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Pass the Nuggets, Please

2012 was an interesting year for me. I think I went up another size in my big-girl panties. LOL! I also picked up a few nuggets along the way and I wanted to share them with you.

1. Blessed are the Flexible Stuff happens. Life happens. Know that. Accept it. The sooner you do, the better off you will be. There's a saying, "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out if shape." When things are not going the way you planned, you have to learn how to make lemonade out of your lemons.

2. Be Fearless I'm going to go out on a limb and say that fear is the #1 reason people stall out and don't move forward with their dreams. So, you try something and it doesn't work out. What's the worst thing that can happen? But what if you try and it DOES work out? What's the best thing that can happen? Ditch the fear and go!

3. Do Not Compromise If you have a vision of how things are supposed to come together, do not compromise it. It's fine to consult with others, but if that consultation turns into something that is contrary to your vision, don't do it. You have been gifted with a unique assignment. Your blessings are linked to that assignment. Do not allow anyone to talk you out of what has been divinely imparted unto you.

4. Make No Comparison Run your own race. Don't get distracted by what someone else is doing in your field. They have to walk out their calling in truth and integrity just like you. At the end of the day, it's about making an impact in this world. And how we do that, and to what extent, is different for everybody. So don't get distracted by others. Stay in your lane and run your own race.

5. Everything Ain't for You There are a lot of opportunities that may present themselves that may seem like good ideas. Other people seem to be successful doing it, so why not you? Well, some things may be a "good idea" but they may not be God's idea for you. Know the difference. Don't clutter your calendar with fruitless activities that will only distract you from your purpose. Everything ain't for you.

6. Stop Worrying About Supporters Too much of our energy can be focused on worrying about who is "supporting" us and who's not. We get so carried away with the naysayers that we overlook our cheerleaders. Just focus on your assignment. God did not give you that gift to fall on deaf ears. The people who need what you have to offer WILL support you. The others? Who cares? And here's a truth I learned long ago: Those who you think support you, may not. And those who you least expect are 100% for you!

7. Get Over Stuff...Quickly Offenses are a part of life. Your spouse, your boss, your child, your business partner will all offend you at some point on your journey. Get over it...quickly! Offense is one of the greatest ways to short-circuit your blessings. It allows you to hold too much junk in your heart and pushes out love and gratefulness. Make a decision to give people a "Grace Pass" upfront. That way, when they do something to hurt or disappoint you, you can extend them “grace by default.” That allows you continue to enjoy the liberty that has been set aside for you. Choose freedom: Love & Forgive easily.

There are a million more things I could probably say, but I just wanted to offer a few words to encourage you as you move forward in this year. Your journey may not be a Gravy Train rolling on Biscuit Wheels, but you can choose to learn the lessons and grow from them. As I mature, one of the greatest lessons I've learned is that life is not about the destination. It's all about the journey. And you'll be wise to grab a few nuggets along the way.

Happy New Year!


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A Journey of Lessons: 2011 in Review

The year 2011 was a very interesting year for me on a lot of different levels. I began the year with the intent to be laser focused on the mission of Inspired Sistah and taking the organization to another level. I had a nice, neat plan of attack and was in forward motion to make it happen. Well, life happened and a lot of things occurred differently than how I imagined them, but the education I received from "Life University" is worth sharing:

1. They that be with you are more than they that be against you.
A huge lesson that I had to learn was that not everyone will embrace my message. And that's really actually okay because I'm not called to serve everyone. But as a person who is passionate about my message, it was a bitter pill to swallow. However, in conjunction with that, I've also come to understand that there are more that are for me than against me.

2. Let Folks Go.
This has been a very painful lesson for me because I have been forced to release people who I really like, but they are in a different space than I am and want different things. I've learned that if I'm their option, they can't be my priority...Simple.

3. Listen to your gut.
As women, we've been gifted with intuition. Call it your "gut," a "hunch," that "still, small Voice,” whatever. The fact of the matter is that oftentimes, God gives us a warning or admonition about a situation long before the bottom falls out. LISTEN!

4. Don't allow anyone to discount your greatness.
There may be people who have watched you grow and evolve who still want to remember "when..." They may try to hold you to that old standard and have a difficult time embracing the new standard. Well, that's their problem, not yours. Continue to grow, abound and soar and don't let anyone discount your greatness.

