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5LINX Business Opportunity

The 5LINX mission is to provide a unique marketing opportunity that allows individuals to attain the quality of life they have always strived for. Qualities like: more time for family, no limits on your ability to earn, and the freedom to create success on your own schedule.

5LINX is a premier network marketing company offering consumers a wide range of products and services. Our company is at the forefront of the latest technologies in the telecommunications and wireless industries. In addition to our fantastic products 5LINX offers our Independent Representatives continual training by some of the most recognized experts in the industry!

5LINX was built upon five fundamental principles:

Ø Vision - A vision of the opportunity in communications

Ø Integrity - All of our associates can hold their heads high with the knowledge that they are providing the best products and services available

Ø Opportunity - The opportunity to grow without limits

Ø Freedom - The freedom to make your own success on your own schedule

Ø Success - As defined by YOU (more quality time with your family, unlimited financial opportunity, helping others achieve success, etc.)

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AAMBC presents: The AAMBC National Meeting a southern literary eventthat will be held June 13-14 2009. The event will be held at theRadisson Hotel in downtown San Antonio near the beautiful andhistorical river walk.This event will cater to the AAMBC organization, many fellow bookclubs across the nation, and new and seasoned authors throughout theUnited States. You will experience a family oriented atmosphere and asocial gathering that will build great connections with nationallyrecognized and locally recognized authors and publishers.The AAMBC, which stands for African Americans on the Move Book Club,is a highly anticipated literary event that will bring readers andauthors together for a more personal meeting. You will experiencegreat food, music, book signings, and build new relationships in thecity of San Antonio.Register today:Early Registration $ 100, AAMBC Members $ 90Deadline April 12th, 2009Late Registration: $ 125 AAMBC Members $ 110Deadline May 15th, 2009Payments can be made with 50% down to reserve a spot.AAMBC MEMBERS WITH A CURRENT PAID MEMBERSHIP OF THREE MONTHS CANREGISTER AT THE AAMBC MEMBER RATE……..The registration pays for the entire event for food, drinks, slumberparty, award ceremony, workshops, for guest speaker events, meet andgreet dinner, and the book lover's breakfast.Registration can be fully refunded before March 15th, 2009, andpartial refunds will be given until April 15th, 2009. No refunds willbe given on registration after April 15th, 2009.Make check payments payable to AAMBC and mail into 2210 blake rd, SanAntonio, TX 78236, make pay pal payments to adda $4 pay pal processing fee.Visit for more info.Visit to vote for this years nominees.
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I used to be you. They snatched us and took us away from the land of our mothers. They raped and pillaged the minds of our brothers. They carried us like famished stocks of cattle and flocks of dehydrated and malnourished pheasant. But yet you forget. Why do you look at me that way like I chose to come here? Why must I walk around with my head down, drenched in guilt and shame. I was the one who was deprived of wearing my father’s birth name. I didn’t want to leave you, I had no choice. I didn’t speak the language, I had no voice. Stop veering at me with those eyes of hate. It has been so long but I will never forget the date. The time when I had my arms stretched screaming your name, asking you to come and save me. They held you back and closed their eyes, they did not want to see or even think of my demise. We floated in waters unknown. We heard creatures with unfamiliar tones. We departed from the only people we had known. We cried and screamed but no one was listening. No longer Kings and Queens, animals we would now be known. I didn’t want to leave you; that you must know. Instead of staring at me like I am some stranger, embrace me while we feel the wind blow. Tell me that you remember my eyes, they never changed. Even though my skin is lighter, don’t you still know my name? I am you and you are me. We are brother and sister, we are family. Look within, and remember that even though my DNA is a little different now, I am your kin. I carried a bow and you packed the arrows. You made the spear and I fetched the water. Don’t you remember me, I am your daughter. Our ancestors carry the same name; I knew you before the history books made their fame. We would run through tall grass of green, we would lie down and seek the stars. I might have left you but look in your heart, I didn’t go far. I have always been with you and you with me. They could not change what has always been, we are blood, so One we will always be. “African American” is now what they call me.Literary ThoughtCopyright 2008
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Bail Your Own Self Out

The Economic Message of the Century: Bail Yourself Out

Yesterday, I posted an in depth analysis of how the Emergency (which really isn't an emergency) Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is affecting "real" small businesses. After yesterday's failed vote on the Act, and after listening to President Bush speak a few minutes ago, the post is even more relevant today. Together, the Act, the vote and the President's morning message point inevitably to one conclusion: you can and should bail yourself out.


