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Do you desire to be a better mom, wife and/or friend?


Longing to step up to your purpose and manifest your Authentically Brilliant Diamond Life and/or Biz?

Feel like you’re doing everything possible to uplevel your life but are not getting anywhere?

Are you being held back by dis-empowering habits?

Wish you could experience a transformational coaching program to take you
to a new Dimension in your life?

I have great news for you.

I’m giving away a few partial scholarships to my Total Transformation – “A Journey to Wholeness” VIP coaching program.

You see many times we spend so much time on the external and neglect to manage the internal. Without mastering your mindset, overcoming disempowering habits etc. you may sabotage any endeavor towards empowering success.

Here’s the gist…..

I have a heart for single moms and often cry for how many may be experiencing challenging times right now. I really felt it when I watched the gas prices increase to the place that they have.

While preparing for this phenomenal program I thought what can I do to encourage more to connect with me for support?

Here’s your opportunity to take advantage of partial scholarship to the Silver Level
of my Total Transformation Coaching program.


Opportunities for partial scholarships in the uncategorized area whether you're a single mompreneur or not.




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One of the things that I’ve encountered while serving my passion of empowering women are these three words “the right time.”


How many times have you sighed, “Let me think about it, I need to wait for the right time”, “Not now it’s not the right time”?


Did you ever find the right time? Or are you still waiting.


Time fulfills it’s purpose daily waiting on no man. Are you fulfilling your purpose

daily, waiting on no man, no thing? ~ Robin Tramble


The grave is rich with good intentions. Many I’m sure were waiting for the right time. Some of our greatest songs are in the grave, witty ideas and inventions in the grave, Government officials, Men or Women of God “in the grave!”


I’m not trying to be harsh here, however, I’m tired of seeing gifted individuals passing time and refusing to do whatever it takes to manifest their dreams all because you’re waiting for the right time.


I see this a lot in my coaching. Some take me up on complimentary sessions, see the value and talk about how others aren’t stepping up to get the training they need only to say at the close of the session that now is not the right time. Of course at times it may not be the right time, however, you must take inventory of the validity of your statement. Is it another form of procrastination? Do you have a fear of the unknown, fear of success or fear of failure?


Everyday will bring about a change. The question is what change? A change for the better or for the worse? Will it change by default or will you take charge of your future and change yourself so that you can change your world?


Underline, highlight, print in your memory this next statement; “There’s never a right time!”


Children are small at home “not the right time.” You now have teens at home “not the right time.” Your son or daughter is in college “not the right time.” Oh my they’re getting married so much to do “not the right time.” I’m going back to school now so… “it’s not the right time.” My parents are aging so…. “it’s not the right time.”



Life happens and there will always be something else that we are responsible for.


How important is it to you to manifest your desired results in your personal growth, business growth, spiritual growth, weight loss, relationships etc.?


God’s gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift back to Him. Now is the time. Right here and right now.


There’s an audience waiting to hear your message and realize the benefits of your solutions to their problems.


This is your time. This is your year!


How is your mindset? Your mindset could be causing you to continue to delay taking steps towards your empowering success. I invite you to request my video series “Mindset Secrets for Empowering Success” while it’s available.


Go to



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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Attention Christian Women in Biz

First let me say this from one Christian Woman in Biz to another.
One WAHM and mompreneur to another and from one Daughter of
God to another.

It's your responsibility to express your gifts in a BIG way!!

You're a unique one of a kind Gift of God.

If you're not involved in the marketing activity of building your list/community consistently you won't
attract your ideal clients/customers and without clients/customers you won't have revenue and
without revenue your business will cease.

Okay I know you've heard that the money is in the list, however, maybe you can't seem to make
it work for you. Or you're having results but not to the extent that you desire.

Is it really true that the money is in the list? Or are there other elements essential
to realizing the fruits from your list.

Maybe you have questions such as......

"How do I get started?"

"What's the quickest way to realize results?"

"How can I persuade prospects to subscribe?"

"What's a squeeze page?"

"I'm not handy with all that tech stuff so how can I get started without a
fancy website?"

I'm glad you asked. All of the above and more will be covered in my upcoming free call.

Get your message out! 5 sure-fire strategies to build your list.
Everyone is welcome, however, this time the call is designed with the Christian Woman/Mom in business in mind.

