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Talking to Your Cold Market

A couple of weeks ago, I had a great team meeting led by my business partners, which just so happen  to be my distinguished parents, Dr. Jerome and Cheryl Garrison.  My father spoke about how to approach someone and talk to your cold market  and I wanted to share this effective way to get more prospects or get connected with someone that can give you hot referrals for your business! My father studied these strategies from Network Marketing Gurus such as Bob Schmidt and Zig Ziglar and shared them with our team:

There are 3 things you need to find out when speaking to a prospective business partner or customer:

1. Find out who they are by using the PIN strategy (which we'll get to in a sec)

2. Find out when they can talk again

3. Decide what type of client they would be:  Business Partner, Customer, or New Friend


1.When considering opening up your market and approaching people you see when you're out  grocery shopping, or at the mall, or even at the gas station, there are several things you need to consider. First, you should probably be in a good mood and have a great attitude. You should be ready to present yourself with confidence and great knowledge and love for you business! IF and only IF you see someone who fits in the prior categories should you use this strategy. The PIN:


P= Personal

You need to find out about the person. Go up and introduce yourself. Edify the person and give them a compliment. For example say, "I couldn't help but notice how sharp you looked, how nice your makeup was, how firm your handshake was". Then ask them about themselves. What do they do for a living? Do they have a family? Do they work long hours?



Find out what their hobbies are. What do they like to do for fun? These questions are building trust and allowing your future prospect to trust you and become more comfortable talking to you.



Find out what their needs are. What MORE are they looking for in life? (NOTE: Some people are very content with their lifestyle. Whether it be stressing from check-to-check or spending more hours working, away from family or no vacations to make more money, "to each is own".)  You could ask them, if you could change 1 thing about their life or career, what would it be?


2.After using the PIN strategy find out when and how would be a great time to reconnect with them, contingent on if the person and conversation went well, of course. You might ask something like, " Do you keep your income options open? I would love to share with you what I do", or " I enjoyed talking to you, I would like to talk to you more about what I do and how it might help you, when would be a great time to meet up with you again?" or even " Do you have a card or number so we can connect again?"


3.Keep in mind that while you're talking to people you should be thinking of the categories and figuring out where they would fit in. Would they be a:

 Business Partner: Do they seem industrious, would go the extra mile, are they influential, are they a good communicator, are they open-minded, are they warm and easy to talk to, do you think they're reliable person? 

Customer: Do they have a need for new makeup or have health issues you might be able to help them with? Do they like to throw parties? Do they like candles? Etc.

New friend: Believe it or not, most people might end up in this category. But if you think about it, what's wrong with having a new friend? Especially  if they already own business, you could help each other out.

So, there you have it, some strategies you can use when speaking to a brand new person or what we call someone in your cold market. Speaking to new people can expand your business greatly. You never know who you can come across and what they can help you do. So, consider it!




If you need help staying focused and motivated to be the best you and gain a profitable business to increase your finances let me help you. Subscribe to my blog today and receive a FREE 30 minute consultation and 1 follow-up appointment. ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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Wanna find out how I failed miserably at starting my multi-million dollar business back in 2009? I got the biggest wake-up call of my life when it came to starting a business and growing it to the six and seven figure mark. What do you think is the REAL reason many business won't ever make it or surpass that level? I share it here in my recent blog post.


Talk to me, leave me your comments in the blog, let's begin pushing past GO!


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images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSG6wvmY3233161kMTXpCBsPiQ5yJ9i_F6RBEVlt4fZ3FyPAbGo3w&__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1314706097789That was actually what I told myself after I planned a webinar for my new program launching soon.

So since 2008, I've been consulting privately with small business owners helping them craft business models that have helped them reach and exceed the million-dollar mark, pitch million dollar business ideas to investors and just become better business people. In 2010 I decided to stop private consulting though and started working on my own million-dollar vision. So far so good.

