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Quit Playing and Get It Done

How many excuses can you come up with before you actually get work done? Excuses help pacify the fact that you aren't producing. It's time to stop making excuses for yourself and get the work done.


Just think of every excuse you make for yourself as a step further down the ladder of success. Who intentionally wants to take steps in the wrong direction? I know you don't!

As a woman you have to accept responsibility and provide accountability for the things you do and don't accomplish. Your main purpose as woman is to reproduce! That doesn't change when it comes to the work world either. This is your time to reproduce, that is multiply. By multiplying you can increase in all areas of your life.

You bring things into existence with your creative abilities. That means you supply your life with the things you desire by making it happen. Why deny yourself that? I challenge you to declare right now that you shall not be denied because of laziness. Declare that you will stop playing and get what needs to get done, done!

Remember F.O.C.U.S.!! Follow one course until successful.

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The Problem with Perfection

10744091860?profile=originalWhether in your business or personal life, do you have the issue of making sure everything is ‘perfect’ before making a move?  

The Next Step

Sometimes we may get stuck – waiting, and waiting, and waiting as we pull together what we think is important before we move forward.  But if you think about it, is it really necessary to wait? Yeah, I know, this can be harsh on those of us who are analytical and have perfectionist tendencies.

Maybe the following is your situation:

You don’t have everything you need to roll out your full vision at the moment and it may take you a little while to unfold all the phases in your plan.

Solution:  Rather than making it a long, drawn out chore, consider what you CAN do NOW. More than likely, you have what you need to take the next step.   Do that -- take the next step! 

Real vs Busy Work

Beware! Speaking of next steps . . .  make it count. While you’re preparing to share your vision or bring your product or service to market, make sure you’re not just doing busy work, working on the shiny bells and whistles, business cards, brochures -- avoiding the ‘real’ work. For real work, externally, how about building relationships -- establishing some one-on-one connections; doing some vision casting over lunch.  Internally, how about establishing business systems – infrastructure.

Fear & Procrastination

Most times, we innately know what to do and how to do it. Sometimes stagnation has nothing to do with busy work, analysis paralysis, or the guise of perfection, but simply has to do with fear and its offspring, one of which is procrastination.  The good thing is . . . we always have a choice.


  1. Bow to fear   OR
  2. Move your vision forward, unfold it in steps, tweak it along the way, see the end result.

Question is . . . What's your choice?

Latifah-2013-253x300.png?width=91Latifah Abdullah is founder of Tibay International.  Using optimism, forward thinking, and passion for a woman’s well being, the Tibay Community provides tools, how to’s, and candid conversation on legacy wealth, business, finance, faith, fashion, and health -- empowering women and women entrepreneurs to live a full, authentic life.

The community  uses a ‘whole person’ approach to provide business and personal resources to women and women business owners.

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The Cost of Putting It Off Part 1

10744078287?profile=originalSeriously, we all procrastinate at some point in time on something and we’re all familiar with this scenario:  You put off doing something and probably have absolutely no idea of how long it takes to do the task you’re putting off.  You can end up living in chaos simply because you’re putting off something that will take you just a short time to do.  Are you one of those people who shuffle through papers?  If so, you probably spend more time shuffling through them each day than it would take for you to sort through them one final time and toss, file or process what’s there in the pile.

Research shows that people spend most of their time and effort working on activities that have nothing to do with the success of their projects.  Procrastination is the biggest reason people fail to reach their goals. It is the #1 cause of stress.  Research also shows us that stress is caused by leaving too many things undone, which is why some habitual procrastinators always complain about chronic fatigue.  Putting things off creates enormous stress in our lives, which manifests as fatigue.

Right now, take a long look at your home and work life.  Where are you spending the majority of your time?  Are you working on things that are relevant to the big picture, or are you procrastinating and spending more time on distractions.  If you’re spending time on distractions, what is it that’s distracting you and why and, the big question is, what is it really costing you?  What’s the bottom line cost of putting it off?  I'm not posing the question just to have you ponder it.  Go do the math!  If you're a coach, multiply your hourly rate by the amount of time you waste putting things off.  If you provide other services, multiply your hourly rate by that amount of time.  What's the cost of putting it off?

