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What if?!?


It is amazing how those two small words could have so much impact on the world and your personal life. When I drive into Newark, NJ I see a big billboard with those two words plastered on it. Just the other day, I was watching the lastest version of HG Well's Time Machine staring Guy Pearce, Yancey Arias, and Mark Addy and marvelled at the fact that the whole movie was based on those two words. What was really good was that it clearly pointed out the hope and the danger that those two words hold.


Now you may ask, "What is the danger of What If"? If we dwell on the past with negative lenses on, What If can turn into a S&M Fest of self-loathing and self-defeating talk. It can lead us to dark places where we ponder on the possibilities of things which can't be changed. And we maginify our failures, or perceived failures. It is not a good place to be. Especially if one is striving to build a business.


Does this mean that we can look at the past? Not at all. It's just that when we look at the past we want to look at how we can make improvements in the present and the future. Speaking about the future, What if if used the wrong way can be just as detrimental as looking at it in the past.


The issue with the future is that we can get trapped in to all sorts of limiting thinking which block us from progressing. We can look at all the things which can go wrong and hold them as if they had already happened. What if when used properly can help us reach high heights. Instead of "What if this doesn't work" why not focus on "What if this does work"? Rather than "What if I fail?", why not "What if I succeed".


What if is a powerful statement and situation. We can let it keep us or drag us to bottom or it can bring us to the top. The choice is your.


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Clarence Coggins is an Internet Market. He has extensive experience with applying Web 2.0 technology in the promotion of business and educational ventures. He also works a Leads Broker with the Silver Fox Leads Factory to contact him you can email thebestleadscompanyintheworld@gmail.com or call him at 973-943-4073.




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Be Encouraged !


There was a song I used to listen to several years back.

The words were… Be Encouraged – No Matter What’s Going On — He’ll Make it Alright by William Becton & Friends.

This past week we launched the 21 Day Encouragement Campaign. For 21 days you will hear from men and women of faith that have gone from victim to VICTORIOUS! They will share how they survived and what encouraged them to keep going. To sign up for the 21 day series click here.

The word of God tells us that “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging” (Psalms 46:1-3)

Do you believe that? We read the words in the bible, we jump, shout and get all “emotional” but do we really believe that GOD is an ever present help in the time of trouble.

If we were completely honest, most of us would say No. That doesn’t make you “unsaved” or a bad person. It makes you human. There is a story in the bible where a father brought his son to Jesus to be healed. Click here to finish

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Early this morning I was watching TV One’s “Living With Soul,” which featured the home of author and OperationHope.org founder John Bryant and his wife Sheila.  Their Los Angeles home is a beautiful, contemporary showcase of art by Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe–but I was even more impressed by what he does outside the home.


Homeless for six months when he was 18, Bryant refused to mentally accept his predicament, noting the difference between broke (an economic condition), and poor (a state of mind that can keep one locked into that position).  He gradually climbed out of his situation, to become the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, America’s first non-profit social investment banking organization–now operating in 68 U.S. communities and South Africa, having raised more than $500 million from the private sector to empower the poor.


effak.png?width=144One of their best resources is the free Emergency Financial Aid Kit, created to help families and individuals in maintaining financial stability in the event of an emergency.  It helps you identify and organize key financial records, providing a quick reference file for your important financial documents.  Why do I think this is just TheBomb.com?  Simply because money is a BIG issue, especially for small business owners who may or may not have a steady income and are figuring out how to budget everything.  And if you have a family, the pressure is compounded.  With many one-income families, the stay-at-home spouse may not know all the details about the household financials–which can be disastrous in a crisis situation.


Check it out, it’s a great resource.