Neither you nor I can expect the federal government alone to protect and defend our economic interests. That's true now, and it was true a century ago. Each one of us must climb his own group of stairs, pause at the top and begin to fly under the power of our own economic potential. Here's why you are your own best bail out plan, and what you can do now to start soaring.

1. Don't Panic.

Wall Street is panicking. President Bush is panicking. Maybe even some of your friends and family members are panicking. Don't follow suit. If you have to retreat from the television pundits, debates and talking heads to keep your cool, then do that. Take a deep breath, call on your faith, assess your personal situation and potential and take reasoned, determined steps to move forward in your own life.

More than ever, this reasoned assessment must include starting a business of your own.

2. Start a Business Today. In a segment on this morning's CNN program, the reporter cited a statistic that, between 1974 and 2007, the average income for American males declined 12%. No self-respecting man, whether or not he has a family, can look at that statistic and risk that a traditional job will secure his future. You have to have a business of your own.

I don't care if you start by selling old books out of your attic on ebay, and make a $2 profit. You have to start somewhere. Look around you, there are tons of options. Farrah Gray started selling painted rocks to school friends when he was six years old. Today, he's a successful business man. And look at Oprah. You can create your own brand of success, and you don't have to sell rocks. And you don't have to become mega-wealthy like Oprah.

Why? Because you have technology. If you don't have access to the Internet in your home, then your neighbor does, or your local library does. And yes, you may just have to take the bus there after you get off work. Remember, you have to be your own bail out plan. No one is going to do it for you. Use technology to use social media of all kinds to connect with others. You'll be amazed at the business opportunities that will come you way.

Want more options? Go down the street and offer to mow someone's lawn. Run errands for busy executives. Get a retail sales certificate from your state, buy some bagged potato chips from a wholesaler and sell them to executives downtown. These particular options may not be realistic options for you, but that's no reason not to create some that are.

Think. Think about what is at your disposal. Think about friends and family members who will help and encourage you. And don't tell me you have no options. Farrah started with rocks and no matter where you live, you can always find some of those.

3. Train Your Children to Be Entrepreneurs.

Part of responsible parenting today includes training your children to be entrepreneurs. Of course, we must also teach them to do well in school, graduate, go to college and get a job. But that's only the beginning. They have to know what to do if they lose that job, that is, if they are lucky enough to have one. Make it so that, when your child loses a job, she can come home, open up her laptop, check her shopping cart and make a plan to expand her own empire.

Does your tween have a cell phone of her own? A computer? A text messaging device? Make it a condition of continued use that she pay for it herself. If that doesn't encourage her to adopt an entrepreneurial spirit, nothing will. Believe me, she'll be selling homemade lip balm in no time.

Encourage your teen children to offer babysitting services more frequently and explain to them that the money goes in savings or to pay down any family household debt if that's an area of challenge for your family. The family that grinds together binds together. Train your children to use their skills, talents and areas of expertise to serve others in exchange for a fair sum of money. And then train them to be frugal with every penny so that, even if the financial world is collapsing, the adverse effects on them are minimal.

I'm not talking about becoming a loose canon here, and jumping at the first multi-level marketing opportunity you can find. I'm talking about investing your time and energy in something that you own. I'm talking about a brand of your own.

Every American simply must make it a point to have a stream of income that he or she controls. And we must wean ourselves off of using OPM to make ends meet. That is the only way to avoid being at the mercy of an economy that is rapidly changing, and frankly, not changing in favor of the common American.

Regardless of whether the new Act passes, in its current form or in another form, the handwriting is on the wall. Don't panic. Start a business today. Teach your children to start businesses. This is the ultimate bail out plan, the one that you implement on your own terms. The one you control. The one you love. The one no one can take away from you.

What do you think?

I quit my very well paying job in a Fortune 500 company over a decade ago because working with large companies taught me that business ownership is the key to economic independence for all Americans. Thanks to technology, it's more accessible than ever. But you have to stop watching all the panic on CNN and everywhere else. We all know how bad it is. Turn the television off and start bailing. I did it and let me tell you, my journey has been anything but a piece of cake. If I can do it, so can you. So, are you ready? I've got my bucket and I'm right her with you. Let's roll up our sleeves and start bailing together!

