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Crowdfunding is alternative financing for small businesses

A revolutionary NEW source of funding to sweep across the internet in droves is crowdfunding! According to, $100 million USD was pledged in 2011 on the site www.Kickstarter.comalone, launching over 27,000 projects at a 46% success rate. Now that’s impressive!


When you are starting or growing a small business, it typically comes down to lack of resources to raise that much needed capital! Funding is a very important element to the success of any business remaining relevant in a competitive marketplace. If you’ve applied for a traditional loan; SBA Micro Loan; Unsecured Line of Credit; or even a Credit Card to no avail, then consider the HOT new trend in financing…CROWDFUNDING!


What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a cutting edge way of raising the much needed money required by businesses to sustain. A group of investors share their resources to support endeavors initiated by individuals or organizations. Many industries can take advantage of crowdfunding; from political campaigns; service or product based businesses; artist; scientific researchers to software development.


3 Business Preparation Tips for Crowdfunding

  • Select the Best Platform: There are many crowdfunding platforms available with new ones forming daily. It is important to choose the one that can best fit your project funding needs.


  • Create a ‘WIFM’ Reward Program: Remember that old WIFM (what’s in it for me)? Well, if you want to have a successful campaign, you’d better come up with some juicy reward for prospective investors. The reward you create should be based on the type of campaign you are running. For example, the Crescent Theater was forced to upgrade its equipment and as a part of their reward program, the lowest reward offer is a free movie pass.


  • Design a Stellar Marketing Strategy: Consider multiple ways to connect with potential investors. The key is creating a diverse marketing campaign. A favorite by many and Google as well are videos! You can also add a slide presentation, a podcast and a simple written message.


3 ways that Crowdfunding can help you:

Independence from Banking Institutions

Banks are sitting on their cash and aren’t lending to start up or small businesses that need capital. At a recent lecture at George Washington University, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke innocuously remarked that lately “small businesses have … found it difficult to get credit.” Most banks have high unreachable expectations along with a daunting process. Indeed crowdfunding offers a more realistic approach to funding.


Free Publicity

An opportunity to publicly raise funds for your business idea or existing company to a gazillions of potential investors by way of the internet is astounding! Many entrepreneurs yearn for a chance to receive the type of publicity crowdfunding offers. If well handled, the publicity can greatly catapult your business to immense success.



Validation of your business idea is important. To know that there are people globally who believe in your concept is empowering. People will generally invest in opportunities that are viable. So every contribution you receive from people simply means that they believe in the validity of it!


3 Top Crowdfunding

  • Kickstarter: funding platform for creative projects such as films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.
  • Indiegogo: an international crowdfunding site where anyone can raise money for film, music, art, charity, small businesses, gaming, theater, and more
  • RocketHub: Fundraising platform raises funds and awareness for projects primarily in fashion, music, theatre, writing, and photography.


In conclusion, businesses can gain a lot by embracing the benefits of crowdfunding. It is a very unique way of raising funds for businesses and can greatly impact positively on the success of a startup making them more vibrant and competitive.


About Author: Sylvia Browder is a small business consultant, trainer and author. She is founder of National Association Women on the Rise, a virtual community for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. For the past 6 years, she has worked as Project Director of the Women's Business Center; and served as an online volunteer SCORE counselor since 2004. For FREE weekly articles go to Sylvia Browder's Blog for Women Entrepreneurs,

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Time for spring cleaning your finances

I wanted to share an interview I did recently with  


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Time For Spring Cleaning Your Finances
Chantay Bridges, a real-estate agent in Los Angeles, and her spouse have always been diligent about their finances but a recent death in the family, and subsequent conversations about was there a will, what would happen to the kids, etc., ...
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Time For Spring Cleaning Your Finances

Published: Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011 | 6:01 PM ET
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By: Cindy Perman Staff Writer

 Spring is a time for renewal, a time for out with the old, in with the new. So, while you’re cleaning out the closet and the garage, it’s a good time to give your finances a good spring cleaning, too.

