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Having balance in life is important - spiritually and physically. Let's see what scripture has to say.

Romans 12:102
1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Ephesians 4:23
Romans 8:12-14
1 Corinthians 9:27

Make wise lifestyle choices. Take care of health, (sleep, food, exercise). Learn to enjoy "down time" and appreciate relaxation time with family without feeling guilty.

Dr. Angela Butts Chester
Booking: 562-209-2083

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Mexican Breakfast of champions!


When we run businesses, raise families, target deadlines and aspire to achieve big goals, our bodies often become unwilling victims of our minds' pursuits.  Let's face it, so many of us as women entrepreneurs are blazing trails in our professional lives, but overweight and undernourished in our bodies. It can be difficult to find time to cook food instead of grabbing fast food; to research nutrient-dense ingredients instead of going with what we know; to turn our commitments for more exercise into our daily reality. It is tough, but we are compromising quality of life for quick-fixes, and that is neither physically nor emotionally sustainable.

So, what's a busy woman entrepreneur on the rise to do?

For starters, she can quell her sweet tooth with healthier options, and use that as a segue into healthier habits. Satisfying your sweet tooth without eating unhealthy food is absolutely possible with a bit of creativity when it comes to spending time in the kitchen. If you are an avid cinnamon lover and you want to create a delicious, healthy dessert, there are plenty of options available that are simple and scrumptious. Use the following recipe to capitalize on one particular benefit of Cinnamon--the taste!

Apple Oatmeal

Enjoy cinnamon and apples? Creating your own apple oatmeal can be done for a healthy and satisfying meal. Cut and shred 2 apples, ridding the core. Heat a saucepan and add 1 cup of steel-cut oats, stirring until toasted, which will be approximately 2 minutes. Add water and the apples you have shredded, allowing the mixture to come to a boil. Once the oatmeal has boiled, allow it to simmer for about 10 minutes. Stir the mixture frequently as it simmers.

Cut two additional apples and stir them into the oat mixture after it has simmered for about 10 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon of salt for added flavor. Stir the mixture together and allow it to simmer for another 15 to 20 minutes. Once the oatmeal is thick, hot and mixed together after 15 to 20 minutes you can then serve the result in 4 separate servings. For added flavor, top the oatmeal with 3/4 teaspoon of brown sugar and a couple of tablespoons of flavored yogurt of your choice.

Granola With Cinnamon

When you are craving a delicious granola that includes a spicy cinnamon taste, try make your own from scratch. For this granola recipe you will need:

6 cups rolled oats
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup chopped almonds
1 cup raw, unsalted pepitas
6 tablespoons of canola oil
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (to taste)
1/2 teaspoon salt

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and line a roasting pan with parchment paper. Mix walnuts, almonds, pepitas and oats in a large mixing bowl. Add vanilla, salt, honey, cinnamon, oil and maple syrup in a separate bowl and mix thoroughly. Pour the liquid mixture over the oats and nuts you have prepared and toss. Spread the mixture over the lined pan.

Bake the mixture for approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour, or until browned and lightly golden on top. Stir the mixture each 15 minutes to evenly cook the granola throughout while giving each part of the granola a brown and golden appearance. Allow the mixture to cool completely before serving.

You can serve your freshly-prepared homemade granola in a bowl along with cold milk, topped with your favorite fruit or even in a custom yogurt parfait.

Getting creative in the kitchen doesn't have to take away from the time you spend nurturing your business. Plus, it's a great way to embrace work-life harmony by testing your creative (culinary) boundaries and ramping up on your health! Introduce delicious foods with cinnamon without worrying about processed foods and excessive sugar that can cause health problems. Being smart and making the most out of your dessert recipes will allow you to enjoy delicious foods without sacrificing your health.
Akilah Richards is a Certified Family Life Educator who believes in the power of informed decisions, both in the kitchen and in the conference room, and encourages people to educate themselves on the taste benefit of Cinnamon, and other life-affirming foods, as part of a commitment to holistic health and wellness. Companies like Prograde Nutrition may prove to be helpful resources in affirming that commitment.  

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Steps in Becoming the Best Hair Stylist


When you are inclined in the profession of hair styling, perhaps one of your greatest dreams is to be part of the few yet very good top hair dressers in your country or even in the world. It’s a very difficult journey but not an impossible one. It is not even impossible for those who have no knowledge and zero training at all, for the most important factor to be successful in this field is your determination, commitment, and your very own unique eyes. If it’s possible to be the industry’s leader, where should you start?

