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Business & Blogging Tips from featured BBWO Blogger: Tamyka Washington

Creating a Business Blog with Purpose and Influence
There is no mystery behind the reason why so many small businesses have chosen to build a blog for their business. It is proven that having a business blog is a highly effective way to build your presence online, establish your brand and if developed properly, allow you to earn a generous stream of income.However, it is much easier said than done, wouldn’t you agree? (Continue Reading)

6 Success Habits of a Business Blogger

Entrepreneurs and small business owners who are creating their brand online, know that blogging for business is in fact, serious business. There are a number of things that set a business blogger apart from the average blogger, with one recognizable difference being that the business blogger’s BLOG, is a business of its own. Here are 6 Success Habits of a Business Blogger (Continue Reading)

Building an Engaged and Loyal Audience
You have this vision. You have an idea. You know that if you could just get in front of the right people, you can seriously, change some lives. You even know that what you’ve got has value, and if enough people know about it, your life would be so different. The reality is, doing business online is not as easy as the experts make it sound. You know in order to reap the rewards of your labor, you’ve got to build an audience. But, not just any audience, an engaged and loyal one. You’re no dummy, you know building this audience is going to take time and effort. You realize that there has to be order, a process to making it happen. That all takes time. So you start to wonder, what should I do in the meantime? (Continue Reading)

Are you generating traffic with your blog?
I know many of us have blogs for our business and have the hopes of generating traffic and increasing exposure for our business. At the same time, there are still a lot of us who are trying to blog to promote a business but not having much success.For me, I find that producing regular posts on topics my readers want helps to drive traffic to my blog. I also generate a large amount of traffic from posting my content in the Facebook groups I belong to. So my question is, Are You Generating Traffic with Your Blog and if so, please share what it is you are doing to obtain success. (Continue Reading)

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Sometimes we need to step outside ourselves and help others. It doesn't have to be a big grand gesture. It came be something simple as sharing your journey, someone may be going through the same thing as you. Another way is sparing a few minutes to answer someone question or connect them with someone who can. BBWO members, Tangie, Michelle D, and V.H. Jones share some motivational tips and stories.


Share is caring, so pass the nuggets, please.

For Tangie, 2012 was very interesting. She shares 7 things that she learned last year. Like - Blessed are the Flexible Stuff happens. Life happens. Know that. Accept it. The sooner you do, the better off you will be. There's a saying, "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out if shape." When things are not going the way you planned, you have to learn how to make lemonade out of your lemons. (Continue reading)


As Lamar Tyler said, "The GateKeepers Are Gone"! Where will you find your next connection.

Have you heard about H.A.R.O? It stands for Help A Reporter Out. It's a listing that you can subscribe to that highlights requests for sources in specific areas (e.g., business, travel, etc...). If you're an expert at a particular topic, you simply respond directly to the reporter making the query. Read more about Michelle and other experience with the service. (Continue Reading)

Helping out others

Support a fellow BBWO member, Rhonda Nails. Ronda is featured in the March Issues of Essence. The owner of Signature Notaries and created of Project P.U.S.H, Ronda share her personal story of how she found her Essence and giving back. The issue is on stands now. Run, don't walk and get your copy today. (Preview Magazine Cover)


Smart Celebs and words of wisdom

Not all celebrities are bad people. There are a few truly humble ones and like to share their wisdom and motivation to help others. Such Tyler Perry and Will Smith. V.H. Jones shares a video feating Will Smith with a motivational message. (Watch Video Here)


More to come!


Artiatesia Deal
BBWO Content Manager

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You have a Facebook page. You have some fans. Nicely done. Now, like the smart beauty salon business you are, you're looking for some proven ways to engage your followers so you can acquire more of them and make the most of your presence on Facebook.

Engaging your fans is a critical piece to building and maintaining a long-lasting relationships on Facebook—and offline! Here are a few timeless strategies that local beauty salon businesses are using with great results.

♦ Spread the Love

Tell your fans how much you appreciate them. Tell ‘em often!

Thanking your fans for their questions, complimenting them on their comments, highlighting their success stories—these things go a looong, long way in social media. Many smart beauty salon businesses on Facebook run a ‘Fan of the Month’ promotion to encourage and reward engagement.

This is really savvy way to make people feel good about themselves and your business while also capitalizing on the power of social proof.

