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When a businessman embark on a new business venture, they readily go processing ideas on complicated marketing strategies and other ways of promoting their business but none of their efforts are dedicated to business branding. Indeed, with so much factors coming into play, it is easy to miss out on the most essential and basic aspect. But that is just one half of it, since the other half is dedicated into ensuring that you can build an effective brand that will produce results for your marketing efforts.

But the key to an effective branding strategy is to be able to deliver. You must be able to back up your claims and produce exactly as you say. Majority of your business sales and profits come from repeat customers, after all. An effective business branding system involves the following:

Customer Satisfaction

Brand is just a mere representation of your company. Therefore, it must reflect exactly what your business can deliver for the customers and build its reputation from there. If you cannot produce quality product or services, then regardless of how potent your branding system or strategies are, you'd never be able to turn your marketing campaigns into a sales force.

Therefore, you need to be as sensitive to your customers' needs as possible. But only to a certain extent that you still hold control over the image and reputation that you want your brand to exhibit.

Indeed, brand equity is a vital aspect in every business, especially consumer-based equity. It reflects the level of trust and attitude that a customer has towards a product associated with a given brand. This is impacted by the actual experience that a consumer has had with the product such that brand loyalty is affected by factors such as perceived quality and the delivery of the product.


One of the most effective ways to build trust amongst your customers is to be consistent with the message you are trying to convey. Consistency is most important when exhibiting the values that are key and vital in your company. Then, focus on every aspect of your business to ensure that it remains consistent with the values professed by your company and that they make a good representation of the company's vision.

Expanding Your Brand

Creating a brand for your company is not only limited to the creation of a logo. While it is essential, your work does not stop there. After all, a logo is just a representation of your professional image but there are several factors in between that would help translate them into sales. You do not even have to spend lots of money to fulfill them. In every form of communication that you use in your business transactions, include your company logo in it, whether you'd be using business cards, yellow page ads, newsletters, letterhead, invoices, envelopes, and many more. Your logo is of no use unless you are able to capitalize on it and make it do its work for you.

Managing Your Brand

As market trends continue to change and evolve, so must your approach at branding strategies. While you set your own company's branding standards, you also need to look into exceeding those promises you've set and this is one of the most effective ways to generate more customers. On the other end, one failure could eventually ruin your business' reputation on a long haul.


If you see any opportunity where changes can be done or improvements can be executed, then don't be afraid to execute them. This is one way for your business to stay on top of things and keep up with changing trends in the market for an effective business branding effort.

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Let’s Talk About “Sexting”


As a parent, you have probably already had the “sex talk” with your teenage son or daughter, but have you had the “sexting” talk? ‘Sexting’ is the practice of sending sexually explicit messages or images electronically, primarily via mobile phone. These messages and images can spread like wildfire through schools or even across the country and can even get posted on public websites—turning what may have seemed like a harmless act into one with severe consequences.

If you don’t think this is a problem with teens, think again. According to, 22% of teen girls and 20% of teen boys have sent nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and 38% of all teens believe that exchanging such sexy content makes dating or hooking up with others more likely. Wow, those are sobering statistics.

As a security expert, I want to help parents deal with this growing problem and keep their children (and themselves) out of harm’s way. Here are some tips from my new ebook, Safe Text: Protecting Your Teens from the Dangers of Texting:

• Give your teen clear rules on what they can and can’t do with their mobile phone.
• Learn how to use and monitor your teen’s mobile phones.

• Talk about pressures to send revealing photos. Let teens know that you understand that they can be pushed or dared into sending something. Tell them that no matter how big the social pressure is, the potential social humiliation will be hundreds of times worse.

• Remind them that once an image is sent, it can never be retrieved – and they will lose control of it.

• The buck stops with them. If someone sends them a photo, have them delete it immediately

Don’t forget to enter the contest on Facebook to win a Kindle Fire @


Contact us at:   or

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I believe that effective outsourced accounting, taxation, financial management and consulting is more than a service, it is a relationship. We build that relationship with each client by learning about his or her business process and culture. Then we design a service package that meets the unique needs of the business. If the client has an in-house accounting staff, our team can supplement and support their work. If needed, we can become the in-house accounting department.


Shirika Gomillion

Accountant & Tax Advisor

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Happy New Year!!! Wishing Everyone New Beginnings and a Start to A Brand New You!

VLS is truly excited with the growth and support of our affiliate partners since we officially started in mid 2010. Putting all the elements together for a good recipe as a real estate service and referral provider has been an awesome experience, and we know that the best is yet to come in real estate leasing for us!!!

As we all know real estate leasing is HOTTER than ever. What are the predictions for commercial and residential leasing for 2011? Rents will continue to increase in prime markets and remain steady in areas where there are more vacancies. 

