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Should I Buy A House Vs Buying An Apartment Complex


If you’ve never owned any real estate and your in the market looking at homes and apartment buildings, you make want to consider who’s going to pay for that piece of real estate.  Let’s say you’ve found a house you like and an apartment building in the same area.  The mortgage on the new house is $1500.00 and the apartment building is $1500.00. 


One person decides to buy the new house for his family.  Now, he’s the only one responsible for that piece of real estate.  So, if he loses his income, he’s going to more likely lose the house and hurt his credit.  Now the other person decided to buy the 4 family complex.  His mortgage is also $1500.00, however he decides to rent out 3 of the units for $500.00 each, which covers his mortgage.  So whether he has a regular income or not his still keeps his piece of real estate. 


Also, the second person decided to add solar panels to the property and switch everything over to electric, and increase rents to $850.00 for each unit.  He decides to pay all utilities for those three tenants.  He gains an extra $1050.00 in rental income and he still does not have to pay any of his income into this piece of real estate.  He also gets to save up to buy the house the first person lost and the tenants from the apartment complex are paying for that house to. 

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What keeps you focused? What do you say when you feel ready to give up? There are moments when as women we simply get drained, and maybe even ready to throw in the towel. However there is a powerful restorative beauty in daily reminders of what is ultimately important to you.

YOU.WILL.RISE. ->The myth of the phoenix describes the fire-bird who is burned to ashes with its nest. Out of the ashes a new egg is created and a new bird is born, who lives longer and more powerful than the original bird. Your ability to “reborn” after a personal set-back or failed business venture is important to remember. You may fail at some point, but it’s what you learn from the experience that will raise you to another level of excellence that ultimately creates the powerful businesswoman you are.” ~Excerpt from Embrace Your Journey: 180 Day journey of Spiritual Transformation for the Woman Entrepreneur-Day 1 (c) Copyright 2011, 2012 Sum of Her Publishing/Katrina M. Harrell

Below of 107 powerful mantras, reminders and affirmations for you on your wealth journey. Read them print them, share them, commit some of them to memory.