♦ Offer Coupons and Run Promotions

Discounts, coupons, special offers … your followers will NEVER get tired of opportunities to save money and get more value from their purchases. Pro tip: If you want to run a promotion for a specific geographic location, use the Custom menu when you’re posting to target your followers in a certain area

♦ Share Your Knowledge

You run a beauty salon business. You have special knowledge and insight. You can help people. So share! People are always grateful for information that makes their lives easier or more fulfilling. Sharing helpful tips is some of the best engagement around.

It also helps you take advantage of the reciprocity principle: do something nice for someone, they’ll feel bound to return the favor.

♦ Issue a Challenge

We humans are deeply competitive by nature and simply cannot resist a challenge, an opportunity to show the world that we’re pretty darn smart. Test your fans’ knowledge using fun quizzes and polls. Trivia, brain teasers, riddles … you’ll have your followers eating out of your hand by day’s end, trust me.

♦ Take Photos of Your Happy Clients & Customers

Don’t hire a professional photographer. Just start snapping photos with your cellphone and post them to Facebook. You will be amazed—truly—at how people respond. Data collected by social media expert Dan Zarrella shows that photos get more shares and likes than text, video and link updates. This also a great social-proof strategy: other folks will see people enjoying your products/services and they’ll want to join the party, so to speak.

♦ Ask for Advice

The highest compliment a business can pay to its customers is to ask for their input. If you own a beauty parlour, ask your fans to come up with a new beauty salon giveaway! Or let them name your new product. Make it a contest! Solicit ideas and then let your fans vote for their favorite.

♦ Use Insights to See What’s Working

Here’s the beauty of Facebook: you can see what’s working and what’s not. Just export your Facebook Insights data to an Excel spreadsheet to a get quick, clear look at which status updates performed best, what kind of media your audience responds to and what's driving engagement.

Could your beauty salon business be generating more clients and customers online?

Contact me today for your free marketing assessment!

Read more… 1-800-652-7157 In this video, I explain, why many businesses fail.

Many people imagine having a business already exstablished just like a full grown plant.  However, they don't full understand that they must do the following steps in order to see it grow to its full maturity.  Lets look at how you grow a plant. You pour the dirt, plant the seed, your water it often so it won't die. So basically you have to take time to nourish the business just like a plant.

There are specific reasons a businesses fail.  It starts with money.  Most people will borrow from their retirement plan or 401k, they borrow from their friends, family and relatives, the borrow from their saving and credit card.  

Now they've dumped all this money into a business that sells tangible products.  When they need money to restock they have no one to fund their business.  Another reason many businesses fail is because of the market they are trying to cater to may not be responding to their product.  For instance you can not stick a Louis Vuitton store in the hood, because people making between 25k to 35k don't have the means to buy 1k purses.  

Another reason many businesses fail is because of their product.  Most people sell a product because of the trend and it's making money now. However if you learn to do what you love and make that a product then you'll have less competition.  Especially if you further your education on that product.  Stop doing thing because it's trendy and making money now educatte your self on what it is you love to do and you'll always make money in your market.  

I get calls from a lot of people that want to get into real estate however they know very little about real estate investing.  They have very little knowledge  about buying a property and what is it going to take to get that property back on the mark to get a good rate of return.  Now with wall street buying residentual real estate from the banks for pennies on the dollar it better to focus on buying commercial real estate..  You get about 5 or 6 partners together and buy a strip mall and rent it out to people that are starting new business.  

I hope this video was informative to someone, thank you.

Check out our other great services.
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Dun and Bradstreet File Review 1-800-652-7157

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New products, Enhanced compensations, New education instructors with decades of experience,

National growth ( going for 100,000 reps ), Breaking the barriers to entering the hair business,

and yes, more!!!


Rickey with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections explains Micore International Compensation Plan (12-2012) for the hair extension and wig hair products.


He explains the business growth fundemental for any business, then explain how a consultant with Micore Intl get pays 3 out of the 9 ways available.

This is his interpretation of the compensation plan and every business owner should confirm this information by reading the compensation plan.

This is a great business to be involved with. The hair replacement industry generates multi billion dollars annually.

Micore Intl, allows individual, for the first time in direct sales, to enter this lucrative business for reasonable cost.

