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You might be wondering what group coaching is and I'm happyto share a little with you.Life Coaching helps you get where you want to go. Many people findthemselves stuck unable to move forward. Coaches hold you accountableand responsible for taking steps while cheering you on.With group coaching you tap into the collective genius of others.Partner up with a coach and a group of individuals to co-create the GroupCoaching Conversation. Group Coaching combines the power of thecoaching conversation with the gift of group support to create life youwant and to live life intentionally.A synergy of energy,commitment,and excitement is created by what theparticipants bring to the group. One of the many bonuses to Group Coaching isthat the participants raise the standards by challenging each other tocreae and implement targets/dreams/goals.Not only will you gain tremendous insights, which can improve yourbusiness,personal and spiritual lives. Group Coaching is highly effectiveand an efficient use of time. You call from the convenience of your homeor office or any location. There is no need to drive anywhere,dress upor hire babysitters.Group coaching is another way to receive double the coaching at half the cost!Take this opportunity to learn more about my brand new program"Dream launch Mentoring and Coaching program."Click here to get started by listening to the preview call.Or... you can jump in now and secure your space while they're still available for mytransformational Dream Launch Mentoring and coaching program.. If you're tired of the same ol' same ol' are ready to take action and connectwith an accountability measure and realize the power of connecting with like-minded womenfor synergy energy don't wait Get started here"It's never too late to redeem your dreams." ~ Sharon WilliamsDon't let your fears sabotage your dreams.Here's to you.... An Extraordinary Woman leading an Extraordinary life!Here's to you.... An Extraordinary Woman leading an Extraordinary life!
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What is a Blog and WhyShould You Have One?

A blog is a short-cut name for a web log. Some people use blogs as a website because of it's flexibility and especially if you are a newbie. Blogs require no html knowledge so it is becoming to be a very essential tools for professionals in the business world. It used to be known only as an online journal where angst-ridden teens vent out their daily rants and raves. Voyeurism became the fad. No one started to become “someone” through blogging. No talent scout needed, no silver spoon in one's mouth upon birth required. All you need is a trusty computer, some typing skills, the urge to write just about anything, and voila! You can create your own blog!Before one decides to jump into the bandwagon of blogging, it is important to note what one's purpose is for blogging. This is key to planning any type of blog or website. You need to know your purpose so you can stay on topic with your blog.Choose from the below options when creating a blog:Political BloggingPutting up a blog for the purpose of getting in touch with people who have critical information to either share or contend with is one of the trendiest functions of blogging nowadays.Not many have been involved with blogging about their daily agenda yet while lip servicing, or doing community service or any government-related events compared to the next blog purpose.Opinionated BloggingJust like political blogging, these kinds of blogs teaming with the author's comments backed with hyperlinks is what keep opinionated blogging thrive. However, opinionated blogging can be sometimes just become an outlet for personal frustrations or just any personal blog that does not necessarily delve into pure politics. It can talk about products or services that one finds either good or bad. An opinionated blog can also be just the generic blog that details one's daily life.Niche BloggingThese blogs could either be personal or group blogs that target a certain market. Hobbyists often create these blogs. So, if you are into badminton or other racket sports, your niche blog will only or usually only be composed of posts that are related to rackets sports. Niche blogs are often monetized either through including advertisements or selling text links. They become feasible as source of income due to the well-targeted readers that often subscribe to them.Spam blogs are the frowned upon versions of niche blogs. This is when a blog becomes a whole big bunch of uninformative and keyword-stuffed entries that aim to just trick search engines to throw traffic their way. This traffic is then tricked to click to advertisements or buy products from other sites that the blog owner is affiliated with.Educational BloggingThis type of blogging has been gaining more and more popularity as instructors become more and more learned of the benefits of blogging to their teaching endeavors. Educators who focus on writing skills as their forte in teaching are fast becoming obsessed with the user-friendliness of blogs in communicating information to students while accessing technology. Other teachers make use of blogs to impart lessons of the day or readings for the day or even schedules of quizzes and other school-related events. Blogs can be of great help, too if one prefer to learn through online education.Blogging for Online Promotion of a BusinessBusiness blogging or corporate blogging is also one of the most popular functions of putting up a blog. More and more large companies (those with sales of more than $50 million per year) are starting to see the importance of blogging for their businesses. Aside from updating their partners, customers and potential clients about the important events and evolution of the company, corporate blogging can also aid promote further a business.With business blogging, other individual bloggers, who may take interest in whatever announcements or updates or changes that the company is undergoing, echo what the corporate blog states. The coveted informal dialog that any kind of blog accomplishes is what makes corporate blogging an ideal tool for grassroots online marketing.There you go! Whether you want a blog to just talk about your day or to endorse your business, remember to always offer useful or enlightening content. This is what usually makes any kind of blog successful. Now, keep in mind you have the power to choose your own topic of interests.Cheers,Charlotte Howard
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Hello BBWO! Here is the buzz on the network today... We have a new group for all the Body Magic Business Women on BBWO. URL: Featured Article: 3 Network Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Featured Question: How does an online business selling clothing work? URL: Featured BBWO Bloggers: Marketing and Success Talk This Week's Promo: Start Your Own Online Business 30 Day eCourse. Get 50$ off | Coupon Code: STS30U | Expires 10/3/09 URL: More to come! LaShanda
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3 Network Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

