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Teachers/Mentors Edition of Up in the Attic Hip Hop Movie

The Hip Hop Movie of the Year 2010! | MySpace Video
Teachers, Parents and Mentors use the Up in the Attic teen movie to open up dialogue with our youth on subjects such as sex, drugs, peer pressure, abuse and more!For more information or to contact Director Kamal Imani for group discussions and lectures go to http://www.upintheatticmovie.comcipherkam@gmail.comCall Mr. Kevin Barksdale 201-923-9213

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Southern Comfort Kamal Imani feat Vulenzo!
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Spirit Soulfire is and emerging organic indie soul artist whose main inspiration is Minnie Ripperton. She takes it as a compliment that she is sometimes compared to Erykah Badu and Jill Scott knowing that she has her own distinctive songwriting ability and talents.Spirit Soulfire has performed at the World Famous Apollo, The Black Lilly, Hibachi, Groove Lounge, Five Spot (Philly) and Café Wha in NYC’s Greenwich Village to name a few.Keep an eye and ear out for this emerging talent! soul spoken word urban r&bSpirit Soulfire on Soundclick
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For more information go to: Imani Management201-964-6275cipherkam@gmail.comsoulgriots@yahoo.comRevolutionaryARt Innertainment Logo
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Get a sneak peak at Niva as she does her thing on the Hot 97 stage in Paterson NJ sponsored by China Doll Entertainment and Def Jam! The people loved her as shown by the many request for autographs and CD purchases. Niva is a songbird with a beautiful spirit. Look forward to more from her and Soulgriots Music Group/Kamal Imani management and promotions! For more info on Niva go to and
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Lynch The B Word!

Kamal Imani © 2008BitchB-ItchBlacks itchFrom the serpents poisonous gripDamn near 6Thousand years of PolytricksOver 4Hundred years of yourGrandmother, Your Mother, Auntie, Sister and daughters being raped and slaughtered.And you being castratedWhite Jesus imagery causing you to be self hatedYour manhood degeneratedAlmost exterminatedBut the toubob slavemaster made sure you matedAnd even on the plantation admit it the sex with her was good.You had to share her with massa but she understoodThat you’d rather try to play the game and weep, then kill that racist rapist beast in his sleepEven back then, you ain’t have shhh, but to you that black berry beautiful African sister was sweet.You used to build pyramidsBut now your pants sag as your infatuated with your draws and showing your buttAnd in our sister soldiers that had your back,All you wanna do is bust a nutThen leave the seedYour idea of reparations is either playing the game in the corporationOr being locked down in private stock held camps of concentrationYou have an understandable frustrationThis sometimes subtle oppression can make a brother stressed and mad sickBut you need a scapegoat fam?Why you gotta call the mother of civilization a bitch?Be a man with yours, she’s your sister soldier in these wars, build and expand with yours!And keep your hands to your self before we get the fam and roll on your ass with EJ, Pluck, FuQuan, Fat Rob, Pookey, Skeeter and them!Cause we too can pistol whip and hitAnd then we’ll see whose the real bitch…bitch!Sidenote:_____________________________________________________________________And sisters, I understand, that Uncle Sam’s genocidal plan has left you without a manSo sometimes you, he or she resorts to tricks. But don’t take your eyes off of the unseen hand that’s killing our fam, when you too, decide to call your sister a bitch!Kamal Imani AKA Kamal Supreme
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Messages to the Black Woman by Kamal Imani Sisters,Yes, I have all of this video and poetic song dedications to you so why should I keep them dormant? By blessing you with them I in turn get blessed as well so let’s go!One Love!Brother KamalMs. Melanin, A Dedication to the Sisters by Kamal Imani as seen on Xposed TV NYCSee the New Spoken Word & Hip Hop Soul Music Video“ALL SHE REALLY WANTS IS LOVE”Yo, I Copped A New Whip! (lol)Lovin Her Nappy NappyA dreadication to sisters who sport natural hair styles in particular and all Black women in general. Yall so damn beautiful (lol).
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The New Spoken Word Poetry CD “The Lost Scrolls of Eastern Philosophy Poets” feat. Kamal Imani is now available at : the CD
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Buy NowBuy NowThe CD Features “Loving Her Nappy Nappy”, “All She Really Want’s Is Love”, “Revolutionary Diva, the Police Protest Song “Citizens Arrest Po Po”, and never released songs “Shake A Foot”, “Typical N”, “Da Nu Frequency”, “SaFari” & much more! Also includes the bonus track and the sisters favorite “Ms. Melanin” (A Dedication to the Sisters).Friends, fans and supporters please feel free to write us a review on our CD baby page.One Love!Kamal Imani & Eastern Philosophy Poets!
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