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10744081286?profile=originalThey are HERE!

To celebrate BBWO being 5 years old this July I've been adding wonderful new areas to our network. This weekend you get a first look at the Shops, Books, and Services areas where you can now post your items. I am adding / approving new additions as we speak!

Now is really the best time to post (plus its quick and easy). For a limited time (this weekend only) submissions are $10. Soon it will be $45 to add your shop, book, or service. This is best time to get listed.

Submitting is really easy. Just click the orange post buttons, add your links, photos, text and video! Hit submit and I will approve your post!

All entries will be featured on BBWO. You can see the first ones are already highlighted on our Facebook page, which is now close to 36,000 fans!

Business Profiles:

Let's continue to build BBWO together creating a solid web where everyone online can find quality black businesses. Any questions be sure to use the contact forms listed and let me know.

BBWO Founder, LaShanda Henry

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Self Love is Not Selfish


 "Self Love is not Selfish!"

This affirmation is featured in our book Because I am a Queen: 100 Affirmations for Daily Living, however, this isn't about a shameless plug. Rather, it's a reflection on what it means to truly internalize self love.


A perception of love that I embrace is that it is an action word; a verb that requires movement and an expression of what one has declared. If you heard someone state to "love" something then one would expect to see that love displayed. For example, if it were a professed love for ice cream, you may expect to often see them indulging in the latest ColdStone creation. Or perhaps they are a gold card carrying member of Starbucks because of their immense love for the brewed beverage. On the other hand that love may be for a spouse or child and their undying devotion is displayed in everyday acts of kindness and sacrifice. So then it begs the question, if one has self love how then is it displayed? Better yet, if YOU have self love how do you display it? Can YOU be found indulging in activities that promote your wellness? Are YOU a gold card carrying member of immense love for self? Are YOU capable of undying devotion to yourself in everyday acts of kindness and sacrifice? These are the questions I had to ask myself.


Self love is not selfish!


It's ok to say no sometimes. It's ok to feed yourself and not starve literally and figuratively for the things you need to be well. Self love means WE understand our self worth. It's inherent, intrinsic and cannot be lessened or made poor. Self love means care for our mental and physical well being. Self love means we are careful of who we allow into our sacred space.  Self love means we define situations and do not allow situations to define us. Self love means that we value people, things and experiences that assist us into developing into our best selves. Recently, I've embraced the concept of being a self-love revolutionary. It's dawned on me that many people who do not value themselves will aim at killing another's natural desire to see themselves in the best light. Thus, we unwillingly accept others perception of who we are and the value we bring to the world. When the reality is, very often those individuals are viewing us from their own skewed reality. There is a serious lack of beautiful, reflective love in our communities and sometimes our homes. Our girls do not see themselves as beautiful and thus struggle with seeing the beauty in their sisters. I've been blessed with an amazing group of women around me who strive to reflect the best of themselves so I see the best within myself, yet we're not perfect and we too struggle.


While, writing in my journal the other day I realized I was feeling quite unhappy. It seemed out of the blue but upon further introspection I realized that even with all my work, I was still engaged in habits of negative self talk, giving more time and voice to things that I didn't want rather than positive self talk to things I do want. I needed a mutiny in my own mind. I needed to take drastic action. Self love!


Thus, I declared a ground breaking, radical revolution in my life. I would be a self love revolutionary. We must thank the late and great Gil Scott Heron and the Last Poets for the adage that the revolution will not be televised because it shall surely start in my mirror. It means I take care of my spiritual, physical and mental wellness. I speak words of love and encouragement to myself. I write myself love letters that I mail at random. It means to not sacrifice my spiritual time with my Creator or treat it remotely. It means to be purposeful in taking care of my body. It means I become a "gold card" carrying member of the self love club. While it's a very personal journey to be a self love revolutionary, I would appreciate my sisters (and brothers) checking in on me. If it touches a part of you declare a self love revolution in your life. Be innovative and absolutely rebellious with your revolution, because self love is not selfish and you deserve the greatest love.