1. Start by acquainting yourself with the numerous hair cutting and styling methods and techniques. This would eventually consume bulk of your time. Even when you already consider yourself as a professional, there are still some items to consider and lessons to learn. An aspiring top hair stylist will not progress when there are gaps and omissions in his or her learning curve. Neither can he or she keep up with competition if he or she is unaware of cuts and styles others are offering.

2. Start with a few yet loyal clienteles. Though you would want to be recognized by as many people as possible to be the best hair stylist, it still pays to be patient and let the laws of nature and economics take their course. Concentrate on giving your best shot even with a few clients that you currently have, for the good news (your very good work) will eventually spread out. Instead of allotting your time massively promoting your services elsewhere, just prepare for the load of referrals that your current customers may provide when you get your job done exceptionally.

3. The industry leaders have keen pair of eyes capable of identifying hair styles whether they look good or exceptionally good. They are concentrated on providing the latter. Getting a haircut and hair styling done good means that your work is merely acceptable and is common. Creating an exceptional look suggests that your work is hailed above the average and an exception to what is acceptable, that it is somewhat unique and can only be tagged as your own creation.

4. Bring your imaginations to life. Most of the time, the best hair stylist can already imagine the perfect cut, twists, and curls at the mere instant of seeing the client’s hair. It’s a very good sign of an artistic and skillful mind. Implement all your planned creations however odd-looking they may be. The top hair stylists of today made their mark with the help of their crazy ideas.

5. Search for a good mentor. Aside from the lessons which may be imparted to you, explore more for other ideas. Join seminars and conventions on hair styling. When given an opportunity, seek employment under one of the best hair and fashion stylist in your country or area, even just as an assistant. You will eventually learn some tips and tricks by mere watching and listening.

6. Establish communication or a strong relationship with each of your client. If possible, get to know their personalities and lifestyles. It’s not only a form of excellent customer service but also a chance for you to learn even more.

About Author:

Charlotte Howard is a Celebrity Radio Host, Salon Business Expert, Lifestyle Coach, Hair Artist, Author and Founder of The Hair Artist Association teaching about the power of Beauty!

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Hello? Is it you we're looking for?

If you have a stellar product or service you would like featured in a specialized guide, please join Suite369 on Tuesday, June 20th at 12pm EST for a quick information session. If you can't attend the call live, please register so that you may receive the replay. There will be a drawing amongst live participants... Register here:

Event planners, personal chefs, caterers, bakers, confectioners, tutors, children's book authors, clothing lines & boutiques, vintage retailers, costumers, stylists (hair/wardrobe), make up artists, life/business coaches, photographers, videographers, venue owners, bartenders, novelty item retailers... << this includes you and more.

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In my latest blog post, I share the importance of understanding the difference between a profitable lifestyle versus building wealth. Not that having a profitable lifestyle is bad because it isn't but that we shouldn't confuse the two and that focusing too much on a lifestyle in sacrifice to your wealth journey isn't what our purpose is for. I encourage you to check it out...great food for thought!

While you're checking that out, check out Part II featuring 6-10 of the 10 ways you need to get your personal "Act" together in pursuit of your entrepreneurial success. 


Let's start a dialog! Tell me what you think of these post. How do they relate to your life, do you agree disagree? 

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Are You At Risk Of Being Exposed?

This morning I was awakened way before my scheduled interruption. It was about 4 o'clock AM. After tossing and turning, I was unable to go back to sleep. So me being the person that I am filled with such "bright" ideas, I made the decision to go to the gym. A decision that I have not made in a very, very long time, but this morning I persuaded myself.


While at the Gym, I was to the treadmill, exposed to the elliptical machine, the ab machine, weights, etc.... Well you get the picture, right?


So my question to you today is; Are you at risk of being exposed?


For most of us it is a daunting task to allow ourselves to step outside of our comfort zones. We spend countless hours repeating our same habits and rituals and it doesn't even cross our minds to try something different. Last night after teaching my third class in a three part series, during my Q&A session, several of my students began to share things about themselves and their experiences.


