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Associate Referral Program

Do you have any friends, family or acquaintances who might be interested in owning an exciting, home-based business? If so, you could earn some extra cash with our Associate Referral Program! We'll send you $25 for every one who purchases their own ZamZuu business! There's no obligation or time limit. Simply register by answering a few questions.
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Thanks, Bob and Shirley

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To hear Benita Tyler read this article, click on the arrow.Listen!

As autumn settles in I am somewhat reluctant to see summer go. This year I was inspired to take up gardening and learned a lot more than anticipated while watching it progress. Being a first time gardener I noted everything from seedtime to harvest including planting, watering, and how the soil and sun's nutrients help seeds grow. Just like seeds, money must be planted in a well cultivated ground by taking out whatever prohibits its growth. In investing, cultivation might include eliminating poor performing stocks, real estate, and divisions within companies.

One way to do this is to be like a gardener who plans the garden, prepares ground, and finds the right mix of seeds in season. This can be done very easily by following three simple steps.

1. Have a plan for growth. Are you investing to reach short, medium, or long term goals? How will this opportunity contribute to your overall plan? If this is your first time with this type of investment talk to someone who can lend the experience that you need. Based on what you learn, does the investment still show evidence of producing the results you hope to achieve? Or, are you planting lemons when you really intend to grow squash?

2. Understand the nature of the investment. Consider how it works in combination with your current investments. What are you growing now and how well does this opportunity align with the others in your portfolio? What time, talent, and resources does the investment require in order to yield its fullest potential?

3. Assess your resources. What will it take to produce your harvest (gains/profits)? Do you have access to those resources? Will you have time to monitor growth or will you need to appoint someone else for the job?

Through gardening I found that money is similar to seeds in a package. It does not matter if it is left in your wallet or in the bank, if you keep it wrapped up it is unreasonable to expect it to produce anything. Use these steps to help in planning a good investment strategy that produce gains and profits consistently throughout the year. Finally, remember in order to reap a harvest you must plant in fertile ground and have the appropriate resources to maintain it.

For more advice on growing your business, visit us online at And take a look at my blog where you can also subscribe to my tips for women in business.

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This is a video blog post. If you can not view the video click here. This video is apart of my Technology, Tools, and Talk video series; 90 videos on my blog in which I share some of my best small business, internet marketing, and social media marketing tips with you. To watch all the videos, just subscribe to If you want to watch the previous videos click here.
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Renee Wiggins shares her latest Book, "Transformations: Give Up the Struggle." We all have had our ups and downs in our lives, some more than others. But, how we end up in the end, determines how we actually see the storms.The affirmations presented in this book can be a turning point in your life. To learn more about the book, prize giveaway, or participate in Renee's Social Media Tour [click here] and also visit Renee's wellness company, Results by Renee.

Vicki Irvin, the "Real Estate Investment Queen", invites you to her upcoming event the "Extreme Women Entrepreneurs Event" happening July 9th-11th, in Washington DC. Vicky also wants to share her business, family, health, and fitness tips with you. Click here for more details.

Making Connections on BBWO: Join our forum, share your stories and ask questions. I will do my best to spotlight discussions and help you build a stronger network via the BBWO Community. My latest discussion: Keep Fighting Until the End.

Also, if you need help marketing your business click the following link to learn more about my ecourse: Selling Your Services Online. Special promo code for 1st 30 members to use it: SOS30. To have your news featured in next weeks BBWO Broadcast, click here.

More to come | BBWO Founder | LaShanda Henry | @sistasense
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Just in time for your bright pretty sundress!!! Coach, this one's yours for only $60...It retails for $195...There's more and they are selling FAST..Inbox me your email address if you'd like to see the pics of everything that I have left...Coach, Ed Hardy belts, Coach Wallets, Wristlets, His/Her watch sets, mens watch etc...I Will Ship for an additional $3. UNHEARD OF PRICES

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Motivational quotes to inspire you.

"The mathematics of high achievement--

Begin with a dream.

Divide the problems and conquer them one by one.

Multiply the exciting possibilities in your mind.

Subtract all the negative thoughts to get started.

Add enthusiasm and determination.

And the result will be attainment of your goal."

- Anonymous

For more motivational quotes & articles, check out my blog, Mocha Writes.