When: Wednesday, September 29
Time: 11:00 am PST, 2:00 pm EST
Where: From the comfort of your home

Can't make the call? The audio replay will be available to
all registrants.

Secure your seat here

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Women's Empowerment tips: Believe

What do you do when all of your motivation has dried up?
How do you continue on?

When you’ve tried everything and it seems that your dreams will never
come to fruition you’ve got to believe!

Yes, believe. It may look dark and grim, however, it’s at this time that
you must go back to your why, revisit your vision and believe.

Believe: 2: to have a firm conviction as to the goodness, efficacy, or ability of something Merriam Webster Dictionary

Take inventory of why you started on the path to Health and Fitness, building a business, strengthening your Faith, building a successfulmarriage. Assess what worked and what didn’t. Write down action stepsthat you will need to take for a different result.

Reignite your passion and believe! Believe in your dream. Believe in the
goodness of the realization of your desired result.

You don’t fail unless you quit.

“It’s never too late to redeem your dreams.” Sharon Williamson

Believe in and redeem your dreams!

Of course it’s going to take more than believing, however, you can resuscitate your motivation and passion when you simply make one more effort to Believe!

For a limited time you can listen to the replay of an incredibly empowering call

"Master your mindset so you can unleash the power within and soar to your greatness!" This will help you as you take the Transformational journey to empowering success by believing in yourself and your dreams. You will be empowered not only to dream but to take targeted action!

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Women will come from across the states for personal, spiritual and business empowerment,
structured networking and refreshments.

If you've been looking for something to change the course of your life and business forever, this is it!

Select women will experience an onstage Business Spotlight! You'll receive information on
how you can be one of these women after registration. You'll walk away with at least one idea
and a spotlight for your Business.

Be sure to bring your Business Cards.

Secure your seat today!

Limited seating.

Online registration ends Thursday at 12:00 midnight. Registration at the door is more.

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Is your mindset holding you back?

Don’t know?

I’m going to share 3 mindsets to avoid.

1) I’m not good enough.
I’ve been there and have seen all too many times women who are always

Getting better and this is not simply personal development it’s continued activities based on the comparison with others. You should
always avoid this self doubt. It is draining and will sabotage any
endeavor of empowering success. So shake the mindset of “I’m not good

2) It’s too late for me. Sure things may not have happened the way you want them to happen, however, as long as you have breath in your body there’s hope. Take inventory of why things are not working. Don’t
be a victim of time. There are many who started in there latter years
and actually realized more in their latter years than their earlier
years. Spend your time discovering new ideals, strategies and
resources. Determine who it is you are here to serve. Develop an
appropriate brand and make sure you have an online visibility plan.

3) Who am I to charge that? Okay this is where I had an incredible shift in my life and business. I kept hearing the limiting belief or
you could say negative chatter and it included “Who am I to charge
that?” If you have determined who you serve, a solution to their
problem and can help them get results, you had better charge for that.
Don’t look at it as what hourly rate you can charge but rather what are
the results that you help them achieve? What’s it worth to them? If you
can provide solutions and help them manifest the desired results, you’re the person for the job. Besides it’s not a money thing
with everyone. Charge too little and they may start doubting the
effectiveness of your program, product or service.

I have shared 3 mindsets to avoid. There are many more that you want to stay clear of. There are also mindset shifts that need to be made and this comes as you master your mindset.

I’ll be sharing this during my upcoming live event in Sacramento, CA Click here to learn more ,as well as The Women’s Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Online Boost Camp click here to learn more.

If you’re tired of being stuck, not getting results and reinventing the wheel
be sure to connect via one of these opportunities.

Having the right mindset is crucial to your Authentically Brilliant Life and Business Empowerment. Empowerment is a choice. Make the choice for maximum empowerment today!

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Do you struggle to get clients? And even beyond that does it seem like a mystery
to attract your ideal clients? I'm going to share a few tips that will help you
take the mystery out of attracting your ideal clients.

As a woman entrepreneur you face many challenges and one can be the activity of
keeping clients. Read on for some basic tips on this.