Over the course of 18 months I've been heavily using social media, I've begin to notice the need for many business women in particular who could use my expertise so it seemed natural that now I get back into private consulting but this time virtually. So I decided to host a free webinar to introduce my platform and knowledge and to truly add my value to the entrepreneurship conversation.

Making a long story short, the original goal of the program was to give high value content away for 60 minutes and completely free and then do a follow-up webinar with even MORE high content and charge $37. And then a series of follow-up marketing strategies. People were signing up and getting so excited about both webinars, and even paying the fee and enlisting others to join. I created a discount package and everything. It was working but something about it though felt just WRONG!



Sure I know the marketing experts would say “well maybe you didn’t go about it the right way” and yes I noticed a few things, but what made me NOT want to move forward with a different strategy to sell was the fact that I didn’t “feel” right selling $37 product.

Even though I knew what I was offering was worth $300,000 or more in potential for the attendees, it felt like I was nickeling and diming and it just felt wrong. I knew that I could easily earn a modest monthly salary off just one webinar, but it felt like I was excerting the wrong energy looking to see how many people registered, if I’d met my profit goals, would I put another announcement out, etc. Yes all the things you should do if you’re launching a product but all the effort I put into it for just a few thousand dollars felt a waste of energy when I knew ultimately what the attendees needed I had to offer them and no I couldn’t offer it for $37 even if 100,000 ppl registered.



In short, my ego had a major clash with my self-worth and value. And I would argue that many of you solo-preneurs, coaches, infopreneurs, etc have had the same issue (well maybe after this blog post you will). Where my self-worth which has been developed to what it is to day after 15 years was saying “Katrina just give it way please dahling, you don’t need to nickel and dime for quick cash” my ego was saying “but this is good stuff! I need to charge for this are you kidding me??? I’m not going to miss an opportunity to make $3000 in one hour” but here’s the thing, that methodology which I KNEW at the time was against what I truly believed is what many solopreneurs subscribe to. It’s what I call the survival mode or the “me” mode. It’s difficult to see yourself as powerful beyond measure, you’ve just figure out how to get comfortable working for yourself. Now you have to start thinking about millions? Me? All I have is just my brain power and a few skills.


Continue the blog by reading here.

And while you're there, grab my FREE ebook!

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PhotobucketFrequently Asked QuestionsDo you carry 100% Human Hair?Yes, our hair is 100% Human Hair. There are NO Synthetic Fibers. All hair comes from the place of origin stated.How much hair do I need?Most individuals need two packs (8ounces) of hair if they are planning to leave none of their hair out. For those clients who like to blend extensions with their own hair only one pack is needed.Can I straighten the Curly or Wavy Hair?Yes you can! All of our Remy hair products can be treated as your normal hair. Feel free to wash, straighten and curl the hair to the style you desire.How long does the hair last?All of our Hair is good to be reused for six months to one year! Think of the money saved by not having to constantly buy new hair!Why buy Hair from Ego Extensions?Our company specializes in supplying the Best Premium hair to all our customers. The hair is unprocessed, no silicone coating or any other harsh chemicals causing stripping of its cuticles.What is Machine "Wefted" Hair?It is loose hair that has a weft sewn by a machine. This type of hair is widely used for weaving. It is sewn or bonded (with hair glue) into a track ready for the weaving process.Can I color the hair?Yes, although it is recommended that this only is done with the darker colors. If coloring is performed, but it is recommended that the hair is bleached to make the desired color versus adding dye.
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ere in Atlanta we’ve been back to school for a few weeks, however I know that across the country we are still in the midst of the kiddies getting back to the books. Like the kids many business owners slack off during the summer months, so September is officially “Back to Business”.

In addition, as a coach & consultant one of my roles is to be a resource to my customers. Because small businesses are my target market I also like to support them wherever I can. So my focus for the month of September is promoting YOU!

