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10744111890?profile=originalHello Everyone!
I am looking for 'power presenters' for my event on Friday, April 13th at 2pm in Hampton. It does include FM Radio airplay, so if you're interested as an individual or as the group, please send an email to with 'Daily Spark Hampton' as the subject line. Thank you!
Daily Spark with Dr. Angela
Power Talkers Package
Empowering the Community for Excellence
Theme: Women on the Move for Greatness
  • Investment: $100
  • 1-radio interview on Daily Spark
  • 1-radio guest appearance at Panel Radio Broadcast
  • WDJY Social Media Promotion/Contest (30 days)
This is a free event to the public.
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Greetings to all my sistapreneurs! If you are looking for an exceptional resource for Black Business History & African Ancestryinfo...Check out a Live! online presentation from educator and author, Chike Akua, on Sunday, March 28th for a specialevent to discover the contributions and advancements African-Americanbusiness people have made to America and the world that can help take your business to the next level.

“Without a doubt, Chike Akua is one of the most informative, inspirational, andknowledgeable speakers in America today. Every school, college,church, civic, social and business organization should hear him.”Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Founder, CEO Dudley Products, Inc.

Chike Akua has been called "an educational revolutionary" and is recognized as a leadingauthority on culturally relevant educational materials andinstructional approaches. He has lectured and given keynote addressesat a number of colleges, universities and educational conferencesaround the country. Selected as one of Ebony magazine’s “50Leaders of Tomorrow,” Akua is a former “Teacher of the Year”and has facilitated workshops for the Tavis Smiley Foundation’sannual “Youth 2 Leaders” Conference. In addition, Mr. Akua hasassisted in leading over 800 youth and adults on study tours to Egyptand Ghana through the D’Zert Club’s Teen Summit 1000 program. Hehas authored and produced several books and DVDs including:

*The African Origins Of Writing & Mathematics (DVD)

*African Sacred Science & Civilization (DVD)

*The Miracle of the Maafa (DVD)

*The African Origins of Our Faith (Book & DVD)

*SuccessQuest!: The Journey From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Book/DVD)

Visit info on this and other upcoming events and check out the online store for hiscollection of books, CDs, DVDs and more resources.

Much love,

Darlene Robinson

TAG Team Marketer

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The Black History Mega-Event featuring Chike Akua

Just wanted to share a wonderful educational event that every Black family should watch with their children. The Black History Mega-Event featuring Chike Akua. Experience a life-changing presentation about OUR history from award winning teacher and author Chike Akua. Learn things about Black culture and history that you never imagined before. This presentation will enlighten you and inspire you and your family beyond words. Bring the whole family! Hear short presentations from Black-owned businesses. Shop with Black vendors. Have the time of your life.This brother put together the ultimate homeschooling tool for Black families. The Educator's Power Pak is a powerful educational package that contains one of each of Chike's Akua's books, plus two DVDs, and two BONUS CDs. Parents and children of all ages have been totally thrilled with this educational collection.Increase your child's reading comprehension, character development, and cultural awareness all at the same time from an educator who is a former Teacher of the Year, with over 17 years experience in the field of education, and who now trains teachers around the country. The Educator's Power Pak includes fiction, nonfiction, activity books, test taking skills, and much much more! This priceless collection is a must for our children!!! We can no longer depend on our kids being fully educated by public or even private schools anymore. We as parents must get involved in the education of our children before we lose another generation to computer games and music videos, drugs, etc.This event will be broadcast over the Internet for those able to attend the event in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, October 3, 2009. You have the option of watching this event on your computer screen from anywhere in the world, using a high speed Internet connection. Visit for more info.If you can't wait for this event, visit and check out all of the other educational products from Chike Akua that you can buy right now. Give your children a head start to this new school year. Give them a boost of confidence and heighten their sense of pride. Schedule family time around these educational tools and build a stronger family unit.Darlene RobinsonBlack Star Independent MarketerTAG Team International, Inc.
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Watch the TAG TEAM University Seminar "Succeeding in Tough Economic Times" with Black America’s #1 Networker, world-renowned speaker & author George Fraser. This brother has been on the Tavis Smiley State of the Black Union, advised top executives around the world, responsible for millions of dollars of Black Business Contracts. I watched this seminar live online in January and was totally blown away with the knowledge this brother shared so freely with the audience.This brother usually charges $200 per ticket and over $10,000 for a one-hour lecture/presentation. I have told many of you about his free seminar that was scheduled for Saturday, 5/16/09 on "How to Develop a Winning Mind Set". So if you couldn’t get to Atlanta for that seminar. You can purchase this seminar to watch online for only $9.99 right now. Learn powerful wealth principles that you can apply to your personal and business life today in this life-changing seminar. George's message is very impacting, and will change your life forever. This is a message every Black person needs to hear. People come out of these seminars with a renewed sense of self, their ancestry and setting future goals for themselves and their families. My husband and I drove over 400 miles in April to see him in person and we are so very glad that we made that trip! So if you can afford a book of stamps, do you think you can afford to purchase this video online to hear one of our greatest motivators and Black Business advocates of our time?View and hear the powerful event online in the comfort of your own home. Visit click on seminars and scroll down the page and click on order now.Seminar must be viewed within 7 days of your purchase.
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2009 Is The Year of BLACK AFFLUENCE