Your Sister,

Mothyna James-Brightful

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In honor of the beta launch of Mom Bloggers Academy,
I decided to do something special. Rather than write a
dissertation explaining what Mom Bloggers Academy is
and how it can help you I'm offering a free training to give
you a taste of what's in store.
On Thursday, June 28th at 7:00pm PST I'm hosting a
free training on the power of leveraging an authority site to
get more traffic to your blog.

In this training you'll learn:

  • How to use authority blogging to get noticed and develop influence your industry
  • How to optimize your blog with keywords that make visitors stick around
  • Blog Traffic and SEO - The best techniques to get the one thing all bloggers need but don't have
  • and more!

Click here for details and information on how to register

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10744081861?profile=originalHello BBWO!


I hope you are having a wonderful week. A few quick things to share with you today. As you know BBWO is designed to connect women entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Many of these women are looking for service professionals to work with and I often get their requests for VAs, Planners, Designers, etc., which has lead to the creation of the new Services Area, where the BBWO Community can post and share unique offerings.


As a new feature, be one of the first 100 women to post your service today: And also note that you can post your Business Profile via our growing Profiles directory:


Latest profile by Andrea Foy author of "In the Still of the Night". These new areas are extensions of BBWO that I hope will make it easier for you and others to find exactly what you are looking for.

In the coming week expect to see the 'STORE' area too! This will be where BBWO members can finally showcase their products in one place!


More to come. Till then have a great one!



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Where is your energy?

Many women are proud to be muti-taskers. We rise early in the morning and go back to bed late at night. And being tired and  maybe  a little dragging though out the day seems normal. we have learned to live with it.

Suppose you don't have to live with it? Suppose  you can have the emery to run up the stairs even after 11 pm?

No it does not come in a bottle and no need to pull  out your sneakers. It is the easy thing to do because you are doing it...well  kinda.

Your home is 10 times more polluted then outside and the great news you have complete control to change it.

Here is a  tips that you can start today to get back that youthful energy and get even more done in a day


1. Eliminate Bottled water: The  EWG ( Environmental Working Group ) states

Unlike tap water, where consumers are provided with test results every year, the bottled water industry is not required to disclose the results of any contaminant testing that it conducts.

Unlike public water utilities, bottled water companies are not required to notify their customers of the occurrence of contaminants in the water, or, in most states, to tell their customers where the water comes from, how and if it is purified, and if it is merely bottled tap water

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Are You An Energy Drink Fanatic?

I just read an article titled "Caffeinated Energy Drinks-A Growing Problem" and boy did I get some insight!

According to the authors Reissig, Strain and Griffiths, "…the caffeine content from 1 can of energy drink could range from 50mg to 505mg and the content regulations and health warnings on the cans are the most lax in the US."

This means you may or may not REALLY know how much caffeine is in that can of your favorite energy drink! :(

The knowledge was surprising to me because there are so many energy drinks out there that people consume, sometimes daily. I remember while attending and working at a local university, I would see an energy drink booth set up for various events on campus. These events could range from Job Fairs to Exam Week activities. We could ALWAYS depend on getting FREE give-a-ways of energy drinks.

Since they were FREE guess how many people took only 1, not that many :(

I drank an energy drink once. I stayed up for many hours and then there was that CRASH! I was sleepy and groggy most of the next day. It was not a good feeling.

Luckily I am not an energy drink fanatic but if you are I do know of a product that is an all NATURAL super concentrate of ionic trace minerals, essential vitamins, fruits and herbs. The product is called NatraBoost and it will change the way you drink energy drinks.

You won't have to worry about high concentrates of caffeine and you will not have to wonder what it is you are putting in your body. The information is readily available.

Don't wait, find out right now about NatraBoost and see all the nutritional value NatraBoost has compared to that energy drink you have been drinking all this time.

This is my insight for you and I look forward to hearing how you became a NatraBoost fanatic.

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Business Tip

There are many amazing facts about YTB that need to be communicated to the world. However, because our business is so wonderfully complex with multiple ways to earn money, it can be a little confusing as to what you can say while still being compliant. Let’s discuss a few ways to protect yourself and YTB!

