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Sisters & Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect opportunity to experience a wonderful place while not spending a lot of money. The air is fresh, the ocean is calming and pace is slow. If you are interested in being the focus of a week-long vacation where you have little to do except indulge yourself in rest and relaxation then join women from around the country for Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard September 10-17 or 17-23 (or both weeks!).

Visit or text/call (412) 400-8809.

No additional cost to showcase your products and services or lead a roundtable discussion. See what others have to say: "Met inspiring women, I liked having meals at different houses…going to sessions on journaling and on creating the life you want…affordable price of the trip…the team was awesome!” "Black women are phenomenal.” "It's a guilt-free, no drama vacation!"

We stay in vintage Vineyard homes and share rooms with a sisters and/or friends. By the way, if you want hi-end luxury, this is not it. If you want serenity and no stress you will find it with this group on the Vineyard. This time of year marks the end of the season which means it is quiet and serene. Non-binding agenda days include early morning swim (or sleeping in), walks along the beach, line dancing, planned and spontaneous workshops and presentations that inspire and uplift and fun nights laughing, playing games enjoying good meals and beverages.

Host Connie Portis and her team are passionate about helping women feel comfortable. Come with friends or come alone! For 2017 Sisters & Friends Getaway information - text/call (412) 400-8809.

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Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Business?

Hello, ladies.My name is Hannah and I am a virtual marketing assistant. If any of you need help with securing sponsors and/or acquiring more exposure for your magazine, events, or radio show, contact me for quotes and details. If you need help with acquiring some vendors for your events, again you can contact me for info about that as well. I can be reached at Thanks!

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30 Things Learnt at 30 ~ Reflections at 31

30 Things Learnt at 30 ~ Reflections at 31

The unexamined life is not worth living
— Socrates

Turning 30 was huge for me. It represented transition. A turning point. It brought moments of deep internal reflection. These weren’t moments of comparing myself to others or coveting what belonged to my neighbour. These were moments of calm and humility.


In his book, The 8th Habit, Dr Stephen Covey identified four parts to the human nature – body, mind, heart and spirit, he also identified the four basic needs we all have - to live, to learn and to leave a legacy. At this point I found myself taking an audit of my life and asking myself, as Brendon Burchard put it "Did I live? Did I love? and Did I matter?". Though I’ve learnt these principles throughout my entire life, at 30 I found myself looking through a different lens.  


There is a humility that only comes when life has truly revealed itself to you. This moment comes to all at different stages. Due to life-altering experiences, for some, it comes sooner; but for some, it may only be at their death bed. It is the moment of true self-reflection, examining one’s life and seeing “the light” – as some would say. A moment your eyes are open to the true depth of life. A moment where that which mattered then, does not matter now. The moment where a deep sense of humility takes over. If this moment were to be described in words – words like -  revelation, wisdom, maturity, humility - would come to mind. At this point you have an idea of what I mean; hopefully after reading all 30 things learnt, you have true understanding and are prompted to start living life purposefully.


1.     You are not a product of your circumstances -  "It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" - Epictetus.

2.     This is it – Life is not a rehearsal, you only have one chance.

3.     You have the power of choice ~ make the right ones.

4.     It is what it is – some things are just out of your control.

5.     Life will give you lemons, make some lemonade and keep going.

6.     You are stronger than you think – pick yourself up, dust it off and keep going.

7.     Change your thinking, change your life - "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them" - Albert Einstein.

8.     The glass is always half full - change your perspective & stop focusing on what’s missing.

9.     Be present - we are too focused on the next thing that we fail to live in & appreciate the moment. Stop looking or waiting for the next thing.

10.   Take care of your earthen vessel – this is the only one you’ll get, and this is the only time you’ll have – make it count.

11.    Success stems from your daily habits – the little things you do or don’t do matter.


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Transformation Begins Now


We are in the third week of our new year. We declared 2017 the year to take action. The message was not a “hit and run – let’s get excited today & do nothing tomorrow” message. The message was the beginning of something new. This season may be a re-birthing for some; a much-needed wake up call for others, that lifeline somebody desperately needed. It’s time for you to do something. One step in the right direction today will lead you to the path of greatness. Transformation starts with you.