I will be featuring 20 small businesses the last 20 days of September. If you are interested in being featured you have to pitch me on why my customers and followers should be interested in your business. So here are the guidelines:

Who Qualifies

  • Small businesses who employ less than 3 full-time employees
  • B2B businesses whose target market is start-ups and small businesses
  • Operating solely within the United States

What You Get

  • Your interview will be featured on our blog September 11 – September 30
  • Your business will be promoted via Facebook & Twitter
  • Linkback to your website (Great for SEO)
  • Links to up to 3 social media profiles
  • Category Exclusivity (No more than 2 businesses in any one area)

How to Pitch!

In 50 words or less give me your best pitch on how your business can help my customers and why you should be featured. All pitches must be received no later than Midnight EST on September 4, 2011. Submit your entries:

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The Professional's POV Week

The Professional’s POV week is a week where one professional in one area of work will be talked about, displayed, advertised and interviewed during the week.

Each day throughout the week, that person will be displayed in a different way. Blogs, articles, interviews, ads for their website, business etc.

This week happens once a month with just one person. The week gives the professional the chance to get more exposure and talk about their business and profession. It also gives our readers the opportunity to get additional information on that particular field, ask questions and read up on that person. Professionals can inquire but only one person will be picked.

We are however, looking for professionals in the literary field that our readers can benefit from.

To inquire please email us at

Subject: Professionals Week

1. What is your name?

2. What is your profession?

3. Provide a website for your business.

4. Give us a little detail on yourself as a professional

5. How long have you been in business?

6. How does your business help the author/writer?

7. What do you expect to gain from Professional’s Week?

8. Please include a bio (written in 3rd person only)

9. Please include a headshot (only) picture of yourself


From a Writer’s POV Staff

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How Are You Marketing Your Business?

Today, the key to any business is MARKETING.  In order to promote or advertise your products and services, you need to get traffic, and a great marketing tool that puts you on the cutting edge of doing that.


If you're ready to take your business to the next level and BRAND yourself as well, check out what I'm using for my business. I hope you enjoy the video below and I look forward to talking with you soon!



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Recently, a friend told me about a negative incident she had while dining at a large restaurant chain. Her waitress was very rude and inattentive. By the time her meal arrived, her colleague had finished eating. The last straw was realizing her steak was prepared wrong. Angrily, she took out her I Phone and sent out a tweet to her followers about her experience. Minutes later, she received an apology from the restaurant’s general manager; the cost of her meal was waived; and she was given a $100 gift certificate for a future visit. Imagine if that restaurant chain didn’t have a social media presence? What you don’t know can harm you!


It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Benjamin Franklin


Do you know what people are saying about you, your business or brand? Whether you are managing one or all, your online reputation is extremely important.


According to a recent study at Forrester Customer Experience Forum, a single negative comment using a social media platform, can equate to a loss of 30 potential clients. Can your business afford such a loss? If the answer is NO, then read on for tools and tips:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry 100% Human Hair?

Yes, our hair is 100% Human Hair. There are NO Synthetic Fibers. All hair comes from the place of origin stated.

How much hair do I need?

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How long does the hair last?

All of our Hair is good to be reused for six months to one year! Think of the money saved by not having to constantly buy new hair!

Why buy Hair from Ego Extensions?

Our company specializes in supplying the Best Premium hair to all our customers. The hair is unprocessed, no silicone coating or any other harsh chemicals causing stripping of its cuticles.

What is Machine "Wefted" Hair?

It is loose hair that has a weft sewn by a machine. This type of hair is widely used for weaving. It is sewn or bonded (with hair glue) into a track ready for the weaving process.

Can I color the hair?

Yes, although it is recommended that this only is done with the darker colors. If coloring is performed, but it is recommended that the hair is bleached to make the desired color versus adding dye.

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How To Market Online As An Expert

There are obviously many different marketing strategies that everyone is trying to leverage on the internet. I am going to share with you here the top 4 marketing strategies that are being used by super affiliate marketers and website owners, and entrepreneurs that have achieved great success with these strategies.