  1. YTB offers two separate and amazing income opportunities. (We do not offer a business opportunity.) When speaking to potential customers, remember that our opportunities are completely unique from one another. While you can take advantage of one or both opportunities, it’s important to present each option clearly and separately, allowing your prospect to make the best decision possible about which is a good fit for them.
  2. Remember, our Rep Opportunity is available free of charge and you never have to purchase the YTB Travel Program or any other product to earn compensation from it. In other words, do not say, “Buy the Travel Program and earn a $10,000 Bonus!” The two are not related. RTAs do not earn bonuses, and Reps do not earn travel commissions.
  3. Be authentic in building your own personal brand for your YTB business. While we want you to show your YTB pride, please do not display our corporate logos in a way that can be misleading. If another Rep or RTA finds your blog or social media profile, make sure that it is obvious you are not the corporate office. Be sure to include things such as Independent Rep or RTA, utilize the “Independent Rep” logo in your back office under the “Your YTB” tab, and always include a disclaimer such as the following: “The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of YTB.”
  4. Income claims are never a good idea. The nature of our business is that you can literally earn as much income as you want. It’s really up to you and how hard you are willing to work. Not everyone is willing to do that, so don’t personally promise that they’ll make millions with YTB. That’s not up to you or to us. Present the opportunity to make income, and never personally guarantee it. (The exception to this is our $3,600 Guarantee Program, which is a company program and ok to discuss with your prospect.)
  5. Product testimonials can be tricky; if you’re using them there are a few things you should know. First, don’t make outrageous claims or stretch the truth. Be open and honest about your personal experience and do not claim that this is a typical result for potential consumers. Second, be sure to disclose your affiliation with YTB when giving a testimonial.

These are just a few ways to protect yourself as a member of YTB and present a clearer opportunity to your prospects. Not only will your potential prospects appreciate your honesty, but they’ll be able to get off to a fast start with a clearer understanding of YTB.

What other questions do you have when it comes to compliance? Let us know in the comments!

That’s Tuesday’s Beat. If you liked it, share it.

Click here and get started today.

Thank Bob and Shirley,


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I think you’re doing it right. I wouldn’t mix your Rep and RTA businesses. Those are separate opportunities that need to be marketed separately. The key is going to be content. Keep posting content that will engage people, ask questions, and post content that people will want to share. Particularly in travel, several of our vendors have Facebook pages with videos and photos you can reshare on your page. With non-profit fundraising in particular, Carnival has a great fundraising program that I doubt many people know about. How about putting together a group to raise funds for the church youth group? Maybe a marriage encounter with the pastor? Then, ask them to share photos of their trip and recap how much money was raised for the youth group. Get testimonialsand post them on your page letting everyone know you are their travel professional of choice. Another way to help grow your page, make sure that you’re telling your clients about it. When you meet newly engaged couples, tell them to connect on your Facebook page. (If you have some current clients with honeymoon registries, ask them for an engagement picture to announce on your page and tell people about their registry.) There are so many things that you can do. Get creative. Don’t be afraid to start conversations. One more, if you know any area RTAswho have pages, ask them to help you get the conversation going by responding on your page, and then you do the same for them. Sometimes if you can just get a few of your friends talking, the conversation will follow from potential customers. I hope this helps you Gordon! Just remember to have fun!”

Click here and get started today.

Thank Bob and Shirley
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YTB Travel Program

Since welcoming FTA to our YTB family, they’ve been hard at work increasing commission opportunities for our RTAs and delivering even more value to our Travel Program. And today, we’re about to knock your socks off!

We’re pleased to announce that Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines will be added to the FTA travel booking engine very soon. That’s right! Customers can experience RCCL’s extensive cruising opportunities through our booking engine, meaning ALL the major cruise lines will be available.

Help us celebrate this exciting news by sharing it with all your RTAs and welcome RCCL in the comments!

That’s Monday’s Beat. If you liked it, share it.

Click here and get started today.

Thank Bob and Shirley,
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We all know that mobile technology, and more specifically mobile marketing, is taking the industry by storm with many amazing advantages for business owners. However, mobile technology is benefiting more than just eager retailers.