Let me first tell you that my classes are always very diverse. I have all races as well as various types of industries that attend the sessions. During an attempt to better explain his point, one of my students, used the analogy of scuba diving. Immediately other students in my class began to cut in and let him know that they could not relate to what he was talking about. I myself, could not relate either because I have never been scuba diving. I have never been "exposed" to it.  My lack of exposure is based solely on my lack of interest in the sport and not in my lack of ways of exposure.  Sure, I have many friends that take part in the sport on a regular basis, but because it does not interest me....I do not participate.


For the things in life that truly interest me, I have made it a point and a goal to gain as much exposure to them as possible.  It may be by way of surfing the internet, reading books, taking classes, etc.  By any means necessary, I have decided that I will be exposed to the things that interest me most. Your source exposure depends heavily upon you and your actions.


Now for many, they have interests that they have not even begun to act upon even though a way of exposure is directly put into their paths.  It's easy to find an excuse or a way to remain in the same position rather than to step out of the comfort zone and change lanes.  It's time to release yourself of your fears and allow yourself to be exposed.


The time for change is now.  Change doesn't happen until you make the decision to change and exhort the energy needed to make it happen.  Stop using the same old habits to try and make a new ending.  It is not going to happen.  You must travel a new route on your path to a new ending. 


Here's a few tips; on your way home from work, try another route.  You may discover that it may get you there quicker.  If you are used to wearing a certain color palette, switch to one that you have been afraid to try.  You may discover that those colors accent you alot better than the ones you've been comfortable with in the past.  If you and your family don't all sit down to eat dinner at the same time, try to set a time and a place for everyone to sit down and eat together for a couple of days out of the week.  You may discover some things about each other that you did not know. If you don't go outside of a 10 mile radius of your home for your regular errands and leisure... try going at least past a 20 mile radius... you may find a new restaurant or store that you can now call your favorite.  I'm sure that you get my point.


Stop being afraid of being exposed to bigger and better things.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Open yourself up to view the world in a different light.  They say that you don't miss anything that you never had...but I beg to differ.  It is definitely possible to miss out on the finer things in life because you are too afraid to branch out and take advantage of what this world has to offer. 


Open yourself up to being exposed....


Visit my BLOG for more tips and inspiration.


Randa Johnson

"Helping You Brand the Best You"

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Sexy Fine

This blog has a two fold initiative. The first one is about being a woman that illuminates great beauty from the inside out. The woman that stands tall even though only 4 feet high. This first initiative is about keeping the the outside matching the beauty inside. The second initiative calls forth the wife who keeps looking the same as she did when she first got married.Neither of these is the everyday woman. This is not the woman who has birthed four children, works a 9-5 and tries to keep home. This is the woman who has a great support system, values herself as much as she values her relationship with the LORD and really, really is that Proverbs 31 woman.This woman is sexy fine. This woman has beauty and brains, and really knows how to keep it together without losing heart or hope.We all can have this, but we have to put forth an effort. What is the effort?First of all, knowing that we are missing a small point of the mark is the main effort. As women we want people to accept us the way we are, which is fine, but when we worked hard to get our husbands, we should work hard to keep them. When we took the time to educate ourselves to get our degree, we should educate ourselves to keep our businesses.Sexy fine is more than just the beauty on the outside, it's everything that makes us who we are. We value ourselves. We love ourselves. God made us unique. There has to be a point where we say enough is enough, I need to eat right, I need to exercise,and I need to obtain better knowledge that will take me far.That is the second part of the effort. We have to DO.1. Acknowledge2. DoHow can you move forward in this and go the extra mile for yourself? Connect with a business and lifestyle coach that has more of your best interest at heart. A coach that continuously finds doors that GOD has already opened and urges you to go through them. The effort comes in the research not just the investment. You have to know that you want to be sexy fine! Do you want to be sexy fine inside out? Work it out with ME Coach DANA...It's not about what I get but what I can give you . I can put in the effort to push YOU forward in business and in life.I offer business classes, weekly motivational moments, exercise clubs and healthy snacks. Coach Dana never falls short of what you need, when you need it.Let us work on you being SEXY FINE..inside and out!888-718-1066 ext 0 (Coach Dana is a division of C.K.Q. LLC)
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My Hair Moisturizing Video