Juniques Multi Cultural Connection Teammembers are very excited to be able to offer this product and business opportunity, at a time, many in the US of A are looking for viable ways to improve their income.

If you would like more information, go to or call 623-455-6364

Comp plan 12/2012

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Business Tips & Advice from featured BBWO Blogger: Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Top 4 Businesses to Start in 2013
2013 is just around the corner. And as we approach this time to declare a “New Year, New You”, this is a great time to do something new, do something different, and actually take the steps to start a business. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have specific education or thousands of dollars to invest in a business that will thrive and last beyond the dreaded 3 year failure mark. The following 4 business types are all businesses that have been deemed the “top” businesses to start in 2013 as their industries are growing. (Continue Reading)

I Quit!

Yup! I quit Garrison Prosperity Solutions,, EVERYTHING! Ok. No not really but I have felt this way before. Haven't you? Maybe on your job, in your life or in business. You get that feeling of frustration, worthlessness or failure and just want to quit. Give up. Move on to something else or maybe even nothing at all. You get tired of kissing your boss' butt, of the incoming bills, mortgage payments or even trying to find customers and attract people to your company. It all just gets to be too much sometimes. I completely understand this feeling BUT the people that get through it are the ones that become inspiring success stories. (Continue Reading)

How Blogging Can Make You Famous
According to, "The face of fame is changing". You no longer have to necessarily be a singer, rapper, actor, entertainer or even politician to be famous. As I'm sure you have seen, you can now be famous from as much as a silly video on YouTube to starting a really great charitable cause.One of the most popular, easiest ways to become online is to blog! Believe it or not, there are a few people who have become famous from blogging. (Continue Reading)

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Black History Secrets Revealed with Tony Browder

Watch ANTHONY BROWDER Deliver Black History Secrets This Saturday Evening at Browder is an AMAZING African-centered historian followed by tens of thousands all around the world. This Saturday evening, February 23rd, 2013 watch him deliver an amazing presentation at the Black Business Network. Learn powerful Black history. This event is perfect for the entire family. Buy Black and register now to watch broadcast online. Eastern / 7pm Central / 6pm Mountain / 5pm PacificMuch love,Patrina
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While I'm away....

Please take a look at what I have blog buzzing about here  :)

& Here

I found it hard to blog on 4 different sites.  So I am slowly merging some of these sites or linking them, whichever works.

I post very good business information at


I post inspirational items as well as consumer Alerts at

Take a peek while I take time to heal this heart over our family's recent loss.  

I know some of my BBWO sisters have already stopped by my Facebook site and I really appreciate ya'll liking my page & viewing my inspirational messages.

Stay Bless my BBWO sisters until I return,



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Hello Community, The Special 2 Hour Micore Training Call has been moved
to Thurs, 21 Feb 2013, 8PM, EST.
here are the details

The Micore’ University Class for tonight has been rescheduled till tomorrow night in order to introduce everyone to Toni Love

– Co-Director of Micore’ University! We want to bring her on the call to introduce herself as she will be educating on many

of the calls moving forward.

Tomorrow Night’s class will be a full 2 hour class teaching the Hair Extensions 101 Basic Training Class. This will be the

LAST time the full class is open to the public and taught through this webinar format by our COO – Achal Jain.  Make sure to bring all your friends and clients. This class will be all the information you would ever want to know about the hair extensions industry.

Thursday (2/21/13) at 8:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM CST

Click here to be a part of the webinar:

(The webinar has online audio and a special conference call in# that will be listed on the webinar site)

This is great information for ALL Micore' Members!


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As we start to say good bye to February, Women's History Month or the month of March is just around the corner. As women we judge many roles. Some of use are wives, mothers, sisters, entrepreneurs and more. We are forever taking care of everyone else to the point that we tend to forget about ourselves. This week lets take some tips from three of our fabulous sisters.

Are you flyy? Are you a female? Are you fabulous?

Jamie a.k.a Mocha Writer has launch her magazine - Flyy, Female and Fabulous. It features interviews with Dr. Stacia Pierce, Lisa Nicole Bell, Tangie Henry and more! (Continue Reading)

Feeling a little sluggish lately? Do you feel like your have lost your mojo?