Brigitte Sporrer | Getty Images

 Think about it: The government is already forcing you to do an audit of what you made and what you spent last year with your taxes; what better way to kick procrastination than to take that momentum and check off everything on your financial to-do list—from rebalancing your 401(k) to reviewing your life-insurance policy, checking your credit score and planning out your spending for the year?

 “You get involved in your day-to-day life. You’re busy trying to get ahead, taking care of the kids, earning a living and enjoying yourself a little bit. Organizing your finances isn’t something people typically enjoy doing,” said Marie Hoffman, who runs, a web site designed to help Boomers with money management. “But if your goals are to keep your financial house in order and make headway on accumulating assets, then this is just a chore that needs to be done like cleaning the bathroom — so do it!” 


 Chantay Bridges, a real-estate agent in Los Angeles, and her spouse have always been diligent about their finances but a recent death in the family, and subsequent conversations about was there a will, what would happen to the kids, etc., made them expand their spring checklist this year. They suggest you:

  • Check yourr credit scores.
  • Get your legal business in order (A will, living trust, etc.)
  • Make emergency plans. (Buying gold and silver, stocking up on emergency supplies and establishing emergency contacts)
  • Check all of your policies to make sure they’re up-to-date (insurance policies, bank accounts, investments, wills, etc.)
  • Make sure your beneficiaries are correct.
  • Do a debt check — Is everything paid off or is there anything outstanding?
  • Check interest rates on your credit cards and any outstanding loans.
  • Check your 401(k)s and get financial advice on their distributions.
  • Take stock of stocks — check in to see what’s performing, what they should sell and if there’s anything they can write-off due to low or limited dividends.
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Are you using your personal credit to fund your church or ministry?

Are you an established or start up ministry without business credit?

Are you tired of having to use your personal credit and finances to fund your vision?

Do you have CHALLENGED personal credit and think that you can't establish YOUR MINISTRY business credit?

Greetings Fellow Kingdom Builders,

My name is Pastor April Mason and I want to tell you about this power packed webinar that will most likely change the way you operate in ministry. If you're an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, Artist, Author, Musician, Praise Dancer or anyone that has been given a vision and need the PROVISION.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then you're ready to take the next step in securing the ong-term success of your ministry by building business ministry credit.

  • Get the computers you need for your staff and/or afterschool program
  • How to set up you ministry credit profile
  • How to apply for credit under the church or ministry name
  • How to get the video equipment you need
  • How to get credit cards (ie, Mastercard, Nordstorms, Airline Accounts, Home Depot etc...)
  • How to get vehicle leases

and much more...


•Rod Warren’s The Ultimate Credit Repair Guide eBook: 10 Steps to a Better Credit Score FREE ($34.99 value)

•ALlison Cross- Over 400+ page ebook of EVERY GRANT RESOURCE for Non-Profit’s FREE ($79.99 value)

•Allison Cross- How to Successfully Write a Grant Proposal ebook FREE ($39.99 value)


Learn how to secure hotel space for your conferences WITHOUT having to pay up front!


When: May 20, 2010

Time: 7PM PST

Investment: $147 early bird (includes material)

BEST VALUE: $247 early bird (includes material and 1hr of coaching with April Mason to get you on a running start)

For more information about bringing this workshop to your ministry or organization email us at

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"The Hard Knock Life of an Entrepeneur" Part 2

“Pay Yourself First”

We’ve all heard this one before. The bottom line is, the financial aspect of running your business is always extremely challenging, especially since “you have to spend money to make money”. However, as
the owner of the business, you are responsible for making some very
tough decisions. You have to choose between hiring employees to work for
you to help run the business, or bearing a lot of the burden yourself.
Not to mention, you have to determine what is the most budget-friendly
and effective way to market your business to your customers.

In this article, I’d like to speak directly to all of the small business owners out there. Listen carefully, it is imperative that you pay yourself first. As you know, when there is extreme financial pressure on any
business, large or small, the first place that you cut back is payroll,
since that tends to be the largest expense for most businesses. So, I
would argue that as business owners, we should be a little more
conservative to begin with when hiring, and then maybe we won’t have to
do dramatic cutbacks down the line.