    1. 1. Though it hurts…I will fight
    2. 2. Through my cry…is my triumph
    3. 3. Though I stand out…I’m the missing link
    4. 4. Through my sweat…is my breakthrough
    5. 5. Above all the things I need,  is courage
    6. 6. Though I waiver, I shall not fall
    7. 7. Though I pause, I shall not stop
    8. 8. Though they laugh , I shall smile
    9. 9. Though I’m heavy, my burdens are light
    10. 10. Though it challenges me…I am victorious
    11. 11. There is beauty all around me
    12. 12. There is power in the dark
    13. 13. BE. Is a complete sentence
    14. 14. The seed is the blessing
    15. 15. Sowing the good seed is the purpose of all..
    16. 16. Do not rush the harvest
    17. 17. There is power in incubation
    18. 18. Though it is hidden, it is transforming
    19. 19. Your breath is your life
    20. 20. You only have TIME…to be present
    21. 21. Through your haste, you spoil
    22. 22.Through your quiet you are loud
    23. 23. Through your faith you shall persevere
    24.  24. Though they may appear better, you have yet to shine
    25. 25. Your inadequacy is your power in the wrong space
    26. 26. Protect your peace, create your abundance
    27. 27. They’re not haters, simply the confused
    28. 28. Those that “hate” are confused about their own power
    29. 29. Clean your home…clear your mind
    30. 30. Your abundance is in your home
    31. 31. Your home is the manifestation of your universe
    32. 32. A messy mind creates a messy environment
    33. 33. Treadmills lead to nowhere, but the journey on the open road reveals abundance
    34. 34. Do not desire others to change, desire others to know who they are
    35. 35. The journey is in discovering that we all have the mind of God.
    36. 36. When in doubt…stop and clean
    37. 37. You do not need an answer…you simply need to be BE the answer
    38. 38. Lack of money is lack of order
    39. 39. When you receive the calling…do not shout it aloud…there is power in silence
    40. 40. Your calling requires cultivation
    41. 41. Do not compare that which is incomparable
    42. 42. You have everything you’ve ever asked for…stop looking, start seeking.
    43. 43. An upset stomach is an unbalanced life…
    44. 44. There is power in stillness
    45. 45. There is no lack, only the clog in the flow of abundance
    46. 46. The secret to success is in creating your system
    47. 47. Focus on the process…not the end result
    48. 48. You do not know what you do not experience
    49. 49. You do not understand what you do not learn
    50. 50. Wisdom requires courage
    51. 51. It is great to be seen…but better to be effective
    52. 52. Do not shout before it’s ready
    53. 53. Tears are the windshield cleaner of a cloudy soul
    54. 54. Perception is like a computer…it only outputs what you input, true or not.
    55. 55. All the world is an analogy…should you need the answer, look within.
    56. 56. At the end…I am you, you are me.
    57. 57. No one cares about what you do…only in the energy you bring
    58. 58. In all the chaos…clear the plate
    59. 59. In all the noise…remain still
    60. 60. In all the confusion…most is non important
    61. 61. Do not wait for a wakeup call…
    62. 62. Set the standard to which you shall live by
    63. 63. Even though it hurts…do not stop
    64. 64. Even though they pass you…continue at your pace
    65. 65. Even though they do not respond…continue to love
    66. 66. Even though they do not desire you…continue to grow
    67. 67. Though you may stop…you shall not quit
    68. 68. Though you may fail…you shall pivot
    69. 69. There is peace in a smile
    70. 70. There is power in empathy
    71. 71. Being who you really are…requires courage
    72. 72. Being who we agree to be, requires motivation
    73. 73. Worrying clogs the flow
    74. 74. Though there is not enough, there is plenty
    75. 75. Though they do not see, I shall reveal
    76. 76. Through they do not respond I shall…praise
    77. 77. Though they do not feel, I shall embrace
    78. 78. Though I am complete…it is not done
    79. 79. Though it is not perfect, it is ready
    80. 80. Though I still lack, I am abundant
    81. 81. A lion does not consult the bird
    82. 82. The bird does not request the permission of the worm
    83. 83. The worm does not fret its fate
    84. 84. A confused life is a confused business
    85. 85. A confused business is a wasted purpose
    86. 86. The secret to success is in what you eat
    87. 87. Lose the weight…gain your abundance
    88. 88. Wealth is your birthright
    89. 89. Liberation is in letting go
    90. 90. People do not hear what you say…they feel what you are
    91. 91. They do not need to know your every movement…only your every result
    92. 92. Over planning kills the flow
    93. 93. Control is fear of success in letting go
    94. 94. There is only one thing you must do…be present
    95. 95. Your creative energy is like the ocean…therefore do not haste
    96. 96. Control creates fear
    97. 97. Though you may not fit in…you are the secret ingredient
    98. 98. Children are the good seed…
    99. 99. Without faith…there is no life
    100. 100. If the seed does not harvest…evaluate the soil
    101. 101. Anxiety is the body telling you to slowdown. Stop, refocus on what’s important now
    102. 102. They do not “buy” you because you are not BEing “you”
    103. 103. The blessing is in the fight…the pull, the push, the tenacity…don’t give up
    104. 104. The greatness you see in others…is indeed the greatness you have yet to see in you.
    105. 105. Though they resist, you continue to push
    106. 106. You already know…you simply need the courage to agree and act.
    107. 107. The answer will not come by staring at the computer…but it will come in the stillness of a deeply rooted tree, the lean of the blade of grass towards the sun, the stretch of your limbs in stride, the peace in your mind a midst chaos, the chirp of the bird at the top of the morning, the wind we do not see, the moon that is ever present, the sun that sustains and nurtures, the perfection of the fruit, the restorative beauty of rest, the fall of the leaf, the spoil of the fallen fruit that resurrects new fruit, the laughter of our children. The peace you chose to embrace…no matter what.
    (c) Copyright 2011, 2012 Sum of Her Publishing/Katrina M. Harrell

There is infinite wisdom inside of you, waiting to unleash itself. Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery together. Visit for a groundbreaking best seller written for the spiritual journey of Women entrepreneurs.

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10744072101?profile=originalIn life we can become disillusioned due to unfulfilled dreams, missed opportunities, working on a job that is not the dream job you had hoped, and so on and so on. These life disappointments can often lead to depression and hopelessness. Life, as it unfolds, can sometimes  leave you in wonderment as to where did you go wrong  and a case of "would've, could've, and should'ves" comes right behind it.

Well, listen up. There is always a second chance at anything that you had your heart set on. You just have to look at it again on second sight. Take a step back and view it with a different mindset. Believe me, I have been there and know that it can be done. Let's explore a couple of ways on how you can fall in love with yourself again on second sight.