Re-energizing when your spirits are down can help with those feelings. One tips I love and use myself is - Listening to inspirational music. Music works for me. Do you know what will work for you. Regina has a couples more tips you can try out. (Continue Reading)

Say it with me Self-Love ain't never hurt no body.

How many times to do take time for yourself, to do a little something nice that would bring a smile to your face. You are no good to anyone else if you are got whole yourself. Ogor Winnie Okoye wants to help you refuel your self-love tank. (Watch Video Here)


More to come!


Artiatesia Deal
BBWO Content Manager

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The Problem with Perfection

10744091860?profile=originalWhether in your business or personal life, do you have the issue of making sure everything is ‘perfect’ before making a move?  

The Next Step

Sometimes we may get stuck – waiting, and waiting, and waiting as we pull together what we think is important before we move forward.  But if you think about it, is it really necessary to wait? Yeah, I know, this can be harsh on those of us who are analytical and have perfectionist tendencies.

Maybe the following is your situation:

You don’t have everything you need to roll out your full vision at the moment and it may take you a little while to unfold all the phases in your plan.

Solution:  Rather than making it a long, drawn out chore, consider what you CAN do NOW. More than likely, you have what you need to take the next step.   Do that -- take the next step! 

Real vs Busy Work

Beware! Speaking of next steps . . .  make it count. While you’re preparing to share your vision or bring your product or service to market, make sure you’re not just doing busy work, working on the shiny bells and whistles, business cards, brochures -- avoiding the ‘real’ work. For real work, externally, how about building relationships -- establishing some one-on-one connections; doing some vision casting over lunch.  Internally, how about establishing business systems – infrastructure.

Fear & Procrastination

Most times, we innately know what to do and how to do it. Sometimes stagnation has nothing to do with busy work, analysis paralysis, or the guise of perfection, but simply has to do with fear and its offspring, one of which is procrastination.  The good thing is . . . we always have a choice.


  1. Bow to fear   OR
  2. Move your vision forward, unfold it in steps, tweak it along the way, see the end result.

Question is . . . What's your choice?

Latifah-2013-253x300.png?width=91Latifah Abdullah is founder of Tibay International.  Using optimism, forward thinking, and passion for a woman’s well being, the Tibay Community provides tools, how to’s, and candid conversation on legacy wealth, business, finance, faith, fashion, and health -- empowering women and women entrepreneurs to live a full, authentic life.

The community  uses a ‘whole person’ approach to provide business and personal resources to women and women business owners.

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 I am so excited to share the first People Who Prosper Entrepreneur of 2013, Monique Muhammad. Her story is absolutely amazing and so moving. This woman has been through a lot but through it all has risen above it all. She is the owner of Code Pink Productions, a nonprofit  that is committed to helping community through the development of youth, low-income parents and raising funds for medical research. Her interview tells it all.  Enjoy reading about her journey to being a CEO.

1.Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

I was working at the High School that I graduated from (Thornwood High School in South Holland, IL) as an In-School Suspension Supervisor, Substitute Algebra Teacher, Girls Basketball & Track Coach. While also working part-time in a Beauty Salon and having a home office Income Tax Preparation Business during income tax season. I also was a single foster parent to 2 girls 13 & 15 years old.

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

I became fed up with the politics that I was dealing with at the High School because I was so young, my Track team had received State Championships and my Basketball Team had made school and district history as being the first of the school and first Girls team of the district to make it down state so in my opinion a lot of why I was at the job had been done and even though I was there to help the children my spirit was being torn down by the system and it was no longer worth it. I had been there for 7 years, touched and helped many children and it was now time for me to put the businesses and skills that I had put in the background in the foreground. I opened my own Beauty Salon and took the Income Tax Preparation business to an outside office.  My mission was to provide all the things I felt was missing in these two industries, which was reliable, quality and professional service with integrity.

I was tired of women getting mistreated in Beauty Salons by going to stylist who did not respect their time and their environment who felt that because they provided good styling it was okay to have women waiting in a salon 4 or more hours for service that shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. Getting serviced in atmospheres where many times they did not feel safe because the owners did not ensure their rules were enforced.  The income tax preparation business was starting to be flooded with “Big Name” companies who could care less about the consumer they were only looking for customers they did not care if they were providing preparers who were knowledgeable and honest and they were charging sometimes 3 times the amount that I was providing the loans on the income tax payers own refund. I wanted to make sure that since I was also of this community I was treating my customer the way I wanted to be treated, I wanted to provide quality, educated, professional and ethical services at a fair price. I knew I may not reach millions quite as fast but I had my integrity and faith that I may crawl to get there but when I did arrive my conscience would be clear because I focused on ethics first before prosperity.

