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Black Success Audios

10744073062?profile=originalI am recording a series of short audios which I want to share with you.  These are for all people of African heritage - women, men, singles, couples, parents, families, older people, younger people, etc.

The purpose of these Black success audios is to support you in achieving your goals and realizing your dreams.  They are free of charge, so have a listen. 

I shall keep adding these audios, so please come back again.  And if you enjoy them and find them useful, please share these audios with your networks. 

How to Get Clear, Precise Answers

How to Grow Your Customer Base 

How to Attract a Steady Stream of Customers 

How to Build a Successful Online Business - Interview with online business specialist Tonya R. Taylor

The Benefits of Meditation 

Take Action NOW 

Financial Independence Strategy

Experience Peace 

Inner Harmony

Double Your Income 

Remember Your Greatness 

Nurture Success - this is very dear to my heart. 

Black Success: Finding the Job You Want 

What is the role of traditional African spirituality?  Do You Play the Lottery?

We all encounter blocks and obstacles, difficulties and challenges on the way to achieving our goals.  Here's how to overcome and transform them - Overcoming Blocks and Obstacles

You May Be on the Verge of a Breakthrough

You have this amazing energy sparkling away inside of you - Your Inner Wisdom

Why Positive Thinking Can Be a Negative Thing

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During the time I was planning the first She Rocks the Web Workshop and now several months later, people kept asking me about offering these sessions via webinars, so I've decided to host 4 fall webinar workshops during September and October. Each workshop is 3 hours long and is limited to 10 participants. You can read the details below and/or visit the She Rocks the Web page at

Ready to Rock the Web Workshop
Friday, September 14, 2012 (6 PM – 9 PM EST)
Building an online business becomes challenging when you don’t know how to execute your ideas, what works and where to begin. In this 3 hour workshop we will discuss your business goals, products and pricing. We will cover “7 Ways to Rock the Web” including how you improve your productivity and visibility online. I will also show you simple effective ways to work on your digital presence and promotion. Whether you are trying to redefine your online business or get started, this workshop will help you figure out where you currently are vs. what you need to do to achieve your business goals.

Business Blogging Workshop
Saturday, September 15, 2012 (9 AM – 12 NOON EST)
This workshop is perfect for both beginners and intermediate bloggers. In the first session I will cover Blogging Basics; how to build a blog on a budget and begin marketing your blog online. In session two we will discuss Blogging for Business; using your blog to attract customers and media attention. And in session #3 we will cover Monetizing Your Blog via Selling Services, Digital Products, Affiliate Marketing, and/or Google AdSense.

Email Marketing, List Building and Sales Workshop
Friday, October 5, 2012 (6 PM – 9 PM EST)
Sending out emails and building your client list is an integral part of online marketing and sales. This 3 part workshop will begin with a detailed look at your email marketing options, setting up sign up forms, newsletters and RSS Blog feed subscriptions. In session two I will show you how to improve your newsletter sign ups and build your lists using social media. In the final session of this series we will explore the best email marketing methods and sales triggers that motivate people to buy.

More Customers: Building Your Buzz and Your Business Online Workshop
Saturday, October 6, 2012 (9 AM – 12 NOON EST)
When it comes to marketing online, building your website and blog is just the beginning. Learning how to be seen is essential. This workshop covers three key areas: How to Help Customers Find You, Attention Grabbers / Client Attraction Techniques that Work, and 7 Ways to Recharge Your Business so you consistently stay present and profitable online.

The first three registrants will receive a pass to attend one extra workshop! You know I always have something special for my early birds. Full details here.

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Shut the front door and turn off the lights (lol)! Yes, that is a picture of me and Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter. It's been about a week since I heard her speak at the Black Enterprise 20/20 Vision forum sponsored by Walmart and I still get the giggles every time I see this picture. I have to start off by saying I was a nervous fanatic when I met her. They were actually escorting her out of the hotel after her session and the "go getter" in me just had to say hello. Who knew she would invite me to walk with her and during that short time my mouth was moving faster than my mind, but it was a great experience.