I am excited to introduce to you Action Magazine. The motivation behind the birthing of this magazine was you – the reader. To prompt you to do what needs to be done in the season. Year after year people set goals they don’t achieve. This year we put a stop to all that and are labelling ourselves “a people of action” – People who talk less and do more; people who are resilient and fight for their goals; people who keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles and road bumps.


In this 1st quarter:

Realise the power you have - to do what you set your mind to.

Put aside all distractions and focus on the goals.

Activate your mind, body and spirit for success!

Put all laziness aside and work hard.

Harness the power of now!


In this 1st quarter I encourage you to get a grip, get things done and find joy! - Yes, find joy.

1. Break down your major goals into smaller, bite size goals

2. Develop and execute your plan – What will you do today, tomorrow, next week to achieve your goals?

3. Find your happy place – In the midst of it all, find joy. Find your happiness triggers. What will get you back in line, the right frame of mind when things get tough? What will motivate you to keep going when no one else will? What will keep the dream alive when circumstances are saying otherwise?

Your transformation begins here. You have what it takes to do all you set your mind to and more. This magazine was birthed with you in mind, to help you move from the place of stagnancy you’ve been standing for years. To help you move from where you are to where you want to be. This is your season and time to take action, to do what you never thought you would.

About the Mag

As the name suggests "Action" magazine is filled with practical steps you can implement to start seeing results in every aspect of your life - your business, health, lifestyle, personal growth and development.

Issue 1 Features

  • Bring Your Idea to Life - Monetise Your Idea
  • Enter a Season of Joy - 2017 Happiness Triggers
  • Get Things Done - The Power of Now!
  • Plus more!

* Magazine available in digital pdf format. Optimised for all devices. 

Transformation begins now!

Get your copy of Action Mag below


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How to buy business trade lines to build business credit?

how to buy business tradelines to build business credit? from businesscreditamerica on Vimeo.

Many business owners buy business trade line to help build their business credit.  However, when purchasing these business trade lines, you may continue to face several challenges when trying to get funding for your business.  One of those challenges is once you add the business trade lines, you may still need to have bank statements and tax documents in order to get qualified for funding. 

Another issue you may have with adding business trade lines knowing if and when they’re going to show up on your business credit file.  This is a big gamble because you cannot predict when the credit bureaus are going to report.  This is why I try to encourage small business owner and entrepreneurs to focus on repairing there personal credit and pairing it with their company then apply for funding.

When you have good credit and a new business banks will start you out with business credit cards and business lines of credit.  The reason for this is that you do not have a business relationship with the banks.  You may also want to stay away from the business loans because they want your business to have been in existence for at least 2 years and you would have to provide bank statements and taxes.

So, if you’re trying to get funding for your business, I would encourage you to repair your credit and then apply for the funding under your business.

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How to buy a new car with bad credit to drive for Lyft and Uber?

If you’re struggling with employment, bad credit, or transportation, you may want to consider ridesharing.   Although, you need a car you have several options to get that transportation like the following:

1. Buying a car

Buying a car is a big challenge for a person with bad credit.  However, you still have options to own a car and build a business through ridesharing.  If you’re employed but have bad credit you can buy a car from a buy here pay here car company.  They do not look at your personal credit which is perfect if you have bad credit. You may also have the option to borrow a car from a love one that has multiple cars and making payments to them.  Understanding buying a car is no small purchase, however, having the opportunity to up $16 an hour ridesharing it may just be worth the investment.

2. Express Drive

Lyft has partnered with General Motors to provide rental cars via the Express Drive Program, with weekly rates between $135 and $250. Drivers are eligible for $0 weekly rates when they hit 75 rides a week.

You’ll need to drive most of the week to bank that many rides, so it’s best for people who are looking to test the full-time driver lifestyle but don’t want to commit to buying a car.

3. Hertz and Enterprise

Hertz has partnered with Lyft and Uber to provide rideshare rentals. Lyft's deal starts at $165 for weekly rentals of compact sedans. After a certain number of rides per week, which varies regionally, drivers can earn a Power Driver Bonus to cover the rental cost.

Uber’s deal with Hertz is similar to Lyft Express Drive, but the two programs are offered in different cities. The Uber program has a $180-per-week base rate, which drops to zero after 75 rides a week.


