members can set up vending tables and sell their products to the attendees (even if you don’t live in Atlanta.)5) Members of the Black Business Network who become "Wholesalers" can have their products listed for sale in the Buy Black Today online store where they can be purchased immediately by Black consumers. 24/76) Video commercials are a powerful way to get people to know about your company, products, services and/or opportunity.7) The Black Business Expansion Club is an educational organization made up of Black people who want to learn how to expand their businesses. Expansion Club members have access to en extensive online library of training seminars, articles, information and resources.8) TAG TEAM Marketing International has a Buy Black Today retail store. The store features products from Black Business Network members all over the world.9) As a "Wholesaler" in the Black Business Network, your products can be displayed in the Buy Black Today retail store. By having your product for sale in the store, customers that visit the store or attend Atlanta TAG TEAM events, can see and purchase your products.10) TAG TEAM Marketing builds and maintains the Black Star Marketing Team. The team is made up of positive, Black people all over the United States who earn money by selling the products and services of Black Business Network members to Black consumers. New members are constantly joining the team and going to work as well.So, if you are in Atlanta, you can attend the weekly Black Business Networking Socials (Saturdays, 7pm-10pm) to network and shop with Black business people, socialize, have fun, meet and hear from Black businesses owners. The price of admission is free, but you must be a member of TAG TEAM Marketing to attend (can join free at door or online). Business attire is required.If you are not in Atlanta, join the online community to get weekly updates on future online broadcasts of seminars, training events and club meetings. Either way you can find out more about the TAG TEAM Movement and how you can get involved at TEAM is preparing to send press releases about the new Black Business Network to Black newspapers, media outlets and consumers all over the world. This will generate lots of additional traffic to the Black Business Network Directory’s website.Visit and LIST YOUR BUSINESS NOW, before the press releases is sent out, so that your business can be seen by all the new visitors.Don’t forget to tell them that Darlene Robinson from Orlando invited you.Darlene RobinsonIndependent MarketerTAG TEAM Marketing, Inc.Buy From Black-owned Businesses Black Business Owners Strategies for Black People Business Opportunity Business Training
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Recently, I have noticed a disturbing trend in the premiums and incentives industry. Unsuspecting business owners are being taken to the cleaners by unscrupulous promotional products distributors. The result is an office closet full of dusty coffee mugs or tee shirts that did not achieve the desired effects. New clients are not lining up in droves at the business owner's office. Leads from tradeshows are not successfully converted nor is there a way to measure advertising results. Until now. Before I go further, let me tell you how to spot a distributor.A conversation with a distributor usually follows this script:"Yes, we sell those widgets! How many do you need? What color? When do you need them? Yes, we can definitely get those for you. How will you be paying for this?"In contrast, a promotional products advisor will want to know the purpose of your promotion. If you have no goals, how will you know if the promotion was a success? He or she will know the four factors of successful promotions. Further, an advisor has built solid relationships with select suppliers assuring a positive outcome. Should problems arise, though, such relationships will do much to prevent disasters.At WLB Enterprises, we meet all of these qualifications. In fact, we use a proprietary system that enables us to know in an instant which solution best fits your purpose and objectives. Furthermore, we protect our clients' reputation by providing written documentation of a product's compliance with safety guidelines upon request. Our goal is for you to achieve measurable returns on your investment.Get to know us online at WLB Enterprisesor call us toll-free at 1.877.667.7642. We look forward to making you look good.
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