My Non-Profit organization was started at first to show that women could get along and accomplish something. It then took on a life of its own with my being a Breast Cancer Survivor, former educator and foster parent. Since I did not any longer work at the schools but knew how much I loved being an impact in the lives of young girls, I knew that this was also my passion. And since I did not want to go back into the school system I needed to do something to provide the same services to the girls as well as help as many low-income parents as I could. Being a foster parent I saw that many children were in the system because the parents didn’t have the tools or motivation to make a better life for themselves and their children.  I feel that if you help the parent you help the child and if you happen to get to the child after the fact we must teach them that they are only a product of their circumstances if they choose to be and you can choose to complain about the hand you are dealt or play it the best way possible. I have always chosen to play mine the best way possible.

Being a Breast Cancer Survivor I felt it would only make sense for my organization to also do things to raise funds for Cancer research amongst other illnesses that have taken the lives of those loved ones of the people in our organization or health issues that they are currently dealing with. Some people are just blessed with that fighter spirit and some have to be taught how to find it within them and that is what Code Pink Productions, Inc and the ladies involved are committed to doing.

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

The fact that this young Black woman, raised by a single mother in one of the worse neighborhoods on the south side of Chicago could have graduated from High School received a Bachelor's degree, Cosmetology License, become an adoptive parent of 2 girls then have a biological child at 31, become a single parent, become diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 32, mom diagnosed with Colon Cancer just 1 week later, both go through Chemotherapy & Radiation while being Self-Employed and raising 3 Children, lose my mother 6 years later, receive my Masters Degree in Accounting 1 year after that and am now raising a 10-year-old daughter and God continues to wake me up daily to continue what I plan to do.

This all inspires me because as I approached each thing I had faith that if God gave me the goal he would also provide me with what I needed to accomplish it. As long as I didn't give up on him or myself.  I pray daily and ask him to continue to give me the strength to pursue my dreams and to wrap his arms around my businesses and keep them and me safe. Every idea I wake up with I act on and in doing that I continue to get confirmation that I am on the right path. I make sure that I take time for myself and my daughter to keep my mind and ideas fresh while always pushing 100% toward achieving my goals and building an empire that I can leave my daughter & granddaughter. That I am ensuring through their education that they are prepared to run and continue to grow in my absence.

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

I had my mother up until age 39 because she has always been an entrepreneur just never accomplished all that I knew she could and now that she is gone I actually just make sure I watch and listen to Oprah's Life Class as well as all those successful African-Americans who are or have gained success in the way that I want. That is for the long-term and making sure that you help others as you help yourself. I always say you can tell if financial security is a Blessing or Curse by whether or not it brings out the Best or Worse in you. I know God has blessed me with a good heart and spirit I want that to continue on even once I gain the financial comfort I am striving for which is I why I listen to those who I feel have accomplished that in the same way. "What does it profit you to gain the Whole World and lose your Soul?" I believe is it important to have one because none of us know everything and for me having older people who I can gain knowledge based on experience is a factor that keeps me pushing.

5. What would you tell someone who wants to get involved in your line of business  but doesn't know how to get started?

Well right now I am currently a Cosmetologist with a Salon Suite in Texas (The Yeshe' Salon), an Accountant with an Income Tax Prep business (JPTS Tax Pros), President of an Non-Profit Organization (Code Pink Productions, Inc.) and lastly just became a partner in a Luxury Virgin Human Hair line(Ziye' Luxury Human Hair Extensions). So with all that being said I would say have a passion for the things that you aspire to do. If you have a passion you will never give up and that eventually means the money will come. Passion also ensures that you will love the fight for achieving success in something that you are truly passionate about.  Once the passion is there, do research, consult others in that industry and in business as a whole, never think you know it all because you can always learn from someone and once you know what it is you want to accomplish never give up until you do. I am just blessed to be passionate and talented in 3 areas and because of that I push to be successful in all of those areas. I know I may reach each one at a time but I know because I am passionate about them all success is guaranteed no matter how long it may take because the will and desire exist.

