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Are You Being Bullied By Your Fears?

10744086676?profile=originalMy eldest child plays soccer.  She's pretty good at it too.  And this year, her team moved up to Division 1 so things are exceptionally competitive.

When she was younger, the "Princess" was always ultra polite - one of those kids who all the teachers fawn over because she said, "please" and "thank you".  I suppose that's not a commonality much anymore.  But that streak of politeness doesn't work very well when you play competitive sports.  You have to be pretty tough and thick-skinned.

Now that she's older, the Princess still has a very quiet strength about her.  She is at the stage now where her feelings are fragile (she's a tweener), but she gets assertive on the field because her goal is clear as a Forward - be in front position to get the ball to and into the net.

This week, while she was targeting the goal, a kid on the other team recognized her skill and honed in on her.  The competitor started hounding her pretty hard verbally and the point that she was elbowing the Princess constantly.  At one point, she elbowed her so hard in the ribs she went down, tears in her eyes and a defeated look on her generally smiling face.  Things didn't look good.

I waited until half time and went over to check on her.  When I got there, I looked her in the eye and asked her how she was.  Although she responded quietly, "fine", I could tell her eyes were saying, "she's getting to me".  I told her I knew she was stronger than that but for the rest of the game, that girl took the fight out of my Princess.

You know I gave her 'the talk' on the drive home, right?  But in my heart I knew none of that would matter until SHE knew she was strong enough to overcome the pain and that much of it was in her own mind.

As I prayed about it later on, I had a revelation.  It was this -- how often do we allow our dreams to be sidetracked and wiped out because of FEAR?  It can creep up on you, whisper things in your ear that tell you "you're not good enough" or " you can't do this" and when you listen and let it knock you down, you lose sight of the goal -- the main reason why you're even playing the game.  Your business and your personal life suffer when you let Fear get the best of you.

Like I told the Princess, we have to never let our fear see us sweat - it may be there, but you look it in the eye and you show it just how good you are. Never lose sight of the goal. Because just like the game that night? We were destined to win and it happened anyway - in spite of what fear tried to do.  It can kick your butt and you may even need a little Tylenol afterwards, but don't let fear put you out of the game.

Get your theme song going in your head.  Mine is by Mary Mary and it's called Get Up.

Some of the words go like this,

"What are you afraid of? Don't you know what you're made of? One of God's greatest creations. Take this invitation now.
Get up, 'cause you can't stop. Get up, got a lot to do. 24 hours, almost gone.
Get up, don't sit back. Get up, if you wanna get there. Clocks don't stop and time won't wait."

Just remember, you have the power to choose - keep your head in the game, or let fear bully you into giving up. What's it going to be?



You may, as long as you include this complete blurb with it...

About the Author: Tanya Smith is a creative business strategist and coach specializing in showing independent service providers how to simplify, save time & stand out with simple strategies that engage more quality leads and clients. Her company Be Promotable provides fresh actionable strategies and virtual resources to promote business owners as power players in their market. Get free tools to simplify and stand out online at:

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Announcing “Free Sample Friday”


We are having a biweekly giveaway on our facebook page called “Free Sample Friday”, starting  tomorrow and lasting through the end of the year.

Here’s how it will work:

Every other Friday we will post either pictures or a blog of the product which we will be giving away as samples on our facebook page, and asking who would like to win what’s on offer. All you have to do is say ‘me’ in the comments section, and that’s it. A winner will be chosen at random. It’s that simple!!

The catch:

- You have to be in the US or Canada,

- You have until midnight that Friday EST to enter.

We would like you to tell us what products you would like to be  featured as giveaway samples in the coming weeks by leaving a comment on our blogfacebook page or viatwitter. You can browse our website at to give you an idea of what you might like.

Also, please spread the word because we have lots of goodies to giveaway.


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PeopleWhoProsper is excited to introduce you to another successful business woman.  Gwen Frempong Boadu is the owner and designer of Gwyneth Shoes. After working for over 20 years in the designer shoe industry and wanting to start a family, Gwen took matters into her own hands and created her own line. Gwyneth Shoes was designed for women of all shapes and sizes, expanding to shoe size 14. Every Fall season, Gwyneth Shoes introduces a wide leg boot and has recently started a bridal line called, Blue by Gwyneth. Gwen's line is in boutiques around the country and also on I'm excited to share her story of perseverance and success. Enjoy!

1. Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

Before Gwyneth was a vision, I worked as a design assistant for Sam & Libby (Sam Edelman), where I was eventually promoted to Sr. Designer before moving on to work with other powerhouse shoe companies like Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden.

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

After working for nearly 20 years and getting to see the world, my life was only about my career. I have always wanted kids, but it was impossible with my demanding schedule, so mainly out of a need for flexibility to start a family, Gwyneth was born. During my years in the industry, I always noticed especially in foreign countries, the awful shoes that tall women wore and the few choices they had to change it. So part of Gwyneth's mission was to create beautiful affordable and comfortable footwear for all women, including those that wear size 10 or more!

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

My inspiration comes from many sources be it nature, art or life itself. I’m also inspired by the diverse culture and personal style of women from around the world. To keep Gwyneth evolving, I constantly challenge myself on how I can improve or create something new based on voids in my own closet and how they may relate to other women.

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

I learned a lot from my first mentor in the industry Sam Edelman. He is one of the most creative people I've ever worked with.  I’m still in contact with him today. I think it's extremely important to have someone teach you all the ins and outs that you may not normally be exposed to, it's a great way to expedite your professional growth. Often I approach new collections thinking, what will Sam's take on this be or asking myself, what would Steve (Steve Madden) do?

5. What would you tell someone who wants to get involved in your line of business but doesn't know how to get started?

The best place to get started is with the proper education or having a related background. Most companies require a bachelor's degree in fashion and or business. Of course it's a plus to have the necessary talent and experience as well.

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Anyone looking to start their own business must be extremely passionate about their craft. They should also be prepared to make sacrifices........


I would like to thank Gwen for sharing her story with us. I hope you have been inspired especially if you are an aspiring fashion designer. You can see the Gwyneth Shoes collection and visit the online store at


Be someone’s motivation and tell us your story! To be featured on email Put PEOPLEWHOPROSPER in the subject line and share a little about yourself.

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There is a lot of discussion about the role of Government in creating jobs in the United States. Some say that the Government should relax regulations so that private companies and small businesses can have more flexibility in creating jobs. Others argue that the Government should do more to create jobs in the various governmental entities.

But no one states the reality, and that reality is that much of the business that corporations and small businesses do is with the Government. A lot of it is local, much of it is state, and a great majority is with the federal government. Who is GM’s biggest customer? Who’s buying Boeing airplanes? Who’s the largest purchaser of Apple, Dell, and Hewlett Packard computers?

On the municipal level, contactors jump through all kinds of hoops to qualify for city street and sidewalk contracts. Auto dealers break their necks trying to get contracts for new police cars and city vehicles. Private trash haulers generally need contracts with municipalities to stay profitable.

The Small Business Administration, a federal government entity, provides resources for individuals to start or grow their small businesses. In 2011, the U.S. Government spent
$535 billion dollars in contracts with 23% of that total targeted towards small businesses.

Once a small business is up and running, for many, it is imperative that they are able to obtain contracts with local, state, and federal governments. Consider the rise in the number of small businesses providing health care to the elderly. Most of those businesses rely on payments from Medicaid and Social Security.

So the truth is that Government is the great sustainer of jobs in this country. Without government investment, both private and public sector jobs would dry up.

There is a lot of discussion about the role of Government in creating jobs in the United States. Some say that the Government should relax regulations so that private companies and small businesses can have more flexibility in creating jobs. Others argue that the Government should do more to create jobs in the various governmental entities. But no one states the reality, and that reality is that much of the business that corporations and small businesses do is with the Government. A lot of it is local, much of it is state, and a great majority is with the federal government. Who is GM’s biggest customer? Who’s buying Boeing airplanes? Who’s the largest purchaser of Apple, Dell, and Hewlett Packard computers? On the municipal level, contactors jump through all kinds of hoops to qualify for city street and sidewalk contracts. Auto dealers break their necks trying to get contracts for new police cars and city vehicles. Private trash haulers generally need contracts with municipalities to stay profitable. The Small Business Administration, a federal government entity, provides resources for individuals to start or grow their small businesses. In 2011, the U.S. Government spent $535 billion dollars in contracts with 23% of that total targeted towards small businesses. Once a small business is up and running, for many, it is imperative that they are able to obtain contracts with local, state, and federal governments. Consider the rise in the number of small businesses providing health care to the elderly. Most of those businesses rely on payments from Medicaid and Social Security. So the truth is that Government is the great sustainer of jobs in this country. Without government investment, both private and public sector jobs would dry up.

