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Does Eating Rigt=Weight Loss?

Does Eating Right = Weight Loss?


Yes it does.  But the only catch is, knowing what eating right is.  And trust me it is not what we have been taught.  Such things, as soy, pork, nuts, sport drinks, diet sodas, low calories foods, and fat free foods, are not the foods and drinks for eating right.  Your body, as I have stated before, is not made of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and flavorings, these things should be avoided. I read the status of a young woman on facebook several weeks ago.  Saying that she eats right, but still can't lose weight.  And she mentioned how frustrating it was for her to try so hard and still not be able to lose weight.  Well I wanted to make a comment, but I opted to write an article instead.  Because I realized that it was more than just this young woman out there having this problem.  As the saying goes, it is not your fault, but it is your problem.  And unfortunately a lot of us fit in this category of problems, problems, problems.  When you are unable to fix a problem, it means that you have reached the limit of your knowledge in that area.  And it is up to you to seek and find the solution to your problem(s).  Running into this invisible wall on your weight loss journey, can really take the wind out of your sail.  Doubt, frustion, the loss of will-power are fast eroding the core of your desire.   It makes you question yourself...why is it not, working?  It's not working, because there are food items in your diet that does not allow you to lose weight.  And if you are extremely over weight you may be exercising, when you should be stretching.  Whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, plenty of good water, coconut water, fish, and chicken,


minus the sugars, breads, alcoholic drinks, smoking, potatoes, and hard to digest meats, is the only way that the weight will began to shed.  Despite popular belief, you can't lose weight eating what you want.  There has to be a letting go, a cutting lose, never to return again of certain items, and foods from your life.  You should never try to obtain weight loss by taking chemicals.  Once you stop taking the chemicals the weight will return with an attitude, meaning more of it and quickly.  You have to change those habits, and those foods.  So, the young woman's problem is still with what she is eating and her exercising program.

The difference between exercising and stretching, is that exercising is mostly for cardio, and stretching is for toning, improving circulation of blood through all organs of the body, strength building of your core, and rapid weight loss.



The next time that you are comfronted with a problem.  Just seek more information in the area, and keep reaching for success.  Remember, success is not on a earthly plane.  You have to reach up to touch the stars.

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Why Weight?



It is time to make the first on the journey to losing weight.  Why Weight?  The failure to make the move is surely yours and ours not to do what is required of us when it comes to taking care of our bodies.  We are its care takers, we are the watchman, we are not to let anything enter or put anything into our bodies that is harmful. 


We are have our first Annual Calorie Drop that will be on facebook this coming March 19th.  Make sure to participate.  All you have to do is press the above picture and it will take you directly to the community page on face book.  Give us your information and we will send you and invitation to the event so that you can track what you have given up for that month and what you will not allow back into your bodies ever again.  We will Calorie Drop from the 19th of March until the 19th of April and we will share information and we shall move forward never to look back lest we turn into a pillar of salt (smile).


What the Calorie Drop is all about is learning how to change our appetite for the wrong foods, because you can change yout taste buds.  Try eating healthy for a week and watch how your body will crave what is healthy.  Some of us may not know what healthy is.  Well lets say that if you learn how to start cooking for yourself this will be a start of healthy.  Healthy is simple foods, such as beans, fruits and vegetables with homemade cooked breads.  Drinking clean water is also a good start along with teas and good lemonade.  When it comes to sweeting your teas and lemonades use honey or brown sugar, please stay away from the killer of your body and that is white sugar.  If you are ready to start your weigth loss program please click on the Buy Now button and we will email your link and you can get started right a way.
Why Weight? FaceBook Community Page

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Ready to look beautiful with looking made up...well, Youngevity is for you. Wtih its' large array and selection you are sure to find your shade that matches your uniqueness. Youngevity is for those women who still want to make a statment without being over stated, being soft and natural for those special occasions. Visit and see what we have to offer

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Those Painful Heavy Cycle Flows

That time of the month ewww:( is enough to make some women just want to pull the trigger on themselves. Did you know that in some countries women don't even
have cycles...they have a period, and in Hawaii women only stay on their
cycles for an hour. Let me pause for a moment to explain the
difference between a cycle and a period. A cycle is every 28 to 30 days
and you flow from 3 to 14 days sometimes with a heavy flow. A period
is just what it is a dot. I bet you say how in the world can that
happen and could it really be true...well it is. Over in other
countries the food is not destroyed with chemicals. So when they eat,
the food does what it is supposed to do and the body can eliminate
properly without being hindered from dangerous chemicals. Another
reason why women in other countries don't suffer is because they do not
eat all day one needs to eat all day long (3 meals a day is
ridiculous if you do not work on the railroad or have a very physical
job one healthy balanced meal is enough). There is nothing wrong with
living a good life, having a car, running hot and cold water, and all
the other good things that we enjoy over here in US...the problem, I see
is that we do not have a balance
. Because we
have cars we don't want to walk anywhere or because we have grocery
stores we don't want to grow our own food. These things have really
spoiled us, it has made us lazy.

