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Hello BBWO,


I love that Bruno Mars’ song lyric, “I want to be a billionaire so freakin’ bad…”


Do you know it?


Well, before you can be a billionaire, you have to be a millionaire.


Okay… so… how do you do THAT?


Especially if you are a Black Woman who KNOWS she can—someone who is doing ALL the right things, but doesn’t know how to move from good to great, or from great to millionaire?


What if being a Black Woman millionaire were something you could LEARN?


What if you could actually listen to and learn from Black Women in business, education, corporate contracts, technology, sales, speaking, writing, media, and other areas who have already cracked the millionaire code?


(Read enough? Grab your seat here: YOUR


I will go further.


What if you could learn from them at no cost to you in three days, as if you were chatting with your best girlfriend under the dryer at the beauty shop or sipping a glass of white wine in a drawing-room salon in the 1920s?


Sounds nice, right?


Well, look no further. My dear friend and peer, Dr. Venus Opal Reese, has created a revolutionary event that is intimate, quaint, and tailored just for YOU!


In case you haven’t heard, Dr. Venus is known as the “Defy Impossible” expert.


This sister went from being a 16-year-old street urchin to Stanford PhD, and turned her survival into a business-building system that’s made $3 million for her clients in two years!


Dr. Venus knows what it takes to break through inner glass ceilings that limit performance and, by extension, your profit. She is passionate about making sure other sisters know how to monetize their worth into a seven-figure business.


She has gathered 12 Black Women millionaires who pull the curtain back and let their hair down to give you their proven INNER secrets on what it REALLY takes to make millions.

Dr. Venus Opal Reese Presents…

Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon

Inner Secrets from Seven-Figure Sisters so YOU Can Live Your Worth OUT LOUD!

March 5–7, 2014


This 3-day training will change the trajectory of your life! Register now.


Dr. Venus has the uncanny ability to create a safe space for powerful Black Women to open up and tell the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a seven-figure sister.


Here is a sneak peek!


During this virtual salon, you will discover:

  • How “working hard” has NOTHING to do with becoming a Black Woman millionaire. (I know. I was surprised too! Wait until you hear the #1 thing you simply must do if you want to break the seven-figure mark! Priceless.)
  • Specific ways that our sister “millionaires in the making” have actually undermined their ability to break the seven-figure ceiling. (This is real talk! These brilliant and brave sisters tell it all!)
  • Authentic truths about how being a Black Woman millionaire is a very distinct experience—and accomplishment—that is rooted in the history of hurts we have inherited.


(Check out all 12 Black Women millionaires sharing their secrets during this transformational and proven training here:


As a super-successful Black Woman, you are special.


You and I have a specific history we have to navigate internally and externally on a daily basis. The history of hurts we have inherited is robbing us of our emotional and economic freedom.


If you are serious about breaking the seven-figure mark in your business, wouldn’t it be great to learn from sisters who WANT to pour into YOU the knowledge and wisdom they have learned in the real world?


To be frank, you will NEVER get this kind of candor and access from the “country club in-crowd” millionaires—so why spend good money on bad advice?


Invest the time to learn from sisters who are authentically committed to your success.


In fact, when you sign up for this revolutionary event, you will receive an exclusive interview from world-renowned speaker, six-time best-selling author, and featured teacher in the self-development movie and phenomenon, The Secret, Lisa Nichols.


(Your destiny is calling. You would be nuts to miss this training. Click now!


Join us. And think of it this way, on the road to being a billionaire—if Oprah can do it, so can you—cracking the code on your first million is a requisite. So do yourself a favor: learn from sisters who already have…




LaShanda Henry


PS: Pay it forward! Think of two sister friends you know who would benefit from learning Black Women millionaires’ inner secrets to success and forward this email now. (


PPS: Even if you have heard Lisa Nichols speak before—or any of our seven-figure sisters—you haven’t heard THIS. Dr. Venus made it her business to ask the REAL questions! You will be SHOCKED by some of the answers. This is private stuff that you simply will not get ANYWHERE ELSE! Get access now. (

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Today, there are authors of every stripe, from those in time-honored fiction and non-fiction categories to business people and professionals who've learned that writing a quality book is essential to building their brand.

In 2012, Americans self-published more than 391,000 books, according to market research giant Bowker. That's a 400 percent increase since 2007. Also in 2012, traditional publishers released nearly 302,000 titles for a whopping total of nearly 700,000 new books. In one year! With the glut of new books being released each year, promoting just one can feel like a mission impossible.