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Can you mentor/teach/share strategies on a topic for which you have never implemented?

Professors, educators, trainers do it ALL the time! They study and master the understanding of a concept then teach it to others?

Can this also apply to business, marketing, MLM Strategist? Or Do you have to have gone through the “trenches” and have the scars to prove you are credible and that you are qualified to make a recommendation?

For example: Its very well someone could be a Consultant for Marketing Specialty Bike Shops..well should they have owned a bike shop, marketed the shop and reached a level of success BEFORE consulting other bike shop owners OR

Is it feasible to have a passion for bikes go to Bike Shop management/marketing 101, worked with a few clients and now venture off doing it full time without having implemented or owned a Bike shop?

In business consulting I am sure you would give a recommendation and a strategy solving their pain point but in MLM you have to lead the way and get in the field with your “sales force”…so in essence MLM Consulting will force your hand to “Show and Prove” because if they signup with you and you are just “telling them” what to do and not demonstrating they most likely will fail.

So does it depend on “what” type of consultant you are OR does the rule apply to everyone that you must first do the thing in which you are recommending in order to consult on it??? Which suggests that coaches no matter what kind should first go on the journey for which they will take their clients?

Sound off…Love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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10744087468?profile=originalSmall Business Success for Women in 2013 and Beyond

In light of the significant job losses resulting from the 2008 economic recession, there has been an intense focus on boosting small business as a way to stimulate job growth.  Yet, it’s becoming more evident that many of the issues plaguing the American workforce are also impacting the small business industry.  According to the Small Business Administration, as of 2010 there were 27 million small business firms in the U.S. and approximately 2.3 million have more than four employees.  However, 22 million of those firms are non-employer firms – better known as solo or micro entrepreneurs – with combined gross receipts of $950 billion.

This figure looks impressive as a whole, but when you divide the average revenue among 22 million small businesses, the typical “non-employer business” made approximately $43,000 in gross receipts.  Conversely, when you analyze the slice of the pie for women-owned small businesses, the numbers are much lower.  There are a number of reasons why solo and micro entrepreneurial women are not achieving higher revenues in their businesses, but it's certainly not from lack of hard work and passion.

Women-owned small businesses, particularly solo and micro entrepreneurs, add tremendous value to the U.S. economy and we’re an important source of competition globally.  The statistics tell the story:

  • Women own 50% of all the solo and micro enterprises
  • 52% of the private workers are employed by solo and micro businesses with the largest proportion of those employees being younger, older, women, or part-time workers
  • Solo and micro entrepreneurs provide 80% of the net new jobs.  Sixty-seven percent of all workers received their initial on the job training from small business owners
  • 53% of solo/micro businesses are home-based and 3% are franchises

Additionally, the advancements in mobile technology and social media are leveling the playing field allowing solo and micro entrepreneurs to compete with their larger company counterparts. However, there’s still considerable room for improvement and we have to do better!  Going into 2013, we have to make sure that those who make up the heart and soul of our economy –solo and micro women entrepreneurs – receive earnings that are proportionate to our contribution.

Subsequently, just like the U.S. pathway to job creation, the path to increasing profitability for women small business owners is wrought with challenges.  Working with no staff or a small staff, limited time and a constrained budget, small business owners must find a way to balance the development and marketing of their ideas with the speed of the information age. Market and customer needs are continuously shifting and the size and pace of the information and services available all across the world to meet those needs creates fierce competition for solo entrepreneurs.