Video Marketing - You can quickly and easily use video in your own marketing to generate a ton of sales on the internet. It's a lot easier than most people think and you don't even have to appear in a single video if you don't want to. Most marketers are clueless when it comes to truly utilizing the power of video marketing.

Pay Per Click - Using Google AdWords or AdBrite is definitely a great way to get a ton of traffic and make a ton of money at the same time. You have to learn how to use PPC in a way that doesn't break your bank account though. Do not just open an account with Google and start placing ads until you know exactly what will work and what wont work. I recommend first learning these strategies from an online training program like Maverick Money Makers.

Press Releases - This is an area in marketing online that people simply do not talk much about. The reason is because they frankly do not know how to write powerful press releases themselves! One press release alone can give you thousands of dollars in sales on any product over time.

Social Networking - Social networking has exploded in the past few years. Start out with one of the top 3 like Twitter, Facebook and Forums. The best way to get started with social networking is not to spam. Be a positive contributor and share information with others and provide valuable information to your friends and followers. People will want to get to know you better when you are sincere and honest.

Being an expert at marketing online is not that hard, it just requires knowledge, and action. Don't waste money on ineffective advertising,

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Basics for Marketing Your Home Business

Essentially, home business marketing is just like marketing for big businesses. In order for your business to be successful, you need to make money. For your business to make money, you need sales. To make or increase sales, you need to market your product or service effectively.

It's important to understand some basic marketing terms so you'll know how to go about finding customers and prospects and how to secure their business. Whether you personally perform all of your home business marketing tasks or have someone else perform them for you, at least you'll understand what's going on and why it may or may not be important.

Marketing Terms for Home Business
Home business marketing activities may include public relations, market research, collateral publication and distribution, along with strategy and analysis. Positioning, branding, distribution and advertising are also a big part of marketing activities for most businesses, and home business are no exception. Here are some basic definitions to get you started: •Public relations – may consist of a variety of activities engaged in by organizations or celebrities that are intended to promote a positive relationship or image with their customers and prospective customers (members of the public). Public relations activities may include maintaining relationships with the media and establishing a visible presence at trade shows and other public or private events. It may also include the preparation and distribution of press releases, which are newsworthy articles intended to be published in the media for the purpose of showcasing the company's activities to the public.

Press releases - newsworthy articles intended to be published in the media for the purpose of showcasing the company's activities to the public. Often considered an effective form of "free" advertising, although it may cost some money to hire someone to write the article and/or pay to distribute it over the news wires.

Market Research – the activities undertaken by an organization to determine the nature of its customers and competitors, as well as the demand for its products or services along with the features that customers prefer in similar products or services. These activities may include customer surveys, business intelligence and test marketing the reaction to a product or service being offered.

Marketing collateral - a collection of marketing communications materials used as part of an organization's marketing strategy. Marketing collateral might include brochures, data sheets that provide an overview of the features of a product or service (often a technical overview), and white papers, which are articles or reports written to showcase an organization's products or services, the effectiveness of the technology behind them, and/or a comparison of the organization's products, services or method of operating compared to its competitors.

Positioning – techniques used in marketing intended to identify the place or position of an organization's product or service within its target market compared to its competition. These techniques are used to influence and/or reinforce certain perceptions that customers and prospects have of the product or service. Once an organization is able to identify how it wants its customers to perceive its product or service, marketing activities can be focused on achieving the desired results. Understand your competitive advantage.

Branding - is the organization's representation of what it stands for, often based on cumulative impressions and positive reinforcement. Like a cattle brand, a business brand can be identified readily and is used for increased awareness of the business. Branding is used throughout the company, such as in its logo, stationery, business cards, on its web site and in its tagline. A great example of effective branding is the Nike "swoosh" logo because it's instantly recognizable around the world.

