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When you look at marketing these days, most of the traditional strategies of advertising have become outdated. MLM network marketing has become a leading force in the advertising drive as it reacts to the consumer and includes the most updated strategies available. Traditional marketing such as TV, radio and print media focused on reaching as many people as possible in order to capture the attention of a particular few. This form of marketing has proven to be very pricey with no chance to track the success of various advertising programs. With MLM network marketing you take advantage of the next stage of advertising by embracing the idea of relationship marketing.

More companies are starting to realize the ineffectiveness of conventional marketing techniques. The internet has fast become the primary source of information, communication and shopping in the world. With MLM network marketing you have the opportunity to make an impact in the online environment through the utilization of relationship marketing and Send Out Cards.

Relationship marketing focuses not on attempting to reach a huge number of customers through generic advertising, but an effort to develop professional relationships with your customers. The advantages of the internet has attracted lots of clients and companies, but it has also turned businesses into faceless entities devoid of human contact. With relationship marketing you utilize the methods of MLM network marketing to help build relationships with your clientele, increasing consumer assurance and repeat business.

One of the most efficient methods to expand your MLM network marketing chance is with the utilization of an online tool, Send Out Cards. With Send Out Cards you're taking advantage of a technique which would allow you to often stay in touch with your clientele, developing that individual relationship which is so essential in relationship marketing. With Send out Cards you have the convenience of an online source which will offer you with a wide variety of templates that would merely require a personal message from you.

In addition, Send Out Cards could help your business in remembering important dates relating to your clientele including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and more. Lastly Send Out Cards represents a low cost marketing source which will print, stuff and ship your custom-made cards at a fraction of the cost it will cost you to do it yourself.

MLM network marketing has surpassed the restrictions of traditional marketing and at present represents a crucial component of any successful business. The options which are offered to a business with Send Out Cards would drastically help your cause in building customer confidence in your business with relationship marketing.

To find out more, feel free to visit my website at or contact me by email at

"Send Out Cards- Building customer loyalty, one card at a time"
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Nine out of 10 Americans look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards. Adding a personal touch to your greeting cards can make them even more special to the receiver.

Here are some tips for personalizing greeting cards:

  1. Write the person’s name or nickname, if appropriate on the inside of the card. Personalizing the card reminds them this card was sent just for them.
  2. For cards that already have a message inside, highlight the phrases that you want to stand out or hold special meaning. This is a great way to signify how the card personally applies to the receiver.
  3. Include your own words, something simple, such as, “I am not always great with words, but when I read this card, I thought of you.” The most personal cards are honest and heartfelt.
  4. Add a small gift inside. If your card is for a holiday or occasion, you can include a gift card to their favorite store to make the card a gift in itself.
  5. For business owners, send a series of greeting cards to make your message part of an ongoing conversation.
The importance of sending a greeting card, is that the receiver will know you took time out of your day to think of them. And as the quote says... People may not remember, what you did or what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

Stop by my blog and hear more... ; stay blessed!