Lack of exercise and our eating habits has a lot to do with rather a woman will have a period or a cycle flow. If you suffer from a painful cycle then your diet is very poor, and your exercise is not
often enough. Our body is really a temple and we should keep it as
clean as we can. We must stay away from fried foods, alcohol, shell
fish, smoking, and a whole host of unhealthy things that we do to our
bodies. A monthly flow is one way to help a woman who may not eat
healthy to keep her body clean, and if your body did not make this
adjustment to clean itself we would really be sick from all of the toxin
build up that would be in our blood. If you would take your diet all
the way down, back to the drawing board, leaving nothing but fruit, then
build it up from there, making sure to leave the meat out, your cramps
would subside. Taming your appetite is not an easy thing to do this is
why it is so hard to lose weight. But for those of you who will have a
hard time to do this you will need to purchase you some Saw Palmetto.
Saw Palmetto is an herb that you can sip as a tea or take in the pill
form. Saw Palmetto will ease those cramps and in some cases get rid of
them all together which is what it did for my daughters when they were
younger, and until this day they do not suffer with cramps.
The Bible really tells the truth when it says that my people
perish from the lack of knowledge, because what you don't know will harm
you. I hope that this article helps you and if you have any questions
please feel free to ask. Read. Learn. Grow. Leave a comment.

To make a purchase of the Saw Plametto visit

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Youngeivity Weight Loss Management

Losing Weight With Youngevity

Hitting a brick wall while losing weight, is the most disappointing thing that can happen to anyone. The wall of disappointment leaves you with the thought
of...what's next? What do I do now? Just when you were feeling good
about yourself and had just a few pounds to go (they are the hardest
ones). One thing you don't do is give up, keep striving and for God
sake keep
stretching and exercising . For those stubborn pounds that won't leave Youngevity can
help you knock down that wall, and you will be able to see your way
again. Sometimes we women have it so hard just to lose a few
inches...we may need just a little help to get the job done. Youngevity
is a healthy alternative to using the synthetic chemicals put in the
diet pills and the other products that they claim help you to lose
Press the Youngevity link to view
all of the products available to you.

Youngevity Weight Loss Management

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New Dilicious & Nutritious Recipe

If you would like to schedule a cooking demo.

Please send an email to and we will get back with you right away. Be healthy.

If you are unable to view this post please visit and press the tab Your Daily Recipes and the title of the recipe is Weekend Salmon Burgers. Enjoy!!!

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Following my "core" so I can stay at home.

Well in case you have not been keeping up I am going in a different direction.

I still would like to help parents who stay at home or parents who want to stay at home but for me to continue to stay at home I needed to make some changes. So this site will follow more of what I am at my core and how I can help you do the same if you would like. A post to come at some future time would be of the money spent trying to be who I am not and market what is not my core, “core” being what I would do if time and money were not an issue.

My parent are from the south and a generation that lived the true home economics class; from gardening and flowers-lake-300x200.jpgcanning to sewing and cooking from scratch. I do know that a lot of that rubbed off on me. So that is what I am up to and that is what I will be talking about how to do, when
to do and maybe even where to do. I do not profess to be an expert on any of this but am willing to share what I come across and my successes and failures. I would love for you to chime in whenever you have an idea or technique that you think might work.

As summer is coming up, my focus will be more on gardening and the outside projects. Once fall comes around, I will focus on attempts to update the inside of the home or prep for the garden, etc.

I have added a store which shows some of the resources that I have utilized in my attempts. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them. In an attempt to update more
regularly, posts may be short but hopefully informative. Take care.

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Talk about missing out on something truly delicious! Believe it or not I’ve been talking about trying Sushi for quite some time now and haven’t given myself the chance to do it until recently. My sister-in-law Gina R. called me the other day and invited me over for some girl talk and mimosas and low and behold took me for my first sushi experience.

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Too Excited!