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The Cost of Putting It Off Part 2


So what did you see when you took that long look at your work and home life?  Are you spending the majority of your time working or putting off the things that need to get done?  If you’re working, what exactly are you working on and are those things relevant to your overall goals?  If things aren’t getting done, it’s time to look at your behavior to tell what’s really going on.  Start by keeping a time log and enter everything that you do on a daily basis.  At the end of each day look back to see how much time you actually spent on work and how much of it was spent on distractions.

If you’re spending time on distractions, what’s distracting you?  It might be something else that needs to get done.  If this is the case, look at the priorities and schedule appropriate time to get it done, commit to it and get it off your to-do list.

As I said before, the big question is, what is procrastination really costing you?  Looking at your time log, make note of the amount of time that you spent on distractions.  Multiply that amount of time by your hourly rate.  The result is just the cost for that amount of time.  Multiply that by the additional time that you’ve spent on distractions or on procrastinating and you’ll see what it’s really costing you.  Procrastination will not only cost you precious time, it will cost you monetarily.  You could be paying a pretty big cost for putting things off.

The only way to remedy procrastination is to start by taking an in depth look at your behavior to see what you're doing to be able to determine why you do it.  The "why" is the key to stopping your procrastination. If procrastination is a big problem for you, I encourage you to check out my 12-week procrastination program, Procrastination AnnihilationClick here for details.

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People get stuck in a lifestyle of procrastination because they believe their own excuses for not taking action. Procrastination is the main reason that people fail to live richer and more fulfilling lives. If you're stuck in a rut of continual procrastination, make up your mind to stop making excuses.

If you've been making excuses for putting things off, here's how to take charge of your life. First, think about all the things you've been postponing-at work, at home, in your personal relationships, or for your personal development.


Make a list.

Now choose one thing on that list that you can do something about today. Write down every excuse you've given yourself for not having done anything about it yet. Ask yourself if you have considered all the consequences of your procrastination in this area. Do you want to live with them? Do you have a legitimate reason for postponing this job?

You have to be honest about this or it won't work. Forget about what other people think; look in the mirror and ask the hard questions. If you have a legitimate reason for delaying action in this area, move on to another item on the list. Find something that you can make happen today, simply by deciding to make it happen. Now do it. When you've completed this task successfully, your satisfaction will motivate you to repeat this process with another item on your list.  

Successful people know that their accomplishments depend on two things: taking action and staying focused on their goals. People who are successful in any business or profession have an ability to make things happen. All successful people win the war against procrastination because they develop certain traits. To defeat procrastination and get all you want out of life, you must:

- Know what you want.
- Force yourself to take action.
- Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.
- Stop making excuses!

Now go back to your list and choose another project. Write down every excuse you've been giving yourself for not getting started, or for leaving it unfinished. Put as many things on the list as you can think of. Now try to eliminate one excuse at a time. Ask yourself hard questions: Why do I have to postpone this project? Is it necessary to go on postponing it? If Oprah Winfrey were in my situation, would she postpone it? What will happen if I keep putting this off? If I keep putting this off, when will I get it done? Can I get started on it now? What part of the job could I complete now? If I postpone this job now, what other job will I tackle to make better use of my time?

As you eliminate your excuses, think of what you can do today to make this project happen, and do it. Anne Frank wrote in her diary, "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Make a decision to start improving your world today.

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Are you struggling with the emotion fear?

Why are you struggling? Isn’t it time to take control and acquire the necessary skills to combat fear. I’m not saying to focus on fear because “what you focus on expands!”

There’s no time to contemplate or ponder this thing. It’s time now to break free so you can live your best life ever!

Here are three reasons that you must break free from fear now!


Fear is a Dream Killer
Like procrastination, fear is a thief of time and I know all to well
about this one. There are many opportunities that have been lost
because of fear. I’m sure you can think of some missed opportunities
of your own. This will continue to happen unless you break free.
The life of your dreams is at stake. You must break free now!


Fear is a toxin
Our subconscious mind receives messages from our thoughts and actions
and it doesn’t know whether it’s a temporary or insincere thought.
No, our subconscious mind gets to work on whatever we send its way.
So in essence fear is a toxin to the subconscious mind.


Fear is not a part of God’s plan and is not from God
In the bible we read that God has not given us a spirit of
fear but He’s given us power, love and a sound mind. So if
God didn’t give it to us then we shouldn’t have it and it
hinders the flow of blessing on our lives.