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Time Management and Business

I've been out of commission for the past few days now I am playing catch-up, however I was able to think about how I always running short of hours during the day. Time can be a great thief when we are operating our own businesses. It sneaks up on you and what seems like yesterday is actually three months ago. We tend to focus on getting to the next level in our respective businesses that we forget to sit back, and just chew the fat. If we decide to do just that we can probably be of more use to one another, exchange ideas and perhaps reach bartering arrangements.Now, since I am one of the main culprits of mismanaging time, I decided to step back and see what it is I can do to turn this around, so that time works in my favor. Some of the things I've come up with are:1) First and foremost admit to your problem that I AM A TIME WASTER!! Only then can you begin to solve your problem.2) Create a "Time Management Plan" and make every effort to follow it. (There will be times of course when you will need to do things outside of the plan due to the unforeseen emergencies, but it should be followed on a regular basis.3) Decide on what your hours of operation of business are going to be and stick to it. (Do not think that just because you run a small or home business that you should be working 24x7)4) Take some "YOU TIME!!! If you are serious about becoming successful, you must step away from your business life to develop a personal life. It could be a weekly nail salon trip or spa where you will be pampered, but whatever you decide, do it for your own mental health and well-being...(You will actually work better under pressure and stay healthier)5) Unless it's a newsworthy show such as the Presidential Debate, "TURN OFF THE TV!!! Your favorite show personalities has their lives in order and are pulling in the green to prove it. They didn't become successful by constantly turning on the television and trying to divide their time between business planning and watching reality TV.We have all joined Online Network groups, but do we use our time wisely when interacting with others? Do we even bother to check in at least once a week to catch up and offer encouragement to each other. A network group can only enrich our lines if used properly and to actually go online and communicate with others. So yes, in my time management plan I have scheduled some online networking time to determine what is going on with others and see what I can learn as well as pass on any words of wisdom that might come from me.Holla back at me and remember a life that is time managed well is a successful
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What If

What if?By Marion L. JonesWhat ifI had one eye, would I take it off of Him?That one eye looks the other way towards the world of sin.All the pity partying that you do.Won’t help you in the long run, you still be you.What ifI had no money and my mind is telling me to take the easy way to make it.That it’s only lead to death, destruction, and jail with your own new carbon steel bracelet.What ifYour children acting up, you just throw in the towel and say “I don’t care anymore.”They are stealing from you to get high, cussing you out. You too scared to go old school and knock them to floor.The leaders of the churches is not who they claim to be.Having affairs, doing their on things, or more about what’s in the offering plate.Not interested in saving souls but when the church is going to buy him a new car for other Pastors to see.Hmmm makes you think huh?Now here’s the kickerWhat ifThe Lord had turn His back on us?Went screaming and hollering to the cross and said “It’s not worth the fuss.Never was born to die and live again, where you would be?Totally in the dark, no even a flashlight with not a thing to see.I’m included in this poem too,He’s telling me to step up my game, my family and you.What ifYou give thanks to the Almighty God for what He’s done thus far.He’ll never leave you nor forsake you, even if He has to put you behind bars.Drop to your knees; go to your secret place. But nevertheless, shut the door.He has a blessing for you in stored.What ifYou just get one on one with Him today. It’s not too late.His hands are open wide; all you have to do is take hold.This day could be your last, might not see another sunrise, you just won’t awake.Then it will be too late.What if… The time is NOWCopyright 9/28/08 MLJ Recovery
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Items Added / 50% Off sale

Hello Everyone,I just wanted to let you know that Stylz 4 a DIVA as added several new items to our website and we are having a 50% Off sale. For more information visit youStylz 4 a DIVAp.s We do not charge sales tax :)
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The Vision of TraVerus

For those of you that have just been introduced to TraVerus Travel please understand that David Manning has a vision far bigger than you can imagine. Would you like to know the Vision of TraVerus to understand where we are going?Many times people get involved in network marketing companies hoping and looking for that get rich quick program. I can say there certainly are a few but the key for me is building that residual income to receive those checks in the mail month after month after month. The get rich quick programs run their momentum then they stop and so does the money.After being involved with TraVerus Travel I have been truly blessed to receive those monthly residual checks because I could see the vision and didn't give up. Trust me it took hard work and lots and lots of time talking to like minded people who had the same desire as I have. TraVerus Travel truly is a great opportunity and I pray you too can see the vision and join my team working together. It Takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work!Teresa CannonRegional Executive202-327-0312Great Travel Deals!TraVerus Travel
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World's Largest Cruise Nite