5. Don't allow your purpose to get muddled in the details.
More likely than not, your purpose is an ever-changing entity with a lot of moving parts. Because of that, it's easy to get lost in the minutia. If you're not careful, your vision can become clouded in the fine print. Don't allow that to happen. Staying focused on your "why" will help keep you grounded and encouraged.

6. Even when you count up the cost, you still may not fully understand the true price of greatness.
On the ladder of success, it is not uncommon to look at someone in awe whom you deem as being a few rings higher up on the ladder. But what I've come to understand is that positions of influence come at a great cost. And even if you think you understand that cost, you may not even have a clue!

7. Take no prisoners!
At certain seasons of your journey, there may be individuals that present themselves as helpers, supporters or benefactors. They may be a tremendous blessing to you for a season, but when their season is up, release them to continue on to their destiny. Do not hold them hostage to your dream. Because once they become prisoners, they will no longer be a blessing, but unwilling participants that weigh the vision down.

8. Everybody ain't ready.
You'll meet a lot of people who say that they want to go to the next level. Or give a false perception of themselves as though they operate at a certain level of excellence. But the truth of the matter is that they're really not ready to make the type of sacrifices or commitment it takes to ascend to and sustain greatness.  Don’t judge them.  Just keep it moving.

9. You’ve got to have a plan. Passion is not enough.
It's important that you write your vision and make it plain so that you can have a blueprint for your success. Having passion with no plan will only sustain you for a short amount of time. Properly preparing for your passion gives greater credence and sustainability to your purpose.

10. Consistency is the key. Slow and steady wins the race.
To create a lasting legacy, you must commit to consistent, diligent effort. You can't hit and miss and expect lasting results. Before large infrastructures can be built, a firm, sturdy foundation must be laid in order to support its weight. So it is when you're cultivating your purpose, you must be willing to stick with it even when you're tired, discouraged and disillusioned because the moment that you slack may be the moment right before your breakthrough.


I’m sure there are countless others that I have failed to list, but these were the top ten pressing on my heart.  Like everyone else, I’m excited about what 2012 has to offer.  That excitement is fueled by expectation and the wisdom I’ve gained from 2011.  It’s been good, but I’m looking forward to even better!

New Year’s Blessings,


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Do you have it in you to join the elite brand of the rich and famous? Then bring out the star material in you; your strongest asset should win you accolades of success.

Push all your petty weakness down the drain, promising yourself never to lean on it for self-pity and remorse.Bring out the hidden lion in you; dare to dream big. Keep one thing in mind; only when you dream big, you can achieve that kind of big and stupendous success. If you wallow in your small and secure world, you will always remain so. Fame can touch you and turn you an overnight star, but that intense craving is needed. The real hunger and want for big success should be in your blood, so much so, that lady luck finally relents and showers herself on you! If you have it in you, you can join this fascinating field and attract the audience towards your performance.

Be exceptional in your talent, whereby no one dares to touch you or point you wrong. Be that unparallel and unique in your talent field – the ultimate best. Therefore, developing your inborn talent is very essential, in fact the first step to success. After honing your skills you need to market it in proper way. Your imagination and desires should be in tune with the reality world. Work out your potential talent, reshape it in accordance and start the action. This will definitely set the ball rolling in your direction. Be practical at the same time- aim for the impossible. Change your plan into reality by making unbending efforts that is within your reach. Hours of research and hard work may be required for attracting the right attention. Learn something from other people. The profiles and history of prominent personalities might give you an idea and motivate you. Their story from rags to riches may help you keep your nerve and struggle hard.

Daydreaming without moving a limb will take you nowhere. Watch lots of inspiring movies; subscribe local and international magazines. They can further your cause. There is an element of drama, literally in the lives of many high-profile Americans. So take a cue, bring out a surprise package through your performance for the audience to revel in it.

Once you are sure of yourself, go right ahead and market your talent, learn to sell and broadcast your skills. Tap the audience including event organizers, agents, managers and producers. If you limit and slot yourself into any particular category, it will be a big mistake for further growth. Famous personalities exude oodles of self-confidence and a distinct style of their own. Aim high and be ready to take on risks, you will surely succeed. And even if you stumble, remember ‘failure is the stepping stone to success!’ So have faith over your capabilities and dream on, who knows, the destination may be just round the corner!