Commercial Office Leasing:
Office Leasing activity will remain strong in 2011, especially as entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies begin to grow and expand their employment levels. The vacancy rate for office space will decline in the range of 1 to 1.5 percent and virtual office services will increase tremendously.

Residential Leasing:
The demographic trends are changing from longtime renters buying to longtime home owners renting. It's all about choice!

Baby Boomers are renting their homes to downsize or move to warmer climates, but not necessarily buying a second home, but renting by choice without having the hassle of owning.   

On the flip side longtime renters are going for the "American Dream" of home ownership. There are alot of great deals and incentive programs for first time homebuyers to purchase by choice.

I would say this is a good look for real estate leasing in 2011!!!

Lin Gordon
Virtual Leasing Solutions

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One of the biggest frustrations in internet marketing is that you have to sell thousands of $10-$20 ebooks each year in order to make a full-time living online. The logistics can be pretty daunting.There are a few ways to get over this hurdle.1. Reach more people. (Get more customers.)2. Write more ebooks. (Offer more low end products.)3. Offer a higher-end product or service that your existing customers can pay more for. (Charge more for... something.)Many people flinch at the third option. The thought of putting together a huge course or a big DVD package that they can sell for $100 or more sounds like a ton of work.However, in Jimmy D. Brown's usual way, he's found a way to help marketers earn more with their EXISTING business. That's the part that I love about this. It doesn't even entail setting up a new website. You can just add this to your current business and multiply your income immediately.what is it?Coaching. Personal one-on-one e-coaching.Jimmy's been doing this for years. And, every time he offers coaching, it sells out.Unfortunately, he found that offering email coaching can have a few problems. The main one is, of couse, email deliverability. It's obviously a problem if you offer e-coaching and then don't receive emails from your customer.So, Jimmy hired a software engineer and had him design a simple online interface so that he could communicate privately with his coaching clients inside this software. He's been making improvements to that same script, and now he's making it available for purchase.The first thing you'll want to do is check out the software the site, you'll see all of the features and even be able to even read the user manual before buying.If you've been thinking of adding a high-ticket item to your sales process or offering e-coaching, it just got easy.Best wishes,Frantonia PollinsWealth & Success Coach
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Monmouth Junction, NJ-September 25, 2008( WHB Consultants is a multi-disciplinary firm dedicated to providing fresh and effective marketing tools to clients. Whether providing web, graphic or marketing services, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality deliverables. We believe that one size does not fit all and we stay true to this belief by really listening to what our clients have to say and implementing strategies that are unique to their needs.Priscilla Wiggins (Co-Founder) launched a full service marketing firm, WHB Consultants, to assist small to medium sized companies increase revenue and visibility. Given the current economic climate its now more important than ever to implement smart and targeted marketing initiatives.It's no secret the right marketing strategy has the power to increase your bottom line by selling your company's image, reputation, brand, or product to potential clients. But with so many companies and so many stories, the challenge for many firms is to simply get noticed. WHB knows one of the most effective ways to gain visibility is to implement a targeted marketing program.With the capability to implement a wide range of marketing initiatives from direct mailings to website development WHB prides itself on our ability to give our clients the one on one attention they need.Contact:WHB ConsultantsPriscilla WigginsPhone: 270-348-5195Fax:
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Call for Presenters!

The planning committee for Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Conference is currently looking for workshop presentations for our 6th Annual Conference with the theme of Rejuvenating Sisterhood. We are requesting workshops that are informative, interactive and appropriate for women 16 and up. We are seeking presenters who are passionate about helping women to empower themselves and understand the relevance of each woman being a part of the cure needed in our communities. The conference will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2009 from 9:00am- 6pm at Coppin State University. Our expected audience participation is 200 plus women from the Baltimore, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and Pennsylvania areas.The purpose of this conference is to help perpetuate a nation-wide movement of healing for our families and communities, in order to generate a vibrant future. Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. is a movement to gather, educate and encourage women from all cultures and backgrounds to utilize each other for the common goals of personal, community and nation-wide advancement.We invite you to submit a proposal detailing your workshop via email at, no later than November 14, 2008 by 5pm. Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.Presenters will be notified of accepted proposals by January 5, 2009.For more details about the submission criteria, please visit our group page or our website at can be submitted to or call 443-927-7805.Blessings,HWHN Conference Committee
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In case you missed my Friday evening BlogTalkRadio interview a few weeks ago, you can catch up and take a listen. Just visit Diary of a Personal Shopper. The player is smack-dab on my homepage. Convenience and courtesy are my middle names...Enjoy! Please provide me with feedback if you wish. The lovely Barbara Howard will be featuring me, the 'Good Girl Gone Shopping,' mid-October."Peace, love, and cute shoes!"~ Elana*P.S. You will finally learn what I really think about Gwen when you listen in.
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