For the last few posts I've been sharing my conversations with some of the wonderful women I've had the pleasure of speaking with at this Black Enterprise Event (all posts here) and had to close with this post on 5 Things Lisa Price Taught Me About Smart Business Success.

Lesson #1: Humble Beginnings are Just That ... Humble Beginnings

Lisa always talks about how she started her business making products in her kitchen and when I met her I couldn't help but tell her that I remember walking to my then High School - Brooklyn Tech and passing her first store. As I write this I can remember the first time I saw Carol's Daughters displayed in the Sephora on 34th Street. The first time I sold my self-published books at the Harlem Book Fair, I remember how excited I was to see her second store uptown. I've watched her on HSN, seen her products in Macy's and quietly followed her journey from a distance.

At the same time in my life, I would never have imagined the quiet little girl that I was; who used to take the 4 train to Brooklyn Tech would now be living in North Carolina with her son, hubby, and home grown business. I used to get so sad and frustrated in my little apartment, thinking no one would ever notice me. Then I stepped out on faith and went to my first networking event Blogalicious. Soon after I was at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur's Conference listening to Lisa Price speak and now I can say I have actually spoken to her in person. It's so amazing how humble beginnings can be and yet, they are only the beginning. Just as everything Lisa has done yesterday and today changes her life, so does everything that you and I do right now change our lives in the future. Who knows? Maybe one day I may get the chance to sit down with her and laugh about our first meeting. This is only the beginning.


Lesson #2: Working with Major Brands Requires Major Work
Whenever I meet someone well known or work with a major brand I can't help but quietly think, is this it? Will this one chance encounter turn into an Oprah Like Effect on my Business (smile)? It's a nice thought, but as Lisa explained at the BE Event things don't really work that way. Established brands are looking to work with businesses that can either help them attract a new customer or motivate their existing customers to buy something new.


Continue reading on Blog

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Newest 3 and FREE club members!

Introducing the Three and Free Club RTA Referral Program!
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Rebekah Jenkins, CREATIVE ARTIST is an understatement, her work is every form and fashion.. I have employed Rebekah for several projects..and would again over and over...take a look for yourself whether it be print or online.....promise you will not be disappointed.


Rebekah Jenkins, Founder of the Dream Out Loud project and Creative Director for Innovative Design Style is taking the art world and creative industries by storm. With over twelve years experience, Jenkins now focuses her efforts into developing and collaborating on exciting projects, each having an appeal to diverse audiences nationwide.

R.Jenkins continues to produce crisp clean and effective designs for all things paper, print, canvas and fabric among many other mediums. Creatively envisioning everything through an artistic value, enterpreting visual design with an abstract lense.

From graphic design, acrylic paint on canvas, or sharing her love for art with students; the multitude of projects that Rebekah Jenkins is involved in are true examples of an artistic genius at work.

Innovative Design Style

Rebekah Jenkins

Acrylic On Canvas

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As a published author, I know it requires a lot of work to gain publicity for what you do and I do tons of research and I've managed to secure online interviews as well as radio interviews for myself and other authors. I know there are many new authors who are still trying to find ways to get interviews, and they still want to get interviewed, but they don't have the time or they don't know how to. I can help you book a string of interviews and get more publicity for your book. You can contact me for quotes. My fee is very reasonable. You can email me at HDSPIVEY@HOTMAIL.COM. I hope to hear from you soon.


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Moving Forward in Your Online Business

Every year around this time I like to do something special. Now that our kids are back in school, I host my "Back to Business" call for the women in my circle in need of some information & motivation on their journey towards success!

Last year I talked about 'Profit, Progress, and New Possibilities: Getting Your Business Back on Track'. This year I want to focus on "Moving Forward: Creating Better Businesses". I always feel like time moves so quickly, so its important for me to really reflect on the current online market and those trends that dictate what we all should be doing to sustain thriving businesses and prepare for even greater success in the coming years.

I don't get to do these free calls as often as I used to, but this one has become sort of a tradition for me. This call is for both the SistaSense and the BBWO Community. Call In Details Below. Replay will be posted shortly after.