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A Little Song & Dance Goes a Long Way

We get this a lot. Maybe you can identify.

One of us from Idea Cafe is at a family party or meeting with people we want to work with. And it never fails -- just as we pop a yummy dessert tray cookie in our mouth, some innocent soul says, "So, what do you do? What's Idea Cafe?" All of a sudden we're on the spot. We've only got a minute or so (tops!) to introduce Idea Cafe and get them interested in the concept. Some Net-naive family members still think we're running a coffee shop, not a website!

Even if your business concept is more familiar, chances are you get put in the same spot. You often have to give an impromptu one-minute presentation that says who you are, what you do, and why anyone should bother. Many kinds of presentations are useful, but before you invest in PowerPoint and videoconferencing, it's invaluable to master the One-Minute Presentation Schpiel*.

*Schpiel is Yiddish for a song and dance routine. As with any song and dance, it helps to rehearse. Get it ready before you're on the spot.

Four Questions to Help You Create the Most Effective One-Minute Presentation Schpiel

1. What do you want them to remember most? They won't remember everything -- so choose carefully! Maybe you're the leading manufacturer of your product. Or the first to have designed it. Or the only one in the tri-state area.

Example: Idea Cafe is the leading small business website on the Internet.

2. Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) This is a phrase or sentence that describes your biz in a nutshell.

Example: Idea Cafe offers a fun approach to serious business.

3. What would add credibility to you? Have you been in business five years? Do you sell stationery to Levi's? Were you recently featured in a trade magazine?

Example: Idea Cafe is a pioneer on the modern Internet, having gone live in 1995.

4. What benefits can you offer this person? If you know what the need of the person is, tie that into your description. What can you do for them?

Example: If we were talking to potential advertisers, we'd say we create an atmosphere where advertisers can show a great commitment to the needs of the small biz community.

Another example: If it were the chamber of commerce, we'd say Idea Cafe provides a hearty banquet of great biz ideas for free -- ideas that help when you're feeling alone with a problem.

Things to Avoid

  • Telling people how you do your biz. Don't explain the process. The natural inclination is to talk about your workaday goings-on, anecdotes, extraneous info, industry-specific facts. Avoid jargon!!

  • Prices or costs unless it works to your benefit or it's part of your positioning.

Selling yourself short with qualifiers.

Example: We have just nine employees. We've been in business

only three years. We've just started. There's no need to bring our insecurities into the formula. Don't highlight the things you don't/can't do.
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We all know the saying, "It's who you know!" when it comes to finding most jobs. The same principle applies to finding new customers for your business. Current customers and employees are terrific resources for cultivating potential new customers.

Referrals are the backbone for many salespeople and can boost the clientele of any small business. Whether you're a one-person operation or a business with many employees, encouraging your current clients and employees for referrals (and possibly providing incentives for them) is a smart marketing move.

Food for Thought: When asked for a favor, many of us enjoy and appreciate a pat on the back, so consider offering a dessert for any successful referral a customer or employee provides. Desserts could include delicious discounts on products or services, a bonus in the paycheck, or the office favorite -- a dozen chocolate donuts!

Donuts or no donuts -- getting new customers thru referrals only sweetens your biz dealings.

If you are interested in receiving a Sample Customer Referral Letter, please email me at with the following information:

Your Name:

Business Name:

Type of Business:

Years in Business

Email and/or website.


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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know that i'm about to change the way on conduct business! I'm taking it up to the NEXT LEVEL and I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THE SAME! It is sooooo important for us as business owners to be able to effecively communicate with our team members and business partners!

Let's begin to change the way we communicate....let's be more personable, after all it wasn't your opportunity that attracted your partners to was YOU!!! Let's get prepared for a PARADIGM SHIFT in the way we communicate! Your teams and business partners will thank you for it!

It doesn't what you're doing, marketing, services you're providing...we all can use some help in the area of communication! The goal is to continue improving then become more valuable to others!

Stay tuned for more!

Don't get left behind!

Dr. LaKeidra
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You will reap the fruits of your faith when you least expect it. It will seem like it came all of a sudden, but you and I know that that will not be true.

So hold on and keep pursuing your desired goal. The fact that you have the desire and goal is the very guide that the Universe has set in your heart.

