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You have to see it to believe it. Have you ever seen an African American mascot? Well he does exist his name is "Mop Top the Hip Hop Scientist" and he has friends Lollipop, Mop Top, and Flip Flop. We are trying to get feedback from parents, educators, children about our site. Tell us what you like, and what you don't like.



Jackie Johnson CEO & Founder of Mop Top Shop Inc., was interviewed by "My Carolina Today". She explains why she statred Mop Top Shop Inc.

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Pants Need Not Apply!!!

BE FASHION - A feminine-inspired online clothing boutique with one only rule- no pants allowed.

New York, NY - September, 3, 2009 – BE FASHION is a women's online clothing boutique that launched in the spring of 2009. After being directly affected by the turbulent economy and having to explore alternative methods to make a living, Barbara Codner, CEO/Founder of BE FASHION, combined her love of clothing and lady-like approach to create an online boutique that encourages women to dress impeccably, purposely choosing not to sell pants on her site. Ms. Codner explained, "I want to take fashion back to a time when women dressed like ladies."

BE FASHION was completely self-financed by Barbara; she did not seek help from lenders or investors. Despite having her MBA, Barbara was having a difficult time finding quality work in NYC. With no job, ends to meet and a closet full of clothes; she decided to put her clothes up for auction on EBay. Her clothing was an instant hit, and Barbara realized she had an eye for fashion and a penchant for what sells. She took her profits from the auctions and invested them into her online venture. When developing her boutique, Barbara had an important goal; she wanted BE FASHION to reflect her views about fashion while encouraging women to explore their own personal style.

BE FASHION offers ultra-feminine, moderately priced women’s clothing and handbags. Styles range from designer day and evening dresses such as Suzi Chin priced at $100 or less to designer evening dresses and gowns such as JS Boutique which are priced 20%-50% less than most department stores, with some other discounted items available. Special sections on the site include a line of vintage-inspired pieces as well as genuine leather handbags.

For more information about BE FASHION, please contact:

Barbara Codner


461 Central Park West

Suite 1E

New York, NY 10025

(347) 879-0822

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Today I wanted to do a quick celebration - motivation post. It's official ... I was recently quoted in the article Digital Discretion by Nicole Marie Richardson, which was published in the April 2010 issue of Essence Magazine! When I first saw the published article I had to share it with my facebook friends and now I've taken the time to officially post it on Getting into Essence is every black woman's dream, so I am so excited about getting quoted and looking forward to my first official Essence interview (hint hint).

This particular article is about how to maintain your professional image on social networks, so if you don't have this issue go get it! This issue also includes the 2010 Black Woman's Tech Guide. Social Media Marketing is a BIG part of my business, so I was honored to do the interview. Funny story, last year May I almost fell out of my chair when I got interviewed for The Network Journal, in the article 'Does Your Business Need a Website?' ... I was so excited! There is no better feeling than being recognized as a noted expert in your field, and I can tell you that THIS all goes to show how valuable social networking and consistent blogging is to your business.

I've never had a PR Agent ... never done a Speaking Engagement ... and yet through my blogging and social media activities I've been able to not just teach but reach thousands of women entrepreneurs, which has put me in the eye of publications and people I could have only dreamed about just a few years prior! So keep on blogging your way to the top! I'm not at my peak yet, but trust me when I say ... I Am enjoying the climb.

You may or may not know that I am currently doing my 90 days worth of Technology, Tools and Talk videos. I wanted to repost two of my videos here to add some motivation to your day about Social Media, PR, and Professionalism. To watch all videos subscribe to both my youtube channel and subscribe to the sistasense blog.

Video: Don't Wait for PR or Big Names to Find You!

Video: Turning Professionalism into Profit

If you can not see these videos click here! Have you downloaded my Black Business Starter Kit yet? It has my 15+ ebooks and best 3 eCourses on Social Networking, Building Your Business and Attracting Clients Online. For a limited time you can get it for $97 on my social network Black Business Women Online. [click here for details] And I do have a 'Blogging for Beginners' ecourse for all my newbie Bloggers / Internet Entrepreneurs.
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Hello BBWO!

I am on a mission to get back to my roots of giving and share some of my best small business, internet marketing, blogging, and social media marketing tips with you. For the next 90 days I will be video blogging everyday, so I hope you have subscribed to my blog: SistaSense, so that you can get each video as they are posted.

