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I know right? Only 90 days until 2013. And if you haven't thought about it yet, ask yourself... what have you done in 2012? If you own a business, have you met your financial goals for 2012 so far? Have you met your customer service goals for the year? Did you even start the business you wanted to or are you still thinking and talking about it? What about if you have started a movement, does the world know about your cause? Did you get the job or start the career you wanted?

Well, if you haven't met your goals, I'm here to tell you that you still (or ONLY) have 90 days to reach your goals for 2012. You should start a countdown now to push yourself to meet your most important goals. If you are looking to get started in 2013, this is a great time to begin your planning process. You should be planning how you are going to be successful in 2013. You should be writing your business plan, looking for investors, or figuring out how you are going to finance your business.

For some of you, the answer will be positive. For those of you that have met your goals so far, I applaud you for working so hard! For those of you that do not have a positive answer, this is not to make you feel like a failure but it is a friendly reminder to wake up and ask yourself, WHAT HAVE I DONE IN 2012??

Let's get to work and make the last 90 days prosperous!

We would love to hear from those that have had a good 2012, how did you do it? What advice do you have for those still trying to meet goals in the next 90 days?


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The DOs and DON'Ts of Blogging

Alright, well SOME Dos and Don'ts for blogging. Of course there are A LOT of things you should and shouldn't do when it comes to blogging. At this point you should already have an idea of what you are going to blog about. I am going to point out a few of the important Dos and Don’ts. Let's start with the DON'Ts.


Spend ALL day online. First your eyes will start to hurt and then you will start to experience horrible headaches. LOL! This is what happens when you sit in front of a computer screen all day. Searching, writing, reading, watching. At some point during the day, you have to give it a rest. The great thing about the Internet is that what you are looking for will always be there. Go back to it later. If it is taking you more than an hour to write a blog posting (unless in depth research is involved), you need to change the subject.

Plagiarize. Duh. Just like in school, you cannot do this. You would be breaking the law if you did. AND for the record, there is a difference between copy writing and plagiarizing (you can research those). You can always get ideas from other bloggers, but never ever copy anything from their posts WITHOUT recognizing them.

Waste time in forums and communities. You are going to hear a lot of people suggest you do this. But my suggestion is to find 3 to 4 forums or small social networks you like. Share the same postings from your blog with these select forums, on a regular basis. You may not be recognized at first, but eventually they will notice you.

Spam. Not only is this annoying but it’s bad “etiquette”, if you will, for bloggers. One example of spamming is coldly commenting in a forum or on another bloggers site and including your website information:


NOT cool. Another form of spamming is sending your blogs to people that didn't ask to read them. Post them on your blog, forums and communities. If people are interested in reading them they will find you.

Post every day. Not only does that put a lot of pressure on you, but people don’t have time to read your posts daily. Think of all of the online publications, newsletters and bloggers you are subscribed to. If they send you information everyday, do you actually read it? The truth is, NO. So don’t put your readers through that. Give them something to look forward to every week. Now on to the DOs!


Get advise from an experienced blogger. If there are certain blogs you have found that you really like, take it upon yourself to email the blogger and see if they would mentor you. Find a good business coach that may be able to help you focus in on what your goals are.

Ask for feedback. NOT from people in the forums you choose, but from your family and friends. They are our toughest critics. So, if they have suggestions or opinions about your blog posting, take it in stride. Don't take EVERYTHING to heart and change everything they think you should, but you should definitely take their suggestions into consideration.

Be patient. I say this all the time: Just because you create a blog or website and throw it out on the WORLD WIDE WEB (notice the word, WORLD), doesn't mean people are going to flock to it. It will take a little time to build popularity but it is definitely possible. You just have to be patient and keep posting and keep directing people to your site.

Write UNIQUE and CREATIVE content. Even if you know what you are going to write about, you need to make sure it is DIFFERENT from everyone else's. Also, you do not have to write about the SAME subject in every posting if you do not want. Make it interesting for your readers so they will keep coming back for more.

Get paid for blogging. Well yeah! What other reason would you be blogging for? There are several ways you can get paid to blog. One way, is to get advertisers on your site, that will take some time to happen, but it is definitely possible. Another way to get paid for blogging is to find a blogging platform that will pay you to actually blog and show others how to do the same. I use a great system that does just that. You can sign in and find out more here => BeFamousOnline2

Blogging does not have to be difficult or tedious. It can actually be fun to share with others your life, opinion or information that could help them. You just need to keep in mind some DOs and DON'Ts so you can be a SUCCESSFUL blogger.

Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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How Blogging Can Make You Famous

According to, "The face of fame is changing". You no longer have to necessarily be a singer, rapper, actor, entertainer or even politician to be famous. As I'm sure you have seen, you can now be famous from as much as a silly video on YouTube to starting a really great charitable cause.

One of the most popular, easiest ways to become famous online is to blog! Believe it or not, there are a few people who have become famous from blogging. And as a "potential blogger" or "rockstar blogger in the making", it is important to know a few of these famous bloggers. Why? Because as the famous saying goes, "don't reinvent the wheel". No reason to think TOO outside of the box when it comes to blogging as a lot of it has been done already. And if these people can do it, believe me, so can you. Here are few famous bloggers online you may not be familiar with...continue reading


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WOW! You have to see this. It's an experiment this guy Brett Cohen did essentially showing, if you believe can achieve it!

He gets some people to be his bodyguards, paparazzi, puts on some nice clothes and sunglasses, and walks the streets of New York. Immediately people begin to flock to him, thinking he is someone famous! His video team even interviews people and asks them if they know him and "fans" are talking about how much they love his work! It's amazing what people will believe!