•Distribution - is the mixture of methods used to get your product or service to its customers. For example, you may need to decide if you will sell your products through a catalog, on the Internet, in a brick and mortar store, or a combination of these. Understanding the best methods or channels for how your product or service is distributed is important for maximizing your sales. Your decisions in this area will greatly impact your other marketing activities.

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Introducing the FIRST "" featured entrepreneur, Rochelle Carter, SPHR. Since starting Ellechor Publishing House in 2009, she has signed 12 authors and released six books! Ellechor is a royalty paying/no author investment, Christian book publishing company. She also started Live.Write.Publish! which is a self-publishing imprint for authors who want to maintain full control. I have had the privilege to ask her a few questions and hear her inspirational story and share it with you!


She answered a few questions about herself so that we may get to know her.

1.Tell me your story. What were you doing before you started your own business?

I was, and still am, a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Project Manager. I had a great job right out of College and was blessed to work with many great people at a great company.

2. What made you want to start a business and what is your mission?

I started this business as an investment and for the long-term satisfaction of a family business. I needed to put myself in a position where I could have a business that I loved and create opportunities for others. I chose publishing because reading is my passion and writing was my hobby for a long time. I thought it was time we made our relationship official, plus I had always wanted to be an editor!
Our mission is to produce quality Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction that changes lives while entertaining, and to provide hope/support to aspiring authors in a company that will dream big with them.

3. What inspires you? What keeps you motivated daily to keep growing your business?

My love for books inspires me, and my authors keep my motivated daily to do my best and to keep growing this cause. They have put their faith in God and in me, and I pray that God continues to bless me so that I can bring inspiration to them. I ask myself daily, what have I done for my authors today? What have I done to promote Christian books today?

4. Do you have a mentor? Who is it and why? Do you believe it's important to have one?

This is a surprisingly tough question! One mentor is Demetria Hayes, because she brought me into Human Resources and the world of helping people. Without her guidance, I may not have been motivated to find my true joy in work. I do a lot of career counseling and resume writing because she showed me how I can use my skills to help others. My second and all-time favorite mentor is my mother. She worked hard to get her Masters while raising four children, started her own business in a time of need, went to the Philippines to gain her PhD later in life. She is always getting things done!! It's so important to have a mentor, because they are the one person you will never compare to and therefore your motivation to keep moving. If you no longer see the value in your mentor, you need a new one! You should never be without a positive influence.

5. What would you tell someone who wants to get involved in your line of business but doesn't know how to get started?

Call me! Or, just jump right in. Thinking about writing a book? Just start! Want to be an editor? There are plenty of college students who need help. Offer your services free of charge to an author with a completed manuscript in exchange for a reference. There is no great starting point. I have met with many professionals in my journey who wanted to set me back, and I refused. I have not regretted it for one moment, because God has blessed me with a great team and we are getting things done right!

6. What advice would you give to someone with an entrepreneurial spirit?

If you are looking for something lasting, forget the get-rich-quick plan. What do you LOVE to do? What can keep you up hours at night with no regrets? Do that! Write the business plan- it doesn't have to be pretty but cover the basics in 4 pages or less. You can refer to it as a basic outline until you work out the details. Find others with your same passion, always keep learning more and be willing to adjust to new situations.


I just want to thank Rochelle for stepping up and taking the plunge of telling her story. It is so refreshing to hear other people's stories sometimes for many reasons: 1. to learn from their mistakes. I know, may sound a little harsh but it's true. That's why these people share their stories, so that you don't have to go through some of the same hardships they went through. 2. to gain, rebuild or sustain your motivation. If they can do this, surely you can! So, make sure you're reading successful and prosperous people's stories often to keep your fire burning!


Again, thank you Rochelle for sharing how you became so prosperous.


Til next time!