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Network Marketing Works---When you know how to work it.As an entreprenur...i currently have 2 businesses. One of them happens to be a network marketing business ( about starting a home based business for sometime now... It all sounds good in theory. It would be nice to keep your current job (until you choose to move on), cultivate a new opportunity, create unlimited income potential, achieve a healthier personal and family lifestyle, pay those college tuitions, establish financial security for retirement, and have the means to pursue any dream you may have.But you’re skeptical. You’ve heard about the pyramids, the scams and the loads of products you must buy to remain eligible for compensation. You hear about the companies that collapse or get into trouble with various attorney generals and government agencies for illegal compensation plans and false product claims. So is Network Marketing a viable home based business or work at home opportunity?The answer is yes. There are many legitimate Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing, MLM companies out there which people are building very successful home based businesses with. They are building large networks and generating significant supplemental residual income and in many cases primary incomes.Matter of fact there are over 20 million people in the USA in the Network Marketing Industry today. A large percentage of whom have made this their chosen profession, a full time profession. The beauty of this industry however is that anyone can be successful on a part time basis with limited resources. The secret to success is repetition and consistency in following the systems laid out by the MLM one chooses.Thus the trick becomes figuring out how to choose the right MLM, the best Network Marketing Company for an individual’s personal situation.There are many resources out there to help with this process. Before i joined ( I did a lot of research b/c i was skeptical about joining yet ANOTHER MLM business...and believe me, ive tried them all. But during my research i didnt find anything derogatory about that. On top of the fact that i actually do like and use their product w/o having to feel pressured or convinced. Nor do i have to go to any of those brainwashing "conventions" that are associated w/other MLMs, but i still have the support i need, whenever i need it.Today people in general are more skeptical and we have to live with that harsh reality. Network marketing prospects are even more skeptical, making it difficult but not impossible to build your business.Each of us has some degree of skepticism, after we've been burned a few times it becomes much tougher to sell us anything.Especially if we've already been down that path and found it did not work as advertised.Network marketing brings with it a whole new set of challenges, from the way we advertise, to how we approach our prospects.So it is no wonder when we hear something that contradicts what the majority of marketers are saying we immediately discount it until later it is proven true.One of the important things to remember is, you are in a REAL BUSINESS. You no longer have a boss holding you accountable. Your network marketing success or failure is dependent upon you and your actions, and is not a get rich quick overnight program.If you are currently researching different Newtork Marketing opportunities, here is what you should be looking for:Integrity.Are Distributor-Driven.Have Products & Services people want.Great Management.Have Some Form of A Compensation Plan.Integrity:Does the company have it? Do they stand behind their products, services, and their distributors? No outrageous claims or exaggerations.Success Rate:We have to face the fact that 97% fail, if you want to cut years from the learning curve, become part of the 3% that does succeed, then you need to discover a program that has helped thousands achieve greater results: been in business for a few years and things are continually progressing. You can even send a FREE card to see for yourself how great and easy this business is. For questions or comments please feel free to email me
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We all would like continued customer loyalty in our business, as well as repeat business.Here are a few ways to gain repeat business and continued customer loyalty:1. Send Birthday Cards – Do you like to be remembered on your birthday? How about doing something really easy and sending birthday cards to your customers, from the comfort of your own home. That dont have to waste gas, try to find a greeting card store, stand there reading every card until you find one that conveys your message, then find time to go to the post office to send it out. You can even send a gift w/your card!2. Take time out once ever other week to email customers, saying "Hello, how are things going?". If you want to have more business, do this regularly. They will appreciate the gesture.3. Once a month email customers about your new products and services, as it may pertain to them. Also, if you educate your customers they will feel important, and continue to do business with you.4. Send Holiday Cards – What about sending a Holiday Card that is different then all the “others” your customers are getting? Make it UNIQUE and PERSONAL and DO NOT promote or ask for business when sending holiday or birthday cards. These should remain sincere and be all about the person you are sending it to, not about you or your business!5. Send Thank You notes – Send Thank you notes every time they order from you and for any referral business they have sent your way.Do not under-estimate the power of showing gratitude and appreciation towards your customers. Treat them like GOLD and it will result in more GREEN for your business!For a convenient and affordable way to send out cards/postcards & gifts to your clients and customers, Send Out Cards is a cost effective way to do this. Contact me for more info on this awesome customer-appreciation system! Visit my website: or email me and I will be more than happy to send you more information. You can even send a FREE card yourself, just to see how this fantastic business works.
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You want customer loyalty in your business. You want repeat business, yes? How about making your customers into valued friends? Showing concern and empathy for their situation? The more your able to treat your customers as friends, the more business they will want to do with you.
You’ll watch your profits soar.

Let’s go through 10 ways you can keep your customers coming back to you, time and time again. And you will no doubt make close, lifelong “friends” in the process.

1. Send Birthday Cards – Do you like to be remembered on your birthday? How about doing something really easy and sending birthday cards to your customers. Could you send a little gift with it? What
about a “special offer” coupon? Free tickets to an event.

2. Make “How’s thing’s going” calls regularly – Section out 15 minutes a day to call your customers for no other reason then saying ” Hi ______, I just called to see how things are going?” Have you ever called your customers to do that? Watch your customers appreciate you thinking of them. It makes them feel that you do care. If you want to have more business, do this regularly.

3. Send out small bags of jelly beans or candies - Could you include a bag of jelly beans, with a handwritten note on your next sale, with the note saying, ” I thought you may like these, they are my favorites.” Or a note saying “Here’s something for you to enjoy” Watch their eyes light up.

4. Send unexpected gifts – If you find an article, audiotape, or anything specific customers might be interested in,send it with a note saying ” I thought you’d enjoy this. I just finished reading it and
there are some interesting ideas here. Also, if you educate your customers they will send you more business.

5. Send Holiday Cards – What about sending a Holiday Card that is different then all the “others” your customers are getting? Make it UNIQUE and PERSONAL and DO NOT promote or ask for business when sending holiday or birthday cards. These should remain sincere and be all about the person you are sending it to, not about you or your business!

6. Send Thank You notes – Send Thank you notes for everything. When they pay their bills on time, every time they order from you, if they send a referral your way. Be sure and thank them for referring
business, coming to see you. Whatever you want more of, reward. It works.

7. Make Thank You calls - You should started making Thank you calls, A variation from the letters. Saying, “Hi ________, Just wanted to say Thank you for referring Mr. Smith to ABC Co.”

8. Give your customers recognition - Take a photo of your customers while they are in your business and send them a card with their picture in it. How about a photo and a testimonial? They’ll be flattered and
your business will increase. People love recognition.

