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Parenting with Purpose


Let's face it, being a parent is not an easy job! Deciding on making a difference in the life of your child and the function of your family as a whole, is a step in the right direction.

Research has shown parenting with intention and leadership result in a more positive outcome, and isn’t that what you want?  Join Dr. Angela as she teaches seven things you can do, because you too, can Parent with Purpose.

In this teaching, Dr. Angela reveals…

  • What parenting is and how to effectively teach your children.
  • The dangers of old habits and why we need zero tolerance for it
  • What it means to be true leaders while parenting
  • Four actions you can do to start your new parenting style now


Don’t settle for a so-so family, have the family God has planned for you - it's so much better. Discover how today!

Get instant access. 

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 Identity Theft - It is more than just about Finances. It can kill you if you don't deal with it. There are many products on market which offer Identity Theft Monitoring Services. If you have one of them that's great.


What that means is that you have the consciousness to recognize that there is a problem out there and you are taking positive action to protect yourself. Which is a good thing. The downside is that you may be experiencing a false sense of security because you are actually still exposed the vast majority of types of Identity Theft.


Financial Identity Theft also know as credit fraud only represents about 20% of the overall crime.

10744100672?profile=originalThis means that your bank or credit card company isn't going to be able to help you with other 80% types of Identity Theft Crimes out there. That's not good.

One of the things that chart doesn't show is that is Medical Identity Theft. Did you know that because of the current health insurance crisis people are desperate to get medical coverage? When people are desperate they will doing things which may not be other's best interest. 

Here is a quick video that shows the challenge Medical Identity Theft poses.


So what are you going to do? How are you and your family going to get protected from those other threats? By the way, many of those other services require that your spouse or significant others to pay an additional fee to be covered.

Fortunately, there is another solution. There is company with a dedicated staff of trained professional Identity Theft Restoration Agents. The best part of it is that the service covers you and your spouse with one low price and for just a dollar a month more you can add up to 8 children. 

If you would like to know more about the service please visit

About the Author

Clarence Coggins is an Internet Market. He has extensive experience with applying Web 2.0 technology in the promotion of business and educational ventures. He also works a Leads Broker with the Silver Fox Leads Factory to contact him you can email or call him at 973-943-4073.


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What Good Dads Do

Good dads change your diaper when it’s messy.

Good dads buy you a basketball or football even before you’re six months old.

Good dads pick you up from your first day of kindergarten.

Good dads take off of work to see your first-grade Thanksgiving play.

Good dads read your favorite story to you, even though you’ve heard it 77 times before.

Good dads coach your soccer team even if he doesn’t   like soccer.

Good dads give you chicken-noodle soup when you’re sick.

Good dads spank your butt when you mouth-off to your mother.

Good dads help you with your homework, even if they don’t quite understand.

Good dads are patient.

Good dads always want the best for you.

Good dads never give up on you.

Good dads get up early to take you to your first job.

Good dads have talks with your teachers or coaches when they don’t treat you fairly.

Good dads tell their sons how to respect women.

Good dads tell their daughters to be careful of whom they trust.

Good dads teach their children to respect their elders.

Good dads teach their children to respect themselves.

Good dads tell you when you screw up.

Good dads teach you how to drive.

Good dads tell you to be careful.

Good dads show you how to change a flat tire.

Good dads come out in the rain at 2:00 o’clock in the morning to change your flat tire.

Good dads don’t seek your adulation or praise.  Taking care of you is their responsibility.

Good dads don’t always give you what you want, but always provide what you need.

Good dads tell you stories about your grandparents and your aunts and uncles.

Good dads explain that all blessings come from the Master Father.

Good dads always put their children first.

Good dads love their children unconditionally.

Good dads encourage their children to develop their mind, body, and spirit.

Good dads always love and respect the mother of their children.

