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The Body Slimwear

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We're looking for quality sister-owned products for the Sumatra Napa Valley "Color of Wine Tour" March 4 and 5, 2010. We will be leaving the Bay Area (CA) Friday morning and the show to air at 3:00 pm PST...We will be staying at the African American bed and breakfast, Old Wine Inn and then on Saturday, tour the Association of African American Vinters wineries...Your products will be on display the entire week-end with you as a Virtual Vendor...Just provide a sample of items you'd like to be on display, with order information...Vendor fee is just $75.00 and you will be considered a sponsor for the Sumatra's Birthday Celebration on March 5, 2010 with media blasts during the show and throughout the week-end.For more information, email
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Are you ready for the Ultimate Money & Marketing Online Course?

find-customers-online-cours.jpgInternet Entrepreneurs
The easiest way to make money online without spending thousands of dollars in advertising is to Learn How to Find Customers and Sell on Social Networks. I make money from web designing, advertising, private coaching and social networking. I've got four revenue streams working for me, but social networking is definitly the best because it's free! I recenty made $10,677.33 in NEW Sales JUST from promoting my digtial products and services on social networks. I didn't have to spend a dime in advertising and you don't have to either.

More Sales - Costly Advertising = Perfect Marketing Solution for Entrepreneurs

Anybody can join a social network and start promoting their business, but very few people actually know how to find customers online or even make money from social networking. If you want to know what I know about building a successful online business take my Ultimate Money and Marketing Course.

The Highlights of this ecourse Bundle:

  1. How to Find Customers Online
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  2. Selling on Social Networks
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  3. BONUS 30 Days Coaching
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Get Instant Access to the BEST LOW-COST Marketing Strategies Around!

Each Course includes:

  • Downloadable Marketing eBooks
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Price: $49 w/ Discount Code ($127 Value)

Before 2010 hits I want to tell you everything I know about Finding Customers Online and Selling on Social Networks. Now you can get my two best 7-day eCourses plus 30 days Small Business Coaching for only $49 ($127 Value). Discount Code: UMM50OFF.
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: I can not guarentee that you will profit from the information in this Course. I can only show you the strategies that have worked for me and my coaching clients. Your success is dependent upon your drive and the time you take to implement and build your business online.

: Upon Payment you recieve instant access to the course material, therefore there are no refunds.
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Look at me, take a long, hard stare.I'm the face of HIV. I represent every woman 25-34 who has died or is dying from AIDS.AIDS is the leading cause of death in African American women in this age group.So, LOOK at me!Do you think I'm ready to die? I'm not ready. I don't want to leave my children, family, and friends. LOOK at me!Can you honestly tell me we can't change the statistics by raising awareness? Can we not see the Consequences of our actions? Oh God, is anybody even listening to me? LOOK at me!Now, take a long hard look at yourself and answer this question:What am I going to do today to raise awareness of HIV & AIDS?To learn more about Linda R. Herman and her passion for saving lives by raising awareness, please visit
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The War Between Black Children and the World in Which They Live (It starts in the Home)News you can use from the Coach Elizabeth

The War Between Black Children and the World in Which They Live

This war that our children are fighting against each other in the schools they attend, and against the communities in which they live, started for them in their homes. It can only be stopped in their homes.
The War Between Black Children and the World in Which They Live

Many Black children and students are socially and emotionally out of control and are choosing violence and aggression as a way to solve problems in the world in which they live. They swear, fight, vandalize, challenge authority and exhibit other overly-aggressive behaviors. Too many of these children have little respect for authority and no fear of consequences for their actions.


They do not fear or respect clergy, teachers, their parents or even the police nor will they listen to well-meaning adults or respond to positive guidance. In some schools in the United States, the daily classroom environment is a war zone with the possibility of crippling, and sometimes deadly, violence amongst the children themselves and the world in which they live.
Visit to read more .....
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Greetings All!I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with fabulous food, fun, and family moments that fill your heart with joy, gratitude, and love.Join me in celebrating Day 1 of the That Which Awakens Me Book Release Party Countdown. Check out the video below that features me reading an excerpt from Chapter 5 of my new book That Which Awakens Me: A Creative Woman’s Poetic Memoir of Self-Discovery. It discusses my writing life. For more information, visit The book is available on