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT:Margaret SalmondLets Get Away Travel (866) 920-8693 GET AWAY TRAVEL TO HOST VIRTUAL EVENT DURING NATIONWIDE “WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE NIGHT” PROMOTIONOakland, CA, September 24, 2008 – On October 16, 2008 Margaret Salmond of Lets Get Away Travel, travel division of Lexus Events, will join thousands of cruise-selling travel agents in the World’s Largest Cruise Night, an exciting event in which travel agencies across North America band together to provide consumers with a world of information on cruise vacations.If they choose, prospective cruise guests don’t even have to leave the comforts of home to participate! New this year, Lets Get Away Travel is hosting a “Virtual” World’s Largest Cruise Night. By entering the Web page, consumers can learn about cruising online. Lets Get Away Travel has chosen several short videos showcasing the exciting offerings and destinations from participating CLIA member lines. For convenience, the Web page will be live until the end of the month.World’s Largest Cruise Night (WLCN) is the highlight of October’s National Cruise Vacation Month, the once-a-year period during which travel agencies across North America sponsor exciting events and promotions all focused on cruising – the most enjoyable, satisfying and value-oriented vacation option available in today’s marketplace.WLCN 2008 will feature simultaneous celebrations occurring around the U.S. and Canada to share the good news of the cruise vacation lifestyle with millions of vacationers.Lets Get Away Travel is one of over 15,000 North American travel agency members of CLIA, Who’s 24 member lines represent 97% of the cruise berths marketed in North America. According to CLIA statistics, the wide majority of travelers - about 90% - book cruises through travel agencies, and for good reason: agents excel at finding the perfect cruise to match their clients’ vacation needs, lifestyle and budget. CLIA’s certified cruise counselors are the cruise industry’s premiere professionals, providing the best service and value for your vacation dollar.For more information or to book your cruise vacation, contact Margaret of Lets Get Away Travel at (866) 920-8693 or
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Any Authors looking for an interview and book ad?

Hello FriendsI wanted to let all authors know that From A Writers POV is offering Book Ads with interviews for $15.If you are an author who is looking to do an interview and have full page Book Ad about you and your book, check us out.We also have a $25 Book Ad where you can advertise up to 4 books for your ad. Your ad will stay on our site for one full edition and your picture could be posted on our homepage for everyone to see.Contact us here: if you are interested!Also, just one last day for publishing companies, editorial services and review services to advertise their business. If you have a company that you think would fall under these categories, please contact us here: look forward to hearing from you!Dominique
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Bad Bailout!!

How the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 Affects "Real" Small Businesses

Yesterday, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services released the text of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. I spent a few hours reading through it and I have some thoughts. In a nutshell, the Act allows the United States Secretary of the Treasury to establish a Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) pursuant to which it can purchase the "troubled assets" of certain financial institutions. It also creates a new regulatory body, the Office of Financial Stability, within the Treasury Department, the purpose of which is to implement TARP. You can view a section-by-section summary of the Act here. (PDF)


While I am glad to see that, under the Act, the actions of regulators would be subject to review by federal courts, and also that the Act includes some provisions to help home buyers and (on paper anyway) prevent the corporate elite who started all of these problems from enjoying windfall profits, I can't help but note that this is not really an emergency. An emergency is unforeseen, yet we've been watching this happen for years. And lawmakers have done nothing until now. Calling it am "emergency" does not excuse any of them, or the millionaires who are at the heart of this debacle, from the consequences they should (but will not likely) face. Regardless of whether we "must" act now, and in this way, I am very troubled by this piece of legislation from a policy perspective, particularly as it affects Indie Business owners. Here's why.

Small Business in the United States of America

The US Small Business Administration allows certain businesses to be defined as "small" so that they can take advantage of various set-aside programs and benefits that theoretically ensure that they can get their fair share of government contracts, minority set asides and other opportunities. The amount of revenue a "small" business can generate and still qualify as "small" varies depending on the industry.

A sheep farmer, for example, is "small" if he grosses $750,000 or less a year. That's a lot of money to most people. Other companies can make endless millions of dollars without limit so long as they have only a certain number of employees. In practice, this has amounted to the mis-classifying of "employees" as "independent contractors" by multi-billion dollar companies so they can take advantage of more government contracts.

So you see, "small" is not really small in America.