When all forces meet at the intersection of syncronicity we will witness the perfection of the Universe



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We live in a world of convenience. It is really easy to buy from Black people, but it is easier for most of us NOT to buy from Black people. It is easier to say I got bad customer service at the Black owned store and never return. But when we get bad customer service from a store owned by someone of another race, why do we keep going back and spending our money with them? That is a HUGE problem. It has been so convenient to drive to the mall or the super center where you have thousands of products to make a selection. Even when some of these products have proven to be a health risk to people of color!

Just think of it this way, itis easier or more convenient to drive one mile to go buy junk food. But it is better for you to drive 15 miles to the Black all natural health food store for your cereal, rice, fruits and vegetables. So just because it is easier to go down the street to buy from the Asian hair care store than to drive 20 minutes to buy from the little Black hair care store... which one is the right thing to do for OUR community, even if it costs a few dollars more on gas and product? There are over one million Black owned businesses in this country, but unfortunately we spend 95% of our income outside of our community.

Have youever asked yourself why there are so many commercials with Black actors that are targeted to the Black consumer. You might have thought, Wow! This company must really care about Black people to
have this type of commercial. Or you see major bank like Wells Fargo sponsoring a huge music event with top Black entertainers. Or a panel like Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union. Well think again. McDonald's became so convenient for us, we started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and now have the highest obesity rates ever! Wells Fargo was one of the worse companies in this country who put Black people into horrible loans. It was if they designed these loans for the Black home owner to fail after 3-5 yrs. Some were put into
interest only loans, some were put into adjustable rate loans that after the “teaser” period was over, the interest rate could adjust up every six months until it reached 15%! So I believe one of the purposes of sponsoring the events is to get more Black consumers to patronize their products/services, and for no other reason. So why
do we put so much faith into companies like these that continue to rip us off, than in our own Black owned businesses?

I worked over 20 years in broadcasttelevision working with consumer market research. Main stream advertisers continue to spend millions of dollars to find out where Black people spend and how often they spend. There are thousands of data bases with information on what TV shows we watch, what radio shows we listen to and what newspapers and magazines we read. So that these corporations can customize their advertisements to entice us to buy their products. Knowing that as a race we currently spend about $900 billion dollars as consumers... who wouldn't want a piece of that kind of money. Isn't it sad that our highly spiritual people would rather go for convenience rather than the principle of doing the right thing. This is THE same thing that Marcus Garvey, Dr. King and Malcolm X spoke about. We MUST buy from our own people because it not only is the right thing to do, it is the only way for us to rebuild our communities, with thriving Black businesses and give our children more role models that are business minded in nature.

Lookat how many businesses Marcus Garvey built between 1916-1920. Do you realize what he really created? He created communities with Black people organized with their own self-sufficient economic resources. Grocery stores, laundries, hotels, clothing shops, every kind of biz for Black people. I believe desegregation lead to the downfall of Black businesses for decades!

Fast forward from 1920 to theyear 2008, millions of us pulled together as a people and registered to vote in numbers that were staggered the imagination, so that we could vote for a Black as President. So why can't we come together on creating our own economy by recycling our dollars back into our own communities by buying from more Black owned businesses just like the Jewish and Asian communities do? How long are we going to let other ethnic groups set up shop in our communities and take that money back to their neighborhoods to spend with their own people? We are probably the only ethnic group in this country that DOES NOT support
each other on a wide scale economic basis. (Excluding the brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam.)

So how long are YOUgoing to keep doing what is convenient... instead of doing the right thing for you and your community? Especially when we have brothers and sisters who make high-quality products that are made specifically for OUR skin, OUR hair, OUR body types, etc. I really want to know what you think.

Darlene Robinson

Independent Marketer

TAG Team Marketing, International, Inc.

black, business, support, community, unity, culture, black-owned

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Join us as we welcome our guests Sr.VP Editor in Chief Alfred Edmond Jr., Recording Artists Black Stax, and CEO's Time2PlayUSA to Your15Minutes Radio- Join us Live Every Tuesday at 6p.m. CST/7p.m. EST. Want to be a guest on Your15Minutes Radio? Have a Show Idea? Let us know- visit us at We are now on Twitter- Follow us
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My Glory Hair Care Products

My Glory Hair Care Products

product no. MGH01234

It's here finally...My Glory Hair Care!!!!