If you are in D.C. on December 6, come on by the official book release party from 4pm to 5pm at SHAKTI MindBody Studio, 1302 9th Street, N.W, Washington D.C. The Chinatown Metro (walk 3 blocks north on 7th Street) and Mt. Vernon Street Metro (walk 1 block South on 7th Street) are located near SHAKTI.Judy Weathers, my Ameriprise Financial financial advisor will provide a gift certificate for a free consultation to individuals who purchase copies of That Which Awakens Me and Love’s Troubadours – Karma: Book One (my debut novel about a yoga teacher in D.C. ( The book party will be videotaped by Matt Leeke of Majik Productions, Inc. Many thanks to my yoga teacher Faith Hunter ( and her SHAKTI business partner Ieshia Ali for hosting the book party!Thank you for your positive energy and support!Peace, Creativity, Compassion, Gratitude, and Blessings,Ananda
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Defeating the Recession

Worship God in all you do then rest assure as the recession doesn't apply to you. I'm hoping everyone had an awesomely blessed Holiday Weekend. ~LuvUMuch Happy Holidays NeciaELEGANT ANGEL WITH INFANTTall and slender in a pink-tinted dress, this elegant angel lovingly cradles an infant in her arms. Polyresin. 4 7/8" x 3" x 7 1/4" high. http://NeciaismAngel2.totalwarehouse.comANGEL FIGURINEA serene expression gracing her exquisite features, a slender seraph gently cradles a wayward star before guiding it back to help brighten the heavens. This African-American angel is the very image of loveliness, with creamy flowing gown and uplifted wings a perfect complement to her beautiful bronze complexion. Divine! Polyresin. 6 1/8" x 5 1/4" x 13 3/8" high http://NeciaismAngel1.totalwarehouse.comAFRICAN CANDLEHOLDERIn brilliant colors and distinctive form, this African-inspired candle holder will hold three tapers with worldly style. Wood painted with a crackle finish. 8 x 2 3/4 x 8 1/2 high. http://NeciaismAfricanWall1.totalwarehouse.comMASAI MOTHER & CHILD STATUEThis stoic sculpture of a Masai mother, gorgeously dressed in her traditional tribal garment is a moving portrait of dignity and strength. Black and bronze finished Polyresin. 4 1/2" x 3" x 14 3/8" high. http://NeciaismMasai1.totalwarehouse.comMASAI MOTHER & DAUGHTER STATUEAs the golden sun breaks over the mountain, a Masai woman and her daughter pause before beginning the day's hunt. Beautifully burnished golden-bronze glaze highlights every aspect of the women's sleek beauty and noble bravery, turning this statue into a shining example of modernistic African art. Polyresin. 2 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 13 3/4" high. http://NeciaismMasai2.totalwarehouse.comMASAI ON A BOATIn a colorful scene of everyday village life, a Masai father and son prepare to net the catch of the day. Vibrant robes in faux-stone textures beautifully complement the smooth, sleek bronze features of this handsome African duo. Polyresin. 13" x 2 1/2" x 10 1/2" high. http://NeciaismMasai3.totalwarehouse.comFAMILY OF FOUR FIGURINEA charming family, colorfully clothed, hold each other tightly in a loving embrace in this delightful sculpture. Polyresin. 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 8 3/4" high http://NeciaismFamof4.totalwarehouse.comMASAI WARRIOR STATUEA sleek, beautiful Masai warrior is an impressive reminder of the strength and power of the African people. Black-and-bronze finished Polyresin. 4 1/4" x 3 1/8" x 16" high
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Joy & Empowerment

My Sistahs,Holiday Blessings to you and yours as we approach another Season occupying time and space with a Purpose.

The Black Network
Ari'ze Woman Queen Nef is known across many social networks for her inspirations, marketing and promotions of Independent distributors, artists, authors and their products and services."Personal Branding is a must in this business. People want to put a face, a character on one's product or service."-Queen NefFor book Review or to be Featured on Ari'ze Woman, artist, poets, Entrepreneur features, Send to:Ari'ze CommunicationsP.O. Box 834Eau Claire, WI 54702Attn: Online EditorEmail:
We encourage and empower. I Woman, I Ari'ze
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Looking for Instructors. Are you interested?

It's that time again!!!From A Writer's POV will be starting it's Winter courses in January. Right now, we are looking for instructors. We need people who are dedicated to helping others in the literary field. Instructing a course on From a Writer's POV is FREE. We don't charge and we don't pay. We are looking for those that have great knowledge on a topic and are willing to give their advice and tips on various subjects.We are looking for instructors to teach the following courses:1. Finances Course2. Resume Writing3. Poetry4. Starting your own Publishing company5. Marketing and Networking6. BloggingIf you are interested in instructing one of the courses above, please email us at and let us know what course you are interested in and provide a link to your website.Thanks!
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Do Your Family a Favor - Get Organized