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Believe in yourself and your God gifted talent and desire He has given you, Once that is done you will know that you have the ability to accomplish any and everything you set out to accomplish as long as even when obstacles come in your way you know that they are nothing but Challenges for a Champion! How strong we are is determined by how much we had to go through or fight to achieve all that you set out to. I get discouraged often but I also know that with my life I was put here to allow my test to be testimonies to the strength that God blesses us with to survive and accomplish any and everything that we desire.

7. How can people get involved to help your non-profit?

By donating monetary amounts on our Facebook Page  email and if you are in the Dallas area we are looking for professional women all professions or women with a story of turning tragedy into triumph to volunteer to help us with our mentoring programs for at risk girls, young girls and low-income single women.  Monetary amounts will help us with many of our mentoring programs through sports, workshops and our annual Breast Cancer Research fundraiser in honor of myself and my mother.

Thank you Monique for sharing your story of faith, courage and success. Please support Monique’s nonprofit and Breast Cancer patients everywhere.


Be someone’s motivation and tell us your story! To be featured on email Put PEOPLEWHOPROSPER in the subject line and share a little about yourself.

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Part 5  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee

Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Why you got a problem with my do?

Imagine what could be accomplished in the African American community with even half of the $507 Billion Dollars annually spent on hair care products. Now stop, because such fancy is just a pipe dream and unfortunately the real economic figures do not bode well for the African American community as critiqued by social scholars. For no matter how you try to spin the debate – fashion fabulous hair is connected to our need to be accepted by the dominate culture – as beautiful, as equal – as worthy.

“The deep seated psychological and social conditioning to see white features and light skin as the most desirable, and signature of beauty and acceptance has not diminished,” commented Earl Ofari Hutchinson, author and social commentator.

“If anything as we move further from the black pride and consciousness of the 1960s with an entire new generation, the psychic reconditioning toward a natural style of beauty has gotten further removed.
Please note before Micore Intl, these observations and assessment had some "truth" to them.
Many African American, tried to estalish a place in the hair industry, only to be "shut down"
by a well established organization designed to not yet anyone, but the selected to "get in the game".
Well 2013 will have a different story to tell. Stay with me, get involved in being part of the change.
Start your own hair business for $19.95

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Part 4  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee

By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

My Limitless shine and falseness style is divine

African Americans spent $507 billion (out of our total estimated buying power of $836 billion) in 2009 on hair care and personal grooming items, according to an annual report published by Target Market News. This figure is up 16.6% from the $435 billion spent the previous year.

Yet for those who are one with the weave – the price seems worth the sacrifice. And the psycho-social condemnation does not register.

“You should be willing to pay the money to have good hair put in,” Clark stressed. In fact, human hair is all she wears, because it easily fits into her lifestyle. “It has good body, takes heat well, can get wet and just lasts longer then synthetic hair,” she said.

This makes a difference since she visits her stylist twice a month or once a week when she sports a shorter cut – which is what she wears when she wants to convey sassy. Much like Johnny Wright, whose signature phrase: “I always tell people be vain or be forgotten,” channels the deep seeded quests for style.

Wright, stylist to the first lady Michelle Obama, Softsheen-Carson artistic style director and celebrity stylist doesn’t dabble in the controversy surrounding weave – he just creates. To him weave placement is just another avenue to crafting a clients’ look that best fits with her lifestyle.

When he works with weave what remains paramount in his mind is maintaining the overall quality and strength of the clients’ natural hair and scalp. Wright believes you should interview your beautician as if she were your doctor because improper weave placement can lead to baldness. Furthermore, he stressed that children should not be getting weave due to the pressure on the scalp.

“It’s not about how long a period of time (weave is worn). It’s more so if you are not taking care of your natural hair and scalp”, he said.

When the scalp is continuously irritated the hair follicles can break resulting in a form of baldness known as traction alopecia, a condition that causes the hair to break from repeated and severe braiding, weaving, extensions or tight ponytails.
go to part 5

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Part 3  What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

The psycho-social ramification of wearing weaves tends not to weigh heavily on the minds of teen-agers who encompass the average age when extensions are first tried. Stacey Clark, a Washington DC professional falls in this category. She first crafted a new look using weave when she was in high school.