First and fore must you must make a commitment to make time for this activity.
You can’t continue to blame others for your lack of success if you continue to dwell
in the woulda, coulda shoulda zone. Robin Tramble

As Wendy Y Bailey puts it your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.
I know that we at times want to serve all whether they can pay or not but if you’re going
to realize the abundant life and raise your game you need money to advance the Kingdom.
Money is a necessity to build your Empire to manifest your dreams.
So unless you’re not at all serious about this
your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.

Now, some of you may be having a problem with this and it could be your mindset.
One mindset shift that you need to make is that I’m worth it. What I have to offer
will change their lives and manifest the results they desire and they will pay for results.

One thing that is critical is to know who it is that your message is to.
You might be saying oh that’s easy women. Well, that’s a little too broad.
That may be your target market but now you need to identify your niche.
Is it women in transition from a career to home? Women who have diabetes and
Want to up-level their life by realizing healthy eating habits and sticking to them?
Women who are stuck and don’t know where to go next in their business development
Etc. ? We’ll do an exercise in the live event in Sacramento, CA
and touch a little on this in the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Boost Camp.

Knowing this will help you attract your ideal client because your marketing language will
speakto them and they will recognize you as the solution to their problem.They will say hey! I need that, she knows what I’m talking about, whatI’m feeling.

How sure are you about your product, service or program? What are the benefits? I’m not
talking about the features. The benefits. Here’s the question they are asking, what does it
do for me? They don’t care about the fact that it’s a great washing machine double capacity etc.
They want to know the benefits “save time” “save money” “you’ll be the envy of your friends” etc.
Knowing who your ideal client is saves you time, saves you money. You won’t waste time advertising
in arenas that your ideal client doesn’t congregate in. Your messages are targeted and instead of
to the masses.

How do you view your self worth? As I was talking to my Women’s Empowerment Inner Circle
Gold Tier group one thing I shared is that your leadership will influence people to follow you.
People follow others when they see a clear sense of purpose.
People will only follow you if they see that you know where you are going. It also stands to
reason that people will follow you if you’re confident and know your self worth. It shows
believe it or not. Your prospect must come to know, know like and trust you
and all of the above plays a role in that.

All of the above and more plays a role in your attracting your ideal client.
Ready to get started on your own? I've given you some basic tips, however,
if you're tired of doing it alone and want support, you know you need
an accountability measure to help kick you into gear then I invite you to connect with me.

I have two opportunities. The Empowerment Gathering live is an electrifying, empowering and Transformational event happening in
Sacramento, CA in August. Seating is limited. Secure your seat here

Second there's the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Online Boost Camp.
Find out more and secure your seat here or check out the fre.e
preview call here.

As always I welcome your comments.
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Imagine.... You EMPOWERED to finally live your best life ever!

Dear friend,

My family and I just experienced the most frightening crisis of our life. Our oldest daughter on Life Support. We almost lost her not once but
twice. How did we persevere, remain focused and resist the temptation
to succumb to fear? We are now experiencing victory and an amazing
surge of EMPOWERMENT! She is off life support, was moved from ICU and is regaining strength daily. The Doctor's gave us another report, however, we held on to the report of our God! It wasn't easy but it was possible.

We tapped into possibility. We tapped into Empowerment through our union with Him. We stepped boldly with courage and confidence that it was DONE!

You can experience the same empowerment , courage and confidence to stay focused because you have learned life skills, become faith-full and are mastering your mindset!

This is the only way you will send out the energy to create an
atmosphere for God's miraculous intervention in your life and the lives
of others.

Feel like you're working hard but getting nowhere?
Are you frustrated by the day to day tasks of managing your personal and business life?
Want to play a bigger game but can't due to a lack of confidence and/or entertaining your limiting beliefs? Or maybe you don't know what's holding you back.

"Give me 40 minutes and I'll share keys to maximizing your
EMPOWERMENT and realizing mindset breakthroughs so you can finally live life on your terms while increasing your client/customer base and revenue."

Join me for The Women's Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Teleseminar series

This week's Topic: 4 Surefire ways to Blast through your fears to COURAGE, CONFIDENCE and Maximum EMPOWERMENT!

When: Bi-Weekly The next call is July 8
Time: 11:00 AM PST, 2:00 PM EST
Cost: Free

These teleseminars will sell for a minimum of $147
Get your free access today!

Register here

Only 200 lines

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Happy Summertime!