A new study by Motorola Solutions reveals that mobile technology is good for both consumers and business owners. In fact, 67% of shoppers say that mobile and in-store technology enhances their experience. Plus, it also helps your associates, too. Three in four surveyed associates and managers felt they were able to provide better in-store customer experience when equipped with mobile technologies.

This is great information for those utilizing a mobile business solution such as Z Mobile and why now is the perfect time to sell it! Start scheduling meetings with your local businesses today, and share the exciting marketing tool they’ve been missing. You can find additional resources in your Rep Back Office under the “Training” tab and “Z Mobile.”

That’s Thursday’s Beat. If you liked it, share it.

Click here and get started today.

Thank Bob and Shirley,
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Hey Everyone, Happy Tuesday. Thanks for joining us in the kitchen today. This week's Taste Test Tuesday is about chocolate and cream cheese. That's right Philadelphia Cream Cheese has created a product that combines chocolate and cream cheese. It is definitely and 'Indulgence'

Philadelphia Indulgence


This new creation from Kraft Foods brand Philadelphia has people really thinking about different food combinations. When we first heard about this, we tried to imagine the tastes but couldn't get an idea, so we just decided to try it for ourselves. We even took the time to do more research to see what recipes would be great with this.

Smooth, creamy texture, with rich chocolate added in. Great snack with pretzels, graham crackers, fruit, cookies, etc. Philadelphia Indulgence comes in three flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Below you will find some different ways to enjoy this tasty treat.


  • Fruit Dip
  • Spread on bagels and toast
  • S'mores: graham crackers, Indulgence and Marshmallow fluff
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons into your favorite smoothie
  • Turtle Dip: Mix Indulgence with caramel sauce and peanuts
  • Mousse: Mix Indulgence with  Cool Whip and refrigerate for an hour

We hope you enjoy today's chocolaty treat. Feel free to send us your feedback, we love to hear from you.

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3 and Free Club

Join our 3 and Free Club !

Providing an amazing opportunity at an unbelievable price is only the beginning of what we do. The fact is we genuinely care about your success with our company. That’s why we’re always looking to bring you even greater value and reward for being a member of our Travel Program. Our Referral Program is just one more benefit to joining our team. With it, you can earn complimentary website hosting of your booking engine (a $50 monthly value!). Here’s how it works!

  1. Tell people about us! Let them know how much fun you’re having in the travel industry, why it’s such a great opportunity, and why they should join our company just like you.
  2. Send them the Referral Program URL located in your RTA Back Office upon joining. This provides them access to more information about our travel program and where they can sign up, too. (Make sure they utilize this link only to ensure you get credit for the referral.)
  3. When you refer three people who sign up, your next month’s fee is waived! Plus, as long as your three referrals continue in our business, we’ll continue to waive your monthly fee for having three active referrals every month.

Isn’t this exciting? With this referral program, you can get even more from your business! Go ahead. Join the Club!

Click here and get started today.

Bob and Shirley Rushing
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This is a powerful opportunity

This is a powerful opportunity and it may or may not be for you. Some people really like their job and their boss. We are not looking for people who want another job or another boss. We are looking for people who are looking for opportunity. We are looking for smart, sharp people who want to change their situation; people who want a better life, but even more than that; they want a better lifestyle. Our team is the fastest growing team in the USA with leaders and mentors that are sought after countrywide. We are dedicated to helping people change their lives so they can live the lifestyle they dream about.
You could be next...
Check out the video
LISTENDIRECT.COM powered by The Champions Alliance of YTB!
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The Ideal Home-Based Business

Owning your own business has never been simpler! With YTB's Travel Program, you'll find millions of dollars in live inventory right at your fingertips. All you have to do is refer your friends, family, customers and clients to your website as you work from the comfort of your own home.

Think about it. According to the World Factbook, the amount of Internet users in the U.S. alone is 245 million people. And, they're becoming more and more comfortable shopping online every day. In the most recent U.S. Census data, total online retail sales accounted for $142 billion in the U.S. This doesn't include online travel sales, which accounted for $99 billion in 2010. Furthermore, eMarketer projects that U.S. online travel sales will increase another 8.5% in 2011 to $107.4 billion.