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“What Good Dads Do” video at

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A while back I attended a college graduation ceremony and observed something that verified something I already knew, but hadn’t actually thought about.  Seated in front of me was a young mother and next to her was her newborn baby.  The infant couldn’t have been more than two weeks old as it sat in the plastic car carrier oblivious to the world.  What I observed was this mother’s constant and deliberate attention to this new person.  Every few seconds she would look inside the carrier to see if everything was alright.  The baby was sleep, yet the new mother kept watch much like a mother robin does with her newly hatched babies; or like a mother lion does with her baby cubs.  And it occurred to me that there is a special bond between child and mother that is pure and natural.  It cannot be duplicated.  It can not be replicated.  Grandma doesn’t have it.  Auntie doesn’t have.  And definitely Dad doesn’t have it.  That bond between mother and child is like no other bond ever created.  You can’t describe it.  You can’t study it.  You simply have to know that it is.

And while the bond gets tested many times as a child grows, the bond remains intact.  Mom will defend you to the Supreme Court if need be, yet be your harshest critic when you act a fool.  I instinctly knew that this bond existed, but when you get to be grown, sometimes you have to be reminded of what you know.  That’s what the woman at the graduation ceremony did.  She reminded me that the Spirit created the bond between mother and child to be like no other human connection on earth, and because of that, we are blessed more than we can ever comprehend.


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Hello Community, Juniques Multi Cultural Connections suggest this ebook for a good read.

We definitely want our children to be confident!!!!

Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents

to try to make our kids as well rounded, happy and confident as possible. This book will give you

the parenting skills necessary to raise confident kids

Click here to get your copy of Developing Confident Children


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Mother - It Takes One to Know One


I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant the sheer fright of it all was overwhelming. I had so many things to consider but most importantly - my parents specifically my mother. I was raised by a God fearing, God loving, God everything mother. I was raised in the church and Sundays was reserved for church starting from Sunday School to Sunday morning service and then back for the evening service. The week nights had services as well which I also attended. I could not understand why I had to go to church all the time, I thought my mother was so mean. I was sent to the best schools that they could afford, graduating from an all girls high school. Next step - college. Well, not for me, with my new found independence, I became pregnant. I was so ashamed, I could not find the courage to tell my mother. I knew it would hurt her and after all that she invested in me, this is what I gave in return. I kept my mouth shut and let my pregnancy show for itself. My mother and I coexisted in silence, she was too numb to speak.

During my pregnancy, I had nightmares of having an alien for a baby. I wondered if I would die during the birthing process. I prayed and asked God to please let it be a girl but I just knew it would be a boy because I had no right to ask for a girl knowing that I had sinned. It was such a God fearing ten months, yes it felt as though I was carrying my baby for almost a year. However, after giving birth and hearing that it was a girl, I became overwhelmed. What kind of mother would I be? How would I take care of her?

On the other hand, I was excited that I had a healthy baby girl and I felt that perhaps God was not as disappointed in me as my mother. Somehow, I was able to get through motherhood by applying some of the values that my mother gave me and maturing into setting my own standards and values. I realized very early, while holding my newborn baby in my arms that I wanted the best for her. I wanted her to be smart, to have an exceptional relationship with God, be nice to others, go to college, have great friends and have an amazing life.

While making my detours through life, I completed college and excelled academically. I have accomplished quite a lot and my mother is proud. I am a mother and now a grandmother of girls and I am so thankful to God for giving me the best mother in the whole wide world! I could not have done it without her.

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My heart goes out to those affected by the loss of a child whether by death, imprisonment or to the streets. In my hometown there are a lot of children killing one another. There are a lot of fatherless children due to this. There are a lot of parents with pain and anger in their hearts. There are a lot of families hurt by this.

My God given talent is to write poetry...write poetry that helps, heal and save lives. On my Facebook page is where I do most of my writing but I would love to share some of them with you. I write personalized poetry for anyone in need of comforting words, a good laugh, uplifting or just because.

I hope you enjoy...

I sit along side the ground I was buried in

My arms wrapped around my legs and I'm wondering

How did I get here? So quick. So fast.

Is this the length of time my life was suppose to last?