Do Your Family a Favor - Get Organizedby MyLawyer.comAfter you've taken the important step of making your estate planning documents, you can help your family by addressing the practical issues discussed here**.Perhaps you've decided to make your will, and maybe you're even thinking about more complex estate planning strategies, including ways to pass your property without paying probate fees or estate tax. These are important steps to take, but don't overlook practical issues as well. After you die, your loved ones will have to cope with many things not covered in your basic estate planning documents. Among these are:• Do you want a funeral or a memorial ceremony? If so, what type?• Do you want people to send flowers, or would you prefer donations to charity?• Who should be notified about your death and funeral?• Did you prepare a will or living trust? Where is the original?• Did you own a life insurance policy, pension, retirement account or annuity? Where are the documents stored?• Where did you have bank accounts? Did you have a safe deposit box?• Did you have stocks, bonds, or money in mutual funds? Where are the records?• What real estate did you own? Where are the deeds?• Unfortunately, most of us carry this information around in our heads -- if we've thought of it at all -- and never discuss it with our family members in a comprehensive way. Our loved ones must do their best to sort it all out later.Costly or painful losses can result from a failure to organize your affairs. Stocks, bonds, bank accounts, real estate, and insurance policy benefits may go unclaimed and be turned over to the state government. This happens surprisingly often. In fact, billions of dollars currently sit in state treasuries because the rightful property owners couldn't be found. Millions of dollars worth of unclaimed assets are added to these coffers each year.On a more personal level, relatives or friends may not be promptly informed of a death, and valuable pieces of family history may not be passed down to future generations.Fortunately, losses like these can be avoided with a little bit of advance planning, sorting and organizing. Making things easier for your family is not difficult, but it may be time-consuming. It's best to break the task into manageable sections and take it one step at a time. Start by thinking about some broad categories of information:• Funeral plans (arrangements and whom to notify)• Insurance policies• Wills, living trusts, deeds and other important documents• Pensions and retirement accounts• Bank, money market and mutual fund accounts• Items in safes, safe deposit boxes and other locked or hidden places• Important information about family history, including the location of photographs, heirlooms and other irreplaceable items• Then think about organizing this information in a way that will help your family handle your affairs after your death. You can structure the information any way you like -- even some notes scribbled on a piece of paper and left in an accessible location are better than nothing. But if you have the time and energy for it, consider a more thorough approach.To learn how to create a document setting out your desires for a funeral or memorial ceremony, as well as other final instructions after death, see the Final Arrangements FAQ.When you've got everything in order, be sure to store your information in a safe place. You might consider keeping your papers or computer disk with your will in a fireproof metal box, file cabinet or home safe. And be sure to discuss your new records with those closest to you. All your careful work will help them only if they know where to find it when the time comes.**PLEASE NOTE: If you've not taken the important step of preparing your estate planning documents, feel free to contact me about this service offered through Paradise Legal Support & Secretarial Services. Prices start as low as $75 with special pricing for senior citizens and couples.
Visit National Business Women Enterprise Network
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"My Holy Bible" for Children

Finally... it's been a long time since I've seen a Bible created that embraces the African-American Christian culture-- with children in mind. When I first saw the cover I was excited. When I received my first shipment, I was thrilled beyond words. I could not wait to offer this brilliantly designed Bible to my wonderful customers. Especially during the season on which we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.The "My Holy Bible" features 32 full-color pages of artwork from award-winning African-American illustrators. Illustrators include: Pat Cummings, Nancy Devard, Shane Evans, Cathy Ann Johnson, Anna Rich, Javaka Steptoe, and Michele Wood. Each display their own unique, brilliant style of creativity that grabs the attention of young readers. The illustrations of Bible Characters is simply awesome not to mention the color pages referencing the Faith of the African American community as well as the African American Worship Experience.This Bible's NIV translation in large print type allows an easy read for children ages 7 to 10. It contains study attributes such as the introduction and outline of contents at the beginning of each book and the dictionary-concordance to help with understanding.Although this hardcover Bible retails for $24.99, I can't help but lower the price on this one simply because it gives me great pleasure to see a child growing in Christ. Don't let this one get away... you and your children will be very pleased.Melvina GarciaInspirational ExpressionsSpiritXpress Blog
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Birth of a Pastor