As the creator of Black Business Women Online, I'm like a network marketers dream! With almost 10,000 members (many of which are into network marketing) my inbox is always overflowing with messages about Avon products, Body Magic, Life Compass and everything in between. Having spent years perfecting my own marketing techniques and watching the strategies of others, I'd like to share 3 Network Marketing Mistakes that you should absolutely, positively, avoid!
  1. When trying to promote my first website (, my newbie instinct was to send out emails to my friends and family. When I realized that sounded better than it worked, I found myself in a state of desperation sending out emails that said, "Please visit msoy. If you can support the site in anyway it would be greatly appreciated ... blah blah blah." I pulling at heart strings would get me some traffic, but a friend quickly gave me a reality check and said ... "Man, you sound desperate." That was almost 10 years ago. After that point and to this day I vowed never to sound like THAT GIRL again. Most network marketers that I come across try to pitch you great stuff all the while sounding VERY desperate. Don't beg, don't ask for support, don't ask people to help you reach a financial goal. How you sell yourself will allows affect people's desire to buy and desperation is often a big turn off for buyers.
  2. When I started actually making money online, I got really caught up in the chase for the next sale, always hoping to see that magic surge of sales we all hope for. In the process I learned that magic isn't real and chasing sales get's you real tired real fast. When I slowed down and started cultivating relationships with my old customers, my business really took off. Don't make the mistake of neglecting your existing customers. Ask yourself these two questions. How often do you stay in contact with your old customers? How do you market to your old customers online?
  3. A lot of network marketers jump right into marketing before they ever truly understand how this stuff works. You already know it's easy to get into your line of business, but as time always tells, this stuff is hard! Don't make the mistake of thinking it's easy for other people and not for you. Don't think of yourself as a network marketer. You are a business owner and as such you have to invest in your business. Research the latest network marketing techniques, don't make the mistake of doing what all the other marketers appear to be doing because most of THEM are broke.
In a nutshell network marketers, don't try to beg for business ... don't neglect your old sales for new sales ... don't expect to make real profits if you don't have a solid plan. eBook by LaShanda HenryHow to Make Money Networking Marketing and Selling MLM Products Online eBook Details: Make More MLM Money. Discover the two things Broke Network Marketers are NOT doing and learn how to use THESE 2 Simple strategies to increase your profits online. Price: $29 --- About the Author: LaShanda Henry is a successful work at home mom and web coach. She is the author of: "How to Really Make Money Online Network Marketing and Selling MLM Products".
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The Bottom Line: Finding Work

Get complimentary access to the Building Intelligence section of the Building Industry Resources site.The news is reporting it, and if you do a little research, you will find signs: the economy seems to be in an upturn, albeit ever so subtly. With the amount of information that comes our way daily, it may be difficult to find the projects relevant to our targeted segments and markets of the building industry.Building Industry Resources has sifted through websites, magazines, newsletters and other media to compile a list of recent articles: who’s designing, who’s building, who’s developing, and who’s selling and leasing. You need to know where the work is in the building industry; who is getting it done, and how you can get a piece of it. One of our goals is inform you of potential projects and provide you with the information you need to build your business and cultivate new relationships.Retailers are expanding. Some cities are growing, and there is work in hospitality, transportation and other industries. We’ve listed reference articles and the location of projects by state. There are also useful articles to help run your business, and professionals and firms who’ve made significant moves in the industry.What do you do with the information once you retrieve it? Look at it inquisitively. Mine the articles for the possibility of a new contact, a new market to research, or consider going the extra step to make one more phone call to find out if there is any work available on an upcoming project. If you don’t have the time, contact Building Industry Resources. We’re here to assist you in your business development efforts.See the most recent Building Intel list here. We invite your feedback: What other information would you like to see? What would help you get leads and build relationships? Let us know if this information is useful and what else we can do to help you build business.Find more on Building Relationships on the Building Industry Resources' Blog and website. You can also get daily business building updates on Twitter and Facebook
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I've been working on the Black Writers Connect Social Network (, and we are quickly approaching the 1000 member mark. I just wanted to highlight a couple of interesting things that Black Authors and Writers can do on the network:
  1. Post Your Events: Book Tours, Book Signings, Fairs, Speaking Engagements, etc.
  2. Promote Your Book as a Featured Book on Black Writers Connect
  3. Chat Writing and Marketing with BWOC Members in the Forum
  4. Create Your Own Groups and make connections based on your interests
  5. Find and Exchange Tools and Resources perfect for Black Authors and Writers
The official Website: Black Writers Connect The Premier Social Network for Black Authors and Publishers
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Scripture: And he fell on his face at His feet, giving thanks to Him. ~ Luke 17:16Today's thought: When your employees do a good job, be quick to thank them and remind them of their value to the company. A genuine expression of appreciation will do wonders to improve morale and build loyalty. In addition, when we are liberal with our praise and affirmation, the occasional word of correction will be much better received.If you really want to build up your staff, think of what you appreciate most about each employee and then tell him or her. A key motivational principle is that you will get more of the bahavior you encourage. By demonstrating true appreciation to your staff, you will reinforce their positive attitudes and increase productivity - and your business will become a better place to work."The crucible is for silver and the furnace for gold, and a man is tested by the praise accorded him." ~ Proverbs 27:21
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Images of Black Women Film Festival Vacancies