But just as publishing has democratized, so has getting publicity. Yes, we still have gatekeepers - editors, producers, etc. - guarding access to traditional media, and yes, it's still important to get their attention. But now we have social media to help us do that. With hard work, the right message and some marketing savvy, anyone can potentially build a following large enough for those gatekeepers and their audiences to take notice.

Looking for media attention for your book? Here are three steps to market your book better than before:

  • Establish an online presence and following - ideally long before you've written your book. In the old days, authors crisscrossed the country, their car trunks weighed down with books. They arranged book signings at shops and events in an exhausting effort to get in front of as many potential readers as possible. While some authors still do this, it's a big investment that doesn't offer much in return unless you have a recognizable name. Establishing an online presence with a high-quality website and regular postings on social media is a much more efficient and effective way of connecting with potential readers/buyers.
  • Build a platform that will create a built-in audience for your book. Whether you're a business leader with a book or a fiction author, it's essential that you regularly provide fresh, engaging content to an audience. This is how you build a platform which, as the name suggests, puts you on a stage so others - including the media - can see you. Many writers do this by penning a blog on their website. Some writers host an Internet radio show; professionals using their book as a marketing tool may pay a radio station for a weekly time slot. If you live in a community with public access television, you can even host your own TV show.
  • Form strategic alliances with other authors. Don't think of all of those other authors as the competition; rather, look at them as potential allies. Find authors who appeal to much the same audience as you and who have large followings, and join forces. Just as social media users help one another gain visibility by "liking" posts or "retweeting" tweets, you and your fellow authors can increase exposure for one another. Promote each other on social networks; guest-post on one another's blogs, or participate on their radio and TV shows.

On the one hand, it's wonderful that anyone with a message to share in the form of a book can now do so. Gone are the days of pinning all your dreams on some faceless editor in a New York high-rise.

But as with anything, greater accessibility leads to bigger crowds. If you want to stand out, you'll have to plan a sustained marketing campaign. If your book is a tool to build your business brand, don't worry so much about sales; it will pay for itself in establishing you as an authoritative expert in your industry.

If you hope to establish yourself as a fiction or non-fiction author, plan for long-term marketing even as you get to work on your next book.

Do you have any savvy book marketing tips? Share them in the comments below!


Rochelle Carter is the CEO/ Publisher at Ellechor Media LLC, a company with three publishing imprints and a bookstore. She is the author of The 7-Step Guide To AuthorpreneurshipWrite Success: Inspirational Quotes For The Authorpreneur, and Becoming An Author: Your Quick Start Guide to a Successful Book Launch, three books she put together to help educate and motivate authors based on her experiences with publishing and her own authors.

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Watch & Participate Live On: My Website | SpreeCast | Facebook

Hey ACTIONista!


Calling all my game changers, history makers, movers and's time to make your big ideas happen!

What's the big deal with... creating an online presence that wins you clients, cash and compliments instead of robbing you of your time, money and freedom?

You're a blessing waiting to happen for someone! But, your big ideas are useless if they aren't reaching the people who need it.

So, what's keeping you from being a blessing? Technology? Confusing marketing strategies? Limited reach?

Building a  business online, that makes money and meaning, is not as easy as it used to be. Many of the strategies and tools that turned on the money faucet 5 years or even a year ago either no longer work or aren't as powerful.

The fact is, if you don't commit to building a solid foundation, you will blow with the winds of different marketing trends, and never taste the sweet fruit of sustained results.


That's why I am happy to announce my 1st...

 ActionCast - A Live Stream Mastermind for Shero-Entrepreneurs

Dicover How to Plan & Conquer Your Web Presence

Who Should Attend?

  • Mission driven women entrepreneurs operating as speakers, authors, coaches, mentors or consultants... who are tired of playing Russian Roulette with their online marketing...
  • Sher0-Entrepreneurs looking to launch, relaunch or grow their online business without investing time and money in the wrong places...
  • If building your online business feels like running in water...
  • If you are tired of building a million dollar hard drive and ready to build a million dollar business...

Let's Do IT!


What You'll Launch & Learn:

In this 60 minute interactive live stream mastermind you will learn:

  • What makes up an effective web presence, how good is yours and do you really need one?
  • My secret formula for creating a bankable web presence...
  • The one question to ask and answer that will keep you from getting sucked into the hype that keeps so many webpreneurs stuck and unprofitable...
  • The anatomy of a client-getting, profit-winning web presence...
  • The two tools you must have in place if you are serious about having success online...
  • And much more...

