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1. Attend to most important activities first Most important activities are one that effect other activities that need to be accomplished.

2. Plan by the week, not the day. Day to Day activities will change, however, weekly objectives should be meet. If not, adjust day to day objectives.

3. W.I.N and D.I.N Identify what's important NOW and Do it NOW This will help accelerate your objective achievement.

4. Meet objectives and goal are accomplished Step by Step you can travel a mile. You can not travel a mile in one step. Goals will usually consist of many objectives. Achieve objectives.

5. You are finite Share your time and energy judiciously. Everyone can not and should not have your time and energy equally. You have 1440 minutes allotted everyday to you to manage effectively and efficiently. You can not store, save, give away, barter, exchange, etc these minute, you must use them or lose them. They are not replaceable. Make each minute count The good news, you acccount is replenished, every 24 hours.

6. You must have objectives that are measurable. The road to nowhere, anyone will take you there. You must be able to measure your progress or regress. This measurement will help better identify what you must do or not do to move forward.

7. Give yourself room to grow. The knowledge you used to get you to where you are, will not be enough to advance you to next level. You must network with other and learn from them. You must apply new found knowledge so you can professionally and personally grow.

8. After you get inspired, make sure you perspire. As it is often quoted "Faith Without Works is Dead". Inspiration is great, however, if you do not put that inspiration to action, you will not advance.

9. Relax Remember you can only control you. That is it. You should make sure you do what you say you will do. Should you assemble that same mind set around you, objectives will be met and successes shared.

10. As Les Brown is famous for sharing " If you should get knocked down, make sure you land on your back. For if you can look up, you can get up!". You will get knocked down!!!

At your service,

Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections


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Hello Juniques Multi Cultural Community members.(
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In fact, some insisted that they didn't even have enough
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When they approached me asking, what to do, I often
told them that they were better off taking a part-time
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Back then, I didn't see any easy way to do it without
at least getting your own domain name,  some reputable
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However, things change fast on the internet, and with
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Rickey Johnson
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Do you have a backup plan for your business in the event of an emergency? A backup plan, what's that? A backup plan is another means to service your clients in the event of an emergency or your absence. Business operations should never be disrupted in an emergency nor your absence. There should always be trained personel that is, persons capable of running operations. We all experience emergencies at one time or another. However, in business especially when you're trying to establish a new business, and a performance and dependability record.  You might harm your reputation. Sadly, the reality is sometimes, a first impression is a lasting impression. Suggestion, even if you are unable to hire someone full or part time. Have someone available you can call on in an emergency. Someone who knows your business. Someone you can hire to step in when there is an emergency or in your absence. 

Can I be frank? It's business! Don't take your clients for granted! Don't assume you automatically have the patronage of clients based on a shared ethnicity or gender! While, it is important for us to be supportive of each other. It is also important for those we support to be able to deliver!

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Ok Ladies,


 I need your advice I'm going to breakdown and buy baby girl an iphone. I can't use the iphone (I type with my nails and that doesn't work on the iphone so I'm consigned to a Blackberry. Here's my dliemma. I  rarely text (Not my generation). I wil be texting more with the new service to update blog/twitter/facebook, etc.   Is 1000 texts for the both of us to many? too few? I am switching from my current provider? Baby girl is 13 this year (She's a millienium so her's is definately the text generation). I a on set income so I really don't like surprises.


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.






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Back To School Specail

½ Price Memberships!!

Sign up now and pay ½ Price for a YEAR! WoW!!• Basic Wellness was $14.95 a month NOW ONLY $7.48 a month• Single Dental Plus was $14.95 a month NOW ONLY $7.48 a month• Household Dental Plus was $19.95 a month NOW ONLY $9.98 a month• Total Health was $39.95 a month NOW ONLY $19.98 a month• Total Health Plus was $59.95 a month NOW ONLY $29.98 a monthThe benefit packages we offer are from AmeriPlan®.With over 1.4 million satisfied members nationwide, AmeriPlan® is the largest Discount Medical Benefits Package in the U.S.Why Have So Many People Decided Our Benefits Package Is the Best?Savings Of Up To 80% Nationwide~ No Annual Limit On Visits Or Services~ Immediate Savings~ All Ongoing Dental or Medical Problems Included (except orthodontic treatment already in progress)~ Cosmetic Dentistry Included~ No Waiting Period / Sign Up Today - Use Your Benefits Tomorrow!~ All Specialists Included / Even Braces for Children & Adults!~ No Age Limits~ Change Dentists Whenever You Like~ No Paperwork~ No Hassles!
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What About Your Future?

My plan for your futurehas always been filled with hope.Jeremiah 29:1111 For I know the plans I have for you,? declares the LORD, ?plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV Bible)

We live in a world that sometimes seems void of hope. Wars, famine, pollution, recessions, etc. can cause us to become easily discouraged when we look at the prospects of our future. Discouragement can lead to depression, and depression can lead to hopelessness.When we are feeling hopeless, we see our circumstances and surroundings through a filtered lens that can cause us to continue to spiral downwards in our emotions and our attitudes. In this devotional scripture, God says that He has a plan for you, a plan that will prosper you and not to harm you, a plan that will give you hope and a future.While the economy may be saying one thing to us, God is saying another. While your circumstances may cry out hopelessness, God is saying that He has a plan to prosper and not to harm you. While we don’t know what the future does hold, we know who holds the future. We can trust in the goodness of God to care for us in the midst of situations that seem hopeless.Our hope is not in our circumstances, but in God our Father. That does not necessarily mean that life will always turn out the way we expected, but it does mean that we can always trust in our Father to love us and watch over us. If we commit our lives into His care, we are guaranteed from an everlasting perspective, that we will have an incredible future filled with hope awaiting us, that will last forever.PRAYERFather, I thank You that You have a plan for me that is filled with hope and a future. I know that You have plans to prosper me and not to harm me. I need not fear and I need not despair for you are in control of my life. Help me to commit my life to You, trusting in Your faithfulness to accomplish all that You have promised to do. In the name of Your beloved Son Jesus I pray, AMEN.Shalom,CandaceCANDACE HOUSE Ministries
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Well, to answer that question I'll have to take you back a few weeks. In the middle of June, I was to take a working vacation to Orlando, Florida. My plans were solid - work 4 hours and spend the rest of the day in the sun! Well, the best laid plans, huh?My computer died just two days before the plane was to take off. Running around to get it fixed and packing took a toll on me and I decided that I needed a real vacation after all so I left the broken computer at home.I'm glad I did!It gave me some time to recharge my batteries. Well, I never thought one iota about the business or its direction, but I did get some well needed R&R. I even got to reconnect with a high school friend.So, where is the business? We are strong and planning to get back to broadcasting July12th with all new programming. We got a bevvy of topics and looking forward to audience participation so join us on Saturday morning or listen to our archives whenever it is convenient for you.Sincerely,Candice L. MasonProducer and HostessSolutions Now! Radio
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Some Events "Speak" for themselves1. How many People Do You Know With A Cell Phone?2. Do You Think Half Of Those People Would Be Interested In Making Money From Other Peoples Monthly Wireless Phone Bills?Get Free Website until 17 Jul 2008.Service goes live 18 Jul 2008go to www.juniques.netHave a Great Networking day,Rickey
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