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The Power of Social Media

I always thought that social media was just a waste or that it was too much time consuming. I mean you have to be active on facebook and twitter or whatever social media that is out there. I just have to say that social media is everything and the truth is that you have to go where the people or your future customers are. I must say that with my wickless candles sales has increased in the past month. It was slow at first with my sales. Then I started to join Facebook wax group and just start putting up picture without tell people to buy. Trust me most people don't like it when you're all in these social media tell people to buy, buy and buy. That is a big turn off. You have to first market yourself and then your products will sell it's self. I watch Youtube and yes guys...Youtube is also another great way to find your future customer. The reviews on my candles has been great along with the sales. So trust me social media is number one if you are trying to get your products out especially if it's different and unique.

visit my store and my facebook page.

Scandalicious Candle Melts

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Are you ready to have the best romantic relationship ever? Yes, well learning how to love your man or become the woman of your future man's dreams can be a fun-filled journey of self-discovery and unexpected pleasure. 

We crave and desire so much from our most intimate and personal relationship. We watch movies, TV, read romance novels, and share conversations about our dream guy while searching for the “One” with our girlfriends. 

If single, we get all “dreamy and gooey” inside when we see a man who catches our eye as we walk past him on the street or sitting in Starbucks talking to one of our girls. We feel flushed, a little warm, but we are excited. Especially, if he walks over to introduce himself, exchanges a brief conversation, then ask for our number. 

Or if you are in a long term relationship, you may find yourself remembering when you felt “butterflies” in the pit of your stomach whenever your beloved spoke to you in that “oh so sweet and sexy voice”. You know the “voice”… how he sounds when he walks up behind you, places his arms around you, and kisses the side of your neck; then tells you how beautiful you look and he is the luckiest man in the world to be your man. It took everything in you, not to drop to the floor because all of a sudden you felt weak in the knees. And if he wasn’t holding you; you would probably be on the floor; weak with desire for his passionate kisses and more. 

Well, whether you are single or in a committed relationship. Loving a man can seem like an uphill battle at times. They seem to “speak” a language that is confusing and causes you to despair when things take an unexpected turn for the worse. 

We want to keep romance and passion alive, but aren’t sure how to do it. Well, allow me over the next few blog post share a few secrets with you that can turn you into a love and man magnet and receive the love you yearn for and get your beloved to remember why he is so lucky to have you in his life or if single, captivate and capture the right man for you. 

Personal coaching allows you to open up and receive unbiased assistance that helps you become a sexy and romantically successful woman without destroying a man's confidence and masculine identity in the process. Learn how to give what you want to receive in a way that a man appreciates and understands. Crack the code to love’s mystery with the man of your dreams; whether he is a part of your life right now or you are preparing yourself for his arrival. Love waits for no one so, be proactive and learn how to create the changes needed for your loving success. 

So, get ready for the good stuff and I am looking forward to our next conversation. Stay tuned for the first man magnet tip… Showing Appreciation and ways to incorporate it into your daily interactions with your beloved or delightful men you meet throughout the day. 

Have a wonderful day and we’ll talk soon. 

Cyndi Harris, HP 

Author, Relationship Transformation Coach, and Man Whisperer or 

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10744057671?profile=originalWhat Love Has to Do With It!The Importance of Unconditional Love in A Relationship!By Kamal Imani © 2010My wife and I have been happily married for 15 years and together for 19. Much of our success can be attributed to a book we read entitled “Black Woman’s Black Man’s Guide to a Spiritual Union” by Ra Un Nefer Amen. In this book he speaks about the importance of unconditional love. He also highlighted how we have a script or sort of fantasy like picture in our minds of the perfect or ideal lover or mate and when that person doesn’t meet our expectations, we feel let down, disappointed, the drama begins and things begin to fall apart.When our partner fails to perform up to our Hollywood or conditioned standard financially, sexually, emotionally or otherwise, maybe they didn’t cook, clean, communicate or perform the way that we envisioned it, we allow dissatisfaction to set in.Have Realistic Expectations but High standardsWhen getting to know your significant other, you need to be real when it comes to acknowledging his/her strengths and weaknesses. You also need to realize that peoples long developed habits are slow to change. If you’re hoping that something he/she does will change simply because you have entered their life, you may be disappointed. Some changes can be made if it’s clearly communicated, understood and your partner makes a conscious effort to change, but be very patient because it will probably be a slow and gradual process. I’m not saying that you should lower your standards, but have you ever heard the term wysiwyg? It is an acronym for what you see is what you get. And, you know while you’re dating you’re getting a persons best side, and as the saying goes “You don’t know a person until you live with them”. So keep it real, but stay optimistic, patient and keep the faith. Always keep a spiritual vibration in your relationship.Unconditional LoveUnconditional love is giving of your self without expecting anything in return. It is being selfless! If you’re giving and taking is like a Wall Street financial transaction, sometimes you will rise, other times you will be in a recession, a depression and eventually a crash! So it is important for both partners to practice selfless giving with out making the other partner feel that he/she owes you something.When unexpected financial, medical and other emergencies arise, you will have to be flexible, calm and optimistic until the situation improves (because you will be tested). Always find a creative way to communicate, be understanding, stay affectionate, optimistic, patient and faithful…Did I say patient? Selfless giving/unconditional love is a high form of practical spirituality and it takes two to apply it. It indeed takes two to make a thing go right.Watch Kamal’s tribute to the sisters “Ms. Melanin” on Youtube Imani is a Poet, Author, Film Maker Teacher and Mentor residing in New Jersey. He can be reached at To book Kamal for speaking engagements email or call 201-923-9213
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In celebration of our men Great Head, ALL massage products, male stimulators & EGO collection will be 25% OFFduring JUNE! Email/Phone orders ONLY!