I sit here wondering wut is dude thinking

Does he have a care in the world that in this ground my body sinked in.

Did he get caught yet or is he wondering free?

Is the picture of my body laying there helpless all that he see?

I sit bottom on my bunk in this cell

Angry that at such a young age, my life will forever be in jail.

Can't escape the eyes of the young man who's life I took

Pain buried in my heart as, at my life I look.

No way to apologize. No way for him to hear.

Well, if he's wondering. Behind these walls for my life I fear.

That moment I asked to be taken back to

That bullet I ask for it to reverse back thru...his body.

I wonder if he knew that, that day I shot me

Only I lived. No permanent wound but a dead life I'll live.

I sit mourning my child's death

I sit hating that his life has ended

I sit with hatred in my heart

I wish that boy's life in jail could be ended...

but I know that's not right.

For some reason he still has life

Maybe it's to save another

My heart goes out to that boy's mother.

I sit on the edge of my bed crying

My son is in jail while another mother's son is lying...6ft under

My mind wonders and I don't know wut to say

I know she's hurting and my words won't end the pain

But I would wrap my arms around her and say,

Though I cannot remove the pain that you feel

From one mother to another...I know God is real.

And for my son I send my condolences and apologies

Cause when you cry, I also weep. I'm so sorry.

(Written by Leukemiona Daniels, 2010)

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“It’s Crunch Time!“, by Marie Brewer ( for the link to book) This is my book ofmuscle for boys (ages 9-12) to point them in the direction of HOPE!...This is an interactive book where they can write about their feelings. It discusses acceptable behavior, good self-image, respect for females and animals, appreciation for teachers/school, choosing good friends. The book also talks about resisting gangs, guns, drugs, violence, alcohol and bad influences. Let's attack the behavior, not the boy. "It's Crunch Time!" , by Marie Brewer, Be a part of the village to help our boys envision their true God-given purpose!We can turn this thing around!SEE! THINK ! ACT!
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RETV is here!

Hip Hop fans of all ages welcome RETV, a weekly, one-hour positive hip-hop program. RETV is currently broadcasted in several major U.S. Markets including Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, & Detroit, MI, as well as many smaller towns, college campuses and online. Hosted by Moeski and Nicki Lynch, this show exposes the positive side of Hip Hop by presenting an indepth look at Hip Hop artists who leave sex, drugs, alcohol, violence and profanity out of their music.

Through artist interviews, and organizational profiles RETV examines Hip Hop’s positive influence on our youth and urban communities. Coupled with music videos and comedic skits, RETV provides the entertaining aspect of Hip Hop that captures the attention of youth and adults ages 15-35.

Click here to view the show online!Click here to view official press release
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Tax Breaks for Your Children This Summer