Truth be told I have already completed all videos, 91 to be exact and I did them in the last two days! I wanted to make sure I stick to my promise, so I got them all done just for you and am currently uploading videos to my youtube channel (feel free to subscribe to that as well).

Click here so I can tell you more about the project and then go here to watch the first video!

More to Come!

LaShanda Henry | BBWO Founder |
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April 17th womens event

Join me April 17th in Miramar fl for a day to celebrate women.Event is free at the University of Phoenix-Miramar campus offI-75 900am-1230 continential breakfast,free massages,spa treatments,beauti makeover,door prizes. come enjoy these free services while you shop with our vendors to start your day. DONT MISS OUT!**looking for a Tupperware/homegoods/candlelite vendor 5tables me at 754-214-2032 Lisa for more info.
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Ego Extensions Lace Wigs have become the most highly sought after Lace wigs in the entertainment industry and abroad.Our professional staff and superior wig quality has catapulted us to the top.We pride ourselves in having the combination of product and customer service that clients have been searching for.Many customers visit us from other states and countries to experience the relaxing atmosphere which we provide for their Lace wig fitting.Our boutique carries enough wigs to not overwhelm clients with choices,but give them the ability to find that special unit.Choose from Full Lace Wigs,Frontals,Closures,Lace Front Wigs and more.We carry Indian,Brazilian,Mongolian,Chinese,and European Hair Wigs as well as a variety of high quality affordable synthetic units.

Ego Extensions was founded in Los Angeles California,and now services Atlanta,Memphis,Chicago,Miami,Virginia,New York,North Carolina,South Carolina,Colorado,Houston,New Jersey,Nashville,Detroit, Boston,Canada,London,France,Sweden,Africa and many other areas nationwide.

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From A Writer's POV Online Magazine

Tomorrow is the last day to submit a poem for Poetry Week. Three spots are left. Get your poem on The POV Lounge. Details here: We are also having Poetry Open Mic Night on April 21st, 2010 at 8PM EST. All Poets are welcome. This meeting is in celebration of Poetry Week. Sign up to present a poem here:

From A Writer's POV will update its magazine tomorrow for the April 2010 Edition. If you have not read the March 2010 Edition, read it here:

Thanks, Dominique

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Celebrate Easter

We celebrate Easter because it is the day that Jesus Christ was ressurrected from the dead and ascended to Heaven to sit at the right hand of his Father. Easter is a day that we celebrate by giving honor to Him for dying to save our souls.
Easter Monday is a day for kids to have fun with Easter Egg Hunts and Baskets loaded with Sweet Treats. These treats include Jelly Beans, Peeps, Chocolate Bunnies, and colored/decorated Eggs to celebrate Spring. All found on Grass inside the Easter Basket.

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7 Tricks For Creating Powerful Ad-Copy

7 Tricks For Creating Powerful Ad-Copy
by Jessica Swanson

As a small business owner, at one time or another, you will need to create a compelling ad. It doesn't matter if your ad is a sales brochure, email announcement or a newspaper ad, ultimately, your ad-copy must grab your prospect's attention, produce a desired emotional response that urges them to take action.

Here Are 7 Key Points To Keep In Mind, When Writing Ad-Copy:

1. Choose Your Words Carefully

There are over 175,000 words in the English language and, if used wisely, have the power to sway people's thinking, change their perspective and even motivate them to take action.

Selecting your words thoughtfully and with precision will create an enormous difference in the quality and performance of your ads.

- Words that create a feeling of safety: peace, relaxed, serene, secure, warm

- Words that create a sense of control: confidence, mastery, balance, self-assured, composure

- Words that create excitement: edgy, exhilarating, explosive, juicy, sensational

2. Focus On Benefits

Many small business owners make the mistake of focusing on the features of their product or service. Unfortunately, your prospect isn't interested in mere features; they are only interested in how your product or service will improve their life.

Therefore, eliminate focusing on the mundane characteristics of your product and service and instead concentrate on how it will benefit your prospect's life. Will it make them thinner? Happier? Richer?

If you are able to effectively portray how your product will change lives, your battle is half-done.

3. Establish Trust

One of the jobs of your ad-copy is to establish trust between you and your buyers. People will never do business with companies that they don't feel confident about. Therefore, you need to put their anxieties to rest and convince them that their fears are unsubstantiated.