These are exciting times at IBW. If you have a passion for what we do and want to play a central role in shaping the UK's only Film Festival dedicated to African Descent Women in Cinema, bringing work by Black Women as well as work about Black Women to the widest possible audience, then read on.Vacancies:Job title: Freelance FundraiserOrganisation: Images of Black Women Film FestivalDescription of duties: We have had various levels of sponsorship in the past and would be interested in obtaining more by contacting private companies (both large and small) to find out if there is an interest.Hours per week: As many as able to fit inDays: From home on any dayTimes: Any timeDuration: OngoingSkills/ experience/ attributes: Past experience of sponsorship or fundraisingFinancial Terms: 40% of the full amount of money that has been raised.Contact: info@imagesofblackwomen.comJob title: Website designerOrganisation: Images of Black Women Film FestivalDescription of duties: work closely with IBW webmaster to re-design IBW website in order to deliver a website that command authority, have clarity while being vibrant & interactive.Duration: Start as ASAP to deliver by the 5th of October the latest.Skills/ experience/ attributes: You need skills related to this area as well as proven experience.Remuneration: can provide in kind such as ad space in festival monthly newsletters & website to advertise web designer work.Contact: info@imagesofblackwomen.comIBW 2009/2010 Internship ProgrammeImages of Black Women aims to operates a voluntary intern programme, that would allow interns to gain the experience they need to move on to paid work in various aspects of the film sector as well as PR/Marketing.We are looking for volunteers able to work full or part-time, but at least three days per week, in our London office, within working hours (9.30am - 6.30pm). Minimum commitment 4 weeks from November 2008To apply please email Sylviane at explaining why you would like to intern at IBW, your availability (dates and how many days per week), and any particular areas of interest. Please also attach your CV.
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Got a great idea but you can't seem to get started? You need motivation!Motivate- The term motivate means a motive to; be the motive of 2. stimulate the interest of American century DictionaryHow can you discover a motive to succeed? What can stimulate your interest to pursue your dream?When I think back on ways I got self motivated when I felt in a slump and just couldn't get started it boils down to one thing for me...Re-igniting my vision for life. As a singer/songwriter and keyboardist I get very pumped up watching other very successful individuals with the same talents. Suddenly my vision comes alive I start revisiting the passions of my youth in music, my dreams and my goals.Expose yourself to success articles, stories and people who are doing what you'd like to do.Maybe you're saying I don't know what I want to do, I have so many ideas. Everyone has a purpose for life, a reason for your being here. Do the following: Stop what you're doing : )Close your eyes and try to revisit a time in your childhood before you were conditioned by the thoughts of others and their desires for your life (about age 8 - 10) what were your dreams, what gave you great joy, fulfillment?Can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?What is it that you enjoy doing that if you weren't paid a dime you would still findyourself committed to it?Open your eyes : ) Write it down.What three things are hindering you from accomplishing your dream.Is it money? Develop a plan to increase your income. Eliminate the money vacuums. (i.e. eating out everyday? Going to the grocery store everyday instead of developing a menu to save time, gas and money?) or a Latte everyday?Is it your health? What are your eating habits? Have you been to the doctor lately for a physical and follow-up.Do you exercise daily. A little goes a long way, just start!Is it education? Don't limit yourself because of this, however, you can assess the education that is necessary to fulfill your dreams. Courses, seminars, Community College, online studyetc.Change your attitude toward life! The winner's creed is a very powerful statement about our thought life.Whatever you think about yourself, situation or life is what you become.See yourself successful. See that child who saw no impossibilities if you see it you can achieve it! I'm not saying to change everything over night or become super-positive before making a move. I am saying that you have to choose change, choose life and be determined to move forward. POWER-UP! It's not too late, everything you need is within you.How can you use one of the keys above to move you forward before you hit the pillow tonight?Write down your answer and use his as an area of focus this week.Update your progress at week's end.Thing Big. Dream Big. Play a bigger game!Secure your seat at my free Teleseminar series for savvy women, woman entrepreneurs andthose that aspire to be."Dreams alive! Purpose, Passion and Prosperity"Register hereHow to re-ignite your vision for life© Robin Tramble
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Become a Mentor! Find a Mentor!