For a minimal investment of $199 and a monthly fee of $50, you can take advantage of a market that is primed and ready for tremendous growth. You'll earn commission every time someone books on your site. Plus, the harder you work and more productive you become, you'll have the opportunity to earn an even higher percentage of the commission.

The simplicity of our business is worth it alone, but the advantages don't stop there.

Learn more!

Check out the video
LISTENDIRECT.COM powered by The Champions Alliance of YTB!
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Do You Think Facebook is Here to Stay?

Well, we all know nothing lasts forever, remember when Myspace was the place to be? With all the recent hoopla surrounding Facebook’s recent IPO and lawsuit troubles, it kind of makes you wonder…is it reallygoing to be here to stay?

Now, I’m not one to judge but I do like to utilize my common sense on more than a regular basis and in my opinion, it just may NOT be.



Trust me when I tell you, I LOVE Facebook! I enjoy connecting with new and interesting people and hey…some of my best friends are Facebookers!

But how would it affect the way you do business if over time, Facebook’s popularity began to dwindle or one day…disappeared all together? Would your business and network survive?

I stumbled upon an interesting article on, addressing this very topic which prompted me to write this post and take it a step deeper to challenge your thoughts today.

The point I’m trying to make…don’t put all your eggs in one basket (especially if the basket isn’t even yours to begin with.)

Far more than I wish to notice, I see some of my sister entrepreneurs creating their entirebrand existence, on Facebook. When I say entire existence, I mean, they don’t even have a website for their company.

Their Facebook page IS there website and has all the bells and whistles – eCommerce apps for people to shop directly from the page, full blown contact forms, product catalogs…the list goes on.

Now, for a business that is simply expandingtheir presence to reach their target audience on social networks, that’s cool, but when you choose to step into a risk that could literally KILL your business, that is an option you should NOT be willing to take.

You have got to start seeing the value of developing your own platform to brand your business.

You need to build a credible brand that creates trust with your customers

[Continue Reading >>]

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Be Famous Online Too

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all have had thoughts about being famous or popular for something (whether business-wise or talent-wise. I will be focusing on business). Hence why you started a business or why you are thinking of starting a business. That does not make you narcissistic at all, it actually shows how selfless you are. Because businesses always provide a NEED for people and you are helping them in one way or the other. However, as we all start out in business the goal is for people to flock to our website and to become...FAMOUS! We want to become famous for our services or our products or our blogging content, our brand! Unfortunately, it does not always come as fast as it did for Justin Bieber via YouTube or Mark Zuckerberg via Facebook or even within 6 months of blogging like Perez Hilton. So sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. Below are a few tips on how to become famous online too, like these people did.

Step 1: Figure out what you want to be famous for

Whether it is for your business services, products or content, make it a goal to be the best. Another way to put this, is to find your niche and create a brand. If you want to be famous for creating great websites, figure out who you are selling websites to? What age group? What type of businesses? Why should they work with you? You need to make sure that however you are presenting your website brand, it is more creative and better than anyone else that is selling websites. You should try your best to come up with ideas that APPEAL to the people you are trying to reach.

Also, define what being famous online means to you. Do you want to be famous online for having a great company? Do you want to be famous online for having the best coaching services and products? Do you want to be famous online for making money from being the best blogger on business matters or women's fashion? Do you want to be famous online for a great personality and creative website?  Do you want to be famous online for being the best video creator of advertisements? Do you want to be famous online for being the best short story writer? First you have to decide how you will be famous so you can stay focused on your online journey to fame.

Step 2: Get to know your computer

There are SO many programs, some FREE, that can help you accomplish ANYTHING you want online. Whether it is to create your own website, get a domain name, create a logo, create an ecommerce site, or blog (, you can do it all online. You can find customers or leads, do lots of social networking, learn how to create your own autoresponder and advertisements. There is a lot of information on the internet. Just go to GOOGLE.COM and find the answers to ANYTHING you are looking for.