America's Real Small Businesses

The true definition of small business is represented by an important and growing segment of our economy that is often overlooked. They are what I call "Indie Businesses" and I am proud to be counted among their number. We are making substantial contributions, yet not grossing anywhere near what the US government calls "small."

Indie Business owners are a subset of the larger category of "small" business owners. We are a sort of cross between consumers and business owners. We are consumer business owners if you will.

Many of us maintain traditional jobs as we also own and manage our businesses. Many of us are also the primary home managers and caregivers to our children. Some of us leave the traditional workforce so we can be more accessible to our children while they are young, yet we must continue to make a financial contribution to the family, so we work at home or in a location close to home so we can do both.

There was a time when we were mainly women who were also mothers, but lately, our ranks have swelled to include men who are fathers, and on a larger scale, people in general who seek an alternative to the limitations that come along with pursuing a traditional career path. My educated guess based on nearly 15 years of work in this field leads me to believe that our annual income ranges from $0 and $2 or $3M a year on the high end -- nowhere near the average annual gross receipts of a "small" business as defined by our government.

Now, The Bailout

It is against this backdrop that we must assess the current economic bailout. Let's look at the big picture. The US Department of Treasury's stated mission is to "serve the American people and strengthen national security by managing the US Government's finances effectively, promoting economic growth and stability, and ensuring the safety, soundness, and security of the US and international financial systems." So let's start with that. Buying out failed mortgage brokers because the Secretary of the Treasury thinks it's a good idea does not manage taxpayer money effectively. That's reason enough to vote against this bailout plan.

How the Bailout is Affecting Indie Business Owners

The bailout sends hard working Indie Business owners the wrong policy message. Government exists to support and encourage policies that allow us to live the "American dream," whatever that means to us. But bailing out large companies by simply buying them with our money, after watching their leaders make one poor business decision after another for years, underscores the fact that, in America, you can wisely invest your money in your business all you want, and the government will still find a way to put your assets at risk.

Credit is already nearly impossible to come by for our kind of businesses. Most Indie Businesses are owned by women who, no matter the size of the business they own, already have a hard time procuring business loans and venture capital investments. Our only real option is to bootstrap our ventures with credit cards while holding down a full-time job. We do this for years hoping that the business will eventually support us so we can exit the traditional workforce and continue to pursue our dream full-time.

Some members of the Indie Beauty Network have told me, for example, that their attempts to purchase manufacturing supplies using credit cards through Wachovia (one of the failing financial institutions) are being declined even though they have credit on the card, are not even close to maxing it out and have not missed any payments. I'm sure that will continue. How can they run their manufacturing businesses if they can't purchase supplies?

This bailout plan creates a climate that is decidedly unfriendly to Indie Business owners who are managing our nation's real small businesses. In addition, we are running our homes, trying to find gas (in Charlotte, NC where I live, most stations have none!) and raising children to thrive in a world where business ownership is a necessity and not an option as technology replaces the jobs that are not shipped overseas. We are making significant contributions to our nation's economy, while also working to secure our futures and the futures of our children.

This bailout is demoralizing and distasteful. It sends the message to Indie Business owners that unethical business practices are overlooked and rewarded. We live in a nation where traditional jobs are drying up by the millions. We must have our own businesses to be comfortable and to be empowered to provide a strong launching pad for our children. We are leaving no stone unturned in order to do that. Yet, our credit options are fizzling out as our need to be profitable increases literally by the hour.

This new law is the next chapter in the saga of the incestuous relationship that multi-million dollar business leaders have with lawmakers and regulators. I have nothing against multi-million dollar corporations. I buy from them and benefit from their products and services every day. Big businesses, just like small and Indie ones, have no personality in and of themselves. They do nothing on their own. Their actions are dictated by the leaders who manage them. The problem is not big businesses. The problem is the people who lead them.

And it is these people, along with our representatives in Congress, who have created a framework that is broken and intolerable. It is up to us to rise up and do something about it.

How the Bailout Will Affect Future Indie Business Owners

I have come to the realization that, bad policy though it may be, this bailout is a done deal for one reason and one reason alone.

We simply have no choice in the matter.

The success of American business (both large, small and Indie) rests in large part on our global credibility, and the principle that hard, honest work is rewarded. That if you create a business that generates a profit by behaving ethically and providing valuable products and services, your tenacity and innovation will be recognized and celebrated. That is foundational to our economy.