9. Give your customer awards – Yes, you read that right. Have customers of the month. Send them a award certificate or even plaque. Dear _______, Just the other day I was going through my records and I
realized that you are one of the top (10,20,50,) customers. We really appreciate your business. That’s why I want to send you this “Top Customer Certificate” that is enclosed.ABC Company looks forward to
seeing you soon.

10. Hold seminars, breakfasts, lunches. If you want to give recognition to your customers and stay in touch, have monthly or quarterly functions for your customers. Have a speaker and an interesting topic. Dear _______, I would like to invite you to our “Special Customers” lunch. It will be held at ______ on ______. It’s FREE It’s our way of saying Thank you. etc…

Do not under-estimate the power of showing gratitude and appreciation for your customers. Treat them like GOLD and it will result in more GREEN for your business!

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to send out cards & gifts to your clients and customers, Send Out Cards is a cost effective way to do this. Contact me for more info on this awesome customer-appreciation system! Visit my website or drop me an email and I can tell you more.

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Blogging for Publicity

Last year I was contacted by Emily Brandon, a writer for US News & World Report. She wanted my opinion on the best place for baby boomers to retire. How did she find me? She discovered a comment I wrote on a blog post about how much I liked Asheville, NC.

This brings me to a point about getting media exposure. Blogging and blog comments are great ways to be found by journalists like Emily Brandon. Some media folks don't always rely on press releases to find people to interview. They actually search and read blogs. They also read blog comments so if you're hoping to maximize your media exposure, start blogging.

Here are some tips I've shared in the past that I believe bear repeating:

1) If you like to write and have something relevant to say, then say it. Just because you don’t get any responses to your post doesn’t mean no one is reading them.

2) Share your blog with others. Let your friends, family members and email contact list know what you’re writing about and where they can find what you’ve written. I’ve discovered that my email friends will pass on my blog link to “their” friends if it’s a subject matter they think they’d be interested in.

3) Maintain a blog on your website. Make your website a one-stop-shopping kind of site where the readers can see everything you have to offer in a non-cluttered way.

4) Maintain separate blogs for separate trains of thought (optional). If you’re an author, devote one blog to your work and use other blogs to express different subject matters. You may want to use one blog to give your reaction to the news of the day and another to share something feelings, etc.

5) Visit other blogs and comment on them. Find other blogs that interest you and offer a comment from time to time. Also, invite the blogger to visit your site sometime.
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The New Jersey State Conference of the NAACP is celebrating its Annual Convention Friday-Sunday, September 17-19, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Our theme this year is "Celebrating Women in the NAACP: Past, Present & Future".

Vendor/Sponsor Opportunities

THE NEW JERSEY STATE CONFERENCE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF COLORED PEOPLE P.O. Box 1706 * Montclair, NJ 07042 * 973-746-0085 * mobile 973-518-2990 Email: * Website:

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5 Ways to Get Your Blog Moving

Blogging is not only the wave of the future for business women and busy moms alike but it’s also a great way to network, make new business alliances and make money online as well. However how many blogs have you visited that seem dead? Here are some tips to keep your blog moving right along:

Hire a professional designer. While you can set up your own blog, a professional team can take your blog to a different level. If you want a creative business blog, there’s no better place than the one stop shop of Diva Designz! We offer consultations to discuss your ideas and put them into real world practice.

Keep Your Content Updated. I’m sure you’ve gone to the aforementioned blog, excited to read a recent article on your subject of choice; only to find that the last published article was years ago. Nothing disappoints more than visiting a blog that looks dead. There’s truly no benefit to having your name attached to a blog that is not current, in fact it can be a disservice to your company or business brand.

Hire Help. If you’re just too busy to keep your blog up to date there’s a wealth of writers and bloggers who can keep you supplied with articles. Sometimes it truly takes a bit of money to make money; so be willing to pay for some of the tasks you don’t have the time and energy to do and your blog will thrive with new and relevant content.

Allow Guest Bloggers. Get the word out that you’re open to sharing your platform with others who share the same interest. Many are blogging about ideas that are similar to yours, but with a different twist. Don’t be afraid to share the lime light. You may open up a larger door to networking and marketing your company, by simply inviting well know guest bloggers to post to your site.

Market Your Blog. Here is another area in which you may want to hire others to help. Getting the word out about a new blog is very important. This is due to the fact that there are no doubt millions out there already. However if you know what you have to say and or you company has something great to offer; pay a few bucks to let others help get the word out.

For more great ideas, contact us to start on your way to blogging success!