Enterprise’s rentals, specifically for Uber, are a pricier $215 a week.

Renting is typically more expensive than buying a car and making monthly payments, but if you're a high-volume driver it basically can become free. Plus, if you don’t like rideshare driving, you can quit after a short trial period.

4. Uber Xchange

Uber Xchange offers short-term car leases from partnering car dealerships. Drivers pay a $250 deposit to start and make weekly payments over three years. Xchange leases to people with poor credit, but monthly totals and interest rates are much higher than with conventional financing.

For example, a 2013 Toyota Camry L Base leased through Uber Xchange may cost 156 weekly payments of $130, or $520 monthly. Comparatively, leasing a 2017 Camry through a Toyota dealer is only $199 a month — though you need a good credit score.

Xchange saves drivers money by including maintenance and insurance, but this means full-time drivers are dependent on Uber servicing their cars quickly.

“My car was in a shop over a month while a claim was investigated, and the people in the Xchange office had no willingness to work with me on payments since I was generating no income,” says James Taylor, an Uber driver from Los Angeles.

However, Xchange offers unlimited mileage, whereas traditional leases typically start charging extra after 12,000 miles. It also allows members to return the car and back out after 30 days – minus the $250 deposit.


Consider Xchange only if you’re driving 40-plus hours per week, want a car for personal use and can’t get other financing because of your credit. Remember, some lenders may be able to help you buy a used car at a better price.

5. Hyrecar

Hyrecar is a peer-to-peer rental service specifically for ridesharing. Uber and Lyft drivers connect with car owners to use their vehicles at varying daily, weekly and monthly rates. There are no contracts or sign-up fees, and daily rates are as low as $35. Weekly rates float around $200 to $300.

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You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven
— Matthew 5:14-16

I spent years trying to find my identity in other people. Overwhelmed by a deep fear of rejection I searched for my vision in other people’s visions. Thinking society would accept me because they had accepted and loved the people I admired; instead of giving what I had – that which was bestowed upon me.  Frightened by the idea of people not embracing me or my ideas and overcome by a deep fear of offending people with my notions. Yet one truth remained - my mission was never to be a “people pleaser”, but to please the one who truly matters.

I spent years going in circles because I was at war with myself - moulding an idea of what I thought the world would want, instead of offering the light that had been placed within me. I was and am enough -  so are you. What I had to offer is different; similar to others yet unique in itself.

Who I am, is a woman who truly loves God and desires for His people to come to the knowledge of Him. My vision is not only to encourage you to find your calling and fulfill your God given purpose; but to show you how.

My purpose is to inspire you to fulfil your life’s mission and for you to be in good health as you do so. My desire is for you to move beyond stagnancy and start doing something. My desire is for you to start moving forward.

To you I say – In your journey of discovery - know who you are and what you believe in. Doing so will solidify your foundation - no matter what levels you rise to one day, you will never fall because you know who you are. Know your intentions -  this becomes the building block for your values and principles; any circumstance that is not aligned with your beliefs, values and principles, will not sway you.

To you I say -  be true to who you are… don't search for your identity in other people, don't fear rejection, success or bringing your ideas to life - do not fear! You are enough.

Be bold, courageous and confident enough to reach for your goals. God has placed tremendous gifts and talents within you that only you possess and only you can use to make an impact in the world!

Don't spend another day holding back what you have within. Don't spend another day crippled by fear.

Once you know who you truly are and are unapologetic about it, it is then you will move from Bright Idea to Reality!

Cynthia Mukie


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There are many perks to being a business owner, like being you own boss, making your own schedule, putting a higher dollar value on your time, and pride of ownership. Another great reason, you want to own a business because you can qualify for higher credit card limits and these credit cards do not affect your personal credit once you’re approved and if you’re set up as a C-corporation.

However, one the biggest most benefits are the business tax write-offs.  Business ownership does have a price, especially when you’re using the banks money to help fund the business.  The good news is that business bank fees can be tax deductible and we give you a few examples here:

Annual Fees

Annual fees on a business card are tax deductible. This may be a great way to justify getting that card with the steep annual fee that also has amazing rewards. Yes, you can write it off, but keep in mind that the primary use of the card needs to be for business purposes and not for personal use.