The government's purchase of worthless financial related assets for years to come, with money it does not have shakes that foundation to its core, makes a mockery of desirable ethical business practices, and discourages average Americans from going to the trouble of taking on any business risk at all. Again, this is devastating in a world where business ownership is not an option. It is a necessity.

And yet, there are no other viable options to this bailout. The alternative of course is to let these big mortgage giants solve their own problems. That's a lousy option considering that the people who would be solving the problems have already proven themselves to be grossly irresponsible and greedy. On the other hand, a bailout proves that deregulation does not work, and that is already a huge problem for Indie Business owners.


Deregulation and lack of effective, honest regulatory oversight at all levels of the financial sector is a large part of the reason why financial institutions are failing. This is recognized by both the Republican and the Democratic party presidential candidates. (Chuck Baldwin, running on the Constitutional Party ticket, favors almost no regulation at all, a position with which I do not agree.)

So what does this mean? Well, the pendulum will probably swing back to -- you guessed it -- unnecessary and burdensome regulation. And more regulation hurts Indie Business owners the most. Even though we do not contribute to the problem, we will be saddled with the red tape, increased fees and overbearing bureaucracy.

This is already happening in the food and cosmetics arenas. The US Committee of Energy & Commerce is now considering new legislation that would force food and cosmetics manufacturers, regardless of size, to pay from $2,000 to $12,000 in annual registration fees and comply with a mountain of paperwork. The FDA Globalization Act of 2008 would put thousands of Indie Business owner in these sectors out of business, and prevent millions more from starting. Those wonderful organic handmade moisturizing soaps you buy? Gone. The tasty holiday cookies you get from your local market? Gone. This is but one example of how increased regulation will hurt all of us. (More on this draft law with a video and a Petition you can sign to oppose the law is here.

Indie Business owners want to do our part to bolster the American economy, and we are doing so by introducing innovative products and services, increasing competition across all sectors of the economy, ramping up American exports and keeping prices for products and services accessible to the vast majority of Americans. Bailing out fat cats is countering our best efforts in all of these areas, including our best efforts to make a contribution while also securing our futures and the futures of our children.

Future Generations

I believe that entrepreneurship is the next great civil and equal rights issue of our time.

We must work to create an environment where our children and their children can launch, own and manage businesses without fear of excessive government bureaucracy, or so little oversight that we find ourselves in a situation like this again.

The states can do a lot to support businesses where they are, but if the federal government does not create an overall framework that allows Indies to flourish, future generations are in big trouble.

The saddest part of the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 and the unethical practices that gave rise to it, is not that my and your business are adversely affected, but that our children's opportunities to own profitable businesses are adversely affected. It's hard enough to start a business today, even with adequate capital and good credit. What will it be like for the next generation?

Will my children and theirs be saddled with fallout from this week's activities on Capitol Hill? It is inexcusable that the rush to "solve" this problem is going to give rise to another one. That is, that future generations, no matter how hard or smart they work to build a lasting business legacy, will see those legacies constantly at risk of being demolished at worst and undercut at best, by the very government that is duty-bound to protect, defend and support them.

What do you think?

Last week, I touched based with several Indies who are interested in joining me in Washington, DC shortly after the new president is inaugurated to make our position known where it counts: at the White House and on Capitol Hill. I have started the process of obtaining a permit to allow us to congregate in LaFayette Park across the street from the White House so our new president will know that we want to be a part of the political process, and so the media can have an opportunity to hear our stories.

If I get positive feedback in the comments section of this blog post, I will invest the time and my own personal resources to make this happen. What will you do? Join me? Tell your friends? I need to hear from you!