You've made strategic plans, did some networking and even
developed a great schedule for marketing and monetizing
your efforts and now comes the turn. The turn when you must
figure out how to keep the momentum going, create a schedule
that will allow you to leverage your time and still realize
gains in your business while fulfilling the other roles in
your life. The Summer Time turn.

It's not easy realizing work at home women's empowerment and
it can be even harder as you make the transition from the
school year to the Summer months.

Now is the time you must streamline and set one BIG goal that
will give you massive results in other areas.

The key word is focus. If you've ever learned the skill of focus,
now is the time to embrace the act of focusing on what matters most.

Need help with how to gain massive results while committing to
your desire to give what you need to your family and children
during these summer months? Or maybe your children are grown or
you don't have children and yet you must figure out how to monetize
while getting through the Summer months that have been known
to be slow months due to one of meany reasons the season
for vacationing. You don't want to miss my upcoming
Work at home women's Empowerment and Mindset Breatkthrough Teleseries.

When: Bi-weekly beginning Thursday, June 24 at 11:00 am PST
Cost: Free

Although this Teleseries is designed with the Work at Home Woman
and those that aspire to be in mind, everyone is welcome to attend.

Secure your spot here:

Space is limited. Secure yours now!
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Are you experiencing challenges and is just basically dealing with thechallenges sending you for a spin? You must remain focused regardlessof what you’re dealing with.

The road to women’s empowerment will involve holding on to two words:

Tenacity:Tough minded persistency non yielding…and tireless effort regardless ofobstacles, opposition and or other’s opinions.

There are so manyobstacles that come before you and hinder you especially during theeconomic times of challenge. You must have tough minded persistency andbecome a woman of tenacity. You must be if you’re going to achieve yourdreams, live an empowered life, be an extraordinary woman leading anextraordinary life. You have to have a non-yielding and tireless effortregardless of obstacles. That’s something I want you to hold on toregardless of obstacles and opposition and we have great oppositionespecially women of faith and/or other’s opinions the opinions ofothers the opinions of the world, the opinions of society where itconcerns our faith. Tenacity, hold on to that.

Another is the word resolve; unwavering committed mindset adhering to a bold decision and strategy.

SoI want you to hold onto those two words as we move on. It takes muchcourage to continue in the midst of crisis. It takes passion, faith andmotivation.

I looked up the word crisis and there are a couple of definitions and they include the following;

Acrucial or decisive point or situation a turning point. A traumatic orstressful change in a person’s life; it’s also a term meaning a testingtime or an emergency event.

What I’d like you to answer is howdo you respond to crisis or what should your response be? If you’regoing to embrace any level of empowerment you’re going to need to havetenacity and there should be a resolve. It’s also important to have theright mindset in order to keep moving forward during the time of crisisduring a testing time. There will be continuous testing times as youmove along your journey towards an empowered life. There’s no questionabout it, you will have testing times as you move up to new levelsthere will be new testing. Build safeguards so you stay focused and youstay along the course that’s been set for you and given the fact I’mtalking about focus in crisis, learn to focus.

One of thehardest things to do in life when an unexpected change orcircumstances, disappointment etc. come your way is to stay focused.You are either experiencing so much pain or you’re so overwhelmed thatthe event tries to take your full attention. So how can you continuealong your path so the goals that you’ve set the action steps you’veset that will lead you to that goal long term, short term? The eventtries to take your full attention. One thing for sure is that therewill be unexpected situations, and that’s just the way it is. There arechanges and disappointments that are sure to come your way. Theessential thing is to learn how to remain focused during these timesand it is a learned state. Losing your focus can immobilize you, bindyou and make you ineffective in your life.

Here’s one thing not to do:

Don’t panic!

Thisis number one here as this may be the natural response by most and thatis to Panic. When I heard the call from my daughter saying “mommy Ican’t see” my first inclination was to panic and then I gave the callto my husband so that I could regroup and reach into my Faith. Panicwill send you spiraling down a staircase of many emotions sending youdeeper and deeper into a mode of gloom and defeat. Below I share otherthings you must do to stay focused that you also must do that will fuelyour ability to resist the panic stage. Unless you make an agreementwith yourself that you will not panic the other keys may not be aseffective in your endeavor to learn skills to help you stay focused in crisis.