There are various ways to establish credibility:

- Use statements that are truthful and original;

- Offer free product samples or free services;

- Include your name and contact information in your ad-copy;

- Use testimonials from satisfied clients/customers;

- Avoid generalizations and include specifics;

4. Create One Clear Objective

Every single piece of ad-copy that you produce (whether it is a Google Adword campaign or a piece of direct mail) should be deliberately simple.

You should have only one, crystal clear objective in your ad. Either you want your prospect to visit a website, call a 1-800 number or take out their wallet and make a purchase. If your ad contains multiple objectives, your prospect will only become confused and overwhelmed.

As the saying goes, "Keep It Simple Stupid!" This applies to your ad-copy as well.

5. Differentiate Your Company

One of the main ingredients in successful ad-copy is to convince your prospects that you are different and unique from your competition. Your ad should always convey at least one reason why you are different.

Do you offer superior customer service? Are you the fastest? Do you produce the highest quality materials?

Discover what main attributes motivate your particular target market and make this attribute the focal point when differentiating yourself.

6. Pack Your Headlines With Power

There are dozens of research studies that suggest that your headline is the most important part of your entire ad. In fact, you only have three seconds to capture your prospect's interest, so your headline needs to be packed with as much power as possible.

You should always use "power words" in your headline such as:

Advice To
At Last
Do You
Great News
How Much
Inside Secrets Of...

7. Create An Emotional Response

Ultimately, your ad should produce a desired emotion in your prospect. It's simply not enough that your prospect relates to your company in a logical manner. There needs to be an emotional connection as well.

Use words that bring about the emotions that you want your customer or client to feel: love, fear, desire, power, more control, etc.

If your prospect relates to you on both an emotional and logical level, you are engaging them in a fuller manner and they are more likely to connect with you and your company.
Although writing solid ad-copy isn't child's play, it can be learned through practice, patience and perseverance.

The difference between producing a mediocre ad and producing an irresistible ad that motivates your prospect to take action could literally mean thousands of dollars in extra sales, customers and clients.


Yes! You can use this article in your ezine, blog or website as long as you add the following bio box:

Jessica Swanson, "The Shoestring Marketer," has helped entrepreneurs, all over the world, explode their businesses using cutting-edge, proven and completely free marketing strategies. To receive your FREE Shoestring Marketing Kit, which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, just like you, learn the exact techniques for marketing their businesses for no-cost, visit:
ShoeString Marketing

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Life is a blessing... enjoy each day!

I am sitting here enjoying a raining day in South FL. I am going over all the things I have to be grateful for. My beautiful sons and grandson... to me... they are living miracles. I think about my loving family and friends, who make me smile and remind me where I come from. The budding new love in my life. He is a complex and incredible man. Who touches my heart in a way I had nearly forgotten. I live in a lovely home that is a haven for anyone who comes to visit. I could go on and on.

This reflective mood comes as I am dancing around my home and noticing that my body barely hurts much any more throughout the day. You see, this time last year. I was in so much pain that I spent most of my days in tears. My central nervous system had gone haywire and nobody had an answer why I was in so much pain.

Nothing helped... not sitting down, standing, or lying in bed. I was dealing with symptoms that baffled my doctors. I saw a whole team of medical experts. General physicians, neurosurgeons, neurologists, and an orthopedic physician. They thought MS, Lupus, and a host of other things that nearly scared me half to death. And, I might add, they were very aggressive in their quest to label me with some thing and prescribe me some type of medication that may or may not help.

As, I went from one recommendation to another. I refused to take the medication, much to the annoyance of a couple of my doctors. I have nothing against prescription medication if the person taking the medication understands the side effects and the potential new health problems that the drug may create. My problem was how quick a doctor was to write a prescription with no real reason to give it to me.

So, praying daily for some answers, I did my research and looked into more holistic ways to help my beautiful body heal herself. I figure I am the best expert when it comes to me. I live inside my body 24/7 and I do know when something is not right. Even if I decide to ignore it. So, shame on me... I believe every thing happens for a reason. Obviously, I had spent too much time neglecting my inner voice that had been telling me to slow down. Please understand, when this happened to me I was taking care of myself physically... eating properly and exercising nearly 7 hours per week. I thought I was doing the right thing.