Update: The Back To Business Call Replay is now online. Click here to listen and leave your feedback or questions via the comment box.

Live Webinar Workshops
And for those of you interested in participating in webinar sessions on Getting Started With Your Business, Blogging, Customer attraction and more be sure to review the Labor Day 48-Hour Flash Sale: She Rocks the Web Live Webinars. You can sign up for these 3 hour workshops now for $49. They are regularly $95.

Small Business Round Table
If you are a member of the BBWO Network, Click here and join us on BBWO to discuss your small business questions, current web promotion trends, issues affecting black business women today and more.

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There is always something to celebrate here on BBWO! It's Labor Day Weekend and that means if you or someone you know is not officially a BBWO member yet, use the code BBWO30 and the one-time membership fee will be $30. MyBBWO.ComSign Up Page | Direct Link to Membership Fee

This weekend we will have a Small Business Round Table Discussion (via the forum) and a Back to Business Teleconference (more details to be posted shortly).

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dreamstime_17786492-300x200.jpg?width=300If you do lots of work online, one of your biggest challenges is to create a virtual workspace that makes you run as efficient as possible. I mean, seriously - working online can be like being sucked into a galactic black hole if you don't know how to manage your time.

How your workspace is organized has a powerful effect on your mind and it seriously affects your productivity.

There's a common objection many people have to this whole organizing thing. It goes something like this: 'My workspace is cluttered and it might look disorganized to you but I like it that way. It works for me!' People who say this generally have never had a tidy online workspace for a length of time. When you eventually get organized on a consistent basis, you'll quickly see what a difference it makes. Don't be attached to online clutter!


One of the absolute biggest clutter areas of all is email. I used to feel like my inbox was a gigantic swamp with murky, green water where people would send emails and they'd never be seen again. I'll never forget one day when I sat down to look at my inbox and just froze. Yup, that's an image of it below. I had over 11,000 emails sitting there...unanswered, because I said to myself "I'll look at it later".

Know what that does to someone who is already busy? It just paralyzes you.

So...I went about cleaning up that big mess by setting some rules in place for myself and integrating tools to help me keepmy email organized. I took the following steps:

  1. Decided what order of priority I wanted to follow - i.e. which email addresses were tied to people and content I had to reply to immediately, which ones could go into some kind of "read later" folder, which ones were bulk messages that I didn't want to get anymore, and so on.
  2. I then sought out online tools that would help me set up rules in my inbox to automatically move my messages by priority. Two of my favorite right now are ActiveInboxHQ (works great with Gmail) and Sanebox.
  3. Next I scheduled time on my calendar to check the "read later" box and other non-essential folders.
  4. Finally, and most important, I committed to myself that I would not be a slave to my inbox! If it ever got to that point again, I would hire an assistant to review the non-essentials.

Now on #4, some time management gurus will tell you just go ahead & delegate the whole thing. If this works for you, absolutely take a look at this as an option. I personally have a bit of a control complex, so I knew that wouldn't work starting out (hey...the first step is admission, right?). I know this works very well for some so consider outsourcing your email as an option.


Another area where we tend to get tied up and completely frazzled is keeping up with contacts. Though I can't say I'm 100% where I want to be on this one, I can definitely say I'm a thousand percent better off than I was just a year ago. All because of my dream tool --- Contactually. This is so awesome and it works great with Gmail! When you link up the tool to your email, it will track and prioritize email addresses (contacts) based on frequency of contact with them. It even sends you follow up messages to let you know, "hey, it's time to connect with XXX".

The best thing about Contactually is how it lets you create buckets based on categories you choose. So in my recent program, Spice Up Your Brand Online, I shared with my students how to create a Circle of Success and within that circle they developed virtual "buckets" of contacts they can use and transfer over to Contactually to track.

Okay, what if you don't want to do all of that?

Here is the main tip for organizing contacts --- find a system that helps you categorize your relationships, set follow up dates, and take action. That way you don't miss out on opportunities for developing strong relationships with your ideal connections.