Hi everyone the above video is to show the progress that my hair has made since I last showed it to you. I have used nothing on my hair but my products since the big cut, and as you can see my products are doing well. They work very well and give me the results I wish to achieve. Natural hair is very beautiful once you know how to take care of it. As you can see my hair does not have the little balls of hair at the end...if you are seeing this you need to change your products, because your hair is not getting the moisture it needs. And another thing that you should not see is the fuzzy should see either curls or waves not a mixture of fuzz, curls and waves. And this can be caused by the products you may be using, not covering properly at night before bed, using just water to wet the hair and grease. If you are using just water on your natural hair...this is a no no, just water alone will dry your ends (I will post my hair spritzer soon, if you would like to order please send an email to I mentioned in the video Aloe Vera Gel to put on your hair, aloe vera gel will moisturized your hair almost instantly (make sure to use the one without alcohol and coloring make sure that it is pure). The other product that I use along with the aloe vera gel is the optimum 3 in 1 oil (in the yellow bottle this is a very good products) this works very well in keeping the hair moisturized. Other hair gels makes the hair hard and dry and easy to break. Remember love your hair, and it will love you back. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, please feel free to do so.


Don't start your hair care program without My Glory Hair Care Products. For natural and relaxed hair.

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Learn Fabulous Marketing Tip for Wahm's

Ladies helping moms grow their business is what personal development and coaching is all about. One of the best forms of marketing idea and its totally free is Writing a Press Release. I know your thinking but my business is small right now and I am doing it part time and at home. Put that thought aside because this tecnique works for all entrepreneur's especially you and therefore extremely powerful!

You can write a press release for just about anything going on in your business that you’d like others to know . Think about it. Anything new that's happening in your business is news worthy. Here are a few examples of press release material:

  • A new employee, partner or association
  • Grand Openings
  • Special Discounts
  • Charitable Functions you are sponsoring or participating in
  • A new product or service
  • Receiving an Award
  • A Big Sale
  • Business Anniversaries or other Milestones

You see how awesome and exciting this could be for your business. I bet you have plenty of news to tell your prospects and clients. Therefore, I hope this triggers your list and add more for you to market and help grow your business. Stay tune for more marketing tips and examples of a press release.

Here's to your success!!

Marlene McCray

Lifestyle Expert @

Marlene McCray, MS is an Adjunct Faculty member, Success Coach and Compass Representative. After years in academia, her passion and committment focuses now on inspiring and empowering women to live their life on purpose as well as the opportunity to work at home in their own Compass business. Email:

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Following my "core" so I can stay at home.

Well in case you have not been keeping up I am going in a different direction.

I still would like to help parents who stay at home or parents who want to stay at home but for me to continue to stay at home I needed to make some changes. So this site will follow more of what I am at my core and how I can help you do the same if you would like. A post to come at some future time would be of the money spent trying to be who I am not and market what is not my core, “core” being what I would do if time and money were not an issue.

My parent are from the south and a generation that lived the true home economics class; from gardening and flowers-lake-300x200.jpgcanning to sewing and cooking from scratch. I do know that a lot of that rubbed off on me. So that is what I am up to and that is what I will be talking about how to do, when
to do and maybe even where to do. I do not profess to be an expert on any of this but am willing to share what I come across and my successes and failures. I would love for you to chime in whenever you have an idea or technique that you think might work.

As summer is coming up, my focus will be more on gardening and the outside projects. Once fall comes around, I will focus on attempts to update the inside of the home or prep for the garden, etc.

I have added a store which shows some of the resources that I have utilized in my attempts. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them. In an attempt to update more
regularly, posts may be short but hopefully informative. Take care.

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A Career With Soul Purpose

In this tough economy we all could use a second job to supplement our present income. If the thought of owning your own business while gaining financial security has been weighing on your mind, then read on. We are aware that your money may be tight right now and you may be working with an even tighter budget. But what would you say if we told you that there is a company that you could affiliate with which is devoted to empowering the lives of men and women. Soul Purpose is a lifestyle company that has been successfully enhancing lives with our line of personal care products and our network marketing strategies. When you decide to choose Soul Purpose as your source for income, you are actually getting the best of both worlds since the company is affiliated with Youngevity Life Sciences which is a wellness company. Together they are a force to be reckoned with.