Join Business Mentorship and find a mentor or become a mentor in your business field. We are looking for people who are willing to share info and help other people in their business field. This is non-profit! We are looking for people who LOVE to inspire others no matter what your business is!The best way to get ahead in life is to inspire others and give more than you take! Join our group today and post info on how you can help someone or post info on what you are looking for and find your mentor! look forward to seeing you there!
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ALIVE Magazine - 'All Things Pink'

October is breast cancer awareness month - the team at ALIVE is putting the finishing touches on the October issue. We are adding an 'All Things Pink' page to our site. If you have a product or service that encourages breast cancer awareness please message email us at for information on how to add your information to our page - ** complimentary advertisement **ALIVE MagazineEmpower. Inspire.
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Connect with ALIVE Magazine!

ALIVE Magazine wants to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter. Send us a Facebook Friend Request - and we will accept. Follow us on Twitter at MagazineEmpower. Inspire.
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It's been a wonderful Summer and I can't express enoughmy gratitude for all of the support and words of affirmationthat I received over the course of the summer and this yearfor that matter.I've had this question asked by many women and it is simplyhow do I get started? Or how do I continue even when it seems like nothing's happening?I've been sharing about the army of empowered women that I'm building, are you ready to join the revolution?This Thursday, October 1 marks the beginning. I'm going to shareeverything I can to motivate and challenge each and everyone of you to take the leap of faith to begin living the life of abundance that Father God designed for you. We're just about in the last quarter of the year, however, this is not the time to retreat. Power up!Let's make Father God's dreams come true for you. Dreams alive is about His dreams for you being activated by your burning desire and re-dedication of your life to His purpose for you. In essence your dreams will ultimately manifest as you partner with God.Join me Thursday, October 1 at 1:30 PM PST 4:30 PM ESTThere will be a recorded audio replay for each registrant.Plus discover how you can write your own empowerment-successsong for your life and participate in my upcoming session fre.e .Go to:"It's never too late to redeem your dreams." ~ Sharon Williams
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Backing of the Spirit...In business.

As my hubby and I take the proper steps to start our business, I dedicated the next 30 days to starting our business plan. The last few days have been filled with distractions, causing me to "put off for tomorrow what I should have been doing today..." yesterday I made the comment to myself that I would start the business plan...tomorrow.This morning, as I always do, I had coffee and conversation with the Lord, and He led me to Habakkuk 2:2 "Then the Lord answered me and said: "Write the vision and make it plan on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time;"I received my heavely word to get to my Fathers "business". So those who are stepping out on faith and moving towards the direction the Holy Spirit is leading you, or continuing in that direction, KEEP IT MOVING!!!Your sister in Christ...and business.Spirit
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The Audacity of Passion

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share the recordings from the Global Coaching Conference. I am in the 6am slot is your audacity of passion, shaping your future?Live YOUR PassionGina
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The Beauty of Color

The world's most unforgettable beauties are women who fall outside the narrow definition of trying to conform to a "type." These women make a journey into discovering who they are and embrace the very traits that set them apart. Their beauty is a glorious reflection of being comfortable in their own skin.Unfotunately we are a society that follows trends and allows others to define beauty for us.Women have been expected to imitate the trends of "beauty" throughout history. Ironically, a body shape that could be percieved as big today would have been perfect in a different time or culture, and lips that have gone through so much pain to be artifically inflated-because today big lips are considered sexy- in the past would have been looked on as a deformity, even though in Africa, enlongating lips has been around forever.If you think about it, no matter what you look like you were, for sure, percieved as beautiful in some time or place. But do you feel beautiful?People often say that "beauty is the eye of the beholder," and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves. Behold yourself as beautiful. Have the courage to celebrate the things about you that are unique. Find beauty in everything you are, even your weaknesses; let the beauty of your spirit shine through imperfectionsIf you are the beholder, is this eye looking at life through your own fears and insecurities?Or through your own beauty? It is up to you to make that decision.If we see ourselves as beautiful, then we can see the beauty in others and others can see the beauty in us.-Salma Hayek
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My Sistas' Voices

" We come from all different ethnic, cultural, and spiritual traditions. We are immigrants, some of us. We are beauties, inner and outer. We are heriones. We are winners, every one of us. We are the present. And make no mistake we are the future." -Iris Jacob
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