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Special Announcement: Quite Possibly the Best Kit Sale Ever!


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Pants Need Not Apply!!!

BE FASHION - A feminine-inspired online clothing boutique with one only rule- no pants allowed.

New York, NY - September, 3, 2009 – BE FASHION is a women's online clothing boutique that launched in the spring of 2009. After being directly affected by the turbulent economy and having to explore alternative methods to make a living, Barbara Codner, CEO/Founder of BE FASHION, combined her love of clothing and lady-like approach to create an online boutique that encourages women to dress impeccably, purposely choosing not to sell pants on her site. Ms. Codner explained, "I want to take fashion back to a time when women dressed like ladies."

BE FASHION was completely self-financed by Barbara; she did not seek help from lenders or investors. Despite having her MBA, Barbara was having a difficult time finding quality work in NYC. With no job, ends to meet and a closet full of clothes; she decided to put her clothes up for auction on EBay. Her clothing was an instant hit, and Barbara realized she had an eye for fashion and a penchant for what sells. She took her profits from the auctions and invested them into her online venture. When developing her boutique, Barbara had an important goal; she wanted BE FASHION to reflect her views about fashion while encouraging women to explore their own personal style.

BE FASHION offers ultra-feminine, moderately priced women’s clothing and handbags. Styles range from designer day and evening dresses such as Suzi Chin priced at $100 or less to designer evening dresses and gowns such as JS Boutique which are priced 20%-50% less than most department stores, with some other discounted items available. Special sections on the site include a line of vintage-inspired pieces as well as genuine leather handbags.

For more information about BE FASHION, please contact:

Barbara Codner


461 Central Park West

Suite 1E

New York, NY 10025

(347) 879-0822

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Announcing the NEW Quartely Contest:

1 entry per $75 spent between NOW and March 30th....includes web orders, party orders and phone/email orders....Win the one and only B.O.B. (Battery Operated Boyfriend)Log onto TODAY to place your order OR to book a Pure Romance by Nirvana LIVE party (Atlanta Area only) ----- Located outside of the Atlanta Area?? No a catalog party...inbox me for details!Nirvana
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Hello Community, WoW !Did I have an interesting, informative, and engaging conversation with these two beautiful. articulate, insightful, progressive, and action oriented ladies. Kat and Nita.I mean putting together positive business and social building activities from the west coast to the east coast and all states in between!!!They are even helping those who want to go to school.The SHEMA1000 is our Cash Awards program for our members starting or going back to college. Learn how you can qualify to receive $1000 towards your continued education.go check them out right now.
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Southern Comfort Kamal Imani feat Vulenzo!
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Hollywood Screening THIS SUNDAY

REEL Screening SeriesPresents "The Souls of Black Girls"THIS Sunday, January 25, 2009jpegREEL Ladies in association with JNL Media presents the talked about documentary "Souls of Black Girls", a Film Noire Production.


