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You left your corporate job (or perhaps it left you) and you’re finally self-employed. You get to finally live your dreams of business ownership right. but do you have the right mindset? Are you still treating yourself like an employee of your own business? What are the 3 things you need to do to shift your mindset from thinking "paycheck to paycheck" to thinking like a real employer?

When I said "that's IT" from my last corporate layoff (yes I had 2) I was ready to embrace self-employment head-on. I had clients almost immediately and had replaced my corporate salary and then some. BUT

I was overwhelmed, I didn't know know to set boundaries with my clients, I felt like I had to "earn" every penny they paid me. I was  "crackberry" addict (my Blackberry stayed on 24/7 literally. I spend 40+ hours on client work with little time to actually build my business. Despite the fact I had 15 years+ experience and a solid background in operations and systems. I was still struggling and overwhelmed. Even though I was my own boss, I was treating my business and my value like I was still an employee.

Listen to this latest podcast for the 3 things I learned about myself and my business that literally changed the course of my business.


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Multipassionate entrepreneurs often suffer from this...Self-competition - doing WAY too much in your business or having so many visions and passions that it's difficult and challenging to know exactly what to focus on - where and when to ask for help and how to really impact change with your work. What is the key "thing" you MUST know and understand if you desire your visions to truly manifest into real impact?

I'm excited to introduce my new PODCAST show "Liberation Conversations with Katrina" discussing a issue I struggled with for YEARS in my business. The issue that caused me to start a business on Monday and by Friday I'd be "on the next". Or to start a project and then find myself completely overwhelmed (and underperforming) because I was doing waaaay too much and not delegating properly. I got the wake up call and in this podcast I reveal the "thing" we must all do to be both effective and sane. The truth revealed here may ruffle a few feathers and be uncomfortable to hear but often the truth isn't comfortable, but it's always necessary if you intend to grow.

Listen to this podcast, then leave me your thoughts, comments. Do you agree with me? Disagree? Are you challenged in your own business with "Self-competition?"

Until next week


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Hello Juniques Multi Cultural Community members.(
I found this interview with Willie Crawford,
foremost Affiliate Marketer, to be extremely interesting.
He shares an answer to a common everyday problem,
earning income on the internet even if you never have before.
How to get started with other people help.
How to generate income today!

Willie's Story,

In my 16 years online, I've interacted with tens of
thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs... and coached
hundreds of them directly.

Many of these people started an online business  because
they had VERY limited budgets, and never would have been
able start brick-and-mortar businesses.

In fact, some insisted that they didn't even have enough
spare change to afford web hosting or an autoresponder.

When they approached me asking, what to do, I often
told them that they were better off taking a part-time
offline job, and using that money to bootstrap a business.

Back then, I didn't see any easy way to do it without
at least getting your own domain name,  some reputable
hosting, and a good autoresponder.  Yes, there were
companies that offered free hosting, etc., but that
didn't instill any confidence in potential customers...
and only branded the other company.

However, things change fast on the internet, and with
the advent to things like social media, it IS now
fairly easy to start an online business without spending
a penny... and if you HATE selling, you can earn a
decent income without even selling anything directly.

The biggest change, and the secret, actually is in
what makes social media "social."

Social media is all about sharing.

You can now generate a decent living just by SHARING

What you share are branded videos, ebooks, graphics,
webinar recordings, etc.  These are branded with YOUR
affiliate links.  You share them on Facebook, Pinterest,
Twitter, a blog or discussion forum, etc., and when
someone checks them out, they are also checking out your
affiliate links.

The things is, you share interesting content, and never
really need to ask them to buy anything.

Since people LOVE to share content on social media
sites, your "friends" or followers will often repost
your shared content, and when they do, they pass along
YOUR affiliate link.

Pretty simple isn't it?

My favorite site for getting brandable content, that you
get paid for sharing, is at:
Check it out.

Membership is free, but there are upgrades available
too, and if you are a prolific content creator, or run
your own affiliate program, you can even upload YOUR
content, and allow site members to join YOUR affiliate

The way you earn by sharing something as simple as say...
an inspiring/moving image though, is that when someone
visits the main site and joins... you get paid.

So you see, you can literally have no website, no
autoresponder... and even no cash, and start your
own online business.

Go ahead and check it out now.  I'm a member... here's
my link:

Let me know if you have any questions.
Rickey Johnson
POB 6121

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3 Ways to Have A Successful Week!

As the CEO of your business, I think it's most important to evaluate and know the results you're looking for each week.  That won't happen if you don't have clarity in your business and if you haven't identified the "to-do" items that will support your goals.

