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Hello Community,
Lets get to it!!!! Everybody DO NOT want to work for themselves.

Yes, I know all the advertisements scream

that myth at you , Daily!!!!!

The marketeers try to convince you having a JOB is not a good thing.
Who are they trying to fool?????
If you are not earning a income , who will purchase the good and services and business opportunities

they promote???


I ask you WHO???
Yes, they say JOB like it is a bad thing. You gotta be kidding !!!!
Everybody who follows this flawed logic, join the JUST OVER BROKE mantra.
Many do not even think about what they are advocating.
Well, here is my take. JOB stands for JOY, OVERCOMING BROKE! Say that daily.

Yes, every action I take to improve my income and lifestyle is supporting that realization.

That includes keeping an 8 TO 5 Yes, the 8 TO 5 allows me to pursue my passion, which is marketing and
promoting, working with online business operators, consulting with small business owner.
The 8 TO 5 handle basic operational cost like food, shelter, clothing. ( Remember, I am a home based
business owner/operator ), so I can generate additional income from doing my passion.
Now, imagine trying to do that without the operational cost being handled.


You, those who have had to do this, know

what I am talking about , it is difficult, to say the least.

Here is another irony to the Everybody wants to work for themselves myth.

 As business owners grow, acquire new customers, service existing customers, purchase goods and services,

etc. they quickly realize they need help.

Guess what they do next- Inquire about people looking for a JOB!!!!!

Yes, a JOB!!!!

Get it,

We all have a JOB, some work for themselves, some work for others. A JOB is a good thing!!!

Now, here is the reality one should be focusing on . Create multiple streams of income.

Create income producing assets.


Do not rely on one source of income i.e JOB.

Recognize and accept events change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not so good.
You want to be prepared either way. Have options, Create options.
Without options they is no choice, just situations.

Need help with creating your PLAN B? Want to know how to create income producing assets?
How to determine how many streams of income you will need to be financially solid??
Great!! I have suggestions!!!!! Email me at
Subject: Having a Job is ok with me show me how to create my Plan B!!!

Networkingly yours,



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 I am so priviledged to be connected with some great people.

Juniques MultiCultural Connections (

I am glad to share this insightful and helpful information from a dynamic leader in the Arizona!!

"The moment you think that you know it all and can do it all on your own, is the moment you give up your opportunity to change lives. But worry not, what you refuse to do, others will gladly take your spot!" -- Felicia Davis





Hi rickey johnson!


Wouldn't it be nice to have someone in your life that you trust completely enough to let your guard down and tell them what's really going on -- especially during the times when you're struggling or feeling anxiety about something that you need to get done?  Or even better yet -- what if you had someone who is so jazzed up about what you're doing and where you're going that they're introducing you to others -- even when you're not around. Wouldn't that be oh so grand....

I attended a meeting this morning hosted by my friend and colleague Dr. Joel Martin. She hosts a monthly forum called Conversation on Leadership (COL) which is an intimate gathering of community leaders making their mark in their own way. I am very selective on the networking meetings that I attend because I place a premium on my time and I can only afford to spend time where I can add value and/or receive value - this is true for me both personally and professionally. Personally, if I'm not having fun or feeling a true connection, I try to add more of what I want but if the connection still isn't there, I move on. Life is too short to operate any other way.


What I really love about COL is that it's different. It's designed to be our time to focus on us and what we can do to take our work to the next level. There is absolutely no room for ego or titles to get in the way of us disarming, learning and getting the support we need from our learning partners. Today's session was facilitated by Dr. Robin Postel and she did an awesome job leading us through a change process that allowed us to get unhooked from a challenge in order to move forward powerfully with our work. I learned a lot and as usual, left our meeting feeling whole, complete and fully embraced by a group of like-minded leaders who place a premium on sowing seeds into their own development knowing that it is the ONLY way that we can do this work and have it be life-shifting. I'm also excited that Dr. Joel is one of many thought-leaders who will be leading an upcoming discussion with the members of The Emerge Leaders' Circle.



jpegAfter leaving our meeting, I immediately thought about a book that I read a few years ago by Keith Ferrazzi called Who's Got Your BackIt's a fabulous book that teaches the concept of building lifeline relationships. These are the people with whom you can really count on, open up to and share your fears and your failures while asking for help without worrying about being judged. These are also the very same people with whom you can share your goals and dreams with and they will be your guideposts, helping to lift you up and watch your back as you make your way over the top. 

I especially love the book because it helps to disarm you just enough to realize that even as an expert in your domain of excellence, Superwoman is a myth and you do not or will not have all the answers. At some point, you'll have to realize that the best of you comes from a co-creation of the wisdom, guidance and tough love that your lifeline partners give you. The problem is that some people seldom get to a place where we ask for help - the support that we need to move forward. Why? Fear...fear of being seen as weak, incompetent, unable to play at the same level or simply not meeting the expectations of those who are expecting big things from you. This has such a crippling effect that we become immobilized, stuck and often paralyzed by our own actions or lack thereof. 