It may not be a piece of software. Maybe it's a list on a sheet of paper, a box of index cards, an app on your iPad tablet. Whatever you do, keep all your key contacts in one place and create your follow up plan. Oh...and don't forget to stick with it! When you get behind, it only gets harder to keep up.


The final clutter-attracting online workspace I'll cover is documents. Your workspace is going to likely hold documents - i.e. Word files, text files, videos, slides, etc. - maybe you're creating content or receiving documents that need tracking. Where do you put all of this stuff? The answer is easy - use a document management system.

Remember how we used to have to organize documents into folders just to be able to find them later? Now, you can search just about anything digitally and find a file simply based on a few keywords. This is what makes document management tools so popular. And unlike before, because of "cloud" software, these tools now offer a ridiculous amount of space for storage.

My favorite document management tools right now are DropBox and Evernote.

Here's the big difference in how I use them - DropBox is the tool I use for storing content like articles I write, client information, presentation slides I'll deliver. I use DropBox in this way because it's simple to share links, easy to organize folders, and easily integrates across different platforms.

Evernote is best for saving swipe files, URLs of sites I find, quick notes I record from my phone, and more. (If you want more tips on using Evernote, watch my free webinar).

Again, the key is deciding on a system or combination of tools that work for you.

  1. First, decide if there are common categories you want to set up (if you do want folders, or even if you use "tags" to mark your documents -- these are like virtual labels that help you connect similar items together).
  2. Next, every time you create or open a document you want to keep up with, file it either using a folder, a tag, or a combo of both.
  3. Final tip? Keep similar things in one place.

The more you commit to a consistent set of tools and methods for cleaning up your online workspace, the easier it will be to find what you need when you need it. You will feel better about turning on your computer and getting your work done, and your customers and colleagues will absolutely love you for keeping your promises!

Hopefully you were able to take away at least one tip for organizing your online work space. Share which one was your favorite tip in the comments, or let me know what else you do to stay digitally organized.


Side note: If you'd like to use my affiliate links for any of the tools I mentioned above, you can find them (if I have one) on this page. No pressure, just wanted you to know because it's one way for me to earn while you learn and I only refer tools I have a good experience with.

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Purchase your copy of "Ebony the Beloved" take a picture holding it, and enter your chance to win a $50.00 Amazon gift card. Get your copy today and tell your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers about this SWEET contest! :) Once you purchase you copy, you can email me at and be entered in the contest.

You can view the book and reviews here:


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Are You Derailing Your Business?

10744084068?profile=originalGetting too caught up in the details of your business can easily throw you off track. Say what? How can focusing on too much detail get you off track? Let me explain with my own experience that I’ve noticed and how it applies to your business goals.

Have you ever tried to do Yoga, Pilates or an exercise that required you to hold your balance?

When I was experimenting with different exercises on DVD, I find one that was challenging, and it stretched me beyond what I thought were my limits. I was challenged to hold a certain stance for what seemed like forever. I thought I was in pretty good shape ― I regularly work out 3-4 times a week.  Surprisingly, I couldn't get more than a couple of steps before I'd lose my balance and either trip over my feet or tip over. I got frustrated! I thought, there’s no way I can do this.

What I learned from the instructor is, I had a better chance of keeping in balance by finding a point in the room to focus on.  After taking that piece of advice, and focusing on a goal; I successfully balanced my weight by looking at a picture down the hallway in my dining room. It was only when I focused on “every little thing” in the room that I’d lose my balance.

It can happen the same way in business, too. When you focus on “every little thing” in the details of the short-term, you “fall off track” in where you wanted to go.  I coach my clients to have a vision for their lives/business, so I believe in having the details of building the kind of business you want. You can’t get anywhere without a step-by-step process to reach your goal.  And consequently, if your eyes are everywhere except on the goal, you are bound to lose your footing.