So, I'd like to share 3 things that you can do to have a successful business week every week:

1. Gain Clarity on what you want to experience for the week financially.  Now divide that figure by the average cost of your service or product and it will give you how many customers you'll need. Stay focused on that number and write down at least 5 ways to reach your goal.

2. Identify 3-5 new contacts to connect with each week (daily M-F).  Create a script in advance and remember that if they have a business allow them to share what they do as well.  Discuss ways you can help one another and directly ask if he or she could use your product or service at this time.

2. Review your schedule every Sunday evening.  If there are any business to-do items, appointments or activities that don't support you meeting your  overall business vision or goals for the week - eliminate them.

Here's to your business success!

Women About Biz

Successful Woman Radio Show


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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ9HaKHhLxMbxv5dn2zHN_I4BSj9NR6w8Sdz1zYL-ErgiKexmGPAA&__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1312150873637Sure many successful entrepreneurs (myself included) will tell you how they've either maxed credit cards, over extended themselves, moved in with parents, sold cars, lived IN their cars, spent their entire life savings or 401k on their dream all in pursuit of their dream and destiny. Many of them took a gamble and won having built lasting profitable businesses and wealth. One of my clients successful built her company to 7 figures after being at the brink of bankruptcy, repossession, and financial ruin. list it's 25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs and these are all dead on many of them echo the traits needed such as "creating  plan" to learning to work with integrity and so one, however there is one that is missing...

I'm adding #26 and making it #1, you MUST have a plan for how you will get your Personal Affairs in order. This means from your  personal finances to improving your credit if it's challenged, to your relationships. It's no secret to successful entrepreneurs that your personal life (particularly for women) has a direct effect on your business. Taking risk in your business is a given and while I'm neither for or against risking it all (I'm more so on the "for" side) Ignoring your personal affairs can certainly lead to undue stress.

#1 Get Your Personal Affiars in order

From your relationships, drama, and finances. If you are Planning to risk it all you NEED to have a strategy! Failing to plan how you are going to navigate and survive or deal with a mate that is unsupportive or how you plan to manage your health care can mean the difference for some of success and failure.

While it is important to have a plan BEFORE you start your business. The reality is MOST of us won't, we'll fly out into entrepreneur land blind. Hey I'm not mad at you, I get it I'm with you 100% but at some point you must get some order to your personal life in order to reach the optimal success you want to achieve in your business life. I'll share more about my own personal story tomorrow, but for now here are some steps you must take now.

1. Pull your personal credit report and get an understanding of where you credit stands. If you have challenges you may not be able to fix them overnight, but get clear on where you are so you can make a plan.

2. Make sure your tax returns are filed or at least you have a strategy and plan in place and know where you stand with the IRS. The worse feeling is being on top of the world in your business and then BAM! You are hit with an audit on the personal side. See it with don't want this.

3. Get an Life Insurance policy for yourself and your family. Leaving a comfortable 9 to 5 where they (should) provide life insurance for you, many entrepreneurs simply don't think about this when whey start out on their own. Sure you want your business to be your insurance policy but be realistic. If you are a young person be sure to have a plan of how your family will survive if you become disabled.

4. Create a Will. I hope you didn't create your business but have no plan of how it will pass on after you? Create a will for how you plan to leave your business, or other assets. A living will may be good as well to cover how things should be governed should you become disabled and unable to care for your family or your business.

5. Create a salary for yourself in your pricing. If your fee for coaching is $100 an hour, make sure you know that about $75 is going to go just to cover expenses, pay insurance, travel etc. That leaves you with $25 an hour to live off. If this isn't going to be good for you, then maybe you need to increase your hourly rate to $150 or $200 an hour. 


Check here for the rest! 


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Katrina M. Harrell is author of "Embrace.Your.Journey.: 180 Day Journey to Unlocking Your Wisdom, Redefining Your Success and Discovering Your Abundant Wealth" (The Sum of Her Publishing, 2011). President of the KM Harrell Group, LLC a Strategic Business Development & Management firm supporting minority and women-owned businesses. Her firm’s consulting services have helped many minority and women owned businesses establish foundational structures and exit strategies within their businesses that have aided them in selling for profit or obtaining investor funding. Passionate about entrepreneurship education, Katrina’s insight and expertise is highly sought after both online and off. She is also founding CEO for Your Simple Bookkeeper, outsourced national bookkeeping company for micro and small business. 