Step 3: Do your research

You should be familiar with the saying, "You don't have to reinvent the wheel". In some form or other, what you are looking to do has been done. Research people that have done it, or close to doing what you are interested in doing to become famous online. Find people you like or you feel are competition and start your own imaginery competition against them. Always keep watch of what they are doing so you can avoid it and do something greater. Find out what didn't work for people. Read books about people who are doing what you are interested in doing and how they got famous. Email people you are interested in knowing more about and ask them questions about what they went through to get famous online. This all helps you from going into your project blindly and to be aware of all of the obstacles you have to face.

Step 4: Market yourself

Facebook. Twitter. Youtube. Just to name a few. All great starts to getting your brand out there and finding your road to becoming famous online too. Also look into paid advertisements like Google ads and Facebook ads.

Step 5: Spend the time

Let's get serious here. Although the people above appear to have come out of nowhere, they did A LOT to get to where they are now. And they have to continue to fight to stay relevant and fresh. Think about it, overnight, Justin Bieber's voice changed and all of a sudden he's crooning like Barry White and STILL famous. Mark Zuckerburg has had so many rumors spread about him and people disappointed in the Facebook changes etc., but you don't see too many people deleting their pages. And Perez Hilton has to make cameos here and there just so we'll remember he is still around. My Point? Is that you are going to have to spend a lot of time building your brand and keeping it a brand. Please do not be alarmed by any of the following conditions:

  • Sleepless nights because of all of the ideas swirling in  your head
  • Late nights UP on the computer, writing content or editing websites (what do you think I am doing right now), preparing for interviews, photo shoots, etc.
  • Taking your computer everywhere so you can work when you have a free second
  • Constantly researching for new ways to market yourself, trying them all and only finding a few that really work for you. (results will vary)
  • Sharing your ideas with people you think are as excited as you are, only to be disappointed by their response (WARNING: Do not pay attention to the reaction of those in family, spousal or amicable roles. They do not know your vision or have the same passion. And you cannot make them. Keep following your dreams and hit them up AFTER the first $million$ They'll really want to listen then!)

Make sure to be consistent. Give yourself a deadline for putting your ALL into your brand building towards being famous. 90 days is ideal. If you work really hard you may begin to see the BEGINNING fruits of your labor within 90 days. However, your hard work does not stop after the 90 days. You have to keep working towards your dream. Show off your writing skills, services or products. Be nice to everyone that communicates with you. Remember to be creative. Lastly, stay motivated and focused on your goal to be famous online too, today!

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

P.S. If you are still looking for a way to Be Famous Online Too with blogging, get access to this video. You'll see actual stories of real people (previously struggling to be famous online) who are well.... let's just say.... famous now!  (before you click this link, make sure to grab a piece of paper to take notes after you have access)

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Am I An Idle Person?

“…idleness leads to counterproductive lifestyles and behavior potentially destructive to themselves and our communities.” ~Earl G. Graves, Sr.

 Recently while reading the June issue of Black Enterprise Magazine, I came across an article titled “Building A Better Life Starts With A Plan.” The article gave me tremendous insight because I had to take a better look at myself and realize I might be an idle person!

 I do take the time and help in the community as much as I can. By doing for others, and not asking for ANYTHING in return, I feel that I am a major contributor. Reading the article made me realize as far as my personal accomplishments, I have been idle.


My personal ethics include being on time, doing what I say I am going to do and helping others. When it comes to doing for Felicia, I put off my own goals and aspirations. Many that know me often hear me say “No matter what I do, it is seems like it is not good enough,” or “Well I guess this was not the time or day to ask anyone for anything.”


Having this type of idle thinking has kept me from achieving most of my goals I need to be and should have already taken care of. It use to seem kind of silly to me to write down each and everything you have to do, the time frame you have to do it in and how long it should take you do each task. When I was working for a major insurance company, production is what they called it and if I didn’t do it (and correctly) it would highly effect my bonuses and pay increases.


So beginning today I must put myself on production in order to not be the idle person I have become and work on these goals I have put off, beginning with doing my hair :)



This is my insight for you and I look forward to telling you how many goals I have.