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On Tuesday 30th September, I will be interviewing Mia Morris of Wellplaced Consultancy and Black History Month UK. Mia will give us the background to BHM UK (which falls in October) and tell us what we can look forward to in 2008. She is also publishing a new free Black History newspaper. Plus Emmanuel Amevor of Centerprise will tell us about the forthcoming Wordpower International Black Literature Festival.I hope you can join us. The show goes out at 8:00 p.m.UK time on Tuesday. Click here to listen and please ring in with any questions or comments you may have.
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When I was younger I posed the following question to myself after watching a commercial for a show called The Lifestyles of the rich and famous (Why couldn't five people from that show pool a percentage of their millions of dollars together(instead of buying frivolous items of no value) and help victims of different disasters or feed and offer jobs to people from 20 - 30 homeless shelters. I quickly found out the answer to be that a majority of rich people are not interested in things like that unless it is for recognition or a tax write off. From that point on, I know that I wanted to be materially and spiritually wealthy and self sufficient so that I could teach others to do the same.As I mentioned in in an earlier topic, I lived with my parents during my college years in order to save money to buy my own home. I attended college part-time while I worked full-time. I also received a cash settlement for a car accident that I was in. I was able to save 20,000 while I was at my with my parents. I used part of it to purchase a duplex where I stayed on one side with my foster children/teenagers and rented out the other side. While I quickly found out that they were not interested, I want to mentor and give them an opportunity for their lives rather than continue to be pushed down in the system. I eventually invested the rest of the money in other pieces of property during the no money down period in California.After I moved from California to New York, I continued to buy property. I successfully bought and sold 2 million dollars worth of property. Because of the downturn in the Real Estate market I decided to liquidate the houses and start investing in Antique furniture,paintings, silver, porcelain, glass, and lighting(lamps, gasoliers, etc). While I no longer have the property and headache of mortgages, I have a collection comparable to some of the collections found in museums. More importantly, I own this collection free and clear. It includes some rare works from several Hudson river artist such as Albert Bierstadt, William Trost Richards, and Thomas Hill. Their paintings have sold for over 1 million dollars. A rare civil war painting is also part of the collection. There is also a watercolor by the very famous artist, Maurice Prendergast. his paintings average over $100,000. His paintings in question are still extremely valuable.After sleeping on a mattress on the floor, for a short period of time(instead of buying a bed that would depreciate in value), I bought a very rare aesthetic movement, burl walnut Victorian bed. The rest of my bedroom is filled with period Victorian furniture of similar style, and equal or superior value. After investing in paintings and furniture I started investing in coin silver and sterling. The two coin silver goblets posted in an earlier topic are by E.A. Tyler. He has a southern silversmith. Because of the mass destruction in the south during the civil war, any pre civil war furniture, silver, paintings, etc are worth more money than the average items. With that being said, the two goblets alone are worth $10,000-$15,000. The Civil war painting mentioned earlier is one of the gems of my collection and is worth $75,000-$100,000 if not more. Again it is rare and one of a kind. Moving back to the coin silver, I also bought a Peter Krider creamer, a 19th century Philadelphia silversmith. The coin silver flatware that I have is a rare pattern called "Prince Albert". I needed plates, saucers, cups, etc. so I invested in a pattern called "Flow Blue", which is worth $3,000-$5,000. Later on, I purchased items such as rugs/carpets, lighting, etc, adding thousands of dollars to my collection.When I moved South, I proceeded to take walks with my son and look for abandoned property in good or great neighborhoods. My quest to own property outright has now completed my portfolio. At the age of 32, I am able to stay at home and raise my son, while helping others to do the same. None of these blessings would be possible without the help and guidance of YHWH.I felt the need to share my story for those of you who are single mothers/fathers and young men and women. I was not granted, nor did I want the opportunity of marrying a rich man when I was very young.. I had to work hard with little sleep from the age of 19-28 years old. At one period I was working 2 jobs and still going to school. At 28 I got married ; had my son; and decided that I did not want to be a mother that had to send him to a babysitter or school everyday while I worked outside the house. At that point I started to release as many financial obligations that I had. Meaning, I wanted. to stop and was tired of paying unnecessary bills. It was time to liquidate my property. I also cashed out all of the stocks that I had. In summary, the money from my old portfolio was invested into a new portfolio of tangible assets. The bank does not own my collection and Real Estate. I own them free and clear.I have mentioned items by name to employ you to do your own research. You can use the Internet and purchase books and magazines on Antiques, Fine Art, and Decorative Arts. The books themselves will be your first investment since any books on antiques are considered collector items as well. Become an expert in at least one area but do not limit your collection to just one thing. This is a very bad idea because if that one thing goes down in value everything that you own will depreciate as well. Remember that while you go to sleep at night the items are increasing in value. When you wake up your items are increasing in value. When you leave your job to take a vacation for a week your items are increasing in value. Each year the value of a dollar decreases in value your collection does the opposite and increases in value. This is a creative form of residual income. By the end of the year my net worth will quadrupoled. Between both his parents, one set of his grandparents, and one of his aunts, my 3 year old son's net worth is in excess of 1 million dollars. We are teaching him the principles that wealth is to be used to be a blessing to others, not lavished solely on yourself. We are not going to give away our son's inheritance, but we will help anyone interested to reach the same level of success that we enjoy. You may contact me at Have a blessed week.Shalom,Tamar