Your goal should never be to focus on totally being free from fear,
that would be unbalanced, however, you should learn keys and the
necessary mindset shifts needed to empower you to live a life free
from the bondage of fear.

What will you do if you never break free? You don’t have to wait
any longer.


I invite you to request access to my FREE laser coaching call “Blast fear, procrastination and get focused!” You’ll hear the value added content I shared and hear the laser coaching a few of the ladies experienced with me on the call.

Go to to get access now!

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One of the things that I’ve encountered while serving my passion of empowering women are these three words “the right time.”


How many times have you sighed, “Let me think about it, I need to wait for the right time”, “Not now it’s not the right time”?


Did you ever find the right time? Or are you still waiting.


Time fulfills it’s purpose daily waiting on no man. Are you fulfilling your purpose

daily, waiting on no man, no thing? ~ Robin Tramble


The grave is rich with good intentions. Many I’m sure were waiting for the right time. Some of our greatest songs are in the grave, witty ideas and inventions in the grave, Government officials, Men or Women of God “in the grave!”


I’m not trying to be harsh here, however, I’m tired of seeing gifted individuals passing time and refusing to do whatever it takes to manifest their dreams all because you’re waiting for the right time.


I see this a lot in my coaching. Some take me up on complimentary sessions, see the value and talk about how others aren’t stepping up to get the training they need only to say at the close of the session that now is not the right time. Of course at times it may not be the right time, however, you must take inventory of the validity of your statement. Is it another form of procrastination? Do you have a fear of the unknown, fear of success or fear of failure?


Everyday will bring about a change. The question is what change? A change for the better or for the worse? Will it change by default or will you take charge of your future and change yourself so that you can change your world?


Underline, highlight, print in your memory this next statement; “There’s never a right time!”


Children are small at home “not the right time.” You now have teens at home “not the right time.” Your son or daughter is in college “not the right time.” Oh my they’re getting married so much to do “not the right time.” I’m going back to school now so… “it’s not the right time.” My parents are aging so…. “it’s not the right time.”



Life happens and there will always be something else that we are responsible for.


How important is it to you to manifest your desired results in your personal growth, business growth, spiritual growth, weight loss, relationships etc.?


God’s gift to us is life and what we do with it is our gift back to Him. Now is the time. Right here and right now.


There’s an audience waiting to hear your message and realize the benefits of your solutions to their problems.


This is your time. This is your year!


How is your mindset? Your mindset could be causing you to continue to delay taking steps towards your empowering success. I invite you to request my video series “Mindset Secrets for Empowering Success” while it’s available.


Go to



What are your thoughts on this topic?

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4 simple secrets to getting focused, reinventing your life and living Big Bold and Beautiful!!

Pink Stunna Shades Glittering Comments from

I will be giving away empowerment resources during my FREE Teleseminar series.All you have to do is register and be on the call to qualify. You will then receive acode via email to send in to redeem your gift award.I awarded 3 $50 gift awards on my last call.Who else wants breakthrough to new horizons in your personal, spiritual and business life?When: January 21Time: 11:00 AM PST 1:00 PM CST 2:00 PM ESTJanuary 285:30 PM PST 7:30 PM PST 8:30 PM PSTRegister for my Call here: life is waiting, however time won't wait.Don't look back a year from now wishing you had begun today!RobinThe Dynamite "Authentic Life, EmpowermentMentor,Coach,Trainer and Public Speaker