Late Fees

Hopefully you’re not incurring late fees on your credit cards, but mistakes happen and you sometimes forget to make a payment. Those fees can be written off for your business taxes. Of course, it’s always best to call the company and explain you simply forgot and ask if they can waive the fee this time; saving $35 is almost always going to be better than claiming a $35 tax deduction.

Interest Charges

Again, in an ideal world you won’t be paying interest on any of your purchases. But there are times when you need equipment, and there just isn’t enough cash in the bank to pay for it right away. Those interest charges are all tax deductible.

Swipe Fees (point of sales fees)

As a business owner, you pay the credit card company every time someone uses their card to pay you. These are always business-related expenses and fully tax deductible.

Miscellaneous Fees

There are sometimes other fees associated with using a credit card. For instance, your cash advance fees are deductible.  

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2017 The Year to Take Action


2017 The Year To Take Action! 

It's the start of another year. The beginning of a new season. Hope is the mood of the day, people are expectant for change. Year in year out people set goals for the year ahead. The cycle seems similar for a number of people – start the year with excitement and enter the third quarter discouraged because of dreams never achieved.  

"Nothing happens till you do something!" 

It's time to do things differently:

Learn, Reflect and Change -  Learn from your mistakes from years past, and most recently – 2016. Reflect on what could have been done better and change it! If the formula doesn't work, be flexible enough to make necessary changes. 

Position yourself – Don't wait for the opportunity to come, but position yourself that when the opportunity comes you are ready.  

Be uncomfortable till you're comfortable – Any form of change brings discomfort. However, you need to understand - this discomfort Is temporary and soon that thing which made you uncomfortable will be the norm.  

Take action -  It's time to move beyond wishing, wanting and hoping. "Nothing happens till you do something" - do things differently this year. Do what needs to be done for you to achieve your goals. Take action.

2017 is the year to take action! Make 2017 the year with a differenceIt's time to bring your ideas to life. It's time to take action and move From Bright Idea To Reality

All the best

Cynthia Mukie

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How to discharge student loans in bankruptcy?

When you’re trying to discharge a student loan in bankruptcy, you need to know which student loans are dischargeable.  There’s a difference between a federal student loan, federal student loan serviced by a private student loan, and a private student loan?

A federal student loan is issued by the federal government and serviced by the federal government.  They have a lower interest rate and the federal government usually can forgive the balance of the loan if you are not able to make the payments. 

Now the federal student loans that are serviced by private lenders have been recalled by the federal government because the private servicer were not being flexible with the borrower with their payment plans.  Which also cause the borrower to default as well as taint the borrower credit.

The third type of student loan is from private lenders, such as Sallie Mae, Citibank, Wells Fargo, bank of America, and Navient, which is a subsidiary of Sallie Mae.  When these private lenders issue student loans they do not have the federal government protection, so those loans are treated like a regular personal loan.  Which also means that these lenders make up their own rules when issuing loan and collecting on them.  They can increase the interest rates, if you miss a payment, they’ll send you collections, file the insurance claim get your student loan paid off and then force you to may them too.

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How do I get a mortgage with bad credit?

Being a homeowner is a great feeling.  You know you’ve made some progress in your life, when you’re no longer a renter but instead an homeowner.  However, many of us struggle to get the chance to own a home because we have bad credit.  

Now, you don’t have to be discourage anymore, because there are home buying programs and lenders willing to help you become a home owner even with bad credit.  Although, they may have a few extra criteria’s, you can buy a piece of real estate. 

With the FHA mortgage program, their criteria’s are fairly simple.  They would like for you to have a minimum credit score of 580, 3 to 6 months of paystubs, 2 years of taxes, and debt to income ratio of 35%.  They also want you to have a down payment of 3.5% of the mortgage value and you can even borrow that from a friend or family member.  Another nice thing about the FHA mortgage program, if you have relative living with you, they will include their income to help you qualify for that mortgage.

There are also conventional mortgages that also have become very flexible when working with new home buyers, such as allowing a home buyer to put 3% down on that house.   Also, they’ve made it easier for veterans to buy a home with no down payment.

So, can I buy a home with bad credit? The answer is yes, however I would encourage to fix your bad credit so you can get a lower interest rate.

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