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The #1 Unforgivable Sin Most Women Commit In A Relationship...

What if I were to tell you that there's an unforgivable sin
almost every woman commits around a man?

What if I were to tell you that hundreds of millions of women do
this EVERYDAY with their man?

What if I further told you that most women who do this have no idea
that they're committing a horrible sin?

Are you wondering if you do it too? Before I talk about this sin,
I'd like to share a story with you...

It's a story about Cindy & Matt. They have been in a
relationship for the last 2 years. They always had a great
connection, it was like they were made for each other but lately
things aren't the same.

Cindy is very worried...She can sense that Matt is a lot more
"inside his head" lately, he isn't being as open as
he used to be. She misses the comfort of the days when she could
talk about something & genuinely connect with him.

But now she is living a life of quite desperation because
Matt's behavior is confusing her, She is feeling a lot more out
of control, she is spending her days in constant fear &
anxiety, she wants to know what's going on but lack of
communication from Matt is only making things worse.

She is a lot more miserable now and misses the closeness but it
seems like Matt doesn't really care.
She is wondering if it's something she has said or done which
is causing this? She can sense this huge gap in understanding &
a giant invisible wall between herself and Matt.

But there is an even bigger fear which is freaking her out, she
fears that maybe Matt is thinking of breaking up with her. She
fears that maybe he is doing things behind her back & has
someone else in his life.

The very thought of imagining Matt with another woman makes her
feel this ugly feeling in her stomach, her heart starts to pound
faster and it makes her feel literally paralyzed.

Have you ever had such a feeling around your man? Have you ever
felt that awful feeling in your gut when you didn't know what
was going on inside his head and you feared that maybe he was
thinking of leaving you?

Well maybe you have faced a similar situation or maybe you
haven't... but I bet you can relate to that nasty feeling that
surfaces when you don't understand your man.

Hundreds of millions of women go through this every single day. But
do you know why this happens? It's because most women commit
the number 1 unforgivable sin in a relationship which completely
ruins their chances...Want to know what this sin is?

Here it is and I want you to listen carefully to this...The number
1 unforgivable relationship sin is - Not Knowing How The Male Mind

I bet you're wondering - huh? This isn't really a sin. Yes
it is and let me tell you why. It's a sin because not
understanding how the male mind works will always lead you into
relationship issues and problems, you will always find yourself
confused and frustrated.

And it's unforgivable because it can completely ruin a happy
relationship and often times can lead to a painful divorce or a
breakup which could have been avoided. Not understanding the male
psychology can send you on emotional "tailspins" for days
on end, and you will feel out of control as a result. It is without

This can be the devastating kiss-of-death to your relationship
unless you do something about it right now. Follow this link right
now & watch the video on the next page till the very late


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  • Want advice from from real entrepreneurs who've been where you are?
  • Need inspiration to get started or keep moving forward in your business?

If so, I think you'll love this! I'm so happy to announce that in February 2013, I'll be launching a magazine, exclusively for women entrepreneurs called flyy, female & fabulous! This publication is dedicated to profiling a variety of women entrepreneurs who encourage and motivate women who aspire to become entrepreneurs and those interested in growing their businesses.

Available in both digital and print formats, our mission is to inspire, motivate and encourage aspiring and current women entrepreneurs. To learn more about flyy, female & fabulous, please visit our website, and check us out on Facebook! :-)


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Norma Ross- The Boss

(this is what I entered on Black Bloggers Connect (BBC) as a BHM blog entry.  If you like it here, please like it on the blog site.

Normally during this month, we concentrate on the same deserving African Americans in history. When I saw this contest, I knew I had to honor a little known very important African American woman to history.

Norma Ross (1934-2010) from Dayton Ohio was the only African American female owner of a Mercedes-Benz franchise in the world and the only African American woman owner of a Buick and GMC franchise in Ohio.

Mrs. Ross (nee Henderson) met Robert P (Bob) Ross when they both were in high school in Richmond, Ind. They married and Norma received a degree in elementary education from Earlham College, Robert operated a Buick dealership. They came to Dayton in 1979 where Robert sold Buick and Mercedes Benz models and Norma worked as a classroom teacher and a curriculum consultant in the Dayton Public School system. She helped established the first all day kindergarten program in Dayton, Ohio.

The Bob Ross Organization consists of three franchises: Buick, GMC and Mercedes-Benz. Bob Ross died in 1997 and Norma assumed command of the Bob Ross Dealerships. Their two children, Robert Jr. and Jenell, became vice presidents. Jenell Ross continues as president of Ross Motor Cars.

In 2000 the Bob Ross Organization was featured in the Black Enterprise Magazine as “Auto Dealership of the Year”.