This is an action packed live stream mastermind. So, bring your questions, passion and brilliance!

Watch & Participate Live On: My Website | SpreeCast Facebook
See you there!





P.S. Can't make it live? Be sure to sign up if you can't attend live, for access to the replay. The recording will be repurposed for sale.

Sign up for notifications: 

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When it comes to branding, many people think big brand advertising: Apple, Starbucks and Nike - it's often thought of in terms of companies spending, but dollars, however in the small and independent industry, building a personal brand is just as important for survival. 

Surprisingly,  personal branding is one of those things that is extremely crucial to success in a small industry, but ironically often overlooked.

Listed below are 4 Benefits of building a personal brand in a targeted niche. 

1. Become the Expertise in Your Niche 

Once you've been marketing for a while, producing valuable blog posts, videos, and other content,  before a potential client/prospect even contacts you they will have already been to your website, and all of your social media pages. 

Because information sis so readily available, they'll already have an opinion about you, good or bad, what the potential client/prospect believes depends on how well you've developed you personal brand. 

In other words, your brand can have a huge impact on your conversions, so make sure you  build strong and packed full of value. 

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TweetChat + Q&A Tonight for Women in Business

b4 conference flyer final

Hello BBWO!


Tonight at 8pm EST I am kicking off my B4 Session with a Q&A Twitter Chat! B4 stands for the Big Business on a Bankrupt Budget Tour hosted by Rhonda Nails April 1st. I am one of the speakers and my session will be on Turning Browsers Into Buyers: Building a website that works for you.


To join Rhonda and I for the Twitter Chat Q&A tonight use the hashtag #2014B4tour with @sistasense and @Projectpush. See you then!


Plus click here for details on tonight's webinar - I will be sharing twitter tips for women in business.


LaShanda Henry

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Gail Crowder, Bringing Sexy Back to Marriage


Are Your Ready to Discover How to Light Up Your Stage by "Bringing Sexy Back" to Your Marriage?

Well, you definitely want to listen in today as we talk with SheroEntrepreneuer & Entreprenerial Rock Star, Gail Crowder.

As you know I love, love, love discovering and speaking to brilliant, trailblazing women who  are called to serve a need and fill a void and don't hesitate to answer the call to fill it. My guest today Gail Crowder is no exception.

Happy Mother, Happy Wife, Happy Home, Happy Life!

To me, rocking your stage as a Married Christian Woman is about having proper balance in all areas of your life, a lesson I have learned the hard way for sure. Achieving success in your career or entrepreneurial endeavors, mean nothing if you don't have balance and fulfillment at home. So, it would seem to me that if you are someone who is married, home matters would be important. Specifically when it comes to your spouse.

You want to listen to this conversation if you are:

  • A Married Christian Woman Entrepreneur facing challenges in your marriage that are threatening success in your entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Looking for a way to rekindle the flames of love and intimacy in your marriage
  • Want to be inspired by the story of trail blazing women like Gail who are called to do something great (and not always accepted), so you can find the courage to do the same

Because, in this inspiring and informative 39 minute conversation, you'll discover:

  • 3 practical and powerful ways to not only bring sexy back to your marriage, but success in all other areas of your life
  • The #1 thing you should absolutely do in your marriage to secure it's success
  • How you can join Gail's movement and attend her events to help you reignite the spark in your marriage and success in your life
  • Real talk, candid and practical advice on how to navigate the challenges in your marriage that are too taboo to discuss in traditional churches or christian women conferences
  • And so much more...

Click Here to Listen to "How to Rock Your Stage & Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage"

Click Here to Listen and Learn More


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PRESS Release - Sacramento, CA February 10, 2014

Go For More in 2014!

It’s a sad fact that 50% of resolutions are given up on by February. You can change that.Whether you’re at the beginning of the year or mid year you’ve got to have a plan and move away from traditional resolutions to intentions and commitments attached to effecting goal setting and achievement.

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more. Tony Robbins

It all begins with a decision. God’s gift to you is life and what you do with it is your gift back to Him. Go for more in 2014!