You’d be surprised how many business owners are paying employees to work for them, but aren’t earning a reasonable salary themselves. This is a big problem! If you’re not earning a reasonable salary from your
small business (only you can decide what’s reasonable), you definitely
should not be paying employees. This is a hard pill to swallow for many
small business owners, but it is a reality that is important to come to
terms with.

The owner of any small business works tirelessly to operate the business, resolve conflicts, grow the business, manage day-to-day operations, etc. They are also responsible for the vision of the
business, keeping it fresh, current, competitive, and ahead of the
trends. If you, the business owner, are bogged down with overwhelming
financial stress, how can you grow your business? How can you build
relationships with your clients, if you can barely pay your bills? How
can you realize your dreams, if your dream has become a nightmare?

I don’t say all of this to scare you, but to empower you. Learn to make the tough, right decisions in the beginning, in order to avoid the many unnecessary obstacles that can arise down the line.

Stay tuned for the next installment of this series where I will discuss how social media can save your business…Also let me know if there are any specific topics you’d like to see me write about within
this series.

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A Solution to many Problems

A totally automated website for free, if its on your site you can earn from it. Money down Home Loans Fundraising Services Financial services~Are you in debt, have tax issues, in danger of losing your home, have credit problems,want to buy with nothing down, have wage garnishments, if you ansered YES we can help
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My Professional Sisters, we must be fully educated on the dynamics of our finances (personal and business) in order to maximize our efforts of realizing our goals and dreams and most of all reducing our financial stress. I will be sharing with you in several series, education surrounding debt management. Please avail yourself to become truly knowledgeable about this nationwide challenge that we face today. You don’t have to be an expert; however, you need to understand how you can make your money perform better for you. Debt management is the core our careers, relationships, families and communities in which we live. Join me as I bring to you the wisdom of truly understanding how we manage our debt effectively and build wealth on our terms. The first part of our series speaks to student loan debt; if this is you today or you have children in college, be alert to the key points outlined in this segment. Enjoy the wisdom!Our topic for the series is "Good" Debt vs. "Bad" Debt!Feature Points Covered:-Student buy non-essentials more often than other groups-There are different types of debt-Being responsible with debt will result in long-term benefitsA friend in the banking/investment industry summed it all up: good debt is an oxymoron; there's no such thing as good debt.However, while debt may be something we all wish could be avoided, there are some forms of borrowing that do have advantages, and even those that are considered bad debt can be useful if used properly.Part 1Background on Student DebtFirst and foremost, student loans should be utilized for education and required living expenses only. Trends in college student spending indicate a rise in non-essential, in conjunction with Rand Youth Poll and, issued a 20-year study showing trends in student spending. Basically, the results showed that students are more technologically savvy than 20 years ago.Spending has increased in the area of entertainment with large plasma TVs, cellular phones and iPhones with all the bells and whistles, and iPods with subscriptions to download music and DVDs.Other increases are clothing costs for designer clothing and the emergence of gourmet coffees and other specialized foods.As a result, students (not just the 18- to 21-year-olds, either) are easily drawn into borrowing extra student loans to purchase extravagant tangible and intangible goods.The key to good borrowing through student loans is to set up a budget and resist spending on unnecessary items. There's time for purchasing nicer items after graduating.Article by Terri Hare – elearners.comThanks and until our next series on “Good Debt” – stay wise!Tangela M. Davis, MBADistrict ManagerUnited First FinancialT. 704-299-1195E. tdavis@trinitystrategicconsulting.comW.“Be Mortgage and Debt Free in Half the Time or Less – Own It Free and Clear!”
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Traveling soon?