The shelf life of the current knowledge and specialization for most small business owners is already close to expiration. We now live in a “knowledge economy” where our skills inevitably lose their relevance and niche abilities may be difficult to apply as opportunities and technologies evolve.  Whether you have a product or service-based small business, it is also important for you to be able to see across market sectors and connect the dots between how innovations in one industry can be applied to another.

Economists and business leaders both agree that the solution to sustaining a small business and increasing profitability for entrepreneurs is ongoing and more specifically tailored development of core business skills. This will help to keep your business on the front lines moving into the future. In order for women to compete, remain relevant, and earn more in 2013 and beyond, we must pursue training to obtain ADVANCED BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE and consistently focus on ways to INNOVATE our products and services. 

Watch the Path to Profitability Video Blog:

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In this 20 minute interview, I'm speaking with Attorney Aurelia Mitchell-Durant of AMD Law Group ( about Pinterest and the key issues service providers need to be aware of when using this social tool. Aurelia is an expert in international branding for businesses, as well as brand protection. Some good stuff here.

Catch the interview audio here

Here's a few of the tips shared during the interview:

  1. Keep the images you use intact in their original format (i.e. don't make the mistake of claiming something is yours when it's not)
  2. Look for signs on the site where you're pulling images from that it's acceptable for you to post the image (i.e. is there a "pin it" button?)
  3. Remember you can always  ...

Check it out and let me know what you think. Anything else to add to the list?

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Your Guide To Planning A Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be difficult, but it's a great way to get the family on the same page, looking forward to an enjoyable vacation together. Family vacations are a great time to bond with the family and forge memorable experiences. The key to a successful family vacation is in the planning. Here are some tips for planning your family vacation.

First, start planning your family vacation well in advance of the actual trip. This can be a fun and exciting process, as you talk about possible destinations, methods of travel, and activities once you get there. Visit travel agents together and gather information from agents and over the Internet. Planning in advance will give you a better opportunity to find good deals by booking ahead.

Second, keep cool. Planning a family vacation should be fun in and of itself, not to mention the fun you will have on your vacation. Don't turn this into a family fight, or dark cloud will loom over the whole vacation planning process, and maybe the vacation itself. If your family is grumpy or uninterested save your planning for a time when everyone feels better.

Third, let everyone have some input. Even the youngest children should get to have a say in the planning process. Planning a family vacation should be something everyone can be involved in. Not only will that be more enjoyable for them, but they will be less apt to blame you if things go wrong on the vacation, since they had a hand in the planning process.

Fourth, choose a family-friendly location. As you are considering different vacation spots, keep in mind that different members of the family have different interests and needs. Try to find someplace that will have something for everyone, even if they are not 100% entertained around the clock.

If you have smaller children, there are great resorts that offer kids programs that will keep your children entertained for an hour or all day. Similarly, resorts that have activities geared towards older children or teenagers can be fun if your children fall into those age brackets. Does your family have a common interest? If you like hiking, skiing, or snorkeling, consider someplace where you can participate together in those activities.

Finally, ask your travel agent about package deals, promotions for traveling at certain times of the year, or discounts for families with children. Not all package deal discounts get published on the agent's website, so it pays to ask in person. You can often find good deals if you are flexible about when and where you go, so be sure to keep an open mind.

Planning a family vacation is part of the enjoyment of the vacation itself. It builds excitement and anticipation, allowing you and your children to dream about the great time you're going to have. Even more importantly, a well-planned vacation is going to go more smoothly and be more enjoyable than one that was largely unplanned. Keep in mind everyone's expectations and the activities they enjoy, and you'll be better able to find a vacation destination or package that makes everyone happy.

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A nomination as a Featured Entrepreneur in The GGene S.I.S. Journal could give your compelling marketing message complimentary exposure to our online audience and to our Atlanta-based audience of business and community leaders. If you would like to be nominated for a feature in the 2013 GGene S.I.S. Journal multi-media periodical (podcast/enews), send your fans and happy clients to nominate you at

(Make sure you give them your email address and full name, which is required on the nomination form.)

The print version of this periodical is also coming soon and is slated for publication and distribution by the end of 2012. Business listing and ad spots are available.