A career as a Soul Purpose entrepreneur gives you the luxury of selling a myriad of products that cater to your body, mind and soul. We have an impressive line of skin care products that run the gamut of body butters, lotions, body washes, body scrubs and scented solids. Use our products and bath-time would never be the same again. By using our line of products your bathroom is immediately transformed into an exclusive spa where casual bath-time is no longer welcomed. Here our products take you through a journey through senses as you explore products that represent some of the most exotic countries in the world. Lather your loofer and awash your body with the romantic scents of Brazilian Jackfruit, Hawaii Tuberose and our new Mango Passion scents. Titillate the body with our Haitian Vetiver Pepper or put some spice in your life with our Caribbean Ginger. Scrub away dead cells with our effective body scrubs line and complete the scent package by applying our on-the-go fragrance solids at your pulse points. We also sell a variety of soy candles which double as massage oils.

If you are considering the business aspect of Soul Purpose you would be happy to know that the products sell themselves. People try and they immediately buy. As a lifestyle entrepreneur you have the choice of not only sharing our line of products but you can also share the products with others and build a team while you are at it.

There are several recruiting options to choose from which range from $35 to $350. An online presence is imperative these days for any business and you will be given a website with a back office filled with enough information to get your business off the ground. In addition, the back office also contains tastefully designed e-cards and marketing publication that you can readily set up and email to your prospective clients and business partners.

Next time we will take a look at our Men’s Line.

If you set and ready to go in this business let me congratulate you on making the right decision and the first step to financial freedom. Feel free to contact me for more information.

LaKeisha Hankins


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If you’re like most people, each year, you lay out your strategic plan for living healthier. Once the year starts, the plan starts to change. Despite the best intentions, you can't always anticipate how life’s challenges, demands, obligations and relationships will change what you’ve outlined for implementing healthier lifestyle habits. So, what’s the solution for staying on track in 2010? You have to lay out a general plan but also have a targeted lifestyle infrastructure in place. That’s what you’ll need to make sure you’re able to adapt as internal and external priorities and initiatives change.For those times when you become overwhelmed and frustrated with thoughts, feelings and activities that revolve around a busy schedule, a stressful job, a contract that ended unexpectedly or didn’t materialize, a ministry that is stalled, the rumors of job layoffs, an unfulfilled relationship, a pending divorce, the memories of an unresolved past, a medical condition, and/or a mountain of bills to contend with–you must have a strategic plan in place that addresses them without impacting your follow-through. If you don’t, the idea of eating healthier and exercising will inevitably and continuously be placed on the back burner. There will never be enough time in the day to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal, get a sufficient amount of sleep, drink the appropriate levels of water, or get that much needed annual physical examination.Now is the time for you to sit down at your kitchen table and focus your attention on how you’re going to maintain consistency with living healthier in 2010. The road to a healthier you begins with the following four tasks: (1) conducting a self-examination of those things that challenged you in 2009, (2) developing a strategic plan for how you’re going to align living healthier with new pursuits and challenges, (3) implementing your strategic plan that outlines specific goals, and (4) routinely conducting a self-evaluation to identify areas for improvement. You must proactively leverage your living healthier initiatives to protect your strategic plan from the threats presented by life’s uncertainties and distractions.One of the most important transactions you’ll make in 2010 will be to develop, and implement your strategic plan, and to evaluate it routinely to ensure you remain focused on achieving your healthy living goals all year long.This health and fitness message is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.
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Reaching the niche of women of color, who are large consumers of beauty and health products, is a desire of many companies. Cris Simone has created a bridge between the two, was launched January 2009, and inspires its audience to address their health and wellness and work/life balance by shaping their discerning tastes in the best of health, wellness and beauty practices; interviewing well-known experts and busy professional women who share insight on how they live a premier lifestyle; providing insider tips on fabulous products and services; and by participating in wellness events.“Cris Simone conducts biweekly giveaways of the best beauty products on the market,” says Dr. Christine Thorpe, co-founder. “We also secure special promotions from fabulous spas, salons and fitness facilities for our readers.”(To read more, visit