Ifyou’d like to know more about how to stay focused in crisis I inviteyou to secure a copy of my special report “How to stay focused incrisis.” I share many more tips and insights in this area. Learn more by clicking here.

Share your comments
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Women's Empowerment Tips: Take your power back!

The most common way people give up their power
is by thinking they don't have any.

~ Alice Walker ~

I recently posted an update to Facebook that received a
few inspired comments. I was not only speaking of women in
relationships with men as much as I was speaking overall
about the power you must express over your life and situations
that you face.

My audio 5 mistakes women make includes giving their power away
and this is so true, however, the quote above sheds a different light.
There are some who give up their power by thinking they don't have
any. Thinking that somehow they have to wait for approval to succeed.
Waiting to be validated instead of realizing that the power is within
them and success is in their hands.

How many times have you come to the realization that someone
was out to harm you or sabotage your endeavors and yet you
continued to tolerate their behavior and allow them in your space?

Here's one of the massive action steps I shared in my session for The
Empowered Woman Entrepreneur Telesummit.

Honor your boundaries
Boundaries protect you from people that your spirit cannot easily afford.

The update I shared is below. I would enjoy reading your comments.

You don't have to wait for anyone's permission to succeed. You have
everything within you. Success is in your hands. Make sure you are
connected to individuals that will inspire you to stretch. When you
find someone who is not for you have the courage to let them go. You
know it when you see it now be empowered through your union with your
Father God and let them go. It's not mean, you're protecting your
destiny. Eliminate the negatives. That is all.

Are you ready to realize a juicy manifestation of deliciously
authentic life and business empowerment? Great!

I invite you to request my special free gift package to support
you in your empowering success endeavors. Request yours by clicking here.

Remember empowerment is a choice. Choose empowerment today.
You don't have to do it alone. Allow me to be there for you as you
make this journey of EMPOWERMENT. Take your power back!
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April 19, 2010


Imagine receiving insight from 9 savvy experts in various fields that will catapult your personal, spiritual and business growth from the comfort of their home. The information shared is valued at hundreds and more, however, you won't pay that. The cost of this empowering event is FREE! Discover insider tips and strategies without the hype.

Why free? Robin Tramble the host of this event is passionate about
empowering women to discover their authentic self, get unstuck and live a big, bold, beautiful and deliciously authentic life!

TheEmpowered Woman Entrepreneur Telesummit will include topics on business
success, social media, life balance, health and fitness, empowerment,
military moms success, Parents and their teens and overcoming challenges.

Our featured speakers include:

Robin Tramble
Maruxa Murphy
Pam Perry
Lynne Lee
Sue Miley
Lynnis Mullins
NickCole Byrd
Nishaline Hines
Lori Bell

Weinvite you to take advantage of this empowering event. Your life will be enriched and your personal, spiritual and business growth will be catapulted!

Of course we encourage you to make all of the calls, however, you will have access to the replay for a limited time.
If you desire to secure a permanent copy for your collection you will be given an opportunity to do so.
You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

TheEmpowered Woman Entrepreneur Telesummit is sponsored by Robin Tramble
Authentic life International and The Association of Christian Women

Register now at

Welook forward to having you join us!

This event will fill so reserve your spot now at
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Empowerment Challenge

My passion is empowering women to live their best life!You have everything within you to lead a dynamic and successful life in 2009. It will take a good system, connecting with the right people, resources and creating a positive environment to achieve this.I'd like to challenge you to select 3 empowering action steps that you will take this week to turbo-charge your plan for life empowerment.Empowerment is a choice. Choose life empowerment today for good success in life.Whether you're looking to enhance your relationship, improve your image and/or health, increase productivity in your business, career , ministry or on your job, or learn key strategies for effective financial fitness, the key is to take action!Do you dislike aspects of your life but feel hopeless to change them?Learn transformational principles and keys to an empowered life! It doesn't matter if you're a mompreneur, solopreneur, wahm or sahm, you can live your best empowered life.Take the challenge today!Looking for dynamic solutions for mindset shifts?I invite you to attend a transformational boot camp, featuring Marnie Pehrson, Felicia Slattery, Cathy Morenzie and Dr. Taffy Wagner.You can win a complimentary seat to Women's Life Empowerment Boot camp or Register today

Here's to your life empowerment!Robin G. Tramble
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