Hear Rochelle's story on PeopleWhoProsperTV

We are always looking for people to feature on PeopleWhoProsperTV and So, if you're bold enough and proud enough of yourself and your accomplishments in business, then I dare you to share your story with us! Just email PeopleWhoProsper to for more details!
Tamara Garrison-Thomas


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10744068890?profile=originalBlack Bloggers Connect is hosting its first Twitter forum on Thursday August 25th, 2011 at 7 pm -9pm EST. The Twitter forum is titled “The Strength of Black Bloggers in the Digital Age”. During the Twitter forum, Black Bloggers Connect will promote dialogue about the power of black bloggers in the worldwide blogosphere. Tweets will consist of a variety of questions and comments concerning the role that the black blogosphere plays in highlighting injustices such as racism, sexism and discrimination. The forum is sponsored by BlackAdvertising.Net.


Black Bloggers Connect is emerging as a hub for Black Bloggers around the world to share information and engage in dialogue internationally. It was started in the early summer of 2011 and is constantly growing. Through its rapid growth, Black Bloggers Connect has become a point of interest for news media and public relations initiatives.  One of the main goals of Black Bloggers Connect is to address pertinent issues associated with Black communities worldwide.

To participate in the conference, log into Twitter on Thursday August 25th, 2011 at 7 pm-9pm EST:

1.     Follow @BloggersConnect to view the most recent discussion updates

2.     Use the hash tag #BBCforum in your tweets to join the discussion.


For more information email

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Benefits of Coconut Oil

10744068852?profile=originalI think by now everyone knows that one of my favorite oils is coconut oil. If you've read my bio and listened to the story behind Dixie Bits,  you'd know that it's the first oil I was introduced to as a small child growing up in Trinidad. 
In my village there is still an endless supply of coconut trees and therefore, lots of coconut water and coconut fruit available for consumption. Coconut oil also remains a staple in our home as my grandmother still extracts it on the stove top. Needless to say, it is one of the oils you'll find in some of Dixie Bits' products. I could go on and on about how great and nutritive this oil is but, I won't. Instead, here are 10 benefits I'd like to share with you.
1. It is a excellent massage oil, moisturizer and skin softener. It prevents drying and flaking of the skin.
2. It is a wrinkle reducer and prevents premature aging.
3. It helps to treat skin afflictions such as eczema and psoriasis. 
4. It is an excellent hair conditioner. When applied topically, it provides nutrition for the scalp. It treats and repairs damaged hair and can even prevent dandruff and lice.
5. Due to the high levels of antioxidants in coconut oil, it can also ward of degenerative diseases.
**When ingested, coconut oil can:
6. Reduce LDLs (bad lipoproteins) and increases HDLs (good lipoproteins), which means that it can improve overall cholesterol.
8. Strengthen the immune system.
9. Treat irratiatable bowel syndrome.
10. Aid in healing cuts and bruises and because of its anti-microbal and anti-viral properties, it's believed to kill some bacteria and fungi in and on the body.
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What’s Your Decision?

Once you make a decision, you’ll find a way to make it happen! No matter what your it is. This is a guarantee – as long as you are firm in your decision and committed to your decision.  No double mindedness!

  • Never Limit Yourself.
  • Never Let Others Limit You.
  • Never Worry About How It’s Going to Get Done.

We let circumstances shatter our dreams and get us off track all too often; as opposed to making our own circumstances. Make a decision on what you want today! Don’t worry about how you are going to get it – whatever it is – just make a decision that you want it and that you will get it. Period, point blank, end of discussion. Paint the picture and own it. Once you decide, the roadmap will reveal itself to you. Now…what is your decision…exactly what is it going to be?  Veronica Gold   Follow Me


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Adjust Your Focus and Increase Your Profits!

One of the biggest mistakes of the new entrepreneur is focusing on the wrong people and on the wrong things. How do you determine if you are focusing on the right customers and/or potential customers? How do you determine if the people that you are focusing on are worthy of your time? Whether it be a prospect, a potential prospect, a new customer, or a potential customer, you should always ensure that your efforts and your time are well spent. Otherwise you are wasting time and to be frank – you are missing out!