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You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow biggerthan your faith. ~Mary Manin MorrisseyOne thing I see over and over is the evidence of fear inwomen's lives. These are the same women who so want toembrace the idea of women's empowerment. It is possibleto break free, however, as I say empowerment is a choice andso is breaking free from fear.What is fear?Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat.It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in responseto a specific stimulus, such as pain or the threat of danger.Some psychologists such as John B. Watson, Robert Plutchik, andPaul Ekman have suggested that fear is one of a small set of basicor innate emotions. This set also includes such emotions as joy,sadness, and anger. Fear should be distinguished from the relatedemotional state of anxiety, which typically occurs without anyexternal threat. Additionally, fear is related to the specificbehaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the resultof threats which are perceived to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.From wikipediaAlthough there is good fear which for instance is a responsegiven when we sense danger I am talking about the negative aspect of fear.Here are three reasons that you must break free from fear now!Fear is a Dream KillerLike procrastination, fear is a thief of time and I know all to wellabout this one. There are many opportunities that have been lostbecause of fear. I'm sure you can think of some missed opportunitiesof your own. This will continue to happen unless you break free.The life of your dreams is at stake. You must break free now!Fear is a toxinOur subconscious mind receives messages from our thoughts and actionsand it doesn't know whether it's a temporary or insincere thought.No, our subconscious mind gets to work on whatever we send its way.So in essence fear is a toxin to the subconscious mind.Fear is not a part of God's plan and is not from GodIn the bible we read that God has not given us a spirit offear but He's given us power, love and a sound mind. So ifGod didn't give it to us then we shouldn't have it and ithinders the flow of blessing on our lives.Your goal should never be to focus on totally being free from fear,that would be unbalanced, however, you should learn keys and thenecessary mindset shifts needed to empower you to live a life freefrom the bondage of fear.What will you do if you never break free? You don't have to waitany longer. Join me for a free call Secrets to Breaking free fromfear, overwhelm, procrastination and low self esteem.It happens Friday, January 15 at 11:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM CST,2:00 PM EST. Can't make the call? A recorded call replay willbe available to all registrants. Register for Breaking free here.One defintion of insanity is to do the same thing over and overagain expecting different results. Stop the insanity! Do somethingpositively different.Finally break free from fear.
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It's been a wonderful Summer and I can't express enoughmy gratitude for all of the support and words of affirmationthat I received over the course of the summer and this yearfor that matter.I've had this question asked by many women and it is simplyhow do I get started? Or how do I continue even when it seems like nothing's happening?I've been sharing about the army of empowered women that I'm building, are you ready to join the revolution?This Thursday, October 1 marks the beginning. I'm going to shareeverything I can to motivate and challenge each and everyone of you to take the leap of faith to begin living the life of abundance that Father God designed for you. We're just about in the last quarter of the year, however, this is not the time to retreat. Power up!Let's make Father God's dreams come true for you. Dreams alive is about His dreams for you being activated by your burning desire and re-dedication of your life to His purpose for you. In essence your dreams will ultimately manifest as you partner with God.Join me Thursday, October 1 at 1:30 PM PST 4:30 PM ESTThere will be a recorded audio replay for each registrant.Plus discover how you can write your own empowerment-successsong for your life and participate in my upcoming session fre.e .Go to:"It's never too late to redeem your dreams." ~ Sharon Williams
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You could be losing thousand's , maybe millions!Life is passing you by!"Time is fulfilling its assignment waiting on no man.Are you fulfilling your assignment waiting on no man,no-thing?" ___Robin TrambleIf we could reap the benefits of the riches in a placecalled the grave we would probably be able to settlethe financial challenges of this world. Unfortunately wecannot do that. The grave is filled with good intentions.What will good intentions do for them now?I was speaking with a new-found friend and webegan talking about how we are getting older andto what can our lack of success be attributed. Wereached an agreement on one area in particular....procrastination.There is a psychological aspect to the activity of procrastinating.It is known that we can tend to develop a habit that is learnedby our doing certain activities, which don't result in asatisfactory manner, and therefore it may cause us to feeldiscouraged. After continued episodes we don't desire or arenot inspired to continue in that manner. When an opportunitydoes arise for another episode we withdraw because of ourassociation with past feelings surrounding this area.Let's look up the word: ProcrastinationVERB: Inflected forms: pro•cras•ti•nat•ed,pro•cras•ti•nat•ing, pro•cras•ti•natesINTRANSITIVE VERB: To put off doing something,especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.TRANSITIVE VERB: To postpone or delay needlessly. Yes, it includes laziness. If we're honest withourselves we can find some areas of laziness where itconcerns pursuing our goals, completing