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The real estate market can be tricky, but at the same time filled with so much opportunity for wealth. Unfortunately you have to be very careful with your purchase or you could end up being another victim of the increasing foreclosure rate in the U.S. There's your average two income family($75,000 - 100,000) who both work hard to keep their mortgage paid each month on their home. Year one ends with thousands of dollars invested in their home. Eventually year four comes along and thousands of more dollars are paid toward their interest accruing loan. Year five comes along and one or both of the income earners gets laid off. Soon, they can't keep up with payments and lose their home in a foreclosure. I quickly learned as a multiple property owner in California that the bank is not your friend. Ironically I hear people talking about job security. What about home security? It is wonderful not to have the burden of paying on a note or rent every month. We own 4 pieces of properties out right, with no mortgages, which includes 1 commercial property. By the end of this year those property numbers will be 8 total and 2 commercial, and still no mortgages.Owning property without a mortgage is not hard, but in most cases it is not easy. By this I mean, no one is going to walk up and give you their house in most cases. It does take work and persistence, but it is possible. I recently purchased a house for $100. The previous owner was in a another state and did not want to deal with the burden of taking care of it any more. Yes, the house needs a lot of work but the homes on either side of my $100 house worth over $100,000, and have been appraised as such.While that was a special case, there are still a lot of homes especially on the east coast that are under $50,000. I am very perplexed as to why people rent. With a little discipline the renters here can own their homes in 1-2 years or less. Scriptually we are only suppose to have loans for 7 years or less. Unfortunately we have been brainwashed into believing that it is ok to have a 15 year or 30 year mortgage and that it is an investment. The truth is that when the loan is paid off all of the thousands of dollars that have been invested would eventually be a wash with the depreciating dollar. By this I mean, let's say you purchase a home with $200,000 30 year mortgage. At the end of the 30 years, you would have paid approximately 600,000 plus on average, to pay off the mortgage. Your house will be worth about $600,000. So your house has really tripled in value, unfortunately you paid $600,000 to own it. Not $200,000. There are ways around this. There are many ways of creative financing out there. For example land contracts are popular on the east coast. With land contracts you pay the owner directly every month instead of the bank. In most cases you can pay the property off within 7 years if you arrange it correctly. Or, you can do what I like to do, which is to find an abandoned house that has a lot of potential, but needs work, and contact the owner directly to see if you can work out a great deal.For those that find them selves in a house that has appreciated significantly [by 100,000 or more], this would be the perfect opportunity for that person or family to sell it and take the money to buy another home outright. There are a lot of people in West Virginia who are from New York. They moved from one state where they were struggling, working hard every day to keep up from being left behind or stepped on, to a state where they can live like a king and queen in a big house.This week's challenge is to look at your mortgage or rent statement, and figure out if you are benefiting from having a mortgage or renting, or if it is holding you back. You can do this by calculating how much money you are spending each year to rent or buy your house. Use the example above(purchasing a home for $200,000) to compare to your current situation. If you are having trouble figuring out what to do next, please contact me( Todah (Thank-you) for reading this blog and have a blessed rest of the week.Shalom,Tamar
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New Books by Joan Cartwright

This link will take you to new books by Joan Cartwright and more. ., view this video that I was a part of visit my non-profit site for WOMEN IN JAZZ SOUTH FLORIDA, INC.your membership is welcomed. Then, join our network
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( -- Legislation introduced by Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-IA) would establish a national program to assure the safety of fresh produce.The introduction of the Fresh Produce Safety Act comes one year after the biggest recall of fresh produce in American history, when spinach contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 sickened 205 people. More than 100 of those were hospitalized, and at least three people died. And just this week, Dole is recalling romaine salad mix after Canadian tests came back positive for E. coli.The nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest says that after a year's worth of hearings in both the Senate and the House, it is time for Congress to act."Americans should be consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables; instead we are scanning our refrigerators looking for bags to discard," said CSPI food safety director Caroline Smith DeWaal. "These continuing outbreaks and recalls are eroding Americans" confidence in fresh produce. It's time for a food safety system that applies the same scrutiny to our farms as we have for other high-risk products like meat and poultry."Read The Full Article at:
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