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Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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Breaking Free

WSW Lady of the Week

I met a lady and she has opened my eyes to a new world. Her name is not important right now, her story is amazing. She shared with me an emotional story of hurt, pain, suffering and abuse. But that is not the story that opened my eyes it’s the story that came after that. As a child she group up exposed to substance abuse, sexual, physical and verbal abuse. She was not able to fully enjoy the things as a child should because she was forced to face the reality of the circumstances that her parents had placed her in. With little knowledge of what she could really be, she fell into the cycle: “Now even though I knew I wanted to be different than my parents, I found MYSELF falling into the very same cycle of drug addiction when I turned 18. From that point on MY life and everything spiraled downhill.” She shared.It spiraled to it’s lowest point when she decided that life was no longer worth living and she tried to kill her self, but as you know when you are called for a purpose God will see fit to make sure that you serve it. So after 12 long years of substance abuse pain and suffering a transformation began.Now this is the story that I was talking about, Johnetta Webb now Minister J. (keeping it real) Webb began to transform into the creature that she was created to be. She was restored through focusing her life on Christ and the purpose that she was called to serve. She transformed from the victim to the victor. She did not stop at that because when you are called you have to walk in your calling. How could she do this, was my thought and she said “God saved my life and that is what opened my eyes; it seemed like for the very first time I began to feel life was indeed worth living and I began to seek God in a way like never before. I began to go to church and really dive into the Word of God and little by little those issues that stemmed from childhood, I began to break down.”Minister J. Webb life is purposed for helping others. Through a ministry God's Helping Hands Ministry, created by Minister Webb and her husband Minister George Webb, they are touching lives everyday.Minister J. Webb currently launched an online ministry for addicts and alcoholics to seek support and help in their journey to break free from the addiction. Hope and Deliverance Ministry is a place where you can go and get support from someone who knows where you’ve been and can share an emotional story to show you that it’s not too late. The ministry is open to those in need and those who want to inspire and empower those seeking help.

I encourage you to look at the site and see the mighty work she is doing. If you know somone who is seeking or needs help in this area share this site with them. It is so great that a woman of God has made herself so transparent in order to help others. Thank God for testimonies such as this.Coach Richetta BlackmonEmpowering Women: “One Lady at a Time”www.womensupportwomen.ning.comwww.richetta.blogspot.com
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Today marks the day of dreams come true.I wrote You don't weep alone within one week followingthe tragic event on September 11, 2001.My dream then was that it would be heard across the world.Well, life happens and sometimes we let various things getin the way of our diligence in pursuing our dreams."Confession of Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva"Last night I spoke to an awesome group of women duringmy preview call about a burning desire. I didn't know howmuch it would affect me. I was scheduled to go into the studiowith my son immediately following. I was tired and wanted to restbut something kicked in "my burning desire" to see my dreammanifested in 2009. So I got up prepared and my husband encouragedme to go ahead as I contemplated post poning once again. Life purposeand a passionate burning desire allowed me to laysome tracks for another power song soon to be released "Set time."My family was proud and we felt a sense of destiny and dreams alive.I remember my husband calling me sharing with me that a gentelman wasin tears while listening to You don't weep alone. It was then that I knewthe dream was still alive and the song must be heard, expecially bysome of those who lost loved ones as a result.Today that burning desire was still present and I pushed againsttalking about it and planning and found myself passionately settingup the posting of a clip of my song. Today September 4 one week beforeSeptember 11 it will be heard across the world!This song will capture your heart and heal your soul as you flyon the wings of Hope, Faith and love. Go have a listen hereIf you want to learn more about Dreaming big and living a life of purpose,passion and empowerment evenwhen you don't even know where to begin , don't miss my next call. Secure your registration here
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What About Your Future?

My plan for your futurehas always been filled with hope.Jeremiah 29:1111 For I know the plans I have for you,? declares the LORD, ?plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (NIV Bible)

We live in a world that sometimes seems void of hope. Wars, famine, pollution, recessions, etc. can cause us to become easily discouraged when we look at the prospects of our future. Discouragement can lead to depression, and depression can lead to hopelessness.When we are feeling hopeless, we see our circumstances and surroundings through a filtered lens that can cause us to continue to spiral downwards in our emotions and our attitudes. In this devotional scripture, God says that He has a plan for you, a plan that will prosper you and not to harm you, a plan that will give you hope and a future.While the economy may be saying one thing to us, God is saying another. While your circumstances may cry out hopelessness, God is saying that He has a plan to prosper and not to harm you. While we don’t know what the future does hold, we know who holds the future. We can trust in the goodness of God to care for us in the midst of situations that seem hopeless.Our hope is not in our circumstances, but in God our Father. That does not necessarily mean that life will always turn out the way we expected, but it does mean that we can always trust in our Father to love us and watch over us. If we commit our lives into His care, we are guaranteed from an everlasting perspective, that we will have an incredible future filled with hope awaiting us, that will last forever.PRAYERFather, I thank You that You have a plan for me that is filled with hope and a future. I know that You have plans to prosper me and not to harm me. I need not fear and I need not despair for you are in control of my life. Help me to commit my life to You, trusting in Your faithfulness to accomplish all that You have promised to do. In the name of Your beloved Son Jesus I pray, AMEN.Shalom,CandaceCANDACE HOUSE Ministries
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In Denial Of Self Denial!

