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When trying to decide whether to use a credit union or a bank when applying for a credit card. There are a few factors to consider.


1.) With a credit union you are a member, or a stakeholder. With a bank you are simply a customer. Banks are for-profit institutions and their goal is to make money for the stockholders of the company. A credit union is not-for-profit entity and their goal is pass through the profits to the members. This comes in the form of added member benefits such as low fees and low rates.


2.) Its a misconstrued opinion that credit unions have limited branch and ATM locations. However, many credit unions belong to larger networks, such as the Credit Union Service Centers.


3.) Most credit unions offer credit cards just like a typical bank. What isn’t so typical are the exceptionally low APR rates they offer.


4.) Credit unions have many available ATMs, but they are also fee free! The average fee for an ATM is $2.33 and is on the rise. Now if you use your bank issued ATM card at a third party ATM, then you just doubled your fees. With a credit union ATM card, you can withdraw your own money fee free as long as it’s at a participating ATM. Even if you withdraw money from a third party, you may have to pay their fee, but most credit unions don’t charge for the transactions themselves. I’m too busy to walk into a branch office every time I want to withdraw some money, and I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay hefty fees when I do.


5.) At a credit union, credit cards, home equity loans, mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans all enjoy lower rates than you will find at a bank. At the same time, savings, checking, money market, and CD’s have higher rates. I don’t typically endorse putting any significant amount of your money into savings and CD’s as inflation tends to outpace them, however, most people feel more comfortable doing so and they might as well earn a higher rate!

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How do I get a mortgage with bad credit?

Being a homeowner is a great feeling.  You know you’ve made some progress in your life, when you’re no longer a renter but instead an homeowner.  However, many of us struggle to get the chance to own a home because we have bad credit.  

Now, you don’t have to be discourage anymore, because there are home buying programs and lenders willing to help you become a home owner even with bad credit.  Although, they may have a few extra criteria’s, you can buy a piece of real estate. 

With the FHA mortgage program, their criteria’s are fairly simple.  They would like for you to have a minimum credit score of 580, 3 to 6 months of paystubs, 2 years of taxes, and debt to income ratio of 35%.  They also want you to have a down payment of 3.5% of the mortgage value and you can even borrow that from a friend or family member.  Another nice thing about the FHA mortgage program, if you have relative living with you, they will include their income to help you qualify for that mortgage.

There are also conventional mortgages that also have become very flexible when working with new home buyers, such as allowing a home buyer to put 3% down on that house.   Also, they’ve made it easier for veterans to buy a home with no down payment.

So, can I buy a home with bad credit? The answer is yes, however I would encourage to fix your bad credit so you can get a lower interest rate.

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How to discharge student loans in bankruptcy?

When you’re trying to discharge a student loan in bankruptcy, you need to know which student loans are dischargeable.  There’s a difference between a federal student loan, federal student loan serviced by a private student loan, and a private student loan?

A federal student loan is issued by the federal government and serviced by the federal government.  They have a lower interest rate and the federal government usually can forgive the balance of the loan if you are not able to make the payments. 

Now the federal student loans that are serviced by private lenders have been recalled by the federal government because the private servicer were not being flexible with the borrower with their payment plans.  Which also cause the borrower to default as well as taint the borrower credit.

The third type of student loan is from private lenders, such as Sallie Mae, Citibank, Wells Fargo, bank of America, and Navient, which is a subsidiary of Sallie Mae.  When these private lenders issue student loans they do not have the federal government protection, so those loans are treated like a regular personal loan.  Which also means that these lenders make up their own rules when issuing loan and collecting on them.  They can increase the interest rates, if you miss a payment, they’ll send you collections, file the insurance claim get your student loan paid off and then force you to may them too.

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How do I get business credit cards and business loans with a 80 Paydex score?

Many people have come across misleading information of getting business credit cards with a 80 Paydex score.  First, you must understand a paydex score is a three digit number that given to a business from Dun and Bradstreet.  This number is generated once a business has four or more business tradelines or vendors reporting to them. 

Once you’ve generate this number trade vendors use this number to make a decision on whether they are willing to offer your business credit.  The higher the paydex score the better your chances are to being approved for credit.  If you have a paydex score below 80 points this lets the creditor know you are not paying your other vendors on time.

Now, if you’re trying to build your paydex score to get business credit cards or business lines of credit, there are other factors that are used to determine,if you’re going to get approved for business credit.  When you apply for business credit cards or business lines of credit, most lenders will want to look at your personal credit, your business bank statements, or your business financials.

The paydex score is irrelevant at this point when trying to get cash and credit for your business.  This is the reason we suggest people to stop wasting money on Net30 accounts and just fixed their personal credit and put the money into a business bank account.

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Should I Co-sign A loan, credit card, or Apartment for a Family member?

If you’re a parent then I suggest to add your kids on your credit accounts as authorize user.  This will build up their credit, so you as the parent will not need to co-sign for their student loans, cars, and apartments. 