If we work together, ALL OF US can achieve great success beyond our wildest dreams in 2009.We are no longer at the bottom of the barrel; we have reached the TOP OF THE WORLD! If you look at all of the historic events that occurred in 2008, you have to truly believe in the possibilities of our future. Who would have thunk it…banks closings, Wall Street collapsing, foreclosure rates soaring and…Out of one of the most troubling times in the history of this country, a Black man was elected President of the United States of America?We came together in numbers not seen since the height of the Civil Rights activism in the 50’s and 60’s. It is now our time to shine once again and to be filled with pride likes our ancestors. We are truly a nation born from royalty, but we lost our culture, our true purpose, dreams and goals. So now what? We as a people need to siege the opportunities that are placed in front of us. We have to re-educate ourselves so that we can prosper in 2009 and beyond.We can achieve the financial freedom our families deserve with the right knowledge. Let me tell you my story. I joined TAG TEAM Marketing in December 2007 because of all the positive programs that were created to unite and empower the Black communities around this country and the world. In October 2006, my husband Larry and I had been the victims of a most vicious form of identity theft. The deed to our home was forged by a group of scam artists who were trying to sell our home without our knowledge. Well after 2-years of fighting, we went into foreclosure, bankruptcy (then kicked out of it) and lost everything. We started to be approached by family, friends and our church members to see if we could help them with their foreclosure issues. So we started the Steeple HOME Team In Jan’08. Even as we were still going through this crisis, my husband and I continued to drive 600 miles from Orlando up to Atlanta every other month, so that we could be a part of what we considered to be the most powerful seminars created specifically for Black people.In April 2008, we started to implement what we had learned at TAG TEAM into our business and almost tripled the amount of clients (as well as income,) and were able to turn our tragedy into a victory! We even started a radio show at a local station and got even more business. By September 2008, we were able to open an office in a very nice complex. In December 2008 we started to train others how to duplicate what we were doing and plan to open 10 offices by June 2009. The wealth of support from TAG TEAM, plus the knowledge from the seminars, conference calls, live Internet TV presentation and CDs prepared us to turn our lives completely around.TAG TEAM is even more committed to helping Black people achieve financial success during this next year, than ever before. Incredible programs and a ton of phenomenal surprises are in store that will take the Black community to a completely new level in 2009. As a result of the TAG TEAM Investment Club, brothers and sisters that have never invested before began earning income from their new KNOWLEDGE. Learn how you, as a Black person, can put your money to earn YOU money. Whether you have $1 or a million... whether you have no experience investing or lots of it, this FREE introductory seminar is FOR YOU. Live in Atlanta on Saturday, January 10, 2009. Note: I’m not sure if this will be streamed live via the Internet at the same time, but it will be posted on the website a few days later.I have already attended one seminar via Internet TV broadcast and plan to join the TAG TEAM Investment Club this month, so that my family and I can benefit even more with a better understanding of the financial system. I just have to share this information because I want to see every Black family have a better life. It is up to you to research it for yourself and figure out if it is time for you to re-educate yourself to move ahead.Visit and click on events!Darlene Robinson /"I don't have to apologize to anybody for being Black, because God almighty knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he made me Black!" "God and nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be." Marcus Garvey
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June Is Marketing Success Month