“Back then (in the late 80s) I believe everyone tried to pretend (the weave) was theirs,” Clark joked. “Now it’s more of a fashion statement.  Come to work one day with short curly hair, the next day it can be long with blonde streaks.  Changing hair is like changing clothes now.”

But what about when hair placement is more than just a fashion twist? For many African American women, the perception of them as having “Good Hair” is an embedded part of their self esteem. Some can’t and will not be seen without weave despite the cost and the time required to achieve it.

Nikki Walton, a license psychotherapist practicing in North Carolina, routinely counsels women on issues ranging from self-esteem and hair issues to depression and body image.

In fact, since 2000 the number of African American women now suffering from anorexia and bulimia has ballooned. Many say that the increase in these eating disorders among African American and Latino women stems from their buying into the mainstream media image of white beauty – that includes silky long hair and a overly slender silhouette that our fuller shapes cannot naturally accomplish

“We have so many deep rooted issues that we need to overcome in our community to finally make ourselves whole. It’s a shame where we chose to concentrate our efforts,” said Walton, who has chosen to go natural with her hair and councils women on how to do the same.

“In the natural hair community many of my clients tend to go natural because it is a healthier choice for them,” she said. “The vast majority are unfamiliar with their hair’s real texture, because they’ve had perms since they were five or eight.”

Some of the hair drama that she councils about stems from an internalized bias toward their natural hair, she said, so she believe they have to give themselves time to reconnect with their real beauty.

“Just go out and get comfortable with your hair,” she says. “Just embrace the anxiety and insecurity because sometimes you have to fake it until you can make it.”

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Part 2 What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Consider this: $46,326 was the median household income in the United States according to 2010 U.S. Census data and the average income for African American families was $32,584, well below a middle-class lifestyle. Yet we over-spend for the purpose of appearance. Why is this?

”It’s not that I think “natural hair” is now invisible but (weave) has become a way for more people to achieve that “good hair” status if only synthetically,” gleamed Davarian L. Baldwin, Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies at Trinity College.

“The culture surrounding weaves; such as the links between more traditionally white hair textures and the pricing system of weaves, helps to exacerbate the notion of “good hair” as “non-Black.”

Baldwin continued, “Who really knows if “Indian Remi” (a popular human hair weft texture) is a reflection of actual Indian women’s hair or what “Hollywood Italian” (another texture classification) actually means, but in hair weave stores there is certainly a hierarchy of hairs that is also linked to a hierarchy of racial value.”

But it’s just fashion, right?

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Part 1
What Spending A Half A Trillion Dollars on Hair Care and Weaves Says About Us
May 11th, 2011 -
By H. Fields Grenee
Submitted by Rickey
Micore Intl Independent Consultant
Start your own Hair Business for $19.95

Straight, wavy, curly, fine, curse – few things generate more passion or anger among African American women than their hair. Some critics note that the emphasis placed on hair is a double-edged sword aimed at ones’ self esteem. Or when quaffed well, i.e. “Good Hair” becomes a passage to acceptance within the dominate cultures’ ideal of beauty.

Then there are those who view hair – commercial or natural – as an accompaniment to an outfit; like a hat or that essential accessory that glams up the whole look. Despite what stance you view the landscape from – hair – African American hair and the cultivation of that “look” via the placement of weave is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Extensions can cost as low as $300 (depending on your geographical area) and go up to $10,000; based on the service – strand by strand extensions or weft (track) that are calculated per weft or a set price for the entire head, says Atlanta-based beautician Toni Love, who has more than 20 years experience styling hair with the addition of weave placement.

Factor in maintenance; better known as touch-ups, required every four to six weeks determined by how fast the recipients’’ natural hair grows – commercial hair placement can range between $4,000 to $80,000 a year – not including transportation, child care or lost productivity incurred by the three to eight hours required to complete the process.

Despite the cost reductions since weaves first gained popularity in the late 70s and early 80’s – when it was primarily used for theatrical purposes, movies, videos and on fashion runways – the expense is difficult to juggle with real incomes. Nevertheless, their hyper-visibility can be seen everywhere from corporate boardrooms to inner-city food desert bodegónes.

Quest for fashion fabulous hair speaks volumes about us.
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