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According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease (primarily heart disease and stroke), cancer, and diabetes are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. They are considered preventable because they are tied to our lifestyle choices. Choices that we have the power to control.Each waking day our lives are filled with messages that cause us to think about and encourage us to live healthier. We see them on T.V., hear them on the radio, read them in the newspaper or our favorite magazines – they even pop up while we’re surfing the Internet. And there’s a reason why these messages are so prevalent. It’s because our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, our states and our nation are saturated with disease and illness that have our healthcare system in a financial bind.The CDC states that the medical care costs of people with chronic diseases account for more than 75% of the nation’s $2 trillion medical care costs. The bottom is, we all have the power of choice and it’s our responsibility to implement it not only for ourselves, but for those in our lives, to include the neighborhoods, communities, states and nation that our unhealthy lifestyles will impact.So, how are you going to respond to these messages? You see them. You hear them. They’re everywhere. Hopefully, you’ll respond by implementing change in your life. For months during President Obama’s campaign trail, we heard a message that resonated throughout this country. ‘Yes we can!’ It was a statement of possibility, a statement of hope, a statement that caused us all to believe. Well, that statement doesn’t have to end with President Obama’s campaign trail. You can make it your own by saying ‘Yes I can!’ You can even add to it and say, ‘Yes, I can change and make better choices!’Our leaders are working on legislation to help families make ends meet, as well as to address not only our economy and other issues, but our healthcare crisis. With all of the changes that are underway, though, it’s critical that we do our part. And we can start with our health and fitness.Just think about the following comment I recently heard from a lady. ‘I never made the connection of my lifestyle habits and the healthcare crisis until recently. Now, I think about my father who recently had a massive heart attack that costs somebody – Medicare, insurance company, etc. – over $150,000. I think about the costs associated with my debilitating arthritis which primarily stems from my excess body weight. I think about my cousin’s stroke that caused paralysis on her left side. I think more and more about how our unhealthy lifestyle habits were contributing factors that led to our health predicaments.’Take the time to figure out how you’re going to respond to the messages you’re seeing and hearing. Yes, you can change!This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Destined to Live Healthier and Imagine Living Healthier. For general health and fitness questions, please feel free to visit or email Coach Collins at
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Have You Heard of Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company?View our Soul Purpose Lifestyles Company online catalog: more information about this amazing company visit:http://www.4mybodyandsoul.comHi, my name is LaKeisha Baker; I am business owner with Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company. Become a Soul Purpose LifeStyle Entrepreneur Today!Please visit us and get to know about the Soul Purpose business opportunity and our fantastic product line and income potential.To hear our recorded business opportunity call and product testimonials visit: http://www.businessopportunitycall.infoAs a socially-responsible direct selling company, Soul Purpose will redefine empowerment in support of fulfilling individual purpose and vision through the marketing of exquisite, quality products illuminating body, beauty, style and person at a time.Soul Purpose offers high quality, nature-based treatments for everyday bath and beauty care, aromatherapy preparations, home accents and motivational products. The Soul Purpose Lifestyle collection is the collaboration of an international network of product developers, perfumers, herbalists, musicians, graphic designers and writers. There will also be collaboration with women's cooperatives in Northern Ghana to provide wild crafted shea butter and honey for use in the new product line as well cooperatives in India and Vietnam.THE MISSION:Through the development and marketing of highly differentiated, natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products; SoulPurpose is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources to empower people (with a focus on African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women). Our goal is to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain viable socially-responsible businesses that will create wealth, stimulate growth and revitalize minority and other communities across the country and globally.A CEO & FOUNDER WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF EMPOWERMENT:Blessed with 10 years of direct selling experience, a unique flare for product development and marketing; and an authentic passion for empowerment, Nadine Thompson has branched out from her previous role as President and CEO of a multi-million dollar network marketing company to begin Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company. Her commitment is to build a socially-responsible and sustainable direct selling company with a mission of creating empowering business opportunities for women of color. Read her story: http://www.nadinethompson.comA UNIQUE COMPENSATION PLAN:Soul Purpose will offer a unique compensation plan, unseen and unmatched in the industry of network marketing and direct sales.This unique selling proposition is strengthened by the fact that all members of this community will also have an opportunity to become shareholders in the enterprise. With Soul Purpose's new marketing and compensation plan, wealth and profits will recycle directly back into the households and communities of its stakeholders.Start today for $35! Contact Me or Visit the website: http:/www.soulpurpose.comLaKeisha Baker ~ Lifestyle Entrepreneur ~ YNGSP201316The products are amazing from the Perfume EssenceScents, Body Custards, Body Lotions, Shea Body Butter, HandLotions/Polish/ Wash, Soy Candles, Foot Spa and so much more. Visit our website about this amazing company that was started in 2007 and the vision behind our founder of Soul Purpose Nadine Thompson.Please contact me with serious inquiries only!
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At a time when the world is reeling from the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, most people are experiencing an economic recession that will undoubtedly have an impact on their lives in 2009. Each day we hear about companies failing, industries needing government assistance, retailers struggling, increased joblessness, housing foreclosures, and more. Even more overwhelming and frustrating are our daily thoughts, feelings and activities that revolve around a busy schedule, a stalled business, a stressful job, a contract that ended unexpectedly or didn’t materialize, the rumors of job layoffs, an unfulfilled relationship, a pending divorce, the memories of an unresolved past, a medical condition, a mountain of bills, and so much more. All of which have the potential to stifle our desires and intentions to implement and/or sustain healthier lifestyle habits. So, how do you plan to address your desire to live healthier in the midst of a life full of hassles, demands, obligations, and uncertainty? Which lifestyle habits will you try to spend more time on? What will you decrease spending on to live healthier?As you began to sift through those thoughts and feelings about how your life has been and will be impacted by the state of the world and your personal circumstances, and those actions you intend to modify in 2009, don’t put off evaluating those related to healthier lifestyle habits. It’s no secret that when you have so many feelings, thoughts, interests, and activities vying your attention, the idea of exercising or eating healthier will inevitably and continuously be placed on the back burner. There is never time enough time in the day to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal, get a sufficient amount of sleep, drink the appropriate levels of water, or get that much needed annual physical examination. Are you one of those people?Now is the time for you to sit down at your kitchen table and focus on how you’re going to achieve the following three important tasks related to living healthier: (1) conduct a self-examination of those things that challenge you everyday, (2) develop a plan for how you’re going to align living healthier with your pursuits and challenges, and (3) implement your plan that will help to alleviate a continuum of poor lifestyle choices. The one thing you have to your advantage is the power of choice; taking responsibility for your actions and learning that your faith, determination, and perseverance are necessary for overcoming your challenges, rearranging your priorities, and embracing healthier lifestyle habits. One of the most important transactions you’ll make in 2009 will be to live healthier in the midst of it all.This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs.Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Imagine Living Healthier and Destined to Live Healthier, two entertaining and inspiring books that uses fictional stories to illuminate familiar patterns and truths about common lifestyle habits. For more information about Bridgette L. Collins (Coach Collins) and her books, go to
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Live a life of Self-care