My point is to focus on the needs of your target market. What solutions do you have to ease their pain? It can be too distracting when you try to implement all the bells and whistles, get trapped in the new shinning thing that’s out, and find yourself not getting anywhere in your business.  That keeps you stuck and off track.  The only way to stay on track is by looking toward your ultimate goal: you are helping people solve some problem in return for them repaying you fairly for the time and effort you put into it. Now, there’s the true essence of business, not the details of your business.  All you need to do is take the steps to the point, in the distance. And the more you take that to heart, the more easily you'll stay on track toward your goal.

Have you gotten off track in your business? Have you lost your clarity and focus? I am offering “The F.A.S.T. Track to Grow Your Business: Focus, Action, Strategy and Time” that is starting this fall. See details, and register today!

Cherri Walston is known as The Big Picture Catalyst.She helps women solo-entrepreneurs and small-business owners stay focused and productuve, so they can generate more clients and sky-rocket their income. Pick up her FREE report on, "Six Clues You Are Getting In the Way of Living Your Vision".

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Hello ladies,

Are you an entrepreneur who's finding it difficult to keep up with your tasks, and you need a virtual assistant? I can help you. I have an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and I have plenty of secretarial experience. I am professional, reliable, and experienced in what I do. You don't have to keep spreading yourself thin. You can contact me about quotes and my resume. I am very reasonable and I will work with you. You can contact me at or inbox me. I hope to hear from you soon. :-)


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One of the things I wanted to work on this summer (and still determined to do) is to build up my local clientele. The goal is to start including more non-web design clients. I would like to start conducting private training and workshop. As soloprenurs, I think we fear failure so much that we don’t launch anything until we feel its absolutely prefect. It tough to know if you have found the right combination of things if you don’t put it out there, start testing the waters and getting feedback.

This past weekend I was beating myself up because September is just around the corner and I had some many big ideas and plans. I didn’t know how, if at all, I was going to make it happen. I thought to myself, you could still do it but just on a smaller scale. The next step was racking my brain how to handle it – “Where will I advertise? How will I take payments? and so on”. I looked into places like Eventbrite, SkillShare, or just using a squeeze page with Paypal buttons.

continue reading to see how I solve my problem.

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ID-10088187-300x272.jpg?width=163Everywhere you turn you see a blog and yes it seems like everybody and their grandmother has a blog and so you may be wondering, “Why blogging?” Is blogging really going to help my business and my bottom line?  The simple answer is yes and yes. But, it is much deeper than simply having a blog.

For starters, the fact that it is very smart, from both a financial standpoint and authority standpoint by no means does this mean that blogging should be your exclusive activity. You will definitely want to intertwine blogging with other marketing strategies.  Having multiple marketing strategies increases your income just as having multiple income streams does and you never want to place all of your eggs into one basket!

Let’s now take a look at how having a blog can be the stepping stone to taking your business to greater levels.

1. Having a Blog Boosts Your Internet Prescence You need to be found! A blog is extremely simple to set up now a days (much simpler than a website) because of the many drag and drop blog platforms that exist today.  Additionally, Google loves high-quality content.  Assuming you are posting value adding, quality content, with some easy to integrate SEO techniques, you can get the search engines to skyrocket your rankings which will give traffic to your blog!

2. Having a Blog Establishes and Boosts Your Credibility A professional looking blog can make you look like a celebrity!  When set up correctly, your blog can enable you to come across as an expert, a true leader that other people will want to follow – even when you are just starting out!

3. Having a Blog Can Get You Business Leads on Autopilot Once your blog is up, you will have multiple different options to allow people to ‘opt-in’ and subscribe to your newsletter, blog postings, article postings, etc. This is one of the most effective ways to generate high quality leads into your business while you sleep and enjoy life! These are the most qualified leads because these are people that found you and chose to ‘opt-in’ to you!

4. Having a Blog is FREE Having a blog is one of the most important marketing tools because it doesn’t have to cost money to post information and collect other peoples information (leads) in the process.  Will it take time, yes!  But it can be free!  Every other marketing method takes money.  Whether you do Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Solo Ads – all of these things take money, time, trial, error and more money and they don’t guarantee a darn thing!