As, I did my online holistic research. I decided to visit a chiropractor and a friend who is a doctor of Oriental Medicine. The chiropractic treatments wound up being too aggressive for my body to handle comfortably. But, the acupuncture and massage were definitely helpful.

I continued reading and started incorporating more meditation, herbs, and detoxing/juice feasting into my life. I eliminated some of the stress in my life and decided to treat myself more gently and with more female wisdom and respect. I asked questions as needed and did not let anyone "bully" me into a treatment I did not feel was appropriate for me. I took charge of and full responsibility for my health.

And, as I became more acquainted with myself. My body began to heal. As new information was needed to continue my progress towards better health, I would meet people who would introduce me to someone with the healing touch to help me even more. I found a new chiropractor who practices Nucca chiropractic techniques. It is a totally different and much gentler way to realign your body. I highly recommend it. He has completely eliminated my shoulder and neck pain.

Today, I am a new woman... happier, more radiant, and living proof that you can rise like a phonenix from the ashes of crippling pain and soar again. So, as I continue to dance around my livingroom... laughing... and feeling like Divine energy in motion. I thank God for the opportunity to share my story with each of you. I hope this blog will encourage you to listen to that tiny little voice telling you to slow down and take better care of yourself. Please, do not let a major health crisis become your wake up call. Do something special for yourself today.

Live and Love with no regrets,

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  • Mary Kay Ash. The founder of Mary Kay Inc. started a cosmetics business. While she didn’t have a collegeeducation or any training, she successfully created a brand knownthroughout the world. To date, nearly half a million women have startedMary Kay businesses, selling cosmetics. Their appreciation for Mary Kay Ashis unwavering.
  • Richard Branson. Richard Branson is best known for his thrill seeking spirit and outrageous business tactics. He droppedout at the age of 16 and started his first successful business venture, StudentMagazine. He is the owner of the Virgin brand and its 360 companies.His companies include Virgin Megastore and Virgin Atlantic Airway.
  • Coco Chanel. An orphan for many years, Gabrielle Coco Chanel trained as a seamstress. Determined to invent herself, she threw out the ideas that the fashionworld deemed feminine, boldly using fabric and styles normally reservedfor men. A perfume bearing her name, Chanel No. 5 kept her name famous.
  • Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell started in a mailroom for a music publishing company. He has since become an Artistand Repertoire (A&R) executive for Sony BMG in the UK, and atelevision producer and judge for major television talent contestsincluding American Idol.
  • Michael Dell. With $1,000, dedication and desire, Michael Dell dropped out of college at age 19 to start PC’s Limited, laternamed Dell, Inc. Dell became the mostprofitable PC manufacturer in the world. In 1996, The Michael and SusanDell Foundationoffered a $50 million grant to The University of Texas at Austin to be used for children’s health andeducation in the city.
  • Barry Diller. Fox Broadcasting Company was started by a college dropout, BarryDiller. Dilleris now chairman of Expedia, and CEO of of IAC/InterActiveCorpwhich includes Home Shopping Network and Ticketmaster.
  • Walt Disney. Having dropped out of high school at 16, Walt Disney’s career and accomplishments are astounding. The mostinfluential animator, Disneyholds the record for the most awards and nominations. Disney’simagination included cartoonsand theme parks. The Walt Disney Company now has annual revenue of $30 billion.
  • Debbi Fields. As a young, 20 year old housewife with no business experience, Debbi Fields started Mrs. Fields ChocolateChippery. With a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, this young womanbecame the mostsuccessful cookie company owner. She later renamed, franchised, thensold Mrs. Field’s Cookies.
  • Henry Ford. At 16, Henry Ford left home to apprentice as a machinist. He later started Ford Motor Company to manufacture automobiles.Ford’s first major success, the Model T, allowed Ford to open a largefactory and later start the assembly line production, revolutionalizingthe auto-making industry.
  • Bill Gates. Ranked as the world’s richest person from 1995-2006, Bill Gates was acollege drop out. He started the largest computer software company,Microsoft Corporation. Gates and his wife are philanthropists, starting The Bill & Melinda GatesFoundation with a focus on global health and learning.
  • Milton Hershey. With only a fourth grade education, Milton Hershey started his own chocolate company. Hershey’s MilkChocolate became the first nationally marketed chocolate. Hersheyalso focused on building a wonderful community for his workers, known asHershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Steve Jobs. After attending one semester of college, Steve Jobs worked for Ataribefore co-founding Apple Computers.Now without the “Computers” in their name, Apple includes innovativeproducts such as the iPod, iTunes, and most recently the iPhone. SteveJobs was also the CEO and co-founder of Pixar before it merged with WaltDisney.
  • Rachael Ray. Despite having no formal training in culinary arts, Rachel Ray has made a name forherself in the food industry. With numerous shows on the FoodNetwork, a talk showand cookbooks, high-energy Rachael doesn’t slow down. She has alsoappeared in magazines as well has having her own magazine debut in 2006.She knew she was a success when a website dedicated to bashing her wascreated.
  • Ty Warner. Sole owner, CEO, and Chairman of Ty, Inc., Ty Warner is a savvy, yet private business man. Ty, Inc., made$700 million in a single year with the Beanie Babiescraze without spending money on advertising! He has since expanded toinclude Ty Girlz dolls, directly competing with Bratz dolls.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright. Having never attended high school, Frank Lloyd Wright surpassed all odds when he became the most influential architectof the twentieth century. Wright designed more than 1,100 projects withabout half actually being built. His designs have inspired numerousarchitects to look at the beauty around them and add to it.

