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yvette_profile_pic-194x300.jpg?width=194A native of Louisville, KY, Yvette Wilson Bentley graduated from high school in 1982, completed a Business and Office Certification program and has worked in clerical administration & customer service for over twenty-five years.

When Yvette became a self-published author in early 2012, she was able to capitalize on her years of clerical experience by formatting her own publications.

When asked by other authors who did she use to format her books, Yvette proudly stated that she herself had formatted her own books. As Yvette continued to learn more about the craft of formatting documents specifically for electronic and paperback books, Words 2 Life was birthed in October 2012.

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img_0744.jpeg.jpg?width=240Jeanette W. Hill is the founder and executive director of JWHill Productions and Sight Ain’t Seeing Productions, a 501(C)3 organization. Her numerous plays include The Broom, Dealing with Daddy’s Devils and The Silent City. She is a writer, producer and director whose work seamlessly fuses traditional and urban theater. She is committed to providing work that educates, enlightens and entertains.

Ms. Hill is active in local and national events and organizations including the International Artists Kuumba summit, the Faith-Based Arts Conference, the Capital City African American Chamber of Commerce Legislative Brunch and the Austin Juneteenth Celebration, DC Black Theatre Festival, 2013 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival and the Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival and Urban Playwrights United.

Ms. Hill’s talents also include adapting/creating scripts from novels and stories into book trailers for dramatic readings, book signings and online marketing.

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debra.jpg?width=200Since December 2006, Debra Owsley took her love for reading along with her hobby and turned it into the reading accessory and consulting business to support her book habit, and created Simply Said Reading Accessories. Debra works with several major best selling authors, and book stores creating unique gift-marks, book thongs, and creative displays and promoting literacy. She also coaches authors on how to promote and market their book on a budget.

Debra never dreamed her two loves would turn into a marketing and promotional business, allowing her to meet and work with authors she has read and admired, working book events and book festivals, and meeting other avid readers and book clubs.

Debra says “These are my passion marks and the quotes are pieces of me!”

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renee_101312-214x300.jpg?width=150Renee Williams, an avid reader since her youth, loves anything that involves authors and books. This love has led to her reviewing for The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers, QBR The Black Book Review and establishing her own review site, All The Buzz, which specializes in author interviews, book reviews, event recaps and virtual book tours. Her reviews have appeared online and in national print magazine.

Most recently, Renee’s focus has changed slightly. She still enjoys promoting authors and books, and that will never change, but Renee now focuses more on graphic and web design, for which she recently earned a college degree. Her client list includes Victoria Wells, Iris Bolling, Margie Walker and New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson, just to name a few.

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Today we support Small Business Saturday, but every day here on BBWO we support Women in Business by creating a space for us to motivate.inform.inspire.connect.


Take a moment to share your business (below) (on Facebook) (on Google+) and/or spot light a small business / woman entrepreneur you know and support.


Be sure to browse our photo gallery to see the latest featured businesses and/or add your brand photos for additional support and exposure.


For Black Friday Weekend + Cyber Monday
BBWO can use the code 'BF13' to get:

50% OFF Our Power Circle Conference Registration (live and virtual tickets)
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The argument about Christmas Spirit vs. Christmas Commercialism is not new.  Retailers have forever been seducing shoppers at Christmas time with all kinds of deals and specials.  Most often it was a sideshow that only temporarily distracted humans from the real Spirit of Christmas.  But today, it seems as though Christmas Commercialism, for many, is what Christmas is all about.

There is no doubt that the power of Christmas Spirit has long impacted the family of man.  Humans, generally, treat one another friendlier during this time of year.  Wars stop because of Christmas.  People give to the less fortunate in a spirit of kindness.  Christmas has an enduring universal power that makes most humans, regardless of religious beliefs or practices, understand that caring for one another is simply the right thing to do.

Christmas Commercialism attempts to create its own power.  For many retailers and their media cohorts, it’s all about getting the consumer to spend.  They promise deals on items that they know won’t be in the store.  They create “scheduled” specials designed to manipulate your time.  This is nothing new; it has gone on for years.

The problem, as I see it, is that the consumer is starting to drink the cool-aid more and more.  People leave their Thanksgiving dinner tables to go shop instead of sharing family history and stories.  People camp out overnight to be one of the first in line to get that big-screen TV that will only last until next Christmas.  People are mean and rude to one another fighting over shopping carts, parking spaces, and that last item on the shelf.  They cuss at one another, they become physical with one another, they disrespect one another, not because of the Christmas Spirit, but because of Christmas Commercialism.

The retailers are not going to change.  Their souls were lost a long time ago.  However, as humans, we have the power to determine how we respond.  We need to remember that Christmas is about peace on earth and goodwill to all, not charging credit cards to the max then taking the next year to pay them off.