5. You Can Monetize Your Blog As you post content that is of quality you can let your blog followers know!  This could include links to other quality products and services that may cost money.  As you earn the right to sell to and ad value to your list of subscribers, this becomes an opportunity to sell on the backend forever – monetize. With the click of a button you can sell to a willing list of people over and over and over again, as long as you are adding value.

6. You Can Integrate Your Blog with Other Social Media Sites There are simple FREE plug ins that you can integrate into your blog that will link your blog to your Facebook Page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn Page and whatever other social media sites that you belong to.  This gives you even more credibility and more opportunity to be found, cross referenced and generate more traffic and leads.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need a blog and why everybody and their mother seems to be blogging now-a-days.

Want to have a customized, fully optimized for search engine optimization blog that gives you hours of free video training whenever you need it, up and running today?  Check out Free Blog Factory and be positioned as an authority today!

I can’t express the importance of not having to spend countless hours of “figuring things out” and instead being able to be up and running with a unique blog that looks great, is representative of you and allows you to focus on growing your business rather than dealing with the headache of making sure that your blog was set up correctly. Check out Free Blog Factory today!

To Your Success,

VGold Signature Do I Really Need a Blog? Why Everybody and Their Mother Has a Blog and How to Put More Money in Your Pocket Blogging!


P.S. – I use a system that anyone can use with any company and pretty much for any industry!! It is a great way for you to start learning how to generate leads and traffic plus earn additional income by referring the system even if no one joins your primary MLM or Home Based Business. Get your FREE presentation by Clicking here now!

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Define Entity


Define Entity

awesome.jpgHow do you define yourself? Really?!

I think it's one of those questions that is on a par with "what is the meaning of life" my answer to that question being, life is what you make of it, you strive to change your circumstances to live the life that you really desire!

It may be hard work but you have to stick at it and keep believing!

Anyway, back to my original question, how do you define yourself? do you define yourself by the things you own (possessions?), the job you do? (Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Nurse, Accountant) etc, etc, the country, your gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or race?

And how do we come about the means in which we define ourselves in the world? It is possible that we can start off defining ourselves as one thing and as our lives progress, the way in which we define ourselves change.

The world in which we live in is changing and the ways people represent themselves are changing also, personally I hate the way people want to place definitive labels on us. In essence without judging the way anyone represents themselves my point is that "a person can wear many hats" and be whatever they choose to be in a positive manner which is beneficial to themselves and society at large!.

I read an article once where a woman who was currently a mother and housewife, who had previously been a model woke up one morning and told her husband; "Honey I'm gonna be a journalist" okay honey he replied and within four years of that statement she was writing and publishing articles for a popular women's magazine as a freelance journalist. She got to do what she loved from the comfort of her home!

How would you define such a woman? Mother, Housewife, Journalist or Doer? (see my definition below)

A Doer in my opinion being someone who has an intent (dream/desire/ambition), makes the statement of intent and goes on to fulfill that intention!

Be Whoever You Want to Be and Be Awesome For Today and Be Open to Possibilities!

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Rejection feels “icky” doesn’t it? It hits that space in us that we are uncomfortable with. That space that reminds us that we perhaps aren’t good enough or worthy enough. It reminds us of those childhood memories we would much rather forget. It just doesn’t feel good to be rejected by others.

We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives, perhaps regularly. That feeling of wanting to retreat and hide in our “caves” after someone has rejected us or made us feel as if we weren’t “in the in crowd”. Or perhaps that family member who spoke to you in a manner that contradicts the symbol and role they are supposed to play in your life, confirming that “people are selfish or out to get you” It could also be the lost client contract or the new connection you made with someone on line who’s positive energy wasn’t favorably returned. It happens to us all at one time as we all have this undercurrent desire to be accepted and connected to each other. It’s normal for us to want to bond with others and co-exist with others. It’s part of our human DNA – but when rejection begins to take over our human existence, the feeling of wanting to be accepted begins to appear in an unhealthy way.