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21 Success Secrets of Self Made Millionaires

1. Dream Big Dreams
2. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction
3. See Yourself as Self-Employed
4. Do What You Love to Do
5. Commit to Excellence
6. Develop A Workaholic Mentality
7. Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning
8. Pay Yourself First
9. Learn Every Detail of Your Business
10. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others
11. Be Impeccably Honest with Yourself and Others
12. Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-Mindedly
13. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability
14. Be Prepared to Climb from Peak to Peak
15. Practice Self-Discipline in All Things
16. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity
17. Get Around the Right People
18. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health
19. Be Decisive and Action Oriented
20. Never Consider the Possibility of Failure
21. Back Everything You Do with Persistence and Determination

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Would You LIke to Be Featured?

Would you like to be featured in my ebooks and blogs and my radio show?

I am looking for African-owned businesses and community projects to feature in my More Black Success ebooks. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact me privately. See also: Books for Truth-Seekers.

I am also looking for guests for my new radio show, to speak on a range of issues. I will be presenting this monthly show with Joan Gosier of HBCU Kidz. We will give priority to people who have been featured in More Black Success. Please contact me for more details.
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This post originally appeared on the blog, where SistaWAHMs (Tiffany & Tamara) regularly share tips, ideas, and news on leveraging entrepreneurship and frugality for an abundance of life.

What exactly is it that we do, you ask?

In its simplest form, we answer questions and give advice on ways to leverage entrepreneurship and frugality in order to obtain abundance in life.

We answer emails, chats, tweets, comments, you name it.

We are wealthy in the sense that we are giving to those in need and providing value all while doing so for free, but, we must also value our time something that is not in abundance.

The answers we provide to the questions we receive are always detailed, resourceful, and down right good.

Do you find yourself freely sharing advice but wishing you could find a way to monetize your efforts?

If so, you’ll want to read on to see what free tool we found to make this happen!

As the old saying goes, “time is money”, and if you don’t want to waste anymore time or money then you’ll want to consider selling advice over the phone.

Consultants, therapists, stay at home moms, and Internet marketers alike can all benefit from a free online service called Ether. allows you to “sell what you say”.

Before now, the only way to get paid for what you said was done by coordinating teleseminars, webinars, and live events.

Now, Ether gives you a way to hold one-on-one sessions and still get paid.

You will want to tell Ether exactly how you wish to be paid – consider now how much your time is worth.

Set your price, what will it be $5? $100? Then set whether you are paid this amount per call, per minute or per hour.

When you sign up to Ether you will receive a unique 8-digit phone number that can be forwarded to the phone line of your choice. If you have a blog or website you can get an Ether button that lets your customers know whether or not you are available to take calls.

For those of us with children or outside the home jobs, just set the hours when you want to take calls or simply turn your Ether phone number off with a click of a mouse.

If you happen to be a stay at home mom with babies or small children and the phone is not a viable option right now, Ether even uses email versus phone which allows you to sell any digital product you possess (i.e. audios, videos, interviews, etc).