Somehow I don’t think that when (or if) you get to the Pearlie Gates, St. Peter is going ask you about that deal you got on that TV.

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Black Shopping

10744104856?profile=originalI've got loads of links for all of your conscious Black shopping needs.  

Want to buy Black books, calendars, and music to feed your soul and bring joy to your heart? Here are some links for all of your conscious Black shopping needs.  

Click here for Black Shopping.  

And while you are buying presents for everybody else, make sure you do some shopping for yourself! 

Success Strategies for Black People 
What They Don't Want Us to Know 

Plus click here for my FREE Black Success audios.

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Ms-Jenkinsok.jpg?width=185Sharon C. Jenkins is a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, author, freelance writer, editor and the Inspirational Principal for The Master Communicator’s Writing Services and the mastermind behind the annual Authors Networking Summit and America’s Favorite Author Competition. Known as The Master Communicator, she is proficient in communicating in all forms of media: radio, newspapers, magazines, and spoken word.  She also hosts the Blog Talk Radio Program, The Literary Showcase.

Sharon has helped hundreds of authors get their message to the masses through workshops, webinars, her radio show and coaching.  Her new book Authorpreneurship: The Business of Writing was just picked up by My Book Therapy and is a culmination of everything she has learned from her literary journey and that of other authors. She is also master connector and is looking to connect you with her awesome network of thought leaders.

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My Cleansing Journey Day 11

Ten days has pass (with 20 left) since the start of my cleaning journey. I made some good process. I have successfully switch half of my accounts that I have to online statements. They all go to one dedicated email address. I even created a calendar so I know when my bills are due and everything is all sync up so I have no excuse miss a payment (unless I don’t have the money). I also emptied out a basket that I had lying around the apartment and turn into a shred container. Everything that needs to be shredding will go into there and I will take care of it at least once a week.

I have to admit it’s overwhelming. “Why do I have so much stuff?” Every Spring and Fall I go through my clothes and donate what I cannot fit anymore. Every now and then I’m recycling bags of shredded up paper. So you would think that over time I should be able to look around and see less and less, but I don’t. This is ridiculous. Then a light bulb went off.

My aha moment.......

Read on to learn what I finally realized.

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Are you in bad need of money for your business but you have bad credit.  In this video, I teach you a process to acquiring a loan for your business even with bad credit. I give you the break down on what you need to set the business up properly so that the business qualifies for that loans.

Even more I teach you how to find investors for your business.

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How does incorporating your small business benefit you?  In this video, I'll share with you 7 of the great benefits of a corporation.  You'll also learn how easy it is to save thousands of dollars in your small business.

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Are you a small business owner that hates tax season?  You have to think of how you can reduce your tax bill and walk away with a nice tax return.  In this video I'll share with you a few resources that could save you thousands of dollars in your small business.  Many small business owners accountants, CPA's, or Attorneys don't share these writes with the majority of their clients.

Read more… Have you ever wrote a bad check and now you can not get a checking account? Well, you're now alone.  In this video, I'll show you, how to get a new checking account as well as show you how to contact ChexSystems to remove youself from their database.

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Only Temporary

Sometimes life has a tendency in changing one's course especially when the "To Do List" is needing "To Be Done Now List" a fork in the road forces you to back up suddenly without any warning. Disappointment, panic, that saying "No Not Now" may set in...temporary setbacks are apart of life, don't give in,  you may never know just how close you have gotten until you pick up that "To Do List" again.

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10744099264?profile=originalOctober 2013 Feature “LaShanda Henry”

Web Designer and Founder of 15+ Websites for People of Color.  LaShanda Henry has been developing websites for over 10 years.  She owns over 15 web properties and is most passionate about two things: creating positive websites for people of color and helping women entrepreneurs learn how to build successful businesses online. Ms. Henry graduated Columbia University and received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2002.  “My life’s mission is to motvate. inform. inspire. connect. With my  mother in  mind, I do what I do for parents looking to better their children’s lives and for women striving to live their dreams. I love to share information and build communities online. It’s what I do and who I am."

SHOWCASE Magazine October 2013 Print Edition


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Forget the obvious holidays and observances. We will all probably cover Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the minor holidays and observances could punch up your blog’s SEO (search engine optimization) as well as help in marketing your brand in a totally new way. Here are a few:


Chanukah/Hanukkah, Thursday November 28, 2013

You don’t have to be Jewish to discuss Chanukah. As Christians, we have an instant connection through the Savior. Share something special about this holy day with your readers. Teach them a blessing to share with their Jewish friends and co-workers.

Black Friday (11/29), Small Business Saturday (11/30) and Cyber Monday (12/2)

These are three of the busiest shopping days of the year. Offer a discount or a promotion to your readers. Encourage them to shop with some of your colleagues who own businesses. Spotlight businesses you utilize to say thank you.