What is a Self Caring Lifestyle?Self Care is exactly what it sounds like. It is the caring for self. It's not being selfish. It's being aware of the fact that you can't give what you don't have. If you have no sense of self and how to love on self than how do you expect to give it to others. I had to learn this. I put all my time and effort into my children and my family that I took no time to just work on me. This made me stressed out, irritable and just not the joyful person that God wants and expects me to be. It carries over into every aspect of your life. It's a journey not to go back, but well worth it. When you are being your best then you can give your best. You're a better mother, a better mate, friend, sister; you are just a better person.Self care is about more than tending to the physical, which can be getting your hair or nails done.It's about more than grooming. Self care emcompases the Mind, Body, and Spirit. When you choose to take part in activities that nurture, renew and fortify all three of these elements of self, than you are not only practicing but living a Self Caring Lifestyle. Self Care takes care of the inside as well as the outside, it's a lifestyle not a hobby.We'll take a further look at what needs to be present and the steps we can take to begin our journey to a Self Care Lifestyle.Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (NIV)Imagine Life...Be Empowered...Live on Purpose!DaphneYour Self-care Sistah / Lifestyle
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Want an anti-aging solution?

Great, Eshe has the answer by offering wonderful nature-based products by Soul Purpose.Soul Purpose is constantly looking for healthy additives and new ways to bring you the benefits of anti-aging without the use of harsh chemicals. To that end we have partnered with our manufacturers to deliver these healthy natural extracts in a viable way to our entrepreneurs and customers. We cannot say enough about the cancer fighting benefits of Vitamin D and the superior antioxidant blend of our exclusive extract blend which includes Acai berry, Oregon grape, red wine and green tea. The benefits of Acai berry, Oregon grape, and red wine polyphenols are related to reducing inflammation which is the key to anti-aging,and lowering levels of free radicals.Not only will your skin smell and feel great, you’ll also look great!Try them for yourself!Visit with me: www.MYESHE.webs.comShop with me: www.ESHE.soulpurpose.netBlog with me: www.DIVAWITHSOUL.blogspot.comImagine Life...Be Empowered...Live on PURPOSE!
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The statue of Dr. Martin Luther King stands tall at City Hall in San Bernardino, Ca.
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