tasks, taking timeto show love to our loved ones with a phonecall, letter, card or even a visit.My husband and I have experienced the grief of feelingthe urge to call a loved one and express our love onlyto receive a call one week later that this individual is gone.Pain? Yes! Did we learn anything from that experience.Most definitely, we don't put off calling our loved ones.My question would be why do we put off doing something?Why do we postpone or delay needlessly? You'll find the following asnoted in my ebook The Dynamic Power of Focus1. Fear - I believe we are held captives by our fears of failure,incompletion, anxiety etc.2. Lack of purpose - If we would search for the fullness of ourpurpose in life we would be ignited with a passion for life andpursue avenues to propel us toward our goals.3. Lack of passion - Passion will drive you, energize you andpull you toward success. Passion will move you toward acontinued pursuit of success in live.4. Health challenges - If your health is in a poor state,you will postpone activities that tend to remind you ofexhaustion, pain, discomfort etc.There are a few steps you can take to begin your journeyto overcome procrastination.Prayer - Father God is ready and willing to help you.Ask Him for supernatural wisdom, knowledge and understanding.Re-ignite your passion for your purpose in life.If you don't know your purpose, one simple way is to takeinventory of what you enjoyed as a child. What is it that you woulddo whether you were paid or not. Many times we are influencedby family, friends or society away from certain activities thatwe truly enjoyed.Begin setting short term reachable goals. Don't start with a goalsuch as "I will lose 20 lbs in 30 days". You are settingyourself up for the feeling of failure and incompletion. You want to setyour self up for victories. Start with things you can do daily towork toward reaching your long term goals.Reward yourself for achieving your goals.Spend time daily reading the bible. Prayer and reading your biblewill re-freshen your vision for life.The above are a few steps to set you back on the road to productivitywhich will ultimately result in good success. Do you want to live?Procrastination is stealing lives, ideas, relationships, destiny andthe list goes on.Don't wait till tomorrow. Who knows whether it is promised.(c) Robin G. TrambleNow I invite you to take advantage of an empowering resource to help youeliminate disempowering behaviors, discover your authentic self, get clearon your goals, become an unstoppable woman entrepreneur and realize business, personaland spiritual breakthrough! Click here to access now.------------------------------------------------------------Want to use this article in your ezine or on your website?You can as long as you include this blurb with it and retrieve the complete article:Robin Tramble a Life/Marriage Empowerment Mentor/Trainer/Coach is passionate about empowering women to discover their authentic self, get unstuck and live their best empowered life by nurturing their "Spirit, Soul and Body."Request your fre.e access to Robin's empowering ezine for savvy entrepreneurial women "Highlights of Empowerment and Total Wellness." Receive empowering tips, an empoweringaudio and her special report "Barriers to empowerment."
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You might be wondering what group coaching is and I'm happyto share a little with you.Life Coaching helps you get where you want to go. Many people findthemselves stuck unable to move forward. Coaches hold you accountableand responsible for taking steps while cheering you on.With group coaching you tap into the collective genius of others.Partner up with a coach and a group of individuals to co-create the GroupCoaching Conversation. Group Coaching combines the power of thecoaching conversation with the gift of group support to create life youwant and to live life intentionally.A synergy of energy,commitment,and excitement is created by what theparticipants bring to the group. One of the many bonuses to Group Coaching isthat the participants raise the standards by challenging each other tocreae and implement targets/dreams/goals.Not only will you gain tremendous insights, which can improve yourbusiness,personal and spiritual lives. Group Coaching is highly effectiveand an efficient use of time. You call from the convenience of your homeor office or any location. There is no need to drive anywhere,dress upor hire babysitters.Group coaching is another way to receive double the coaching at half the cost!Take this opportunity to learn more about my brand new program"Dream launch Mentoring and Coaching program."Click here to get started by listening to the preview call.Or... you can jump in now and secure your space while they're still available for mytransformational Dream Launch Mentoring and coaching program.. If you're tired of the same ol' same ol' are ready to take action and connectwith an accountability measure and realize the power of connecting with like-minded womenfor synergy energy don't wait Get started here"It's never too late to redeem your dreams." ~ Sharon WilliamsDon't let your fears sabotage your dreams.Here's to you.... An Extraordinary Woman leading an Extraordinary life!Here's to you.... An Extraordinary Woman leading an Extraordinary life!