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10744057671?profile=originalWhat Love Has to Do With It!The Importance of Unconditional Love in A Relationship!By Kamal Imani © 2010My wife and I have been happily married for 15 years and together for 19. Much of our success can be attributed to a book we read entitled “Black Woman’s Black Man’s Guide to a Spiritual Union” by Ra Un Nefer Amen. In this book he speaks about the importance of unconditional love. He also highlighted how we have a script or sort of fantasy like picture in our minds of the perfect or ideal lover or mate and when that person doesn’t meet our expectations, we feel let down, disappointed, the drama begins and things begin to fall apart.When our partner fails to perform up to our Hollywood or conditioned standard financially, sexually, emotionally or otherwise, maybe they didn’t cook, clean, communicate or perform the way that we envisioned it, we allow dissatisfaction to set in.Have Realistic Expectations but High standardsWhen getting to know your significant other, you need to be real when it comes to acknowledging his/her strengths and weaknesses. You also need to realize that peoples long developed habits are slow to change. If you’re hoping that something he/she does will change simply because you have entered their life, you may be disappointed. Some changes can be made if it’s clearly communicated, understood and your partner makes a conscious effort to change, but be very patient because it will probably be a slow and gradual process. I’m not saying that you should lower your standards, but have you ever heard the term wysiwyg? It is an acronym for what you see is what you get. And, you know while you’re dating you’re getting a persons best side, and as the saying goes “You don’t know a person until you live with them”. So keep it real, but stay optimistic, patient and keep the faith. Always keep a spiritual vibration in your relationship.Unconditional LoveUnconditional love is giving of your self without expecting anything in return. It is being selfless! If you’re giving and taking is like a Wall Street financial transaction, sometimes you will rise, other times you will be in a recession, a depression and eventually a crash! So it is important for both partners to practice selfless giving with out making the other partner feel that he/she owes you something.When unexpected financial, medical and other emergencies arise, you will have to be flexible, calm and optimistic until the situation improves (because you will be tested). Always find a creative way to communicate, be understanding, stay affectionate, optimistic, patient and faithful…Did I say patient? Selfless giving/unconditional love is a high form of practical spirituality and it takes two to apply it. It indeed takes two to make a thing go right.Watch Kamal’s tribute to the sisters “Ms. Melanin” on Youtube Imani is a Poet, Author, Film Maker Teacher and Mentor residing in New Jersey. He can be reached at To book Kamal for speaking engagements email or call 201-923-9213
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Where do I begin? Another great session of Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!! Pat Dougher and Dallas Crilley provide so much information and inspiration that people left believe that a speaking career is the way to go!I am going to list a few of the comments that were made at today's session...These comments are from the evaluations that were completed by the people attending.What are some things that you liked about the information delivered? (some of the comments)"The passion of the speakers.""Clear, concise, revelant and deliverance with passion.""Awesome, Dallas is always an inspiration and Adele you definitely gave me confidence in myself.""The class was both motivational and inspirational. I enjoyed both speakers and Adele's information regarding the speaking industry."What is one thing that you learned that you would share with three people?"Take what you love and make it a reality.""Procastination is playing a big role in society today and since people of today's time want instant gratification Public Speaking and back of the room sales will help satisfy their needs.""Ways to develop a product and market it.""Not one thing - Information and the people who are experts are worth our time to listen to."Was the information you received helpful? Why or Why not?"Yes, Because I can begin developing a plan to put together a product.""Yes, it inspired me to see a peer my age achieving such a high level of success and it lets me know that I am capable of doing the same.""Very helpful because the more you learn the more you earn.""All of the information was helpful. It gave us insight to the success of other speakers and helped us believe that success is in the speaking business is attainable."Ok, enough if you enjoyed reading the above comments, just imagine how much more you can get if you were in the room. I would love to see you at the next "GOT MOTIVATION??? THEN SPEAK!!! It's Not Just Speaking, It's A Career"Andreas, Dallas Crilley and AlexandreUpdated 7 hours ago · Comment ·LikeUnlikeWrite a comment...
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Teachers/Mentors Edition of Up in the Attic Hip Hop Movie

The Hip Hop Movie of the Year 2010! | MySpace Video
Teachers, Parents and Mentors use the Up in the Attic teen movie to open up dialogue with our youth on subjects such as sex, drugs, peer pressure, abuse and more!For more information or to contact Director Kamal Imani for group discussions and lectures go to http://www.upintheatticmovie.comcipherkam@gmail.comCall Mr. Kevin Barksdale 201-923-9213