Continued SUCCESS

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Hey Gang Charlie Here!

Are you feeling the heat? I sure am. I can hardly keep my victory roll from unfurling. 10744082282?profile=originalBut I do and you know how?

Glam Tip #3

  1. Only walk on the shady side of the street. It keeps you cooler and adds great shading to your cheekbones.

10744083060?profile=original2. Arrive early to avoid rushing and therefore sweating because sweaty is as sweaty does!


3. Run cold water over your wrists for 2-3 minutes (sorry earth). Instantly refreshing. Instantly pinup!

Be The Magic!

Love Charlie


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Chase Blueprint For A Better You Contest With Will Provide Winners With Financial Consultants

Need financial consulting? and Chase BluePrint have announced the Chase Blueprint For A Better You Contest. Participants share their stories and talk about dramatic changes in their lives. Participants also talk about how they would benefit from financial guidance through the Chase Blueprint program. More

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bigstock-variety-of-detailed-horizon-25105949.jpg?width=360The right business branding strategies could spell real success for your business. What convinces people to invest in you or your products or services is how well they know, like, and trust you --- branding positions you for this.

What is a Branding Strategy?

Now hear me on this, a brand is not just about your logo or a name, it represents your complete business identity. It is an essential part of the startup process for any business. And if you're already established without an intentional strategy, it's time to get one in place.

Having branding strategies can provide the fundamental steps and it will help identify the most valuable tools to create a powerful business brand. In general terms, a strong brand is one that people recognize and believe to deliver quality. Have you ever found yourself at the store choosing one product over the other because it is the more recognized or trusted brand? I know I do. For example, there is a certain type of soap I always buy because I have come to expect it keeps my skin moisturized, smells great, and doesn't melt in the shower. I know when I see the box on the shelf that it's the brand I recognize and trust.

Recently, I did a survey and one of the comments was this:

"...what I see always is your name and that spells 'quality'"

That's the kind of response that shows your branding is on the right track.

It is a branding strategy's objective to identify what could turn your business into a trusted brand name. How do you influence people to trust your brand and its reputation? What should you do to communicate the objective and mission of your company? What is the message you are trying to send out to produce loyal, ideal customers? A sound business branding strategy will aim to find answers to these questions so you can establish a brand for your company that would excel in the market.

Creating Your Business Name, Logo, or Website

Coming up with a name for your business goes hand in hand with creating a logo that will identify your company. When it comes to logos, always opt for something that represents you in a unique way. Logos will be used over and over again in your advertising and marketing campaigns, so it must be easy to recognize.

For starters, think of a logo that will readily connect with consumers about the nature of your business. Choose images that are associated with your business and perhaps the products they represent.

TOOL ALERT: One of my favorite logo creators? Try Logonerds (this is my affiliate link, and I use them for almost everything).

Coming Up With Slogan or Tagline

Once you have the logo you want, think of a slogan that will reinforce the message you are trying to communicate to your market. As long as you keep this part brief and straightforward, then this can be an effective branding tool for your business. The tagline canserve as an additional touchpoint connecting to the main message you are trying to deliver. The more connected the message, the more likely you get the edge over your competitors. Use this to highlight the unique experience or service that customers will be able to have with you.

One advantage that you can have by including a tagline is that it is not permanent, unlike the logo. So if your company later decides to employ a new marketing strategy, you can readily adapt your tagline to highlight this new marketing plan.

Applying Colors and Images

As with logos, colors and images can be used to establish the identity of your business. Colors depict a corresponding set of emotions as well. So you need to carefully pick out exactly what type of color you are going to use in your logo so it is aligned with the image and personality of your business. Try to conduct a little bit of research about the different qualities of color types so you can determine exactly what best to use for your company.

Integrating Differentiators In Your Services

When communicating your company branding strategy into the market, highlight the services that only you can offer. If you can guarantee a service that none of your competition can, then you create a differentiator that draws more people into your business. An example of this would be a time guarantee on your delivery services, if you're in the graphic design business.

Learning how to effectively employ these key business branding strategies will help boost your company's marketing efforts and get you that much closer to the success you want.


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