The book suggest four reasons why lifeline relationships are necessary:

1. To help us get in agreement with ourselves about how we define success on an 'individual' level.
2. To develop a plan to get us there with strategies that are inclusive of both lifeline and strategic partners. 
3. To identify and make a commitment on what we will stop doing and say no to in order to move forward. 
4. To surround ourselves with people who have our best interest at heart. These are the people who are going to give it to us real, raw and relevant so that we can transform our lives from great to remarkable! 

The first month of 2013 is behind us and now is the perfect time to start developing your own lifeline relationships. You need to know who's got your back and who's back you will have. If you haven't already, figure out who you want in this innermost circle of your life, have a direct conversation about your intention, develop some specific actions that will guide your newfound partnerships (this is also the what signals to you that it's working) and get busy creating the environment for the magic to unfold!   

Until next time...

Be remarkable!



P.S. I would love for you to join me in The Emerge Leaders' Circle. It's the perfect next step in my work where you sow a seed into your own development and it's guaranteed to reap an ROI well above your financial investment. Our first Masterclass is next Wednesday and the topic is Maximizing Your Leadership Style for Optimum Results. Go here for detailsand feel free to shoot me an email with questions.  



Felicia Davis International

Phoenix, AZ

Tel: (888) 369-3304



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I WAS THAT GIRL...THE ONE WHO THOUGHT SHE HAD TO FIX EVERYTHING, CONTROL EVERY OUTCOME AND JUST BE IN CONTROL ALL THE TIME. Until I had a revelation...FEAR is a manmade myth and that when I learn to LET GO I gain control...enjoy the blog post below where I share my insight into my revelation and how you can uncover the same journey for yourself. ~Katrina


10744081273?profile=originalI started my day as normal, clear focused intentions, meditation time and time to give thanks. I’m ready to hit my day swinging focusing on my W.I.N. and making things happen because that’s what creatives do. Then it hit me….my video camera battery was completely out and the video I needed to record early this morning to send to my list for registration to my 21 Day challenge was already 3 hours late. My kids were in full fledge “mommy! mommy!” mode and I felt the twinge of “ugh” reach my belly – an all to familiar feeling of…”FEAR”

I know the signs…frustration, annoyance “why didn’t I charge the camera up last night!!!” and even the feeling of putting off my objective for today for another day (procrastination). ALL the ugly signs of FEAR that in the past would mean I would find myself “fighting” to get through the day, needing to make sacrifices instead of choices. I wasn’t having it…afterall I wrote the book on learning to “let go” and Embrace the real journey of your life. No way I was going to start tripping today.

Instead I did what I have learned to do…I told FEAR to buzz off…in my Martin Lawrence voice I told it to “Get to Steppin’” because I know now that FEAR isn’t real. It’s a manufactured emotion we’ve created when the perception of the world doesn’t happen the way we “think” it should. In other words…I ignored the fear and instead found courage to make a different choice.

Why is Fear a Myth?

It would take me an entire book to explain how I have come and am still evolving to learn that FEAR is a big ole nasty myth that we’ve all purchased, but to put it in few words. Fear is a myth because all that there is is LOVE and ABUNDANCE. We’ve been conditioned to accept fear because we have also been conditioned that we cannot control but should fight to control everything.  You know…the client that doesn’t respond to the email fast enough or even the partner that doesn’t seem to “get” your point of view in business or maybe the product launch that isn’t selling. We feel as though we have to fight every battle in life…with only a few worth fighting. All those creepy thoughts that love to remind you that ‘fear” is a constant thing we must FIGHT-{a daily battle of external manifestations that don’t add up to our PERCEPTION of the world}. The constant reminder of Fear that we’re not good enough, smart enough, have enough money, our kids don’t do enough or fear that we’re not working hard enough to push past generational curses that we are determined not to repeat. So we MUST fight.

Continue to read the full Blog post here...

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The Strong Black Woman: Myth or Reality?

The Strong Black Woman: Myth or Reality?I was having a conversation with a group of women today, and the subject of the "Strong Black Woman" came up. It was with a mixed group and I found the discussion absolutely fascinating.So I want to engage your thinking (my brothers and sisters) as well. What is your definition of a Strong Black Woman. Is she a myth or reality?Brothers: How do/would you define her? Do you or would you embrace her as your partner in life? If yes, why so? If no, why not?Sisters: How would you define her? Is she a myth or reality? Do you consider yourself a Strong Black Woman? If yes, why so? If no, why not?It is my hope that this year 2009 will be the year of truth and honesty, openness and kindness, generosity of care and genuineness love.I look forward to your comments and feedback.
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