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I am on a mission to transform the paradigm of those who believe that the unbelievable cannot be achieved. I will help you tear down the walls between traditional, nontraditional and adult education, and its theoretical framework. I will provide a new approach to motivating growth through leadership, counseling, mentoring, and faithfulness. The plans I provide will help you address all issues that may have kept you from achieving your dreams, and your vision of a life of joy. Through my experiences, I will show you how to speak power, wealth, and the freedom that a life of living in joy provides.The workbook is intended to be a guide to controlling your emotions, courage conviction, positive discourse, reflection, reciprocal learning, and philanthropy. The questions are of a mixed variety and difficulty. The answers to the questions are in you. I highly recommend that you work through these questions diligently; diagram, draw, label, and fill in the blanks when asked; write notes in the margins; take time to think; and share your visions with others. You will find that if you can draw, diagram, write, and say it, you know it and can achieve it. Try it. Most importantly, I know you will enjoy the learning of these principles in your endeavors to achieve a life of joy and victory.-Dr. William A. MartinPaperback: 224 pagesCover and Book Design: Borel GraphicsPrinted by: United Graphics, Inc.Language: EnglishGenre: Psychology, Motivational, Adult EducationISBN: 978-0-9802176-9-8Rating: ***** (5 Stars)Purchase Price: $19.99To purchase a copy, please 'click' the link below.
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Greetings!Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. (HWHN) hosts an annual conference held each April as a finale to Woman’s History Month. The 7th Annual conference is Saturday, April 17, 2010 at Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries in Baltimore, MD from 9:00am- 5:00pm. Our theme is Essentially ME confirming that at the core of every woman is true beauty.The purpose of this full day conference is to help perpetuate a nation-wide movement of healing for our families and communities, in order to generate a vibrant future. HWHN Conference is a movement to gather, educate and encourage women from all cultures and backgrounds to utilize each other for our common goals of personal, community and nation-wide advancement. Our expected audience participation is 300 plus women from the Baltimore, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and Pennsylvania areas.The Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Experience includes: Dedicated presenters with interactive workshops The participation of over 300 professionals, college students, community leaders, and more! Powerful address during luncheon with Keynote Speaker Uplifting support for women in transitional housing Entertainment Healing Village Marketplace Exciting giveaways 7 years of community support!Call for PresentersWe are requesting workshops that are informative, interactive and appropriate for women 16 and up. We are seeking presenters who are passionate about helping women to empower themselves and understand the relevance of each woman being a part of the cure needed in our communities. Additionally, details are available. Please email invite you to submit a proposal detailing your workshop via email at, no later than November 16, 2009 by 5pm. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted. Presenters will be notified of accepted proposals by January 5, 2010.
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24 more days 'til Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!!Did you think I was just going to leave you alone? Think again...This burning desire to help you in your speaking career has got me restless; so restless that I can't sleep at night. All I can think about is all the wonderful information that I want to share with you.Now I don't know if you've heard the old adage about there being three types of people but here goes.There are three types of people in the world*Those who make it happen*Those who watch what happen*Those who wonder what happenWhich one are you? Make it happen by joining me and my special guest Robert "E" Criner as we share with you the career of a speaker.Date: September 12, 2009Place:7920 Belt Line RoadDallas, Texas 75254Time: 9:00 - 12:00 Central TimeI can't wait to serve you!
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Free Does Mean Free