In 2007 Norma received the “25 Year Award” as a GMC Dealer. In 2009 a “30 Year Award” as a Mercedes-Benz Dealer and Bob Ross Buick also celebrated 35 years as a Buick Dealer. The dealership has been one of the “Top 100 Companies” in Dayton, Ohio from 1999 to present. In the State of Ohio, Bob Ross Buick franchise was ranked #1 for eight consecutive years and currently ranks #2 in Buick sales. Currently, Bob Ross Buick is among the Top 50 largest Buick Dealers in the country.

After her death in 2010, the family established “The Norma J. Ross Youth Foundation” to benefit deserving youth in the community in her honor.

Her other awards and accolades were too numerous to mention but more information can be found at:






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I'm on this never-ending quest to simplify my life as much as possible--so hooking up the Facebook/Twitter connection brought me one step closer to that goal.

To do this, just visit http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/ , log in if needed, and click on your profile and any other Pages you have when it asks you to allow Twitter to post updates to them.  Easy-breezy!  


Now, if there was only an app to allow Facebook to do my laundry... (app-masters, get on that stat!)



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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zen.jpgI love this tidbit of wisdom that one of my good friends shared with me (which was passed on, in turn, from a friend of hers.)  I found it invaluable when it comes to the ups and downs of starting and running a business–and I’ve quickly gotten into the habit of doing the following:


Basically, instead of focusing on the negatives in your life and business (i.e., not enough leads or clients as you’d like, a mailing list that isn’t quite the size you want just yet, etc.)–think of all the POSITIVES that abound around you.  For example–your health, for starters.  The mental capacity that God gave you to even juggle all those things on your to-do list, lol.  You may not have reached your total goal yet–but look back at how far you’ve come!  I like to keep what I call my Gratitude Journal–just jotting down whatever comes to mind in terms of things I’m grateful for, no matter how small.  Trust me–they add up!  And it really helps to boost my spirits when I’m feeling funky and self-pitying.


So, overall, there are three steps to take at the beginning of each day, in order to get yourself moving:

  1. Think of all the things you’re thankful for, including the victories that haven’t yet materialized (because you know they eventually will!)
  2. Visualize your reached goals (more clients, better business visibility, more balance, etc.–fill in the blanks!)
  3. Focus on accomplishing at least one thing today that will propel you towards that goal–a phone call, an email, attending a networking event, even revising a press release, web page or product.

I firmly believe that if you consistently stay with this mindset, you will eventually see results–often sooner than later.  Know why?  Because you simply get back what you give out into the Universe–including positive, productive energy.

So, keep your head up and get going.  It’s gonna be a great day!



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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Early this morning I was watching TV One’s “Living With Soul,” which featured the home of author and OperationHope.org founder John Bryant and his wife Sheila.  Their Los Angeles home is a beautiful, contemporary showcase of art by Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe–but I was even more impressed by what he does outside the home.


Homeless for six months when he was 18, Bryant refused to mentally accept his predicament, noting the difference between broke (an economic condition), and poor (a state of mind that can keep one locked into that position).  He gradually climbed out of his situation, to become the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE, America’s first non-profit social investment banking organization–now operating in 68 U.S. communities and South Africa, having raised more than $500 million from the private sector to empower the poor.


effak.png?width=144One of their best resources is the free Emergency Financial Aid Kit, created to help families and individuals in maintaining financial stability in the event of an emergency.  It helps you identify and organize key financial records, providing a quick reference file for your important financial documents.  Why do I think this is just TheBomb.com?  Simply because money is a BIG issue, especially for small business owners who may or may not have a steady income and are figuring out how to budget everything.  And if you have a family, the pressure is compounded.  With many one-income families, the stay-at-home spouse may not know all the details about the household financials–which can be disastrous in a crisis situation.


Check it out, it’s a great resource.



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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Can I be real with you for a sec?  Sometimes, I feel like a machine, with all of the stuff on my to-do list.  Trust me--I'm not trying to complain, but I just have to put it out there for a minute.  Make new business cards.  Write a couple of new blog entries.  Transcribe podcast recordings.  Tweak my Wordpress pages.  Create a new banner.  Research new markets...and that's just to name a few, lol.  We're not even talking about the things that need to be done re. my existing clients!  (And I know what you're thinking--"why not delegate?"  Oh, that would be so wonderful--in due time!  Right now, when the budget is still small, I've gotta utilize my one-woman know-how as much as possible!)


Sometimes, when I look at my hefty to-do list, yes--I sometimes feel overwhelmed in a "How the heck am I ever going to get this done?" kind of way!  But then I realize that I have to look at things in a different light.  Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship is still what I love to do; it's my passion.  So, why not make it fun?  I'm going to strive to see my tasks not as doldrum work--but as learning experiences along the small business journey.  I know a lot, but I'm still learning a lot--hell, aren't we all?  And this is a great way to learn as I go.


And one last thing that I need to remind myself of & am getting better at: Learn to turn it off already! That can be a challenge when you work from home & everything's in one place--but seriously.  Turn the laptop off, go play with your kids (who are probably clamoring for your attention anyway), read a book--whatever you do to relax.  There's something about being on a laptop all day that fries your brain, isn't it?  Don't forget to replenish those cells!