The only way a customer can reach you is after they’ve prepaid your rate. So, the one thing with Ether that you can always count on is that you will only receive phone calls that are from paid customers!

To sign up to Ether takes 2 minutes and it’s free to start, no monthly fees, setup fees, or connection fees.

All Ether asks for is a 15% commission fee which you can recoup or include in the fee you specify.

How payment works is:

Ether collects the customers credit or debit card information.

Once the customer has paid, the call is transferred to you and your money is sent to you via direct deposit or check – you are paid at the end of each month.

Now you can sell advice over the phone, set your own schedule and pricing, and receive only paid phone calls!

While it will always pay off to freely give and share advice you also need to understand your worth. You never know just how much someone else is willing to pay you to better themselves in exchange for your expertise.

You can learn more about Ether - like how you can market your services and get paid right on their site. Be sure you come over to FMT after you’re done here and share your experience and earnings with us!

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It's already been stated that one critical thing to your breakthrough is to make the right mindset shifts.

Andone of those shifts is a shift to a success mindset. I've sharedessential keys to mindset breakthroughs, the importance of a successmindset and today I want to share one of the hindrances to a successmindset. One hindrance is that of not being aware of fatal distractionsand being overcome by fatal distractions.

One hindrance to a success mindset is that of not being aware of fatal distractions and being overcome by fatal distractions.

The following are the definitions as found in the dictionary.

Fatal: a: causing death b: bringing ruin c: causing failure

Distraction: a: the act of distracting or the state of being distracted; especially: mental confusion

Wecould say that it represents bringing ruin to our mental focus. Anotherway to look at it is causing death and mental confusion with regard toa desired outcome, destination, etc.

Let's move on and I'd like to present another view of fatal distraction.

Onetypo, two typos, three typos, four? This was the pattern that followedas I continued to read. It was a good book, something that wouldbenefit my spirit man tremendously. I felt like I was being lifted,challenged, restored and then it happened.... The power of the readingwas diluted and my attention was drawn to the errors. I'm not sayingthis to draw attention to the errors found in books or other readingsas now you may look for errors in this article. (smile).

When Isaw the first one it wasn't a big deal, then the second one and I saidto myself wow two on one page. I turned the page and saw yet anotherand actually stopped to make sure the error was there.

What wasthis? Why am I so interested in the errors that are here? It wasn't theerrors I was interested in it was a fatal distraction. The word fatalmeans "causing or ending in death." There is definite opposition to oursuccess and the goal to make sure that we die spiritually and/orphysically. You will be presented with distractions the bottom line isthat many are meant to be fatal. It took me sometime to stop what I wasdoing to refresh myself with devotion, devotion that would give lifeand refresh my vision.

Watch out for fatal distractions. Don'tlet distractions break your focus or intercept your endeavor to makemindset shifts. Being consumed by fatal distractions can send negativeenergy to your subconscious mind.

Maybe you're trying to getclear on your goals, vision and purpose you must do whatever is neededto overcome the fatal distractions that will come. Defuse the power ofthe opposition to your endeavours.

When you pray turn off theringer on the phone if you must. Have devotions at the time of daywhere there is the least traffic going through your home.

Howmany fatal distractions have you been presented with? Is Father Godtrying to get you to the next level and can't because you aredistracted by altercations that seem to occur often? Is He trying towarn you of your lack of spiritual development but you are beingdistracted by your commitment to your job and the promotion that mayfinally be realized? Maybe there is a witty idea and invention that istrying to be made available to you and yet you are more focused onanother situation. Block the distraction! Press in, stay close, anddraw nigh to Father God. Realize a mindset shift to success by beingaware of and overcoming fatal distractions.

Are you dealing with dis-empowering behaviours? Want to unstop the blockage to your empowering success?

Maybeyou'd like to remove the emotional baggage, phobias, and toxicbehaviors from your life. Are you afraid that you will succumb to yournegative thoughts and self talk? I know you long to be free to live themost delicious abundant life available to you. Did you know that toxicbehavior and thoughts can also induce unhealthy habits, weight gain andchronic illnesses. These behaviors are at the root of your lack ofpersonal, spiritual and business success.