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Whatever you left behind in 2010, the New Year holds the promise of better times ahead. Every year millions of people make New Years resolutions, hoping for a change. A fresh start requires a solid foundation and a plan if you intend to reach your destination. Have you ever heard the saying "It's in the details?" Your plan for change this year does not have to be complicated; it really is simply going back to the basics. It is going back to the principles that our parents, their parents and our forefathers built and lived their lives by.  Read more.

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An important key to successful online marketing is to keep in mind that, despite what your mother always told you, it really is all about you.In order to rise above the sheer volume, and the noise of the marketplace, youmust find an effective way to communicate to the world–or at least to yourtarget market–what valuable solution you provide.

But in order for the world or your market to get how valuable and just plain awesome you are, you’ve got to believe it yourself.You’ve heard it said countless times that everything is energy. You radiate energythat vibrates at a particular level. If you are confident, secure and full of joy you are radiating at a higher level, and as that famousLaw of Attraction states, you will attract others to you who are vibrating at acompatible level.

Everything you do, and everything you create and put out into the world is totally infused with your energy. Therefore, your clients and customers areeither drawn to your energy or they are not drawn to it. This is important tokeep in mind when you are doing Internet marketing online because if you arenot getting the results you desire, you might take a step back and look at your energy and your vibration.

Are you up and eager and excited, or are you feeling down, desperate and frustrated? You can have the most beautiful, visually appealing website withfabulous copy, but if you are not coming from a place of being confident inyour value, your contribution and your unique gifts that energy will keep yourideal clients away.

Remember that you are the sparkle that draws traffic, customers and clients to you. What are you doing to make your visitors enjoy their visit to yourwebsite or blog? How are you making it fun for your customers and clients to dobusiness with you?

Successful online marketing begins and ends with you. Be radiant. Be passionate, heck, be freaking awesome and take the necessary, consistent, boldaction steps and watch your website begin to sizzle.

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Successful Woman Radio Show Today 2/1 @ 12 Noon!

Successful Woman Radio Show - Every MondayMonday February 1st at 12 Noon (EST)!Dial In: 347-637-2589Online: Click here to listen online!Featured Guest: Nicola Jackson - Entrepreneur & Motivational SpeakerJoin us for inspiration and motivation to achieve your dreams on the Successful Woman Radio Show, Monday February 1st t 12 Noon (EST) with host Trina Newby, Success Coach.Our featured guest will be Nicola Jackson, Platinum President with Ardyss International. Nicola will share how she has developed a powerful sales force of more than 50,000 associates in a one year time period, the mindset women need to have to tap into their true potential and what's holding women back from success in the 21st Century.Know A Successful Woman That's Needs to be on the Show?If you would like to suggest successful women that you know of to be on the show, please feel free to connect with us through Women About Biz or call us at 770-934-2109.Here's to Your SuccessTrina NewbyFounder, Women About Biz
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Are you happy?