Sincerely, Donna Marie Johnson

Founder of The GGene S.I.S. Journal


phone: 678-561-2651

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A Unique Family Getaway

Are you and your family in the process of planning a family vacation? If so, have you already decided on a destination yet? If you have yet to choose your family vacation destination, you may want to take a close look at the chartering of a private Yacht

Although the chartering of a private yacht isn't like visiting the beach or an amusement park, it is something that your family may love and enjoy.

Before further examining family vacations aboard privately chartered yachts, it is first important that you know what chartering a private yacht entails. If you weren't already aware, the chartering of a private yacht is when you actually pay to have the yacht for a specific period of time. 

While this will sound a lot like renting, it isn't exactly the same. See, when you charter a private yacht, you are not only getting the yacht, but a trained yacht staff. This staff is likely composed of a captain, as well as a number of other trained professionals. Essentially, this means that you get to sit back and basically do nothing, aside from enjoy your family vacation.

When it comes to taking a family vacation aboard a privately chartered yacht, there are many families who wish to do so, but fear that they cannot. One of the many reasons for that is because of restrictions. Private yachts are often associated with luxury and romance. For this reason, there are many individuals who believe that children are not allowed aboard privately chartered yachts. 

While it is not uncommon to find a yacht chartering company that does have an age requirement or age restrictions, you will find that most companies would be more that willing to allow you to charter one of their yachts for your family vacation. Contacting Farrah's Exclusive Travels, LLC will be a great start and let the travel specialist do the work for you. The Travel Specialist will know all the specifics for each charter yacht company. 

Although it is nice to know exactly what the chartering of a private yacht entails, you may be wondering exactly why your family should take your next family vacation aboard one. In all honesty, there are a number of different reasons. Just of those reasons involves a change of scenery. 

Where has your family spent vacations in the past? If you are like many American families, there is a good chance that your answers would include amusement parks, campgrounds, or beaches. While these destinations are nice, they can get old and tiring quick. The chartering of a privately owned yacht will likely be considered new and exciting for your family, particularly your children. Although it can be considered a unique family vacation, it is one that everyone will likely enjoy.

Another reason why you may want to think about taking your next family vacation aboard a privately chartered yacht is because of quality time. In the past, family vacations were designed to allow families to spend quality time together. Nowadays, it seems as if they have more of a focus on fun and less of a focus on quality. 

Aboard a privately chartered yacht, there are an unlimited number of fun activities that you and your family can participate in, but it is also important to remember privacy. You will be on your own private yacht, without anyone else except for the crew. For you and your family, this can mean less distractions and more one-on-one time together. 

The decision as to whether or not you want to charter a private yacht for your next family vacation is yours to make, but it should be something to discuss with your family. You may be surprised with just how well the idea sounds to them.

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Vacating is Extremely Important

For those out there who believe that going on vacation is only to offer yourself some time to relax and be entertained, allow me to rectify your misconception. There are at least three reasons why you should vacate and have to do with keeping your physical and psychological state fit.


Experts state that going on vacation should not be considered a luxury, since it is actually something your body and mind desperately need in order to continue functioning as you expect. Since the ancient times, people have realized the importance of staying healthy and fit by temporarily stopping their working habits and letting their bodies and minds relax. The human organism needs a period to recuperate from the stress and anxieties of the fast-paced living standards we all experience today and reactivate its senses by exposing them to a variety of stimuli. But most importantly, our bodies and minds need time to "heal" from the damages and discomforts we have been causing to them during the year by not exercising enough, eating junk food and sleeping less.


The fact that your body will be able to move again, is essential to your overall well-being. Humans who are classified under the homo erectus category, due to their bodies vertical posture in relation to the ground, have over the years been transformed to a new type of sitting mammals that stand up only to visit the bathroom or change their position from the chair or couch to the bed and vise versa. On the other hand, when an individual vacates to a place other than his or her home, is going, in most cases, to remember how it feels to stand in order to perform different activities such as walking, bicycling, swimming, hiking, discovering, exploring. By moving again, the body's fitness level improves and the person feels and is in a better state of health. Usually, people that have been examined before leaving and after returning from their vacations have increased their fitness levels by 30 percent as their cardiovascular and immune systems have dramatically improved. In fact, according to researchers, the person that vacates comes back in a much better physical shape, as chronic problems like constipation seem to disappear. Although the cause is probably more psychological than physical, since during summer vacations people tend not to watch their diets, the human organism in general reacts positively to the outdoor experiences, the change in scenery and the fact that fatigue may come from having fun instead of being worn-out by over-work.