The Birth of a PastorGood Morning Beloved it has been a long time since I have penned a message but know if was because I did not want to it was because God was working on me in areas to build me up and areas to shed away. I was back on the potter’s wheel. Well I am thankful to be this new vessel and I look forward to the next change in outer shell because this means another layer has been taken off, I have matured to another level in God and I am closer to him who created me from a bone from the side of man and his still sweet breath of life. I am thankful today as he reminds me that I was his and he chose me from the beginning of time for a job that is strange and once taboo for me to do. I rejoice because he reminds me of the story of when he used a bush, ass and a wall to speak through that he can use anyone or thing he chooses to the bring the message of his Good News. The Good News of him leaving his Divine form to fill the flesh of man, being born of a virgin, walking, teaching and preaching among the lost to give another chance at eternal life, dying on a cross for a cause he was determined to support (shedding his precious and powerful blood for a creation that was not at all worthy), going down to the depths hell and taken the keys and death’s sting away for their owner, the rising from the dead to fulfill the law that we may have eternal life, and ascending to heaven to take his rightful place on his throne to rule forever more. He showed this to me this morning for those times when I am told women can’t be preachers or pastors; you’re not qualified for the job, etc... I can say to them you probably are right on all accounts because God is ready so I have no other choice but to humble myself and say yes Lord. I also know that by myself I can’t do anything but with Jesus I can do all things through him that strengthens me (Philippians 4:13). I know that when I pass through the waters, he will be with me, and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when I walk through the fire, I will not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon me (Isaiah 43:2). I know I have been chosen (Matthew 12:18-21) for such a time as this but this thought had to leave my mind and reach and saturate my heart because I had lost my confidence. But beloved today he showed me my past, present and future all in (Matthew 1). He showed me that I was birth in a long lineage of strong and powerful men and women of God and valor and that they too were afraid sometime but the Holy Spirit was with them leading and guiding them; undergirding and giving them courage, encouragement, endurance and strength as he will do for me in those valley days and mountaintop experiences if I stand fast and be unmovable trusting in his plan even when it don’t look like I would have it to look like, or it doesn’t fit my plan because he is able. Then he showed me that I was conceived, called, chosen and used irregularly but purposed by the Father himself not man and lastly he showed me that from me will be birth many mini me’s sons and daughters that will take the Gospel throughout the world and plant seeds, water seeds so he can give the increase. Beloved I don’t apologize for such a long message today because it was penned in love and came from the very depths of my soul. It was bottled us so when the Father was asked to stir up the gift it just begin to flow like living water. God Bless Elder Tonja Williams and remember that no matter what anyone say God has the last laugh. Happy Thanksgiving 2009
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Just finished reading another helpful article on how to drive traffic to your blog. As you know having a personal blog is another low cost marketing strategy and can really help get your name out there. Here are few tips on how to make the most out of your blog posts.1) Don’t worry about the length of your blog post, especially if you’re not a writer. Just make sure your blog contains at least one solid paragraph and about 50 words and great content. People subscribe to your blog because of your added value.2) Use your blog posts to target certain keywords. Word choice is critical; your keywords will help those searching on search engines to find your posts. It is important to use keywords from the title of your blog as well as the body of your posts.3) Link your posts from other sites. If you haven’t already register your blog URL with major search engines and also link your blog and resources from your profiles on social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn – Any site where you get to create a profile that’s all about you.Okay the last tip I will share with you.4) Pitfalls to avoid.a. Limit your time in any lead generation method to something related to the number of leads. Posting at least once or twice a month has been found sufficient to maintain traffic and online presence.b. Schedule your online posting and promotion activity. Create a schedule and make sure you post on a consistent basis.c. Avoid promotion engines like link farms, free for all sites or search engine submission software. In most cases you will be penalized by Google for using these methods. In the end your best strategy is to write posts that are helpful to your readers.Leader Club is a very helpful resource, and has really helped me understand how to effectively market myself and help others without spending thousands of dollars and time researching.LaKeisha HankinsNetwork Marketer
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May this be the best holiday season for you and your family. I hope I can count on you to shift at least $20 to a Black Owned Business this holiday season to share your blessings and show your love and support.Check out the Barack Obama figurine, African History/Kemet Timeline Poster, handmade soaps, all-natural bath/body, books, art, CDs/DVDs, Diverse Super Hero Collection, and so much more! Robinson
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Building confidence; why appearance is important