The Souls of Black Girls is a provocative news documentary that takes a critical look at media images-- how they are instituted, established and controlled. The documentary also examines the relationship between the historical and existing media images of women of color and raises the question of whether they may be suffering from a self-image disorder as a result of trying to attain the standards of beauty that are celebrated in media images.The documentary features candid interviews with young women discussing their self-image and social commentary from Actresses Regina King and Jada Pinkett Smith, PBS Washington Week Moderator Gwen Ifill, among others. The Souls of Black Girls is a piece that attempts to provoke honest dialogue and critical thinking among women of color about media images and our present condition—internally and externally.MEET THE FILMMAKER: Daphne ValeriusDaphne Valerius, one to watch as the era of women of color redefining the landscape of media images – in front and behind the camera - begins to unfold.For Valerius the production of The Souls of Black Girls, which she also wrote, edited and produced, marks the beginning for “my sisters, my aunts, my nieces, my cousins and my daughters who stand beside me to have a better understanding of why and how media images affect our self-image and self-esteem.”Talented, passionate and committed Valerius aspires to influence, inspire and uplift women of color through positive, educational and healing television and film projects—in front and behind the camera. “I will always remember Halle Berry’s acceptance speech for her Academy Award, ‘it's for every nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance.’ that was my inspiration.”Join us for the screening and the round table discussion immediately following with our prestigious panel of speakers. Let's talk about the issues and how we can affect CHANGE, this is an event you don't want to miss!REEL PANELISTS:Neema BarnetteEmmy Award Winning Director, Neema Barnette, was the FIRST African American Woman to Direct a Sitcom! Neema's works includes The Cosby Show, 7th Heaven, Civil Brand, Gilmore Girls and MORE!Keesha SharpNAACP Image Award Nominated Actress, Keesha's projects include Girlfriends, Everybody Hates Chris, Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married and MORE! Keesha has worked with many well respected directors in Television, Film, Broadway, Off-Broadway and Regional Theatre.Tanya KerseyOne of Hollywood's most respected and well-regarded entertainment journalist and commentator. Tanya Kersey is the Founder and Executive Director of the Hollywood Black Film Festival, Creator of Black Talent News and MORE!Terri VaughnActress & Producer, Terri's projects include Three Can Play That Game, All of Us, The Steve Harvey Show, Angels Can't Help But to Laugh and MORE! Terri is also the founder of Take Wings Foundation which provides scholarships and mentoring to women living in public housing.Juanita JenningsActress, Juanita Jennings, has been a series regular in The Bold & the Beautiful, Lincoln Heights and MORE. She has been seen in films such as Baby Boy, Runaway Jury and Daddy's Little Girls.MODERATORREEL Ladies Founder, Actress, Writer & Producer Nikki LovejpegTOPICSBlack Women in MediaBeauty & Self ImageBlack Women & Self ImageYouth & Self ImageFilm/EntertainmentHow to affect changeWe will be REALLY diving into this issue and various viewpoints on it. We will NOT be tiptoeing around this subject. This is a Round Table discussion with honest feedback and opinions from Guests as well as the Featured Panelists! *Men are Invited and Encouraged to attend*Our Goal:TO INCREASE SOCIAL AWARENESS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE NOT ONLY IN HOLLYWOOD BUT IN WOMEN!THIS IS A CAN'T MISS INDUSTRY EVENT!Night Includes:Film Screening, Filmmaker Q&A, Round Table Discussion, Complimentary Appetizers, Hollywood Networking and MORE!FREE Parking, Cash Bar--------------------------------------------------------------------------------JOIN THE HOLLYWOOD DISCUSSION!jpegWHEN: Sunday, Jan 25, 20097pm - 11pmWHERE: Busby's (Upper Level)5364 Wilshire Blvd.Los Angeles, CA.COST: $20 Members$25 Non-Members in Advance$30 at the doorPURCHASE TICKETS HEREand Save $$$Members Email Us for your Member DiscountFor additional inquiries please email REELLadies@yahoo.comWant your film screened? Email us for details!
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Hi All,I have a new product which I created for the COMFORT of ladies toes, It is designed to be placed in the roof of women's shoes/slippers to provide comfort to toes, to prevent corns from forming on toes and/or to cushion existing corns. This product is made from a medical grade material, breathable, thin and extremely comforting on the toes, this is well deserving for women who wear shoes all day.I also have my own shoe line in the work producing fashionable, trendy ladies shoes in sizes 9 to 15, yes, this is not a mistake, sizes 9 to 15 it is. As we age our insteps flattens, this causes us to wear larger sizes as we get older.Send me an email if you need info and or to provide suggestions as i'm currently working on marketing these fabulous products or or 416-576-6127Give me some FEEDBACK TODAY!!!
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During the month of April, Alive Incorporated launched its Pay It Forward Program. The mission of this program is to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in making their dreams a reality, providing our clients with the tools necessary to earn the financial independence they always dreamed of.For a six month period, the team at Alive Incorporated will work with clients for 1 -2 hours a week. This is time will be used to advise clients on their business plan, marketing strategy, and goal development. Coaching is provided to clients as they complete the tasks necessary to achieve their goals.Our first client to take advantage of our new program is Courtney R. Franklin, CEO of Moving Young Ladies Forward (“MYLF”). The Alive Incorporated team will be working with Courtney to position her organization for continued success.To learn more about Moving Young Ladies Forward, visit learn more about our Pay It Forward Program, please email us at
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