Join us this June for an awesome month full of information to help you achieve marketing success!Brand University: The Marketing Success Conference for Women Entrepreneurs has something for everyone! Starting at just $29.95 you can learn about the following topics:REGISTER AT WWW.MARKETINGSUCCESS2008.EVENTBRITE.COMYou - The Superstar!Using New Media and Social Networking Strategies To Build Your Most Important Brand - YOU!Cynthia de Lorenzi, Founder Success In The City andCEO of the Patriot GroupThe Solopreneurs Guide To Strategic Marketing:(MBA Not Required)!Tammy Freeman, The Lifestyle EntrepreneurFounder and CEO, Synergi Group, LLCDo It Yourself MarketingKirsten FullerFounder and Editor-in-Chief, Reservations MagazineSelf-Publishing Secrets:Stop Making Excuses and Publish Your Book Now!Sanyika Calloway Boyce, The Financial Fitness CoachClient Building 101: Know Your Niche!Francina Harrison, The Career EngineerHow To Tell Your StoryAfter The Elevator PitchRebekah Pierce, Average Girl Magazine, LLCOne Hour Marketing Plan BootcampNikki Woods, Full Circle MarketingDirect Mail BasicsGail Diggs, GCD Writing and MarketingCreating Newsworthy Press ReleasesJill Watkins, Write On Target Communications, LLCBuild A PR MachineCinnamon Bowser, Nail TaxiHarnessing the Power of Television PublicitySanyika Calloway Boyce, The Financial Fitness CoachPre-Conference Teleseminar Topics:(Even if you can't make the conference, you can get access to these great teleseminars!)How To Increase Sales ThroughPower PartnershipsDenise Trifiletti - Women's CommunityIt's Not Who YOU Know ButWho KNOWS YOU!Francina Harrison, The Career EngineerPassion Marketing:Wear Your Heart On Your SleeveTo Generate Bigger and More Sales!Tammy Freeman, The Information BrokerFounder and CEO, Synergi Group, LLC8 Key Ingredients To BuildCustomer LoyaltyNikki Woods, Full Circle MarketingYou've Built Your Website, Now What?Gail Diggs, GCD Writing and MarketingCreating Powerful and Compelling TaglinesJill Watkins, Write On Target Communications, LLCAttend Brand University Marketing Success Conference For Women Entrepreneurs...Your Business Will Never Be The Same!REGISTER AT WWW.MARKETINGSUCCESS2008.EVENTBRITE.COM
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See New Money

Basic Principles For The 21st CenturyNow that the first quarter is over, don't miss the opportunity to makeyour lifestyle recession-proof.This event will provide you with simple steps to secure your financial future.Be the first to acquire innovative techniques to secure your financial stability.Where: Owen Brown Community Center6800 Cradlerock WayColumbia, MD 21045410-309-4052When: Saturday, April 19, 2008Time: 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.Cost: The registration fee has been waivedRegister by responding to this email or call 410-309-4052.Once we reach full capacity your name will be placed on a waiting list.SEATING IS LIMITED.This seminar will equip you with answers to long standing questions like:o Is my 401K okay?o What I don’t know, can cost me?o Is my cash flow clogged?o Are foreclosures, bankruptcies and layoffsa threat to my lifestyle?o Is there a hole in my cash bucket?o What’s really in my wallet?o Is my money system ordinary or extraordinary?What’s the difference?o Do I need a midlife money management makeover?We hear the conversations and the questions.That’s why we have extended this personal invitation for you tojoin us for this life changing experience.Register today to explore Basic Principles For The 21st Century.All who attend will have an opportunity to win a $100.00 GAS CARD,a Money Making Website training.PLUS!Ask about the 4-day vacation in sunny Myrtle Beach, S.C.Make room in your schedule right now to attend.Successfully,Carl and Val McKoyCertified Prosperity Partners(410)
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Networking - There IS a Method to the MadnessTuesday, March 18, 2008 8:00 pm CT - 9:00 pm CTWhat is networking? Simply put networking is the exchange of information. Networking is also relationship building. In this seminar, participants will learn the purpose of networking and how to successfully network. Whether you are looking for a new job or seeking to grow your business, this seminar gives you to the tools to succeed. Get answers to many questions including: What are the benefits of networking? Do I already have a network? How do I network? With whom do I network? How much time should I dedicate to networking?What will you do differently today?Alive Incorporatedwww.aliveincorporated.comseed. plant. grow.To register visit:
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