Diva Designz Web Design Studio
Business Hours
Monday - Friday
10:00am - 6:00pm (CST)
Closed Saturday & Sunday

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25th Anniversary National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

Black Family Reunion Celebration "ONE DAY MEGA FESTIVAL"
Saturday · September 11, 2010 National Mall Washington, DC

You are invited to join the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. for the 25thAnniversary Black Family Reunion Celebration “One Day Mega Festival” in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, September 11th from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. This multi-cultural, family focused festival attracts up to 250,000 people. It is a unique opportunity for you to display your organization’s , services, and activities to the thousands of African Americans and others, who participate in this national celebration.

For more information and the opportunity to support the
National Council of Negro Women Black Family Reunion Celebration
contact: Shiba Freeman Haley, Event Producer
Mahogany Entertainment, Inc. 301-390-8408

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Blogging is a personal publishing format that allows you to be able to have your own platform for sharing your ideas with the world. Reading feedback from visitors is quite rewarding and makes it worth all of the work and effort that goes into producing a quality blog.

But sometimes there are those days that your Mamma warned you about. There are days when life gets to be overwhelming, you’re exhausted and beaten down and the baby needs a new pair of shoes. Sometimes you wonder what the heck you were thinking when you started that blog. What made you think you’d have time to post every day or least every week?

I’ve come up with some tricks and strategies that you can use to develop productive habits, which will allow you to make the most of those little snippets of time in your day to get your blogging tasks done. Please visit my blog to learn some creative ways to keep fresh content on your blog:

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Do you struggle to get clients? And even beyond that does it seem like a mystery
to attract your ideal clients? I'm going to share a few tips that will help you
take the mystery out of attracting your ideal clients.

As a woman entrepreneur you face many challenges and one can be the activity of
keeping clients. Read on for some basic tips on this.

First and fore must you must make a commitment to make time for this activity.
You can’t continue to blame others for your lack of success if you continue to dwell
in the woulda, coulda shoulda zone. Robin Tramble

As Wendy Y Bailey puts it your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.
I know that we at times want to serve all whether they can pay or not but if you’re going
to realize the abundant life and raise your game you need money to advance the Kingdom.
Money is a necessity to build your Empire to manifest your dreams.
So unless you’re not at all serious about this
your ideal client is willing, ready and able to pay.

Now, some of you may be having a problem with this and it could be your mindset.
One mindset shift that you need to make is that I’m worth it. What I have to offer
will change their lives and manifest the results they desire and they will pay for results.

One thing that is critical is to know who it is that your message is to.
You might be saying oh that’s easy women. Well, that’s a little too broad.
That may be your target market but now you need to identify your niche.
Is it women in transition from a career to home? Women who have diabetes and
Want to up-level their life by realizing healthy eating habits and sticking to them?
Women who are stuck and don’t know where to go next in their business development
Etc. ? We’ll do an exercise in the live event in Sacramento, CA
and touch a little on this in the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Boost Camp.

Knowing this will help you attract your ideal client because your marketing language will
speakto them and they will recognize you as the solution to their problem.They will say hey! I need that, she knows what I’m talking about, whatI’m feeling.

How sure are you about your product, service or program? What are the benefits? I’m not
talking about the features. The benefits. Here’s the question they are asking, what does it
do for me? They don’t care about the fact that it’s a great washing machine double capacity etc.
They want to know the benefits “save time” “save money” “you’ll be the envy of your friends” etc.
Knowing who your ideal client is saves you time, saves you money. You won’t waste time advertising
in arenas that your ideal client doesn’t congregate in. Your messages are targeted and instead of
to the masses.

How do you view your self worth? As I was talking to my Women’s Empowerment Inner Circle
Gold Tier group one thing I shared is that your leadership will influence people to follow you.
People follow others when they see a clear sense of purpose.
People will only follow you if they see that you know where you are going. It also stands to
reason that people will follow you if you’re confident and know your self worth. It shows
believe it or not. Your prospect must come to know, know like and trust you
and all of the above plays a role in that.

All of the above and more plays a role in your attracting your ideal client.
Ready to get started on your own? I've given you some basic tips, however,
if you're tired of doing it alone and want support, you know you need
an accountability measure to help kick you into gear then I invite you to connect with me.

I have two opportunities. The Empowerment Gathering live is an electrifying, empowering and Transformational event happening in
Sacramento, CA in August. Seating is limited. Secure your seat here

Second there's the Women's Empowerment and Mindset Breakthrough Online Boost Camp.
Find out more and secure your seat here or check out the fre.e
preview call here.

As always I welcome your comments.
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Here's the money

Hello Philly!!! Here is your VIP invite to learn about an opportunitythat will change your life.Discover how you can start your ownbusiness,capitalize on emerging telecom technologies,energy and earnincredible income!!!

Saturday 10am July 31st join me as my guest @ Dave & Buster's 325N.Columbus Blvd. Phila.,Pa 19106
Call 2672541325 to lock in your VIP seat.
I'll see you there.
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