This lower stress level when combined with some quiet can work miracles to the human stamina and increase the positive outcomes of being able to sleep comfortably and continuously. Having the opportunity to relax, perform the activities of their choice and keep their hormones in balance due to natural light, people are able to enjoy a good night's sleep and at the same time increase their efficiency and productivity levels. Of course, the fact that people find time to converse, bond, and generally come closer to one another, helps their psychological state improve and become able again to enjoy the outcomes of a healthier and more balanced personal life.


Additionally, vacating increases life expectancy. Yes, it is true. According to the World Health Organization, the pollution and the difficult urban conditions one has to endure throughout a year are the main cause of death for five percent of the modern cities' mortality rate. Thus, one can assert that the next you are going to vacate you should not feel embarrassed to announce it to the rest of office or to your friends. It is, after all, your right and most importantly you owe it to your hard-working self.

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I saw this today from someone in my facebook network (Positive Black Stories. By Heru G. Duenas) who shares positive stories from around the world...Joshua Williams is another one of our true CHAMPIONS...Had to share..
THE YOUNGEST PHILANTHROPIST. “Service is my passion”, said The 11 year old Joshua Williams. Honored by the White House as a Champion of Change! ...
On Thursday, September 6, the White House welcomed 11 Champions of Change who have committed themselves to Strengthening Food Security in the United States and around the world. Among them was 11-year old Joshua Williams, the youngest winner to receive this award, a Miami resident and founder of Joshua’s Heart Foundation (, which to date, has distributed over 400,000 pounds of food to those in need. Additionally through their collaboration with Whole Foods Markets they teach the recipient families how to prepare healthier meals.
Joshua understands that hunger is an issue that touches the lives of people all around us. Today, almost one billion people do not have access to a sufficient supply of nutritious and safe food, and 16 million children in the United State experience food insecurity each year. Using innovative approaches, Joshua and the other recognized champions are striving to ensure that no man, woman, or child goes hungry and inspiring others to do the same.
“Service is my passion”, said Joshua; “it is through the support of family, friends and supporters like the Krass and Black families that our mission is able to move forward.”
Read more about Joshua’s thoughts with his post on the Champions of Change Blog, Following My Purpose.
“Today’s champions are examples of the groundbreaking work being done to tackle hunger at home and abroad. These individuals are making improved access to healthy food a reality for millions of individuals in need,” said Agriculture Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan.
“Establishing global food security isn’t just critical for those now suffering from hunger. It is also vital to our long-term economic prosperity. We applaud the champions for their efforts to empower families and communities and to reduce the depth and severity of hunger around the world.”
The Champions of Change program was created as a part of President Obama’s Winning the Future initiative. Each week, a different sector is highlighted and groups of Champions, ranging from educators to entrepreneurs to community leaders, are recognized for the work they are doing to serve and strengthen their communities.
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Does Your Business Have Standards?

Ever wonder how to incorporate your personal values into the way you work?

It's important to incorporate your personal values in the work you do. People connect to and respond with people and people leave bad managers not bad organizations or companies. With so many businesses lacking ethics and leaders facing worldwide criticims from poor leadership and management, leaders of organizations should incorporate their personal values into the work they do, especially entreprenuers! In doing so you set the standard for excellence within your company.

The following exercise is help you decide what you value most.