Wow I constantly meet christians who are so caught up in this prosperity ring. That's what I call it, a ring, because it appears that more and more, people forget that the Lord requires something from us, as opposed to us expecting something from Him. After all, did not Jesus pay it all on the cross? Did not Jesus, shed his blood for the remission of our sins? Are we not the benefactors of such a supreme sacrifice!

You would think that the bible was all about prosperity. Now don't get me wrong, I ain't hatein on anyone, just sad to know that the true meaning of the Gospel has been replaced with a psuedo gospel of "let me get mine" and "God's gonna do it for me too!"

But what about when Jesus asked us, if anyone would be my disciple, let him deny self, put away his own selfish ambitions.... how does that line up with all this prosperity teaching today? I know I'm probably gonna be a lone voice on this one.

Pastor Aminata

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How Many Missed Opportunities?

How many missed opportunities did you have today? Umm? How many times did you missed a chance to be about your Father's business today? Umm? In our fast-paced, busy, busy, daily please move out of my way, cause I've got-to-get-things-done-ness, we often times forget that we are to be about our Father's business, in the midst of the no see-ums.What about when you were standing on the check out line in the department store, and you saw that mother struggling with her young child who was having a serious temper tantrum? Did you say a pray for that mother, or did you watch in judgement?What about when you were stuck in that traffic jam on the highway, and when the traffic finally started to move again, you passed by that accident, and saw the ambulance and fire trucks? Did you say a prayer for who ever was in the cars, or did you just drive by relived that the traffic was moving again?How about when you were at the ATM waiting for your turn and someone was yelling at the elderly lady who was a bit confused on how to use the ATM? Did you say a prayer for both the yeller and the one being yelled at, or did you suck your teeth in insensitivity?What about the time you saw that woman walking down the street, crying? Did you say a prayer on her behalf, or did you shrug it off as mere curiosity? These are just a few examples of the many no see-ums we experience in our daily lives. We see them, but we don't see them because there is no emotional connection, so we just move on.But these are precious opportunities to be about our Father's business. Opportunities to be ambassador for Christ. True, nobody will know that you said a prayer, nobody will say thank you, nobody will praise you, that is except God. God knows all and sees all and God is the one who will reward you for being about His business today.John 14:14 - "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it."Pastor Aminata
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On any typical day... or is there such a thing.... ?You woke up late this morning, rushing to get out of the house, to catch the 7:15 express bus, only to find that you left your metro card in your other bag, and you don't have enough change for the bus. Finally at work, with frowns abouding from them to you and you back to them, your told that you have 3 minutes until the staff meeting begins, and your expected to make a presentation, agrh. So why today does a cup of coffee decide to spill over into your lap?Wrinkled and stained, you do what you gotta do, anyways.... the rest of the day is typical, or is there such a thing... ? Feeling like an octupus out on the skating rink, you handle it all, phone calls, requests, emails, yadder, yadder, just a typical day.... or is there such a thing?Another day's journey and I'm so glad... well at least it's almost over. On your way home you remember that you promised the kids... ah... mind goes blank, seems like there always a promised due lately, anyways, so why isn't the express bus showing up? It just darned on you that you've been standing there for over 40 minutes and out of the blue a thunderstorm comes, and so where is your umbrella? It's home, watching the weather channel.With key in hand, you approached your home, wet, no soaked, tired, no beat, no exhausted, you prepared yourself for round two with the spouse and kids, on this typical day... or is there such a thing? No matter because whatever you go through, on any typical day, which really isn't so typical at all, you know that you have God's Word, His precious promises to encourage you and strengthen you.Neh 8:10 - And Nehemiah continued, "Go and celebrate with a feast of choice foods and sweet drinks, and share gifts of food with people who have nothing prepared. This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don't be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!Pastor Aminata
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The Balanced Life