Hello Family, Friends, and Associates:I hope all is well with you and your family in the new year. God has surely blessed me with a gift this year: my OWN business. I am now a Referring Travel Agent, with my own online travel business. Check out my flyer, and feel free to browse my website. If you find that my rates are comparable to those that you usually book travel with, then why not go with ME? Be sure to tell everyone you know who travels, that they have a friend in the business, and send them to my website, or have them call me @ 973-454-9986 or email me @ Your referral is greatly appreciated. So, how can I help you plan your next vacation?Go to: www.BlackButterflyTravel.netDo not have all your money coming from just one source! Everyone needs a plan B.. Starting earning today... Go to: for the me if makes sense!!!Like to shop instead???? Shop...Save...Reapwww.Love2ShopAndSave.comTo you and your family, Be blessed and have a prosperous New Year!!Takiyah Paige


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The recent downhill trend in the economy has caused major havoc on the Credit and Lending industry. Banks have lost billions of dollars over the past year and are not willing to take the same risks on businesses that they were just a short few months ago. However, the good news is establishing business credit is completely different than building personal credit. Please understand that business credit is what makes the business world go round. No matter what type of business or organization you have it is vital to have a separate credit profile. Long gone are the days where you put the weight of your business on your personal credit and finances. Don’t go into 2009 WITHOUT establishing a credit profile. It is not too late!In order to accomplish this goal we have a few options for you:1.The Business Credit Kit. ONLY 50 LEFT! www.businesscreditfirm.com2.The Business Credit Establisher 2.0 Coaching Program: This program is the foundation to an advanced level of business credit building. The Business Credit Establisher 2.0 will help you establish your business credit and set it up so you can obtain lines of credit. This foundation will help you in establishing trade (or vendor) credit, building the credit scores (from business credit bureaus) to strong levels, allowing us to aid you in applying for business credit cards that are based on the TAX ID ONLY and not your social security number! You will have a personal business credit coach to guide you through the entire process3.Business Credit 2.0 Complete: Our business credit experts will do all the work for you while you sit back and get approvals. Your focus should be on your business. Let us focus on building your credit.Call for details about our coaching and complete program 214.377.5911WWW.BUSINESSCREDITFIRM.COMPhotobucket
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I have read this Bible story many times. The woman with the issue of blood was recorded in three of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke). I don't pretend to be a theologian, just a simple woman with a complex life and love for the Lord. After reading it this week, I realized this story held a promise for my business related issues. Please allow me to retell her story.This woman was like other women. She grew up learning all the lessons a woman learns; how to be a daughter, wive and mother. She spent her time devoted to her family and focusing on all their needs. She visited the temple regularly offering prayers to God to take of her children, to order her husband's footsteps in the the Word, to heal her aging parents. When her family's finances were short she prayed that God would make ends meet. She give her tithes and offerings and fasted according to Hebrew laws. Her efforts were successful. They must have been, we learned that she was able to pay for medical services.Then came the day when her life changed; she had a need and yes a want. She began to hemmorrhage and she wanted to be healed. She spent her all money on physican who couldn't help her. After, years of helping and caring for other-praying, giving and fasting for them; no one could help her with her issue. Her experience left her broken, with low self-esteem and a cynic. And yet she decided to try one more time. It is extremely interesting to see that she approached this issue differently than she had approched other issues in her life. She approached most issues head on but this issue she approached from behind. She approached Jesus from behind, bearly touching the edge of His garment and hoped that no one would notice. But Jesus did! The Bible tells us she was instantly physically healed but not completely healed by the touch.Like the woman with the issue of blood, we are often careful to give to God our families issues. We pray for restoration of our marriages, to go to another spiritual level, protection of our children or hel on our jobs (to name just a few things). But have we given God our business issues? Have you invested in computers, marketing and advertising in hopes of being a success but you feel that owning a business may have been a mistake. Don't give up.. it's not too late.Remember, the woman with the issue of blood, saw Jesus as her last hope. She approached Him from behind, bearly touched Him and tapped into His full power. It is not enough to just acknowledge Him, she could have done that by waving at Him from afar. She got close enough to touch Him. Her healing was not complete until after she worshipped Him (fell down at His feet), and told Christ the truth that she touched Him and why. In response, Christ gave her an identity (He called her daughter), assured her that her body was healed (by her faith and not His clothes), sent her away free all anxiety (He told her to go in peace) and healed her soul. He'll do the same for our businesses. If your business has isssues, reach out and touch Jesus.
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