Some of you have been waiting for a long time for my featured products My Glory Hair Care Products. I will give a full description of each product below:

First down the run way is the Hair & Scalp Oil Moisturizer
This product is to be used first. You will part the hair and apply the oil to the scalp and massage through to the ends of the hair. Place a plastic cap over and let set for at least 24hrs only if time allows. But for better results to infuse hair 24hrs is the best or cover with plastic and set under the drier for 30 to 45 mins.

product no. MGH0001

This wonderful little oil is the hair maker. With its combination of olive oil, moisturizer, vitamins and natural fragrance, it literally breaths life back into the hair. This moisturizer should be used on a weekly basis just before hair wash time. If you wash on a more regular basis...set time accordingly.

Next down the runway is the My Glory Shampoo & My Glory Conditioner. These two together gives the hair the one, two punch of electricity that is need to revitalize the hair with out stripping your delicate hair of its needed oils. This is a combination of gentel cleaners, olive oil, vitamins, and moisturizer, makes your hair soft and easy to is low sudsing for a more gentel cleaning. After you have completed the washing process rinse and towel blot some of the water from your hair and apply the conditioner. This is a very gentel conditioners with a lite sent, it is ready to go the work on your hair by relaxing it just a little and putting more moisture into the hair shaft. The conditioner also has olive oil, vitamins, and moisturizer just what the hair needs to stay on track of being totally moisturized.

product no. MGH0012

Last but definately not least is the My Glory Hairdress. Remember what I told you about grease...well be not decieved for this is not grease, this is a lite and fluffy custard made for everyday use if you so desire. It also has olive oil, peanut oil, vitamins and natural fragrance. Apply this to your hair and stroke your hair daily for best results.

Now there you have it the best combination ever put together for your hair. And if used as instructed you will have hair worth a thousand words of praise.

product no. MGH0004

The process by which you will make a prchase is with E-mail With Invoice thru PayPal. To make a purchase send an email to with the requested items and quanity. Picture Perfect Health will then email you an invoice with the items and quanity you requested and you will make your payment, it is that hassels, no fuss, just what a person on the go needs
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Spring and Summer Mineral Eye Shadows


They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Make them light up and stand out, with these beautiful spring and summer colors.

African Safari™

Code # : 163067



Cool Carribean™

Code # : 163065


Best of Brazil ™

Code # : 163066


Spring Break™

Code # : 163062

All of these eye shadows can be sold seperately as well. You can view our entire collection of eye shadows!

Get more Natural Beauty information at

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Imagine sweet cream from Normandy; warm amber for Cote de Ivoire; Caribbean ginger and Hawaiian tuberose. Exquisite flowers, resins, perfumes and spices from around the globe; essences that could only be described as blessings and extraordinary gifts...

Soul Purpose Solid Perfume Essences are simple, uncomplicated, take anywhere fragrance.


• Easy to carry in purse or handbag

• Ideal for fragrance touch-ups anytime

• Essential perfume oils in a moisturizing vegetable oil base

• Alcohol-free

• Rich in Vitamin E

• Softens Skin

These perfumes are only $10.00 get yours TODAY!

We want to bring you the world, we want to bring you joy, it is our Soul Purpose.....

Follow DeNise on her blog at

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Author Drawing!

The "Literary Page Turner" Book Club is having a drawing, and your published book can be picked as the winner to be read! We are inviting authors to submit their book into our Book Club's drawing that will take place from May 25th to July 27th. Once the drawing ends, the winner will be announced, and the author, whose book gets picked, will get read as part of an interview we will do with the author in September. More details here:

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Greetings everyone!

I'm seeking Successful Business Women to interview on my show, Successful Woman Radio. Successful Woman Radio is allabout women who are fulfilling their dreams, helping one another, tools and resources that can help you start or grow your business and tips to live a more successful and abundant life.

If you're interested in inspiring women to take action on their dreams and goals, would like to empower women with resources or tools or share your success, please make sure you connect with me!

Trina Newby
Business Success Coach
Successful Woman Radio

"Success should only be measured by its creator - what success will you create?"
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