  1. Recover from letdowns and adversity. Yes, we must begin the healing process of coming to grips of where we are now and releasing  past letdowns and adversities. The word "recovery" simply means to return to a normal state of health, mind, and/or strength.  We need all of these to be in good health (notice I did not say perfect) in order to begin a new chapter in our lives. Look at past adversity as a lesson(s) learned for a better and brighter future. If you have to, have a funeral service for those "letdowns" and "adversities". Give them a nice ceremonial burial (hard cry included). After your burial, vow to let those disappointments stay dead and vow never to resurrect them. It's time to forgive, yourself and/or others, and move on.
  2. Next, Embrace unfairness & unlock love. Hey who ever said life is fair? When we feel we have been treated unfairly, we close ourselves off from receiving and giving full love. We only allow it in partially. We even tend to not love ourselves because we allowed "it" to happen to us (whatever your "it" may be). Well, that is just a crutch that's used to divert you from pressing onward. Embrace what has happened, that it happened and begin to unlock your heart again to receive and give love fully to others and most of all to yourself. This not only goes for relationships, but it also goes for anything that has you feeling down and depressed in any area of your life. When you begin to do this, you can only begin to go higher and higher.

Review these 2 steps to give you the beginning of something wonderful - YOU! After all, you deserve it. Baby steps is all it takes. 

Stay tuned for the next update as I continue this series on "Falling In Love With Yourself On Second Sight".

I remain in excellence,

Nickquolette Barrett a/k/a Queen Of Excellence

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Wanna find out how I failed miserably at starting my multi-million dollar business back in 2009? I got the biggest wake-up call of my life when it came to starting a business and growing it to the six and seven figure mark. What do you think is the REAL reason many business won't ever make it or surpass that level? I share it here in my recent blog post.


Talk to me, leave me your comments in the blog, let's begin pushing past GO!


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...Start it! It's time for you to stop coming up with excuses as to "why you can't". It's time to stop talking about it and BE about it. There are so many people I know that have such GREAT business ideas that will give them flexibility, freedom, and the joy of FIRING their boss and yet they haven't done anything! Unfortunately, it's because of FEAR which if I read correctly "... God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

Fear is a state of mind which means you CAN get over it! It's natural to be fearful of the "unknowns". It's natural for some people to be fearful when starting something new. BUT don't let that stop you. If you have a well written business plan, a success coach to hold you accountable (make sure it's not a family member or spouse, we don't always like to listen to what they have to say, especially if it's the truth. Just saying...), then you're on your way!

Now, there are people with great business ideas that actually love their job and are not looking to get rid of it. So, if that's you, consider doing it part time! Start it and see how you can manage it on a part time basis. It might be a great 'additional income' option for you. 

So, what do you need to start a business? NO FEAR! Once you're past the fear and lame excuses, get a great Success Coach (I happen to know one), together create a thorough business plan and START YOUR BUSINESS!

To your success!

If you need help staying focused and motivated to be the best you and gain a profitable business to increase your finances let me help you. Subscribe to my blog today and receive a FREE 30 minute consultation and 1 follow up appointment. ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
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Spring Cleaning and Upgrading

When you get a chance stop by my Website. .
I am looking for recommendations and testamonies for my site. If your are familiar with some of my products and woulld like to share an experience. I would love to post your words anonomously or with you picture.

Contact: or call directly 267-251-3148

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Doing You In 2010

All year long I was thinking about my business and how I put myself in a box. I was feeling stuck in my business and felt like I should have been further along than I was, that's when I realized that I had put myself and my business in a box. I am out of the now and I want to share how I got of the box. I am not stuck anymore I am sure that my business will hit the goals that I have planned. I am offering a FREE CD, so if you are interested in getting unstuck you can get your copy by going to

I would like to wish you Much Success In 2010Audrey Bell-Kearney
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5 Ways to Create the Life You Want!

Who are you and what is it that you want out of life? These are questions that we should all seek the answers to and examine frequently. It is when we are honest about what we are feeling and what we want to experience that we can begin to live a more fulfilled life.As I experience the blessing of getting older, one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the more authentic you are with yourself the more meaningful and joyful life becomes.My grandmother use to say, "If you live long enough you will have problems and challenges, good times and bad times". Of course, when I was younger the true meaning of that statement didn't give me an "ah-ha moment", but now that I have lived life a little longer I now welcome those wise words.Life becomes more meaningful when you know what your vision is and the choices and decisions you make are all contributing to the fulfillment of that vision. Yes, it will take hard work, persistence and a focused mind-set and you'll deal with obstacles and challenges along the way, but learning to overcome them and creating the life you want is worth it!We must learn to become authentic with ourselves by discovering who we are, what we like and what we don't like. We must be willing unveil all of our dreams and goals and love ourselves enough to embrace and accomplish them.We must stop hiding behind excuses and find the courage to create the life that we really want!Here are five ways to get started:1. Ask yourself,"What is it that I want out of life?" Sounds simple right? Well, it's not a simple question and don't be surprised if you really don't know!2. Ask yourself, "What is it that I don't want out of life?" This might be easier to answer than the first questions and can often help you with discovering what you do want.3. Write your vision. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 5 years? What will you be doing and experiencing? What's most important to you to accomplish in life?4. Identify the skills you will need to be successful. Personal development is the cornerstone of success and if you don't work on areas that need improvement in your life - you can't create the life you want. Commit to spending 45 minutes daily on personal development.5. Surround yourself with positive thoughts, people, places and things. "You are what you take in." The negative influences of television, friends, family and others can all have a negative impact on you and it can cause you to loose focus on what's really important in your life. Make a commit to surround yourself with things that contribute to you having a positive and joyful experience.Life really is what you make it and you have the choice to make it a joyful one or one that is full of despair, fear and mediocrity. What will your choice be?About the Writer:Trina Newby is founder of Women About Biz an online small business education and connection network just for business women. For more than 20 years, she has helped thousands of women start and grow their small business.
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Frustrated by your social networking?