When school is out, what do your children do? Parents may send children to summer camp or special school programs or make other child arrangements. Some older children may go to work. There may be tax breaks for these activities.DEPENDENT CARE CREDITIf your child is under age 13 (or a child of any age who is physically or mentally incapable of caring for himself or herself) and you work full time or part time, you may be eligible for a tax credit. The credit, which is based on eligible expenses up to $3,000 for one dependent and $6,000 for two or more dependents, ranges from 20% to 35%, depending on your adjusted gross income (AGI). For those with AGI over $43,000, the credit rate is 20%. Thus, the top credit for those at the 20% rate is $1,010 for one dependent and $2,100 for two or more dependents.A variety of expenses incurred both in and out of the home can qualify for the credit.- Compensation to a babysitter, housekeeper, or au pair to watch your child. Also include employment taxes you may pay for a housekeeper.- Daycare costs.- Costs for day camp, including a speciality camp such as a soccer or computer campINELIGIBLE EXPENSES: The cost of sleepaway camp is not an eligible expense for purposes of the dependent care credit. Also, transportation costs to day care or paying for the transportation costs of someone working in your home does not qualify for the credit.SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDRENThe cost of education for special needs children, which may continue throughout the summer months, can qualify as a deductible medical expenses are deductible only as itemized deductions to the extent they exceed 7.5% of AGI). The schooling must be on a doctor's recommendation, so a physically or mentally disabled dependent can attend a program to alleviate or overcome the disability.Note: Outside-the-home care costs for a special needs dependent may qualify for the dependent care credit. However, the same expenses can only be taken into account once (either for a medical deductions or dependent care credit).PUTTING YOUR CHILD TO WORKIf you own a business, you may be able to employ your child this summer. Given the tight job market, this may be the only way your child can earn money and gain work experience now.Wages paid to your child are deductible by the business. Wages up to $5,700 in 2009 are not taxable to your child. If, for example, you paid your child $16 an hour for a 35-hour work week, he or she would reach the tax-free limit in about 10 weeks.What's more, he or she can use these earnings to get a jump on retirement savings. Up to $5,000 can be used to fund an IRA. It's probably wise for a child to opt for a Roth IRA; they usually won't need the tax deduction for a traditional IRA, and earnings in the Roth IRA build up tax free.If you're self-employed and your child is under 18, there are no FICA (Social Security and Medicare) taxes or FUTA (federal unemployment) taxes. There may, however, be taxes and other insurance obligations at the state level.Caution: Make sure you pay your child only reasonable compensation for work actually performed. Since the IRS pays extra attention to family-related write-offs, keep time slips and other records of your child's work.
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A Mother's Day gift to yourself!!

Happy Mother's Day from the Freedom At Home Team!Are you a Mother who works hard to do the best possible for your family? Are you like many Mothers out there...looking for a way to supplement the family income?Our company has been helping Mothers all over the country for years. Mothers (and Fathers!) have been building successful businesses with our company and supplementing the family income, replacing a part-time, or full-time income and assisting others with building businesses, or saving with their health needs.Learn more about our benefit programs: team is the fastest growing team in the company and we have thorough training and tools to help you be successful.AND just recently we debuted our new commercial!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Watch it here! we offer:* Daily and Weekly Pay* Free Training* Residual Monthly Pay* Bonuses option* Marketing websites* AD&D Insurance* Benefits Package for Entire HouseholdVisit my website to read about our company: or Call me at 770-739-9970 so I can answer any of your questions!Our company has hundreds of Mothers who read an email (much like this) who talked to a team member about what we offer, researched our company through our websites and training calls and started a business which has made a difference in their family member's lives. Will you be the next one?I look forward to talking with you!Sincerely,Sonya Benbow770-739-9970Sbenbow@ameriplan.net
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I Love You, My Child

Just as parents love their children and want to protect and keep them, so is God. He desires to do us good all the days of our lives. I have to take moments throughout the day to remind myself of that. When crazy stuff happens, thinking on how God loves me like I love my children and far greater is comforting.
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Too Excited!

I was just talking with my Mom, she called to see if I was stressing out about this coming weekends' event. (our cooking demo with Real Men Cook) and I told her calmly that I wasn't and really you would think I should be with all that's been going on.In order for me to be able to serve people samples I would need to prepare all the ingredients ahead of time in a commercial kitchen, which I no access to. My husband may have to travel to California for his boss this week so he will miss our event. ( still up in the air on that) The kids and I will have to cram in my Mother's small car and drive to Plano which is 30 to 45 min away @ 6 AM on Sat. Our demo should only last for 30 min so we should be good on that. So for some reason I'm not stressed @ all! I gave it to GOD and I'm letting him work it out! So why stress, right? Wish us luck, this is just another amazing opportunity that may lead to another bigger opportunity.
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Raising Chefs' now has a Facebook Fan Page and we want you to become our fans. Please help us spread the word about all the wonderful work we've done so far and future endeavors.We are so excited about all the amazing opportunities that have come our way. Become a fan and follow are continuous progress on this wonderful journey GOD has in store for us.Thank you so much for all your support thus far and we hope that you will keep us in your prayers as we take this amazing ride together! Many blessings to each and everyone of you!
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