This is a picture I took on our drive up to Big Bear Lake......aahhh the beauties of Southern California :-)Acquiring a life of balance is a lot like rock climbing is for a newbie.This is one of my very first post on my blog, "B. beautiful, mind, body, spirit," (www.traceybrooks.blogspot.com) I thought this was worth re-posting here.My husband and I have made our theme for 2008 be, working toward a life that is in balance. Theme title is "The Balanced Life, mind, body and spirit." Out of that same thought process comes this blog. I will be covering subjects that I deal with in my daily life, mostly the good.....but with life you sometimes get lemons, so I'll be covering the bad also.... hopefully conveying how I have made Lemonade. My goal is to be an inspiration to all that visit. I believe that a life well lived is one that is shared. Friends, family and even strangers contribute to making us better. Choose to search for the good in all situations. I'm not saying I, myself is any Ms. Happy Go Lucky 24/7, but I am saying it's Ok to want to see, have and be the best. And I am pursuing Ms. Happy so that she can become a majority partner at all times. Part of what I think a balanced life entails is to be aware of everything, the good, bad and the ugly but to consciously seek the good. So here's to the best that life has to offer, even when the best come through adversity.Keep Climbing.Are you married? Then please join our group "Still Dating My Spouse," at www.stilldatingmyspouse.ning.comB. beautiful, mind, body, spirit.
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A Nlitened Thought! 05/02/08

Strong and wealthy!Because your own strength is unequal to the task, do not assume thatit is beyond the powers of man- but if anything is within the powersand province of man, believe that it is within your own compass also.[ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus ]Adapted from Creating Affluence by Deepak Chopra (New World Library,1993).Affluence of wealth means that one is easily able to fulfill one'sdesires, whatever they may be, whether they apply to the materialrealm, or to our emotional, psychological or spiritual needs, or tothe realm of relationship.A truly wealthy person's attention is never focused on money alone.Moreover, a wealthy person never has money concerns. You may havemillions of dollars in the bank, but if you think all the time aboutmoney, if you have concern about it, if you worry about it—aboutgetting more, about not having enough, about losing it—thenirrespective of the dollar amount you possess, you are poor.To have true wealth or affluence is to be totally carefree abouteverything in life, including money. True wealth consciousness is,therefore, consciousness of the source of all material reality. Thissource of all material reality is pure consciousness. It is pureawareness. It is the unified field. It is the field of allpossibilities. We cannot know this field just by thinking about itbecause, by definition, it is transcendental to thought. We can,however, have experiential knowledge of this field by transcending toit and knowing it intimately as our own nature.The best way to acquire knowledge of this field of pure being isthrough meditation.My Thoughts:The stronger your will the more apt you are to obtaining that whichyou desire most. Within you is the ability to achieve anything. Findstrength in your daily rituals/practices; meditation, breath work andphysical/spiritual exercise (Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong even Bellydance). You will bethat which you practice daily. Money can be the paper presence of theego, desiring more of it will only make room for a higher desire ofit. Live within your means, attain enough to help you functionpositively and create the level of true wealth you desire in yourmind first. Money is no great healer however your mind, body, souland spirit are!Love is….TL
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Today I celebrate people, understanding and knowledgeof truth. Are you celebrated when you walk through the doorsof your employment? Is your doctor happy to see you or do youhave to wait a good 30 minutes before he knows that you areeven in the waiting room? I am looking to for 10 people whowant to be celebrated by their peers. You can feel the power ofyou the person who accomplished all of the great things in yourlife that maybe you were not rewarded for: the you that paid a billfor someone when they forgot; the you that makes a hot meal forthe family almost every night; the you that took care of the injuredbird when you were 10. At star link nation we want to celebrate allof you. www.deborahakbar.com
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