It has been said that social networking can be a great resource for small business owners. After all, you socialize, talk about what you do and promoteyour products all in the same venue. But that’s the frustrating part.Especially, when you are using social networking to beef up your business andcreate a following. Knowing when to say what, where to say it and who to say itto, it is a process and it does take time to implement. Every day.That’s why I created Social Networking Done 4 You.If you are looking for innovative social networking techniques and resources,take a look at the articles we have available.

  • Want to keep your tribe up to date with your happenings but unlike Kenny in “My Boys”, you don’t want to tweet each time you are in the rest room and instead want to tweet real information about your business, take a look at our Microblogging Done 4 You Packages.

  • If you, like Brenden on “My Boys” (can you tell it’s one of my favorite shows) don’t believe all the hype about Facebook, but you want to give it a try anyway and don’t want to lose yourself in it, like Brenden did, take a look at our Online Social Networking Done 4 You Package.

  • If you have a website and the only person who ever see it is your brother, and your mother-in-law, on a good day but, you want real traffic, people who are actually interested in what you are talking about, then take a look at our Social Bookmarking Done 4 You Package.

Happy Selling,Lisa MullinsMarketing ManagerReliable Business Solutions

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January 2009 Interview Opportunities on Strictly Business RadioShow Name: Strictly Business RadioHost Name: Anna Banks.Show is featured on: professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs are needed to share tips, techniques and ideas for following January 2009 weekly topics:January 5-9 Health - Tips for Healthy LivingJanuary 12-16 Get Organized – Tips for Entrepreneurs at Home and OfficeJanuary 19-23 New Technology for Small Businesses – What’s Hot and What’s NotJanuary 26-30 Winter Travel – Mixing Business with PleasureLink to show: Email: Host@StrictlyBusinessRadio.comLooking forward to hearing from you!Live Fearlessly,AnnaP.S. Visit our website
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Dear President (Elect) Barack Obama,Thank you. I speak on behalf of me and my family and perhaps many families not only from across the nation, but from around the world. Thank you for answering the call of leadership, thank you for making the selfless sacrifice of your personal life to give of yourself to change the world for the better.I can see the great joy of the ancestors, as they celebrate this day. I see the enslaved Africans who toiled to build the very White House that you and your family will reside in for the next four years. Their spirits are rejoicing this day.Fannie Lou Hamer, who was sick and tired of being sick and tired and the countless others who fought and died for us to have the right to vote are rejoicing this day. All our leaders and warriors of the past, yes President Obama, they are rejoicing to know that their labor was not in vain this day.President Obama, I am the eldest of nine. I have 8 brothers and sisters, 40 nieces and nephews and over 40 great-nieces and nephews and two children and 5 grandchildren. I along with my family have endured the struggle of overcoming great odds to uplift our family from a political-social-economic vacuum only to watch as the systemic policies and practices picked off one by one the males in my family, the pressures of living in the "hood."Yet we strive to live beyond just surviving. How proud to know that my 68yr old mother worked the polls all day long and played a role in your election. How proud to hear my family talk about how they encouraged neighbors to go and vote.President Obama, this past Nov 4th was no doubt an historic event and the entire world understood it. But for me personally, it was even more. Because that evening my 10yr old grandson called me from Florida and I live in New York and what he said to me, I could not hold back my tears, when he said, "Grandma, now the whole world knows that a Black man can be more than just a rapper or a basketball player, they now know that a Black man can be President of the United States of America."President Obama, my grandson is 10 years old. For this alone, I thank you.Aminata Njeri GillCEO Leadershipology, Inc.Pastor Kenami MinistriesCreator "God Has A Word For You E-Telecast"Creator "Word4UTVNetwork
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Are YOU Most Productive?