I was just talking with my Mom, she called to see if I was stressing out about this coming weekends' event. (our cooking demo with Real Men Cook) and I told her calmly that I wasn't and really you would think I should be with all that's been going on.In order for me to be able to serve people samples I would need to prepare all the ingredients ahead of time in a commercial kitchen, which I no access to. My husband may have to travel to California for his boss this week so he will miss our event. ( still up in the air on that) The kids and I will have to cram in my Mother's small car and drive to Plano which is 30 to 45 min away @ 6 AM on Sat. Our demo should only last for 30 min so we should be good on that. So for some reason I'm not stressed @ all! I gave it to GOD and I'm letting him work it out! So why stress, right? Wish us luck, this is just another amazing opportunity that may lead to another bigger opportunity.
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pocketbook monologues


You've all heard of the Vagina Monologues...Well this is the POCKETBOOK MONOLOGUES

This is a show that tells the story WOMEN everywhere

The POCKETBOOK MONOLOGUES are stories for education, entertainment and elevation!!!



Sharon K. McGhee

"WVON News Director & Creator of Pocketbook Monologues"


Essence Atkins"Half&Half and Smart Guy"


Ella Joyce “Roc & Set if Off”


Taj Johnson George “R&B Singing Group SWV”


Lisa Wu Hartwell "Real Housewives of Atlanta"


Myra J. "Radio Personality"


Kandi Burruss "R&B Singing Group Xscape & Real Housewives of Atlanta"


Shirley Strawberry "Steve Harvey Morning Show"


Nicci Gilbert "Brownstone R&B Singing Group"


Shay "Buckeey" Johnson "Flavor of Love 2 & Charm School"


Queen Aishah "Mistress of Ceremonies"


Princess Ivori "Radio Personality"



Check Out The Video Below


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Raising Chefs' now has a Facebook Fan Page and we want you to become our fans. Please help us spread the word about all the wonderful work we've done so far and future endeavors.We are so excited about all the amazing opportunities that have come our way. Become a fan and follow are continuous progress on this wonderful journey GOD has in store for us.Thank you so much for all your support thus far and we hope that you will keep us in your prayers as we take this amazing ride together! Many blessings to each and everyone of you!
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The Recipe Writer's Handbook

If you have lived for a while on this earth you will notice that there is very little new under the sun, with the exception of perhaps technology, which we're not talking about here. There are creative and interesting ways to use sugar, chocolate, spices and herbs in baking. There are fascinating ways to decorate cakes, cookies and all things sweet and edible. If you are a seasoned cook/baker you probably already know about this little jewel of a book, but if you are not this may be something you will want to look into. Originally written in 1997 by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann and Jane L.Baker The Recipe Writer's Handbook is something all bakers should have on their cookbook shelf. Why? Because one day you will be (perhaps not a "baby-boomer") but a generation "X" boomer or generation "Y" boomer and you will be passing on knowledge to the next generation of bakers. This sort of information is helpful.This little book is designed to teach you to "think" your way through a recipe to make important decisions and trouble shoot problems concerning format, syntax, spelling, cooking terminology etc." Those who attended at professional culinary art program probably already know this, but trust and believe if you live long enough it will escape your memory.You may not think you will, but one day you may want to put all your recipes to pen or in today's case "Word," and publish all those dynamic dishes that have made you famous or not so...famous. Publishers are always looking for ways to take a bigger piece of your pie, so this book can assist you in structuring your recipes in such a manner that publishers will think you had help...well you did it just didn't cost you an arm and a leg.The more you know, the more you can deliver and you won't have to rely on the publisher finding culinary writers to "clean up" your recipes.I have the old copy (original 1997) and plan of purchase the revised and expanded copy soon. The chapters in my copy are well written and the information is invaluable. Here's a hint of what's in the book (1997 version).Chapter 1 The Philosophy of Recipe WritingChapter 2 Recipe Writing StyleChapter 3 The Style SheetChapter 4 Recipe TestingChapter 5 Cooking TerminologyChapter 6 Preferred Spelling of Commonly Used Food WordsChapter 7 Generic Terms for Brand Names and TrademarksChapter 8 MetricsChapter 9 Nutrition Analysis of RecipesChapter 10 Copyright, Plagiarism and the Ethics of Recipe Writing and more (15 Chapters in all).The new revised book is on Amazon for under $10 (used) and I have emailed the authors to see if they might be revising it again (it's 2009). As I mention before if this is old news, no sweat, but for those baby bakers out there, just another resource for your baking arsenal.
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It's time for another one of Da Vinci's Blog Log's Giveaways, This Month's Contest "Da Vinci's Li Lash Giveaway!" is running from Jan. 12th - Jan 31st. It's open to residents of the united states and canada 18 and over.

This month's contests is a GREAT one there but there can only be ONE winner the prizes has an approxiamate value of $140 so enter today for your chance to win.


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