“Before working with Robin in the Make it Happen 30 days of Empowerment Coaching program, I was looking for a coach that could provide some guidance and directions with the goals that I wanted to achieve. After working with Robin I got more clarity on how to break down my goals and focus on the areas that I could strengthen. Then I could identify the areas that I needed to work on more in depth and now I have more confidence in pursuing the goals that I have set for bringing my Vision to reality. Robin has a great positive attitude and knows how to work with her clients to help them achieve maximum results. Thanks for all you do Robin and may God continue to Bless you and the GREAT work you do.” Monique Spence

Whether you want to improve your finances, health, life, relationships, spiritual growth, business or other you owe it to yourself to set aside time to design, create and manifest your ultimate “authentic” lifestyle now!

Are you frustrated with your goal setting endeavors?

Are you dealing with broken focus?

Maybe you’re a Christian woman in business, coach, author or speaker with a great vision but don’t know where to begin with planning and/or how to market your business via online marketing or social media.

Whatever the case may be it’s important that you know that having an overall ‪goal‬ or ‪clarity of vision‬ is vital to ‪success‬.

Is there really any benefit to setting goals?

Setting goals is a very significant part of success and positive accomplishments. People who set goals literally create a map of their target achievements in life, marking where they should begin, where to pause, where to delve a bit, and where and when to stop. Once this map is created, it allows the map drawer to check where he is in the scheme of things and whether or not he is making some achievements that will take him closer to his goals.

All great achievers have goals. You need to know exactly what you are working towards!

Robin Tramble has opened up Free Access to her Dreams Alive Now 30 Day Vision and goals Challenge. Get started here:

About Robin Tramble International
Robin Tramble International is founded by Robin Tramble. Robin empowers busy Christian Women In Business, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers and Authors Who may be frustrated with the slow growth of their business and/or desire to manifest an Extraordinary mindset and healthy internal structure to get unstuck, focused and go BIG while prospering and making a difference in the world “authentically!”

Robin Tramble
Robin Tramble International
Phone: 916.467.9139

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P.E.A.S Magazine February 2014 Edition


P.E.A.S Magazine February 2014 Edition

P.E.A.S Magazine mission, feature the faces of our missing children from state to state, along with details about disappearance, vital statistics, law enforcement contact information. It is very important that our children get as much media attention in locating, every second is critical. Organizations/Individuals who provide services for our children & families play a key role in the community, (Change Agents) P.E.A.S. Magazine strives to feature available resources/events in your area.





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Kenya Halliburton, ACTivator for SHero-Entrepreneurs


Hey ACTIONista!


This is a really special day! The Brand Launch of Home of the ACTION SHero (You'll learn what that means in a minute. ;)...


Now, a bit of an authentic disclaimer :) ...

"The Shero's Layer" a.k.a. "this site" is still under a bit of construction, so bare with a sista.  But, there are some exciting things coming you absolutely won't want to miss!

I am happy to launch my brand spanking new brand and Online Business Mastery Video Series, all designed to equip you with the tools you need build an online business that works for you and the people that need you. Shout out to The BossLady of Branding, Catrice Jackson for making this all possible.

Okay, now let's talk about bossin' your online business...

Listen, I know there is a lot of hocus-pocus going on online and I want to help you get back to what really matters. Keeping up with the "Internet Joneses" will do nothing but leave you broke and frustrated. 


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it, okay? lol


You've got people to serve and a big vision to unveil so, let's get to work, shall we?


Check out this 4 part Online Business Mastery video series there are hidden goodies inside...

In this series you will learn:

  • What it means when I call you names like ACTIOnista and ACTion (S)Hero!(Because you need to know how truly incredible you are)...
  • The top three types of kryptonyte that keeps mission driven SHero-Entrepreneurs like you from making the money and meaning you desire online + how to makes sure it doesn't anymore...
  • What you need to know to master the marketing, messaging and management of your online business so you don't waste time and money...
  • How to get started today creating a business that frees you to do what you love and change the world...

And more...

If you don't see video player below...Click Here to Watch the Videos...



P.S. be sure to share your thoughts with me, I'd love to hear from you!

To Your Success, Joy and Freedom,

Kenya Halliburton

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Honored in sharing "What Extraordinary Looks Like".  Much deserved honor to Ginger Miller & Women Veterans Interactive for their work in helping Women Vets and their families.

BET Networks to donate proceed10744108276?profile=originals of 2014 “BET Honors” to Women Veterans Interactive. This prestigious recognition is already resonating throughout the nation, sending a message of hope and appreciation to women veterans for their service to our country.

Founder/CEO WVI Ginger Miller

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