Let’s take a realistic perspective. From day one you should realize that not everyone deserves your time and not everyone deserves your attention. In spite of what you have heard in the past, everyone is not your customer. You are in control and you need to maintain control at all times. Know who your target market is. Know who you should be targeting as customers and partners. You want quality. You want leaders. You want thinkers. You want producers. You want initiators. You want implementers and executors. You want results! You know what you need and therefore you should not settle. If you are settling you should come up with a plan to stop settling.


Focus your efforts. Focus your time. Focus your attention. Where there is focus there is growth. When you have growth you have profits. When you have continued focus and continued growth your profits continue to grow and you are able to reach more people!


Let’s Partner and Increase Your Results!

Follow My Tweets! & I'll Follow You Back!

Like My Facebook Page! & I'll Like Yours!

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5 Ways To Generate Endless Traffic

traffic-300x197.jpgHere's 5 Ways To Generate Endless Traffic.....
Internet Marketing is a must for every business. It's been said that if you're not on the internet in the next 3 to 5 years marketing your business, you will be "out of business".
For those of us that have limited time to spend marketing online, but want to maximize our exposure on the Internet, here are 5 ways that you can do so without spending more than 30 minutes of your time per day.
#1: Articles
Writing articles and submitting them to article directories is a great way to generate free organic traffic. Aside from building a high level of visibility and credibility for your brand, it's also a great way to drive tons of traffic back to your website for free.
Don't know where to start with writing articles? No problem. We have tons of articles for you to choose from at MLM PLR Store without the headache of doing the writing yourself.
#2: Give Away Free Reports
Who doesn't love freebies? And when you provide highly sought after topics that most people have to pay for, you create the irresistible offer of the opt-in, for your prospects to get their grubby little hands on your prized possession.
Writing a free report can be mind blogging and too time consuming however, so we take care of all the details for you at MLM PLR Store. All you have to do is put your name on it and get the word out about it, then voila!! The leads will start pouring in!
#3: Provide Free 5 or 7 Day Training's through Email
The internet is all about providing information that is the cure to peoples problems that they eagerly desire to resolve. Providing a 5 or 7 day training email series on various topics of choice like list building, article marketing or facebook for business will create a ton of activity and will be a clean sweep for you and your list building strategies.
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#4: Blog Consistently and Syndicate Your Content
Creating a blog and marketing it in multiple places to create buzz is critical to your online marketing plan. However, maintenance of a blog can be comparable to caring for a newborn puppy. It needs lots of attention, always needs to be fed and demands a great deal of your time.
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#5: Create "How-To" Squidoo Lenses or HubPages
Squidoo lenses are in the top 10 highly ranked Article directory sites. Providing high quality information regarding "how to" subjects will be another major lead source.
One of the ways to escape the concern for what to write about, you can easily use any of our PLR ARticles, Free Reports or other sources of content that you can re-purpose into a Hubpage or Squidoo lense.
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Many times I think... How is it that God allowed ME, US to be born in the land of plenty... the Untied States of America.  A nation where there is an abundance of food, water, and shelter.  Yet there are nations suffering because of the lack of food, water, and shelter.  My brothers and sisters in Christ, please count yourselves blessed, blessed, and beyond blessed.  For God placed us here in America to love and to give back.  GIVE to the poor, the sick, the isolated, the diseased, the hurting.  Please don't insult OUR God by saying you have nothing to give.  If you have lunch money this week, you can give.  Take a sandwich from home for lunch today and donate to one of the organizations below to help with the famine in Africa.  PLEASE.

The list below was provided by ABCNEWS of the organizations working right now, on the ground, to save lives. Each of these has low administrative costs meaning that most of your money will reach people in need.

Thank you to ABCNEWS for continuing to cover Somalia Famine. For more information visit

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