Post from BabyDollKissez.Com I hope you enjoy


Two things more valuable than money in this day and age is Time and more Time. People are always complaining of not having enough time. being in a rush and so forth. Time is money, so what can you do to make your day most productive?

Start you day of right!

How do you start your day off? You do know that the beginning could be the end so start it off right. Ever had a bad morning and its followed its way through? Well that's what I mean. I normally start my day off with meditation lets keep it fresh, I don't sit with candles and incense burning chanting "hum rey yum" I don't have time for that I just take 5-10 minutes in silence just to be still and think, sometimes I think of tasks I wish to complete and then I take time to show gratitude. I actually find when I don't do this, the rest of the day I'm running around like an unorganised headless chicken. Most of us really underestimate the power of just sitting and being still for a while. Being still really helps to clear your thoughts......

So ....Book a date with yourself!

Regardless of the time of the day, have 10-20 minutes just to sit and think, if you want to jot down notes of things you have to do then do that. This will help you to focus, you will have time to concentrate and remember all tasks you wish to complete and ways in which to do so. Therefore in action you will be most productive, already having run through your tasks.

Everyone has a peek time within there day. You know a time where you find your self most active, most enthusiastic etc. Are you a morning person? An afternoon person? An evening person? Which ever you identify with, do your most important tasks within this period while you are switched on and ready to go. Doing them at your peek points and not your tedeious will make the most difficult tasks easier to bear.

Cancel Interruptions!

This especially applies to those that work at home, if you have been working all day (whether office or home) have a small gateway period where the phone is plugged out mobiles switched off do not check your email just chill. Break off for a moment and do you. Avoid prolonging this for too long (you don't want people to be worry about you lol.)

Most of all Have a Purpose for your day

Try to get something from each day. Make sure you do one great thing each day no matter how big or small just great.


Have fun with your day keep it funky. Be realistic stuff happens and the slightest thing can put a damper on your day but you are the only one in control of your emotions, so regardless of the exterior impacts or people around you make sure your smiling keep your spirits up and things will turn out fine. Things never seem so bad when your smiling and when your having fun the day goes quicker. Ask yourself do you see your glass half empty or Half full ;-)

See I started with asking what can you do to make your day most productive, but what you have to understand is in order to be most productive your personal self awareness and well-being has to be in check. So when asking about being most productive its really about self management rather than task management. As long as your head is clear, you will find most other things in life follow through.

I hope this helps. QueenB.D


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For the DIVAS around the world who like to SHOP and accessorize please visit my website @ >http://sharenrooksagency.vpweb.comI am seeking your support in purchasing my book and other items on my site. I look forward to purchasing many of your books and hopefully visiting your state to show my support.Let's Make IT HAPPEN!"Excellence is the Way we do Business!"
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Has it really been a New Year New You?

Here is an extract from the lastest post on my BDK blog, do read, I hope you enjoy:


BabyDolls we are now approaching our 6th month of the year, so you may as well call it mid year, what changes have we made so far that are different from those of before? What were the resolutions that you set on the 1st of January have you accomplished what you had hoped to accomplish?BabyDolls you have to be at the top of your game, there is only one person in control of your well-being and that is you so make sure your doing what your suppose to, do not keep putting things off because like the saying says: “you will put it all til tomorrow…too late“. There must have been a reason why you joined that gym, you paid all that money and have only been once!! You better pack your gym bag for tomorrow and get stepping! Or did you plan to be more healthy this year, remember a healthy heart is a healthy start, put the phone down no takeout for you tonight!The point I am trying to make is stay on track! I know there are many twist and turns in life that steer you from where you want to go but it is up to you to shout timeout, re-evaluate and get it together. What ever you resolutions were whether large or small its not too late you still have another 6 whole months. Just do not forget about them completely.I am sorry for ranting if you have stuck to your goals whether stopped smoking, saved for your holiday, gone back to education whatever I applaud you well done go and have a glass of rosé and be fabulous lolFor those who have slipped alittle it is OK at least you have been reminded. Get back on track and be the best you can be. Life is about regenerating yourself constantly. However if you didn’t bother to set any resolutions this year why not set a few goals now. Don’t feel strained you haven’t got to write an essay just a few lines and see if you can strive to achieve them all.BabyDolls believe me there is nothing better than ticking off a goal you have achieved and feeling you are closer to where you should be, I hope my words have helpedQueenB.D xoxoxo
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