You know…

::Seeking approval over and over from others and feeling “empty” when not reciprocated

::Not knowing when it’s time to let go of a relationship or connection

::Making personal decisions based on what others think of you…

::The ironic disconnect from others (i.e. isolation or indifference because the world isn’t giving you “your way”)

or the most common for most people…

Living your entire life against the flow of your LIFE PURPOSE.



Click here to read more

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When a businessman embark on a new business venture, they readily go processing ideas on complicated marketing strategies and other ways of promoting their business but none of their efforts are dedicated to business branding. Indeed, with so much factors coming into play, it is easy to miss out on the most essential and basic aspect. But that is just one half of it, since the other half is dedicated into ensuring that you can build an effective brand that will produce results for your marketing efforts.

But the key to an effective branding strategy is to be able to deliver. You must be able to back up your claims and produce exactly as you say. Majority of your business sales and profits come from repeat customers, after all. An effective business branding system involves the following:

Customer Satisfaction

Brand is just a mere representation of your company. Therefore, it must reflect exactly what your business can deliver for the customers and build its reputation from there. If you cannot produce quality product or services, then regardless of how potent your branding system or strategies are, you'd never be able to turn your marketing campaigns into a sales force.

Therefore, you need to be as sensitive to your customers' needs as possible. But only to a certain extent that you still hold control over the image and reputation that you want your brand to exhibit.

Indeed, brand equity is a vital aspect in every business, especially consumer-based equity. It reflects the level of trust and attitude that a customer has towards a product associated with a given brand. This is impacted by the actual experience that a consumer has had with the product such that brand loyalty is affected by factors such as perceived quality and the delivery of the product.


One of the most effective ways to build trust amongst your customers is to be consistent with the message you are trying to convey. Consistency is most important when exhibiting the values that are key and vital in your company. Then, focus on every aspect of your business to ensure that it remains consistent with the values professed by your company and that they make a good representation of the company's vision.

Expanding Your Brand

Creating a brand for your company is not only limited to the creation of a logo. While it is essential, your work does not stop there. After all, a logo is just a representation of your professional image but there are several factors in between that would help translate them into sales. You do not even have to spend lots of money to fulfill them. In every form of communication that you use in your business transactions, include your company logo in it, whether you'd be using business cards, yellow page ads, newsletters, letterhead, invoices, envelopes, and many more. Your logo is of no use unless you are able to capitalize on it and make it do its work for you.

Managing Your Brand

As market trends continue to change and evolve, so must your approach at branding strategies. While you set your own company's branding standards, you also need to look into exceeding those promises you've set and this is one of the most effective ways to generate more customers. On the other end, one failure could eventually ruin your business' reputation on a long haul.


If you see any opportunity where changes can be done or improvements can be executed, then don't be afraid to execute them. This is one way for your business to stay on top of things and keep up with changing trends in the market for an effective business branding effort.

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WOW! You have to see this. It's an experiment this guy Brett Cohen did essentially showing, if you believe can achieve it!

He gets some people to be his bodyguards, paparazzi, puts on some nice clothes and sunglasses, and walks the streets of New York. Immediately people begin to flock to him, thinking he is someone famous! His video team even interviews people and asks them if they know him and "fans" are talking about how much they love his work! It's amazing what people will believe!



This brings me to my point. Why not become famous yourself?? EXCEPT instead of experimenting, actually get paid what the famous folks do. If you know you are special and have something valuable, why not share it with the world? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to BLOG! Believe it or not, blogging is a great way to get exposure, share what you have to offer and to build a fan base! Blogging can be used for a range of things from sharing your personal story to sharing how your business can help someone. I offer the perfect blogging platform and system that will help you Be Famous Online TooAND get paid PLUS build a solid fan base! This system is great for supplementing and advertising your current business or may be a good start for someone interested in making a business income from home. Did I say it was BLOGGING?

SO, if this guy can put on some sunglasses, walk the streets of New York and become famous, it should be NO PROBLEM for you to click on this link ==>, watch the information and begin your journey to fame as a blogger! EXCEPT you would get paid for it :)


Tamara Garrison-Thomas

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