About the Blogger:

Vonetta Booker-Brown is the creator of SuccessTales.com, a resource/membership site for savvy female small business owners--and the author of the e-book Success Tales: Female Entrepreneurs' Stories of Challenges, Inspiration & Success--featuring BBWO's own LaShanda Henry!

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The Afro European Sisters Network and award winning Black Women in Europe™ Blog joined forces in November 2007 to form the Women of the African Diaspora website and social network. The Women of the African Diaspora website is a source of information, inspiration and more for black women around the world. We would like to celebrate our 2nd anniversary by giving gifts to our website visitors and social network members.Call for sponsorsAdrianne George and Sandra Rafaela, founders of the Women of the African Diaspora website and social network are requesting businesses and individuals who provide products or services of interest to black women to sponsor our 2nd anniversary.Benefits to sponsorsDuring the period 3 September 2008 to 3 October 2009 the WAD website had over 6,000 unique visitors from the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Ireland, Nigeria, India, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, the Philippines, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, China, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Ghana, Brazil, Slovenia, Denmark, Japan, Poland, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Finland, Russia, Romania, Jamaica, Ivory Coast, Suriname, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Sudan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israel, U.S. Virgin Islands, Malaysia, Lebanon, Senegal, Egypt, Bermuda, Barbados, Uganda, Hungary, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Mexico, Benin, Guadeloupe, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Iran, Bahamas, Colombia, Morocco, the Czech Republic, Bahrain, Vietnam, Oman, French Guiana, Rwanda, Kuwait, Chile, Singapore, Cameroon, Saint Lucia, Ukraine, Mozambique, Venezuela, Argentina, Malta, Peru, Qatar, the British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Togo, Antigua and Barbuda, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Croatia, Tunisia, Ecuador, Martinique, Algeria, Malawi, Guyana, Tanzania, Myanmar [Burma], Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Latvia, Nepal, Georgia, Bangladesh, Mayotte, Angola, Jordan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, São Tomé and Príncipe, Zambia, Aruba, Jersey, Cyprus, Cape Verde, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Réunion, Iceland, Uruguay, Gambia, Dominican Republic, Niger, Slovakia and Liberia.Your business will be advertised in the press release announcing our anniversary, on the WAD website and social network and listed on our partners’ page http://womenoftheafricandiaspora.com/partners/ with your logo linking to your website. As a WAD partner you are encouraged to periodically share information with us to be included on our website.Deadline and contact informationPlease contact us by 2 November 2009 to secure your sponsorship. Email Sandra with any questions and your offer on sandra@womenoftheafricandiaspora.com . Include your logo and website address.
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Dropping a note to let you know about some of the advertising and marketing opportunities on b-gyrl.com for our May relaunch including banner ads, detour ads (where your actual website opens in the background whenever a new visitor visits our site), 15-30 second audio ads on our online radio station and podcast (available on cellphones, Itunes and other top podcast sites), video ads on b-gyrl tv, our youtube and video podcast (also available on Itunes) AND getting your logo displayed on our upcoming promotional mixtape cover, mix sponsored by Boost Mobile.This are ongoing promotions, meaning your ad is never removed and never expires.Rates vary, however we are willing to work within any reasonable budget.Email info@b-gryl.com.
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Women Business Owners, www.womenbizowners.org invites all women to join us on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 at 11 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on blogtalkradio.com/wbo-radio. The dial-in phone number is (347) 205-9229. It will prove to be a very entertaining show. Our radio guest will be discussing how she found her "niche" and successes in turning it into a thriving business. Here is some additional information on our guest speaker --Deborrah Cooper (a.k.a "Ms. Heartbeat") is founder and resident advice columnist on AskHeartBeat.com, which is her award winning relationship website. She focuses on black male/female relationships. On her website, she has informative articles on dating and relationships for both adults and teens.As an advice columnist and relationship expert she has also written a book "Sucka Free Love - How to Avoid Dating the The Dumb, The Deceitful, The Dysfunction & The Deranged! It provides common sense, street-smart insight into the toughest issues facing singles today.She has been profiled in Black Enterprise and Honey magazines as well as interviewed by Essence magazine.Ms. Cooper has also appeared on Yahoo Internet Life, The Oakland Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, and many other print and online media worldwide. This interview should prove to be quite interesting! Do you need some advice on a relationship??Come listen to Deborrah explain how she turned her passion into a thriving business!
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b-gyrl.com accepting submissions...

About b-gyrl.comThe momma of our movement online, hip hop culture from a female persuasion, not simply music. b-gyrl launched on mp3.com in 1999 as a sista driven fan, industry & networking portal, radio station & podcast & digital imprint. It began with us.Currently accepting submissions from female artists, djs, designers, videographers, producers, dancers....we want everything...show the world how you do what you do...If you got what it takes, we wanna know!
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