Are you happy? I mean really truly happy. Now I'm not talking about perfect, I mean we all have ideas about what could make our lives better. I'm not talking about being content either. I am talking about genuine happiness. Before you answer that question, I want you to think about two things:1. How do you define happiness? What does it really mean to you?2. What makes you happy?Now, based on the answers to those questions, are you happy?If you say yes, GREAT! That means that you are on the right track. Now what are you going to do about it? That's right, how are you going to maintain it? How are you gonna take it to the next level?If the answer is no, then my question for you is the same: what are you going to do about it?Let's face it, happiness is a choice. Just the same, success is also a choice. Not just one choice, but a series of choices. A process. The bright side is that you are never too young or too old to change direction and get busy. You can decide today, right now, to be happy and successful.Take a second and think about it. Let me remind you that it is going to be a challenge. It's gonna take some hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Remember, anything worth having is worth the sacrifice it takes to get it.Whatever you dream of doing, no matter how wild or far fetched it may seem to others, is possible.Microsoft was a dream to Bill Gates at some point, and what do you think his friends and family thought? I mean computers were not even commonplace. And Al Gore's family and friends must have though he was all types of crazy. He had a dream of using computers to allow people to communicate and connect all over the world, instantaneously. Thus the birth of the Internet. Where would we be if he was afraid to dream?As my dad always says "Dreamers built the world."The first step in Discovering your Dreams is to really think about what those dreams are.Your Homework:* Get a 2 spiral notebooks, or a legal pad and a spiral notebook. See you next week.* Come back next weekend for the next step in the process* Comment below and tell me:What do you dream of doing? What do the people in your life have to say about that?You can subscribe to this blog at www.discoveryourdreams.blogspot.comFollow us on twitter at
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Time and time again, you hear people saying that "money is the root of all evil." Time and time again you hear people saying that "money isn't everything."Well I say if money is the root of all evil, and if money isn't everything, then what will make you happy?Most people complain that they:* are tired of not having anything* have no money* cannot afford a new car* cannot afford to send their child(ren) to private school* have no time to spend with their family* cannot afford to go on a vacation* cannot afford a home* cannot go to see the doctor, dentist plastic surgeon* cannot help others that need helpSo then I say, money is not the root of all evil, "people" are the root of all evil. It's what people do once they make the money. Also, if money isn't everything, then are you living in the area and house you want or in the one you can barely afford? Do you wake up in the morning when you are done sleeping or when the buzzer goes off,? (time to get to the plantation). Do you go window shopping at the stores you love or the local shops with the 90% off sign on the window? Do you have a private family doctor or do you go to the one your bank account says you can go to? Do you purchase good food or the one's that injected with all kinds of "junk?"Could you, at anytime you wanted to, get up and go to any vacation spot you dream of? Or is the plantation boss waiting on you bright and early tomorrow morning? What seems to me is that people with their greed and false ambitions want to always please and show off to others and are not willing to put forth some effort to make a better life for themselves. I think deep down they don't really see themselves as worthy enough to attain wealth. Like that is something other people get.I will tell you this financial freedom, if handled the right way brings you:* more time with the ones you love* help others (oh what a wonderful feeling it is to help others)* any vacation you want to go to* to live in the nicer parts of the country* choices to pick and choose the house, car, school, doctors, hair stylist, diets and stress free life anyone could wantI don't know one good reason why anyone would want to be a job slave all their lives. It sickens me to my stomach when I hear people saying that their job this, their job that. Just like stardom is not for everyone, just like happiness is not for everyone, just like not everyone has drive, ambition and passion, well not everyone is cut out to be self driven and ultimately successful (with their own business)."Money doesn't bring happiness, not at all, but it takes you on the road to it." I want the nicer things in life, because I deserve it. Not because I am a mom, a woman, sister, wife, friend, but because I work hard to achieve my goals. So I keep on moving on....
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For Immediate Release:The Online Video Is Opening Up More Opportunities For Creative EntrepreneursMaplewood, NJ April 23, 2009-It’s not a secret that the Internet has changed the way small business owners are doing business. With so many great ideas at your fingertips entrepreneurs can start a business in no time at all. Social Networking has changed the way these business owners are reaching their target markets. Over the past 5 years online video has been creating a new more creative breed of entrepreneurs with stories to tell. These entrepreneurs are starting companies by telling their stories or by perfecting their craft of being actors. But now there are those who want to bring more than one story. They want to bring a whole network of stories targeted to s specific niche. This is where we would like to introduce Audrey Bell-Kearney president of Black Diamond Media Group, LLC.Audrey is the owner of Black Diamond TV which is subsidy of Black Diamond Media Group. Black Diamond TV is a network of online TV shows hosted by black women on a variety of topics including money, business, relationships and education just to name a few. BDTV has a slate of 8 shows that will be produced and streamed starting May 1, 2009. Mrs. Bell-Kearney is very excited about being a pioneer in the African American community that is grabbing hold of the video technology and using it to open up a dialog for Black women from their perspective. The platforms for online video are there you just have to take the time to talk to the right people and decide how you want to use them states Audrey. She has decided to use these platforms to do what no one else is doing and that is put all of these amazing shows created by black women in one location Black Diamond TV.Audrey states that the way video technology is growing you will soon be able to watch the shows that Black Diamond TV produces for the Internet right on your own TV in your home. The cable industry and the Internet will merge. You can already get video produced my independent producers through TIVO which allows to watch your favorite shows without the commercials and to record them to watch later, so that tells you where the industry is going. She is looking to be a player. Family and friends have already dubbed the Oprah of Internet TV. She takes this as a compliment since Oprah is one of the women she admires the most.For more information about Audrey and Black Diamond TV email or call her at 973-313-3121
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SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS ARE:1. Visionaries. They are beyond obstacles. They focus on possiblities rather than limitations.2. Strategists: They plan well, and execute effectively3. Problem Solvers: They see a problem as an opportunity for growth and strategically seek resolutions.4. Risk Takers: They are not afraid to challenge the status quo nor, are they affraid to take the road less traveled.5. Servant- Leaders: They realize that serving precedes leading6. Survivors: They don't quit. They fail forward to successTammy FSynergi Group, LLC
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