November is the month of many things, but there is one observance that can keep your blog busy with traffic: National Inspirational Role Models Month. This is an odd observance, but it is a great one to forward as a movement and to celebrate your inspirations.

Rosa Parks Day, Sunday December 1, 2013

If you’ve ever had to stand your ground for justice or be the only one in an environment who is like you, then this day could make for some very inspiring posts. Read a biographical profile and find that one thing about Rosa that resonates with you and perhaps your readers.

National Bathtub Day, Thursday December 5, 2013

The fun you can have with this topic is endless.

National Chocolate-covered Anything Day, Monday December 16, 2013

Enough said.

Google “national observances and holidays” to find any number of sites with these and more days, weeks and months to add to your editorial calendar. Which odd observances do you write about?

Guest Blog provided by Robin Caldwell for

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Every aspiring, emerging and established writer should attend at least one writer’s conference a year for not only the need to market your ideas/works, but to stay on top of the changes in the publishing world and, even more importantly, to establish best practices for your business as a writer. That’s right! In today’s world, writers –artists – need to be entrepreneurial in the sense that you need to create and establish methods/skills that will help you to achieve whatever goals and outcomes you have set for your works (your business). I had the pleasure of attending the James River Writer’s annual Writer’s Conference ( October 19-20, 2013 in Richmond, Virginia. Although I was a moderator for a panel on small to mid-sized publishers, I also was there as an author and playwright. And I was there to LEARN. As such, here are 5 takeaways I wish to share with you that I hope will help you navigate not only this difficult terrain of publishing, but to get you thinking strategically and critically about what it takes to be  a successful 21st Century author.

The Publishing World is Ever-Changing

  • First, know the intentions for your work. What do you want to do with it? Sell it to the highest bidder? Get in on the bookshelves? Build credibility?
  • Research which aspects of publishing you wish to delve into that will help you build upon your intentions
  • There 5 significant areas of publishing today:  Traditional, Small Press, DIY (Do-it-Yourself), Partner Publishing, or Assisted Publishing. Take the time to see which one is the best fit for your reality at this moment in time (i.e., your budget, your work/family schedule, etc)
  • Advances are going the way of the dinosaur and yet, you are expected to put in even more work, time and energy to market your book…after you’ve nearly killed yourself writing the book J

Build Your Brand

  • Create a platform – Who are you and what do you write about? Who are your readers and where can they be found?
  • Be consistent in your message  (i.e., the verbage, design, marketing, etc)
  • Put together a team of experts to help you do this (check out freelancing sites or pull from your network)

Social Media Presence is a MUST (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)

  • It’s part of your brand identity
  • It’s a way to reach your intended audience
  • It’s a way to stay connected/available to your audience
  • But know your strengths/weaknesses with this skill set because working social media is a skill. (see bullet 3 in Build Your Brand above)

Create a Pitch for Your Work

  • This is for both conferences and any other social interaction opportunity
  • A pitch is a 30 second to 1 minute blurb which contains 5 essential elements: who you are, what other books your book is similar to, 250 mini-synopsis of the storyline, and the market the book is targeted for
  • Practice, practice, practice delivering your pitch in a mirror
  • Remember, you never know where you’ll meet an agent or publisher. So be prepared!!

Create a Logline for Your Work

  • A logline is 1 sentence descriptor of your storyline.
  • For example, here’s mine for my novel, Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders: “It’s October 1929, and WWI veteran and securities specialist Sy Sanford has been hired to find and stop the killer of Negro working class women in the affluent Negro neighborhood of Jackson Ward, but Sy has two big problems: he’s a drunk in the age of Prohibition and the killer has now targeted the love of his life.” It’s a little wordy, but it’s one sentence and it tells the meat of the story as well as the time period of the work: 1929. So you know that this is a work of historical fiction.
  • Commit to memory the logline
  • Remember, you not only never know where you’ll meet an agent or publisher, but a reader! Once you say you have written a book, they will ask the million dollar question: “So what is your book about?” BE PREPARED!!

No one knows your story better than you, so give it the best chance to reach its intended audience and be successful (whatever that means for you). No longer can writers afford to sit behind the computer screen or notepad in anonymity hoping that their agent or publisher will push the work for them. You have to get out there and do the work yourself today. We live in a technologically driven world with many different routes of communication that we expect everyone to use. You simply cannot realistically avoid Facebook or Twitter, I am sad to say. Just learn how to use it strategically – know its place in the marketing of your work.

Surround yourself with hard-working, driven people who believe in your product and get to work. And spend the money to attend a great writer’s conference. It will not only help save your sanity, but thousands of dollars in avoidable mistakes from lack of information/knowledge. Writing is a business.


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