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Women are searching for relief from overwhelm, fear and reliable resources to assist in the realization of empowerment “Spirit, soul and body.” Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva Provides Mentoring, Coaching, Expert Education,and Advice Through networks, her websites and Free Tele-seminar Series.Elk Grove, CA June 3, 2009 – Women are becoming overwhelmed as a result of the economic downturn. Some are becoming sole earners in their homes as husbands are in transition from either being laid off or other reasons that have led to their current unemployment. Although it has been stated that we may see relief from the recession this year, women are still needing and wanting programs and systems that will assist them in their endeavor to live their best empowered life, allowing them to thrive in the midst of any financial crisis, according to Robin Tramble, founder/owner of Robin Tramble International.“I've heard it from women across the world, in my neighborhood, online and offline.... a sound of fear, confusion, discouragement and possible defeat. You can choose to survive or take action and thrive in 2009! Empowerment is a choice and women must become decisive action taking women if they're going to manifest their best empowered life.” Having experienced some of the same things and now living a life of empowerment through learned systems and experience I can passionately share strategies and keys to get unstuck, overcome overwhelm, fear and how to stay focused in crisis. I have also been rewarded with witnessing the impact it has had on raising 4 children who are now all successful in their own rights including my youngest daughter graduating with her BA and immediately following her graduation travelling to France for the Cannes Films program.”The Empowerment Diva mentors,trains and coaches savvy entrepreneurial women ( and thoseaspiring to be) as they strive to realize their personal, spiritual and professional goals. Robin offers weekly ezines, a community/network where members can participate in forums, blogging and networking. Robin Tramble The Empowerment Diva is currently hosting her free “DynamicWomen of Faith Telesummit” , an online mega-event providing keys and strategies for exponential growth and maximized empowerment.13+ Christian women entrepreneurs will share insights on staying fired up in the home, Kingdomand the marketplace. They will cover areas such as internet marketing, social media, communications, blogging, pr/ministry marketing, staying fired up in the midst of chronic illness, health and fitness, personal and spiritual growth including Image development.“The Dynamic Women of Faith Telesummit is an excellent resource for women who desire to have a business and/or ministry but are confused by all of the information out there. They will learn from successful Christian women who share their same values and principles where it concerns the Kingdom life,your home life and the marketplace.It’s the place to be for breakthrough results and to experience the power of like-minded women from across the world in one place striving for their best empowered life”“The Dynamic Women of Faith Telesummit “ runs from June 23 through July 23 with one to three speakers weekly. To register for a complimentary pass to the entire event, go to: .For more information visit:http://www.robintramble.comAbout Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva The Empowerment Diva is a definitive resource for savvy entrepreneurial women. The Empowerment Diva passionately empowers women to live their best empower life via a vast array of empowering resources for the express purpose of assisting them as they strive to realize their dreams and desires.Robin Tramble is qualified to mentor women in their life empowerment journey through her experience in the work force, working at home and personal experiences. Robin Tramble is also an author and recoding artist and plans to creatively combine her music into another empowering resource for women.Connect with Robin Tramble (EmpowermentDiva) and realize your best empowered life today!
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THE GOALIt’s like reaching for something far away. If you keep on reaching and running without stopping, you will obtain what you are reaching for. Persevering, not quitting, but going after it with all your might, as though you have to have it; that’s the driving force. Don’t look at time as a barrier. Look at it this way, the years are going to pass anyway, so why not accomplish what you wish.The battle starts in your mind, that’s where it is. It is a war between your spirit and your mind. (Your mind being your common sense) Once your mind is working in cooperation with your spirit, the struggle ceases.It is almost like going down a long tunnel. You don’t see anything on your right or on your left. You only focus on what’s straight ahead.You are determined to get to the end of the tunnel because at the end of the tunnel the light appears. The sun looks like the dawning of a new day, with new opportunities. Nothing distracts you; you are staying on course.The word procrastination is not a part of your vocabulary. Most of the time that is the problem, people don’t act. Whatever needs to be done should be completed and taken care of in a timely manner. As a matter of fact, it should be done before the required time to make sure there are no slip-ups.Some people would say, “I’ll start when the kids grow-up, or when I attain a certain amount of money”. “I’m too old, or I will wait 2,5,10 years from now”. Well, those years are going to come and go and then you will think about the things that you could have accomplished but didn’t. Why not look back and be able to say you have attained your goal and dream.Another way is to go at it one day at a time. Instead of looking at it as a long haul, look at it as taking little leaps. You will be surprised at how, in time, you will be closer to your goal.You must understand that no one else controls your destiny. A lot of times people confide in others and ask their opinion on what they should do. The person or persons they confide in may not have any ambition to succeed, and jealousy steps in. They discourage and cause them to remain immobile. Stay away from those types of people. As soon as discouragement is thrown at you, throw it back. Don’t allow it to seep into your thinking and bring back the battle in your mind.Success is determined by your actions not anyone else’s.Brenda Farrar-Ejemai(c) 978-1-58909-485-7No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without permission of the publisher.
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