1. Go through the list below and write down the top 10 things you value most.

Achievement                               Friendships                               Physical challenge

Advancement and promotion         Growth                                     Pleasure

Adventure                                   Having a family                          Power and authority

Affection (love and caring)            Helping other people                   Privacy

Arts                                            Helping society                          Public service

Challenging problems                   Honesty                                   Purity

Change and variety                      Independence                           Quality of what I take part in

Close relationships                       Influencing others                     Quality relationships

Community                                  Inner harmony                Recognition (respect from others, status) Competence                                Integrity                                  Religion

Competition                                  Intellectual status                    Reputation

Cooperation                                 Involvement                         Responsibility and accountability Country                                        Job tranqulity                        Security

Creativity                                    Knowledge                             Self-respect

Decisiveness                               Leadership                                Serenity

Democracy                                  Location                               Sophistication

Ecological awareness                   Loyalty Stability                  Economic security

Market position                             Status                                  Effectiveness

Meaningful work                             Supervising others                  Efficiency

Merit                                            Time freedom                      Ethical practice

Money                                          Truth                                  Excellence

Nature                                        Wealth                                 Wisdom                                                                  Excitement being around people who are open and honest         Fame

Order (tranqulity, stability, conformity)                              Work under pressure

Fast living                             Personal development           Work with others

Financial gain                               Freedom                              Working alone

2. Once you've captured that list write down how you display those values in your personal life.

3. Next I want you write down how you can display those values in your professional life.

4. Then I want you to look at that again and circle your top 5 values.

Those are what you are going to be known for showing and displaying at all times at work. Make sure you write them down and keep a company at your desk, in your wallet and make a post it note for your car.

Remember to look at them daily and ask yourself: How can I show this in my work today?

You can also complete the same activity for your business and once you've identified your top five values, create a values statement for how your company can display these values daily.

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Hello Community,

The news is filled with the unreal cost of college.  The college education bill in the trillions. 

Education aint cheap is an understatement.

Many want to attend college and need more than an acceptance letter. They need financial help that does

not put them into lifetime debt!!


Check out the series of article discussing exactly that. How to avoid common mistakes while obtaining college financing.


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How to Pay for College Without Destroying your Retirement
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Starting your own home based business really is simple but people tend to complicate the process by letting their fears and excuses get in the way.  It is simply a matter of 4 things in the beginning!


  1. Determination and Commitment
  2. Just Getting Starting – Just Do It
  3. Investing in You Along the Way
  4. Forming Alliances and Partnerships Along the WayID-10033528.jpg?width=197


It is as simple as this in the beginning!  No need to over think it, over analyze it, over complicate it, or over research it.  The sooner you begin the closer that you will be to success in your home based business.  The longer you delay it with things such as “research” the further behind that you will be in your home based business and time is definitely of the essence!

Watch my latest video on this very topic – Starting Your Own Home Based Business is Very Simple – by visiting my YouTube Channel here!


To Your Success,

VGold Signature Starting Your Own Home Based Business Really is Very Simple!

Have you started a home based business and now you need leads to talk to about your business?  I have a solution for you. I use a system that anyone can use with any company and pretty much for any industry!! It is a great way for you to start learning how to generate leads and traffic plus earn additional income by referring the system even if no one joins your primary Home Based Business. Get your FREE presentation by Clicking here now!


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I Paid $20.17 for $70.43 worth of Groceries!

Did you know that coupons have a life cycle & are a big business?  I didn’t either until Rhonda Nails, a.k.a. The Success Instigator, of Project P.U.S.H. shared her savvy- saving tips by facilitating a Coupon Workshop on September 16th, 2012 in Durham, North Carolina.  She calls couponing a game and taught us how to acquire coupons, save by shopping online, use the coupon formula, and a host of other great money saving tips.  We even learned how expired coupons can be used as a means of giving back. 

This particular workshop included a “field trip” to Harris Teeter® so that we could utilize what we learned.  Therefore, we strategically clipped coupons and thus were ready for super grocery savings like we’d never experienced before.  I must admit, I was intimidated and I had doubts like, the time it takes to find coupons, clip them and then find out when’s the best time to use them wouldn’t be worth it, but because The Success Instigator was in charge…couponing success rang true!  We shopped during the store’s “Super Doubles” special, (you’re going to have to attend one of Rhonda’s workshops and/or purchase her upcoming e-book to find out why that’s important-smile), plus there were BOGO Free offers…and yes, you can use your coupons for those as well!  I saved a total of $50.26!

Rhonda Nails presented her workshop advantageously and wisely.  She is well-versed and I strongly recommend that you fill up on the knowledge she’s offering and save big when you shop.  I am so glad that I attended and now have the “couponing power,” thanks Rhonda!



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