There is something about speaking that caught your attention. Don't let your dream die.I am so confident that you will get more than your moneys' worth that on September 12, 2009, I am offering a free session of "Got Motivation??? Then Speak!!! That's right I said FREE...If you really want to find out what the speaking arena has to offer join me on September 12, 2009 in Dallas, TX. There's no gimmicks, no registering for other classes, just be there and I promise you that you will not regret it.Because seating is limited I will need you to go to my website: on the button that says free and your registered for class.SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER!
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Congratulations goes out to...Niya GeorgeShe is our Apr-Jun Big Gyrl Quarterly contest winner.Visit Fab Tab page to see this plus diva doing her thang!Thanks for all the beautiful ladies that sent in picturesand please remember that you are consideredevery month until you win.Next deadline isSept 30, 2009 1159PM ESTGood luck!Big Gyrl Clothing, IncFashion for the Urban Plus
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According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease (primarily heart disease and stroke), cancer, and diabetes are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. They are considered preventable because they are tied to our lifestyle choices. Choices that we have the power to control.Each waking day our lives are filled with messages that cause us to think about and encourage us to live healthier. We see them on T.V., hear them on the radio, read them in the newspaper or our favorite magazines – they even pop up while we’re surfing the Internet. And there’s a reason why these messages are so prevalent. It’s because our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our states and our nation are saturated with disease and illness that have our healthcare system in a financial bind.The CDC states that the medical care costs of people with chronic diseases account for more than 75% of the nation’s $2 trillion medical care costs. The bottom is, we all have the power of choice and it’s our responsibility to implement it not only for ourselves, but for those in our lives, to include the neighborhoods, communities, states and nation that our unhealthy lifestyles will impact.So, how are you going to respond to these messages? You see them. You hear them. They’re everywhere. Hopefully, you’ll respond by implementing change in your life. For months during President Obama’s campaign trail, we heard a message that resonated throughout this country. ‘Yes we can!’ It was a statement of possibility, a statement of hope, a statement that caused us all to believe. Well, that statement doesn’t have to end with President Obama’s campaign trail. You can make it your own by saying ‘Yes I can!’ You can even add to it and say, ‘Yes, I can change and make better choices!’Our leaders are working on legislation to help families make ends meet, as well as to address not only our economy and other issues, but our healthcare crisis. With all of the changes that are underway, though, it’s critical that we do our part. And we can start with our health and fitness.Just think about the following comment I recently heard from a lady. ‘I never made the connection of my lifestyle habits and the healthcare crisis until recently. Now, I think about my father who recently had a massive heart attack that costs somebody – Medicare, insurance company, etc. – over $150,000. I think about the costs associated with my debilitating arthritis which primarily stems from my excess body weight. I think about my cousin’s stroke that caused paralysis on her left side. I think more and more about how our unhealthy lifestyle habits were contributing factors that led to our health predicaments.’Take the time to figure out how you’re going to respond to the messages you’re seeing and hearing. Yes, you can change!This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Destined to Live Healthier and Imagine Living Healthier. For general health and fitness questions, please feel free to visit or email Coach Collins at
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At a time when the world is reeling from the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, most people are experiencing an economic recession that will undoubtedly have an impact on their lives in 2009. Each day we hear about companies failing, industries needing government assistance, retailers struggling, increased joblessness, housing foreclosures, and more. Even more overwhelming and frustrating are our daily thoughts, feelings and activities that revolve around a busy schedule, a stalled business, a stressful job, a contract that ended unexpectedly or didn’t materialize, the rumors of job layoffs, an unfulfilled relationship, a pending divorce, the memories of an unresolved past, a medical condition, a mountain of bills, and so much more. All of which have the potential to stifle our desires and intentions to implement and/or sustain healthier lifestyle habits. So, how do you plan to address your desire to live healthier in the midst of a life full of hassles, demands, obligations, and uncertainty? Which lifestyle habits will you try to spend more time on? What will you decrease spending on to live healthier?As you began to sift through those thoughts and feelings about how your life has been and will be impacted by the state of the world and your personal circumstances, and those actions you intend to modify in 2009, don’t put off evaluating those related to healthier lifestyle habits. It’s no secret that when you have so many feelings, thoughts, interests, and activities vying your attention, the idea of exercising or eating healthier will inevitably and continuously be placed on the back burner. There is never time enough time in the day to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal, get a sufficient amount of sleep, drink the appropriate levels of water, or get that much needed annual physical examination. Are you one of those people?Now is the time for you to sit down at your kitchen table and focus on how you’re going to achieve the following three important tasks related to living healthier: (1) conduct a self-examination of those things that challenge you everyday, (2) develop a plan for how you’re going to align living healthier with your pursuits and challenges, and (3) implement your plan that will help to alleviate a continuum of poor lifestyle choices. The one thing you have to your advantage is the power of choice; taking responsibility for your actions and learning that your faith, determination, and perseverance are necessary for overcoming your challenges, rearranging your priorities, and embracing healthier lifestyle habits. One of the most important transactions you’ll make in 2009 will be to live healthier in the midst of it all.This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Imagine Living Healthier and Destined to Live Healthier, two entertaining and inspiring books that uses fictional stories to illuminate familiar patterns and truths about common lifestyle habits. For more information about Bridgette L. Collins (Coach Collins) and her books, go to
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