The amount of times I’ve sat in my office ready to interview a potential candid for a position only to be put off as soon as the person enters the room. Either it has been what they were wearing attire totally inappropriate for the interview, or their body language was the opposite of what they were saying or the hygiene was a total no no!It is said that we make judgements of one another in the first 30 seconds of meetingDo you know that how we look effects the way we feel? It’s true if you don’t look the part you won’t feel the part. That’s why looking good is so important, because quite simple we are what we feel!When you begin dressing like a CEO; long before you ever become a CEO you begin feeling like one! That’s simply because you started dressing like one. The people who say how we dress is unimportant, are people who are afraid of total achievement. Very few people would put their trust in someone who says they are one thing, but their attire the opposite. If appearance was unimportant as some would have us believe, companies like Mac Donald’s, Tesco, Virgin... the list is endless, wouldn’t spend millions on creating an image.If I were given a penny for the number of times people have mistaken me for an executive long before I became one, because of my appearance, I would have tidy sum today. Indeed appearance is not everything but it is a key ingredient to success.Dressing the part, even though you may not be the part (as yet) goes a long way in not just convincing others that you have what it takes to do what say you are able to do; but in giving you a sense of self belief.Just as we generally trust someone in uniform, people generally trust some one who has spent a bit of time and thought on their appearance. Looking about or after your appearance says something about you. It says you care, you’re willing and able, and you’re passionate about what it is you are going for. You’re not laid back or complacent, but you’re positive, committed and forward thinking.Now you may not agree with any of the above, but the fact still remains the better your appearance the better you feel, the better you feel the more able you are, the more able you are, the better your chance of success. Indeed it easy to feel fit for the task if you’re aptly dressed for the task. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying appearance solves all the challenges you will face in starting and running your own business but it sure will help you find the confidence, self esteem and authority to.Here are a few appearance tips:1. Always pop into the bathroom to have a quick look in the mirror before entering a meeting.2. Wear shirts and or ties, suits, waist coats, skirts and blouses or trousers, but never jeans to any business interaction3. If you wear clothes which are bright in colour ensure you wear another colour to temper the bright colour4. Wear clothes which are colour co-ordinated5. Create a look that’s smart but comfortable for you6. Women need to ensure they do not wear heels over 2 ½ - 3 inches high.7. Foot wear should always be need to be clean8. Hair should be clean, neat not too colourful. Long hair should be well groomed and or tied back/up.9. Wear clothes that fit and compliment your size; not too tight, not to large, not too revealing10. Dress appropriately for the occasion11. Limit the amount of jewellery to a maximum of two rings, a watch and a maximum of two chains.12. Go easy on the cologne or perfume, not everyone has the same taste as you.13. There should be nothing about your appearance; that deflects peoples attention whom you are and what you able to achieve i.e. intrusive facial hair, bad breathe & rotten teeth, body odour, excessive piercings etcDon't dress to kill... dress to succeed
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The mind of the entrepreneur

Rome wasn't built in a day... but it was built; this means that someone at some point had to stop dreaming and start doing! There's a wonderful word in the bible which captures my point... "faith without works is dead"The entrepreneur understands that a dream without effort or indeed a plan of how to achieve it, is like sun without the shine... rain without drops or snow without the flakes; in other words it lacks substance. The reason many refuse to move from dream to reality is a fear of failure, yet all dreams flounder and fail before they fly. The entrepreneur understands this and embraces rather than shuns or runs away from failure, knowing that each fail attempt bring them closer to their dream. They understand that set backs, or lack of progress are all a part of the process of success.The entrepreneur is a tryer, a doer, a believer, and a forward thinker. They believe wholly in the phrase “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try and try again.” They understand that lasting success happens not overnight; but rather in the quiet of long nights and arduous days. Failures, set backs and rejection are all a part of their journey; but so also is belief, faith, confidence in one self, unique achievement and success.Don't get me wrong, no entrepreneur enjoys loosing money, but because they work for money, but allow money to work for them, they know that what leaves one way comes back a hundred different ways! They have come to realise that money is fluid if it goes around... it will come around!The ability to make your dream a reality really rest with you. There’s an old proverb which says “when the student is ready the master will come” are you ready?It is said that the the Chinese bamboo tree takes 5 years to show any sign of growth. When the seed is planted, for years the farmer see’s no sign of his labour... nothing! Not even a sprout, the ground remains as it was when he first planted the seed. But then... one morning... after 5 years of checking, when he least expected it, A BAMBOO SHOOT! There after the Chinese bamboo tree goes on to grow up to 80 feet tall.It took a lot of effort, patience and determination for the farmer to believe that all his watering, fertilising, watching and hoping would amount to something. But the farmer; like the entrepreneur doesn't have to see to believe, he believes to see!
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Black Friday, Your Business, and BBWO

Hello BBWO! I hope you had an excellent Turkey day! Start your Black Friday off with BBWO... If you missed the very BIG BBWO BONUS featured on Monday, you get a second chance. But I can only do (this) for a few sistas, so act fast. Not sure what the details are? Click here: If you are looking for Black Friday Deals OR if you want to promote YOUR DEAL, do it on BBWO. Did you hear about the career package? It's definitely worth looking into. Last but not least, read the last BBWO BUZZ Newsletter to find out what's BUZZING ON BBWO More to come! BBWO Founder, LaShanda Henry | @sistasense
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