Coming soon Detox your life! Sign up for the notification list here. You will receive pre-early bird notification that will save you at least 50% on the tuition. Bonus Join the Women's Empowerment Inner Circle here and receive a 65% savings on the tuition during the pre-early bird notification.

I welcome your comments on this post. What spoke to you in this post about
fatal distractions?

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Business Owners, If you find that you are doing too much by yourself, or you're spending hours working on a large number of different projects, this is a
sign that you will need to begin delegating tasks to a Virtual
Support Consultant

If you are a business owner, youshould be well aware of the fact that

yourbusiness isn't one job. It is multiple jobs, and it may be your
responsibility to handle a large number of different issues. If you are
an Entrepreneur, you are
probably acting as the accountant,
person, marketing expert, and
product designer; Wearing all the hats. Even if you are at the point
where you are still
working alone, you will eventually need to delegate some of these tasks
to another person if want to become better a managing your time. The
reason for this is because it is difficult to excel at multiple things
simultaneously. If you can do it for a short period of time, you may be
prone to exhaustion or burn out.

If you become exhausted, your body may force you to stop, and this will

destroy your productivity. To delegate, you will need to
become skilled
at letting other people assist you with your tasks. When you learn to
properly delegate tasks, you will free up the time to put your energy
into things that are extremely important. By doing this, you will become
better at managing your time, and you will increase the success of your
business. However, many small business people who work alone are afraid
to delegate tasks. Perhaps you've tried it before, and were burned by
an employee.

It may be that you feel that you can't depend on anyone to get the task

done correctly. If you are afraid to delegate tasks, this
means that you
may be afraid of losing control of your operation. Granted, there are
some risks involved with hiring a second person to work for you.
However, it is your business, and you are the one who should have the
final say about any task that is completed by someone you hire. Another
reason why many business owners are afraid of delegation is because they
think it will cost them large amounts of money. However, there are a
number of things you can do to get around this.

The most cost effective way to delegate tasks is to hire a

or as i call them Virtual Administrative
Support Consultants.
To deal with the costs of
hiring a new person you need to look at both the money and other factors
which are beyond the scope of money. Time is money, and if hiring
someone can allow you to spend time doing things that are more
important, in the long run, it will be worth it.

For example, if you are a sole proprietor who is earning $2,700 per

month from your business, hiring someone else may be able
to increase
that amount to $5,400. While you will need to pay your employee, your
profits would have doubled. But this will only work if you can properly
delegate tasks and focus your time on things that are important.

delegating tasks and takethe time to sit down and analyze how much money you would be able to
make by hiring a
second person. When you do this, you are thinkingwith logic instead of emotion, and
this will allow you to enhanceboth your time management and

Managing yourtime properly is one of the keys to success. Being able to

delegate tasks is a skill you will need to develop if you
wish to go
beyond a one person business.

The qualifications and skills thatVirtual Assistants
posses enable them to be
experts in their fields, as well as in their profession as
entrepreneurs. You receive more than administrative support, you have
someone you can consult with, bounce ideas off of, brainstorm with, as
well as utilize some of their business practices. If it works for their
business, it may work for yours. In addition, your VA becomes familiar
with how you operate your business; as a result, s/he can help your
business operations run smoothly.

To Your Success,


" The Purpose of your life is not to serve your business; but

the Purpose of your business is to serve your life"

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Celebrate Black Marriage Day

Today, March 28, Black Marriage Day celebrates its eighth year of activities in cities across the country with the release of two marriage-themed films, Tyler Perry’s latest film, Why Did I Get Married Too?” and You Saved Me, as part of this year’s observance. “This year the passion for celebrating Black Marriage Day is bigger and better than ever,” Nisa Muhammad said. “Marriage matters to the Black community, and we want everyone to know.”

Black Marriage Day is a marriage education initiative promoting the benefits of marriage in the Black community created by Nisa Muhammad, Executive Director of Wedded Bliss Foundation, Inc. Since 2003, hundreds of local sponsors in cities large and small have hosted Black Marriage Day events including: Tom Thumb weddings, marriage-themed contests for teens, workshops, conferences, Date Nights for singles considering marriage, community banquets, religious services and inductions into Marriage Halls of Fame for longtime married couples. Local, state and Congressional representatives have regularly issued proclamations celebrating marriage in the Black community.

For more information about Black Marriage Day andevent information visit www.


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