Now, if you have a family member or love one that having credit issues and they ask if you would sign for them a car, credit card, or apartment, then I would suggest you not to do it.  The reason is that it could ruin the relationship.  For example, if a family needs to move into a new apartment and they ask you to co-sign and you decide to do it.  If that person loses his or her job, then you’ll be stuck with making the payments or ruining your personal credit and the relationship.

I always suggest if a person is having credit issues offer to help them repair their personal credit, if they refuse, then you know that person is not the one to be offering help too.  Some may argue that you should look at how financially responsible the person is in order to determine if it’s worth you putting your good personal credit on the line.  However, you must factor in that things could happen to the person or their employment and that may leave you on the hook for extra bills.

So, in conclusion, I would suggest find other ways to help them, rather reserve the relationship then jeopardize personal credit if the person is not will to fix their own credit.

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Do you own a home-base business? Let’s be honest – many of us who own home-base businesses are focus on marketing and profits. If we don’t get customers, we are headed for failure. In the December 2009 issue of Home Business, there is an article that talks about the Six Sigma.Like many of you – my first question was what is the Six Sigma? Six Sigma process is used to identify issues and opportunities within your business. Each step is used to ensure that your business obtains the best results. It’s a progression from start to finish.This process is used by such companies as Motorola, Home Depot and Toyota to name a few. This is a five step process in which is known as DMAIC.Define: We must define our customers, their issues and core processes which involves these issues. Also project boundaries including mapping the flow of the process, stop of the process must be defined.Measure: We must measure the performance of the core of our business process. This involves the collections of data to determine defects and metrics in the processes. Once this data is collected it is compared to customer surveys to determine shortfalls.Analyze: The data collected and the processed used to identify gaps between current performance and ideal performance. This involves prioritizations of issues and opportunities for improvement and reasons for observed variations.Improve: This process will target the development of innovative solutions using technology and discipline to correct identifies issues to prevent problems.Control: Involves the improvements by developing, documenting and implementing and ongoing plan to monitor changes and prevent employees from regressing back to their old ways of conducting themselves.To find out more about Six Sigma process, pick your issue today and change the way you do business.
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Oftentimes, I'm asked, "Denise, what steps do I need to take to become a homeowner." Although there are several steps to follow to become a homeowner, here's just a few of them:1. Interview a Realtor2. Get Pre-Qualified by a lender3. Arrange property tours4. Target a home that is "ideal" and write an offer5. Present the offer to the seller6. Counter offer7. Escrow8. Loan application9. Contingency period10. Homeowner insurance coverage11. Signing documents with title company12. Down payment and closing costs13. Funding14. Close of escrowFor more details about each step, send me an email: or call me at 916-534-5239. I would love to help.Denise R. McCoyRealtor/Employer Housing Specialistwww.ReaRealtors.com916-534-5239 or 916-852-5100
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How is your business doing?

Having your own business requires consistent review. Ideas are continuously flowing and ways to improve are being flushed through your mind. Taking it up to the next level is the main goal - not wanting to miss out on being able to provide the services that your competitors are able to deliver. In fact, you want your business to be even better - stand out - completely unique in delivering services that others really need and you can give it to them.Well, I have a list of questions that I often ask myself• How am I doing?• What can I do to improve?• Am I offering my clients an invaluable service?• What about my internal clients? Are they feeling appreciated?• Are my external clients referring me to others?• How effective is my networking?• Am I investing enough time into my business?I can continue on with the questions. However, most important in keeping your business report, be sure to take an honest look at yourself. Your well being - your physical, emotional/mental health are vital in doing business. Your purpose in doing business is not only to be your own boss, be in control but to also enjoy life on your terms. You want to live a prosperous life - well, you also need to live a healthy life. Be sure to take care of the business of your own health.• Stay hydrated (drink water, 100% fruit juices)• Make time to get pampered (spa, massage, body rub/scrub)• Exercise (enjoy a yoga class)• Meditate (quiet time to center yourself)• Make healthy eating choices (salad, fruits, vegetables, vitamins, etc.)• Visit your doctor and follow the standard health screenings• Travel (plan a vacation - go see other places)• Spend quality time with your family• Donate your time, clothes, other items or money to a worthy cause• Go out for a night on the town (concert, dinner, Broadway show, museum)• Make time for a social gathering (group of folks who share common interests, friends)• Play golf, tennis, chess, dominos, basketball, softball, base ball, etc.• Go to a book store pick up that book you've been meaning to read• Relax and begin to read your book - even just a chapter or two - then be sure to make some time to continue reading it again - even if you have to take it to the mandatory room (the place we all have to sit for a while).You are in business with the goal of enjoying life. I know it's hard to step away especially when you are constantly working on something new or something that requires your attention, or just having to put that time in to see the business grow. It will grow but you will be surprised at the growth you can achieve by taking care of yourself. It builds your confidence - you will feel like a billion bucks, and most of all your business will improve.
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