This brings me to my point. Why not become famous yourself?? EXCEPT instead of experimenting, actually get paid what the famous folks do. If you know you are special and have something valuable, why not share it with the world? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to BLOG! Believe it or not, blogging is a great way to get exposure, share what you have to offer and to build a fan base! Blogging can be used for a range of things from sharing your personal story to sharing how your business can help someone. I offer the perfect blogging platform and system that will help you Be Famous Online TooAND get paid PLUS build a solid fan base! This system is great for supplementing and advertising your current business or may be a good start for someone interested in making a business income from home. Did I say it was BLOGGING?

SO, if this guy can put on some sunglasses, walk the streets of New York and become famous, it should be NO PROBLEM for you to click on this link ==>, watch the information and begin your journey to fame as a blogger! EXCEPT you would get paid for it :)


Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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Do You Blog?


Are you considering starting a blog? Do you already have one?


Blogging is a wonderful way to connect to potential clients and customers and share your expertise.

If you would like to test the waters with blogging, starting a free blog on is a good idea. You can get a quick and easy feel of what it is like to be a blogger with investing little no money.

Here are are few tips to get the most out of your free blog on Blogger and create a memorable experience for your visitors:


1. Buy a domain from and point it to your free blog.

Having a personalized domain that includes a keyword helps your blog standout from the other free blogs and it helps add to your credibility. Sometimes visitors to your free blog might not take your advice seriously, even if it is good advice. So having a domain can help build confidence with your visitors.


2. Jazz up your site with a customized banner.

If you really want to convert your blog's visitors to loyal followers, it is very important to create a memorable impression. Part of creating a long lasting impression is making sure that your blog's design is professional and unique. An inexpensive way to make your blog standout on Blogger is to add a professionally designed banner to your header. The banner is one of the very first things people see when they visit and it helps increase their chances of remaining on your site if it is one that is uniquely and professionally designed.


Need help finding a banner for your blog? Check out these low-cost, professionally designed banners.


3. Share your expertise in a fun and creative way.

The absolute most important thing about a blog is the content. Share helpful information that answers your visitors'  questions. If you are comfortable doing so, share personal anecdotes.  Include pictures and if possible videos to help capture the attention of visual learners.


If after a few months, you find yourself in a writing rut, invite a few guest bloggers to post. Guest bloggers are always nice treat for your readers and it is a nice way for you to take a day or two off from blogging.


4. Have fun! Blogging should be an enjoyable experience.

It is a great way to give back to the community and help others. So don't get bogged down, if you are not getting tons of traffic in the first 6 months or even the first year. It takes time to build up traffic. The most successful bloggers will tell you that it took them at least a year before their blog became successful.



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Blogging Software Comparison

I've used most of the blogging software and found that is the one that met my overall needs. It gave me the opportunity to post ads and choose from a variety of design themes for my blog. I also liked the option of having various pages for my blog. I will warn that one must be technically inclined to use this software option. I continue to use blogger for my travel blog -All About Vegas Travel. It meets my needs by allowing me to publish great content, share my blogroll and ads. It does not provide me with specialty page layouts that wordpress offers and there are times I cannot access my blog due to outages. I have not used Typepad, but I have a couple of friends that are using it and love it. My friends found that using Typepad did not require them to be technically inclined. They wanted something that was simple and easy to use. Below are some of the blogging software available on the market today. It provides pros / cons for use of each.
HTML (Free, Hosted by Wordpress) is a free blogging software that provides a limited amount of customization by way of free templates you can download for your blog. It is very easy to learn and provides automatic features such as a spam blocking plug-in (Akismet), automatic pinging and more. On the negative side, does not allow ads of any kind on blogs, so monetizing your free Wordpress blog through advertising is not an (Paid, Third-Party Host Required) offers free blogging software, but users have to pay to host their blogs through a third-party website host such as GatorHost or 1and1. For bloggers with some technical skills who need advanced customization, is a great choice. The software, itself, is the same as, but the customization options make it very popular among power bloggers, business bloggers and more.Follow the link to read a complete overview of Wordpress from About Web Logs.Blogger:Blogger equals easy. Many novice bloggers choose to start their first blogs with Blogger because it's free, very easy to use, and it allows ads to help monetize blogs. The downside of Blogger is it's prone to outages, so you may not always be able to access your blog when you want to.TypePad:TypePad is very easy to use, but it's not free. Even though it doesn't require a third-party host, it does have a cost associated with it. With that said, TypePad does provide great features and a high level of customization without the technical knowledge of some other customizable blogging software options.Moveable Type: Moveable Type is a great blogging software, but it requires users to obtain pricey licenses. The installation process is cumbersome and the features are not as rich as other blogging software programs provide. Many people like Moveable Type because it supports multiple blogs without having to install the software again and again.LiveJournal: LiveJournal requires users to pay a monthly fee, and it provides a limited amount of features and customization.Suggestions from About Web Logs:For bloggers who are looking for a free blogging software that allows monetization, you may want to try Blogger. If monetization is not important to you, then might be a better choice.For bloggers who want full customization and advanced feature capability (and aren't afraid of technical challenges and out-of-pocket expenses), and TypePad are excellent choices.Check out my blog - Ebonywoman
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I've Started Blogging!

I just started my very own blog, and I like it. Right now it's still underconstruction but I am hoping that this turns out to be something that I am really proud of. I am currently using it as an online "open" diary. It is open to the public and daily I add whatever is on my mind to it.My hopes for this blog are to have it revolve not only around my life, but around the lives of others who are just like me, not like me at all, going through similar situations, in need of encouragement, looking for information or just plain curious.Feel free to speak out with any comments about what I should do, what might be nice or what you think I'm doing wrong! I welcome this challenge, It means that I have to focus on one thing daily or at least every couple of days!CHECK OUT MY BLOG
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